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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Sundancer

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/11/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dragon's Lair 3D
    Copyright 2003 by Sundancer
    Walkthrough version 2.00, by Sundancer, bluejester12@hotmail.com  5-22-04
    For private use only.  Permission required to borrow/reproduce in any format.
    This guide will give you a basic walkthrough through the game.  I
    provided a list of all the treasures and possibly all the heart/mana
    containers, at least the ones I've discovered.  Since this game lets you know
    how many treasures are on each level I've put them in CAPS for easier finding.
    I thought it would be more user-friendly then a list.
    ****BASIC TIPS****
    *If you find yourself facing more than one enemy, I recommend avoiding the
    lock-on.  Run in circles around the enemies, swinging.  You may not see the
    enemy, but you'll have a better chance of hitting them without getting cheap
    shotted.  Use the crossbow for flying enemies or when there isn't much room to
    move around.
    *Giddy Goons--These guys either have swords or crossbows.  Either way you
    should run in and smack them ASAP.  They'll become dizzy then finish them off.
    In groups, you should run circles around them.
    *Grunts--So I named the purple guys with long spears.  You should run in ASAP
    as well.  If there is more than one present consider the crossbow, or run
    circles around them swinging wildly.  Otherwise their spears can be annoying.
    *Cyclop Worms*--block works well on these guys
    *Dragonlings--These come in different levels of toughness.  Some you should
    avoid.  Green spew gas, red just float around, but the black ones are the
    toughest and shoot electricity.  Running wildly and swinging is a good tactic
    if you have room, making use of the lock-on feature.  If you don't switch to
    the crossbow.
    *Knights--best defeated while standing still; watch your back in groups.
    *Health--There's plenty of power-ups around, so don't worry too much about
    running out of health or mana.  If the mana bar gets too low it'll start to
    replenish itself.  Barrels can re-appear; another good way to get refills.
    *Dirk can jump on barrels and smash them.  Great for when you don't have time
    to fiddle hacking.
    *You can control Dirk while in mid-jump.  Very useful.
    * Gliding is a skill--it's great for breaking up a long fall or even
    controlling a very small dip.
    *Practice using lock on and switching between essences while running.
    *Whenever you can use the Dragon Eye, a white eye-like symbol will be on a
    nearby wall\par
    CONTROLS Xbox (from manual)
    y--auto face/lock on
    Left Trigger--Run
    Right Trigger--Crouch, helpful for walking on narrow beams
    Getting to the castle is pretty basic.  On the first level watch out for
    boulders when you reach the second niche in the castle wall near a huge thorn.
    When you reach the drawbridge, slay the cyclops worm then go in.  Defeat the
    goon in the foyer.  Hit the barrels then the switch on the right to enter the
    room with the TREASURE.  Daphne will get mad, but ignore her.  At the
    intersection  grab the TREASURE in the upper left then head near the left door.
    Down the corridor a wall will fall open revealing a goon and more treasure.
    After this, go through the next, careful not to step on the area near the
    chair or desk.  Climb the bookcase and hit a switch.  The gap in the floor will
    close allowing you to climb to the GOBLET. Another hallway and goon and you're
    in what looks like a library.  Head down the middle of the room.
    Careful: books will fly at you. Collect the TREASURE on the table.  Up ahead is
    a torch that Daphne says is drafty.  Hit it to open a corridor with another
    TREASURE.  Go back to where you came in and take the other way.  Somersault
    down where the books fly.  Head around and to the niche on the right to avoid
    the moving bookcase.  Go upstairs and defeat more books by waiting for them to
    come into your sword swing.  Jump across the boards, noticing the GOBLET on
    your right.  A bookcase will fall, startling Dirk.  Up ahead is a hole.  See
    the top of the bookcase near the railing? Jump forward in that direction, and
    in midair angle towards the hole.  You will avoid the bookcase that would
    crush you.  Grab the GOLD just before going through the door.
    Cool....Irish-like music.  The door in front of you is locked.  If you try to
    go left a table will rise and smack you.  Climb up the wall to its left to
    enter the second section of the room. Beat the goon and get the red potion on
    the table.  Keep going till you get to a dead end with barrels.  Climb the
    bookcase on the left and running jump to reach the GOBLET on the ledge.  Smash
    the barrels and somersault to get the gold key.  Go back and unlock the door.
    Now you're in a room with a stream of fire coming from a furnace.  Somersault
    under the stream and hit the switch next to the table.  Hit the other switch
    and go into a carpeted hallway.  Two goons are ahead.  Past them is a room
    with big tables that don't like you.  Kill the goon then go around the room
    where a ladder is behind a column.  After the first rope swing is a switch that
    like part of the railing.  Hit it to open the way to a CROWN.
