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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CraigJohnson

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    Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) PC Walkthrough
    Copyright 2005 Craig Johnson
    This is my first attempt at one of these - frankly no game has inspired me to 
    do this as much as Fahrenheit has, and after seeing that the only other FAQ 
    was rather limited and incomplete, and spending time on the atari forums, I 
    wanted to get this detailed information out there.
    This walkthrough is for the PC version - I understand the PS2 and XBOX 
    versions are similar if not identical, so give it a bash for those too if you 
    need it.  In addition, I've only played the European version of the game - 
    there's really only a minor amount of nudity here, but obviously I'm 
    unfamiliar of what appears in the US version in its place.  Maybe someone can 
    enlighten me?
    Any comments or feedback gratefully received to craigjohnsonesq@aol.com
    Bear in mind that this is currently a work in progress.  Although I have 
    played through the game three times already to completion (with three 
    different endings), I'm writing this as I play through for a fourth time, to 
    achieve a detailed and optimal path through the game.  Of course, if you have 
    any problems with progress so far, please feel free to email me and I'll help 
    out where I can.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    This walkthrough is entirely my own work - so don't rip it off without asking,
    ok?  I mean, I'm happy to allow other sites to use this walkthrough, provided
    (a) I'm asked first and give permission and (b) the whole document is used, not
    just extracts.
    Just a note to say thanks for certain other FAQs who decided to steal info
    from here to run in their own, less complete versions - you know who you are,
    there's a place in hell waiting for you ;-)
    As for charging, personally I find it crass that some people beg for money in
    their walkthroughs - do them for the love of helping others in games you've
    enjoyed or get a job for Prima, ok!  Having said that, I do have a paypal
    account if you want to email me about it at craigjohnsonesq@aol.com !!!
    Controls & Cheats
    If you do nothing else, run through the Tutorial and read the manual for the 
    keys.  The hardest part of the game is the PAR system, also known as the 
    Simon Says task, whereby two icons appear on the screen, each consisting of 
    four lights - when a light is illuminated, you have a very short space of 
    time to press the corresponding key...and sometimes two lights are 
    illuminated at once.  I call this the Simon Says event.
    Part of this system involves pressing the left and right arrow key 
    alternately - yet as quickly as possible.  I call this the L-R event.
    Experimentation has shown that you can improve your responses in both parts 
    of this game by - when it's time to do one of these events - hitting ESCAPE, 
    selecting Options, selecting Visual, and then setting Resolution to 640x480 
    and Graphical Detail to Low.  Sounds weird, but this may well help you 
    immensely - it did for me.
    Version History
    0.16  25Sep05  Initial version, seven of the first eight chapters complete.
    0.32  26Sep05  Complete up to and including chapter 14 (of 44).
    0.43  27Sep05  Complete through 19 (of 44).
    0.68  28Sep05  Complete through 26 (plus 32, 35, 36 & 44).
    0.75  29Sep05  Complete through 29 (plus 32, 35, 36 & 44).
    0.80  30Sep05  Complete through 32 (plus 35, 36 & 44).
    0.84   1Oct05  Complete through 36, plus 44.
    0.91   2Oct05  Complete through 39, plus 44.
    1.00   3Oct05  Complete!
    1.10  15Oct05  Update on "Where Is Jade?"
    Search for whichever chapter you want with Ctrl+F:
    Chapter 01 - The Murder
    Chapter 02 - The Investigation
    Chapter 03 - The Day After
    Chapter 04 - Confession
    Chapter 05 - Police Work
    Chapter 06 - Alternate Reality
    Chapter 07 - Reconstruction
    Chapter 08 - Tyler & Kate
    Chapter 09 - Lost Love
    Chapter 10 - Hide and Seek
    Chapters 11/12 - Friendly Combat
    Chapter 13 - Debriefing Carla
    Chapter 14 - Debriefing Tyler
    Chapter 15 - Agatha
    Chapter 16 - Questions & Bullets
    Chapter 17 - Double or Quits
    Chapter 18 - The Storm
    Chapter 19 - Dark Omen
    Chapter 20 - Face Off
    Chapter 21 - Back to Agatha
    Chapter 22 - Happy Anniversary!
    Chapter 23 - Bloody Washing
    Chapter 24 - Confrontation
    Chapter 25 - Captain Jones is Really Upset
    Chapter 26 - Fallen Angels
    Chapter 27 - Soap, Blood & Clues
    Chapter 28 - The Fugitive
    Chapter 29 - Janos
    Chapter 30 - Meeting Kuriakin
    Chapter 31 - Mayan Secrets
    Chapter 32 - The Clan
    Chapter 33 - Danger & Ubiquity
    Chapter 34 - Fate on Russian Hills
    Chapter 35 - Child's Play
    Chapter 36 - Checkmate!
    Chapter 37 - The Pact
    Chapter 38 - Jade
    Chapter 39 - Frozen to the Bone
    Chapter 40 - Where is Jade?
    Chapter 41 - Bogart
    Chapter 42 - Revelation
    Chapter 43 - Final Countdown
    Chapter 44 - Epilogue
    Chapter 01 - The Murder
    After the extended intro involving you being possessed in the toilet and 
    stabbing a man to death in the restroom, you gain control of Lucas with the 
    realisation that you need to get the heck out of there.  However, there are a 
    few tasks to perform first, mainly to get Lucas' mental health up as high as 
    - Grab the guy's body, and do the L-R game to drag him into the stall, using 
    the mouse to dump him on the toilet seat.
    - Pick up the mop, then move the mouse up and down with the left button 
    depresses to mop up most of the blood.  There's nothing you can do about the 
    trail of blood from the stall to the drain, so don't waste your time on it.
    - Dump the mop again, and walk towards the urinals, as there's a knife on the 
    floor.  Pick it up, and Lucas will automatically get rid of it.
    - Walk to the sinks, and use the one of the right (the left one is out of 
    order) to wash the blood off yourself.
    - Head over to the condom machine on the wall and shake it once - it's broken.
    Do this again, but keep on shaking it until it clunks.  You can then examine 
    it again, to pick a coin up.
    - Leave the restroom and walk all the way down the diner to the jukebox, use 
    it (you put the condom coin in) to play a nice track.  Now walk back to your 
    table (it's near the restroom door, and has a plate of food and a couple of 
    drinks on it).
    - Sit down.  Eat.  Drink.  Pick up the bill and put it down again.  Pay the 
    bill.  Check out the coffee cup.  In essence - do all the options.
    - Stand, and leave the diner by the front door.  Turn right and right again, 
    cross the road and exit the scene via the subway.
    - If you take too long cleaning up the rest room, eating, etc, the cop at the 
    end of the diner will head into the restroom and find the body...you must be 
    out before that happens.
    - For fun, you could try leaving the restroom having done nothing to tidy 
    up...you could try to leave without paying...you could try to use the phone...
    you could head behind the counter...you could take the taxi...you could talk to
    the other customers...you could sit at the counter...you could leave out the
    back door.  All of these are bad, or have consequences later on, but are 
    worthwhile replaying later to see what happens.
    Chapter 02 - The Investigation
    Carla and Tyler arrive on the scene, Tyler moaning about murders always 
    happening on his shift - Carla points out murders happen all the time.
    - Carla: Do the thinking option, then check out the blood in the snow near 
    the diner's door.  Then go into the diner and talk to the Cop.  He points out 
    the waitress and says to treat her gently.
    - Tyler: Head to the cops against the bar, chat to both of them.  Talk to the 
    waitress and tell her Carla will be along shortly.  If you want, head behind 
    the bar for a cup of coffee.
    - Carla: Talk to the waitress - it doesn't matter too much which options you 
    select, do whatever takes your fancy.
    - Carla: Check out the table Lucas was sitting at.  Note that there's a cup 
    of coffee there, but it doesn't appear on the bill.  Look at the book beneath 
    the table, and pick it up.
    - Tyler: Go to Lucas' table, and check everything out too.
    - Carla: Enter the restroom (Tyler follows), and check out the window, the 
    mop, the blood in the stall on the left, the body in the middle stall, and 
    the toilet in the right hand stall.  
    - Tyler: Check out the waste paper bin, the blood on the left, the body, and 
    the stall on the right (might be able to flush it).  One of these two will 
    find the knife (it is in one of three (I've seen so far) places).
    - Carla: Now head back to the main dining area, and go out the back door.  
    Head down the alley and talk to the bum...say "YOU" and then "SEEN ANYTHING" 
    and he might just tell you something interesting.
    - Carla: Back in the diner, talk to the cops again, then to Tyler - before 
    selecting Leave, talk about Clues, and then say to Leave the diner.  Walk 
    out, head to your car, and get in.
    - You have to talk to the waitress and find the knife before you are allowed 
    to leave the diner, but you don't actually have to do all of the above, you 
    could miss a lot of the investigation out if you wished.  
    - For fun, you may like to have Tyler use a urinal whilst Carla is in the 
    restroom - she's not very impressed!  Both of them can admire themselves in 
    the mirror too.
    - If you need more mental health points, Tyler could drink coffee from behind
    the counter, or call his girlfriend from the payphone.
