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    FAQ/Walkthrough by genius of the hole

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/01/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              INDIGO PROPHECY / FAHRENHEIT
    Platform: Playstation 2
              Atari/ Quanticdream
    Author:   The Genius of the Hole
    Version:  1.0   
    E-mail:   kayko_2(at)t-online(dot)de
    Table of contents
    1. Introduction
    2. General Game Tips
    3. Walkthrough
    4. Personal Review
    5. Copyright and Special Thanks
    1. Introduction
    Some time has passed since my last guide and I have finally found another game  
    that did deserve my attention. 
    But first, in order to avoid any potential confusion: To those of you who have  
    bought their game in the USA: yes, you are indeed reading a guide to 'Indigo  
    Prophecy'. Those of you who are in the possession of the European version will  
    know the game as 'Fahrenheit'. Small changes have been made for the US Version,
    most of it regarding censorship, so you might find that your game will not show
    all the scenes that I mention in my guide. (I am the lucky owner of a European 
    game and do therefore get to see all the dirty stuff.) Sorry about that.
    There are some things you should know before you read my guide in order to make 
    the best use of it:
    # This is one version of a completed game, and one version only. There are too  
    many different options available than that it would be possible to cover them  
    all in a walkthrough (at least without going crazy).
    # This guide will give you advice on topics to talk to where it is especially  
    relevant for the progress or the well-being of your character. However it does  
    not cover each possible conversation or the outcome of those.
    # This guide does assume that you are able to handle the analogue sticks in the
    required way, I there for will only refer to the 'entering of sequences' and  
    not give you any detailed directions for each scene (you will see those on your 
    screen anyway.)
    # Although I point out locations of bonus cards along the way that I did take  
    to complete the game I do not claim to have found them all. This was not my  
    ambition either, so please do not send my e-mails regarding this (neither with  
    locations, nor questions about where to find more of them)
    # There are many interaction possible during the game, many things can be  
    discovered and you are likely to discover something new every time you play  
    through the game. This guide, however, does only mention those interactions  
    which are either relevant to proceed with the story or for the well-being of  
    your character. Take a look around for yourself and return to my guide if you  
    get stuck.
    # Note that it is quite possible that you took a different approach from mine  
    somewhere along the way and that you therefore might be confronted with a  
    different situation. This could render my advice useless unless you consider  
    following it from a certain point onwards (for example at the beginning of a  
    I guess that's about it for my intro. Those of you familiar with my guides will 
    know that they are usually quite detailed and directed at an inexperienced 
    audience. English is not my first language so please ignore any mistakes in 
    spelling or grammar you might have spotted. I did my best and I hope you 
    appreciate this.
    2. General Game Tips
    There is not an awful lot to say here...
    # It is advisable to play the tutorial first in order to get an idea of the  
    rather unusual controls.
    # Take a good look around. - Make sure you have checked EVERY corner with EVERY 
    character available. This will prevent you from missing out on clues.
    # It is sometimes useful to restart a chapter. If you have passed a checkpoint  
    and a timer does start you might not get around to complete all the tasks you  
    should have done before the timer has started. In this case restart from the  
    beginning of the chapter and do those things first.
    # Think like a criminal AND a detective. - If you want to complete the game  
    successful and have the most fun possible you should put the same effort into  
    playing each character. Don't overlook things on purpose while playing the  
    detectives just to keep Lucas safe. They are supposed to hunt him so do it the  
    best you can.
    # If you are finding it hard to focus on what is happening on the screen while  
    at the same time entering sequences, here is my advice: Don't really look at  
    the screen. Don't focus on what is happening there, just look at it as if you  
    where absent minded. Your eyes will pick up the colours which are lighting up  
    more easily this way. 
    # Keep your character as happy as possible at all times. There are some  
    chapters that will cost you a huge amount of points in one go. If your  
    character has been in a bad shape at the beginning of such a chapter you won't  
    be able to proceed. (Note that I have added some advice on how to raise the  
    mood of a character at the beginning of some of the chapters).
    # The game sometimes glitches and shows the word 'failed' despite a successful  
    entering of the sequence. If that happens while you have to press R1 and L1  
    alternately the game will sometimes only let you proceed if you manage to reach 
    the 'R1' symbol with the small stroke. 
    # There is often more than one way to complete a chapter. If a certain way  
    doesn't work for you (e.g. because of a timer) try an alternative solution.
    That's about it. You will figure most of the things out by yourself. 
    3. Walkthrough
    Lucas Kane - Doc's Diner
    Once you have chosen to start a new game watch the cut scene and you will soon  
    gain control of Lucas Kane, one of the main characters.
    As you will find out pretty soon timing can be everything in this game that's  
    why you better be quick to make a decision about what to do now. I will give  
    you one version of what you can do now:
    Quickly pick up the knife which you will find to the left of the body. Lucas  
    will hide it somewhere. Now drag the body into the toilet and close the door  
    (press L1 and L2 alternately). See the cleaning equipment to the left? Use it  
    to wipe away the blood on the floor (it is impossible to clean the whole  
    floor). Now go to the right sink and wash your hands. It's time to leave the  
    bathroom as quickly as possible. You have a couple of options now. Go to the  
    second table on the right and pay your bill, then leave through the front door, 
    or simply run for it. They waitress will call out for you, but you can leave  
    anyway. Or, as an alternative, use the emergency exit. What you do and are able 
    to do will most likely depend on the speed of your progress. Keep an eye on the 
    cop. If he comes into the bathroom too early he will arrest you. You better be  
    gone before he needs a pee. 
    For those of you who have difficulties to get this all done in time: it is also 
    possible to simply hide the knife, wash your hands and run for it.
    Cara Valenti - Doc's Diner
    Avoid: Peeing in front of your partner
    Do: Drink coffee to make you feel better
    You will now take control of the detectives investigating the murder. You will  
    start out playing Carla Valenti. Enter the diner and Martin (the cop) will talk 
    to you. Ask him a couple of questions. But choose your questions carefully  
    since you won't get the chance to ask every single one of them. It is advisable 
    to enquire about the victim and potential suspects. The waitress is an  
    important factor, too.