    Swing over to the switch and don't worry about the chairs.  Hit it and swing
    Drop down, another door.  You're in another carpeted hallway.  A giant hand
    carries Daphne
    off.  Kill the goon then collect the TREASURE on the right of the carpet.  Go
    Daphne and air will suck you in.
    Go straight to find yourself in a very unhappy hallway with flames and
    catapults.  Time your way the best you can, hiding in the middle when you have
    to.  Make your way along the chains then down to a switch beyond the catapults.
    Backtrack to the door it opens.  You can climb the chains and get the DIAMOND
    on the beam if you want.  Get the GOLD just to the left then proceed
    slowly to the ropes over the fire pit.  The angle is fixed, so do the best you
    can, being patient with the last rope.  In the next hallway look out for a fire
    arrow shooting right at you.  They don't hurt much, but can be annoying.  Then
    you'll be in a room with more catapults and fire that pulses from the wall.
    There's a switch on the catapult that will let you navigate this room.  Then
    you meet a knight statue and Daphne gives great advice.  The next chamber has
    two statues.  TREASURE is straight ahead, around a rock.  Go between the
    statues to find the mana cell.  Pick it up and head back.  Drop the cell when
    the knights come alive.  Kill them; you shouldn't have to run around much.
    Bring the cell to the knight you passed in the previous room.  Kill him then
    get the HEART CONTAINER in the alcove.
    Pick up the cell and go through the new door.  Place the cell on the pedestal
    then kill the new knights that appear, careful not to get surrounded.  Go up
    the stairs that form from nowhere.  Kill the knight and keep going to find
    barrels and TREASURE on top of a column.  Get ready for the Robot Knight.
    The knight sends electricity via the floor tiles your way.  Anticpate gaps and
    jump to the knight.  The first wave you can jump over completely.  Hit the
    knight the instant you reach him.  He'll vanish to the other end of the room.
    Rinse and repeat.  If you need to, hang back a bit and look for the gaps; they
    are always in the same spot.  See which tiles are safe and head for
    those between waves.  After three hits you get the Dragon Ring.
    Now it looks like you're outside on an outcropping.  As you go forward a goon
    comes out of the door and two appear behind you.  Slash 'em then go into the
    chamber with three doors.  The knights come to life and two more goons.
    Afterwards, go through the door on the left.  Jump the gap in the bridge and
    get the MANA CONTAINER on the far right.  Two more goons, then go in the door
    near the bridge.  Kill the goons on the stairs and go in the door.
    Before you go up the appearing stairs, go around.  You will see a BAG OF GOLD
    on a ledge.  Climb up on the block then jump to the gold and you will grab it.
    Go up the appearing/vanishing stairs.  Three goons await you at the top.  Past
    them is a chamber with a blue potion under the first window on the left.
    There is a small niche past the second blue beam in the wall.  Somersault
    down, kill the goons, up the rope at the end, claim the potions, then get
    the HEART CONTAINER.  Backtrack.
    Goons and bats are here.  Focus on the goons; the one by the door has a
    In that door is a big room with brown goo for a floor.  Walk along the wood to
    the goon and hit the switch.  The column will rotate.  Head towards where a new
    bridge touches the wooden landing and cross past the column then jump to the
    ledge with BAG OF GOLD.  Head back to the switch and hit it twice more till the
    bridge rotates near you.  Cross over to the landing that looks like a dead end.
    Kill the goon that appears and head up the chain.  Far up is a floating ledge;
    you can see it better if you face the room as you climb.  Ahead is a switch and
    another goon from nowhere.  Hit the switch; column rotates again.  Cross to a
    plank that rises and falls to another floating ledge.  Hit that switch.  After
    the column rotates, head back down to the plank where you got on the rising
    plank and head down the other side.  There is a goon with a crossbow on the
    other side of a gap with a chain.  After he shoots jump on the chain, then over
    to finish him.  Down the chain, then jump and grab the ledge to get the DIAMOND
    hidden under the column's bridge.  Back up the chain to where the goon
    with the crossbow was, then up the chain to the other side.  Jump over to where
    the wall juts out at intervals.  Two goons appear.  With luck, they hop or get
    pushed off.  Ahead is a locked door.  Navigate the floating ledges beyond it
    to the middle of the room where two goons and a key await.  Unlock the door.
    Head right to get red and blue potions, being careful of the furniture.  Then
    proceed to the bookcase where books fly at you.  Enter the next wizard's room
    where a big cauldron is in the middle.  Goons will pop out of it.  Hurry to
    the table to get a red potion and a GOBLET.  Through the door, up the chain.
    Hurry through the bedroom before the wall closes.  More books, and avoid the
    robes that fly out of the wardrobe.  Now you're in what looks like a room with
    spinning globes.  Take a minute to survey the room.  See the two stones set in
    the cobblestone?  You have to stand on those to get the blue squares to rise.
