Review by SSJ15VEGETA

"1 of the WORST GAMES Ever Made!"

Long time since I have played a game this bad! This game is a poor somewhat plagiarized version of MOH with a slight Resident Evil tingle to it. The Nazi concept is starting to get very boring now. They graphics is not something to be proud of and neither is the storyline. As a FPS it's done an okay job. Arguably it Return To Castle Wolfenstine: Operation Resurrection is one of the worst games to come out on the PlayStation 2.

The gameplay in this game is probably the 2nd most decent portion of the game. It's very basic controls make it easy to play and gives the player good control of the game. The difficulty is suitable and though the difficulty of the game can be changed the “Hard” mode is appropriate for a Hard difficulty. The FPS style of the game suits its gameplay and helps to give the player control. The gameplay also make the game a bit addicting. Overall the gameplay is nothing special and would receive a 6.5/10.

The storyline is probably the worst storyline in a PlayStation 2 game I have ever faced. The game starts off with the most wierdest scenes ever put into a video game. The whole Nazi ordeal has been done. It's over and done with. The combination of Nazis and resurrection doesn't fit well together. It's like 2 pieces in a cheap quality puzzle that are meant to fit but don't. The storyline of RTCW:OR (Return To Castle Wolfenstine: Operation Resurrection) is also very weird and confusing, very unrealistic for a game set in the time of WW2. It's a bit like history and horror collide. I personally hated it. Only good thing about this was its puzzles. Out of 10 I would give it a 0.5.

Graphics and sound could have done better but was reasonable for a “try-hard” game such as this. The graphics I would give a 4/10. The sound though I expected much more for a FPS such as this. The guns could have sounded better and the dialogue also should have had more effort put into it. The most I can give it is a 5.5/10

Play time can be described as long. The game is reasonably long making it fun to play though it sometimes gets very repetitive. Keeps they player going but at points in the game it becomes so repetitive that you want to give up. I personally would never replay it after the end. It earns a 4/10.

In conclusion this game is not worth the money and not worth the time either. If you have been given it to you by a friend or family member as a present ,good. If not don't go out and buy it. Play it only if you have the time otherwise forget about it. The game is in my opinion not worth anything.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/27/08

Game Release: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection (US, 05/30/03)

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