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"One of the best games I have ever played on Ps2."

When I heard Return to Castle Wolfenstein was being ported to the Playstation 2, I was very happy. I waited for the day when I could play this, and it was very much worth the wait. I was shocked at how great this was. Now lets get down to the rest of the review.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics for Wolfenstein are good in the most parts, especially the enemies and weapons. The graphics can be a little worse in the surrounding scenery. Don't expect these graphics to be as good as Final Fantasy 10, but expect them to be about average graphics.

Controlls 10/10
Easy to learn and you can customize them.

Story 8/10
Well it is a first person shooter, and like most games of this genere, the story isn't that deep like RPG's but it is nice. Basically it takes place in world war 2, and you have to go on missions like in world war 2.

Gameplay 10/10
Well what can I say, the gameplay is excellent. If you ever played doom, duke nukem 3d, or the original wolfenstein you will know how this game works. The game is broken into missions. Each mission is broken down into levels like doom, duke nukem 3d or wolfenstein. The great part is that you can save at anytime, so if you get lucky at a time during the level, you can save at that spot. Now this game is like most first person shooters because it has basic commands like run, jump and stuff. The neat thing about wolfenstein is that you have a health and a armor meter. When you have armor est in your armor meter, you will lose less health when you get hit, but you will lose armor. Another neat thing is that there is multiple ways to get health and armor, not like most first person shooters. Now in each level, there are multiple secrets to fund, and if you find them, you will be rewarded nicely. Now this game doesn't have multiplayer, but single player makes up for it all. There is also 7 exclusive levels, not found in the PC game.

Difficulity 10/10
There are four levels of difficulity, and each one varies. The higher the level, the tougher the enemies and the less the value of health and armor. Real challenging game.

Rent, Buy or Not
Rent- If you want to try this game out, and you aren't sure. You have the PC version and you want to try the 7 new levels.

Buy- If you like any first person shooters. If you like doom, duke nukem 3d or the original wolfenstein.

Not- You have the PC version. You hate first person shooters.

Final comments- This was one of the reasons I got a Playstation 2, awesome game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/28/03, Updated 05/28/03

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