    Go slowly forward and drop onto the bookcase, the drop left.  Books will come.
    Avoid the chair and table!  Go stand on the stones for about a few seconds,
    enough for the ledges to rise some.  If the globes give you trouble, try
    evasive running, somersaulting or blocking them.  Head to the ladder in the
    other corner where you came in.  Jump across the ledges up to the switch.  Hit
    it then drop down and into the door.
    "Sound is the key."  This chamber is cross shaped, with a barred door directly
    across from you.  Down each of the other ends is a goon with a crossbow and a
    bell.  Once you hit one bell you will have less than a minute to make your way
    to the other to hit it and open the barred door.  It doesn't matter which you
    do first, but make sure both goons are dead before you start the timer.  You
    don't have to shimmy far up the chains to jump; maybe once.  After the first
    bell two goons may appear.  Ignore them so you have time to hit the second
    bell.  When you get near the other door three goons will appear.  Stun each
    one in turn so you don't get crossbowed.  Grab the GOLD to the left.
    Now you're in a green circular room and you just finished off two more goons,
    Up the rope.  Rotate the camera to see the next rope with a spike going along
    it.  Wait till it reaches the top then hop to that rope, the next, then the
    landing.  Wait till the next spikey ball starts up and follow after it to the
    landing with a goon, then another, then one more with two goons.
    With each rope wait for the spikey thing to reach the ropes end and rise; hop
    on the rope after it, rotating the camera so you can see where to go next.
    There is one rope near a purple window where you'll have to hop on the rope
    after the spike ball goes below you.  Two goons, one with a crossbow--get 'em
    fast.  Jump-grab the floating platform, and jump onto the GOBLET, angling so
    you drop back on the landing.  Ride the floating ledges up to a rope than a
    floater over spikes.  See the GOBLET?  To get it you have to jump and land on
    the ledge, walk slowly left then jump back onto the floater over the spikes.
    Up the rope then a ledge with three goons.  Whirlwind attack.  Go to the very
    top of the chain.  Jump, then angle so you grab the beam and the DIAMOND.
    The next chamber has no floor and a bunch of ropes.  Jump toward the first
    chain in the middle and climb it almost to the top.  Angle toward the right
    and jump.  If you angle Dirk just right, you'll grab the beam and pull yourself
    up.  On the beams there's a DIAMOND and TWO GOBLETS.  Use stealth.  From either
    goblet position you can jump back to where you started.  Hop across the chasm.
    Big room with sliding planks.  Around the wooden structure to your right is a
    BAG OF GOLD.  There's not much help I can give; just jump from one plank to
    another, using the camera angle often and best timing.  After about the third
    plank, head left just before the roller for a DIAMOND and a MANA CONTAINER.
    When you get to the plank with the gaps on either side, keep an eye out for
    TREASURE.  About halfway when you're manuevering from left to right gaps in
    the  wall, you will reach a wall where you can go either way.  Go left for a
    CROWN.  The plank will stop then go around to the right.  A small breather
    than a few more planks then the exit.
    This room is similar to the one where you had to strike two bells to open the
    next door except the camera angle is fixed.  On the second section of jutting
    walls, wait for both to recede before crossing to the bell.  There is TWO
    TREASURES on top of the walls.  Use the ledge in between to get them. Ignore
    the knights when they come alive.  Pass on.
    Next room has two bells high up and a watery floor.  Go left then left again to
    the chain.  Get to the bell, but don't strike it.  Fall right and see the
    vertical beam.  Daphne will make a comment.  Hit the beam.  Now backtrack to
    the same bell and strike it.  Ignore the knight and head right to the path of
    ropes you opened up.  Up near the top of the ropes you can grab a beam and a
    GOBLET after you hit the bells.  Do some hopping, hit the second bell then down
    the nearby rope and out (or drop down and take a little damage).  You can also
    go back to the ledge over the exit and jump onto the beams in the center column
    to find a DIAMOND. Up the stairs about four knights await.  Take them out one
    at a time.
    The giant bat uses a sonic shriek thats easy to avoid.  Hit him, watch him fly,
    then hit him again.  Take note of the two bells in the room.  After about four
    hits the bat hides up near a giant bell.  Get both lower bells ringing at the
    same time to get the sucker to drop so you can hit him.  About two hits and
    he's toast.  Get the TREASURE in the platform highest up.
    Take the second platform for a CROWN.
    The opening panning shot showed you where the two TREASURES are.   The discs
    are three colors.  All except the discs of one color will drop.  Keep your eye
    on the torches--When all three discs apear the flame will change to the color
    of the discs that will not drop.  Make your way to the HEART CONTAINER on the
    right near the treasures.  If you time it right, you can land just before new
    discs appear.  Get the essence and you're back to where you first entered the
    bell tower.  Go over the bridge and you're back at the Castle Depths, a room
    with four doors.  Go into the one on the left.  Glide over the bridge then go
    right.  Using the essence to soften your fall, drop near the ladder for a MANA
    CONTAINER then climb back up and enter the next section.  You can also glide to
    the platforms way below to get it, then climb up.
