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    Gotcha Box Items List by QATester

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 04/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game Name: Ape Escape 2
    Platform: Playstation 2
    Gotcha Box Items -  Version 0.7
    By Gary Ireland
    GameFaqs Tag: QATester
    Email: g_e_ireland@yahoo.com.au
    Date: 26/04/2003
    1) Introduction
       1a) Version History
    2) Emtertainment Center
       2a) Monkepaedia <277/300>
       2b) Secret Photo Album
       2c) Enemy Photo Album
       2d) Stage Photo Album
       2e) Jukebox
       2f) Monkey Novels <90% complete>
       2g) Bonus RC Cars
       2h) Manga Collection <To Do>
       2i) Art Collection
       2j) Movie Theatre
    3) Copyright
    I was going to write a FAQ for this game but somebody else has started writing
    that.  This guide lists out all the extras found in the game from the Gotcha
    Box.  To get all the extras requires a lot of money and a lot of people
    won't spend the time to get them all, this will show you what you have missed.
    22/04/03 0.7 - Monkepdia Completed (ones that I have found)
    21/04/03 0.6 - Completed Monkey Novels
    13/04/03 0.4 - Jukebox, Bonus RC Cars, Movie Theatre, Art Collection
    12/04/03 0.3 - Added Enemy Photo Album and Stage Photo Album.
    11/04/03 0.2 - Added Secret Photo Album.
    28/03/03 0.1 - Set up template of Extra's Faq with an example for each section.
    This is where you can view all the items you get out of the Gotcha Box.  Here
    is a list of items that you won't find in the E.C but are received from the
    Gotcha Box.
    1.  Note from Spector - Talks about how great he is.
    2.  Game Hints - Give some information to find monkeys.
    3.  Natsumi's Research Memo - These give general knowledge information that
                                  have nothing to do with the game.
    4.  Coins - Give you a couple of Gold Coins
    5.  Life Jacket - Gives you an extra life
    6.  Sling Shot Rockets +1 - Allows you to carry more rockets.
    6.  Sling Shot Spread Bullets +1 - Allows you to carry more Spread bullets.
    7.  Mini Games - At certain points to will give you one of the mini games to
                     play.  (See Mini Game FAQ at Gamefaqs.com for more info)
    8.  Cookies - Either a big cookie or small cookies to replenish your life.
    Here are all the different sections of the Entertainment Section.
    These will all be set out in the following order:
    Title/Name  -- Description
    Here i will list out all 300 monkies if i find them all, I currently have 277.
    1. Harley Q. Win  -- Where am I?
    2. George         -- Monkeys will rule the earth!
    3. Libby          -- Leave my banana alone!
    4. Chill          -- Why move?
    5. Henry          -- One banana a day for this??
    6. Tomkey Kruise  -- My mission is to guard this spot!
    7. Dozy       -- Where is a duvet when you need one?
    8. Baboondini -- You'll never find me.
    9. Walter     -- I feel like I'm being watched.
    10. Jon       -- I've got sensitive banana skin!
    11. Crusty    -- I didn't do it!
    12. Balboa    -- I'm gonna getchu!
    13. Dannyboy -- Looking out over his empire!!
    14. Seanyboy -- Tall, skinny latte please - I'm Senior!
    15. Chili    -- Where is flea?
    16. Beday    -- He's been doing this for three days.
    17. Florence -- Cheeky monkey!
    18. Punto    -- Allo Signor!
    19. Lilo     -- I'm the chairman.
    20. Manuel   -- I know nothing!!
    Viva Apespania!