    Chapter 03 - The Day After
    Lucas has a bad dream and soon wakes up and realises he's in deep doggy-doo. 
    - Get up out of your blood-stained bed and use the medicine on the bed-side 
    table to ease your migraine.  Select the bed again...and then again...to 
    cover up the bloody sheets, now leave the bedroom.
    - Head straight across the living room to your bathroom, and use the shower.  
    Now open the mirrored cabinet to wrap your wounds (and have a bit of a shock).
    Use the toilet to steady yourself and go back into the living room.
    - Return to your bedroom, open the wardrobe, put your clothes on, close the 
    wardrobe and leave again...hey, the phone is ringing.  Answer it, and it's 
    your brother, arranging a meeting for later that morning.  Listen to the 
    message from Tiffany too.
    - Just behind the pillar near the phone is a blood-stained shirt - look at 
    it, then pick it up.  Take it into the bathroom and put it in the washing 
    machine.  Now back to the living room.
    - Go to the fridge, open it, and drink some milk.  Head to your stereo and 
    put some music on to relax you.
    - When the cop knocks on your door, do the event to reveal what he'd be 
    looking for, but you've already covered up well so no worries.
    - Get the key from the dining table near the kitchenette, open the door and 
    when the cop asks about shouting, admit it was you.  He'll ask to look 
    around, so say yes.
    - For fun, you could take the medicine and grab the bottle of gin from 
    beneath the counter in the kitchen: drink some of this to see what happens 
    when you mix medicine and alcohol.  Bad things to do: watch TV, look at the 
    photo in your bedroom, pick up the newspaper from the front door.  
    Chapter 04 - Confession
    Lucas arrives at the park to talk with his brother, Markus.
    - Follow the path whilst Lucas runs through his monologue, Markus is in the 
    main area just past some kids playing in the snow.
    - Talk to Markus about whatever you like, none of the choices matter until you
    get the chance to either "Convince" or "Break Off" - choose "Convince".
    - When Markus offers you the crucifix, take it - it's an extra life.
    - Lucas walks off and has a vision of a kid falling into the frozen lake.  
    When control returns to you run immediately forwards to and through the gap in
    the fence, you will dive in to rescue the kid.
    - Play the L-R game to swim to the kid - then pick him up - then L-R three more
    times to swim back, get him out of the water, and get yourself out (see notes
    at the start for how to make this game a little easier).
    - Now you get to stand up, walk forward a little to the kid, and kneel down. 
    Listen to his heart and you'll hear it's not beating, so do the heart rate
    action to pump.
    - Lucas will count "1..2..3.." and after three you need to do the heart rate
    action again.  Repeat five or six times before the time limit to save the kid 
    (don't pump his heart until Lucas has said "3" (if you do it right you'll see
    "Great" appear on the screen)).
    - When you save the kid you'll be recognised by the cop from the diner - but
    he'll let you go without saying anything.
    - Before meeting Markus you could have a look at the bum on the park bench,
    he becomes relevant later.
    - For fun, you could let the kid drown, or save him then walk away without 
    resuscitating him.  Or tell Markus to Break Off instead of Convince.  Or refuse
    his crucifix offer.
    Chapter 05 - Police Work
    Carla and Tyler hit the office to try to crack the murder.
    - Carla: Head forwards, a quick chat with Doug the Desk Sergeant, then through
    either metal detector and up the stairs.  Go whichever way up you desire, both
    ways lead to the wide open-plan office.  Head to your office at the rear, on 
    the right-hand side.  Jeffrey intercepts you to moan about Tyler, but you just
    brush him off.  Garrett tells you he has some forensic results for you too.
    Head into your office and go straight towards your desk.  Pick up the phone and
    tell that lazy bones Tyler to get into work.  Have a drink of water from the
    water cooler in the corner to chill a little.
    - Tyler: Get out of bed, go straight into the bathroom and have a shower.  Back
    in the bedroom, hit the wardrobe and get dressed, and go into the living area.
    Sam is upset, so go and drink your coffee and talk to her - select TENDER and
    then CONVINCING for best results.  Kiss Sam, grab your jacket, and leave.
    - Tyler: At the police station, head forwards through the metal detector, and
    up the stairs as Carla did earlier.  Through the door and into the main office,
    and you get cornered by Jeffrey too.  Choose whichever option you like, then
    go into your office.  Carla leaves, so head over to the water cooler for a 
    drink to chill a little, then hang your jacket up and leave the office.
    - Tyler: Head over to the middle of the office, where Carla is talking to
    Garrett.  He fills you in on a few forensic details (choose whichever response
    you want).
    - Carla: Before heading to the coroner, return to your office and check Carla's
    emails by sitting at her desk, using the computer.  Read all three emails, then
    navigate to the data-base function on the computer.  Press the down arrow to
    have "KIRSTEN" filled in, and hit enter to find out a little more.
    - For fun, Carla can play with her yoyo to chill out, and Tyler can mess around
    with Sam in bed rather than go into work (and really annoy Carla).  Tyler can
    also play with the other options when talking to Sam in the living area to
    annoy her - or him!  Both detectives can also recover mental health points by
    drinking coffee from the machine in the main office area.
    Chapter 06 - Alternate Reality
    Lucas bugs out at work...
    - We open with Lucas vomiting into a toilet...nice.  Once you regain control,
    walk to the nearest sink and have a quick wash.  Now leave the rest room and
    you'll be in the main office area - the map on the screen shows you (in blue)
    and your destination (your office, in red).  Head up there, and go through the
    - Warren is already working at his desk (you can look through the window behind
    him if you wish) and he has a go at you for being late.  Head to your desk and
    sit down.  Now you get a Simon Says event and you have a choice - if you pass
    it, you will lose a few mental health points but read Warren's mind; if you
    fail the event, you won't lose anything but won't hear what he thinks of you.
    - Open the drawer on the right, and pick up the item for another bonus life. 
    Close the drawer, then use the computer - you'll get a shock, but this is 
    unavoidable and it is better to get that shock now as you can recover half the
    points in a second.  Stand up - the phone rings.  Walk over to it and answer
    to find it's Tiffany ringing about coming over tonight.  Tell her "YES", and
    there you go, ten points back.
    - Sit yourself back down, and it's another Simon Says - if you pass you'll have
    a vision of Warren knocking his cup over.  Work at the computer again, and
    Warren's phone will ring: he knocks his cup over, just as you foresaw.  Whilst
    he's mulling this over, you offer to go and fix Station 62.  Stand, head out of
    the door.
    - The map appears again, showing you where to go (as before, you are the blue
    blob, your destination is the red one).  Head over there (you have another
    vision on the way, your first real glimpse of The Oracle), and when you arrive
    in the cubicle start to fix the computer...and all heck breaks loose.
    - When you see "MOVE!" on the screen, run back into the cubicle, don't dawdle.
    Now begins a long sequence of Simon Says and L-R events - do your best to pass
    as many of these as possible, as your lives are at risk if you fail (use the
    tips at the start to improve your chances on these games).  There's just the
    one L-R event in the midst of all the Simon Says ones, it's when you're by a 
    partition and one of the bugs reaches over the partition and tries to strangle
    you.  After this there are a load more Simon Says (including a cool use of a
    fire extinguisher to push them back) and the final set is so fast you can't
    possibly succeed (but it's okay, don't worry about it).  The computer takes
    over for the reappearance of the guy you killed, who imparts some interesting
    information, then you snap back to reality.
    - Before going into your office you can wander around the main office area to
    see what's going on.  There's a coffee machine you could grab a cup at to
    recover a few health points too.
    - For fun, you could open the left hand drawer of your desk and look at the
    photo of Tiffany and yourself, you could tell her "NO" when she asks to come 
    over and you could ignore the phone and get Warren slightly riled.
    Chapter 07 - Reconstruction
    Carla is down in the mortuary with the coroner.
    - Get ready for a few PAR events.  Each one that you pass will give Carla more
    information on the murder, but - more importantly - each success also restores
    some mental health points.
    - After these, choose whichever chat options you desire, then the coroner
    mentions he's dealt with the KIRSTEN case in the past...
    Chapter 08 - Tyler & Kate
    Tyler sits with the waitress from the diner and attempts to construct a picture
    of Lucas' face.
    - You welcome Kate into the office and get straight onto using the picture
    compositing system.  Play around with this to your heart's desire, you'd need
    to get it spot on to make a difference later on, but it doesn't matter how
    well (or badly in my case!) you do.
    Chapter 09 - Lost Love
    Tiffany comes over and Lucas gets all jiggy with it.
    - Lucas starts off sitting down in his apartment.  Kick things off with the
    question mark, then stand up.  This is now your best chance to return to full
    mental health, and you can do this a whole number of ways (note that if you
    follow the walkthrough after going to bed, you'll recover a lot of mental 
    health points anyway, so you don't need to get back to 100% now):
    - Go to the fridge, open it, drink some milk, close the fridge again.
    - Opposite the fridge is a low shelf, grab the bottle from it and have a drink.
    - Go to your bedroom, and have some medicine from the bed side table.  Note, do
    not combine this with drinking the alcohol.
