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    FAQ (EU) by RMcGregor

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                a   u   t   o      m   o   d   e   l   l   i   s   t   a 
                a n  f a q  w r i t t e n  b y :  r o b  m c g r e g o r
                 e - m a i l :  m c g r e g o r r @ x t r a . c o . n z 
                v e r s i o n :  2 n d        d a t e :  1 5 / 0 4 / 0 3   
                        ***   p l e a s e  t a k e  n o t e   ***       
                This guide is based on the PAL version of auto modellista
                and not the US (NTSC U/C) or Japanese (NTSC-J) editions.
                This guide also will only cover the basics and may not be
                everything you can get in the "US-tuned" editions of the
                game on GameCube and PS2. 
                While basic content of the guide will cover all of these 
                editions, this guide will not cover anything to do with 
                network play (as this has been removed from the PAL 
                edition of the game) or the bonus cars or any other 
                extras added to the US edition. Please keep this in mind 
                before you e-mail me as I cannot help with questions to 
                do with the these US version items.
                If you do still require to contact me, please make sure 
                the subject line of the e-mail contains "Auto Modellista" 
                in it somewhere however. All others will be ignored.
                        ***      t h e  l e g a l  b i t      ***
                No portion of this walkthrough may be reproduced without
                written permission from me. You may contact me at 
                mcgregorr@xtra.co.nz for any authorizations, comments, or
                corrections or additions.
                If you wish to put this walkthrough on a web site, e-mail
                notification is needed. If you do wish to use this on a 
                page in HTML please make sure you tell me before doing so 
                with information on how and where it will be used. This 
                document may not be sold or used for profit. 
                This FAQ is not authorized by, endorsed, or associated 
                in any way with Capcom Entertainment or any associated or 
                affiliated company(ies). This FAQ should not be confused 
                with any publication that is distributed or authorized by 
                Capcom Entertainment or any associated or affiliated 
                company(ies). auto modellista is (c) & TM 2002, 2003 by 
                Capcom Entertainment.
      00  //  t a b l e   o f   c o n t e n t s    
      XX.XX. Section ---------------------------------- | Last Updated           |
      01.00. Introduction ----------------------------- | 21/03/2003 (Version 1) |
      02.00. Getting Around --------------------------- | 21/03/2003 (Version 1) |
      02.01. Starting The Game
      02.02. Game Options
      02.03. Controller
      02.04. Other Options
      03.00. Arcade Mode ------------------------------ | 21/03/2003 (Version 1) |
      03.01. Please Make Your Selection
      03.02. Starting Settings  
      04.00. Garage Life Mode ------------------------- | 15/04/2003 (Version 2) |
      04.01. First Timer?
      04.02. In The Garage
      04.03. Starting Service #1 - Easy Tune-Up
      04.04. Starting Service #2 - Tune-Up
      04.05. Starting Service #3 - Dress-Up & Test Run
      04.06. Race Status
      04.07. Race Mode
      04.08. Important Mail
      05.00. VJ & theater Mode ------------------------ | 21/03/2003 (Version 1) |
      06.00. Car & Parts Listing ---------------------- | 15/04/2003 (Version 2) |
      06.01. Toyota
      07.00. Prize & Garage Listings / Bonus Modes ---- | 15/04/2003 (Version 2) |
      07.01. Bonus & Garage Items
      07.02. Bonus Modes
      08.00. Q&A -------------------------------------- | 15/04/2003 (Version 2) |
      09.00. Revision History ------------------------- | 15/04/2003 (Version 2) |
      10.00. The End Bit ------------------------------ | 15/04/2003 (Version 2) |
      This guide is in an early state and all information is subject to revisions.
      Please keep this in mind as you browse the document. Additions and 
      corrections are welcome by e-mail - mcgregorr@xtra.co.nz - as long as the
      subject line contains "auto modellista" in it somewhere.
      01  //  i n t r o d u c t i o n 
      auto modellista (sometimes seen as auto modellEsta because people, including
      myself at one stage, don't really check these things and didn't spell it 
      right)... Capcom's long time coming cel-shaded racer. 
      I'm going to be flat out honest here. I never expected to even play the game 
      originally, but fate seemed to strike me down and by entering a competition
      in the Australia PSW magazine, I was granted 3 Capcom titles and a snazzy 
      Capcom t-shirt. The titles in question - the awesome Onimusha 2, the somewhat 
      interesting Dino Stalker, and this bizarre gem.
      It maybe criminally cut short over here due to it's lack of online play, and
      at times it feels too easy for it's own good due to it's setup, but the game 
      has a level of charm that bring it above what I originally considered just 
      another cel-shaded game to throw on the pile. It's half way between GT and 
      Ridge Racer when it comes to racing content and as mentioned has enough 
      style to make it work. For those especially who may not have liked having to 
      go for licenses or racing for cash in GT, there more likely to enjoy this 
      pick up and play aspect of auto modellista. 
      Now that I'm past this mini-review/rant/whatever, I probably should just get 
      on to it.
      Good luck racers.
      - Rob
      02  //  g e t t i n g   a r o u n d
      "An introduction to auto modellista." 
      The main part of auto modellista spent outside of the racing is tweaking
      constantly through menus. While I don't particularly like having to add info
      on the menus and so forth, sadly this guide will require a lot of it. 
      If you believe you can advance past the main menus well enough, please feel
      free to skip this section. This is only intended for those who wish to know
      some of the more basic but important features of the main menus of Auto 
      Modellista. More specific info on the contents of the main racing modes can 
      be found further below.
      This section contains the following mini-chapters. To find a specific 
      chapter, press Ctrl+F and insert the chapter number (e.g. 02.03) to go
      straight to that chapter.
      02.01. - Starting The Game
      02.02. - Game Options
      02.03. - Controller
      02.04. - Other Options
      02.01. - Starting The Game
      When the game is booted up (and _please_ if you're playing the PAL edition
      play it in 60hz if you can... the 50hz edition is plagued by a slower speed 
      and huge borders) and you've drooled enough over the opening movie, you'll 
      likely be sitting at the title screen. Press start to advance to the main
      From here on in, controls are well explained throughout all the menus. X is
      always enter, circle will usually go back to the previous menu. Triangle
      will also be often used for various additional functions such as camera work
      and features of items. You should also keep a note of the fact that the
      description text in the bottom is sometimes longer than it seems... it 
      scrolls automatically for you. It's very slow to do this, so be patient.
      On the main menu is Garage Life ("GL"), Arcade, VJ & theater ("VJ&T"), and 
      Options. The Arcade, GL, and VJ&T modes will be better explained later, but 
      firstly for now you should go check out the options and fiddle around. I'm 
      going to highlight some of the more important options you should probably 
      know about should you have skipped checking out the instructions.
      02.02. - Game Options  
      Firstly within the game options are a series of sub options for the game. 
      These are the most important ones include camera angle, visual effects, 
      turn aid, meter color and ghost car. Change these by highlighting the 
      selection and pressing left or right. This also goes for all future options.
      You can reset the options by selecting default from the bottom of the list.
         >> Camera Angle     --  1 / 2 / 3
            This sets the default camera settings when you start your race. 1 is
            near car, 2 is far from car, 3 is the "drivers" view (i.e. from the 
            front of the car). Personally I find 2 the easiest to drive with, but
            all 3 are fine. You can also change this while you are driving in the
            game at your choice by pressing R2. This option is just to select the
            starting default one. 
         >> Visual Effects   --  On / Off
            During racing there is a speed effect where lines are imposed on the
            various features of a race (cars, your screen, etc.) to show the
            level of speed. This option turns this effect off. 
            For some reason however with it off you get no real sense of speed. 
            You can see this for yourself in the game even if the effects are on 
            by just holding L2 to use the look back camera. This camera never 
            has this effect and you'll feel like you're moving at a snails pace. 
            Your choice to turn it off should be made on if you find the lines
            annoying to your driving experience.
         >> Turn Aid         --  On / Off
            This option allows you to turn off the turn signals which will 
            appear at the top of the screen when you get near corners. 
            I personally see no reason to turn this off myself, but some people
            may crave the added challenge. If this is you, be my guest.
         >> Meter Color      --  B - Black background to white (text)
                                 W - White background to black (text)
            This alters the background color of the rev gauge on your racing 
            HUD (heads up display). Simply organizes the right color on top. 
            Handy if you find it easier to read white on black or black on 
         >> Ghost Car        --  On / Off
            This enables a ghost car of your best time in the time attack mode. 
            It's usually a good challenge trying to beat yourself, but some 
            people do find it annoying. It's all up to you here.
      02.03. - Controller
      Now exit out of the game options (by pressing circle) and go down to
      "controller" in the options. Here you can set the button configuration on
      a DualShock2 analog controller or settings of a GT Force racing wheel. 
      I've never used one, so I have no idea. For now anyway, I'll assume you're 
      using the controller like me.
      When you access the option, the cursor will be highlighting "type" on the 
      menu. Pressing left or right will allow to select other control options.
      You start on A, then B, C, and custom. If you push up or down and select
      any specific action and then change the button that it is assigned to by 
      pressing left or right, "type" will automatically change to the custom 
      mode. To reset the control, either change the type to what you want or
      select default from the bottom of the list. 
      Selecting vibration (on/off) will change the vibration on the controller, 
      but this will also change the control to custom, even if you don't change 
      any of the button layout. 
      Take a moment to either understand the layout or configure it to your 
      liking. Before you go here are some important notes about some of the 
         >> Horn             --  default R3
            By default this is assigned to R3. That is to push down on the
            right analog stick. I'm including this for the fact that some
            people do have no idea that both analog sticks are also buttons.
         >> Emergency Brake  --  default circle
            Your Emergency Brake (or E-Brake, or Hand Brake) probably won't
            get used too often in the game. Any overuse will likely have 
            you spinning around. Although it is good for drifting. 
         >> Hazard Lights    --  default triangle
            Pressing triangle flashes your hazard lights. As of yet I can't
            figure out any use they have in the game other than just being
            there. Anyone found they'll do something? The only thing else
            to note is during racing if you switch them on, should you
            change your view to the "driver" view - you can hear the 
            indication "clicking" sound they make.