    21. Pogo    -- Owwww...
    22. Slope   -- Bet you can't climb this hill.
    23. Billy   -- You can't catch me, I'm banana powered!
    24. Ole     -- No bull!
    25. Chutney -- So Long - thanks for all the bananas!
    26. Wiz     -- Eat my dust!
    27. Birgit  -- Monkey Manager.
    28. Lily    -- I have a bad feeling about this Hikaru.
    29. Trip    -- Footloose.
    30. Toro    -- Nice outfit eh?
    31. Annie   -- It's just too hot in here!
    32. Luis    -- I just can't control myself!
    33. Arthur               -- I am the knight, Sir Banana!
    34. Virgil               -- I've seen you!
    35. The Invisible Monkey -- Green potion? What green potion!?
    36. Monk Quixote         -- I hate windmills.
    37. Van                  -- Where did Hikaru Gogh??
    38. Simon                -- Producer Monkey
    39. Pierce               -- I was so scared! I wet my pants.
    40. Jumpy                -- Wha. what was that noise..!?
    41. Viv                  -- Here, this bomb's for you!
    42. Count Monkula        -- Fang you very much.
    43. Hyde                 -- Monkey Maniac
    44. Stein                -- Behold Frankenmonkey!
    45. Nana                 -- Has tasted the forbidden.
    46. Vic     -- Get your hands off my sack!
    47. Bob     -- The laser gun will arrive tomorrow!
    48. Snap    -- Rhythm is a monkey
    49. AI      -- Who let him have that gun!!?
    50. Chomp   -- I want my banana!
    51. Arnie   -- I have to go now...
    52. Phil G. -- Leader of the team.
    53. Bobby   -- Once a monkey, always a monkey...
    54. Skippy  -- Wave yout opposable thumbs in the air!
    55. Pelvis        -- Has just left the building.
    56. Jessica       -- My arms have a life of their own!!!
    57. Vincent       -- Royale with cheese!!!
    58. Shaft         -- My afro is my life.
    59. Jackson       -- Don't blame it on the moonlight...
    60. Oozy          -- Have you met my little friend?
    61. Simian Seagal -- Hard to kill
    62. Leo           -- I'm going to dance the night away!
    63. Ulysses       -- I want another Sapphire NOW!
    64. Clint Apewood -- Make my day.
    65. Raymond       -- Yes, we have no bananas.
    66. Vindy         -- That was one serious curry!
    67. Pierrot       -- The light fantastic.
    68. Jester        -- Who is the fool now then?
    69. Bubbles       -- Where is my special tent?
    70. Snooz       -- I'm just not awake today.
    71. Twiggy      -- What? This is a foolproof disguise!
    72. Harry Karry -- Game over man!
    73. Chan        -- Also known as the "Shadow Banana."
    74. Duncan      -- Ninja swimmer.
    75. Somnia      -- You just can't beat sleeping.
    76. Hideyoshi   -- I don't like dangerous stuff like this.
    77. Takashi     -- My banana is deadly!
    78. Rapido      -- Faster, Monkey, Kill Kill!!
    79. Jim         -- All monkeys are created equal.
    80. Bon-o       -- Loves to rattle and hum.
    81. Boxer       -- Have you ever seen such cool pants?
    82. Chuck       -- I've had enough.
    83. Shiho       -- Obey me or regret the day you were born!
    84. Ledski      -- I'll beat you 52 shades of black and blue!
    85. Harvey      -- My blanket will protect me!
    86. Bernie           -- Cold? It's brass monkey weather!
    87. Zebedee          -- I'm making the most of it!
    88. Jibber           -- I'm sure it siad Hawaii in the contract!
    89. Threedee         -- I've got all the latest kit!
    90. Monkey Claus     -- Rudolph is a bit sore today.
    91. Chill            -- My gun has frozen up
    92. Parka            -- Just hanging around.
    93. Raver            -- Must.. Keep. warm!!
    94. Elodie           -- Grrrrr!!
    95. Davee            -- Ski Technology Group
    96. Big Bopper       -- Great Balls of Snow!
    97. Jimmy            -- I'm training for the monkey olympics!
    98. Eddie the Falcon -- One hit blunder.
    99. Zippy            -- The fastest thing on skis.
    100. Olivia       -- Just loves her black mamba.
    101. Ally         -- I am the king of the ring.
    102. Ty           -- Come here or I'll bite your ear off!
    103. Livingstone  -- Hikaru, I presume?
    104. Louis        -- King of the Swingers!
    105. Lily         -- Likes swinging.
    106. Gunn         -- I'll blast you out of here!
    107. Gill         -- Thinks she is a fish.
    108. Chris        -- I'm a big softy really...
    109. Simian Tell  -- Shot a banana off the top of a monkey's head.
    110. Helmut   -- Got his town here first!
    111. Sandy    -- Hikaru kicked sand in my face.
    112. Gloria   -- Sun, sand, sea and simians.
    113. Michelle -- I want to be a snail.
    114. Erin     -- Very cheeky monkey!
    115. Brad     -- Surf's up dude!
    116. Mulder   -- The truth is out there!
    117. Rik      -- It's just too hot!
    118. Montague -- Trapped here for quite some time.
    119. Shorty   -- A banana connoisseur
    120. Speedo   -- I want to go swimming in the nude.
    121. Sooz     -- It's her special week.
    122. Jean Paul      -- My latest outfit! Like it?
    123. Simeski        -- Running to work
    124. Barry          -- On a quest for a monkey weaker than him.
    125. Chan           -- Performs his own stunts
    126. Marshall       -- Wondering what hit him.
    127. Wesley         -- Has a black belt... in Origami.
    128. Chaz           -- The Karate Kid.
    129. Daimion        -- No number of blows ca nphase him.
    130. Bruce Monkee   -- The Way of the Exploding Baanana.
    131. Miyazaki       -- An expert in the Monkey Fist.
    132. Johnny         -- Caught a fart in the urm.
    133. Naseem         -- No one can beat me.
    134. Ming           -- The last ape emperor.
    135. Ryan           -- Aiyaaahh!
    136. Martin         -- I could do much better.
    137. Jools          -- Just love to dance!
    138. James          -- Tries really hard when girls are watching.
    139. John Ook       -- Loves action movies.
    140. Goku           -- Hmm!! You have done well to find me.
    141. Daniel C. Ooke -- Watch my back!!
    142. Sly       -- Veteran at monkey warfare.
    143. Norman    -- Tooled up.
    144. Alex      -- Took a wee in the bin.
    145. Jonah     -- Having a whale of a time...
    146. Mermonkey -- Check out the plastic castle!
    147. Colin     -- Don't flick my switch.
    148. Nicky     -- A super speedy swimmer.
    149. Vaughan   -- On duty.
    150. Dave      -- I'm going to scope you out!
    151. Gonzales  -- You won't see me for dust!
    152. Daley     -- Traingin for Monkey Olympics.
    153. Ollie     -- Just out of Uni
    154. Dolph     -- It's like running the sack race!
    155. Tommy     -- A legendary monkey magician.
    156. Grace     -- Stayin' alive!
    157. Jim       -- Loves doing paw-stands.
    158. Rex       -- This scope only detects moving enemies.
    159. Brucie    -- Yippee kay ayy!
    160. Woody     -- Natural Born Gorilla.
    161. Piz       -- It's too hot to dance for long.
    162. Stu       -- Joined the Monkey Foreign Legion.
    163. Stevie    -- Ican't handle the dark!
    164. Jimbo     -- He's planning something.
    165. Roberts   -- Great party last night!
    166. Uri       -- I need to change my pants...
    167. Eric      -- I'll get you Hikaru!
    168. Curley    -- Just couldn't stop partying.
    169. Chimpette -- I won't let you go a step further!
    170. Dane      -- Always bet on black!
    171. Slim      -- It's really dark in here.
    172. --
    173. Spud      -- Busy deciphering monkeyglyphics.
    174. Anthony   -- I want my mummy.
    175. Becky     -- I can't see my feet.
    176. Gordon    -- I need a tonic.
    177. Sphinx    -- Curse you!
    178. Pugwash     -- A life on the ocean waves.
    179. Burt        -- Let me fire the cannon!
    180. Hawkins     -- I hate heights.
    181. --
    182. Stephenson  -- Nice Long Johns.
    183. Mel         -- What a sideshow!
    184. Dick        -- I'll shoot if you come near! I'm warning you!
    185. Bradley     -- Must get away...
    186. Tabasco     -- No hidden passageays here, no sir!
    187. Bonzo       -- That cannonball landed on my foot!
    188. Scratchy    -- I'm itching to get you!
    189. Vic         -- My world is spinnnnnnnnnniiinng..!!!
    190. Indy        -- I'll be safe here.
    191. Bobby       -- All fired up.
    192. Freddie     -- Don't eat bananas before bedtime.
    193. Denis       -- Lock and load!
    194. Oliver      -- Can I have some more?
    195. Captain Ook -- hates crocodiles.
    196. Jeffrey     -- I'm telling the truth! Honest!
    197. --
    198. --
    199. Craig         -- Where is the towel boy??
