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"A truly excellent alternative to MOH:Frontline"

I waited a while to see some reviews before I bought this game. After some time I decided to get it, and Im so glad that I did. You can see that my tagline compares this to frontline, and I do this very losely as they are quite different other that the era. This game deals with the occult as well as shooting Nazis (it never gets old), which is a very nice touch. You are BJ Blazkowicz (Blass-ko-vich), a special operative for the allies in WWII. You job is to investigate some strange goings on with the Nazis. For some reason, they have dispatched scientist and soldiers, under the name of ''SS Paranormal'' to egypt for some unknown reason. After dabbling a bit deeper you find that they are trying to ressurect an ancient Prince by the name of Heinrich I, who was imprissoned in time by a monk. This was becuase Heinrich had gained massive power and was almost invincible. This may sound like spoilers but its all a part of the introduction, dont worry.

Anyone who owned Quake III on the PS2 will instantly feel like they are playing it once more, due to RTCW being made on an updated Quake III game engine.

Most of the weapons that you pick up are authentic from the era (MP40, Thompson, Luger, Colt .45, Mauser rifle etc). Due to this being a very strange story, they threw in some devastating experimental weapons that the Nazis were supposedly inventing...The Venom Chain gun (spews out lots of rounds but heats up) and Tesla Gun (Can hit multiple targets simultaneously). The game itseft takes a very long time to finish compared to some other FPS games available, I would hazard a guess at double the length of frontline.

The Nazis themselves hold some comedy value, they converse in heavily accented english and break out into german when hurling the abuse as soon as the fighting starts.

When you enter one of the game's tomb areas, you also encounter some hungry undead type people who the Nazis woke up when excavating the ruins. These things also arent that picky about who they eat so will attack you or germans alike.

Graphics 8/10: The character models are a bit ''boxy'' but there are no jagged edges anywhere and the environments are top notch

Sound 9/10: Very atmospheric and no 2 guns sound the same. The Nazi insults are also funny. Also, if you stop and listen, it is possible to spot where germans are in a room by their footsteps before you even enter. For a more frightening experience, play with headphones and the lights OFF.

Gameplay 10/10: The strongest point of the game IMO. Every gun has its own strenths and weaknesses, you will NOT be spotted if you are carefull and are not making much noise (i.e you arent engaging in a combined tap-dance, gunfire symphony and they have their back to you), allowing you to dispatch them with your knife which makes them drop an item too. Dealing with the undead and genetic monsters makes for some nice veriety in the fighting.

Lifespan 9/10: About 12 hours to play through the first time, plus there are subtle hidden areas and secrets to be found that make you want to play again. There are also 4 different dificulties. However, there is nothing special to unlock.

If you love story-driven FPS games then but this NOW. It may be inferior to the Xbox version but its still worthy of being played.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/28/03

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