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Reviewed: 07/08/03 | Updated: 07/08/03

No, not the Tesla gun!

It's been twenty years since the first Wolfenstein game came out - a maze-like came on the Apple II computer, and almost ten since Wolfenstein 3D, the first FPS was released, and things have changed. The main character is still B.J. Blazkowicz, and you still shoot Nazis, but there are a few changes...

The most notable thing about this game when you pick it up is the graphics - not exactly MGS2, but still brilliant. The developers captured everything almost perfectly, and blended it together with style.

The controls are almost perfect - although strange at first, they are intuitive, with shoulder buttons for attacks and R3 for reload, your fingers go straight to the right buttons. Once you're used to the controls, you've got the game. With about 20 weapons, including the 'Venom gun,' a minigun-like weapon, the Tesla and probably the best flamethrower from any game, you have a selection of ways to destroy those enemies. Although some don't seem to fit with the date the game is set (night-vision sniper rifle?) this is generally ignored, due to the strange and completely unrealistic plot, containing zombies, mutated beasts and more, but the FMVs and briefings help to get past this as if it's normal.

The game features some good music playing in the background, fitting with the mood of the game - heating up when the game does, and calming down when you've anhilated all in your path. But you probably won't notice it with the sound-effects in the foreground. The sounds of the weapons have been perfectly recorded or created, as have the screams of anguish coming from your enemies as they burn away.

The longevity can be a tad of a problem, though. There are four difficulty levels, and one hell of a long game (the longest game I've played so far!), and when you're done, you'll probably want to hunt for all of the secrets hidden around (as in Wolf 3D, but a bit more inventively hidden), but then you'll be done. There's no multiplayer option, and no extras (besides cinematics) - this game may soon tire after you've completed it a few times. This is the only thing which stops me from giving this game a ten.

So overall, what do I think of it? Well, personally, it's great. The game is incredibly long, the weapons are great, and the enemies are great. Definitely one to rent (for quite a while!) if not buy.

Overall mark - 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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