    200. Hear no Evil  -- Alright! Do it in rhythm!
    201. Brian         -- Can someone help me out here?!
    202. Smell no Evil -- I'm really enjoying myself!
    203. Speak no Evil -- Who called us the three stupid brothers?!
    204. Bones         -- I love a good soak.
    205. Mr Frosty     -- Forget to get dressed this morning.
    206. Lynn          -- Time and tide waits for no monkey.
    207. --
    208. Stone         -- This monkey was frozen with a smile on his face.
    209. Seb           -- Keepon running!
    210. Torvill       -- I know, I'm on thin ice!
    211. Dean          -- Loves Ravel's Bolero.
    212. --
    213. --
    214. --
    215. --
    216. --
    217. Mona          -- I can't believe I got stuck in this pose...
    218. Patrick       -- Ahh, the sky at night.
    219. Homer      -- Mmmm... bananas.
    220. Sam        -- Hmm? I think the ground is moving!
    221. Grant      -- I've got a bad feeling anout this.
    222. Mervin     -- Do you think its safe here?
    223. --
    224. Murdoch    -- On the lookout.
    225. Monko Polo -- On a quest for a legendary banana.
    226. --
    227. Stumpy     -- My couch has termites.
    228. Baz        -- This programme is just so wooden.
    229. Des        -- Black pants are the way forward.
    230. Christy    -- I wish I could've gone to a hot spring, too...
    231. Stanley    -- On the trail.
    232. Lewis      -- These gloves are not just for show!
    233. Prince     -- I'll never lose!
    234. Lunch      -- Good boy Rex! Fetch the stick!
    235. Ovett      -- Come and get me!
    236. --
    237. Brendan -- Bad mannered monkey
    238. --
    239. --
    240. Ricardo -- Breaks girls' hearts.
    241. Douglas -- Hates traffic.
    242. --
    243. Slider  -- Go on, you'll be fine!
    244. Spank   -- Worn out.
    245. Din     -- Born again idiot.
    246. Sue     -- You'll have to flush me out!
    247. Dum Dum -- Just don't ask...
    248. Jitter  -- Expresso lover.
    249. Robson  -- Gone bananas!
    250. Spud II -- I just can't get off this couch.
    251. Cole    -- I will tell you how to think!
    252. Ty      -- 99th consecutive victory.
    253. Slacker -- Hey! Only V.I.M.s can enter here.
    254. --
    255. --
    256. Eubank  -- What is the problem?
    257. --
    258. Spacey  -- Unidentifed Funky Gibbon!
    259. Ivor    -- Has a big gun.
    CODE C.H.I.M.P
    260. Kiki        -- He's Mimi's partner.
    261. Cole        -- I love air travel.
    262. Mimi        -- His dream was to join the UFO squad.
    263. Tanjobi     -- Victory sure would be nice.
    264. Major       -- Disaster.
    265. Ebiike      -- I just love to fire my G Gun.
    266. Corporal    -- Awaiting punishment.
    267. --
    268. Heston      -- I'll blast you off my planet!
    269. --
    270. Matt        -- I'm working overtime again.
    271. Gaelle      -- Loves figs.
    272. Arnold      -- I'll be back..
    273. Sylvester   -- This monkey thinks he's Number One.
    274. Sandra      -- In charge of the monkey!
    275. Boots       -- I'm off! I don't get paid enough for this!
    276. Sinclair    -- Eccentric genius.
    277. Keeble      -- The best professor yet.
    278. General     -- Disorder.
    279. Laura       -- Wahh! Gimme back my bananas!
    280. The Cleaner -- You called for my services?
    281. Lardy          -- Which one to eat first! Heehee!
    282. Tom            -- Launch successful!
    283. Bruce          -- He believes in Armageddon.
    284. Han            -- That's no moon!
    285. Neil Apestrong -- One giant leap for monkeykind.
    286. Chelsea        -- Flying high up in the sky.
    287. SAL-01         -- What are you doing Hikaru?
    288. Kubrick        -- 3001 Space Monkey
    289. Chewy          -- I forgot my helmet!
    290. Obi Ook Kenobi -- Apewalkeer! Feel, don't think!
    291. Darth Apester  -- Now, I am the master.
    292. Luke Apewalker -- I'm not thinking at all.
    293. Neo            -- There is no banana.
    294. Tsubasa        -- Still waiting for his beamer.
    297. G. Ookas       -- His major work is "Monkey Wars."
    298. Scully         -- Can't believe what is happening.
    299. Kai            -- The coolest monkey around.
    300. --
    1. The Three Afro Brothers -- The only thing youthful is your afro!
    2. Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament -- First comes Rock!
    3. You beast! -- You hit me!?
    4. Festival in the Forest -- Ah ha ha, Ah ha ha
    5. Fruits of Training -- He can kick five times per second.
    6. Oh my?! -- I have a great idea!
    7. Quite Close Friends -- Ride 'em cowboy!
    8. Give iT All You've Got -- Gotcha!!
    9. Happy Banana Gang -- Funky monkey luvin'!
    10. This Year's Style -- Advanced Fun with Costumes
    11. Toliet Incident -- peepoo!!!!
    12. Photo of Two -- Natsumi and Charu
    13. Almighty? Ski Gang -- It is our duty to protect these snowfields!
    14. Dry Throuat -- Could I possibly have a drink?
    15. Nice One -- Ahh, it opened!
    16. Advanced RC Car -- Sell it to me!!
    17. Debut Concert -- Turnout: 1 human, 3 monkeys
    18. Program Input -- Look, you move your knees like this!
    19. Ape World Champion -- Number One!
    20. Ultra Goliath Armour -- Five Seconds to Return Back to Normal
    21. --
    22. --
    23. Monkey Cannon -- The chassis is made from papier mache
    24. Monkey UFO -- This button is for missles?
    25. RoboCow -- You'd be surprised how much free time I have.
    26. 'Banana Buffet' research -- Yeah! This tastes great!
    27. RoboApe - New weapon with the latest Monkey Technology
    28. Legendary Captain -- ACtually I'm the one who sunk the ship.
    29. Quite a photo, eh? -- It's rumoured that photoscan cause nightmares.
    30. Sauna, anyone? -- Oh my God, this is the greatest!
    31. Advanced Sky Flyer -- Now I can fly all I want?
    32. Everyone gather together! -- Say cheese!
    33. Robo Kong -- His bogeys are are made from top-notch silicon.
    34. I'll never let you go... -- 2 Monkeys that Own the World...or so they hope
    35. Gotcha! -- So you've given up, have you?
    36. --
    37. i'm staying right here.  -- I'll NEVER give you my banana!
    38. Monkey VS Pudding -- There's no way I'll let Pudding beat me!
    39. Monkey Statue of Liberty -- I walked all the way here.
    40. The Last Straw -- Were you spying on me!?
    41. Break the sound barrier! -- Hmm, so you think you've faster than me?
    42. Monkey Sauna -- Pipo...
    43. You Are the Driver -- Pipo?
    44. Underwater Rendezvous -- Let's be friends and swim together today.
    45. Ultimate Confrontation -- Hey! Since when are tanks fair play!?
    46. There's no stopping -- It won't stop!!
    47. You're not Bad! -- This is sushi isn't it!? It look great!
    48. We're not friends anymore? -- Cool it down, down there!
    49. Get a home run -- To the Moon!
    50. Out for Blood! -- I have thet feeling I'm Being Watched
    COMPLETED PHOTO - Monkey looking through binochulars.
    Total Cost to get all photo's - $500.
    1. Porky -- A mix of pig and a secret ingredient
    2. Blue Porky -- Watch out for his body-slam.
    3. Armoured Porky -- Without the helmet, becomes porky
    4. Skeleton Swine -- Even bone can be broken with a good whack
    5. Mohawk Porky -- Skelton Swine with a short temper.
    6. Tank Porky -- Watch out for the nose-fired shells!
    7. Tank Piglet -- Pig and tank combo
    8. Flame Porky -- it isn't easy dodging the flame
    9. Tomato Bird -- Shreds enemies with a spinning claw attack
    10. Eggplant Bee -- Watch out for the stinger
    11. Pinapple Finch -- Cocktail of pineapple and finch
    12. AAA Jellyfish -- The shock attack is 1 million volts
    13. Wax Owl -- Cn you blow this candle out?
    14. Wax Queen -- Wants to be a queen
    15. Charred Chester -- Hates water more than anything
    16. They Might Be Slime -- Your toupee is falling off!
    17. Lousy rat -- Fastest rat in the West
    18. Penguin -- Steers clear of tropical zones
    19. Boney M -- Helpless without the shield
    20. Sky Bomber -- The missiole launcher is removable
    21. Barbell Bomber -- Each steel ball weighs 1 ton
    22. Puffy the Blowfish -- The expansion of its body is a defence mechanism
    23. Grinning Piranha -- Can crush anything with his giant jaws
    24. The Bombettes -- Stunning moves make Pink Monkey shine
    25. Space Can -- What's that? I came to the wrong game??
    26. Submarine Lookalike -- What?? I came to the wrong game too??
    27. Robo Kong -- We're sitting ducks, I tell you
    COMPLETED PHOTO - Monkey looking sad with hands on cheek.
    Total Cost to get all photo's - $270.