            Albert Lopez wrote into say the computer drivers seem to avoid 
            contact with you with the hazard lights on. You can leave them
            on for the whole race. 
         >> Rear View        --  default L2
            For those moments when you feel it's safe to see who or what is 
            behind you. As previously mentioned it also gives you an idea of
            how the game looks without the speed effects... ugh...
         >> Change View      --  default R2
            To alter the viewpoints mentioned in the game options manually
            in the game. 
      That's it for the controls. Everything else should be straight forward to 
      most people (accelerator, brake, gear shifts). Let's move on.
      02.04. - Other Options
      Everything else from here on is fairly self explanatory. Just in case 
      however just a couple of notes. 
         >> Sound Type
            Allows you to adjust the audio output (stereo/mono), the effects 
            volume, music volume, and listen through all the audio tracks
            from the game at free will.
         >> Screen Adjust
            Allows you to adjust the position of the screen to center.
         >> Save / Load
            Allows you to save or load overall game data at choice.
         >> Ranking
            Allows you to review all time ranking for all single races and 
            time attack modes. Review each set by each of the six basic 
            tracks the game has in forward or reverse or uphill or downhill 
         >> Select Language
            More likely to be a PAL only thing, select your text language
            between English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish if you
      That's it for the options. It's time to do some racing... or at least get
      ready for some anyway... ;) Off to the arcade!
      03  //  a r c a d e
      "Time for a quick race, eh chaps?"
      Welcome to the Arcade section. 
      You maybe wondering why I've selected to include the arcade mode before the
      Garage Life mode. Quite simple answer too - because it's a simple straight
      forward mode. The Garage Life section is likely to make up the bulk of this
      guide. Arcade is but a drop in the bucket. Let's continue.
      This section contains the following mini-chapters. To find a specific 
      chapter, press Ctrl+F and insert the chapter number (e.g. 03.02) to go
      straight to that chapter.
      03.01. - Please Make Your Selection
      03.02. - Starting Settings  
      03.01. - Please Make Your Selection
      Once you enter the arcade mode you'll have 3 different options to choose 
      from. Single race, VS., and time attack. 
      Single race and time attack are essentially the same mode. The only 
      difference comes within the fact in race mode you're against the computer 
      and time attack, well obviously you're against the clock. 
      VS. has the same basic setup as both of these, except that all the car based 
      choices are done by two players who are competing. 
      03.02. - Starting Settings
      Ignoring the change to the actual game made by time attack and the fact you
      have to do the car settings twice in VS. (once for each player) then these
      are the basic settings you'll have to choose from in this mode. 
         >> Select Course
            Select which course you want to play on and in which mode. On 
            the courses which have arrows, press left or right to play them in
            either Normal/Reverse or Uphill/Downhill depending on the course.
         >> Select BGM
            Select the music track you wish to listen to. I normally pick the
            random select option.
         >> Select Car Company
            Select from one of the car makers. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, 
            Mitsubishi, Subaru, Daihatsu, Suzuki, or Tommy Kaira. There are 
            also two bonus categories to unlock, and the ability to access your
            sub garage and parked cars from the GL mode. 
         >> Select Car
            This is going to alter depending on the make. If you've selected the
            sub garage you can select a car suitable for this racing event which
            you have already modified. When this is selected you'll skip the next
            two design steps (style and color).
         >> Select Style
            Choose one of three styles - Baby bottom natural (normal), auto 
            styled (style 1), or full racing mod (style 2).
         >> Select Color
            Choose one of five stock colors for your car.
         >> Select Mission
            Select TRANSmission that is. Automatic or Manual depending on what 
            you find easiest when it comes to racing games. 
         >> Tuning
            Two options here. Next seems to skip any auto modifications made to 
            the cars workings, while auto tuning will tweak with your car to 
            make it the most suitable for the track.
         >> Select Rule
            Your rules options. Number of laps (choose between 1 and 4), boost 
            for lagging driver (on/off), and CPU difficulty level (choose between 
      After all this tweaking you will finally be ready to race. Have fun.
      04  //  g a r a g e   l i f e   m o d e 
      "Welcome to the garage life mode. Enjoy."
      The offline meat of the game is the garage life mode of auto modellista. This
      mode allows you to take cars and adjust them to your liking, race in 
      competitions, earn bonus items, and much more.
      Throughout the various menus you'll come across various selections marked 
      "secret" - the contents of these will be covered in section 07. 
      This section contains the following mini-chapters. To find a specific 
      chapter, press Ctrl+F and insert the chapter number (e.g. 04.03) to go
      straight to that chapter.
      04.01. - First Timer?
      04.02. - In The Garage
      04.03. - Starting Service #1 - Easy Tune-Up
      04.04. - Starting Service #2 - Tune-Up
      04.05. - Starting Service #3 - Dress-Up & Test Run
      04.06. - Race Status
      04.07. - Race Mode
      04.08. - Important Mail
      04.01. - First Timer?
      Here's a tidbit of info on the settings the first time you select garage 
      life mode. 
         >> Garage Name
            The first thing the game will ask is to create a new garage and name
            it. Press X to start then you'll be taken to the name input.
            The input itself is a bit odd at first, but it makes perfect sense
            once you understand it. This is how it'll look when you first see it.
            | a b c | a d g j m p s v y   | --- | OK  | EXIT |
            | #1    | #2                  | #3  | #4  | #5   |
            Each section of these 5 sections I've highlighted has a use, and the 
            lettering system is much more easier than it seems. 
            > Section #1 - Style Selection
              The abc on the left will be selected if you push left towards it.
              Once highlighted you'll note it has 123 and ABC below it. This
              alternates section #2's contents between what it's on now, capital 
              letters, and numbers. You can do this also by pressing L1 if you
              want a quick change. 
            > Section #2 - Letters/Numbers
              Each letter row has 3 letters in it... which you select by pressing
              up or down. For example if you want the letter R, you'd move 5 
              places to the right, then press up once. Numbers will just appear
              in the 10 slots. To select the letter/number to be placed in the
              box above, press X.
            > Section #3 - ---
              I'm not actually sure if there is anything this is used for. You 
              can't select it normally, but pushing square will highlight it.
              But there doesn't seem to be anything beyond that. *shrugs*
            > Section #4 - Okay
              Select this to finish. Alternatively you can also press triangle
              when you're done.
            > Section #6 - Exit
              Return to the main menu.
            Once you have your name entered, press triangle or click on Okay.
            You'll be asked if you wish to confirm this name. Yes will be 
            highlighted, and if the name is okay, press X. No will allow you to
            go back and change it.
         >> Garage Type
            Yes, it does seem odd, but you can select from one of three types of
            Type 1 is a prefabricated one. Like a kitset garage normally made
            from aluminum. Type 2 is a concrete-walled garage. It looks modern
            and pricey. Type 3 is a log house garage. Wooden fixtures, and it 
            looks old and rustic. 
         >> Select Car Company
            Select from one of the car makers. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, 
            Mitsubishi, Subaru, Daihatsu, Suzuki, or Tommy Kaira. There are 
            also two bonus categories to unlock.
         >> Select Car
            This is going to alter depending on the make. Select the car you're
            most happy with... you should keep an eye on the grid up in the top
            center to give you a good idea of what the best car is. Unlike GT
            you can select any car you want at will, so the better the car, the
            easier you will make things for yourself. And as always cars are 
            ranked, and the A ranked cars are going to be the better performers
            for you. 
         >> Enter A Name For The Car
            Just simply so you can keep a track of it by name. It'll also then
            ask you to confirm the name.
         >> License Plate Number
            Yes, you can even write your own plate number. You only have 5 
            letters/numbers so your text messaging skills better come into 
            play here. Either that or phonetics. Once again you'll need to 
            confirm this. 
      Once this is done you'll be finished the pre-garage settings. Welcome to your
      new home.
      04.02. - In The Garage
      As you'll now note there are a whole new set of sub options. Let me just 
      quickly highlight the important features in this area. 
         >> Change Cars
            This option allows you to either select a different car. There are
            two sub options in this. Selecting an already created parked car
            from your "sub-garage" or choosing a brand new car over from 
            scratch. Doing so involves all the car setup you went through when 
            you first created this garage. You can have up to 30 cars at one
            Selecting a new car will get you to save your current car to the
            sub garage if you wish, before going onto select a brand new car
            including any you may have unlocked. 
         >> Tune Car
            This allows you to adjust the current car in many ways. More on this
            section will be covered later on.
         >> Garage Design
            Kinda like "Sim-Garage" without the worry of having to look after it
            once it's put together - this mode allows you to decorate the garage
            with a selection of garage items and posters. Not highly important, 
            but interesting, and it makes your garage look better than bland. 
         >> Tuned Car List
            This allows you to remove and copy cars you have stored. You can copy
            cars from other players who have the game as well through this mode
            using their memory card but you won't be able to tune or fully add 
            them to your collection. The game refers to these as "rental" cars as
            they can only be loaded and raced.  
         >> Race
            Where you go to race obviously. :) More about this mode later on.
         >> Status
            All your game status details. More about this later on.
         >> Mail
            This is a group of e-mails you'll receive through out the game. The
            category is split into 4 categories; tuning, driving skills, course 
            hint, and others. It would be a good idea to read all the mail you
            get as it offers far more hints from the developers themselves than
            I could ever hope to include myself. 
            Everytime you come to the main garage menu and hear a chime it means 
            you have new mail.
            If you don't wish to read through all of the mails, I've picked my
            favorites which have the important info you need to know and 
            included them in their own section further on. 
         >> Save & Exit
            Save all your records and settings and exit the GL mode. Of course 
            you can also use this to save and then when asked if you want to exit 
            the mode, say no. This will also get you to save your car in the 
            sub-garage for access from elsewhere.
         >> View Garage
            This isn't an option on the menu, but if you press triangle you'll
            be given a clear view of the garage. Using the left analog stick 
            will allow you to rotate the camera view around the car, while the
            pushing the right one up or down will allow you to zoom in and out.
            Press triangle again to return to the menu.
