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    Translation Guide by MClayden

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    +- Auto Modellista Translation FAQ---+
    +- Version 2.0 ----------------------+
    +- Playstation 2 -- Micheal Clayden -+
    +- Copyright 2002 -------------------+
    +- Sykopieces2001@btinternet.com ----+
    Do what you like with this faq as long as you DO NOT change the name, claim it
    as your own, charge for the use of the FAQ or post it on any websites without
    my explicit permission.
    +-- Auto Modellista --+
    Auto Modellista is the first true cell-shaded arcade-style racing action for
    the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system.
    Designed to capture the essence of the racing experience, auto modellista
    allows players to customize real-world cars from the get-go and acquire
    essential components to soup-up their ride.
    Licenses from world-renowned carmakers including Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Nissan,
    Mitsubishi and Subaru offer the ultimate realism.
    +-- Part One --+
    1 Loading Screens
      - Memory Card Manager
    2 Main Menu
    3 Garage Life
      - Naming Your Garage
      - Saving Your Garage
      - Garage Types
      - Garage Menus
      - Car Manufacturer Select
        - Car Selection
      - Number Plate Creation
      - Inside Garage Menus
        - Car Tuning
        - Full Tune (Tune Up)
        - Dress Up
    4 Arcade Menus
    5 VJ&Theater
    6 Network (*unusable* no point in translating)
    7 Options
    +-- Loading Screens --+
    +-- Memory Card Manager --+
    Upon loading Auto Modellista for the first time, a memory card manager screen
    will appear and ask you if you would like to create a Save File for Auto
    Modellista on the Memory Card, simply choose the first option (YES) and wait
    until the jap text changes to confirm that the save file has been created.
    +-- Garage Life --+
    +-- Naming your Garage --+
    Upon starting the Garage Life mode for the first time, the game will prompt you
    to enter a name for your garage, i know the jap text is all very confusing, but
    if you tap L1 a couple of times, the japanese letters will change into the
    english alphabet allowing you to call your garage a name that you can actually
    understand instead of something like "jrygfd".
    +-- Saving your Garage --+
    Once you have entered the name of your garage, choose the middle option of the
    three to the right of the name entry bar (OK).
    Then you will be asked if you would like to save the garage to your memory
    +-- Garage Types --+
    The next menu you will see is the garage select, here is where you can choose
    what your garage is going to look like, choose one of the three types and hit
    circle (whatever one you like best).
    +-- Car manufacturer selection --+
    Next menu is a car select menu, with all the manufacturers names, choose a
    manufacturer you would like to use and hit circle.
    +-- Car Selection --+
    The next screen is a selection of cars from that manufacturer, the text at the
    bottom you dont need to worry about, its just meaningless information about the
    cars production and other bumph, look the info up on the net if your that
    desperate about it.
    The only information you will need to know on this page is the name of the car,
    which is located in the top left of the screen, and the BHP, or PS as its known
    in this game, which is located directly under the side view of the car
    currently highlighted.
    Upon picking your car the game will ask you if you want to keep the chosen car,
    hit circle to accept and then name your car (the L1 trick works here too) and
    save it.
    +-- Number Plate Creation --+
    This part is kinda cool, this is where you get to design your numberplate for
    the car, unfortunately the letters are all in jap and the L1 trick doesnt work,
    but in case you are wondering, on the numberplates are the city of origin (just
    like american cars have TEXAS or FLORIDA above the plate number), the
    registration of the car, and the number of the car. Just tap in anything you
    think looks cool, i usually like something like "66-66", hehe.
    Once you have gone through all the menus on the plate screen, it will ask if
    you want to attach the plate to your car, so hit circle to stick it on your
    +-- Inside Garage Menus --+
    -Change Cars-
    Allows you to choose another car from the manufacturer list, you can save your
    current car and come back later to work on it or race it.
    Choosing this brings up another menu with two choices "normal car" or "sub
    *Normal Car*
    This option just lets you choose another normal car from the car select screen,
    then drops you back to the manufacturer select screen (It will ask if you want
    to save your current car first).
    *Sub Garage*
    This lets you access cars you have already saved and been working on (It will
    ask if you want to save your current car first).
    -Car Tuning-
    This option lets you tweak your car for max performance, see the titles below
    for explanation.
    *Easy Tune Up*
    Selecting this brings up a lot of japanese menus with strange symbols next to
    the selections, these are just all pre-set tune ups, the symbols next to them
    depict whether the car has downforce or upforce, choose one of the options and
    it will ask what attributes you would like to set to the car:
    Accele ++
    Accele +
    Max-Speed +
    Max-Speed ++
    These basically decides whether your car is really fast at acceleration
    (Accelle ++) and not a very good top speed, or you want all the speed
    (Max-Speed ++) and slower acceleration, or you would like an all round balanced
    car (Average).