    1. Liberty Park -- There's something about Harley Q. Win...
    2. Breezy Village -- There's something about Balboa...
    3. Port Calm -- There's something about Manuel...
    4. Viva Apespania! -- There's something about Luis...
    5. Castle Frightmare -- There's something about Arthur...
    6. Castle Frightmore -- There's something about the Invisible Monkey...
    7. Vita-Z Factory -- There's somethingabout Arnie...
    8. Casino City -- There's something about Leo...
    9. Ninja Hideout -- There's something about Boxer...
    10. Snowball Mountain -- There's something about Threedee...
    11. Lookout Valley -- There's something about Livingstone...
    12. The Blue Baboon -- There's something about Erin...
    13. Enter the Monkey -- There's something about Bruce Monkee...
    14. Simian Citadel -- There's something about Dolph...
    15. Panic Pyramid -- There's something about Cleo...
    16. Panic Pyramid -- There's something about Anthiny...
    17. Pirate Isle -- There's something about Lee...
    18. Land of the Apes -- There's something about Rupert...
    19. The Lost World -- There's something about Emma...
    20. Skyscraper City -- There's something about Rory...
    21. Skyscraper City -- There's something about Jim...
    22. Code C.H.I.M.P -- There's something about Buzz...
    23. Moon Base -- There's something about Lister...
    24. Enter the Monkey -- ...
    25. Simian Citadel -- ...
    26. Moon Base -- ...
    COMPLETED PHOTO - Monkey laying down waving.
    Total Cost to get all photo's - $260.
    1. Theme Tune
    2. Monkey on Parade!
    3. The Beginning
    4. Liberty Island
    5. Breezy Village
    6. Port Calm
    7. Viva Apespania!
    8. Castle Frightmare
    9. Vita-Z Factory
    10. Casino City
    11. Ninja Hideout
    12. Snowball Mountain
    13. Snowball Ski Slope
    14. Lookout Valley
    15. The Blue Baboon
    16. Enter the Monkey
    17. Simian Citadel
    18. Panic Pyramid
    19. Pirate Isle
    20. Land of the Apes
    21. Monkey Hot Springs
    22. Monkey Ski Slope
    23. The Lost World
    24. Skyscraper City
    25. Code C.H.I.M.P.
    26. Code C.H.I.M.P. II
    27. Mone Base 1
    28. Mone Base 2
    29. Scheming Specter
    30. Song of the Freaky Monkey Five
    31. Escape the Ape in You!
    32. Freaky Monkey Five Battle!
    33. Giant Yellow Monkey Battle!
    34. Battle with Specter!
    35. Specter's Theme
    36. --
    37. Ending 1
    38. --
    39. Staff Credits
    40. Travel Station
    41. Gadget Trainer
    42. New Gotcha Gadget!
    43. Stage Cleared!
    44. Stage Perfectly Cleared!
    45. Monkey Football!
    46. Kick Off!
    47. Gotcha Rhythm
    48. Monkeys' Gonna Getchu!
    49. Monkey Chorus
    50. Monkey Climber
    Here are all the stories found in the game in case you are missing any parts
    to the stories.
    1. Monkey Taro
    A long, long time ago, there lived a great monkey named Monkey Taro.  An old
    lady monkey found him after he'd been born inside a giant banana. One day the
    old lady monkey and her husband gave him three bananas and pushed him out of
    the door, telling him not to come back until he'd defeated the ogre that was
    ravaging the capital. "And don't forget the ogre's treasure!" he was told.
    Although he'd been charged with the task of defeating this ogre character, he
    hadn't the slightest idea where to find him.  While he was searching for the
    ogre, it grew dark, and Monkey Taro lost his way.  he decided to eat the three
    bananas the old lady monkey had given him.  He was still hungry, but lay down
    at the base of a tree and slept there for the night.
    The next day he tried to ask a passing boy about the ogre's whereabouts, but
    the boy did not understand a single word that he said.  Seeing that the monkey
    was flustered, the boy, for some reason, handed him a Dango (traditional
    Japanese delicacy).  The half-starved Monkey Taro was over joyed, and chomped
    away on the delicious Dango without thet slightest show of manners.
    After finishing the Dango, Monkey Taro decided to follow thge young boy for the
    time being, as he hadn't a clue about the ogre's whereabouts.  Soon the noy net
     a dog, and then a pheasant, who were both looking quite distraught.  The boy
    gave them each a delicious Dango, and helped them find their way.  Monkey Taro
    was very impressed by the boy's show of kindness.
    After a few days, the group led by the boy and Monkey Taro rode a boat across
    the sea to an island inhabited by countless ogres!  This reminded Monkey Taro
    that it was his job to defeat the ogre, and so with the help of the boy, the
    dog, and the pheasany, he began a fierce fight with the ogre.  After a fierce
    fight the band were victorious, and took with them a huge amount of treasure
    as their own reward.
    After the group returned to the capital, they began bickering over dividing up
    the spoils.  Monkey Taro put up the fight of his life, but in the end the boy
    ran off with every last nugget of gold.  Fearful of old monkey couple's wrath,
    he decided against returning hom, instead selling himself to the circus, where
    he spent the remainder of his days entertaing children with his unique
    "low-flying chimp" routine.
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $60.
    2. Monkey Taro II
    A long, long time ago, there lived an old monky couple.  They lived joyously
    together for many years, but they were very saddened by their lack of a child.
    One day, old man monkey went to the mountains to fetch bananas, and old lady
    monkey to the river to wash pants.
    The old lady monkey began doing the washing in the river, when much to her
    surprise a giant banana cam drifting by.  But she wasn't hungry in the least,
    so it mattered little to her.  Two days later, a rotting money was found
    floating near the shore further down the river.
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $20.
    3. The Monkey Who Cried Hikaru
    A long, long time ago there lived a monkey who told lies all the time.  He was
    such a terrible liar that all the monkeys in the town ceased to trust anything
    that he said.  One day, he was busy lying, just as he always diud, when he
    spotted Hikaru thundering towards town.  He tried his best to warn everyone:
    "Hikaru is coming! Hikaru is coming!"
    But no matter how much he shouted and screamed, not a soul listened.  So he had
     no choice but to run from the town by himself.  Every last monkey was captured
     by Hikaru, and the town was finished.  The liar monkey lived out his years
    comfortably in a far away town.
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $20.
    4. Monkerella
    Monkerella was a beautiful monkey with adorable big eyes.  Fair Monkerella was
    most popular in the town.  A very high price was listed on the poster of her
    that was found all over town, and when the shopkeepers spotted her, they
    quickly closed up shop, awed by her greatness.  Monkerella, quite simply, was
    the talk of the entire land.
    One day the banks were giving her money, which she was always most pleased
    about, when a friend told her about a party.  She had always wanted to pay a
    visit to the castle, and so she asked an old wart-covered witch to prepare her
    a magical horse and carriage.  The warty old witch obliged, and her ride was
    Monkerelaa crept quietly into the grounds of the castle in her magic carriage,
    but the guardsmen simply would not leave her alone.  Every last one of them,
    wishing for a dance with the young monkey whose hands were full of bags of
    gold, chased after her with the utmost vehemence.  The distressed Monkerella
    had no choice but to escape in her carriage, but during the fuss she dropped
    her monkey helmet.
    The next day the prince made an order to find the monkey who perfectly fitted
    the lost monkey helmet, and bring her to the castle.  The demure Monkerella was
    reluctant to admit that she was the owner of the helmet, but the castle guards
    came to her home and insisted that she try it on.  She was dragged by both arms
     off to the town square.  Gently.
    At the town square, the monkey helmet was placed on each of a long line of
    monkeys, standing quietly in anticipation of their fate.  Soon, it was
    Monkerella's turn.  To her it felt as if the whole crowd was giaring, and
    grankly she would have felt much berter to have left immediately.  But when the
     gracious guardsmen wrenched her hands behind her back, she had little choice
    but to allow the helmet to be placed upon her.
