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"The Battle lines are drawn"

Well this game had a unique concept. A transforming mech that can hold its own. Not since the days of mech warrior have I had so much fun blowing stuff up. The game mechanics are quite simple, the buttons on the controller are responsive and work well for the game.

Anyway the story of the game is between to sides. the Marseti and the Muspel forces and your character is dragged into the conflict as he is the only person who can drive the mech called the aquila. The aquila is very organic and pleasing to look at with no sharp edges, this gives the mech a great look and enables you to see more of the battlefield in heaps of detail.

Speaking of battles this game has plenty of them and you have to face troops, tanks, dropships, bombers, fighters, enemy base defences and later in the game huge mechs. The weapons are really cool and it comes down to which aquila you choose as there are three to choose from all with their own different load outs. One of them even cloaks.

Now the aquila has 2 modes, mech and jet mode. Both have their own weapon load outs as well when you change. However if you are using the default mech the ammo for the vulcan cannon is used in both modes and it is possible to run low on ammo fast. There is light at the end of that tunnel as you can reload and repair the mech when you land on a repair pad. When transforming back to mech mode it is important to use the landing thrusters as if you hit the ground it is possible to destroy the mech altogether. The thrusters are great for taking out annoying troops as it fries them in an instant. The explosions are loud and best played using a surround stereo system as well. The music is also good as it sets the tone for upcoming battles.

Graphics wise the game is a gem to watch and stare at the lushness of the colors not only with the ground but also with the enemy vehicle even though they are red.

It does offer multiplayer as well enabling 2 people to slug it out against the enemy or against each other.

Apart from some minor flaws this game is a must have.

So for those who enjoyed mech warrior, grab it and have a go, you won't be dissappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/17/07

Game Release: Battle Engine Aquila (EU, 02/28/03)

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