    Stay in the middle and take the last passage on the left.  Enter with sword
    drawn to kill the pesky spiders.  GOBLET over the doorway.  Hit the switch then
    go to the middle room on the other side of the hall.  Kill the crypt ghoulies
    when the coffins open then break open the coffins in the new passage to get the
    green key.  TWO BAGS OF GOLD is in one of the coffins.  Backtrack to the hall
    and unlock the door on the right.
    Jump up over the door you came in to get the GOBLET.  Make your way down and
    to the left, gliding over the gap.  You'll enter the room where the crossbow
    lies.  Get it then head up the ledges along the wall as the water rises.  Jump
    then glide over to the ledge above where the crossbow was.  If you can't land
    on it, you can probably grab the edge and pull yourself up.  Hop up the ledges
    over the door you came in.  Hit the flying ghoulie then glide over to the
    alcove.  Kill the spider, claim the arrows, blue key and TREASURES.  Before
    gliding back, shoot the eye on the far wall.  Make your way over the water,
    killing the ghoulies as they approach you.  Unlock the door.
    Get what's in the barrels then hit the switch.  Ooze will rise.  If you're fast
    you can jump on the block on the left and glide to the CROWN.  Otherwise jump
    over the lowering grate and head immediately left, somersaulting into the
    TWO TREASURES.  Jump before the bricks form and head only to the middle coffin.
    Break the last coffin on the right for a GOBLET.  Climb up the coffins, glide
    over to the broken stairs.  Break open the next coffins for TREASURES, exit.
    Start a whirlwind attack for the approaching ghoulies.  Glide onto the conduct
    for the fire arrow.  On the other side a ghoulie will take a mana cell and run.
    Now meet the pig soldiers, or "grunts."  Swing wildly and run between them.
    Afterwards, get the BAG OF GOLD in a coffin.  A GOBLET is behind where the mana
    cell was. In the next room, get the red potion, then somersault around the
    corner to avoid the skulls and getting  smacked by the wall.  Cross the chasm
    and beat the grunt.  On the right side is an alcove.  Get onto the nearest
    ledge, kill the suddenly appearing ghoulie, then climb up on the block.  See
    the HEART CONTAINER?  You have to jump and hit glide just when you are level
    with it, so you float under the edge.  If you jump too high, lower yourself
    abit by releasing glide then hitting it again.  You'll have to grab the ledge
    and pull up to get it.  Climb up the block here and glide over to the DIAMOND
    on the beam.  Leave this place, making sure the coffins are open, blocking the
    fire that will stream out.  Use your crossbow and lock-on to kill the ghoulie
    with the mana cell then bring it to the stand in the next room.
    Arm the crossbow and hit one of the ghoulies.  They will swarm and vanish into
    seperate coffins.  Hit a coffin with your sword.  If a ghoulie is in it, switch
    to crossbow and hit him.  If not, you'll get chattering skulls.  Kill them then
    switch to crossbow, because the ghoulies will be floating around again.  Repeat
    this till all three are dead.  Collect the Dragon's Spirit.  You will be taken
    back to the Castle Depths.  Go into the door with barrels in front.  Go over
    the bridge and shoot the eye to lower the drawbridge.
    Having fun yet?  You will.  The fire pit is where you need to go but the Dragon
    Scale is required.  You can't see it now, but the ceiling is actually another
    floor. You have to meander up and at a certain point the ceiling becomes the
    floor and where you came in with the fire pit becomes the ceiling.  Let's get
    Head upstairs and into the first door and into an open room.  Remember this
    Call it LADDER 1.  Take the door opposite the ladder across a gap. This should
    you to a new room with a ladder.   Climb it and take the
    door on your left.  A fake dead end that leads to a MANA CONTAINER.
    Return to room LADDER 1.  Take the door underneath/past the ladder.  Ignore the
    door before you, bear right, like you're circling\par
    back.  In the next open chamber head directly across into the round door.
    Glide to the switch to drain the room.  Drop and kill the army of goons.  In
    the next chamber a row of barrels blocks the way ahead.  Head left to where
    the flame arrow is.  When you first enter a pattern of flames will show you
    which blocks you need to step on.  There's a floor panel nearby you can step on
    to see the pattern again.  I don't think you need to step on them in
    order but you have to step on them all to bring down the flame around the switch
    that opens the grate to the fire arrow.  It is possible to stay on a platform
    near the edge and avoid fireballs, like on the platform in the 5 o'clock
    Get the flame arrow and head back.  Use the fire arrow on the
    barrels (explosive ones are lighter colored) and somersault forward until you
    get to the first dragonling.  Kill it with the sword, proceed to two goons
    and another dragonling.  The sword will be fine.  Get the TREASURE and loop
    back to get the dragonling behind you, careful of the cyclops worm in the muck.