    Surprise, surprise! It fit her perfectly! In her heart she was ever so pleased,
    but much to shy to show it.  When the guardsmen began escorting her to the
    castle, she could no longer conatain herself, and tears of happiness flowed
    over her rosy cheeks.  After that, she would spend the rest of her days living
    in the castle.  Every last monkey was overjoyed that Monkerella had found her
    new, eternal home.
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $60.
    5. Apeshima Taro
    A long, long time ago, there lived a young monkey named Apeshima Taro.
    An eccentric young primate, he spent most of his time diligently fishing,
    despite the fact that he hadn't the slightest taste for fish.  One day,
    Apeshima was walking along the beach, when he spotted some young rascals
    tormenting a sea turtle.
    Apeshima was usually not one for getting involved, but he simply could not pass
    up a chance to snatch the luscious looking banana the rascals had with them.
    He cast a net quite athletically upon the kids, fully entangling them,  Without
    much effort, he had one top banana.  Apeshima was shamelessly indulging himself
    in hte bright yellow banana when the sea turtle began to speak to him.
    Despite being a talking ape himslef, he didn't feel very confortable about a
    talking turtle.  But as he had finished his banana, and he didn't have much
    else to do, he decided to oblige this strange turtle.  Doing as the turlte told
    him, Apeshima rode upon his shell to the bottom of the sea.  Once there, they
    were greeted with more schools of fish than you could imagine, and a
    The princess and the fish sang and danced for Apeshima, as they were quite
    thrilled that he'd saved the turtle.  No expense was spared with their
    sacrificial servings of Sashimi and Tempura (delicate raw fish & fried
    vegtables).  The taste was unbelievable!  Alas, as we know, Apeshima didn't
    have a stomach for fish, and so he left it quite untouched.  he put in a
    special order for banana, but was told they had no such thing in the sea.
    Apeshima, thoroughly disapointed, decided to return home.
    Before he left, the princess gave Apeshima a gift.  It was a chest that she
    told him that me must nver open.  He was of course pleased by her kindness, but
    quite frankly, a gift that once cannot open may as well be no gift at all.  So
    after returning to the beach, he threw it straight back into the sea where it
    likely belonged, and went home.  Unfortunatley, for centuries no fisherman
    could ever catch a single fish from the sea into which the mysterious chest
    was thrown.
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $50.
    6. The Grateful Monkey
    A long, long time ago, a professor lived all by himslef.  He conducted research
    in his home on the mountainside, but he was quite unsuccessful, and never
    managed to create anything that earned him a single penny in income.  One day
    during his usual walk, the professor noticed a monkey caught in a monkey trap,
    and crying quite miserably.
    The proferssor felt sorry for the poor monkey, and so he freed him from the
    vicious trap.  The monkey was over joyed, and bowed to him countless times
    before returning hoime to the mountains.  That night, just as the professor was
    getting ready for bed, there was a knock on his door.  When he answered it, he
    was surprised to find a little boy, wearing a monkey helmet.
    The little boy wearing the monkey helmet had apparently lost his way, and was
    searching for shelter for the night.  The kindhearted professor gladly offered
    to let the boy stay at home.  The next day the boy told the professor that if
    he could stay a lttle lonfer, it would give him a chance to show his gratitude,
    but that the professor must never look inside his room.
    In lamost no time at all, large siums of money began pouring into the
    professor's account, and before he knew it his life had changed mysteriously
    from rags to riches.  However, the Professor could not help but wonder about
    the boy.  Both day and night, a strange glow radiated from under the door of
    his room - and eventually the professor could not stop himself from taking a
    look inside.
    Inside the room was a little helmeted monkey staring into a glowing computer
    screen.  The monkey was engaged in day trading, which was all the rage at the
    time.  The professor quietly closed the door.  The next morning, the boy didn't
    come out of his room.  When the professer went back into the room, all he found
    was a one page letter.
    It read: Since you have seen my true form, I can no longer stay in your home.
    As my final thanks, please sell these stocks to raise some money.  However,
    there stocks had already plummeted after an embezzlement controversy and some
    gambling fiascos.  Frustrated and lonely, the professor became addicted to day
    trading, and was soon poorer than he had ever been.
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $60.
    7. The Wise Monkey
    A long, long time ago, there was a monkey named Ookkyu who resided in a temple.
    One day Ookkyu was up to monkey business in the forest, when the head monk
    caught him.  The head monk managed to use this to trick him into joining the
    temple, but in fact Okkkyu had an incredible intellect.  So much so that even
    the Shogun himself had taken notice of his sharp mind.
    To be frank, he really didn't give a monkeys avout what people thought of his
    intellect, and could more appripriately be desribed as a loafer than a wise
    monkey.  In any case, one day he was called to the castle by the Shogun as he
    always was .  In his heart of hearts, he would much rather have sat at home
    twiddling his thumbs, but since this was the Shogun, he felt compelled to take
    When he reached the bridge that led to the castle, there was a sign that read
    "This bridge shall not to be crossed."  It would seem that the Shogun had
    called upon him for a battle of intellect!  But as you may have guessed, Ookkyu
    couldn't care about such matters, and so without skipping a beat, he simply
    swarm across the moat.  It didn't occur to him what the Shogun had in mind.
    Ookkyu reached the castle, where the Shogun stodd before a painted folding
    screen, awaiting his arrival.  The Shogun told him that every night, the tiger
    painted on teh screen would leap out of the picture and terrorise the castle,
    and that he hoped Ookkyu would know what could be done about this.  Although he
    lept it to himself at the time, Ookkyu really wondered if the old Shogun was
    one sword short of a XXXX.
    Of course the Shogun was hoping that he could challenge the famous Ookkyu's
    intellect, but as Ookkyu hadn't the slightest interest in such games, he pulled
    a lighter out of his pants, and set fire to the folding screen.  The fire grew
    to a considerable size, causing quite a panic.  On the way out of the door,
    Ookkyu stopped off at the castle vault snatching what he could take, and this
    ensuring a confortable retirement.
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $50.
    8. Little Red Monkey Helmet
    A long, long time ago, there was a beautiful young monkey who looked lovely in
    her monkey helmet.  So much so that she was called Little Red Monkey Helmet by
    all those who knew her.  She loved searching the forest for mushrooms and
    bananas of unusual and, well, quite wretched colours.
    One day, Little Red Monkey Helmet was told there was a man who had an
    assignment for her.  When they met, Lttle Red didn't even offer her hand.  She
    kept a good distance, narrowed her eyes, and icily enquired, "What's the job,
    pal."  Fearing fir his life, the man shook in his boots, but he knew that this
    was a task that only Little Red Monkey Helmet was capable of performing.
    Little Red Monkey Helmet's assignment was to deliver a banana to an old lasy
    living in the forest.  After confirming that a direct deposit had been made to
    her bacnk account, Little Red immediately prepared to set out/  She brought
    only the things that she ouwld need: her purse basket and a map of the forest.
    Walking through the forest, Little Red Monkey Helmet met a big, bad wolf.
    "Hello, and where are you going, little monkey?" he said.  "To the old lady's
    house," replied Little Red.  "Oohh! Now you be careful!" Heeheehee..."  You
    could have heard a pin drop in the forest as Little Red waited for the wolf to
    pounce, but he did nothing. Little Red was safe!