      Now that we have this basic menu out of the way, lets get into the thick of 
      it next. Tuning cars. Select the option from the menu and we'll continue.
      04.03. - Starting Service #1 - Easy Tune-Up
      The tune up option is broken down into 4 separate sub menus. Easy tune up, 
      tune up, dress-up, and test run. For this first section on tuning cars 
      we'll be looking at the easy tune options. This allows you to select some
      standard auto tuning options without having to go into too much detail.
      Let's begin. 
         >> Course Settings
            This is handy if you know which course you want to take on. You're 
            given a list of the courses and you select the one you want. All 
            the changes on the car will be automatically made for you to suit 
            this track. If you're taking on a variety of courses then you might 
            want to select the average setting to balance everything. 
         >> Acceleration Vs. Speed
            Choose between a quick acceleration or high top speed. Options are:
            accele ++, accele +, average, max-speed +, and max-speed ++.
         >> Drift Vs. Grip
            Choose between drift or grip settings. Options are: drift ++, 
            drift +, average, grip +, and grip ++.
      Once these settings are correct for you, press yes to accept them. After 
      this you'll be given the stats of your car. Press L1 to check out the 
      dress-up parts details, and R1 for the specs of the car.
      04.04. - Starting Service #2 - Tune-Up
      The tune up option is broken down into 4 separate sub menus. Easy tune up, 
      tune up, dress-up, and test run. For this second section on tuning cars 
      we'll be looking at the standard tune-up options. This allows you to select 
      some specific parts to tune in detail. 
      When you open the tune-up menu there will be a list of icon based selections
      you can choose from on the right hand side of the screen. On the left, a see 
      through car model will allow you to see where these parts are being placed... 
      just in case you didn't know. Most of the selections also have a sub-
      selection after the item has been place on who made the product, but it isn't 
      really all that important on what goes in where. The following selections can 
      be made here. For a full listing of the parts you can select from however 
      check section 06.
         >> Tires 
            Choose between the following tire types.
            > Normal
            > Sports Radial (all round sports tire for wet and dry)
            > Semi-Slick Tires (dry weather tire)
            > Slick Tires (dry weather tire)
         >> Brakes
            Within this option you can change the brake pads between 4 different
            types (normal, street, sports, and racing) as well as adjust both the
            front and rear brake settings. 
         >> Suspension
            Within this option you can change the suspension between 4 different
            types (normal, soft, medium, and hard) as well as adjust both the
            front and rear suspension settings. 
         >> Turbine
            Adjust the turbine output between 4 general settings. Normal, bolt-on,
            middle, and full turbine settings.
         >> Muffler
            Adjust the muffler piping between 4 general settings. Normal, street,
            semi-racing, and racing settings.
         >> Computer
            You'll have to earn the additional computer parts to upgrade your car
            better in this feature.
         >> Engine
            You'll have to earn the additional engine parts to upgrade your car
            better in this feature.
         >> Final Gear
            Same as with the auto settings, here you can choose between gear 
            ratio's to alter your acceleration against your maximum speed. As 
            well as that you can change the top gear ratio in much the same way 
            with a slide rule.
         >> Weight Reduction
            You'll have to earn the additional weight reduction levels to upgrade 
            your car better in this feature.
      Once you've completed all your settings, press circle to leave the tune-up
      menu. Before you're taking back to the garage menu, you'll be given the stats 
      of your car. Press L1 to check out the dress-up parts details, and R1 for the 
      specs of the car.
      04.05. - Starting Service #3 - Dress-Up & Test Run
      The tune up option is broken down into 4 separate sub menus. Easy tune up, 
      tune up, dress-up, and test run. For this final section on tuning cars 
      we'll be looking at the final two options - dress-up and test run. Dress up
      allows you to configure the design and body parts of your car, while test run 
      allows you to test your final car modifications.
      Upon selecting the dress-up option there will be a list of icon based 
      selections you can choose from on the right hand side of the screen. On the 
      left, your car will appear allow you to see what the car will look like as
      the parts are being placed... The following selections can be made here. For
      a full listing of the parts you can select from however check section 06.
         >> Body Design
            This body design alteration adds stripes to your car. There are three 
            designs for each car (normal, design 1, and design 2). As for what 
            they design are - it changes from model to model, but always reflects 
            some sort of racing line down the middle or along the sides of the car.
         >> Dress-Up Parts
            This option takes you to yet another submenu. It is here you can 
            change the various parts of the cars body. Selecting any of these goes 
            to yet another menu where you can select the type of part from
            different makers. There is always one secret part as well. The parts
            you can change are:
            > Hood
            > Mirrors
            > Front Aero
            > Side Aero
            > Rear Aero
            > Wing
            > Wheels
            > Lights
         >> Panel Paint
            In here are a selection of panel paint choices. The selections you can 
            make in here are:
            > Repaint All
            > Body Color
            > Line Color
            > Bonnet
            > Mirror
            > Front Aero
            > Side Aero
            > Rear Aero
            > Wing
            Should you wish to clear the changes, then select clear all. Also keep 
            in mind if you have lines on your car, that repainting all to one color 
            will remove the visible lines. You'll have to go in and adjust that 
            manually under line color. When repainting there are two different 
            selections to choose from. Either a color palette where you can select 
            a color from a tile of various colors, or by pressing left, switch to 
            RGB mode where you filter the level of color you want by sliding the 
            bars up and down. 
            Depending on the car and what you've managed to win so far, and what 
            stickers are on the car more options may appear on the list too such
            as roll bar color and sticker base. 
         >> Create/Post Stickers 
            When you first open this menu you will have the choice to edit/create 
            or paste stickers onto your car.
            In edit mode you'll be given a blank canvas to draw on, and a well 
            equipped painting program to do it with. When you're finished, save it 
            and go to paste. Here you'll be able to use it as well as other 
            In paste mode you will be given another menu to select from. This list
            is all the areas where you can post stickers. They are the following:
            > Bonnet
            > Body Side (Door)
            > Rear
            > Window (top)
            > Side (Side 1, 2, & 3 - 3 different small side stickers on the door)
            > Bumper
            > Wing
            Under the list is the sample option. This gives you the ability to be 
            shown a bunch of random stickers slapped all over these parts of the 
            car. Under that is clear all should you want to remove all the 
            stickers from the car.
            When selecting your stickers, the major choices will be on the 
            "sample" option. By pressing R1 you can change to the maker option 
            which has logos from the companies, and press R1 once more will allow 
            you to access the custom label with stickers you made yourself. 
            Certain sticker locations only have logos which you can choose from. 
            Also certain cars will only allow certain stickers or a number of 
            stickers on them in specific places. 
         >> Change License Plate
            Should you be tiring of your current plate name or number, this option
            will allow you to go and change it. Not entering a plate name/number 
            will replace the plates with auto modellista plates.
      Once you've completed all your settings, press circle to leave the dress-up
      menu. Before you're taking back to the garage menu, you'll be given the stats 
      of your car. Press L1 to check out the dress-up parts details, and R1 for the 
      specs of the car.
      As for the test run option, well it's fairly self-explanatory. When you're 
      all happy with the settings and look of the car, you can go give it a spin on 
      any of the tracks that you want to try.
      When you exit the tuning mode you'll be asked if you wish to park the car
      in storage. Do so and place it where you want in your sub-garage. You should
      probably take the chance to save your data on the memory card too.
      04.06. - Race Status
      Now we're back at the garage menu, I'm going to jump down the list a few 
      places to the race status menu. This is just a quick rough explanation of the
      status info you can see in here.
         >> Total Play Time  --  XXh(ours)XXm(intues)
         >> Total Race Time  --  XX (minutes)
         >> Winning %        
         >> Time's Placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
      The bottom 5 icons display the percentage of overall completion in certain
      fields. They are from left to right:
         >> Competition/Game Completion
         >> Secret Cars
         >> Garage Mode Pieces (Pieces and Posters)
         >> Car Parts
         >> Car Stickers
      As you collect these bonus items the totals will go up. You won't need 100% 
      in everything to unlock all the secrets, but if you want all the pieces, 
      parts, stickers and the completion mark, you will. 
      04.07. - Race Mode
      Finally it's time to race.
      Upon selection you'll note that you'll have a level to select, Level 1. There 
      are various difficulty levels where you'll have to complete more wins than 
      before. Most levels give you a selection of a number of competitions and 
      you'll only have to win a number of them to open the next level. However to 
      complete all the bonus status you'll have to complete every race with a first 
      place trophy. It may start off easy, but it'll get harder I'm telling you.
      For a list of the major prizes for completing wins, please see section 07.
         >> Level 1.
            Welcome to the first racing level. This level is suited as an 
            introduction to racing in the game. All competitions listed have 1 
            lap and you'll only have to complete one of the competitions to 
            unlock Level 2. However keep in mind if you want more bonus items, 
            you'll need to win all 3 of the competitions offered. 
            > Ura Rokko Downhill Challenge Cup 
            Tracks involved         : rokko hill - downhill
            Laps                    : one (point to point)
            Easy-Tune recommendation: rokko hill - downhill / average / grip ++
            The hill tracks in auto modellista are a nightmare, but provided you
            have setup a relatively high spec car to begin with (those ranked
            A when you made your selection), then this cup challenge should be a 
            breeze. Later challenges won't be as easy so use this as a practice. 
            The idea is to get the arch around the corner as best you can without 
            over or under-steer on the turn. Using drifting techniques is possible 
            but is generally more troublesome than it's worth, thus the reason
            for the grip ++ setting.
            You'd also think that a good acceleration level would help, but in
            fact going either way beyond average will actually cause more 
            problems. Either too slow to accelerate and cause you to miss out on 
            the speed stretches, but too much acceleration leaves you going too 
            fast for most of the turns. Keeping it average balances both of these 
            > Freshman's Challenge Cup 1
            Tracks involved         : suzuka
            Laps                    : one
            Easy-Tune recommendation: suzuka / average / average
            This is a good first time out challenge, which I'd advise to win 
            before attempting the Ura Rokko cup. The bends aren't too hard for
            your current level, and there is enough areas to speed along on.