    You will now be able to switch between the two detectives. Note that it is  
    important to have each of them looking around. Some of the clues can be found  
    by Carla but not by Tyler and the other way around. Let's begin with Carla  
    It is possible to do many different interactions, such as getting a cup of  
    coffee to do something about the stress, or investigating the back alley. I  
    will only mention those interactions which are relevant for the progress of the 
    story or the health of your character (none of them can die here, but coffee  
    will lift their spirits while peeing in front of one's partner will upset her - 
    Remember such things for later on). 
    Walk over to the waitress and talk to her. Relevant subjects would be the  
    victim, the suspect, a description of the suspect the motive and the  
    relationship between the victim and the suspect. If the waitress gets too  
    depressed, don't force her to speak. Cheer her up. Ask her about what she heard 
    and saw. Try to find out about strange behaviour. 
    Afterwards let Carla talk to the other two cops at the counter and then let her 
    check out the table were Lucas had been sitting (she should find a book on the  
    floor). Now switch over to Tyler and let him walk over to the table where the  
    victim had been sitting. Look at the table and then walk past Carla and the  
    officers (talk to them if you like). Have Tyler check out Lucas' table.  
    Investigate every single object, then walk over to the bathroom door. Check out 
    the telephone nearby and switch to Carla. Make her check out the phone as well. 
    Now enter the bathroom with what ever cop you like.
    Have both of them check out the victim. Enter the left toilet with Carla and  
    she will find the blood stains on the floor. Also check out the cleaning  
    equipment. Use Tyler to check out the bin on the wall. Make him investigate the 
    right toilet and then go over to the sink in order to find some blood. 
    Now I am not sure whether you have to leave the bathroom and then come back  
    before Carla will find the knife, but do that to be on the safe side. Switch to 
    Tyler and ask her to leave and she will reply that you haven't found the murder 
    weapon yet. Now go back inside and enter the left toilet with Carla. Turn  
    towards the wall to her left and a symbol should appear which will tell you  
    that you can knee down here. You will find the knife Lucas has hidden. Leave  
    the rest room with Carla and talk to Tyler in order to leave. Out side the  
    diner she will find a blood stain. Get into the car to end this chapter.
    Lucas' Apartment
    Avoid: Reading the newspaper; not taking the medicine
    Do: Take the medicine; drink water; take a shower
    In this chapter timing is everything. I will tell you a couple of things to do  
    which will not make sense at first, but it will get clear later on why I  
    advised you to do so. Again I will only tell you about the important  
    interactions. Find out about the rest by yourself. But don't waste any time!  
    Get up and turn to the bedside table and take some medicine. Now pull the  
    blanket over the bed so that no-one will see the blood stains. Walk over to the 
    wardrobe and open it. You won't be able to get dressed yet, but leave the doors 
    open!. Go outside and enter your living room.
    The phone will ring. Answer it and talk to your brother. Now walk to the pillar 
    next to the phone (to the right). You will find your blood stained T-shirt  
    there. I strongly advice you to pick it up and put it into the washing machine  
    (the door to the left leads to your bathroom)! Now use the sink to wash  
    yourself. If you try using the cabinet above the sink straight away Lucas will  
    tell you to take a shower first. This is not necessary if you use the sink, but 
    if you have followed my advice and did all the things I described you will have 
    time for a shower as well.
    Anyway open the cabinet and use the bandages to cover your wounds. Close the  
    cabinet and...haha, did it give you a fright? 
    Leave the bathroom. If you still have time you can check out the flat, but it  
    is better to hurry over to the bedroom and get dressed. Now go back to the  
    living room and walk over to the table with the chairs on top of it. Pick up  
    the key. You can either listen to the answering machine now or try and leave  
    the apartment. Depending on your speed and progress you might have had a vision 
    in between which showed you a police officer calling to your door. He will be  
    outside now. A timer will start and I sure hope you took my advice and did all  
    those things I mention. If you haven't hidden all the traces of last night he  
    will arrest you. If you are not done with hiding yet, HURRY! In order to raise  
    no suspicion answer the following once you have opened the door: It was me.  
    And: Yes. He will look around and leave after a little while. 
    NOTE: if you haven't followed my advice from the start and are now realizing  
    that you cannot beat the timer it is still possible to replay the chapter from  
    the start. Simply do the necessary things first.
    Carla Valenti - Police station
    Do: Get coffee from the coffee machine; play with the yoyo (Carla)/ basketball  
    (Tyler); drink water; look into the mirror
    Talk to Doug and go inside past the metal detectors. (There is a bonus card to  
    the right). Go up the stairs and go through any of the doors. Enter your office 
    and take a look around. Use the phone to call Tyler. You can now switch to  
    Tyler anytime you want. 
    I will tell you what to do as Carla first. Check out her desk (bonus card  
    inside the drawer) and then use the computer. Use the e-mail programme to check 
    your messages. The one about Kirsten is the important one. Use the search  
    engine of the database to check out what you can find about Kirsten.
    Switch over to Tyler in order to bring him over to the office. Go through the  
    door to the right and use the shower. Go back to the bedroom and get some  
    clothes from the wardrobe. Now use the door to the left and go to your  
    girlfriend. Grab the coffee from the counter. Depending on your answers Tyler's 
    mood will rise or drop. (I advice you to take 'understanding' and  
    'conciliatory'). Now leave your girlfriend (give her a kiss) and go to work.
    You know the way to the office by now. Past the metal detector, up the stairs  
    and through one of the doors. You will be stopped by your colleague who will  
    ask you to pay him back his money. I suggest you take up the challenge of  
    playing some basketball against him. Go inside the office and hang up your coat 
    before you follow Carla outside to see Garrett. Ask him about the knife, the  
    blood stains and the phone calls.
    Lucas Kane - The Park
    Follow the path and find your brother Marcus near the benches. 
    -... before going over to speak to Markus in the park follow 
    the path on your right and you'll find a +20 tarot card. 