    Finally, she arrived at the old lady's house.  When Little Red stepped inside,
    the old lady was asleep in bed.  And then Little Red noticed -- the old lady
    had strangely large ears!  "Old Lady, why are your ears so big?"  "Zzz.zzz"
    She was sound asleep.
    When Little Red looked closer, she noticed that the old lady had a huge mouth.
    "Old Lady, why is your mouth so big?" "Zzz...zzz...hrrmph...mmnn.." "OLD LADY!"
    "Whoa!! Don't scare me like that, little girl!"  After Little Red gently awoke
    the old lady, she leaned over to give her the banana.
    As she moved closer the old lady turned out to be no old lady at all!  She was
    the big wolf that Little Red had met in the forest!  "Hmm? Where's the old
    lady?" said Little Red. "She moved away last month," replied the wolf.  "Don't
    lie! You are her, didn't you?!"  Little Red, you see, had quite an imagination.
    And something told her that this wolf was up to no good!
    Well, at least that's what Little Red thought.  Little Red Monkey Helmet glared
    at the wolf, and slowly and deliberately began cracking her knuckles.  Krracck!
    Krrackk!  She was pleased when she spotted sweat pouring from the wolf's brow.
    She taught him a good lesson, force-fed him the banana, and sent him
    high-tailing it off to the forest.  The poor wolf was traumatised by the whole
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $80.
    9. Monkerella II
    Once a upon a time, there was a beautiful young monkey named Monkerella, who
    was very poor.  Monkerella always worked very hard, despite being constantly
    tormented by her mean-spirited sisters.  One day, word came that there would be
    a splendid ball at the castle, and one by one, the ladies of the land were
    invited.  All except for poor Monkerella.
    On the night of the ball, Monkerella was at home alone, singing miserably while
    still dreaming of attending.  Then, all of a sudden, a magician appeared, and
    with the wave of a wand, provided her with a banana carriage and a beautiful,
    flowing dress.  The young Monkerella, ecstatic about her change of fate,
    boarded the carriage and headed for the castle.
    Even the banana carriage smelled simply wonderful!  The seats, the door, the
    interior -- everything made of bananas!  Monkerella was truly overwhelmed!  So
    she bit straight into the seat.  Some time later, when she arrived at the
    castle, she had grown to the size of a small sumo wrestler!  However by the
    satisfied look on her face, it seemed that she didn't mind.
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $30.
    10. The Monkey Statue
    A long, long time ago, there was an old couple who lived together happily.
    On New Year's Eve, the old man went to town to sell some monkey helmets so that
    he could buy rice cakes.  The monkey helmets were his grandfather's invention,
    but they rarely worked well, and as such never really caught on.
    The old man decided to go back home and was quite disappointed he'd sold so few
    helmets.  He took the scenic, snow-covered walk home, carrying the heavy load
    of monkey helmets.  Along the way, he suddenly noticed a row of six little
    monkey statues by the side of the road.  The statues' heads were covered in
    snow, and looked very, very cold.
    "You must be so cold all the way out here!" As he said that, the old man
    brushed the snow off their heads, and placed the leftover monkey helmets on
    them.  Unfortunately there were six monkey statues, and only five monkey
    helmets.  One last little statue was left without cover from the snow, so the
    old man took off his own monkey helmet and placed it on the statue.
    Finally, the old man arrived home.  When he told his wife about the little
    monkey statues, she looked angry.  he was a little apprehensive about what this
    look meant, and even tried to appease her by telling her that she looked very
    nice in her kimono.  However, the old lady was not moved, and stayed silent,
    although it was nice to hear such a thing once in a while.
    The old lady still seemed upset, but the old man decided to leave her, and let
    her sleep on it.  It wasn't an ideal solution, but you see, this is how people
    often solve things.  After a while, a sound was heard coming from outside.  It
    sounded as if something large had been dropped outside the door.
    When they looked outside, they found a bundle of fashionalbe women's clothing!
    Some of them were almost embarrassingly sexy, but they fitted the old lady
    perfectly.  The old man's cheeks turned breight red.  "You're such an old fox!
    You shouldn't have!" "Hmph! It wasn't me!!"  And a special feeling entered the
    When they looked off into the distance, they could see the light of a single
    monkey helmet.  It seemed as if the little monkey statue had brought the
    clothes to express his thanks to the old man!  Thanks to the little monkey
    statue, the old man and the old women were on good terms once again.  According
    to their neighbours, the lights were on until very late that night.
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $70.
    11. The Gold and Silver Bananas
    A long, long time ago, there lived a professor, who was a diligent inventor but
    despite his talent had always remained poor.  One day he went our into the
    forest, to collect wouod as usual.  Hovever this time, he came across a
    beautiful fountain right in the middle of the forest.  he'd grown hungry on his
    walk, so decided it would be nice to have his lunch there.
    The professor finished his lunch, and was about to bite into his wonderful
    banana dessert, when his hand slipped, and "plop" went the banana, right into
    the fountain.  The professor however, could not swim and so he could do nothing
    but solo miserably by the side of the fountain.  All of a sudden, a beautiful
    goddess arose from the depths of the water.
    The beautiful goddess asked the professor, "The banana you have lost, was it
    gold, or was it silver?"  The honest professor told her it was neither, and
    then the fair goddess hganded the professor both a gold and a silver banana.
    The penniless professor was, of course, quite over joyed with his luck.
    However, someone other than the professor also knew the secret of the fountain,
    for a little monkey hiding nearby had witnessed the entire scene.
    The monkey was quite excited to have discovered a fountain that turned one
    banana into two! Once the professor left, he threw his own banana into the
    fountain.  And sure enough, the beautiful goddess arose from it.  "The banana
    you have lost, was it gold, or was it silver?"  Aping the professor, he replied
    with a shake of his head.
    The kind goddess smiled, and handed him both gold and silver bananas.  The
    monkey was quite thrilled, and he began eating the bananas right then and
    there.  But as you know, one cannot eat a gold or silver banana.  The unknowing
    monkey thought that the goddess had tricked him out of his banana.  His monkey
    helmet shone bright red, showing his anger.  He took both bananas, and threw
    them straight at her.
    The made the goddess very, very sad, which you could see in her eyes.  She then
    gave the monkey two real bananas instead.  This, of course, made the monkey as
    happy as can be.  The goddess watched the monkey dash away, and was glad that
    he seemed pleased.  But she found it all quite strange.  If only he were to
    sell the gold and silver bananas, he could eat as many bananas as he liked.  Oh
    well, each to his own she reasoned and disappeared from view, a little more
    confused than before.
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $60.
    12. The Never Ending Banana
    The monkey princess, who was born from a banana, was well known in the
    capitalas an unparalleled beauty.  Monkeys came from across the land to court
    her.  Each day, the wait to meet her was at least five hours long.  However the
    princess already had her heart set upon her true love, and so she turned away
    each and every one of these hopeful monkeys.  Despite this three of them would
    not give up, no motter what she said.
    In order tyo make these persistent monkeys give up, she told them she would
    marry then if they could complete a challenge.  She told the first monkey to
    bring her a banana that would not burn.  To the second, a banana that would not
    break.  And to the third, a banana that could be repeatedly eaten but would
    The three monkeys, knowing that it was an impossible quiest, nevertheless set
    out in search of their bananas.  Three years later, much to the surprise of the
    princess, all three monkeys returned from their quests.  One with a banana that
    would not burn, One with a banana that would not break, and one with a banana
    that would always reappear after being eaten.  The princess was by now very
    She tested the first banana.  It did not burn.  The princess, quite at a loss,
    decided to gobble up this monkey's banana.  Then, she sent him away -- Close,
    but no banana!  Next, she tested the second banana.  It was unbreakable.