    This will bring up a second menu for drift and grip:
    Drift ++
    Drift +
    Grip +
    Grip ++
    This decides if your car is a drift car (Drift ++) (like Ridge Racer) or
    whether it has strong grip on the roads (Grip ++), choose one and drive about a
    bit to see what suits you best, but remember, there is no point having a drift
    car if you have chosen a Downforce pre-setting as this setting is designed to
    hold the road, making it poor for drifting, the opposite applies for Upforce.
    Upon passing these menus, the game will ask if you want to apply your current
    choices, choose YES or NO. It then brings up a screen showing the current
    details and parts of your car, hit L1 and R1 to flick through the lists. Hit
    circle when your done to be taken back to the garage.
    -Tune Up- (Full Tune Option)
    Selecting this brings up a set of symbols:
    - Normal
    - Sports Radial
    - Semi Slick
    - Slick
    *Change Parts*
    - Normal
    - Street
    - Sports
    - Racing
    The layout for the brake settings are:
    [0 _ _ _ _ 5 _ _ _ _10]
    [0 _ _ _ _ 5 _ _ _ _10]
    This indicates that the brake power is evenly set, use up and down to change
    between front and back of the car and left and right to increase and decrease
    the braking power.
    *Change Parts*
    - Normal
    - Soft
    - Medium
    - Hard
    Same again but they are both on 10:
    [0 _ _ _ _ 5 _ _ _ _10]
    [0 _ _ _ _ 5 _ _ _ _10]
    Use the up and down to swap between front and back of the car, and left and
    right to fine tune the springs, lower numbers equal softer suspension and
    tighter handling, but increase car roll, and higher numbers increase grip and
    and minimise bounce but decrease handling.
    - Normal
    - Bolt On Turbo
    - Middle Turbine
    - Full Turbine
    Choose a turbo that suits your car settings, theres no point having a massive
    turbo on a car that is designed for tight responsive handling with soft springs
    as it wont work very well if you are hurtling around at 100MPH. Experiment to
    see what you like.
    After choosing a turbo it will take you to a maker selection screen so you can
    choose the make of the turbo you are installing.
    - Normal
    - Street
    - Semi Racing
    - Racing
    CHIP (No not the one in ure PS2)
    - Normal
    - Secret
    - Secret
    - Secret
    Win races for NEW CHIP GET!!!
    - Normal
    - Secret
    - Secret
    - Secret
    - Secret
    - Secret
    Win races for NEW ENGINE GET!!!
    *Change Parts*
    - Normal
    - Accele ++ (Close Gears)
    - Accele +
    - Max-Speed (Far Gears)
    This time the layout is:
    Top Gear Ratio
    [0 _ _ _ _ 5 _ _ _ _10]
    Use left and right to adjust the gearing, the smaller the number, the closer
    the gears and the better the acceleration, the higher the number, the further
    the gears and the faster the top speed.
    - Normal
    - Secret
    - Secret
    - Secret
    Win races for NEW BODY GET!!!
    -Dress Up- (No not a kinky sex game)
    Choosing this brings up a set of symbols:
    - Design 1
    - Design 2
    AESTHETICS (What the car looks like)
    This brings more symbols up:
    BONNET - Choose what you want your car bonnet to look like.
    WING MIRROR - Choose your wing mirror style.
    FRONT BUMPER - Choose The style of the front bumper.
    UNDER RIM - Choose the under rim of the car.
    BACK BUMPER - Change the look of the back bumper.
    SPOILER - Change your spoilers look.
    WHEEL RIMS - Change the color and look of your rims.
    HEADLIGHTS - Change the look of the headlights.
    (Back to the dress up menu)
    - All Paint
    - Body Color
    - Bonnet
    - Mirror
    - Front Aero
    - Side Aero
    - Rear Aero
    - Wing
    - Clear All
    Choosing any of the selections will bring up a color palette, tap left to use
    the RGB slider.
    - Edit
    - Paste
    Edit will let you create your own sticker, unfortunately this is so complex i
    would need to write another FAQ just for this part of the game, which i might
    do, if i get a good response for this.
    Paste lets you choose which part you want to put a pre-made sticker on your
    car, if you race well you can achieve NEW STICKER GET!!!
    - (Jap Text)
    This is the same as the plate design tool when u made your first car, just use
    this if you think your plate doesn't look cool enough.
    (Back to Car Tuning menu)
    -Test Run-
    This is just to take your car for a spin.

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