    Get the fire arrows in the normal barrels and backtrack.  From right there
    shoot the explosive barrels then hit the switch.  There is a GOBLET on top of
    that little "shack" area.
    Go right up the blocks then jump onto where you came in.  Glide over to the
    first rope then swing over to where there are three piles of explosive barrels.
    Shoot the ones by the door then be careful of the dragonlings in the next
    chamber.  Shoot the other piles--one is a locked door and the other is a
    HEART CONTAINER.  Go through the open door.  Under it is a red potion.  Beyond
    is a chamber with cyclops worms.  Keep moving till you get to three dragonlings,
    a huge pile of green goo, and the green key.  See the mana podium?  Backtrack
    to the door you revealed beyond the barrels and unlock it.  Wait for the
    dragonling then finish it.  Head up, but do not hit the switch.  Crossbow time.
    Angle up and hit the barrels.  Climb the block that falls.  In the next room,
    hug the walls and ignore the chain.  Go around the gas vents and notice the
    eye in the dead end.  Shoot it to drain the water where the worms were.
    Head back there.  Bring the mana cell to the stand, dropping it to fight the
    dragonling.  A bridge of rock forms.  Cross it, careful of the cyclop worms.
    Draw your sword and immediately somersault along the left wall, avoiding three
    sets of knives.  Swing to hit the spider and switch to crossbow.  Stand near
    the pool and finish the dragonlings, using lock on.  Get on the pool's edge,
    because there will be no more floor.  Shoot the cyclops worm then glide to
    the door.  As it rises you have to somersault or be squashed.  In the chamber
    cross the bridge to get the THREE TREASURES.  Glide around the room to the eye.
    Twang!  The room drains.  Drop, using glide.  Prepare for chattering skulls
    and grunts.  Shoot the eye to get the gold key.  There is a switch and and a
    MANA CONTAINER.  Use the whirlwind attack on the switch.
    Walk up the stairs and hit the switch.  Then go up the ladder to the other
    switch, then glide to the third to release the boss.  To beat the eye-boss
    hit him with a fire arrow then run in and strike with your sword.  Use the
    feature.  Do the best you can avoiding the tentacles.  Work in a
    circular pattern.  You really shouldn't stop except to aim the arrows.
    Get the Dragon's eye then go through the invisible door on
    the right.  You're back in the Impossible Room.  Head back up to where you went
    into the round door.  At this point, the fire pit is the ceiling.  Glide down
    to the underside of a bridge in the chamber's middle.  Daphne will mention
    the Lizard King.  Use the Dragon's Eye and head for the phantom door in the
    Circular chamber in front of a locked door.  Use the Dragon's Eye to spot
    the lizard then head for the invisible door on the right.  More Daphne blabber.
    Proceed, swatting dragonlings.  After the corridor with beams and blocks avoid
    the door on the right--death trap.  Somewhere on the right you will see a dead
    end a a torch.  Light the torch with a flame arrow, opening a room to a DIAMOND
    and a HEART CONTAINER.  Keep going till you get to another dead end.  See
    the little eye icon?  This is an indicator to use the Dragon's Eye.  Do so,
    then hit the switch in the hidden room.  Go through the new hall, slashing
    dragonlings.  Go through the double doors and snatch the red and blue potions
    on a table.  Head left for a small room with two dragonlings and the gold key.
    Then go straight up the carpeted hallway (the right side at where you came in).
    At the dead end on the left between two blocks, use the Dragon's Eye and get
    the MANA CONTAINER, DIAMOND and GOBLET.  Proceed till you're back in the
    circular room and unlock the door.  A pot of gold will snatch your sword.
    Grab the TREASURE and GOBLET then run after it.  In the hall with beams and
    blocks make sure you jump on the blocks to avoid the crumbling ceiling.  When
    you reach the area with four "exits" the pot will slow down.  Then you have to
    run up to it, grab your sword, hit the Lizard King, get your sword stolen,
    grab it from the pot...well, you'll get the idea.  After about ten hits collect
    the key then the FIVE TREASURES.  Back at the Impossible Room.  Head back up to
    the level with the round door, then drop/glide all the way down.  Open the
    locked door.
    Enjoy the cutscene, then get ready to run.  Be careful of fire appearing from
    nowhere, things falling and pieces of the floor dropping.  I would stay to the
    right when the path splits.  Collect the enchanted sword and prepare for
    You are in a big circular area.  Walk up to Singe until he sits and his head
    is about an inch from the screen top.  Singe will breath a stream of fire.