            For the s-bend near the end of the lap, don't slow to ease through 
            it. Instead try to drive as straight through as you can... you may
            slow quite a bit, but it won't be as bad as trying to brake and 
            steer through. 
            > Loop Highway Challenge Cup 1
            Tracks involved         : osaka hi.way
            Laps                    : one
            Easy-Tune recommendation: osaka hi.way / max-speed + / average
            The Osaka highway is the fastest circuit in the game (it's also 
            good for the test run option and putting cars through their paces).
            Try and get the good angle on the turns, cutting into the corners
            as close as you can to avoid as little outside wall contact. Also
            watch out for the quick s-bend on the outside straight... it's not
            too bad, but at speed it can be troublesome if you misjudge it.
         >> Level 2.
            Level introduces both more tracks and new challenges. Urban and wet 
            tracks are introduced, as is the standard 2 lap race. To finish the
            level you will need to win at least two of the four selectable
            races. However, as always, keep in mind if you want more bonus 
            items, you'll need to win all 4 of the competitions offered. 
            Also remember you've won engine upgrades. Aside from the auto 
            tuning, changing engine levels, computer chips, and weight reduction 
            manually will make your car even more better.  Do this every time 
            after you auto-tune your car.
            > Akagi Downhill Challenge Cup
            Tracks involved         : akagi hill - downhill
            Laps                    : one (point to point)
            Easy-Tune recommendation: akagi hill - downhill / average / grip ++
            Another downhill race. This one runs similar to the last, but there
            is a lot of constant series of sharp turns you should watch out for.
            Learning cornering techniques are very important so make sure you
            understand how to get the best out of your car on this and all the
            hill based courses.
            Keeping a lead in this one shouldn't be too hard, but later races on
            the track will be much harder. Once again, get some practice in, and
            good luck.
            > Freshman's Challenge Cup 2
            Tracks involved         : suzuka
            Laps                    : two
            Easy-Tune recommendation: suzuka / average / average
            Another stint through Suzuka. Similar to the last race, except this
            time it's a two lap race. Keeping a lead will only be a bit harder 
            than last time, but with a fast well tuned car you'll still keep a
            large lead.
            > Urban Challenge Cup I
            Tracks involved         : tokyo area1
            Laps                    : two
            Easy-Tune recommendation: tokyo area1 / average / average
            The average / average options are best for the Tokyo Area challenges
            simply because the track mixes an even amount of heavy corners with
            long straights. 
            Perfect cornering techniques are required on a lot of the sharper 
            bends to avoid contact with the walls. Practice using test runs if 
            you need it.
            > Rainy Street Challenge Cup 1
            Tracks involved         : tokyo area2
            Laps                    : two
            Easy-Tune recommendation: tokyo area2 / average / grip ++
            Grip is something you're going to need in the wet streets of Tokyo
            found within this cup challenge. Sliding on the wet corners is good
            for getting around, but overuse of heavy steering, braking, or 
            speed will have you going in circles.
            The long tunnel stretch on the back straight is good for getting a
            good distance ahead of the competition, but watch out for corners 
            after you exit or else you might end up loosing the lead you just 
            gained due to the excessive speed in the wet.
         >> Level 3
            Two uphill climbs kick off Level 3 with sequel races of other tracks
            consisting of reverse tracks. To finish and unlock level 4 you will 
            need to win at least two of the five selectable races. Once again
            however, if you want more bonus items you'll need to finish and win
            all 5 challenge cups.
            Also remember you've won engine upgrades. Aside from the auto 
            tuning, changing engine levels, computer chips, and weight reduction 
            manually will make your car even more better.  Do this every time 
            after you auto-tune your car.
            > Ura Rokko Hill Climb Challenge Cup
            Tracks involved         : rokko hill - uphill
            Laps                    : one (point to point)
            Easy-Tune recommendation: rokko hill - uphill / average / grip ++
            As before, but uphill. You're more likely to have cars on your tail
            for a lot of this run as well. Just keep the lines clean through 
            the turns and you should be able to make it. I understand full well 
            that the handling in the game isn't the best for this type of 
            turning, but practice will help correct this.
            If you're still having trouble, try following the lead car and try
            an imitate it's way through the course. It gives you a good idea 
            of how to make it. Either that or keep smacking into it on the 
            inside and try to use it as a guide around the course... mind you, 
            you'll probably spin out doing that, so forget about it.
            > Akagi Hill Climb Challenge Cup
            Tracks involved         : akagi hill - uphill
            Laps                    : one (point to point)
            Easy-Tune recommendation: akagi hill - uphill / average / grip ++
            See above. 
            > Loop Highway Challenge Cup 2
            Track involved          : osaka hi.way - reverse
            Laps                    : two
            Easy-Tune recommendation: osaka hi.way / max-speed + / average
            More high speed racing, this time in reverse around the track. Watch
            the quick s-bend on the back straight, it can be a little trickier than
            when you're coming the other way. As can the blind bend after it, 
            sometimes going too wide on that bend can cause you to impact heavily 
            into a recess, basically near-stalling your car. 
            Other than that, get the right line through the corners and slide well 
            enough, and you'll be fine.
            > Urban Challenge Cup II
            Track involved          : tokyo area1 - reverse
            Laps                    : two
            Easy-Tune recommendation: tokyo area1 / average / average
            Just as before, a decent mix of speed and cornering will get you 
            through. Make sure you take care on the first three and last three
            corners of the track loop, they can throw you off fairly badly if
            you're not careful due to the amount of speed you can get upon
            > Rainy Street Challenge Cup 2
            Track involved          : tokyo area2 - reverse
            Laps                    : two
            Easy-Tune recommendation: tokyo area2 / average / grip ++
            More wet racing. More tough bends. What's even worse is the straight
            going the other way basically leads straight onto a corner, so watch
            your speed as you exit. 
         >> Level 4
            Welcome to the series races. Here you'll have to compete in masters
            cups consisting of 2 races - either normal and reverse tracks or both
            uphill and downhill point to point courses. For each win you'll get
            10 points (2nd gets 8, 3rd gets 6, and so on) which you'll win the
            series events by getting the highest total points after a completed
            series cup. To unlock level 5 you will be required to finish 2 of 
            the 5 available to race, in 1st place.
            Also remember you've won engine upgrades. Aside from the auto 
            tuning, changing engine levels, computer chips, and weight reduction 
            manually will make your car even more better. Do this every time 
            after you auto-tune your car.
            > Ura Rokko Masters Cup
            Tracks involved         : rokko hill - downhill
                                      rokko hill - uphill
            Laps                    : one per track (point to point) / two
            Easy-Tune recommendation: average             / average / grip ++
                                (or)  one rokko selection / average / grip ++
            I've added an or selection because giving yourself a auto setup
            for one of the akagi selections will likely help win at least 
            one and shouldn't be too bad for the other. Average is fine as 
            This won't be such an easy race as the earlier Rokko track cups have 
            been, so I can only hope you've gotten a lot of cornering practice
            in. Knowing the route to take as well as being able to keep the 
            speed in the places which count will be your way to win.
            > Akagi Masters Cup
            Tracks involved         : akagi hill - downhill
                                      akagi hill - uphill
            Laps                    : one per track (point to point) / two total
            Easy-Tune recommendation: average             / average / grip ++
                                (or)  one akagi selection / average / grip ++
            As above, getting the right settings isn't as easy, so you have
            the two best options to pick from. Practice and skill will rule 
            all leading to a win. 
            > Urban Masters Cup
            Tracks involved         : tokyo area1
                                      tokyo area1 - reverse
            Laps                    : two per track / four total
            Easy-Tune recommendation: tokyo area1 / average / average
            The competition might be a bit tougher, keeping nice and close, but
            the track remains the same. The best mix of cornering and speed will
            net you the win in both track events. Learn from your experiences 
            with the course already and you'll be onto a winner. 
            > Rainy Street Masters Cup
            Tracks involved         : tokyo area2
                                      tokyo area2 - reverse
            Laps                    : two per track / four total
            Easy-Tune recommendation: tokyo area2 / average / grip ++
            Again, same as before. Tougher competition will likely push you to
            doing stuff you may not have done before, but provided you're not
            spinning out everywhere then you'll be fine.
            > Loop Highway Masters Cup 
            Tracks involved         : osaka hi.way
                                      osaka hi.way - reverse
            Laps                    : two per track / four total
            Easy-Tune recommendation: osaka hi.way  / max-speed + / average
            The most simple for last. Two quick loops at high speed. An upgraded
            car mixed with the auto tuning will more than likely outspeed all 
            the competition at this level. Good cornering will cut down the lap
            time too.
         >> Level 5
            Level 5 consists of the first singular race on 4 urban circuits. 
            You just need to place first in this single event to open level
            6. If you haven't fully completed all races on a level yet, 
            you'll see your first championship cup for the garage here. 
            Also remember you've won engine upgrades. Aside from the auto 
            tuning, changing engine levels, computer chips, and weight reduction 
            manually will make your car even more better. Do this every time 
            after you auto-tune your car.
            > Urban Championship
            Tracks involved         : tokyo area1
                                      tokyo area1 - reverse
                                      osaka hi.way
                                      osaka hi.way - reverse
            Laps                    : three per track / twelve total
            Easy-Tune recommendation: average / average     / average
                                (or)  average / max-speed + / average
            Another double option, this time you can keep it a flat average, or
            if you think you can handle Tokyo with high speed then go for the
            max-speed option. Personally I go for the latter, but the choice is
            up to you. Either way you've been here before and should have a good 
            idea of what to expect. Clean turns and a nice level of speed through 
            all 4 tracks will be the winner in the end. Good luck. 
         >> Level 6
            Another single race, this time the 4 mountain circuits. Again you'll
            only need to complete this one championship to finish the level and
            open the next.
            As usual, also remember you've won engine upgrades. Aside from the 
            auto tuning, changing engine levels, computer chips, and weight 
            reduction manually will make your car even more better. Do this every 
            time after you auto-tune your car.