    Chis Carelse
    Talk to him and  
    try to convince him that you are not a murderer (Do not break off!). Due to his 
    profession he will act a bit distanced, but he will give you a cross for  
    protection. Take it! It is an extra life for Lucas.
    It took me a little while to figure out how to get through this next part of  
    the game. My instinct was to rescue the child and then take off. However this  
    is not the solution. Here is what you have to do in order to get away.
    Run over to the child and jump into the water. Press R1 and R2 alternately in  
    order to rescue the kid. Now get up and knee down next to the child. Safe the  
    child's life! You will be rewarded for it...
    Carla Valenti - Mortuary
    The conclusions Carla can draw from what she sees will depend on your 
    capability to enter the correct sequences on time. Do your best. Now it is time 
    to ask some questions. Find out what you want to know.
    Tyler Miles - Police Station
    This one is tricky, but not so important, so don't bother too much. Arrange the 
    parts so that they look as much like Lucas as possible. (I managed to get  
    Lucas Kane - Naser and Jones Bank
    Avoid: Looking at the picture in the drawer to the left
    Use the sink and exit the restroom. Now follow the map to your office.
    -....Then, once you've reached your office, (before 
    entering the office) turn right and I think in the second second set of 
    cubicles you'll find a +5 tarot card. 
    Chris Carelse
     Sit down and you will have to enter some sequences again. (You might want to 
    the first  one, it will make Lucas' mood drop.) Open the drawer to the right 
    and you will  gain an extra life. (You will usually gain those just before a 
    tricky situation is ahead, so prepare for some serious sequence entering!) 
    Start your work on  the computer. After this short cut scene go back to work on 
    the computer again. 
    Answer the phone and tell your ex-girlfriend that it was ok to come over  
    tonight - this will raise your mood and you'll need to be in a good condition  
    later on. More sequence entering will follow. Leave the office and head to the  
    red dot on the map. Start repairing the system. Now it is time to show what you 
    have learned so far. Enter all the sequences correctly in order to survive. If  
    you fail too often Lucas will lose a life and depending on where you have  
    'died' you will have to re-do parts of the entering phase. You will also have  
    to do some R1 and R2 tapping in between. The moment your victim shows up you  
    can breath again.
    Lucas Kane - Lucas' Apartment 
    Do something for Lucas' mental state. Get some milk from the fridge (there is a 
    bonus card in one of the cupboards), listen to some music and go to the loo.  
    Now go to the bed and lay down for a while (sleep). You will be woken up by  
    your ex-girlfriend who came to pick up her stuff. Be a gentleman and offer the  
    lady a drink (you will find it in the kitchen on the side of the counter). Then 
    get her stuff. One box is standing on the floor next to the phone, the other  
    one is in the bedroom near the computer. When she asks you about what is going  
    on answer 'sincere', ask her whether she was 'alone' and get 'sentimental' -  
    this will give your mood a boast, which you will urgently need later on. Do NOT 
    try to kiss her before you played her a song or you will get upset again. If  
    you did it all right you should get to see some...well, look for yourself and  
    do a good job. (NOTE: EUROPEAN VERSION ONLY)
    After this surprising little interplay, leave the bedroom and take a look at  
    the crow on your armchair. Now go outside.
    Carla Valenti - Gymnasium
    Consider this chapter as practice for later on (try to reach the right end of  
    the blue line at least once, you will need to be able to do that later in the  
    game). Do two sets of gymnastics before you switch over to Tyler. (Pick up the  
    bonus card in one of the corners). Again do two sets and get into the ring.  
    This match consists of 10 rounds, try to beat your opponent by entering the  
    correct sequences. 
    Lucas Kane - The cemetery
    Follow the path and turn right to meet up with your brother. Lay down the  
    flowers at the grave of your parents.
    You will go back in Lucas' memories now. Those parts of the story can be a bit  
    irritating, (and sometimes annoying, but they are supposed to be explanatory).  
    So, let's get over and done with them.
    The difference is that this time it is not sequences that decide over your  
    fate, but your timing and capability to judge situations. You might need a  
    couple of attempts to complete this part. 
    Enter the sequence and head for the fence to the right. It is covered with  
    something that enables you to climb over it. Once on the other side turn left  
    and follow the fence until you come past a huge oval block to your right. Stop  
    at its other end and check the map. Two guards should be meeting in the middle. 
    As soon as both of them turn their backs to one another and walk into opposite  
    directions cross the street and run to the fence on the other side. You should  
    be safe here. Now follow the fence further to the left until you come to a hole 
    in the fence. Go through and breath for a second. A lorry will be coming out of 
    one of the hangars. Use it for cover and move along with it to the right. Once  
    past the guard cross the street and run over to the hangar your brother went  
    to. Crawl in and prepare for a timer to start. Try to find as many kids as  
    possible before the hangar explodes. One is one the far end of the balcony, one 
    inside of the plane near the stairs (lie to him to make him move), the third  
    one is inside the row of boxes near the entrance (run past the flames and you  
    will get to the row of boxes, here turn right at the very end).
    Depending on how well you did Lucas' mood will drop or rise in the presence.
    Carla Valenti - Police station
    Justify yourself in front of your boss. I advise you to reply that you are  
    dealing with a 'serial killer' and that his next move is 'uncertain'. You  
    should get out of this office without any damage done to your mood.
    Carla will check out the cellar now in order to find out more about Kirsten.  
    Since she is suffering from claustrophobia this is an exhausting task for her  
    and for you. First get the bonus card from the left, then switch on the lights  
    next to the door the felinely cabinets. You have to keep her breath steady by  
    pushing L1 or R1. Keep the little stroke in the middle and she will be fine,  
    let it reach either side and she will run back to where she started from. 
    Searching the file is a daunting task if you don't know where it is. Therefore  
    I strongly advise you to switch to Tyler as soon as you get the opportunity and 
    do his task first.(NOTE: It has been pointed out to me by Miriam Wynn that this 
    is only possible after you have failed once as Carla). Once done with it he 
    will come to rescue his partner. 
    If Carla's mood becomes too depressed she will not 'survive' the next  
    However, if you do want to have a go at this game see it as practice for later  
    when you won't be able to avoid Carla's fear.