    - Go to the bathroom, and use the toilet.
    - In the living room, turn your hifi on and play a track.
    - Turn your guitar's amp on, then play the guitar - this initiates a simple
    Simon Says sequence (choose whichever style of music takes your fancy), and 
    recovers some useful points if you complete it.
    - Go to the punchbag and get punching and kicking - again, there's a Simon 
    Says sequence, if you pass this you not only get a bunch of points back, you
    also learn something interesting about yourself.
    - Once you've had enough of this, go to bed and lie down (this will recover 
    another 10 points).  Tiffany will ring the doorbell, so get up, head to the 
    front door and let the girl in.
    - Ask her what "NEWS" there is, then offer her a "GLASS" of gin.  When she 
    accepts, head off to the kitchen unit opposite the fridge, get the bottle and
    sort her out a drink.  Take it over and give it to her, then you offer to get
    her two boxes of stuff.  They have her initials on (TH), one is in your bedroom
    to the left of the computer desk, the other is just past the phone, in the far
    corner of the main room.  Go over to one, pick it up, take it back to her and 
    put it down.  Repeat for the other box.
    - She gets up to go, but if you respond "SINCERE", "SENTIMENTAL" and then 
    "ALONE" (doing "KISS" now is premature in more ways than one, you'll share a 
    moment and she'll ask you to play your guitar for old time's sake. You get 
    three chances to complete this Simon Says event (it shouldn't take long to get 
    into the rhythm of one left PAR press, two fast right PAR presses), if you 
    fail it's bad news big time, but if you pass you get another chance to "KISS"
    her, so take it.
    - Cue another mini-game - you have an ever decreasing time limit to thrust
    into Tiffany...I think we should draw a veil over this now!  
    - After doing the nasty with Tiff, you (naturally) fall asleep...only to be 
    woken by some noises from your living room.  Get up and now you have a choice
    to make - if you explore, you will end up losing 20 points of mental health, 
    but see an interesting scene.  If you go back to bed without exploring, you'll
    miss out on the scene, but keep your mental health at maximum.  If you do 
    decide to explore, then head into your living area, turn the TV off and go to 
    your front door - it's ajar.  Go through the door and you'll encounter Jade 
    (the mysterious little girl, the Indigo Child of the title) as well as...
    something we don't see, but Lucas does.  The nightmare knocks 20 points off 
    his mental health.
    For fun, try drinking from the bottle of gin multiple times, try telling
    Tiffany different things to annoy her, try watching TV to depress yourself.
    Chapter 10 - Hide and Seek
    Lucas and Markus meet again and reminisce.
    - Lucas is back at the cemetery, flowers in hand, to meditate a little at his
    parents' grave.  Walk through the cemetery, but instead of turning off towards
    the statue of the angel (where Markus is waiting), continue straight on the 
    path, right to the end - to pick up another extra life.
    - Now return to Markus, and place your flowers on their grave.  Cue Lucas
    remembering him and Markus as kids, on a particular day when Markus wanted the
    loner Lucas to play with him and his friends, hide and seek in hangar 4.  Lucas
    isn't interested, until he has a sudden vision that the hangar is going to 
    explode, so he sets off in pursuit and you have control again.
    - Take a good look at the map on the screen, you can enlarge it by pressing
    1 on the numeric keypad.  You are the green circle, the guards are blue (the 
    cones in front of them are their fields of vision), and the red "x" is your
    destination.  Run towards the SE corner of the area you are currently in, you
    will see some netting thrown over the fence - you can (and should) climb this.
    Each climbing maneuver has a small time limit, so don't dawdle.  Once over,
    you'll be crouching the other side of the fence.
    - Look at the guards moving up and down the next area, also look towards the
    NE and you'll see a large rock.  You want to head towards that - just dash
    straight across when the guards are moving away, go behind the rock and you'll
    see the hole in the fence.  Go through the hole.
    - The next bit is tricky.  Directly in front of you is a large tarpaulin 
    covering some crates, run towards that and go around the right of it (so the 
    crates passed you on the left).  Now there are some more crates piles up in 
    front of you, run up to those and peep around the right hand side.  You'll see 
    the hangar 4B in front of you, but there's a soldier right outside the front 
    looking directly in your direction.
    - Wait until a lorry comes out of the hangar (it's a green rectangle on the
    map), and as soon as it blocks the soldier's sight of where you are, dash 
    towards it on a diagonal, so you're effectively running to a point midway 
    between hangar 4B and the one to the right of it.  You'll end up next to the
    lorry, in the middle of the road, directly between the two hangars.  As soon
    as the lorry moves away, run straight ahead and to the back of 4B.  Move the 
    covering sheet out of the way and go through the hole, into the hangar.
    - You encounter Markus and convince him to get out of the hangar before it
    blows up, but now you've got to find his three friends (they are playing
    hide and seek, remember?) and convince them to leave too.  As you look at the
    screen there is a wall of crates down and to the left, so head there and you
    should be able to see one of the crates has a loose panel.  Head towards it
    and you'll be able to "SEE" one of Markus's friends.  That's one out.
    - Now run all the way to the back of the hangar, where's there's half a plane
    just past some steps.  Look inside the back of the plane, and you'll be able
    to "SEE" another friend.  "LIE" to him about his mother, and he'll get out too.
    That's two out.
    - Now run to the steps we saw a second ago, and run down the gangway to the 
    fourth or so set of metal sheets against the wall, the third kid is hiding
    there.  You can "SEE" him, and he'll get out.  That's all three saved, Lucas
    gets out automatically and you've saved the day.  Markus gives you your next
    lead, and it's chapter over.
    Chapters 11/12 - Friendly Combat
    Carla and Tyler beat the crap out of one another.  Note that these are very
    similar chapters, and you'd normally play through the Carla version (11) or
    the Tyler version (12).  There's only one difference between the two: the 
    opening monologue belongs to whichever of the characters you chose.
    - Both characters are in the gym, and need to warmup before fighting.  As
    Carla, approach any piece of gym equipment and use it.  Cue a lengthy L-R 
    event.  Pass this, then take a drink from the bottle of water.  Choose another
    piece of equipment and use that (L-R game as before).  Once passed, Carla is
    ready to fight.
    - Switch to Tyler and repeat the process: use equipment - have a drink - use
    equipment.  Then head to the ring and let battle commence.
    - Each bout is a short sequence of Simon Says - some are quite tricky, others
    rather easy.  If you pass a particular sequence, then the character you control
    will win that bout and score a point, otherwise your opponent gets the point.
    First character to ten points wins the match, and a nice mental health bonus if
    it's you.
    - If you want a rematch afterwards you can, but really there's little reason to
    do this.
    Chapter 13 - Debriefing Carla
    Carla and Tyler report to the chief - it doesn't matter what responses you 
    give - and get their next assignments: Carla will check out KIRSTEN in the
    archives, Tyler will investigate the book found in the diner.
    - Carla gives you a monologue about her claustrophobia, which manifests itself
    throughout much of the level and could cause you some significant problems.  
    To keep her steady, you have a variant on the L-R event: the indicator moves
    steadily towards the right hand side of the gauge, if it hits the end, she 
    panicks.  You can move it back left by hitting L and R slowly and steadily: but
    if you go too far left, she panicks.  So, slowly but surely will do it - it 
    may take a bit of practice to get, but you'll have to do through the whole
    level, so any practice is worthwhile.
    - Occasionally the lights will cut out for a while - it doesn't last long, so
    you could either just wait it out (keeping the regular breathing going, of
    course), or - if you're brave - just carry on, ignoring the lack of light.
    - Walk forwards to the gate, and turn to your right just at it, turning the
    lights on.  Then turn back towards the gate, open it, and step through.  Now
    the breathing game starts, and it barely lets up.  
    - Push forwards and use the camera angles to head towards the book shelf with
    the wheel on to the right.  Turn that, and move forwards through the shelves.
    - Look left, head that way and turn the wheel.  Look right, head that way, and
    turn the other wheel.  Now you can progress through the next set of shelves.
    - You are now in the room with the archive terminal - you'll need to find the
    right tape for the KIRSTEN case, but first look left and head through the 
    shelves.  At the next set of shelves, head right and turn the wheel.  Then look
    left, head to that wheel, and turn it.  Now you have made a corridor down to
    an electricity supply.  Head towards it, turn the power on (this powers up the
    archive terminal).  Head back to the main archive room, it's time to find the
    KIRSTEN tape.
    - Carla has noted that the tape is in the 1990s section (that's 1990-2000), to
    get there you'll need to head to the left-most wheel and turn that.  Head
    through the shelves and turn the next wheel you find.  Now turn around and head
    back to the main archive area.  Turn that left-most wheel again, then head to 
    the right and turn that wheel.  Go down the passage created, and turn the wheel
    at the end - don't worry, nearly there.  This opens up yet another passage,
    so wander down there.  About three-quarters of the way down, pick up the tape 
    on the left and get back to the main archive room.  Put the tape into the 
    archive computer and bob's your uncle...well, not quite, but Robert Mitchell
    was the detective in charge of the KIRSTEN case, so he's Carla's next port of
    - There's a bonus card down a short corridor near the start, if you want to
    pick it up.
