Review by Wesker1984

Reviewed: 08/19/03

Classy FPS, with Nazis!

We love killing Nazis, they are the epitome of 20th Century evil, and we love killing them, in games at least. This is a big selling point for this game, although not the only one.

We have the supernatural element too, ghoulies and zombies make an appearance in this game, making it a mix of first person shooter/survival horror.

The graphics aren't top notch for PS2, but they more than suffice. The voice acting is good too, no glitches in the lip synch and the characters sound like they have emotion, a problem in some games is that the voices are out of synch with the action on screen, and the characters sound like mindless drones, this is not the case with Wolfenstein:OR. One example of the good voice cast is Tony Jay, the director of the OSA in the game (don't ask!), he also voiced other characters such as the Elder God in Soul Reavers 1 and 2, Xantam The Beholder in Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance, and also in cartoons such as Reboot, where he voiced MegaByte. We know how well he voiced these characters, and he doesn't let us down here.

Another good thing is on the PS2 version, we get something others don't, an all exclusive area made up of 7 levels. This is the Egypt area, and no other machine's version has it (at least not on PC, don't know about XBox yet!).

Apart from voices, the other sounds are good too, effects sound realistic enough, and the background music is excellent, especially the music on the title screen, which is taken from the movie Aliens.

The things that are keeping this from getting 10/10 are 1. The fact that the graphics could have been better and 2. The end boss was disappointingly easy, he was meant to be bad *** and frankly he wasn't. Another reason is personal, it had supernatural beings in the game, but none of these were vampires! Boo, Hiss! I hated that, in early previews I read that there was to be vamps in this game, but I found none!

So lets recap:

Why I rate it
1. Nazis, nuff said
2. Horror Elements
3. Good Music/Sound Effects
4. Good Voice Acting
5. PS2 exclusive levels, yay!

Why I slate it
1. The graphics are not top notch
2. The end boss sucked
3. No vampires!

So, there you have it, that is my review of Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection on the Playstation2. My name is Richard Wild, thank you and goodnight (phew!).

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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