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"A nice FPS with a Resident Evil feel"

Okay. Seeing as this will be my first review I've ever done, I tend to do a good job. And so far I am impressed at Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I'm not a FPS buff but this is a great game!

Graphics: 9/10: Ok it ain't no Halo but it's got awsome graphics. From the Nazi soldiers to the nasty monsters. Well I guess that's about it for graphics.

Control: 10/10: The control scheme seems to be flawless. You have your basic shoot button, weapon change, jump, crouch, you know the rest. If your a novice player who just happened to have some extra cash, or an expert gamer who can plow through the game like nothing. Anybody can handle the controls.

Gameplay: 8/10: As much for gameplay, It's your basic first person shooter with a touch of Resident Evil. Sure Zombies will plow through the wall and scare players.(scared me the first time) The only problem with it is the ''stealth'' kills in the game. I mean sure crouch and stick a knife in a guy. Great stealth kill? I was hoping for some sort of bloody throat slit or something,IMO. Enough about that. And another thing I wanna know. WHERE'S THE MULTIPLAYER!?

Sound: 9/10: The sound is purely awsome! The voice acting is great to. BJ and Agent One sure have great talking ability in the cutscenes. I also enjoy hearing what the Germans talk about. Then again there are the more freaky noises that can be heard like the moaning and groaning of the zombies. Or mummies crashing through the walls. It's also cool to hear the Nazi's talk. That's just me though.

Buy or Rent?
Well it depends on what you like. If your the kind that can't get enough of Castle Wolfenstein, buy it. But be warned that there is not much replay value. If you just had the extra cash and saw a copy and decided why not, then yeah I guess rent it. Either way, don't pass up one of the coolest first person shooters out right now.

Overall: 8/10 RTCW is a great FPS with lots of shooting and action. Lots of blood and bullets will be shed to keep evil at bay. So it's all good. I hope you all love the game as much as I did. And have fun with it......that is until you reach the harder difficulty heheheheh.

Well I hope that this review will help you on your decision. Me? I rented it and haven't regreted doin' it. Beware! PEACE!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/16/03, Updated 06/16/03

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