    - If the breathing game is too much of a bind, then let Carla fail it and
    switch to Tyler - after finishing Chapter 14, Tyler can go down to the 
    archives and complete it in her stead.
    Chapter 14 - Debriefing Tyler
    Tyler heads to a book shop seeking information on the book found in the diner.
    - Go down the stairs and talk to the owner - it takes some doing to get his
    attention, and even then he's a pain and not at all helpful.  Choose whichever
    dialogue you want, then head off.  The owner calls you back, and offers to 
    help you if you can just track down another book similar to one he gives you.
    - Take the book to the desk behind the stairs, and put the book on the desk.  
    It's called "Cave Ne Cadas", by "De Gruttola".  Now put this book down.
    Whilst you're here, you might as well use the magnifying glass on the diner
    book, so do this and turn a few pages until you see the inscription in the top
    left corner.  Move the magnifying glass over it, until Tyler reads it, then
    put the book away - and something falls to the floor.  Pick it up, this is a
    major clue for later.
    - Back to the owner's book search.  Head up the stairs, to the open book to the
    right of the door you came in.  Looking in this book shows that the De Gruttola
    books are dated 1796.  Go back down the stairs and behind the desk the old guy
    is working in front of.  There's yet another open book, so take a look at that
    to see that books from the date range 1700-1800 are on the 3rd floor.  You also
    should note that books beginning A to E are in the white section.
    - So head up the stairs, around the shop and up more stairs, then up even more
    stairs to reach the 3rd floor.  Head over to the white section, and pluck a 
    book from the shelves.  Take it back to the owner and he'll answer a couple of
    questions on the diner book.  Unfortunately he doesn't tell you anything of
    any use...so leave him, grab the bonus card and go up the stairs and leave 
    the shop.
    Chapter 15 - Agatha
    Lucas visits the mystic Agatha, in the hopes she can explain what's going on.
    - You start off on the correct side of the road for Agatha's house, but before
    going up to her front door cross over and check out the bum in the bus 
    shelther...another homeless person?  Doesn't he look a little familiar?
    - Head over to her house and mount the steps to Agatha's front door - ring the
    bell.  Hmm, no answer.  Open the door and proceed to the end of the corridor 
    (we'll come back to the other rooms later).  Open this door and enter the 
    seance room - you can take a look around at Agatha's junk if you wish.  When
    you're ready, go up to and through the other door, into Agatha's bedroom.
    - Agatha is the blind old dear in the wheelchair, have a short chat with her 
    (choose whichever dialogue you wish), then she asks to be taken to the raven
    room.  Before you do that, if you need an extra life go to her bedside table,
    there's an extra life talisman there you can pick up.
    - Turn around and grab hold of her wheelchair - cue some really funny antics:
    as you walk around with it, try turning it and then spinning her around on the
    spot, it looks hilarious.  Ahem.  Anyway, push her to the bedroom door, open it
    and go through.  Push her over to the other door in the seance room, open it
    and go through.  Push her down the corridor to almost the end, you want to
    open and go through the door on the right.  Welcome to the raven room.
    - Agatha asks what's the matter with you - choose either option - then she 
    wants to know if you're mad: choose whichever option you like.  She tells you
    to feed her birds, so go to the short cupboard on your right and open the
    bottom drawer (the top drawer is empty).  Take out the seed packet, close the
    drawer, and walk to each of three cages, feeding the bird in the cage each 
    time.  Then head back to Agatha and talk - she should ask you about 
    "TRIGGERS".  After the conversation, get ahold of her wheelchair again, leave 
    the raven room, and return to the seance room.  Once in the room, push her a 
    little way in to trigger the next cut scene.
    - Agatha tells you to get three candles out of the cupboard in this room, plus
    the matches from the kitchen, and light them up.  So, head over to the cupboard
    next to the door you've just walked through, crouch down, open the top drawer
    (as the bottom is empty), take the candles, close the drawer and stand up.  
    Head out of the room, down the corridors and into the room on the left - this
    is the kitchen.  The matches are next to the knife on the worktop to your
    right.  Pick these up and take them back to the seance room.  Walk over to the
    table with the candle holders on, and move around each one in turn, placing a
    candle then lighting it before moving onto the next.
    - Now she wants the room to be dark, so walk over to the door and turn the
    light off.  Then head over to one of the sets of curtains and close them, and
    repeat for the other set of curtains.  Now sit down in the chair next to Agatha
    and the seance will begin.  This comprises of a set of Simon Says events, 
    starting easy but becoming harder and harder.  If you fail any you will lose 
    mental health points and have to start from the point you messed up, so make 
    sure you get it right.
    - After learning that you're linked to the Oracle now, and that you'll be able
    to see what he sees (important later on), the connection is broken...it's clear
    that Agatha is hiding something, but she invites you back the next day, so
    that will have to do.
    For fun, you can nip into Agatha's bathroom and pick up a bonus token - you
    can't see it, but it's at the far end of the bath, so just walk all the way
    around the bath and you'll pick it up.  I haven't mentioned these tokens
    before but they are a little irrelevant - you get 200 bonus points for 
    finishing the game, which is virtually enough to unlock everything anyway.  If
    you see a token in passing, pick it up, otherwise don't get het up about them.
    Chapter 16 - Questions & Bullets
    Carla talks about KIRSTEN with Mitchell.
    - Walk to the end of the firing range, and talk to the guy in the second to
    last booth.  Before he tells you anything, he wants you to do some target
    practice, so step forwards, put on the glasses, pick up the gun and get
    shooting (you'll shoot once more after this, so get used to it!).
    - For each practice, you have limited time to shoot as many targets as you 
    can.  Every terrorist you shoot (it spins to indicate a successful hit) gains 
    you more time; every hostage hit costs you time.  You'll also have to reload 
    regularly, I recommend reloading every time a hostage appears, as this is the 
    only respite you'll get.  You will regain mental health points if you shoot 
    well; otherwise the game gets a bit tedious.
    - Once you've finished a particular session, Sargeant Mitchell will tell you 
    more about the KIRSTEN case (choose whichever dialogue you want).
    Chapter 17 - Double or Quits
    Tyler plays basketball with Jeffrey for $200 or to wipe the debt.
    - Make fun of Jeffrey's outfit, and then you get the rules - it's similar to
    the boxing game, in that you'll have a sequence of Simon Says events, if you
    pass the sequence, you'll gain control of the ball if you don't have it, or 
    score a point if you do have it.  If you fail, Jeffrey scores a point if he
    has the ball, or gains control of the ball if he doesn't have it.  The first 
    one to ten wins the match.
    - At various points you may win mental health points as well as scoring a
    basket - especially if you whitewash Jeffrey, you can recoup a lot.
    - It would seem you can make a few more mistakes on defense and still win the
    ball back, than on offense, where two mistakes will cost you.
    - Don't forget you can use the tips at the top to help you out in the game if
    you find it a bit of a struggle.
    Chapter 18 - The Storm
    Lucas has a problem with wind.
    - As Lucas arrives home, his telephone rings.  Walk over to it and answer - 
    hmmm, that some weird voice.  Suddenly...
    - The rest of this chapter is mostly one extended Simon Says event, with a few 
    tricky L-R games too.  It's basically one long hallucination, of a storm 
    ripping his apartment to pieces, Lucas having either to dodge the flying 
    debris (the Simon Says events), or to struggle against the wind (the L-R 
    events).  This chapter is what you've been saving those lives for.
    - Use the tips at the start to make things easier for yourself, and get ready 
    for the final scene, where you control Markus.  Run to Lucas' appartment's 
    door (it's the first on the right) and LOOK at it. Ring the bell - no answer.  
    Get ready for a short L-R event to force your way in.  Run over to the open 
    glass doors and go out onto the balcony.  LOOK to see Lucas hanging around, 
    then succeed in another L-R event to haul him to safety.
    Chapter 19 - Dark Omen                                                      
    Carla chills out, whilst Tyler does some work for a change.
    - Naughty shower scene dissolves to Carla in her underwear, with the phone 
    ringing.  Leave the bathroom, cross through the bedroom and out into the 
    living area - the phone is just by the door.  Answer it to find Tyler moaning 
    he's at a dead-end; you suggest he faxes the fragment to you to look at.  
    - Go to your bedroom, open the wardrobe, and get dressed, as pretty soon the 
    doorbell rings, so go to it and open the door - it's your neighbour, Tommy, 
    bottle of wine in tow.
    - Go to your kitchen area, open the cupboard above the hob and grab the 
    glasses.  Take them back to Tommy, put them down then sit.  Drink up and talk 
    (although not about Carla's work or Carla herself), then Tommy pulls out his 
    tarot cards and things take a dark turn no matter what you do.  
    - At this point, Carla can do a couple of things to improve her mental health, 
    i.e. going to the toilet (it's through a door in the living just down from the 
    phone) and watching TV.  Do these, then switch to Tyler.
