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"Yay! It's finally here!"

Finally, RTCW hits the other console, the PS2 that is. Many people think that no multiplayer will break this game. Well, its single player sure as hell makes it great, so why would multiplayer affect it?

Graphics: 9/10: The graphics are well above the expected look that many people thought it would be (including me). Not only do the visuals in every level are well made and suit the level well, but the frame rate is also impressive. It's very smooth, and I haven't experienced any slow down whatsoever in this game.

Controls: 8/10: I was really hoping for this game to be keyboard compatible, but the controls are still great even without this feature. You can have customize everything including a nice auto aim feature to help with the analog stick aiming. It takes some getting used to, but soon the controls will feel fine for the use of the game. Just make sure you customize your controls right or you can die pretty quickly if something isn't set up right.

Gameplay: 9/10: The whole game from the PC version is here, but also 7 additional prologue levels that fill in your past situation leading up to the Castle Wolfenstein. These new levels aren't quickly thrown together, but have a good feeling of blending from their beginning towards where the PC version begins. The AI seems the same as the PC version and it is pretty good AI as well. Kicking back a grenade you throw at them can be quite a shock. Also, the addition of when finding secrets, you get bonus points. Bonus points go towards getting items like extra health. That was something that was unexpected to see in this game. That makes the single-player version even better.

Sound: 9/10: The voices for both Agent One and Agent B.(you) are well done and are very crisp. The guns have their nice sound effects but some seem to lack that base feeling from them being fired. Still, The surround sound works great and hearing all the sounds happening around you really immerses you into the game. The music still has its nice Wolfenstein theme feel, and suits all the levels and situations that happen in them(like getting spotted and the music changes and the alarm goes off).

Overall: 9/10: The PS2 version of RTCW does its name proud with an impressive Single Player game. It's worth getting if you don't own the PC version, or if you want to try this game on a console. Still, even a small multiplayer part would have been a nice add-on, but that doesn't affect this game's single player fun factor at all.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/29/03, Updated 05/29/03

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