    Watch his head to see if he will start at the right or left then approach at an
    opposite angle, almost in an arc.  When you get near him, somersault under his
    head and stream.  While rolling you should already be on your way out from
    under him.  He'll spit a fireball at you.  Block it, and your sword will charge.
    Lock-on and swing.  The fire will shoot from your sword and stun him.  Run up
    to his belly and strike.  Then immediately run in the opposite direction.
    Nevermind the camera angle--you'll need to see Singe move because his tail will
    sweep at you and you'll need to jump over it.  Then head back to Singe and the
    process repeats.  This time he will do two streams of fire before shooting a
    fireball.  After that he will shoot three then etc. all the way up to six
    streams before the final fireball that will take him down.  So get good at
    predicting which angle his head will do a strafing stream with and at running
    in/somersualting under/rolling back.  The somersault should be like a U-Turn
    when you get near his mouth to do it.  Make sure you undo the lock-on after
    striking while running away from his tail.  Practice this method and you
    will beat him.
    Enjoy the next cutscene, then prepare for battle again with the knight Hollow.
    On the tower collect the DIAMOND and potions for him to appear.  He's actually
    easy--run up to him and block.  He will either strike once then charge for a
    whirlwind attack or attack four times, stop, swing once, then charge.  You
    need to hit him once just as he holds his sword back to charge then get out of
    his range.  Throughout the battle he will change into several different enemies,
    but once you dispatch them he returns to his original form and patterns.  He
    alternates these two attack patterns, which makes beating him easier.  Get the
    Dragon Scale, then back at the Impossible Room.  Equip the scales and drop into
    the fire pit.
    Keep the scales on.  In the first open section take out the dragonlings with
    the crossbow and fire arrows.  Head forward and to the right to get the HEART
    CONTAINER in the niche.  Jump back onto one block then glide over to the door.
    YOu may have to let go and grab/pull up.  In the next chamber, head forward,
    jumping over the lava pit when it's not erupting.  Head left for the MANA
    CONTAINER in the alcove then backtrack.  When the path splits, take the
    lower right path for a GOBLET on a small island and TWO BAGS OF GOLD and
    another GOBLET.  Then backtrack and go up on the left.  Pass the dragonling
    that appears and ride the spouting platforms.  Keep going over some slabs of
    rock and you're out.
    Take out the spider with crossbow.  Go upstairs, but before you go in the door
    jump on the wall and drop to get the HEART CONTAINER.  Face three knights in a
    room of doors.  After defeating them, take the door on the right.
    After a message from Daphne, hit the switch to open an upper door and slash the
    dragonlings that fall down.  Put yourself about where the beam of light hits
    the floor and shoot the eye to make the wall drop.  In the forge chamber, hit
    the switch forward and to the left.  A door will open, a piece of wood sticks
    out and a smithee appears.  Light your sword from the fire pit and hit the
    smithee--repeat as needed.  Knock the wood piece out from under the wheel
    Light your sword again and go into the door that opened.  Several knights
    and a dragonling await.  Take them out then re-light your sword if needed.
    Go back and light the coals next to the smithee who comes to life.  Beat him
    then use the fire to light the three coals set in the columns nearby to raise
    the gate to the switch.  Climb the ladder, last switch.  You can glide all the
    way to the RIGHT here for a CROWN before hitting the switch.  More wood sticks
    out, stuff happens, get the TWO BAGS OF GOLD.  Glide left for a GOBLET on a
    ledge.  The coals that have something like an iron cover also has a GOBLET on
    the cover.  You can also glide right past the once-barred door to get a
    DIAMOND.  At the upper crossroads, go left.
    Kill the knight and hit the switch on the catapult to break down the wall.
    Dispatch the dragonlings then climb on the other catapult to get the blue
    and red potions.  Forward through two goons then a big chamber with fires and
    smithee statues.  Light your blade and take out the smithees, one at a time.
    Use a flame arrow to hit the red squares in the wooden columns.  A MANA
    Take the door at other end, dragonling and goon, then you're at the big curved
    surface with the balls.  Go down it and a huge ball starts rolling at you.
    Just keep going, avoiding the smaller balls when possible.  Just after the
    purple ball is a pit you need to go around to get to the next section.
    Avoid the first hammer then glide to get the TREASURE.  Pass the next hammers
    then go into another forge room.  Get the TREASURE by the blazing coals.  Light
    up then take out the smithees.  Get the three sets of coals to blaze at the
    same time, being careful of dragonlings.  Exit.
    After the second left somersault or hug the right side
    to avoid the wall that pokes out at you.  At your first junction go
    straight.  There's a dead end, but the wall on the right is transparent.  Go
    through, get the barrels and GOBLET then around and left.  At this junction
    drop/glide under the grate and get the HEART CONTAINER at the end then the
    other way to rising platforms.  Ignore the dragonling if you can.