    Seeing this the princess tood a deep breath, and swallowed the banana whole.
    Finally, she turned to the never ending banana, Sure enough, it reappeared,
    once she had finished eating.  So the princess are it again.  And again.  Years
    passed, and the princess refused to stop testing this final banana.  She ate it
    again.  And again.  And still again.  By this time, she was huge - far beyond
    the size of a large ape.  Once again she was famous across the land, but for a
    quite a different reason.  And once again, the wait ti see her was five hours
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $50.
    13. The Monkey Village
    Deep in the forest, far from human civilisation, there was a monkey village.
    One year, the monkeys were busy collecting bananas in preparation for the
    coming winter.  The leader of the monkeys, Specter, played all day without
    lifting a finger, only barking orders to all of the lesser monkeys.
    One day, as winter was drawing near, the monkeys harvested the necessary supply
    of bananas to tide them over the winter months.  Just then, Specter arrived,
    and told them that he would sing for them as their reward.  His singing was as
    bad as his character, but the monkeys, exhausted from work and glad to be
    finished, were easily drawn in and were glad to join in the party.
    The party lasted for three days and three nights.  As the party reached its
    end, the monkeys noticed the first flakes of snow fall.  It was winter.  And
    all they had left was one single banana.  Just one.  Snow had just begun
    falling.  How would the monkey village get through this winter?  Would they
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $30.
    14. The Three Little Monkeys
    Once upon a time, there were three little monkey brothers who had escpaed from
    a proffessor's laboratory and run off into the forest.  The eldest brother was
    lazy, the middle brother was unreliable, but the youngest brother was quite a
    diligent fellow, always collecting enough bananas to make up for his two older
    One day, when the youngest monkey was out collecting bananas, he noticed a
    monkey running around in a fenzy.  When he asked the monkey what was the
    matter, it seemed that a giant Hikaru armed with a Gotcha Net was lurking in
    the area.  Hearing that, the youngest brother ran home as fast as he could to
    warn his older brothers of the danger.
    After sharing the news with his brothers, the three of them began constructing
    houses to protect themselves from the terrible Hikaru.  The eldest brother
    quickly gathered up some straw, and slpaped together a house of the spot.  The
    middle brother built a house with wood.  And the youngest brother found some
    bricks , and laboured hard to build a sturdy house.  A few days later, the
    dreaded Hikaru reached the homes of the three brothers.
    The first house of straw could not even stand up to Hikaru's body slam attack.
    So this brother ran to the next brother's house.  However the wooden house was
    vulnerable to Hikaru's Stun Club, and so the two brothers had to scramble to
    the youngest brother's house of brick.  Unfortunatley the brick house was still
    under construction.  All three were captured together!
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $40.
    15. Jack and the Bananastalk
    Once upon a time, on the far outskirts of a human town, was a poor monkey
    village.  The monkeys who lived there existed in terrible poverty.  They only
    had one banana each a day.  One day the monkeys finally ran out of bananas, and
    left for the town to try to sell their very last pairs of pants so that they
    could buy food.
    A monkey named Jack was chosn to go to town, so he loaded every last pair of
    pants onto a cart and set out.  On the waay, he met a lone professor.  The
    professor felt much pity when he saw the anxious look on young Jack's face, and
    so he offered to give Jack a bio-engineered banana seed in exchange for the
    cart full of monkey pants.  Jack, realised he had nothing to lose, and the
    progessor seemed honest, so they made the trade.
    Jack arrived home with a big smile on his face and eagerly showed his fellow
    monkeys the great banana seed.  His comrades were furious that he had not
    brought back even a single banana for them to eat so they thrashed the poor
    misguided fool.  Young Jack, depressed and alone, moade his way to the back of
    a shack, and planted the seed.  When he woke up the next day, everyone had
    gathered at the back of the shack, and they were creating quite a stir.
    To everyone's tremendous surprise, a great bananastalk had grown from the seed
    planted the previous day, so great that itt stretched up to the very clouds.
    Everyone was absolutely thrilled.  Jack quickly jumped up onto a nearby branch,
    and climbed the bananastalk.  He found countless bunches of giant bananas, so
    large they must have been one ton or more each!  Jack was over joyed, and began
    to shake the banana stalk vigorously.
    Jack knew that everyone was waiting with an empty stomach at the base of the
    bananastalk! So after he had knocked down every last banana, he climbed back
    down in great anticipation.  However back on the ground, nothing could be
    found, except for dozens and dozens of giant bananas.  There was not a single
    monkey in sight.  So Jack began waiting -- eagerly awaiting the return of his
    villagefolk.   But none came back.  Not for all eternity.
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $50.
    16. Hikaru and Pipotchi
    Once upon a time, a young boy named Hikaru lived in poverty with the little
    monkey Pipotchi.  Pipotchi was a little monkey he had found lost in the forest,
    and they lived happily together.  One day when they went out int othe fields,
    Pipotchi suddenly pointed to the ground, wanting Hikaru to dig.  Although it
    seemed strange, he did just that -- and sure enough, there wasa a huge supply
    of bananas buried there in the soil.
    As we know, Hikaru and little Pipotchi were very poor, so they were quite
    ecstatic about this banana find.  So ecstatic they were oblivious to the
    monkeys nearby who had been hiding in the shadows, watching.  They quickly aped
    the pair's actions, but all they found when they dug were rotten bananas.
    Feeling tricked, they flew into a rage, envious of the lucky pair.  They gave
    Pipotchi a whack, which made him cry loudy.
    And as soon as Pipotchi began crying, the very ground upon which his tears fell
    began sprouting banana trees.  Again Hikaru and little Pipotchi were overjoyed
    with this stroke of luck.  The monkeys, seeing this, were now sure that if they
    cried, they too would have their own banana trees.  So they began slamming
    their heads against rocks to cry.  No matter how hard they tried, nothing came
    of their tears, and their heads were soon covered with bumps and bruises.
    The monkeys were angered as never before, and so that night, they came and ate
    every last banana on the banana tree.  When the pair woke up in the morning,
    they were sorely disappointed, for not a single banana remained for them to
    eat.  With nothing better to do, they planted the banana peels in their farm,
    and from whence they'd planted the peels, out sprouted many beautiful flowers.
    Just then, a kindly professor strolled by, and was quite pleased by the
    beautiful flowers, and gave the pair many wonderful gifts.  The monkeys,
    seeing this, spread the banana peels across the ground but the professor
    slipped upon them.  The monkeys once again became angry, but this time the
    professor was angry too, and so he caught them all up and warped them away
    with his Gotcha Net.
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $50.
    17. Thumbelotchi
    Once upon a time, there was a tiny little Pipotchi who was just three
    centimeters tall.  He was called Thumbelotchi, and he travelled by boat from
    land to land, armed with a needle.  He was a brave little Pipotchi, who
    punsihed evil wherever it was found.  More than punished, actually -- he
    crushed it -- and without ever saying a word.
    It was even rumoured that on occasion people who were not at all evil got in
    the line of fire, but despite that he was generally well-liked across the land.
    One day Thumbelotchi was sailing round and round in his boat as usual, when he
    spotted a beautiful princess who was being pursued by a giant monkey.  Within
    seconds, Thumbelotchi, without uttering a word, moored his boat.