    My advice: walk for as long as you feel you are able to bring back the stroke  
    into the middle without difficulties. Then stop and press R1 and L1  
    alternately. Once she is back to normal, keep moving. Use the valve to change  
    the positions of the cabinets. (!See the second part of Tyler's tasks below for 
    the location of the file.!)
    Tyler Miles - Bookshop
    Go downstairs and talk to the Chinese. Don't tell him you are a detective, he  
    will get defensive. After your conversation simply go to the back of the room  
    to the wall underneath the stairs. You will find a table with a magnifying  
    glass on it. Use it on the book and you will find a handwritten dedication on  
    the third or fourth page. Check the rest of the pages and put the book back. A  
    tiny piece of paper will fall out of the book. Pick it up, it is the clue you  
    need to catch your murderer. (Miriam Wynn pointed out that you will also get 
    this clue if you just leave the bookshop after talking to its owner.)
    Before you are able to leave the bookshop owner might ask you to find a  
    particular book in return for more information. You don't have to complete that 
    task (just get the bonus card from one of the upper levels then). However, if  
    you wish to do so and want an extra bonus card check out the book at the table  
    with the magnifying glass. Now go to the desk near the door you came in through 
    and check out the list with names to get the right year. Go to the book on the  
    rostrum behind the Chinese in order to find out the colour coding. It should be 
    the same book every time you load the game, so go up to the third floor to the  
    section with the white lights on and take a book out of the shelf. NOTE: this  
    is only possible after you left the book the owner gave you at the table with  
    the magnifying glass.
    Bring it to the Chinese and observe a weird transformation...
    Now leave the bookshop and rescue your partner who is still suffering from her  
    If you talk to the guard at the entrance of the police station he will tell you 
    that Carla is still in the cellar. Go down there by entering the door to the  
    left of the stairs. You will find Carla sitting on the floor. She is devastated 
    so get the file for her. This is a rather annoying task unless you know where  
    to search for the file. Let's start by finding a way through the cabinets and  
    to the computer terminal. The lights don't work anymore, so Tyler will use a  
    lighter. Use the valve to the right (unless Carla already did so), walk through 
    the corridor and use the one to the left. Now use the valve to the right  
    without walking through the corridor you created using the left one. Once you  
    have done that use the new corridor to get through. You will find the terminal  
    Turn towards the cabinets to Tyler's right. Use the left valve and go through  
    the corridor. Use the valve to the left. Exit through the same corridor you  
    came in through and use the left valve again to close the corridor. Use the 
    corridor you have created and now use the valve to the right and go through the 
    corridor you created. Get the file from the cabinet to the right. Place the 
    tape into the terminal. (Thanks Miriam for pointing this out.)
    In order to bring the power back on go through the corridor to Tyler's left.  
    Use the valve to his right and use the left one afterwards go through and use  
    the switch. Return to the computer and use it.
    Lucas Cane - Agatha's house
    Lucas has gone to address his brother gave him. Ring the bell and enter. Check  
    out the different rooms if you like (not necessary to do so, but there is a  
    bonus card in the kitchen to the right).
    -...The first time you go to Agatha's house go into 
    her bathroom (you have to go through her bedroom to get there. There'll be a 
    +20 tarot card in the corner. 
    Chris Carelse
     Go to the end of the corridor and  enter her 'living room'. Turn left and go 
    through the door to find Agatha in  her wheelchair. Talk to her and then do as 
    she told you to and bring her to her birds. However before you do that you 
    should use the switch of the lamp next to her bed. This will bring you an extra 
    The birds are in the room next to the entrance (to the right coming from her  
    living room). Talk to her and then feed her crows. Every single one of them.
    Then talk to Agatha again. Push her back to the living room and place her next  
    to the table. Now go to the kitchen and get the matches. Return to the living  
    room and knee down next to the cupboard. Get the candles and place them into  
    the candle sticks one by one. Now use the matchers to light each candle. Switch 
    off the lights (what lights??) and close the curtains (both). Sit down next to  
    Agatha and talk to her again. Prepare for a long period of sequence entering.
    Carla Valenti - Police University
    This chapter consists of a mix of asking questions and shooting. It is  
    important that you aim well, otherwise Carla will get into an extremely bad  
    mood (she is likely to be already stressed at this point of the game) and she  
    will have to take a lot more during the following chapter. This could mean that 
    you won't get through it. Make sure to do your best with the aiming part.
    Tyler Miles - Police Station Courtyard
    If you took your colleague up on the basketball challenge this is where it is  
    all going to happen. It is not too tough if you concentrate. You can beat him  
    ten to zero. Warm up a bit and get started.
    Lucas Kane - Lucas' Apartment
    He better hadn't taken that call...Unfortunately this is the only option you  
    got here. Get ready for destruction. 
    Don't worry about who is going to clean up that mess, just enter the sequences  
    as good as you can! As soon as the L1 and R1 symbol appears switch to those and 
    get ready to press those alternately. Once you see the warning on the screen  
    prepare to enter sequences again. 
    The mad attack will be over the moment the house collapses.
    You'll be now playing Marcus, Lucas' brother. Run to the door to the left.  
    Check the name and then ring the door bell. Kick the door in and run to the  
    balcony. Hold on tight little brother! Pull Lucas up and save his life.
    Carla Valenti - Carla's place
    Avoid: talking about Carla's private life; looking out of the window; talking  
    about work
    Do: get some sleep; use the loo; eat some pizza; watch TV
    It is extremely !important! that you do everything you can to get Carla back  
    into a good mood. She will quit her job if you don't manage to do that on time!
    Leave the bathroom and run through the bedroom to the living room. You will  
    find the phone next to the door you enter the room through. Done talking use  
    the bathroom which is to the right. Now return to the bedroom and lay down. Go  
    back to the living room and grab some pizza. Watch some TV and Carla should  
    feel better after a while. 