    - Tyler:  You are sat at your desk, so think.  Sit down again and use the 
    computer.  Switch to the 'web' icon and look at the 'World' page - Tyler 
    figures out that the bookmark is actually from a list of stock quotes.  Pick 
    up the phone and let Carla know this; she wants it faxed over, so stand up, 
    pick up the bookmark, walk to the fax machine near the door, and send it off. 
    Note that Tyler may get tired, and lose some mental health - there's nothing 
    you can do about this, except have a drink of water and play with the 
    basketball to gain them back.
     - Carla: Go to your fax machine (it's next to your laptop, near the kitchen) 
    and grab the fax.  Go out your front door and straight across the hallway.  
    Ring the bell, and Tommy will answer.   You'll ask him about the fax, and 
    he'll tell you more, but essentially that it can be traced via the watermark 
    on the original.  Go back home, to your phone and call Tyler.
    - Tyler - Get the bookmark out of the fax machine, put it on your desk, then 
    sit down and turn your desk light on.  Pick up the bookmark, and move the 
    light around with the arrow keys to find the watermark.  When Tyler discusses 
    who should head to the bank choose Carla.
    Chapter 20 - Face Off
    Lucas and Carla finally meet...
    - Lucas is back at work, when he has a premonition that Carla is on her way in.
    Better hide the incriminating evidence, he thinks as you take control.  Stand
    up, and check out the computer printout on the right hand side of his desk -
    this matches up with the fragment Tyler has, so pick it up and Lucas will hide
    it for you.  Now walk to the left hand side of his desk, and check out the
    Shakespeare book - Lucas realises that if Carla finds this, she may be able to
    tie it to the book he left behind in the diner, so pick it up to hide that too.
    - When Carla enters Lucas' office, the interrogation will begin, and you have
    a choice to make.  Before she asks a question, there will be a Simon Says
    event - if you pass the event, then you'll read her mind about what she thinks
    of you (and you'll see loads of those bugs from earlier) and you'll lose 
    mental health points too; obviously failing the event means no mind-reading 
    (and harmless bugs) but no point loss either.  To keep her suspicions down, 
    you should tell the truth at each stage until she discusses your arm 
    bandages, just LIE about those.  If you get asked, don't admit to being in the 
    restaurant on the night of the murder, choose something else (although she 
    should only ask this if her suspicion level is beyond a certain point).
    - When Lucas goes to the restroom to splash some water around, you get a chance
    to rifle through his stuff as Carla.  Pick up the pen from the right hand side
    of his desk, that'll be good for some fingerprints.  Check out both photos on
    the desk, check out his drawers if you can.  Also check the computer last if
    you have time.  There is an element of randomness to this (perhaps linked to
    her suspicion level) but at the end Carla should have the pen, and any of the
    Shakespeare book (can be linked to the book found in the diner), the printout
    (can be linked to the fragment) or the inscription on the photo of Markus and
    Lucas (can be linked to the inscription in the Shakespeare book from the
    - When Lucas returns to the office, Carla leaves.
    - For fun, replay the scene and try the other dialogue options.  See if you can
    get her suspicion level way up to get yourself arrested.  See what happens if 
    you don't hide the evidence.  See what happens if you deliberately pass all the
    Simon Says events.  And, as Carla, just stand there ignoring the evidence to 
    see what effect that has later in the game.
    Chapter 21 - Back to Agatha
    Lucas pays a return visit to Agatha.
    - Go into Agatha's house (you recover a good wodge of mental health points, to
    help out if you'd lost them in the last chapter), all is quiet as before.  
    Head straight down the corridor and into the seance room to just miss someone 
    disappearing through the window, Agatha lying on the floor, and a voice on the 
    phone saying the cops are on their way...
    - Immediately leave the room by the door you entered, and run down the 
    corridor to the door at the end on Lucas' right (the raven room).  Enter the 
    room and go over to the drawers - open the bottom drawer and take out the 
    seed packet: this time there's a key inside.
    - Look at the cage in the middle of the room, there's something there. Use the 
    key to open the cage, and reach in to grab an old newspaper, left here for you 
    by Agatha.  Reading this is worth another dose of mental health points.
    - Leave this room and run back to the seance room - cross to the window and 
    scarper before the cops catch you.
    - You could examine Agatha's body before leaving, to confirm she is dead, but 
    it costs you a lot of mental health (so if you do this, do it before going to
    the raven room).
    - An alternative way to open the bird cage is to go into the kitchen (the room
    opposite the raven room) and take the knife from the table.  You could use this
    on the lock instead of the key.
    Chapter 22 - Happy Anniversary!
    Tyler and Sam celebrate their anniversary...Carla's a party pooper.
    - Tyler arrives home from work, only to be ordered by Sam to turn the oven on
    and to pour a couple of glasses of champagne.  Be a dutiful partner and do as
    you are told - walk over to the oven and turn it on.  Turn to the fridge and
    open it, get the champagne out and take it to the champagne flutes on the 
    side and pour some out.  Sam comes out of the bedroom in a slinky dress and
    suggests putting some music on - get yourself over to the record player and
    play a disc - now dance via a Simon Says event: it's worth passing, because
    you'll get a lot of mental health points back for succeeding.
    - Meanwhile, Carla is in the office, working to uncover the murderer.  Don't
    forget that you have can a cup of water and/or play with the yoyo to recover a
    few mental health points if you need them.  Before you can do too much, 
    Garratt calls to let you know that he's emailed you the fingerprints from the
    pen from Lucas' desk, and sent you a list of destinations from the cab outside
    the diner all those chapters ago (this latter piece of information would've 
    been useful in her investigation if Lucas had got away from the diner via cab -
    something to try on another run-through, if you wish).
    - So, go to your desk and look at the computer: "EXAMINE" and then "MEMORIZE"
    the fingerprints, then head over to Tyler's desk and "EXAMINE" then "LINK" the
    sheet of prints from the murder weapon - there's your first link to Lucas' 
    guilt.  Before much else can happen, Officer Martin (the guy from the diner,
    and from the park when Lucas saved the drowning boy) comes in and tells Carla
    he let Lucas go that one time.  At this point she may indicate she is tired
    and lose a few mental health points, but you'll get them back in a second.
    - Go to Tyler's desk and pick up the Shakespeare book recovered from the diner.
    "EXAMINE" and "MEMORIZE" this, then return to Carla's desk and locate her
    in-tray on the other side of the desk.  Pick up the Employee File from the 
    bank, and "EXAMINE" and "LINK" Lucas' family details (brother with initials MK)
    with the dedication ("from MK") in the book.  There's your second link.
    - Pick up Lucas' photo from his employee file.  Leave your office and head
    over to Officer Martin, working away at his desk in the middle of the main
    office area.  Show him the photo and he id's Lucas as being at the diner.
    There's your third and final link...now she needs to tell Tyler.  Dash back
    to your office and pick up the phone.
    - The phone rings just as things start to get interesting between Tyler and
    Sam.  Chuck her off your lap and walk over to answer the phone.  Sam is none
    too pleased you just walk out on her...
    - Other ways to link Lucas to the killings:  if Lucas made a phone call (to
    Markus) from the diner, then you could match the list of numbers dialled from
    that phone to Markus' number;  if Carla found the stock list hidden in Lucas'
    office, she can match that to the fragment Tyler found;  if Carla found the 
    second Shakespeare book hidden in Lucas' office, she can link that to the one
    from the diner;  if the composite photo was 100%, Lucas can be linked that 
    Chapter 23 - Bloody Washing
    Lucas shares a vision with The Oracle...more bloody murder...
    - There's nothing for you to do here but watch.  Whilst Lucas makes his way 
    home from Agatha's, he sees what the Oracle is doing at that precise moment,
    which is possessing a laundromat attendant and killing a customer.  He also 
    has another vision of the girl in green, beckoning him on.
    Chapter 24 - Confrontation
    Carla and Tyler hit Lucas' house to find...
    - Follow Tyler down the corridor, and open the door where he stops...to reveal
    a somewhat changed living area to the one we saw last.  Move to the bedroom
    door and kick it open - there's no-one there.  Walk to the bathroom door, and
    ditto.  (OK, so we know he's been stitched up, but they obviously don't.)  The
    cops outside radio up to say they've seen him, so we automatically switch to:
    - Lucas, musing on Agatha, has a vision that Carla and Tyler are waiting for 
    him upstairs.  Cue a series of Simon Says events (another way to use up a few
    of those lives) - note that when you grab hold of the helicopter, it will
    switch to a L-R event you need to pass to successfully hold on during the
    chopper's flight.
    - You drop off the copter onto a tanker, and there's just one more Simon Says
    event to pass to escape completely.
    Chapter 25 - Captain Jones is Really Upset
    Does exactly what it says on the tin.
    - Captain Jones shouts at Carla and Tyler for 'letting' Lucas get away. 
    - Answer "Carla", "Tyler" and "Carla" to spread the pain.
    - Finally a small cut scene sets up the Laundromat investigation.
    Chapter 26 - Fallen Angels
    Lucas seeks peace in his brother's church, but gets way more than he 
    bargained for.