    He may have been small, but his reputation was well-deserved.  As soon as the
    princess saw Thumbelotchi coming off the boat, she pleaded to him for help.
    The giant monkey, disgusted by the popularity of such a puny fellow, attempted
    to crush the tiny thing with a stamp of his foot.  But the daring Thumbelotchi
    would have none of it.  He deftly dodged the attack, and then processded to
    climb right up the monkey's leg.
    Thumbelotchi dived inside the monkey's pants, and poked and poked -- poked at
    the front, and poked at the back.  The giant monkey was in agony, and threw
    off his pants, and ran away as fast as he could.  The princess, now safe from
    harm, searched inside the giant monkey's pants, and found Thumbelotchi, along
    with a great treasure - a Wish-granting Monkey Helmet.
    When the princess shook the monkey helmet, little Thumbelotchi grew and grew
    and grew.  When the princess saw the brave Thumbelotchi in full size, she now
    knew what had made him so strong.  For Thumbelotchi was in fact a Pipo-Mech!
    And so Thumbelotchi picked the princess up and put her on top of his head,
    and they set off to defeat evil in unkonwn lands.
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $50.
    18. The Monkey's New Clothes
    A long, long time ago, there lived an old professor who was a tireless
    inventor, always hoping to discover something that would become his big break
    -- but for some reason he never quite succeeded.  One day he was in town on
    some errands, when he noticed a poster that had attracted a great crowd.
    The professor stepped over to the poster, which read:  "Make me a pair of
    monkey  pants unlike any other, and you shall be rewarded handsomely."  This
    turned out to be a message from King Specter, who wished for a rare pair of
    monkey pants.  The professor saw this as a golden opportunity, and rushed home
    to begin preparations.
    ** Not finsihed **
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $??.
    19. The Giant Bananastalk
    Our story takes place on a hot summer's day, in a monkey village.  This village
    had thus dar survived by selling the milk from its cows, but the cows had
    recently ceased to produce milk.  after much debate, the monkeys decided that
    they had no choice but to sell the cows.  A monkey named Jack was charged with
    a the task of herding the cows to twon to sell them, and on his way he happened
    upon an old professor.
    The old professor gave a smooth talk about a newly-discovered bean, and Jack
    was quite taken in.  Before he knoew it, he was without one cow, and left with
    only a single bean in his hand.  When he returned, his starving friends gave
    him quite a telling off.  As he was hit and kicked, the mysterious bean slipped
    from his grip, and landed in the garden.  The next day, Jack found a great
    banana tree growing from the garden, a great bananastalk that exteneded far
    into the sky.
    Jack climbed up the bananastalk all by himself, eventually reaching the clouds.
    There he found bunches and bunches of giant bananas.  Thrilled by the sight,
    Jack quickly sunk his teeth into the juiciest-looking of them.  Jack, who was
    exhausted from both starvation and the scorching summer weather, forgot even
    about the passage of time, quite lost in his endless feast of giant, aromatic
    When Jack finally finished every last banana, he went back down the
    bananastalk, in rather depleted spirits.  He reached the ground, and returned
    to his home.  But when he announced his arrival, there was no reply.  When he
    went inside his room, there were two monkeys sitting face to face, long since
    passwed away.  The calendar on the wall read December.....
    Total Cost to get all of the story - $40.
    20. ??
    Total Cost to get all stories - $??00.
    1. RC Car -- Standard RC Car
    2. Black RC Car -- An ultra fast car with aerodynamic design.
    3. Tissues -- Unbeatable paper chassis.
    4. Sushi -- Even a monkey will be fooled by its likeness.
    5. Pudding -- Explodes in a gooey, delicious mess.
    9. Birth of an Enemy
    Scene 1:  White Monkey: "First, get yourself a pig."
    Scene 2:  White Monkey: "then add something smelly..."
                     Piggy: "Oink!!"
    Scene 3:  White Monkey: "Put in my machine for 3 minutes..."
    Scene 4:       Porkles: "OINK OINK OINK!!"
    1. Freaky Monkey Five -- Freaky Monkey Five sketch.
    2. Blue Monkey -- Blue Monkey sketch
    3. Yellow Monkey -- Yellow Monkey sketch
    4. Pink Monkey -- Pink Monkey sketch
    5. White Monkey -- White Monkey sketch
    6. Red Monkey -- Red Monkey sketch
    7. Hikaru 1 -- Hikaru, sketch 1
    8. Pipotchi 1 -- Pipotchi, sketch 1
    9. Hikaru and Pipotchi 1 -- Hikaru and Pipotchi, sketch 1
    10. Natsumi 1 -- Nastumi, sketch 1
    11. Professor 1 -- The Professor, sketch 1
    12. Expression 1 -- Hikaru expression, sketch 1
    13. Expression 2 -- Hikaru expression, sketch 2
    14. Pipotchi 2 -- Pipotchi sketch, No. 2
    15. Pipotchi 3 -- Pipotchi sketch, No. 3
    16. Pipotchi 4 -- Pipotchi sketch, No. 4
    17. Hikaru 2 -- Hikaru, sketch 2
    18. Hikaru 3 -- Hikaru, sketch 3
    19. Hikaru and Pipotchi 2 -- Hikaru and Pipotchi, sketch 2
    20. Hikaru 4 -- Hikaru, sketch 4
    21. Hikaru 5 -- Hikaru, sketch 5
    22. Hikaru 6 -- Hikaru, sketch 6
    23. Hikaru 7 -- Hikaru, sketch 7
    24. Hikaru and Pipotchi 3 -- Hikaru and Pipotchi, sketch 3
    25. Hikaru 8 -- Hikaru, sketch 8
    26. Hikaru 9 -- Hikaru, sketch 9
    27. Hikaru and Pipotchi 4 -- Hikaru and Pipotchi, sketch 4
    28. Hikaru 10 -- Hikaru, sketch 10
    29. Pipotchi 5 -- Pipotchi, sketch 5
    30. Pipotchi 6 -- Pipotchi, sketch 6
    31. Pipotchi 7 -- Pipotchi, sketch 7
    32. Natsumi 2 -- Nastumi, sketch 2
    33. Hikaru 11 -- Hikaru, sketch 11
    34. --
    35. Hiroki -- Hiroki sketch
    36. Charu 1 -- Charu, sketch 1
    37. Charu 2 -- Charu, sketch 2
    38. Charu 3 -- Charu, sketch 3
    39. Charu 4 -- Charu, sketch 4
    40. The Professor 2 -- The Professor, sketch 2
    41. Stage Setting 1 -- Stage sketch 1
    42. Stage Setting 2 -- Stage sketch 2
    43. Stage Setting 3 -- Stage sketch 3
    44. Stage Setting 4 -- Stage sketch 4
    45. Stage Setting 5 -- Stage sketch 5
    46. Stage Setting 6 -- Stage sketch 6
    47. Stage Setting 7 -- Stage sketch 7
    48. Stage Setting 8 -- Stage sketch 8
    49. Stage Setting 9 -- Stage sketch 9
    50. Stage Setting 10 -- Stage sketch 10
    COMPLETED PHOTO - Monkey weilding Oozi.
    Total Cost to get all photo's - $500.
    1. Monkey's on Parade
    2. The Beginning
    3. Meet Specter
    4. Hikaru and the Professor
    5. It's Giant Yellow Monkey
    6. Battle with Specter!
    7. --
    8. Escape the Ape in You!
    Copyright 2003, Gary Ireland
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
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