            > Mountain Championship
            Tracks involved         : rokko hill - downhill
                                      rokko hill - uphill
                                      akagi hill - downhill
                                      akagi hill - uphill
            Laps                    : one per track (point to point) / four total
            Easy-Tune recommendation: average / average / grip ++
            Welcome to the what most would call the biggest pain in the ass 
            championship throughout the entire game. To get through this in 1st 
            place you're going to need top notch cornering skills and a well tuned 
            car to boot. The average selection is here because you have the four 
            mountain tracks to race on, so no one setting would be good. Make sure 
            you also tweak with some settings manually if you find this is not 
            helping leaving it as it is. 
            Going back gaining more upgrades by going back and winning complete 
            levels is also a good idea so you can add these to your tweaking 
            abilities and make your car better for this race. 
            With the original hope you've practiced cornering to the best that you 
            can, I wish you the best of luck with this race. You're going to need 
         >> Final Level (Level 7)
            Final level already I hear you say. Yes, this is the last race of the
            game. A lengthy championship involving all several lap races. Will you
            come out on top? We'll have to see. 
            For a final time remember you've won engine upgrades. Aside from the 
            auto tuning, changing engine levels, computer chips, and weight 
            reduction manually will make your car even more better. Do this every 
            time after you auto-tune your car.
            > All Japan Championship
            Tracks involved         : osaka hi.way
                                      osaka hi.way - reverse
                                      tokyo area 1
                                      tokyo area 1 - reverse
                                      tokyo area 2 
                                      tokyo area 2 - reverse
            Laps                    : two for hi.way/hi.way-R
                                      three for all others
                                      19 laps total
            Easy-Tune recommendation: average      / average      / average
                (or if you're risky)  osaka hi.way / max-speed ++ / average
            The final competition has you covering all the standard lap races. Use 
            all the knowledge you've gained from your previous races to win.
            The high speed option is only valuable to those who have properly
            tuned their cars and feel they can take on the Tokyo area tracks at
            high speed.
      Congratulations on winning the game. However keep in mind if you want all the
      items and extras you're going to have to race more. For more information on
      that, please check section 07.
      04.08. - Important Mail
      There are about a hundred electronic mails given to you by the developers. In 
      case you're not wanting to read all the little notes presented, here are my 
      selections for the most important ones which will appear:
      >> Tuning
         Basic Knowledge / Clutch and RPM's / No. 16
         > If you plan to race in Manual transmission, this is important.
         Changing Parts / Changing Tires / No. 17
         > Gives a list of the most suitable tires for the tracks at the bottom.
         Changing Parts / Changing Suspension / No. 18
         Changing Parts / Changing Mufflers / No. 19
         Changing Parts / Changing Turbines / No. 24
         > All important for customization between normal and racing.
      >> Driving Skills
         All of them. Don't skip any of the mails on driving skills as they are
         all very important to getting the most out of your race.
      >> Course Hint
         While they aren't always the greatest of hints, you should probably also
         read through all of the course hints given as well. Most of them highlight
         various "trouble spots" in the courses with some general information.
      >> Others
         Garage Guidance / Rental Cars / No. 03
         > Explains the rental ability.
         Race Guidance / Rules for Series / No. 04
         > Explains series points system.
         Garage Guidance / Decal Edit / No. 07
         > Explains the editing system.
         Race Guidance / VJ Help / No. 08
         > Explains the VJ system.
      05  //  v j   &   t h e a t e r   m o d e
      "Here we go!"
      Back to the main menu of the game now, the VJ (Video Jockey) & theater mode 
      allows you to not only replay saved race replays, but remix them in a format
      similar to the opening video of the game. 
      Sadly the only problem with this remix tool is that you can't edit in layers 
      of effects (for example focus only on angle editing then sound editing) 
      instead everything needs to be done at once, which considering you're using 
      a control pad, can be quite clumsy feeling. It can't be paused and then
      reconfigured either - instead you just have to create everything on the fly.
      It's nice, but your videos will probably come out with stuff that you didn't
      mean to have on screen for so long. 
      When you first access the VJ&t mode there will be two options - replay 
      theater and edit room. The replay theater is your standard replay viewer 
      allowing you to watch the video as you would after winning. The only 
      difference is the addition of a map in the top right and a listing of the 
      view mode on the left.
      The edit room is where you'll spend the bulk of your time in this option.
      Once you've loaded a replay you want to edit, you'll be given a screen with
      many editing options. It is fairly complex looking but it's simpler than 
      it really looks. Let's break it into pieces.
               ____ [3]                                         [2] ____
      |      \|/       ___________________________________________     \|/    |
      |    \/ R1 \/   |                                           |   SOUND   |
      |               |                                           | --------- |
      | --- SOUND --- |                                           | -:--/-:-- |
      | --- S.E.  --- |                                           |  BPM ---  |
      | --- EFFECT--- |                                           |           |
      |    _          |                                           |   REPLAY  |
      |   |_| /_\ ()  |                   [1]                     | --------- |
      |  _____________|                                           | 0:00/X:XX |
      | |             |                                           |           |
      | | ICON PANEL  |                                           |   SOURCE  |
      | | OR TRACK    |                                           | --------- |
      | | LISTING     |                                           | -:--/-:-- |
      | |             |___________________________________________|_________  |
      | |             | start | menu       select | help     [7]            | |
      | |    [4]      |_____________________________________________________| |
      | |                 BUTTON KEY LISTED ALONG HERE                      | |
      | |___________________________________________________________________| |
      |____             |||||||||||| SOUND TIME ||||||||||||             _____|
      |   _|___     L     ________________________________     R     ___|_    |
      |___|   _|___      |  _____________  _____________  |      ___|_   |____|
      |   |___|    |     | |             ||             | |     |    |___|    |
      |    ___|_   ||||||| |     [5]     ||     [6]     | |||||||   _|___     |
      |___|_   |___|     | |_____________||_____________| |     |___|   _|____|
      |    |___|         |________________________________|         |___|     |
      |____|                                                            |_____|
      |      ||REPLAY TIME||       FREE MIX MODE        ||SOURCE TIME||       |
         >> Screen [1]
            Obviously the large black space in the middle is the screen for 
            the footage... moving along...
         >> Status Bar [2]
            The right hand bar runs a bunch of information. The top lists
            the sound track name, running time, and beats per minute. Below
            that is the video replay time, below that is the video source
            info and it's looping time.  
            Beside that bar, there are also content bars at the bottom 
            showing the same thing (the bars labeled sound time, replay time,
            and source time). 
         >> Selection Panel [3]
            There are three selections here; sound, s.e. (sound effects), and 
            (video) effect. At first the visual effects will be highlighted
            below on the icon panel. By pressing R1 you will swap between 
            these three options. 
         >> Icon Panel/Track Listing and Button Key [4]
            This is where things start to get a little more complex. As 
            mentioned above, the panel changes depending on which selection is
            made with R1. Beyond that, the three buttons have a different 
            option. To make matters even more complicated the panel doesn't 
            just have 3 selections, there are 15 on both the effects and sound
            effects lists, and the track selection has 16 music tracks in a 
            scrolling list.
            Below this is a green bar which will tell you what each button and 
            filter/sound effect is. The X button is always stop.
                            | Square     | Triangle   | Circle     | X
            Visual Effect 1 | Negative   | Colors     | Gradation  | Stop
            Visual Effect 2 | Split 4x   | Split 9x   | Split 16x  | Stop
            Visual Effect 3 | Blur       | Diffuse    | Rectangle  | Stop
            Visual Effect 4 | Overlap    | Cube       | Mirror     | Stop
            Visual Effect 5 | Rewind     | Pause      | Forward    | Stop
            Sound Effect 1  | Engine Rev | Squeal     | Crash      | Stop
            Sound Effect 2  | Clapping   | Cowbell    | Cymbal     | Stop
            Sound Effect 3  | Whoo!      | Ahh!       | Yeehaa!    | Stop
            Sound Effect 4  | Check it...| Here we... | Come On    | Stop
            Sound Effect 5  | Speedy     | Warning    | Too Slow   | Stop
            The 16 music tracks are the same ones from throughout the game. 
            Choose which one sounds good to you and start it as you record.
         >> Replay Selection [5]
            Here is the other major section. This mini screen is your replay 
            selector. On the left hand side are the camera angles. 
            To select one to go into the box labeled "replay", you use the 
            left analog stick. Pushing up or down selects the angle type. 
            Pushing right will put it in the selected slot. Pushing left 
            when one is already selected will remove it. Pushing L3 will 
            automatically swap and cut to the next angle above. 
            The selections you can make camera wise are Front (from the 
            front), Back (from the back), Roll (circling the car), Driver
            (from the front of the car), and Auto (automatic selection).
         >> Source Selection [6]
            This is your effects adder. It adds a selection of pre-rendered
            visual over the movie. All of them you would have seen if you
            watched the opening movie when you booted up the game.
            The source selection works exactly like the Replay only the
            selection directions have changed and you're using the right
            stick instead. Here's a recap anyway.
            To select a source to go into the box, you will use the right
            analog stick. Pushing up or down selects the source, pushing
            left will put it into the selected slot. Pushing right when
            one is selected will remove it. And again, pushing down on the
            stick (this time it's R3) will automatically swap and load the
            next source. The effects are... as labeled.
            flashing [motordrive] (11 seconds long)
            Timeless [KAZUMiX] (8 seconds long)
            Get Ready [KAZUMix] (8 seconds long)
            NRG Flow [KAZUMiX] (8 seconds long)
            colorwind [motordrive] (9 seconds long)
            The Dancing Arrow [osamucom] (4 seconds long)
            speedometer [motordrive] (15 seconds long)
            Avator [osamucom] (8 seconds long)
            slowdown [motordrive] (8 seconds long)
            rainbowbar [motordrive] (12 seconds long)
            mindspace [motordrive] (10 seconds long)
            lenz [motordrive] (8 seconds long)
            Don't Stop [KAZUMix] (8 seconds long)
            Tranceform [KAZUMiX] (8 seconds long)
            hexmap [motordrive] (12 seconds long)
         >> Menu Bar [7]
            And finally the menu bar. Pushing select as it suggests brings up the
            help bar. 12 tips for using this layout. It also has some sample 
            movies too. The start button brings up the main menu. This has the 4 
            main options here. Record, Save, Play, and Exit. 