    Go back to the bedroom and get dressed. The door bell should be ringing any  
    minute. Go and open the door to your (gay) neighbour. Carla likes him so her  
    mood will get better the moment she sees him. Go to the kitchen and open the  
    cupboard above the sink to find the glasses. Place them onto the table and  
    drink a glass of wine with Tommy while the two of you will be talking (ask  
    about 'Tommy' and talk about 'difference'). 
    He will suggest a game of tarot, something you cannot avoid no matter what. It  
    also doesn't matter which cards you choose. Just hope Carla is well enough to  
    be able to take it.
    Switch over to Tyler and fax Carla the piece of paper. Walk over to Carla's  
    desk and check out the newspaper. Give Carla a call.
    -...Leave the office and you should 
    see a +5 tarot card on one of the desks near the middle of the office. 
    Chris Carelse
    Switch back to Carla and have her take a look at the paper. Go outside and ring 
    the door bell. Tommy will provide you with some useful information. Go back to  
    your place and call Tyler.
    Switch to Tyler and sit down. Switch on the light and use it to look at the  
    watermark. Decide which detective you want to check out the suspect.
    Lucas Kane - Naser and Jones Bank
    This is a tough part. Lucas will be paid a visit by the detective (I took  
    Carla). Make sure he gets through it all right. This means sequences have to be 
    entered and you have to avoid raising any suspicion. It will all come down to  
    giving the right answers.
    But first of all: get rid of all the things that could give you away! This  
    means hiding the book by Shakespeare to your left and the torn piece of paper  
    you used as a bookmark. Then check out the drawer to the right for a bonus  
    card. Now get back to work and pretend nothing had happened.
    First ask her about the 'subject'. Next tell the 'truth'. It is always best to  
    stay as close to the truth as possible. Otherwise Carla will get suspicious. If 
    you manage to enter the sequences correctly you will hear her thoughts which  
    will give you a hint to what to answer. Next answer 'no' in order to not to  
    raise any suspicion. When she shows you the picture the waitress had helped to  
    draw 'joke' about it. Tell her about your 'illness'. 'Lie' regarding your arms  
    anything else will raise suspicion. You should also tell her that Marcus is  
    your brother, tell the 'truth'. Again tell the 'truth' about your access to the 
    paper. I usually lie about my whereabouts, but you might as well check out the  
    rest of the answers. Lucas will now leave the room. Time for Carla to snoop  
    around. Pick up the pen from the desk for fingerprints. Open the left drawer to 
    find the book Lucas has 'hidden' (he hasn't done a very good job, has he...).  
    And the torn piece of paper you will find in the box in front of the desk. 
    Lucas will return soon afterwards.
    Tyler Miles - Tyler's Apartment
    This is just a bit of nice distraction. So get the Champaign and pour it into  
    the glasses on the counter. Switch on the oven and greet your girlfriend. She  
    wants to dance so make some music (use the record player). Dance with her.
    Carla Valenti - Police station
    Time to bring the murderer down. Pick up the torn piece of paper from Carla's  
    desk and memorize it. Walk over to Tyler's desk and pick up the little piece of 
    paper. Make a link. The phone will ring. Answer it. Now memorize the finger  
    prints from Tyler's desk and link it with the finger prints on your computer.  
    (Alternatively you could have used: the Shakespeare books; the drawing and the  
    file about employees of the Naser and Jones Bank (this might only work if you  
    have reached a certain percentage when the drawing was produced); the file  
    about employees and the fax with the taxi destinations.) Call your partner.
    Note that there appears to be a different way of solving this puzzle. Chris
    Carelse wrote:
    And instead of linking evidence together (you save the child from drowning 
    at the park) you can just take the photo of Lucas to Martin (the partrol 
    officer from the diner) at his desk. It's on a pile on Carla's desk (near 
    the fax machine). Martin confesses that he saw Lucas at the park but didn't 
    arrest him because he felt sorry for him after risking his life to save the 
    young boy... 
    Tyler Miles - Tyler's apartment
    Sorry, but you will have to push your girlfriend aside. Get up and get that  
    Lucas Kane - Agatha's house
    Go inside and into the living room. Depending on Lucas' mental state here is  
    what you do:
    If he can take a loss of 30 points take a look at Agatha, get up (there is a  
    bonus card in the bedroom) and run to the room with the birds (I haven't check  
    this, but if it is possible run to the kitchen first and get the knife from the 
    table). Check out the bird cage straight ahead in the second row (Lucas is  
    almost facing it). If you already have the knife use it to open the cage, if  
    you haven't, well, get it from the kitchen. Now open the cage and get a  
    newspaper article. Leave the house through the window in the living room  
    (choose 'escape').
    If Lucas cannot take a loss of 30 points simply leave the living room through  
    the window the moment you enter it (you might want to pick up the bonus card  
    from the bedroom first). DO NOT LOOK AT AGATHA!
    You'll be outside now. Lucas will have a vision of another murder happening in  
    a laundry. 
    Cara Valenti - Lucas' Apartment
    Walk over to Lucas' apartment door and enter. Looks like someone has been doing 
    a bit of re-decorating. Check out each room and return to the living room.  
    Lucas is on the run. 
    Lucas Kane - Lucas' Apartment
    Lucas is still unaware of the detectives' search. However this will change  
    pretty soon. Prepare for a mad, but cool, dash and a lot of sequence entering.
    If this scene did remind you of a movie most of us will probably know, in which 
    people wearing sunglasses and leather do impossible stunts,...well, you will  
    get an explanation for this later on, but get ready for more action of this  
    Carla Valenti - Police station
    Try to justify yourself in front of your boss. Depending on what you did so far 
    and the answers you give the mood of both of your characters could drop (I  
    advise you to switch between them to keep them in a better shape). 
    Let's go to the next crime scene first. 
    Carla Valenti - Laundromat
    Cross the street and walk over to the laundry. Talk to Garrett and enter the  
    crime scene. You'll be once again able to switch between the two detectives. I  
    advise you strongly to do so, or you will miss out on clues. Check out  
    everything with each character. Let's start with Carla:
    First knee down next to the victim near the entrance. Check out his wrists as  
    well. Get up and look at the blood stains which have the form of foot prints.  
