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"An Over-Hyped FPS That Fails To Stand Out From The Crowd."

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is the anticipated sequel to Wolfenstein 3D and Wolfenstein. The game is basically a very watered-down Medal of Honor with zombies as well as the traditional Nazis. Well, on to the review.

The controls are pretty crappy. You have a button to shoot, reload, crouch, jump, cycle through weapons forward, cycle through weapons backward, a button to open doors, and a button to kick people. The controls are set-up alright and don't take too long to get used to, but they don't respond well. At all. Overall, the controls are crap.

In the game, you play as allied soldier BJ Blaskowitz. You're ordered to find out the Nazi's plans for the war and you must report back to the allies. You eventually uncover that they are bringing dead people back to life and using them to ensure a victory for Hitler. As you can see, the story is pretty lame. Skipping cutscenes will be your friend.

The gameplay is pretty damn bad. It's pretty much the traditional first-person shooter, but the jerky aiming system makes playing the game hell. In the game, you will get into some pretty intense battles with human axis soldiers and the zombies that the Nazi's bring back to life.

The actual fighting and stuff is crap due to the bad aiming system and everything, which pretty much broke the game right there. Whenever you start shooting at someone and you need to move around to avoid getting shot, the reticule will automatically jump upwards. You pretty much have to be standing still to aim at someone. So yeah, the fighting sucks.

Considering the game takes place during the World War II era, they had to have all the guns from those times. Well, they have a pretty good variety of weapons that will range from grenades, pistols, and sub-machine guns to flamethrowers, rail guns, and other nifty little weapons. Overall, the selection is pretty good.

The levels are designed alright. They will range from Nazi-infested villages to cavern-filled castles with lots of twisting and turning paths. They tend to get sort-of repetitive after a while and they just fill the levels with useless crap like crates and vases that you can blow up to make it seem as if they had depth to their design or something, which is lame. Overall, the levels are average, and not that good. None of the levels in the game are really memorable. At all.

The enemies seem to have alright artifical intelligence and all, but they seem a little too hard to kill at times. Five shots to the chest to kill a Nazi on normal? The thing that makes that hard is the serious lack of ammo around the levels. Combine the hard-to-kill enemies with the jerky control system and you have first-person shooter hell.

There isn't that great of replayability. There's no unlockables, multiplayer, or online play like in the Xbox version, and the levels in the game really aren't that appealing to go back and play. Overall, the replayability and gameplay are both bad.

The graphics are alright, but nothing great by any means at all. They're pretty bad for the PS2 and I've seen much prettier games. The animations in the game are also pretty bad. When you kick or stab someone, it seems like the guy is just moving his limbs in a straight line, and when people die, they usually have the same old cringe-and-fall death animation. The soundtrack isn't too great, either. You're better off putting in a CD or something. The sound is pretty good though. The guns sound good. Overall, the graphics and the sound are both pretty bad.

To buy or to rent? Neither. If you want a first-person World War II shooter, you should stick with Medal of Honor: Frontline and get Medal of Honor: Rising Sun when it comes out. Both of these are lightyears better than this piece-of-crap. If you want more first-person shooters, you should try out both Red Factions and both TimeSplitters.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/28/03

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