            Hitting record will count down a 3 second timer before it begins 
            recording, so make sure you have everything set to start when the 
            counter is finished. When you have finished recording, hit start 
            again to stop the "tape" - from here you can view it in Play.
            Bringing up the play option will give the choice of watching it in 
            the small window or at full screen, looping it or showing it just 
            once, and showing the recording in memory or have a sample played.
            When you have your completed work you can save it as well. Saved 
            edit videos will have a VJ mark beside them. You'll only be able to
            play them in this mode. Opening a replay in the normal theater will
            show the original race replay. 
            And finally, exit will allow you to quit editing and return back to
            the main game. 
      I hope this explanation of the VJ&t mode has been helpful in starting some
      quick replay editing. Here's to some great remixed replay video.
      06  //  c a r   &   p a r t s   l i s t i n g
      You know, I didn't know what I got myself into starting this section. For
      the time being there is just the basic info, but I'm probably going to have
      to get more indepth in later revisions. Any additional info about any of 
      the cars by players are welcome.
      Each car is labeled by a number. This will be used later to show if it can
      be equipped/altered with parts. Each maker is split into just two parts - 
      cars, and dress parts. Notes will be left below Dress Parts about the tune
      parts. If the car matching the number can use/equip a part it will have a 
      Y for Yes beside it. If not, a N for No. 
      To also save me major headaches, I haven't gone as far as to make a list of 
      companies involved in the Tune Up parts section. This is mainly because I 
      don't think it's important to the racing. You can just select what you think
      is most suitable as a maker of parts for the car.
      Likewise, the combination of stickers is too massive to list for each maker 
      and make of car, so they have also been flagged. Do keep note that some 
      stickers can't be used on certain cars. 
      This section contains the following mini-chapters. To find a specific 
      chapter, press Ctrl+F and insert the chaper number (eg. 06.06) to go straight
      to that chapter.
      06.01. - Toyota
      06.01. - Toyota
         >> Toyota Car Listing
            > Car #01 - Supra RZ (JZA80) 
              Acceleration: ****
              Handling    : ****
              Max Speed   : *****
              Classed - A / FR
              Power   - 280ps / 5600rpm
              Torque  - 46.0kg-m / 3600rpm
              "Equipped with a 2JZ-GT sequential turbo, the Supra's powerful 
               6MT makes the heavy body feal light. (Japanese Version)"
            > Car #02 - MR2 GT2 (SW20)
              Acceleration: **
              Handling    : **
              Max Speed   : **
              Classed - B / MR
              Power   - 245ps / 6000rpm
              Torque  - 31.0kg-m / 4000rpm
              "This 2nd-generation car has a powerful 3S-GTE engine. It's 
               midship turbo requires skill. (Japanese Version)"
            > Car #03 - Lexus IS 200 (SXE10)
              Accleration: **
              Handling   : **
              Max Speed  : ***
              Classed - B / FR
              Power   - 210ps / 7600rpm
              Torque  - 22.0kg-m / 6400rpm
              "This FR sports car has a 3S-GE with titanium alloy valves 
               and smooth-accelerating dual VVT-is."
            > Car #04 - Celica SS-I (ZZT231)
              Accleration: **
              Handling   : ****
              Max Speed  : **
              Classed - B / FF
              Power   - 190ps / 7600rpm
              Torque  - 18.4kg-m / 6800rpm
              "This futuristic speciality coupe is the 8th model in its 
               series, and has a 190ps 2ZZ-GE engine. (Japanese Version)"
            > Car #05 - Toyota 2000GT (MF10)
              Accleration: **
              Handling   : ***
              Max Speed  : ***
              Classed - B / FR
              Power   - 150ps / 6600rpm        
              Torque  - 18.0kg-m / 5000rpm
              "Toyota and Yamaha collaborated to create this record 
               breaking car that was even used in a 007 film. (Japanese 
            > Car #06 - MR2 (ZZW30)
              Acceleration: ***
              Handling    : **
              Max Speed   : **
              Classed - C / MR
              Power   - 140ps / 6400rpm
              Torque  - 17.4kg-m / 4400rpm
              "Succeeding the MR2, this open 2-seater has a midship 140ps 
               1ZZ-FE engine with sequential MT."
            > Car #07 - Levin 3door 1600GT APEX (AE86)
              Acceleration: **
              Handling    : **
              Max Speed   : **
              Classed - C / FR
              Power   - 130ps / 6600rpm
              Torque  - 15.2kg-m / 52000rpm
              "The AE86 with a 4A-G on a FR layout and 4-wheel disc brakes 
               is still popular today. (Japanese Version)"
            > Car #08 - Trueno 3door GT APEX (AE86)
              Acceleration: **
              Handling    : **
              Max Speed   : **
              Classed - C / FR
              Power   - 130ps / 6600rpm
              Torque  - 15.2kg-m / 52000rpm 
              "With equal performance to its relative the Levin, the Treno 
               looks even more sporty. (Japanese Version)."
            > Car #09 - Corolla Levin (TE27)
              Acceleration: **
              Handling    : *
              Max Speed   : **
              Classed - C / FR
              Power   - 115ps / 6400rpm
              Torque  - 14.5kg-m / 5200rpm
              "With it's light body, powerful 2T-G engine and over-fender, 
               this original Levin can handle all. (Japanese Version)"
            > Car #10 - Yaris (NCP13)
              Acceleration: **
              Handling    : **
              Max Speed   : **
              Classed - C / FF
              Power   - 110ps / 6000rpm
              Torque  - 14.6kg-m / 4200rpm
              "This compact minicar is fast and agile, and comes equipped 
               with a 4-wheel disc brake RS."
            > Car #11 - Toyota Sports800 (UP15)
              Acceleration: *
              Handling    : *
              Max Speed   : *
              Classed - C / FR
              Power   - 45ps / 5400rpm
              Torque  - 6.8kg-m / 3800rpm
              "This car's small engine produces only 45ps, but it's light 
               body allows speeds up to 155kmph. (Japanese Version)"
         >> Toyota Dress Parts
            v - parts |||| cars - > |01|02|03|04|05|06|07|08|09|10|11|
            Hood - Normal           |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |
            Hood - VeilSide         |Y |N |N |N |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |
            Hood - TRD              |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Hood - Border           |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Hood - Pheonix          |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Hood - C-One            |N |N |Y |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Hood - West             |N |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Hood - Original         |N |N |N |Y |Y |Y |N |N |Y |Y |Y |
            Hood - Original 2       |N |N |N |N |Y |N |N |N |Y |N |Y |
            Hood - SSWork's         |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |Y |N |N |N |
            Hood - TBO              |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |Y |N |N |N |
            Hood - Unico Zone       |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |N |
            Mirrors - Normal        |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |
            Mirrors - Original      |Y |N |Y |Y |Y |Y |N |N |Y |Y |Y |
            Mirrors - Original 2    |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Mirrors - Sard          |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Mirrors - Pheonix       |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Mirrors - Craft Square  |N |N |Y |Y |Y |Y |N |N |Y |Y |Y |
            Mirrors - SSWork's      |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |Y |N |N |N |
            Mirrors - East Bear     |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |Y |N |N |N |
            Front Aero - Normal     |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |
            Front Aero - West       |Y |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Front Aero - TRD        |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Front Aero - GReddy     |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Front Aero - VeilSide   |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Front Aero - Sard       |N |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |N |
            Front Aero - C-One      |N |N |N |Y |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |
            Front Aero - Varis      |N |N |N |Y |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |
            Front Aero - Original   |N |N |N |N |Y |N |N |N |Y |N |Y |
            Front Aero - Original 2 |N |N |N |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |Y |
            Front Aero - SSWork's   |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |Y |N |N |N |
            Front Aero - TBO        |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |Y |N |N |N |
            Front Aero - RS Hamada  |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |N |N |
            Front Aero - Unico Zone |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |N |
            Side Aero - Normal      |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |
            Side Aero - West        |Y |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Side Aero - TRD         |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Side Aero - GReddy      |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Side Aero - VeilSide    |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Side Aero - Sard        |N |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |N |
            Side Aero - C-One       |N |N |N |Y |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |
            Side Aero - Varis       |N |N |N |Y |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |
            Side Aero - Original    |N |N |N |N |Y |N |N |N |Y |N |Y |
            Side Aero - Original 2  |N |N |N |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |Y |
            Side Aero - SSWork's    |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |Y |N |N |N |
            Side Aero - TBO         |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |Y |N |N |N |
            Side Aero - RS Hamada   |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |N |N |
            Side Aero - Unico Zone  |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |N |
            Rear Aero - Normal      |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |
            Rear Aero - West        |Y |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Rear Aero - TRD         |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Rear Aero - GReddy      |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Rear Aero - VeilSide    |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Rear Aero - Sard        |N |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |N |
            Rear Aero - C-One       |N |N |N |Y |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |
            Rear Aero - Varis       |N |N |N |Y |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |
            Rear Aero - Original    |N |N |N |N |Y |N |Y |Y |Y |N |Y |
            Rear Aero - Original 2  |N |N |N |N |Y |N |N |N |Y |N |Y |
            Rear Aero - SSWork's    |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |Y |N |N |N |
            Side Aero - Unico Zone  |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |N |
            Wing - Normal           |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |
            Wing - West             |Y |Y |N |N |Y |Y |N |N |Y |Y |Y |
            Wing - TRD              |Y |N |N |N |N |N |Y |Y |N |N |N |
            Wing - VeilSide         |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Wing - Sard             |N |N |Y |Y |N |N |N |N |N |Y |N |
            Wing - C-One            |N |N |Y |Y |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |
            Wing - Original         |N |N |N |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |Y |
            Wing - SSWork's         |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |Y |N |N |N |
            Wing - RS Hamada        |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |N |N |
            Lights - Normal         |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |
            Lights - West           |Y |N |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |N |
            Lights - VeilSide       |Y |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |
            Lights - Original       |N |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |N |Y |
            Lights - Original 2     |N |Y |N |Y |Y |Y |N |Y |Y |N |Y |
            Lights - SSWork's       |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |N |N |N |N |
            Lights - Unico Zone     |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |N |Y |N |
            All wheels can be equipped on Toyota Models except for numbers 98-108.