    Walk over to the second victim and knee down to check out her wounds. Now get  
    up and pick up the bonus card behind the second row of washing machines. Head  
    back to the door and switch to Tyler. Have him take a look at exactly the same  
    things, plus the telephone and a washing machine to the left. Check out the  
    door through which you came in through and Tyler will notice a key. You can  
    leave now.
    Lucas Kane - Saint Paul's church
    Lucas has fled into his brother's church. He will be woken up by Agatha's  
    voice. Choose your questions well, you will only have a couple of seconds. You  
    will soon be attacked by some angels. Do your best to dodge their attacks  
    (switch between entering sequences and pressing R1 and L1 as quickly as  
    possible), you will get the chance to talk to your brother afterwards.
    Again choose your questions well, you won't be able to talk about everything.
    Carla Valenti - Bellevue Asylum
    This is one of the most annoying chapters of the whole game. Unless you are  
    really good at keeping Carla's breath steady. Anyway, you will have to play  
    through it in order to move on.
    Here we go. 
    -...After Barney let's you through the safety 
    doors you will see an open door. Follow it straight and you will find a +5 
    tarot card. 
    Chris Carelse
    Follow the corridor to the second one on the right and you will encounter a 
    warden in here. He will open the cell for you. Choose your  questions 
    carefully, there is a limited amount of time for this. It is relevant 
    to ask about 'Kirsten', to insist on being told about it, ask 'who' does it and 
    about 'other murders' and their 'links', but this is just a guideline, ask what 
    ever you want. Leave and go back to the warden.
    Great, just what we needed, a power failure. This is where Carla's  
    claustrophobia will kick in. But unlike last time, this time she will die if  
    you fail to control her breath. Keep it steady. Here is what should you get  
    through this. Keep it as close to the middle as possible. Let go of the R1 and  
    L1 buttons and move. When the little stroke moves too far to either side stop  
    moving and focus all your attention on getting it back to the middle. But there 
    is another factor to look out for. The inmates have escaped. The moment Carla  
    breathes or move in front of one of them, she is dead. Keep your eyes open. The 
    moment Carla says that there was one of them, stop doing what ever you have  
    been doing that moment and do not move! Do not breathe either!! This is why it  
    is so important to not let the stroke move too far away from the middle. It  
    will keep moving to either side and there is nothing you can do for the  
    duration of your encounter with the inmate. Wait until you hear Carla saying  
    that he is gone. Then breathe before you do anything else in order to get the  
    stroke back to the middle. Now move as fast as you can. But keep an eye on the  
    First head straight down the corridor, then turn left and keep following this  
    corridor until you see the warden who had let you in. (you will know when you  
    are on the right way when you see green lights where the codes blocks are, if  
    you are heading into the wrong direction you will see blue lights for example.) 
    The lights will come on again as soon as you pass the first security door. Run  
    or the inmates will get your! Barney will close the door behind you and you  
    will be safe.
    Lucas Kane - Tiffany's place
    Avoid: Looking at the homeless person near the bus stop; falling off the rain  
    pipe; listening to Tiffany's answering machine
    Do: eat and drink (open the cupboard and the fridge); get some rest on the bed
    Walk down the street and turn right (you can search for the bonus card if you  
    like). Lucas will have a vision of his arrest. Go back into the direction from  
    where you came from. You will see some bins and a fence to Lucas' left. Climb  
    the fence and climb the next one as well.
    Walk on and you will get aware of some police men guarding the way ahead and of 
    course there is a way to get around them. Straight ahead on the opposite wall  
    is a rain pipe you can use to climb up. Time your move and quickly cross over  
    to the other side, you'll be safe behind the wall. Simply keep an eye on the  
    direction the police men are facing. Take care not to slip off the rain pipe in 
    order not to upset Lucas.
    Once up a timer will start for some reason, so follow the order on the screen  
    and move. You will have to enter sequences along the way - don't ask me why -  
    just pause for a moment, enter the sequence and then move on as quickly as  
    possible. Once you reach the next rain pipe the timer will stop. Carefully  
    climb down and climb the next fence (not the wooden one). Now go to the Lucas'  
    right and you will find some bricks at the far end. Pick one up and smash your  
    (ex-)girlfriends window. (Don't expect her to thank you.)
    NOTE: I have received an e-mail from Spike Kapral stating that it is possible
    to enter the appartment WITHOUT smashing the window. He even pointed out that 
    it could raise your mood if you did it his way:
    - well i approached the window and a R3 action appeared, You can force the 
    window open by alternating L1 - R1  and after a bit it opens -
    Note also, that I haven't double-checked this information yet. 
    NOTE: Here is further confirmation from Chris Carelse:
    Firstly, I'd like to confirm that you CAN open the window to Tiffany's 
    apartment without brraking it (it's not easy though [L1/R1 challenge]) 
    Once inside you will have to enter a sequence which will decide on whether  
    Lucas will be warned of a police search. Leave the bedroom after taking a nap  
    and plunder the kitchen. Check out the door next to the pink one. It is the  
    bathroom, where you will find an other extra life. Unfortunately, if you  
    haven't lost one so far, you won't be able to make use of it. Walk around in  
    the living room and the TV will come on. Watch the programme and soon  
    afterwards Tiffany will show up. If the two of you have gotten on well in the  
    past chapters she will give Lucas some comfort. 
    Shortly afterwards the police will call to her door. Hide somewhere in the  
    house. I can recommend the wardrobe in the bedroom, but you can also climb  
    outside the window or use the 'wardrobe' in the living room. You might want to  
    avoid hiding underneath the bed since the vision has already shown that Tyler  
    is going to check there. DO NOT USE THE SHOWER! Where ever you go, you will  
    have to decide whether you 'stay' or not, then Tiffany will open the door. 
    Whether Lucas will be found or not will depend on your ability to enter the  
    sequences correctly. If you fail twice Lucas will make a noise which will give  
    him away. 