    - Lucas has spent the night in Markus' church after escaping from his 
    apartment, so wake him up, stand him up...but here comes Dead Agatha.  Have a 
    short chat with her (choose whichever dialogue you want) and enjoy her 
    revelations, but prepare yourself for an extensive Simon Says action 
    sequence, as the church's statues come to life and attempt to finish you off 
    (don't forget the tips at the start for making this sequence easier).  These
    events have a few L-R events tied into them, with not much time given to
    switch between the two, so be prepared for fast action.
    - Afterwards, Markus rouses you and you can talk about a couple of things
    (although not "GIVE UP").  At the end, go for "MARKUS"'s thoughts on the 
    situation: it's clear he thinks Lucas has gone mad.
    Chapter 27 - Soap, Blood & Clues
    Carla and Tyler investigate the Laundromat killing.
    - Carla: Walk around the car and across the road to Tyler.  You'll tell him to
    start looking around inside whilst you speak to Garrett, so head over to him
    now and listen to what he has to say.  Ask him what you want, then go inside.
    Immediately head to your left, i.e. in front of the orange chairs.  Kneel down
    to see one of the victims, and "LOOK" to see his arm carvings.  Stand and
    walk forwards a couple of paces, then check out the bloody footprints on the 
    floor.  Walk towards the phone at the back, and kneel to check out the other
    victim.  Walk down the other side of the washing machines (picking up the 
    bonus card by the washing basket if you collect them), to the group of items 
    near Tyler in the corner.  Check out the bloodstained floor, then the toolbox, 
    then switch to Tyler.
    - Tyler: Walk to the first body and check it out.  Walk up to the second body
    and check that out - then check the phone out.  Stand and continue the 
    circuit - you can look at the washing machine on the end of the free-standing
    set of machines if you wish, but there's nothing interesting there.  Walk 
    back to the door of the Laundromat and check out the key - the Laundromat was
    locked from the inside when the killings occured.  Talk to Carla and select
    "LEAVE", on the way out Carla begins to realise there's more to this killing,
    and Kane's murder, than meets the eye.
    Chapter 28 - The Fugitive
    Lucas seeks sanctuary at Tiffany's apartment.
    - Walk forward and around the corner, continuing on towards the front
    entrance to Tiffany's apartment block.  There's another bum here, sitting by
    the telephone booths (looking at him will cost you a minor amount of mental
    health points, but it's another indication for the future).  As you close in
    on the front door, you get a premonition of the cops staking it out, so turn
    around and begin walking back - after a few steps there's an alleyway, walk
    into this and climb the fence.  Walk forwards and climb the next fence too.
    - You could look at the raven here, but it costs you a few mental health
    points, so ignore it and walk forwards again, then you stop suddenly as there 
    are two cops guarding the back door.  Look at the cop cam, they are looking 
    in your direction for a while, then look away for a time.  You need to run 
    straight ahead when they aren't looking, head to the drainpipe in the corner 
    and climb up.
    - On the ledge you have periods of moving, interrupted by Simon Says events to
    prevent the cops from noticing you.  So start off by moving left, and then up
    when you hit the corner.  After the first Simon Says, you are told to "MOVE!"
    so do it, continue with up until the next event hits.  Continue in this vein
    until you reach the next drainpipe, then shimmy down this and you've got
    past the cops.  Note that if you run out of time on the ledge you will slip
    and fall, so you need to get a move on.
    - Climb over yet another fence, and you've finally by Tiffany's window (the 
    second window is hers).  Now, you can either walk over to the corner of the
    opposite building, pick a brick up and smash a hole in the window to get it
    open, or you can just go up to the window itself and have an extended L-R
    event to force it open...the choice is yours, although the second method is
    - Slip in through the open window, and walk around to the other side of the 
    bed - you'll be given a quick Simon Says events: if you pass this, then you'll
    have a vision of Tyler looking under Tiffany's bed for you.  You can lie on 
    the bed if you need to recover some mental health points, after which just
    go through the door into her living area.
    - Go and pick up the TV remote control from a box near the couch, and watch
    TV until Lucas turns it off - this gives you a contact name, Professor
    Kuriakin, an expert on Mayan civilisation.  
    - Head to the kitchen area, nose through Tiffany's cupboards for something to
    eat: there's a bonus card in one of the cupboards if you want it, there's a 
    jar of food in one you can raid, plus some sandwiches in the fridge.  Drink 
    the milk from the fridge too, for a few more points.
    - You can also go into her bathroom (the grey door next to the bedroom door)
    and walk between the sink unit and the shower to pick up another extra life
    (should you need one).
    - Tiffany will come in soon enough, and one short cut scene later (with an
    additional hug and bonus mental health points if you made love to her earlier
    in the game) Tyler knocks on the door.  Lucas has to hide, and quick.  There
    are quite a few places you can hide, under her bed, in her wardrobe, in the 
    cupboard in the living area.  One of the funniest is under the painting table 
    in her living area, it's wonderfully obvious that Lucas is hiding there, but 
    Tyler doesn't see him at all (he's a pretty poor cop, to be honest, he hardly
    checks anywhere).
    - To help prevent Tyler from finding you, there will be a few Simon Says
    events to pass, but these are relatively simple and should prove no trouble.
    - For fun, listen to her answer phone message to depress you a bit.  Also, try
    out all the other hiding places in Tiffany's house.
    Chapter 29 - Janos
    The lunatics take over the asylum...
    - Carla visits Bellevue Asylum to see Janos, the murderer in the Kirsten case.
    Assistant Barney tells her that Janos' room is down the second corridor on 
    the right, just as the light go out then come back on.  Damn power outages...
    - Walk Carla to Janos' cell (if you really want a bonus card, don't go down
    Janos' corridor yet, continue straight to the end, pick the card up then come
    back).  Walk into the cell, then talk to Janos.  Ask him about "KIRSTEN", then
    tell him he's "NOT CRAZY".  Ask him about "KIRSTEN" again, then about the
    "OTHER MURDERS".  You get one more question then you leave - just as you exit
    the cell, the lights go off - for good this time. 
    - Carla's claustrophobia kicks in again, so you're not only going to have to
    repeat the L-R actions to keep her breathing steadily, but you've also got to
    escape from the cell area.  Start off by walking forwards, and stop moving
    when she tells you someone is nearby.  Wait until the inmate has passed, then
    turn to where he came from and walk down there.
    - Carry on forwards - when you can, hug the left hand wall, then another 
    inmate will approach from the front and you'll have to stop until he's clear.  
    Then continue onwards until the lights come on and you'll need to run like 
    heck to get to the door before they get you.
    - Try other dialogue with Janos for fun, especially the alternatives to 
    calling him "NOT CRAZY".  Wander around in the dark, trying not to get killed
    by the inmates - see how long you can survive in the dark.
    Chapter 30 - Meeting Kuriakin
    Lucas finds out more.
    - You enter the museum, the prof is working at the back.  If you wish, you 
    may wander around the exhibits and examine a few - the most useful thing here
    before meeting the professor is on the far left as you enter, tucked in the
    corner - a bonus card.  Walk up to the professor, and tell him you're a 
    reporter for an INVENTed newspaper - you get a Simon Says event at little
    notice, then select AVOIDING when discussing if he recognises you.
    - Follow the prof to the double-headed snake piece, and select THOUGHTS, 
    OTHER-WORLD and ORACLES as your dialogue choices, then move on to the
    sacrifice painting.  Choose ORACLE KILLS, EXECUTOR and CONCLUSION and then
    he confronts you to tell the truth.  Do it, select TRUTH and then you need
    to persuade him you are innocent - selectin SHOW FOREARMS will do the trick;
    the prof will accompany you out of the side entrance and into the car park.
    There are a few different paths you can go down in the dialogue in this
    chapter, most of them see the professor leaving you to get the guard to sort
    you out.  Try a few others out on the replay.
    - A long sequence of Simon Says events happen next - another use for your
    lives - with a single L-R event in the middle as you try to hold on to a 
    speeding car.  At the end, the professor dies, but not before revealing
    very useful information about the Codex and the Indigo Child.  Just as you
    think it's all over, the Oracle hits and you wake up...
    Chapter 31 - Mayan Secrets
    ...somewhere strange and unknown.
    - The Oracle explains a few things to - and about - you, helpfully he wants 
    you dead as well, and summons some sort of black panther to hunt you down and
    rip you to pieces.  Cue a series of Simon Says events, which end in the
    panther about to pounce when...
    - ...here's Dead Agatha again, pulling your fat out of the fire.  
    Chapter 32 - The Clan
    The Oracle reports back to his masters...
    - This is a simple Simon Says event, it's a vision Lucas is having of what the
    Oracle currently sees and says to his masters.  If you fail, you won't get to
    see the whole sequence, but it's really easy so use it as a relaxation
    exercise before it all kicks off again.
    - The upshot of this scene is the Orange Clan realising there is another Clan
    on the scene, and confirmation that although the Oracle has been pulling
    Lucas' strings, someone is pulling the Oracle's strings too.
    Chapter 33 - Danger & Ubiquity
    Lucas realises Markus is in danger; Markus faces off with the Oracle; and
    Carla and Tyler hit Lucas' hotel room...