            All cars don't have the ability to adjust a turbine in tune up
            except for cars one and two. 
      MORE TO COME...
      07  //  p r i z e   &   g a r a g e   l i s t i n g s / b o n u s   m o d e s
      Ahh... bonus items. It's always nice getting something special for your 
      efforts, and auto modellista is no different. There are a selection of bonus
      cars, items, stickers, and options for you to get. 
      Please not that this section is still being worked on. More info will be 
      added in future revisions.
      This section contains the following mini-chapters. To find a specific 
      chapter, press Ctrl+F and insert the chapter number (e.g. 07.01) to go
      straight to that chapter.
      07.01. - Bonus & Garage Items
      07.02. - Bonus Modes
      07.01. - Bonus & Garage Items
      As you should be aware of by now, the game gives out numerous items for 
      winning races in the garage life mode. For each level of races there are a
      handful of set items. Aside from that, garage items are given out at random
      for placements. Here is a complete list of level specific items as well as a
      completed list of all the stickers and garage items.
      Firstly there are the set level prizes.
      You'll collect these prizes by winning all of the championships in each 
      level. You'll get them mixed with random prizes (see below) during your wins 
      on different events. 
      A added correction - Just an after thought, but you may get these prizes at 
      certain % complete. So you could do 2 races in level 1, then 2 in Level 2, 
      then finish all of Level 3 and get earlier prizes... I'm not sure right now, 
      I haven't tested it. I got these results by fully clearing all the races in 
      one level before moving onto the next. Please keep this in mind.
      As far as I also figure, a lot of the level prizes have to do with the fact
      that you win all of the races in that level in first place. Same with the 
      races where there is more than one race within the challenge - you need to
      get first place in every race to get everything. 
         >> Level 1
            Subaru 360 (K111)                - Car
            Engine Tune-up Lv. 1             - Tune-Up
            Weight Reduction Lv. 1           - Tune-Up
            Computer Tuning Lv. 1            - Tune-Up
            Honda AS800E                     - Car
            Small Championship Plaque        - Garage Item
         >> Level 2
            Toyota Sports800 (UP15)          - Car
            Engine Tune-up Lv. 2             - Tune-Up
            Weight Reduction Lv. 2           - Tune-Up
            Toyota Levin (TE27)              - Car
            Small Trophy                     - Garage Item 
         >> Level 3
            Computer Tuning Lv. 2            - Tune-Up
            Engine Tune-up Lv. 3             - Tune-Up
            Aeroparts                        - Dress-Up
            Mitsubishi Gallant GTOGS-R (A57) - Car
            Small Championship Cup           - Garage Item
         >> Level 4
            Mazda Savanna GT RX-3 (S124A)    - Car
            Engine Tune-up Lv. 4             - Tune-Up
            Nissan Skyline 2000GTR (KPGC10)  - Car
            Computer Tuning Lv. 3            - Tune-Up
            Nissan Fairlady Z432R (PS30)     - Car
            Nissan Fairlady 240ZG (HS30H)    - Car
            Large Championship Plaque        - Garage Item
         >> Level 5
            J(G)iotto DOME-Zero              - Car
            Weight Reduction Lv. 3           - Tune-Up
            Large Trophy                     - Garage Item
         >> Level 6
            Mazda Cosmo21                    - Car
            Gorgeous Trophy                  - Garage Item 
         >> Final (Level 7)
            Credits Movie                    - n/a
            Mitsuoka Orochi                  - Car
            J(G)iotto Caspita                - Car
            Engine Tune-up Lv. 5             - Tune-Up
            Large Championship Cup           - Garage Item
            Tamiya Racing Track              - Additional Track
         >> Race Numbers
            Special Championship Plaque      - 150 races
            Special Trophy                   - 200 races
            Special Championship Cup         - 300 races
         >> Further Completion Bonus'*
            Toyota 2000Gt (MF10)             - Car
            Shop Auto Modellista             - Additional Feature
            * - Earning these two unlockables takes more races than just 
            completing the seven levels. However I'm still confused as to 
            what made them unlock. My status at the time was:
            Hours Played - 11 hours 14 minutes
            Races - 92
            Winning % - 95%
            Completion %'s - 70/100/94.7/100/100
            I'm currently leaning towards them being a bonus for getting a 
            winning percentage because the race level is not a round figure, 
            and there shouldn't be anything in the time or overall 
            completion %. If anyone has a definite answer for me, please 
            *** UPDATE ***
            I've been flooded with e-mails giving race stats. The majority
            however have noted they got the extras during the 3rd level. 
            Still haven't figured out how... maybe it's through racing 
            enough races in the 2nd or 3rd level, however regardless you 
            should get the final extras somewhere on the way to collecting
            everything. My current lean has moved away from race percentages, 
            and towards this now.
      Then there are the random earnables.
      These are the various random earnables you can collect by winning. However 
      even if you finish all of the levels you'll find that you'll only have 
      60-something % of these items collected according to the status screen. 
      To collect the rest of them you'll have to keep on winning races.
      My suggestion (which seems clear for not wasting time) is to keep entering 
      the Level 1 races. The best one would be the 1 lap osaka hi.way challenge.
      Entering that with a completely tuned up class A car, the single lap will 
      be only about a minute. 
      When you get to roughly less than 20 items still to collect however the 
      game will force you into repeating all of the races (that's every 
      competition cup) to start collecting the last remaining items. 
      Also note that 100% in the status screen is earned at 30/30 stickers, 
      57/57 posters, and 82/85 garage items. This is because the last three 
      locked garage items are linked to the overall completeness of the game 
      (which I understand it is having a certain number of races under your belt 
       - but I haven't gotten there to know if that is correct just yet). 
      Anyway, here is the list of items:
         >> Car Stickers
            Sticker Sample 05 - Snake          | Sticker Sample 18 - Wing
            Sticker Sample 06 - Lion           | Sticker Sample 19 - Guitar
            Sticker Sample 07 - Bull           | Sticker Sample 20 - Borders
            Sticker Sample 08 - Skull          | Sticker Sample 21 - Borders II
            Sticker Sample 09 - Sweet Heart!!  | Sticker Sample 22 - Borders III
            Sticker Sample 10 - Medal          | Sticker Sample 23 - Heart
            Sticker Sample 11 - Dragon         | Sticker Sample 24 - Fire
            Sticker Sample 12 - Dragon II      | Sticker Sample 25 - Borders IV
            Sticker Sample 13 - UK Flag        | Sticker Sample 26 - Eagle
            Sticker Sample 14 - US Flag        | Sticker Sample 27 - Chimera
            Sticker Sample 15 - No Sign        | Sticker Sample 28 - Moon
            Sticker Sample 16 - Flowers        | Sticker Sample 29 - Flaming Face
            Sticker Sample 17 - Lighting Fist  | Sticker Sample 30 - Grim Reaper
         >> Garage Posters
            No.  4 - Gulf Oil Poster           | No. 33 - MICHELIN Retro Poster (E)
            No.  5 - Snap-on Poster            | No. 34 - MICHELIN Retro Poster (F)
            No.  8 - TOMY Poster               | No. 35 - MICHELIN Retro Poster (G)
            No. 10 - elf Poster                | No. 36 - MICHELIN Retro Poster (H)
            No. 11 - BRIDGESTONE Poster (B)    | No. 37 - MICHELIN Retro Poster (I)
            No. 12 - DUNLOP Poster             | No. 38 - MICHELIN Retro Sign (A)
            No. 13 - ADVAN Poster              | No. 39 - MICHELIN Retro Sign (B)
            No. 14 - ENEKI Poster              | No. 40 - MICHELIN Retro Sign (C)
            No. 15 - OZ Poster                 | No. 41 - auto modellista Poster(B)
            No. 16 - WORK Poster               | No. 42 - auto modellista Logo
            No. 17 - SSR Poster                | No. 43 - auto modellista Poster(C)
            No. 18 - Watanabe Poster           | No. 44 - auto modellista Poster(D)
            No. 19 - RAYS Poster               | No. 45 - ALPINE Poster
            No. 20 - RECARO Poster             | No. 46 - Snap-on Metal Sign (A)
            No. 21 - FALKEN Poster             | No. 47 - Snap-on Metal Sign (B)
            No. 22 - TAMIYA Poster             | No. 48 - Snap-on Metal Sign (C)
            No. 23 - Steering Wheel (A)        | No. 49 - Snap-on Small Frisbee
            No. 24 - Steering Wheel (B)        | No. 50 - Snap-on Metal Sign (D)
            No. 25 - Steering Wheel (C)        | No. 51 - Snap-on Metal Sign (E)
            No. 26 - Castrol Retro Poster (A)  | No. 52 - DUNLOP Retro Poster (A)
            No. 27 - Castrol Retro Poster (B)  | No. 53 - DUNLOP Retro Poster (B)
            No. 28 - Castrol Retro Sign        | No. 54 - DUNLOP Retro Poster (C)
            No. 29 - MICHELIN Retro Poster (A) | No. 55 - DUNLOP Retro Sign (A)
            No. 30 - MICHELIN Retro Poster (B) | No. 56 - DUNLOP Retro Sign (B)
            No. 31 - MICHELIN Retro Poster (C) | No. 57 - DUNLOP Retro Sign (C)
            No. 32 - MICHELIN Retro Poster (D) | 
         >> Garage Floor Items
            No.  4 - Triple Shelf (L)          | No. 51 - Servbot Figure (A)
            No.  5 - Battery                   | No. 52 - Servbot Figure (B)
            No.  6 - Gas Tank                  | No. 53 - Full-face Helmet
            No.  8 - Snap-On Hydraulic Jack    | No. 54 - Rally Helmet
            No.  9 - Triple Shelf (S)          | No. 55 - Racing Gloves
            No. 11 - Horizontal Tire Stand     | No. 56 - Wooden Triple Shelf
            No. 12 - Snap-on Top Chest (A)     | No. 57 - Wooden Triple Box Shelf
            No. 13 - Drum Can                  | No. 58 - Low Board (Shelf)
            No. 18 - Mountain Bike (A)         | No. 59 - Castrol Retro Oil Tank(L)
            No. 19 - Mountain Bike (B)         | No. 60 - Castrol Retro Oil Tank(M)
            No. 20 - RECARO Seat               | No. 61 - Castrol Retro Oil Tank(S)
            No. 21 - Radio                     | No. 62 - Castrol Retro Oil Can (A)
            No. 22 - Stereo                    | No. 63 - Castrol Retro Oil Can (B)
            No. 23 - Surfboard                 | No. 64 - Castrol Retro Oil Can (C)
            No. 24 - Director's Chair          | No. 65 - Castrol Retro Oil Can (D)
            No. 25 - Dolly                     | No. 66 - Castrol Retro Oil Can (E)
            No. 28 - Weight Training Set       | No. 67 - Castrol Handy Oil Can
            No. 30 - Snap-on Seat Creeper      | No. 68 - PENNZOIL Oil Can (B)
            No. 31 - Portable Air Compressor   | No. 69 - PENNZOIL Oil Can (C)
            No. 32 - Tool Roll Cab (B)         | No. 70 - Gulf Oil Can (B)
            No. 33 - Snap-on Battery Charger   | No. 71 - Gulf Oil Can (C)
            No. 34 - Steel Cart                | No. 72 - elf Oil Can (B)
            No. 36 - Parts Washer              | No. 73 - elf Oil Can (C)
            No. 37 - Snap-on Blast Cabinet     | No. 74 - elf Oil Can (D)
            No. 38 - Air Compressor            | No. 75 - DUNLOP Retro Oil Can
            No. 39 - Snap-on Roll Cart         | No. 76 - Large Championship Plaque
            No. 40 - Snap-on Parts Washer      | No. 77 - Small Championship Plaque
            No. 41 - Snap-on Modular Workbench | No. 78 - Gorgeous Trophy
            No. 42 - Snap-on Top Chest (B)     | No. 79 - Large Trophy
            No. 43 - Snap-on Top Chest (C)     | No. 80 - Small Trophy
            No. 44 - Snap-on Roll Cab (B)      | No. 81 - Large Championship Cup
            No. 45 - Snap-on Adjustable Creeper| No. 82 - Small Championship Cup
            No. 46 - Snap-on Metal Box         | No. 83 - Sp. Champsionship Plaque
            No. 47 - Snap-on Waste Oil Drain   | No. 84 - Special Trophy
            No. 49 - Bibendum Figure (Large)   | No. 85 - Special Champsionship Cup
            No. 50 - Bibendum Figure (Small)   | 
      07.02. - Bonus Modes
      There are just two major bonus unlockables in auto modellista beyond the 
      bonus items and cars unlocked above. They are mentioned in the list, but here 
      is more detail about them.