    Lucas Kane - Museum
    You can check out the museum first if you like. There is a bonus card in the  
    left corner. Then walk over to the professor and tell him you were a  
    journalist. Choose an appropriate newspaper (best to tell him you are a  
    freelancer) or he will get suspicious. 'Joke' about your face. Then follow him  
    around and ask questions about what you want to know. ('thoughts', 'serpent',  
    'oracles'; 'oracle kills', 'conclusion' are interesting topics in my opinion).  
    Once the professor has questioned your identity is the best to be as honest as  
    possible with the him. Tell him who you are and what you did, show him your  
    forearms and he will help you. Follow him outside.
    No time to get used to his company. Instead prepare to enter more sequences and 
    accomplish more stunts.
    Lucas Kane - Unknown place
    This chapter basically consists of a couple of questions and more sequences  
    that need entering. Do your best to get out alive and you will be fine.
    The oracle - Unknown place
    Again more sequences to enter. Keep going and you will hear the whole story.
    Lucas Kane - sleazy hotel
    Do not waste any time here. A timer will start pretty soon. Don't even try to
    leave through the door. Your priority here is to warn your brother. Give him a  
    call as quickly as possible. The moment you switch to Marcus tell your visitor  
    that you have to answer the 'telephone'. DO NOT TALK! Run to the door to your  
    left as fast as possible and pick up the phone. Do as your brother tells you
    and lock the door you came in through. The timer will stop. 
    You will now be back at the hotel. However you have taken control of Carla.
    Find the appropriate door and open it... Must have been the wrong one. 
    Time to search for the right one. However, Lucas will be gone by then. Or at  
    least that's what it seems like. Once the detectives have left Lucas will come  
    back inside. Answer the phone to find out that his victory was only a temporary 
    Lucas Kane - The fun fair
    Time to rescue your girlfriend. She is tied to a pole on top of the roller  
    coaster. If you have lost a life so far you might want to search the area  
    around the ship like thing near the wall to find another extra life first.  
    There should also bee a bonus card lying around to the left of the fair as far  
    as I remember.
    Go to the entrance of the roller coaster and use the switch inside the cabin.
    Get into the wagon and use it to go up to your girlfriend. 
    Your next task will be to cross over to the other platform. This is similar to  
    keeping Carla's breath steady, but in my opinion a lot harder since the stroke  
    will get out of control if you push R1 or L1 too quickly or too late. The trick 
    is not to press alternately, but to observe into which direction the stroke is  
    moving and press the appropriate button in order to move it to the opposite  
    side. Do not rush, take your time and only press a button if you feel the  
    stroke will reach one end or the other if you don't do anything. The more often 
    you press a button, the more complicated it gets.
    Once on the other side untie Tiffany's hands.
    The oracle - Unknown place
    You are familiar with this situation by know. Enter the sequences.
    Lucas Kane - past
    We are back in Lucas' past again. Again you will have to make your way past  
    guards and watch towers. If you are discovered you will have to do it all over  
    again. This can be rather annoying and I can only strongly advise you to use  
    the map in order to foresee potential difficulties. This chapter is supposed to 
    explain how Lucas got his abnormal abilities.
    Get up and wake your brother, then climb out of the window. Once outside stay  
    as close to the hut as possible (the watchtowers won't see you there) and go  
    around the corner to the right. Soon you will see some guards. Timing is  
    everything here. You might need a couple of attempts since it is difficult to  
    tell when they will be looking in your direction. Your destination for now is  
    the next hut straight ahead, so just ignore those guards and hope they keep  
    looking away. Again stay as close to the hut as possible. Do not worry about  
    your brother he will follow you. Move on to the next hut. The moment you are  
    warned about a guard head back to where the jeep was and hide behind it. Once  
    the guard has passed you go back to the corner you first saw him. Go right and  
    head to the water store (or what ever this is). Savepoint! Ok, one of you will  
    have to go back to the corner where you encountered the guard. You will find a  
    stone there which you can throw to distract the guard further ahead. Do so and  
    switch to the other character. Keep an eye on the map and the moment you are  
    sure the guard is out of sight run past the lights of the watch towers to the  
    hut straight ahead. (You have to run slightly to the left first in order to  
    avoid the moving beam, there is a narrow gap the lights do not touch.) once on  
    the opposite side of the yard move to the right where you will find some kind  
    of a artificial boulder which will hide you from view. If you try to turn left  
    here the game will automatically switch to the other character. Take exactly  
    the same route as you did previously. Past the water store, past the tree  
    ahead, straight to the hut on the opposite side. Turn right and meet up with  
    your brother. Turn left and walk to the boulder like thing to the right from  
    where you can see a guard near a pole. This time Marcus will take care of the  
    distraction. Go back to the other end of the hut and walk around it. You will  
    find a bin here. Kick it and switch over to Lucas as soon as the guard is out  
    of sight. Now climb the pole. 
    Now timing is important and a good eye for the angle of the lights. Try to get  
    across without being seen. Try to remember where the beam touches the cable and 
    move exactly to this point. Then once you have reached it wait for the beam to  
    move away again. Then move on without any hesitation!
    Once on the other side climb down and simply follow the wall you see behind  
    Lucas until you reach a gate. Now turn left and walk straight ahead until you  
    reach the wall of the hangar. Follow this wall until you reach the corner and  
    turn left. Enter the hangar. Use the elevator and open the door...
    Carla Valenti - The Cemetery
    Follow the path until you see a grave with wreath to your right. Look at it and 
    Lucas will show up. Talk to him to find out what you want to know. If you enter 
    the sequences correctly you will hear Carla's thoughts. She will agree to help  
    Choose whether you want to play this next part from Tyler's or from Carla's  
    point of view. Let's take Tyler for a change.
    Tyler Miles - Police Station
    Admit that you are hiding something from Tyler, this will make Carla feel  
    better. Your girlfriend will come in pretty soon. Walk over to her and talk to  
    her. What happens next will depend on whether you are a romantic or someone who 
    will give up anything to follow your dream. If you cannot make up your mind  
    whether to let Tyler go with his girlfriend: He is not needed any more so you  
    might as well can let him go. Talk to Carla afterwards.