    More rising platforms.  Time it so you can jump ASAP, or just when a platform
    is rising in front of you.  The last platform here doesn't go below the lava
    so jump on it quickly then pull yourself or jump onto the grate.  Use the
    Dragon Eye and jump right through the wall.  Grab the GOBLET then get to the
    second chain.  Turn around so you can see the DIAMOND on the jutting wall.
    Back up the chains. Go straight to the coals and left.  Glide around to a CROWN.
    Go past the smithee, then another quick left.  Switch to the scales and go
    through the wall of fire.  Don't run far!  Glide across then scales again.
    When back on the grate, somersault and head immediate left.  When the path
    breaks right somersault to avoid being poked then bear left for the long
    stretch home.  Draw your sword and switch to glider.
    A column will fall, barring your path.  Break the barrels for mana then glide
    over the column and to the right for the blue key and exit back to the Smithee
    Forge.  Unlock the door.
    When the fire rises, lock on to the weapons as they approach, except the anvil.
    Just move to avoid it.  The flames subside.  Go stand on the bellows.  Light
    up and the Master comes to life.  After the first hit, run back and re-light
    your sword, making sure to lock on to the weapons and block them as they come
    except the anvil--just keep running and it goes past you.  Stand next to the
    smithee with your sword lit. After a few more weapons, which you lock n'block,
    he'll come to life then you strike and repeat. If your flame dies before he
    returns, go back and light it. He takes about 5-6 hits.  During the entire
    battle you shouldn't have to stray far from the coals.  Get the Dragon Flame.
    Back at the Dark Caverns.  Take the door on the left using the flame.  Move
    past the spiders and into the first door you see by lighting the torch.
    Proceed, gliding through the area with thorny rollers.  Keep going past goons
    and dragonlings and a locked door.  At the room with sliding floors, stay in
    the doorway and take out the dragonlings by any means.  Step on the floor with
    the sword aflame.  At the bend, take out the dragonlings and claim the gold
    key.  Backtrack to the locked door.  Instead of opening, the wall falls.  At
    the second round door hit the middle with your sword and a wall will open
    revealing a HEART CONTAINER.  Go left till you get to more rolling balls.
    Just to their left is a gold key and on their right a BAG OF GOLD.  Work your
    way past 'em and unlock the door on the other side.  Goons and another locked
    door.  The Dragon Eye will show you where to go.  Grab the blue key.  Pick the
    door in the exact middle of a wall to get the green key which opens to a
    DIAMOND.  Unlock the blue door next to it to get the gold key.
    Unlock that door and go straight for a GOBLET, then backtrack to the other
    path.  At the next fork go towards the machinery and around it for a goon and a
    switch.  Backtrack; you're being timed.  Go left then manuever over the sliding
    wood to the falling gate.  Go under, past goons, into the door.
    Grab the red potion and climb the bookcase then the ceiling beam.  Glide over
    to the DIAMOND.  Forward, killing the thorn with your flame if you must.
    Glide over the pit then once more, avoiding the giant Skeleton hand.  Kill the
    goons and take out all the bats with the crossbow.  Glide left to the corner
    with barrels and take out the crossbow goon.  Proceed into the room and two
    dragonlings come out.  Kill them and go through the door.  Back up against the
    wall and hit the explosive barrel with a fire arrow--then the next one.  Enter
    the room of enemies and show some knighthood on them.  Use the Dragon Eye and
    get the MANA CONTAINER.  The next room has a bunch of flaming and swinging
    ropes.  You should have enough mana from the nearby barrels so I say just
    glide across this chasm.
    Not much to say, except have good timing and use the flame sword.  Get past the
    swinging mallets.  The Thorn Master's scythe will either glow or turn blue.  If
    it glows, jump when it comes, otherwise somersault.  Hit him and he'll reappear
    at the other end like the Black Knight.  Time your way past the mallets best
    you can each time.  You can hug one side so you jump over only one mallet.
    Be wary of thorns that sprout from nowhere, expecially right in front of the
    Thorn Master.  For this reason, when you get near him approach from the side.
    About five hits and the magic arrow is yours.  So is the Thorn key.  Yippee.
    Back at the Dark Caverns.  Go down the dark path you took to get to the Thorn
    Lair.  Beyond the first door is another door across a gap.  Light the torch by
    it and go in.  Proceed to the locked door and use the thorn key.
    Get your glider on--this is all about timing.  Don't go more than a second or
    two w/o gliding or you will fall.  After a short fall two dragonlings then a
    staircase where fireballs leap over.  Switch to scales.  Hang back and look for
    the gaps between the fireballs' paths and go there in between.  At the end hit
    the barrels and descend again.  Try to descend faster without dropping and stay
    towards the edges.  A few jets of fire do a stop n' go stream.  When you
    reach the bottom immediately switch to scales and take out the dragonlings.