         >> Tamiya Racing Track
            Once you've completed all 7 levels of the racing mode this track
            unlocks. It's accessible in test run in the garage life mode as well
            as being accessible through the races in arcade mode (standard single
            race and time attack options).
            This turns any car you choose into a Tamiya RCC and puts you on a 
            fairly large track to race around. 
            I've had a few people e-mail to explain that you'll only get this
            by finishing EVERY race (even the ones with two or three races for 
            one cup) in first place in all 7 levels. 
            I sadly had no idea about this because I finished them all in first 
            the first time around and therefore just thought you got it as a 
            "standard" finishing bonus. Appologies to all. Now you know. 
         >> Auto Modellista Shop
            Once you've gotten to a point in the races (personally I'm still 
            going for winning % over 95% right now) you'll win both your final
            car and the auto modellista shop option. This option is the 
            "secret" option that was on your garage listing.
            So what is the am shop option? Well it allows you to take any 
            engine from the same companies car and drop it into your current car
            in the garage. While it's not a great idea to drop lower grade car 
            engines in higher grade cars, on the flip side you can take lower
            grade cars and put in grade A car parts making them just as fast.
            I'm sure you were wondering why Capcom was giving you a lot of older
            lower grade cars as bonus'? This is why. You can have famous cars of 
            the past, but with the abilities of the fastest cars in the game.
            Eduardo Pena wrote in with a trick for tweaking cars using the shop:
            "I took the Toyota Sports 800 and dumped the Toyota Supra (276HP)
             engine into it. The shop tells you that you can't upgrade the 
             engine or the car after this, but I found out a trick that lets 
             you add a racing muffler, the weight reduction, and such. Simply 
             put the engine in the car, and instead of upgrading the car 
             manually like you normally would, have the computer "Easy Tune" 
             the car for a certain track. Have it tune the car for max speed 
             and whatever grip style you like. On my game, it put the 3rd 
             level weight reduction on the car as well as a racing muffler. 
             I could then go in and change the tires, brakes, suspension, 
             transmission and all of the settings.
            "What do you get after all of this? Try a C class car that can go 
             at least 210MPH or more if you can learn to control it!"
            Thanks Eduardo. 
      08  //  f r e q u e n t l y   a s k e d   q u e s t i o n s
      I'm leaving this space open for some FAQ's. I really should know some by now
      but I only know what's in this guide so far. If you have any questions that
      needed to be known, please feel free to ask.
      Q - My item stats still says 99% - what do I have left to collect?
      A - Yeah, I had this same issue at first as well. Ends up that one of the 
          race levels either needs to be raced a certain number of times (like 4 
          or 5 before it will cough up the extra few items). The safest way to 
          make sure you get everything is just to replay every single race in 
          every single level over and over a few times. I know it sounds boring
          but the races you do will go towards the final race total and your 
          overall completeness of AM anyway.
      Q - How to I race with the secret cars I unlocked?
      A - I somehow forgot to make sure this was noted, so a few people didn't 
          know how to do this.
          It's as simple as changing your car.
          In the main garage, choose "change cars" then "normal car." At this stage
          you'll be asked if you wish to save your current car to the sub garage. 
          Do so if you wish. Either way you'll be taken back to the car selection
          option. From here you can pick a make and model, including any bonus 
          secret cars you've so far unlocked.
      Q - How do you get the bonus extras in the race mode.
      A - What I currently do know is in secion seven, right before this one. To
          avoid having to repeat myself, go read that one. 
      Q - My cars engine, computer, and weight reduction automatically reset
          themselves after a couple of races. What gives?
      A - Well apart from you doing auto-tuning adjustments it does sound weird.
          However I generally end up adjusting every race or couple of races anyway
          and hadn't noticed. If it's doing it by itself then well... crap.
      Q - What does the US version have over the PAL version?
      A - Well.... *ahem*
          - Free online play (with a Network Adapter) 
          - Broadband online compatible 
          - Nine additional vehicles including classic American muscle cars: 
            Chevrolet Camaro Z28
            Chevrolet Corvette
            Ford Mustang GT
            Ford GT
            Dodge Viper GTS
            Shelby Cobra 427 Competition
            Acura Integra Type-R
            Hyundai Tiburon
            Hyundai Accent Rally Car 
          - 100+ Additional tuning parts 
          - 3 new tracks 
          - More types of races 
          - Improved car physics allowing for more power-sliding 
          - Improved opponent car A.I. will create an even more exciting 
          - All-new opening demo 
          - Additional several pieces of background music 
          - Tuned game menu design for user-friendly access 
          - Adjusted replay camera to offer an even cooler looking action 
          So in other words, quite a bit. >:(
      Q - How do you unlock "insert American extra" in AM?
      A - How would I know. This guide is, while roughly covering everything,
          based on the PAL version, so I have no clue. Sorry. 
      Q - What's the deal with this "US-tuned" edition in Japan?
      A - Capcom is releasing Auto Modellista to GameCube with all of the US 
          features and minus the online play. They are also re-releasing the game
          on PS2 (probably at a lower price) with all of the US features and the
          online play still in it, too. The title of these released versions is
          Auto Modellista "US-tuned" - there is no word on if Capcom Europe is
          to release the game in Europe again, but we'll see. X-Box releases are 
          also on their way apparently.
      09  //  r e v i s i o n   h i s t o r y
      version two - 15th April 2003
      Car section begun. So far all there is listed is the Toyota car listing and
      dressing parts noted. More cars will be added in future updates.
      Extras added to the special section.
      New FAQ's.
      Some minor corrections and updates made throughout some parts of the guide.
      version one - 21st March 2003
      First edition of the guide. It's complete as a first guide can be, but still
      needs a lot of work.
      Future Planned Updates:
      - More Detail on the Tuning Guide
      - Add Section on Painting Logos
      - Car and Parts Section
      10  //  t h e   e n d   b i t
      It is now time to go. But not before some thanks and shout outs.
      This Guide!
      Capcom and the am team - For a better game than I expected
      THQ Australia - For offering up Capcom goodies as a prize.
      PSW Australia - For drawing me as a winner, and to David Wildgoose for
                      sorting the postage quickly.
      DaMiEnCrOsS69 - For e-mailing me with important race stats.
      Shaun Distor  - For likewise. 
      Peter Nguyen  - Again, as above. 
      Kodbunta      - For some good questions.
      The Usuals!
      - Everyone who's supported my online projects.
      - Stix (Jason Buckley) for the years of support and the forum
        hosting. StixFX.com for all your forum hosting needs.
      - Rammy for being himself :p
      - Roody (Michael Baroody) for giving me so much support with
        RESitez.com - I don't know if the site would still be around
        without you.
      - Pure Evil - Who would have guessed you'd been living a farce
        online like that. Well at least you told us you weren't a guy
      - Solidus - As usual... what to say. :p
      - CJayC for hosting my guides on GameFAQ's (as if I couldn't
        put this somewhere).
      - And finally, my forum members at New Blood who are an ever
        existing source of fun, information, and everything else.
        This guide is for you.
      Personal Websites:
      Resident Evil: A New Blood
      2003 - RMc (mcgregorr@xtra.co.nz)
      Learn about Bibendum - "The Michelin Man"
      ...the end...

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