    - A fantastic three-handed chapter, you not only have to control Lucas to
    warn Markus to clear off before the Oracle gets him, you not only have to
    control Markus to get him clear of the Oracle, you also get to control Carla
    (and Tyler) in bursting in on Lucas' hotel room and arresting the poor chap.
    - You start off as Lucas - another vision through the eyes of the Oracle shows
    that the evil geezer is bearing down on Markus, ready to terminate him with
    extreme prejudice.  (Note that you could at this point control Carla and burst
    in on Room 369, basically condemning Markus to death, but it would really
    upset Lucas, so do that on a non-saved replay, ok?) 
    - Lucas: Get up, go around the bed to the phone, and ring it baby.  Markus
    hears the phone, and is confronted by the Oracle at the same time - here you
    have a choice, to answer the phone or to TALK to the Oracle.  Let's just say
    it's not good to TALK; when you get the chance to move, RUN to the door (you
    are already facing in the right direction).  Get through it and answer the
    phone - it's on the desk to your right.  As Lucas say "NO TIME", then back as
    Markus turn to the door immediately next to you and lock it.
    - Carla: Proceed up the corridor and kick in the door next to Tyler...whoops.
    Carla realises that the 6 in 366 had slipped around and looked like a 9, so
    turn her round and walk down the corridor to the last door before the fire
    exit.  Burst in and...damn it!  More sloppy police work from C&T as they 
    leave the room without searching it for Lucas - who has a nasty shock on his
    return (when you walk over and answer the phone, of course).
    - There are a few ways to get Markus killed - switching to Carla early on, not
    locking the door, wasting time on the phone - try them all in the replay.
    Chapter 34 - Fate on Russian Hills
    Tiffany has only gone and got herself caught.
    - Lucas enters the old fun fair, and the first thing he sees in front of him
    is yet another bum - go over and have a look, it's the guy from the first
    chapter and you'll meet him properly soon.  Turn to your right and walk as 
    far as you can; you'll have to come around and to the right of a stall, and
    lying on the ground is another life.  Handy for later.
    - Run back past the bum and continue on, turning right when you can, towards
    the rollercoaster.  The raven actually helps you out by flying the correct
    way, but you'll soon see a hut with three lights on.  Enter it, and move the
    power switch to summon a roller coaster car.  Leave the hut and enter the car,
    remembering to pull the safety bar down.
    - After your short journey, raise the bar and get ready for a horrendous L-R
    event - as you cross the beam to Tiffany, you have to prevent the bar from 
    hitting the left OR the right edge of the gauge.  You do this by pressing 
    the appropriate button - i.e. if the bar is moving left, you press the right
    arrow, and vice versa.  However, it's constantly moving, and your presses
    don't necessarily move it a consistent amount - so one time you may press it
    and it only moves it a little, then you press it again and the bar shoots 
    across the gauge to one side and topples you from the beam.
    - The best tip I have for this is as follows: the gauge is split into eight
    segments - if the bar hits the end of segment 1 or 8, it's lost life time.  
    Only press the appropriate button to move the bar away from the end when it 
    reaches segment 2 or segment 7 - whilst it is in sections 3, 4, 5 or 6, do
    nothing - there's no necessity to keep the bar in the middle, you just have to
    keep it away from the edges.  It really is horrible, good luck with it, 
    hopefully you've got nimbler fingers than I - in any event, you should have 
    five or six lives by now!
    - You reach Tiffany (eventually, in my case), so move around the back of her,
    untie her and...oh bottoms.
    Chapter 35 - Child's Play
    Lucas returns to Hangar 4B...
    - So, you're dead.  Get over it.  Some mysterious voices talk about you, and
    finally note that you're dreaming - cue another flashback to Lucas and Markus
    as kids on the Wichita Military Base, you're on your bed, so get up then jump
    down from your bunk.  Turn to Markus and wake him up.  Climb out of your
    window, and get ready for some horrible maneuvers.
    - The first thing to note is you have one these maps again - you and Markus 
    are the green blob, the guards are blue, and the path you should roughly 
    follow is marked in yellow (I say roughly, because deviation from this is 
    fine).  There are a couple of red crosses to mark waypoints.  An added 
    complication this time around are the searchlights, so let's get moving.
    - Creep forwards and around the side of the hut, and move slowly along until a
    window opens up, showing you two soldiers on sentry duty. Move forwards a 
    little, until you are level with the steps going into the hut (you'll also
    see yourselves on the soldier cam).  Turn yourself so your back is towards the 
    hut, and move the camera (via the "1" on the keypad) so you can see a large 
    rock in front of you.  One of the soldiers turns regularly to look in the 
    direction of the rock, one of the searchlights covers it from time to time.  
    - Wait for the soldier to look at the rock, then look away - now run for the 
    middle of the rock (I managed to run across the searchlight without being 
    caught, I think this is just to help the soldiers' visibility).  Don't stop
    running when you reach the rock, head right and go all the way around it to 
    wall.  Continue along the wall - after a few steps, the soldier cam will
    disappear, indicating that you've passed them successfully.
    - Continue along the wall, passing behind a huge concrete block and a couple 
    of tarpaulin-covered crate stacks.  There's another stack standing a little 
    way away from the wall, head towards that and you'll be told a soldier is 
    coming "quick, let's hide".  Run towards and behind the jeep you can see on 
    the screen and wait until the soldier passes by (use the map to see when he 
    stops moving).
    - Now run the way the soldier came, and around the side of the hut - moving 
    slowly in the last section as there is another soldier looking directly at 
    you. Markus will catch up and point the soldier out, then he'll offer to 
    create a distraction and a new waypoint appears on the map.  The boys split at
    this point, choose one of them and run back down the side of the hut, the 
    rear of the pile of junk - an exclamation mark appears, so action this to 
    create the diversion.  Now run back to your little friend, and wait a few 
    seconds for the soldier to clear the side of the hut.  Now cross over to the 
    concrete block ahead - timing your run to avoid the searchlight, as this one 
    will result in a soldier catching you.  
    - Wait for the next searchlight to move away, then immediately run down the 
    side of the concrete block - in a straight line you'll end up between the 
    first and second huts, whereupon you'll have to wait for your brother to catch 
    up.  Repeat the run-to-the-block, run-down-the-side-of-the-block routine to
    join forces again (just keep running past your brother and he will follow),
    until you end up behind a couple of rocks with a soldier the other side.
    - Markus offers to create a distraction, so control him to run back down the
    side of the hut, around the back of it, and up to other side to behind a 
    barrel.  Action this, then you gain control of Lucas again - the soldier runs
    off, so immediately run to the pole and begin climbing...try not to mess the
    climb up!
    - When you reach the top, you have to crawl along the cable, avoiding the
    searchlights - so move slowly to the edge of a searchlight's reach, then dash
    across when it moves away: you just have enough time to do this for each one
    of the searchlights.  Climb down the other side and head towards the hangar, 
    avoiding the searchlights as you go (suggest running parallel to the first
    searchlight, then when it moves away run directly to the edge of the hangar.  
    Moving along the hangar's edge avoids the other searchlights).
    - Open the hangar door (the final red marker), enter the lift (it's in front
    of you), then walk forward and open the next door, to see the secret of the
    Chapter 36 - Checkmate!
    The Oracle reports back to his masters...
    - This is a simple Simon Says event, it's a vision Lucas is having of what the
    Oracle currently sees and says to his masters.  If you fail, you won't get to
    see the whole sequence, but it's really easy so use it as a relaxation
    exercise before it all kicks off again.
    - Yeah, yeah, I know I used this description above - this time the Oracle 
    tells them that Lucas is dead and he's da man for finding the Indigo Child...
    Chapter 37 - The Pact
    Carla finally confronts Lucas face-to-face, over the grave of his dead lover.
    - Carla turns up at the cemetery, direct her to Tiffany's grave which is quite
    easy to find as it has fresh flowers on it.  Have a look at them and Lucas
    turns up, telling you a little about her.
    - Be TRUSTING not WARY (unless you want to lose mental health points), then
    prepare yourself for a Simon Says event for Carla to realise something about
    Lucas.  Say "WHY" and then "ORACLE", and then pass the next Simon Says event
    for Carla to begin believing Lucas' tale.
    - Choose whichever dialogue responses you like, finally you have another
    Simon Says event as Carla ponders whether Lucas is telling the truth or lying
    (you don't get to make her decision for her, though).  There's one final 
    Simon Says event as they shake hands, for Carla to notice something else about
    Chapter 38 - Jade
    Lucas discovers where the Indigo Child lives...
    - It time for another simple Simon Says event, another vision through the
    eyes of the Oracle, as Lucas discovers where the Indigo Child resides - and
    then Carla touches him tenderly (indicating that in the intervening time - 
    you'll need to check the dates carefully to realise some time has passed - 
    these two have formed a strong bond).
    Chapter 39 - Frozen to the Bone
    Tyler finds out Carla is hiding something...and gets himself off the case in
    fine style.