    Get this next sequence right in order to find out where the Indigo Child is.
    Lucas Kane - The Orphanage
    This is the hardest chapter of the whole game. Make sure your hands are as  
    relaxed as possible.
    Enter the building and go past the nun. If you have watched Lucas' vision  
    closely the pictures on the wall will tell you where to find the child. (If you
    haven't take the last door on the left.) A timer will start, but it will stop  
    the moment you pick up the child. Leave the room and you will encounter the  
    Do what you have to...RUN! Use the emergency exit to Lucas' left! And don't  
    blame me if the oracle will meet up with you again outside. For all I know it  
    was the only option you had. Anyway, you and the oracle will have to battle it  
    out. There will be a lot of Neo-style fighting now, so prepare to enter lots of 
    sequences and to switch to R1 and L1 pressing in between.
    NOTE: In case you are wondering why you keep failing during the part where you  
    are running along the wall followed by the helicopters...it is because you  
    didn't manage to reach the side where it says 'R1' with the little stoke. Yes,  
    you heard correctly. This is at least what happened to me. The game glitched  
    and wouldn't let me proceed. If this happens You will only succeed to rescue  
    the child if you manage to reach this point of the scale. This means aching  
    fingers for you and the urge to smash your console, depending on your skill to  
    press the buttons as quickly as possible. I hope you have a couple of lives  
    left. Or do get more lucky than I did.
    Once inside the building it is not over yet. Talk to Agatha and ask her what  
    you want to know about the fate of mankind and your own existence. But what  
    ever you do, do not give her the child. Watch the old lady turn nasty and do  
    your best to escape. More sequences and alternate button pressing.
    Follow the homeless person into the elevator to the left. Once on the lower  
    level pick up the bonus card near the train and follow the man further down the 
    tunnel. Talk to Carla and go to the fireplace. Marcus will be waiting for you.  
    You will also meet an 'old friend' who has been with you in almost every  
    situation. You might not have noticed him so far, or you might already have  
    wondered what he had to do with this story. Sit down next to him and talk to  
    him. ('Kirsten', 'Agatha', 'orange clan' and 'prophecy' are interesting topics  
    in my opinion.) 
    Once you are in control of Carla you can either follow Lucas into the wagon  
    behind you, in case you have lost a life enter the second wagon to pick up an  
    extra life. 
    NOTE: Spike Kapral has found the following while checking the train:
    - ..while playing carla after getting the extra life i found there was a radio 
    in the corner but it needs a antenna and a set of batteries;
    the batteries are in a flashlight inside the train with the extra life and 
    the antenna in a pile of scrap by the other train - 
    Note also that this information has not been double-checked yet.
    The above has been confirmed:
    - Confirming the "radio" thing at the end of [Lucas Kane - The Orphanage] 
    Right at the back of the subway station you will find a radio. It needs 
    batteries and an ariel. 
    You find the batteries in a flashlight in one on the subway cars. There is a 
    bin next to the first subway car, use a piece of iron to make an ariel for 
    the radio.-
    Thanks Chris Carelse.
    And thanks a a (sorry about the delay!)
    Join Lucas afterwards and lay down next to him. If you have  
    unlocked the sex scene earlier on (the one with Tiffany) you will now get to  
    see something...weird. (It is just me or is sex with a dead man is a bit..  
    disturbing?? He still has his soul and everything, but...) Otherwise things  
    will be left to your fantasy...Anyway, let's move on. (NOTE: EUROPEAN VERSION  
    Lukas Kane - Military Base
    Get up, go outside and eavesdrop on your parents.
    Lucas Kane - Wishita Military Base
    Final chapter. It basically consists of entering sequences and pressing R1 and  
    L1 alternately. Nothing new whatsoever. Just do your best. Make your way to the 
    hangar and enter. Go down to the ground floor and prepare for action. You will  
    have to fight both, the oracle and the cyborg one after another. After the  
    fight the world's fate has been decided. Carla and Lucas will be together. The  
    ending you'll get to see, however, will depend on how well you did during the  
    Watch the credits and you will get another 200 bonus points to spend on bonus  
    4. Personal Review
    In my opinion a really good game. What makes this game rather unusual is the 
    fact that it is not about walking around shooting bad guys. It is about 
    interaction, using one's brain and about the story itself. The game is full of 
    possibilities and you are likely to discover new aspects and scenes even on 
    your second time through the game. Chapters can be completed in multiple ways 
    and the different options available keep the story flexible. My own verdict on 
    this game, however, is restricted to only two choices: The way I see it you 
    either will love this game or hate it.
    However, it has also to be said that the story does not stick to its genre. The 
    game also contains aspects that could be seen as 'offencive' to more 
    conservative people.
    Exta points should be rewarded for an innovative handling of the controls and 
    for a good soundtrack (my opinion) which can be accessed in the bonus material.
    If you enjoy solving problems more than shooting people and if you can claim 
    good reflexes your forte - this game is for you.
    5. Copyright and Special Thanks
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    My special thanks go to Atari and quanticdreams - especially David Cage (in my 
    opinion he achieved what was his intention). 
    However I would also like to thank those of you who did send me e-mails 
    regarding my previous guides. I appreciate your feedback.
    Writing a FAQ means investing time, energy and work. It should be a matter of 
    course that people should treat this work with some respect. But for those of 
    you who need it spelled out:
    Don't take it as a whole or in parts and present it as your own work. 
    This is guide is for private use only, and if you have anything else in mind 
    This also goes for other web sites which are interested in using this 
    Walkthrough: ask for written permission before using any part of this guide.
    To all honest users of this walkthrough: I hope you have enjoyed my work and 
    have found what you were looking for. If any further problems arise, 
    or something should be unclear, you can e-mail me, BUT ONLY IF YOUR MAILS ARE 
    can do to help. Also, only friendly and serious mails, and make it clear in the 
    title of your e-mail that you are referring to 'Indigo prophecy' or 
    'Fahrenheit'!, since anything else will probably be deleted as junk mail.
    Until next time!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The genius of the hole~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                           Copyright 2005 Katrin Koblischke

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