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"Worth the Hype??"

When I first heard about a new cel-shaded racing game on the PS2, I didn't really have a reaction. But when I laid my eyes on the graphics of Auto Modellista for the first time, my jaws nearly dropped. The game looked amazing, and it was incredibly hyped. Unfortunately, I wasn't selected for the beta testing, but oh well. I did finally get my hands on it...

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics for Auto Modellista are just stunning. Who knew that a cel-shaded racing game could look this beautiful? The cars are greatly detailed, and most players will be able to identify the cars. The developers did a great job of creating a sense of speed. Even though it's just white lines around the car, it still looks pretty groovy.

The tracks were designed carefully, and most of the lighting is in realtime. Great lighting effects and that is the thing that stands out. The rain also looked pretty good bouncing off the car, but why doesn't it bounce off the concrete on the track??

Unfortunately, no car damage. Actual car models, so they couldn't do it.

Gameplay: 9/10

''Arcade'' mode. Who doesn't know what that is? Pick a car, select a track, select a soundtrack, and race.

''Garage Life'' is what you can call the career mode.
One of the major fallbacks of this mode, is that you can start off with almost any car. Whether it be the Nissan Skyline, Dodge Viper, or Toyota Supra. Yeah, you may think it's cool at first, but then it just gets boring. So in this mode, you pick a car. Soup it up. Customize the look of your car by adding decals, body kits, and spoilers. And then race. When ever you win a race, you unlock special items that you can put in your garage. Players are able to customize their garage to their liking. Pretty cool if you ask me. You also get better upgrade parts and hints in e-mails after races.

''VJ & Theater'' mode is a pretty cool option. You can save replays, and make your own music video. You're able to add cool special effects, and pick your own song. It was a little confusing for me though, but a great idea overall.

The game can also be played online, but I have not gotten a chance to yet. But I've heard mixed feelings about online racing with Auto Modellista.

Sound: 6/10

The soundtrack for the game is pretty big. I remember seeing around twenty something songs give and take. It's pretty jazzy/rock type of music. Not bad, but not good.

The announcer could easily win the ''Most Annoying Announcer'' Award. He says the same crap over and over, and tries to suck up to you even when you lose. He's almost as annoying as the announcers on the SmackDown series!

As for sound effects, pretty good. The car's engines sound nice. Tire screeching and the whole nine yards.

Controls: 5/10

The downfall of the game. The game feels like you're driving on ice the whole entire race. The thing is, yes it's pretty annoying. But anybody can get use to it, and then it actually starts to get fun. I think that most of the professional's that reviewed this game graded it too harshly. Most people will probably give up their first race, but honestly, it's easy to get use to.

The game physics for the game are also pretty bad. Many people seem to use a cheap trick called ''wall-bouncing'', and it works extremely well in AM. If you're going 185 MPH and hit the wall on a left curve, your car will straighten out and you will be going at 114 MPH.

Overall Average: 7/10

Honestly in my mind, this game could have been a Gran Turismo beater. You guys probably think I'm crazy right now. I seriously hope Capcom plans to make another AM, and improve the control and handling. They also need to include a money system!

Until my next review, ''Keep rockin' baby!''

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/18/03, Updated 07/18/03

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