    Huuuge room.  Basically you want to make your way left and up.  Take the first
    sheet that glides to you, then when it joins with two others take the left.
    You don't need the scales here.  Shoot the dragonlings before proceeding.  You
    can glide, or if you're good, jump onto the ledge with the GOBLET.  Glide back
    to the ramp with an incline and bouncing fireballs or wait for the metal sheet
    to come to you.  Stay on the first section of the incline.  It will join with
    a part that lowers.  When that rises a piece will slide over.  Ride that and
    one more sheet to a tiled section above where you came in.  Up the ladder.
    Wait for an odd shaped piece to take you to the top of the column in the
    middle.  Wait for a cross shaped piece to come.  then you'll have to glide
    over to a piece that's below you in the forward left.  This piece will rise
    to the piece you need--the one that looks like you can jump grab it from the
    cross piece.  Run down the piece with more bouncing fireballs than glide over
    to the barrels.  Kill the dragonlings.  Avoid the spiked "bumpers" and
    fireballs to the end where blue mana and a column with chains awaits.  Make
    your way up by chain hopping.  On the last chain jump-glide to the tiled
    section with barrels.  Long walk here; prepare the crossbow for a bunch of
    grunts.  If you smash the barrels at the end three more grunts will appear.
    Glide all the way over to the column to the right of the door.  A DIAMOND is on
    a beam.  Then glide to the door.
    Jump onto the big checkered grid.  Dragonlings will appear.  As you kill each
    one a piece of the section will tilt, then vanish to appear up ahead as part
    of a bridge.  Use your sword initially and when room gets tight switch to
    crossbow and flame arrows.  The last three tiles will tilt and vanish.  When
    you're on the last one switch to glider and start gliding forward.  When you
    land a bunch of goons with crossbows appear.  Cut your way forward with the
    sword flame and exit.  Grab the potions.
    The biggest threat in this next room is the white magic that shoots
    periodically down the path.  I say make your way down as fast as possible, stay
    to the side out of the white magic's way.  Move fast so the dragonlings don't
    sucker-punch you from behind.  Near the last rolling ball switch to glider to
    help you get to the exit.
    You'll appear in what looks like another dimension with floating tiles.  The
    big structures that are first on your left and right--TWO CROWNS are there, one
    on each in the back.  The floating tiles are safe spots--When you get near
    them an entire tiled floor will cover them, then vanish after a few seconds.
    You need to see where the next safe spot is and make it there before the floor
    gives way.  If you're in trouble glide while the floor is gone.  Remain calm
    as the dragonlings approach and crossbow them with fire arrows.  As you proceed
    goons with crossbows will appear.  Any place they do is a safe spot.  Use flame
    arrows on them.  At the other end glide to the door, zigzagging abit to avoid
    dragonlings from behind, unless you took them all out, which is safest.
    Two mana cells.  Two knights coming at you.  Dispatch the knights and move
    forward so you can see the cell stands.  Two more knights than four smithees.
    Afterwards place one of the mana cells on the stand and a bunch of drgaonlings
    appear.  Beat them by running around a lot and swinging with the fire sword.
    Fill up on health then bring the other cell to its stand to open the portal.
    Mordroc is fairly easy.  The only thing that can hurt him is a magic arrow,
    and you only got one...or none.  Lock on and shoot him with it and move around
    Mordroc will fire magic that's hard to see but easy to hear.  When he does
    check the other direction--sometimes dragonlings form when his magic hits the
    circular ledge you are on.  Kill the dragonlings; they yield health and most
    importantly, more magic arrows.  Mordroc will also shoot a roving laser, so
    jump over it or keep moving while slashing dragonlings.  He will also shoot
    out rays of green sparks.
    Five hits and he switches to dragon form.  Lock on to watch him.  He'll
    come to hovering.  If his mouth is lit up, he's gonna spew electricity.
    Immediately undo lock and run away, then
    re-lock and wait for hovering again.  If his mouth doesn't light up,
    wait for a fireball and block it to charge your sword.
    When your sword is charged, swing then immediately start running.  Mordroc
    will shriek then fall with a huge thud.  Run quickly to where he lands and
    strike.  Repeat the above as needed.  Your sword will not stay charged long,
    so swing as soon as possible when it is.  About six hits and he's finished.
    Enjoy the ending and credits.
    Thanks to--
    Pat Sheehan for telling me about some treasures in the Giant Bat,
    Main Hall, Spiral Stairs and Checkerboard areas.  Also for how to get
    the Mana Container in the Pool Room.
    John T (jedijt76) for telling me about the torches in the Deathly Discs room.
    Xarbia for the Mana in the Impossible Room.
    Mike Arseneau for tips on fighting final boss.
    Comments, feedback etc. email me at bluejester12@hotmail.com.

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