    - You can play this chapter as either Carla or Tyler (from the start at least)
    but personally I prefer to stick with Carla (because I know what's coming for
    Tyler!).  Carla and Tyler are at the police station - it's cold as all heck -
    and Tyler finally confronts Carla with his feeling that she is hiding 
    something from him.
    - You can LIE if you like, but it brings Carla down, so ADMIT it and feel
    - Sam turns up, and you switch to controlling Tyler - walk over to her and
    chat: man, that's some ultimatum she lands on you.  Select LEAVE (for two
    reasons - firstly, STAYing doesn't really affect the plot, as Tyler wouldn't
    appear again anyway.  Secondly, he loses so much mental health by STAYing,
    that he almost goes mad, so why bother.  Do this for fun after you've finished
    the chapter.
    - Walk back to Carla and say sayonara babe, he leaves the storyline either
    Chapter 40 - Where is Jade?
    Lucas recovers Jade and faces Hobson's choice.
    - Lucas and Carla pull up to the orphanage seen in Chapter 38, get out of the
    car, walk up to the front door and open it.  Walk through and past the nun, 
    into a corridor area, with doors on the left and right (note the emergency
    exit halfway down on the right).  
    - A timer kicks in, representing how much time you have before the Oracle
    turns up and steals Jade from you, but really you have loads of time so 
    there's no need to rush.  You can check out rooms on the left and right if 
    you wish (and do so on a rerun later), but there's only one you really need
    to look in, and two more optional extras.  The first extra is the second door
    on the left - there is a bonus card between the bed and the window.  The
    second extra is right at the end on the right, there's an extra life crucifix
    in the room, on the bench.
    - Down the end of the corridor you see a painting on the wall, the same as the
    one in your vision - indicating that the Indigo Child is in the last room on 
    the left.  Go in there, walk over to her medical chart and look at it, you
    now officially know she is called Jade.  Pick up her and leave the room - it
    doesn't matter how much time is left on the timer, the Oracle turns up when
    you leave the room - run forwards and through the emergency exit door we took
    note of earlier...to end up on the roof, facing off against the Oracle.
    - Now follows an extended sequence of Simon Says and L-R events - so switch
    to low graphics as noted at the start to make it a bit easier on yourself - 
    and go for it.  When it's finally over, take a quick breather but it's not
    over yet: for the room you find yourself in is occupied by Dead Agatha, and a
    short conversation where you learn (especially if you pass a short Simon Says
    event) more about who...or should I say what...she really is.  
    - You face a choice - give Jade to Dead Agatha, or tell her to get stuffed.
    Although your choice does not affect the next couple of chapters, or the 
    ending achieved, it does affect the final interactive chapter, so this is the
    main area of replayability in the game.  Go through all scenarios after giving
    Jade to Dead Agatha, then repeat Chapter 40 and REFUSE and try them all again.
    - You have to prevent possession by the AI if you refuse to give Jade up (or
    see below), a fairly simple L-R event to escape.
    - You could actually not pick Jade up - just let the timer run out by standing
    around in the corridor, for example.  The Oracle approaches you as before and
    you still have to get out via the emergency exit - the rooftop fight with the
    Oracle is the same, but when you confront Dead Agatha this time, she has a go
    at you for losing Jade to the Oracle, then the conversation ranges as above:
    obviously there's no decision to be made, and the AI does try to possess you
    Chapter 41 - Bogart
    Lucas finally finds out what all these homeless guys are about.
    - Down in the subway you follow a bum for some distance through the tunnels,
    into a lift and over to a group of homeless people chatting to Carla before 
    you reach them (including a short, healthy interlude with Markus if you saved 
    him from the Oracle earlier in the game).  On the way you can take a slight 
    detour to pick up a bonus card, you'll see it on the subway tracks near a 
    slope up to platform level.
    - Walk past the campfire, and the guy tells you to sit.  Do as he says, and
    then chat about what you like - it doesn't really matter what you choose, just
    be aware that saying "NOW WHAT" ends the conversation.  Bogart tells Lucas 
    that their next plan is to go to the Wichita military base - either to take
    Jade there if you have her, or to rescue her if you don't.  At this point,
    Lucas heads off for a subway car for a snooze, and you gain control of Carla.
    - Warm your hands by the campfire for a few bonus mental health points, then 
    head right down the end of the platform to the barricade and investigate the
    radio there - it needs batteries and an antenna.  Check out each of the 
    subway trains: in one you'll find a flashlight which can be opened to give you
    some batteries, in another a crucifix for an extra life.
    - Continue back up the platform, past the campfire and towards the jumble of
    junk near where you came in.  There's a picture frame or some such here, and
    you can break a chunk off - one impromptu antenna.  Take this back to the 
    radio and insert the batteries into it, attach the antenna and turn the radio
    on.  Listen to the whole sequence of reports - it makes Carla slightly
    depressed, but don't worry, we'll sort that in a moment.
    - Now head back up the platform to the subway car on the end, enter it and 
    lie down next to Lucas - the pair of them get it on in an extended love-
    making scene, non-interactive this time around.
    Chapter 42 - Revelation
    Lucas dreams...
    - It's the final flashback to Lucas' childhood, this time you can't do much,
    just get down from your bunk and walk over to the bedroom door - open it and 
    head down the corridor (your parents are arguing over something all this 
    while).  Listen at the door at the end of the corridor, to learn much more 
    about yourself ... and get caught!
    Chapter 43 - Final Countdown
    It's Lucas (and Carla) vs both clans for the right to hear the Indigo
    - What path you end up following here depends on your actions at the end of
    chapter 40: to recap, either you gave Jade to the Indigo Clan in the form of
    Dead Agatha, or you kept her for yourself.  This walkthrough will detail what
    happens if you kept her for yourself, but before that, here's a quick run
    down of what events you could expect if you gave her up to Dead Agatha: when
    you turn up at the Hangar, you find that Jade and the Indigo AI is there 
    ahead of you, he tries to possess you to make you pick Jade up and put her in 
    the Chroma.  If you pass this possession L-R event, then you get to fight
    the Indigo AI via a fairly simple Simon Says test - at which point the Oracle
    turns up, gun at Carla's head, saying give me the kid or Carla gets it.  If
    you give the kid up to the Oracle, you and Carla survive, the Oracle puts Jade
    in the Chroma, and it's the Orange ending.  If you refuse to give the kid up,
    Carla turns the tables on the Oracle, and you put the kid in the Chroma, cue
    victory for the good guys.  If you failed the possession test with the Indigo 
    AI, then you'll end up putting Jade in the Chroma on behalf of the Indigo Clan
    (so they win), unless you pass another possession test later which comes about
    thanks to Carla (you gain control of her and have to dash into the hangar and
    sort Lucas out).  Phew.  Now onto what happens if you refused to give Jade to
    Dead Agatha...
    - The first thing you do on getting out of your vehicle is to force your way
    through the snow drifts to the hangar doors, via our old friend the L-R 
    event.  Open the door and carry Jade through to the next door; open this too.
    As you reach the main floor you find Orange Clan soldiers everywhere, with
    the Oracle waiting.  Put Jade down and fight the Oracle via a combination of
    the usual Simon Says and L-R events, eventually you should defeat him...only
    to still have those pesky soldiers to deal with.  Pass the next events (you'll
    be shot if you fail) to beat the soldiers...except now the AI turns up (he
    finishes off the soldiers if you got shot)!
    - Once more into the breach, more Simon Says and L-R events to defeat the AI,
    after which you should pick up Jade, take her to the Chroma and place her in
    it, for the good ending.  Obviously if Lucas fails these events, the AI takes
    Jade to the Chroma and it's a win for the Purple team.
    - If you lost all your lives in the Oracle fight, it's not quite game over as
    previously: Lucas is imprisoned, and it's over to Carla.  She now has to do
    the L-R event to get through the snow and into the hangar - uh oh, there's an 
    Orange Clan soldier in the way.  Pick up the metal bar from the ground and 
    knock him out with it.  Now you can pick up his gun and shoot the Oracle,
    waking Lucas up and he now gets to deal with the Orange Clan soldiers and the
    AI as above.  Should Carla get caught (i.e. by not knocking out the soldier, 
    or failing to finish the Oracle), then it's a win for the Orange team.
    - If the Oracle got Jade from the orphanage, then on the cinematic where you 
    see the AI go after you but then starts getting shot at by the Oracle's 
    soldiers, when the AI flies away, the camera zooms in on the Oracle and he 
    has a SMIRK on his face because he has Jade.
    - When you get to the Chroma source, the ORACLE is the one who has Jade. You 
    will immediately see his soldiers at the entrance. After you defeat or are 
    caught by them, you have to fight the Oracle. When you beat the Oracle, the 
    AI appears and thanks you for defeating the Oracle for him (INSTEAD of 
    thanking you for bringing the child).
    (Thanks to entranced for picking up this additional storyline, good work!)
    Chapter 44 - Epilogue
    It's the ending sequence of the game, the best ending you could hope for.
    After this you gain 200 bonus points and can start unlocking a few sequences,
    mini-games, music files or pictures.  Replay chapters at will (remember to
    select "do not save") and try other options, especially replaying Chapter 43
    to experience the other options and thereby endings is quite fun.

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