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    FAQ/Walkthrough by djaikou

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    ======Writen by: Scott "DJ Aikou"========
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    ==============Players Guide==============
    Malice Players Guide for PS2
    Table of contents:
    1. Review
    2. Play by Play
     a. Trip one
     b. Beach of Souls
     c. Trip two: Fighting the Fungus
     d. Trip three: She's Hot and She's Fly
     e. Trip four: Clockwork Malice
     f. Trip five: Follow that Stench
     g. Trip six: Fire Fortress
     h. Trip seven: Juju's Voodoo
     i. Trip eight: Full Metal Catsuit
     j. Final Boss
    3. Final words
    1. Review
    The game starts out with the "Dog god" biting your head off.
    You go see "Death" and he sends you back saying "No goddesses!"
    You meet this Machine dude that tells you to find eight logic keys so he can
    find the "Dog god".
    If you like action/adventure games, this game is for you!
    I loved it, but when I came to Game FAQs to get help on the final boss,
    there was not a single thing. I then decided that I'd type up this
    players guide.
    The only thing I didn't like about the game is the fact that it only
    took me about 4 or 5 hrs to beat it. With that said,
    I won't keep you any longer from the guide.
    gl & hf (good luck & have fun)
    2. Play by Play
    2.a. Trip one
    Items: one heart piece, and one Logic Key.
    Rewards: Club weapon.
    Collect the Crystal Heart Piece.
    Jump onto all four pistons to lower the shield around the Logic Key.
    Collect the Logic Key. (After every key,
    you get sent back to the Machine dude. There were no bad guys in
    this level because it is almost like a training level.)
    When you return to the Machine dude,
    put the key in one of the open key holes behind him.
    He will then give you your first weapon. He calls it a mace,
    but it looks more like a club to me.
    2.b. Beach of Souls
    Items: 10 Lamps, and the Lighthouse's light.
    Rewards: 4 heart pieces.
    On your second trip I want you to die.
    ... You heard me right, DIE!
    You are asking why? Well I'll tell you.
    When you die, you get sent to a special level called "Beach of Souls".
    This is the same place you went when you lost your head before the game
    If you die here, you have 60 seconds to find your soulstone.
    Look for the red pillar of light.
    If you don't get to your soulstone within 60 seconds it will be game over,
    but it isn't hard to find the stone.
    When you get here, you must.....
    Look for 10 LAMPS. You will then get sent to the second part of this area.
    In the second part, you must take the little light thing to the lighthouse.
    To do this you must act fast because you only have a short time to get
    it there. Jump on the pillar to the right of the light thing and
    take the path through the sail boats.
    When you get to the lighthouse you will get four heart pieces.
    Return to that "Death" guy and press "Triangle" to get sent back to
    the level you died on.
    2.c. Trip two: Fighting the Fungus
    Items: 5 heart pieces, 1 magic skill orb, and 1 Logic Key.
    A tree guy tells you to kill all the mushrooms in the area.
    Don't forget to get the first 4 heart pieces before you kill "ALL" of
    the mushrooms.
    Once the mushrooms are gone, the tree dude gives you your 1st magic skill.
    "GLIDE MAGIC" Makes you light as a feather!
    But it doesn't work unless your feet are off the ground.
    Press and hold R2 and press X
    Use your new magic skill to glide over to the 5th heart piece.
    After you have the last(5th) heart piece for this area,
    goto the leaf and press "Triangle"
    First Boss: Fungus Guy
    Jump over the mushrooms so you can get to the boss.
    Hit him in the tail untill you win. I think it should take four hits.
    Collect the Logic Key.
    Return to the Machine dude and put the key in one of
    the open key holes behind him.
    2.d. Trip three: She's Hot and She's Fly
    Items: 5 heart pieces.
    On this trip, you are looking for a witch.
    Beat all the crows and get the 5 heart pieces in this area before you
    go to see the witch.
    The Witch's house:
    Items: 5 more heart pieces, and 1 magic skill orb.
    When you get here, the witch will ask you too kill all the bugs.
    Collect the 5 heart pieces here as well.
    The witch will tell you about the glow worms in the sewer.
    You ask here how you will fit in there, and she shinks you to a yonger form.
    She will also give you your next magic skill.
    "BOOST MAGIC" You do double the damage when you use this magic.
    Press and hold R2 and press O (circle)
    Try out your new magic skill on the crow thugs below you.
    When you are done with them, enter the pipe.
    You get taken to...
    the land of the "Glow Worms".
    Items: 5 more heart pieces, 20 baby worms, another magic skill orb.
    When you start here, the glow worms ask you to kill the spiders.
    After that, go talk to the "Worm dude" and he will give you another
    magic skill.
    "SPEED MAGIC" You run much faster. Press and hold R2 and press [] (square)
    Before you move on, make sure to get the heart piece on the mushroom to
    the right of the exit.
    You will come to a tunnel, but BE CAREFUL OF COLLAPSING FLOORS!
    There is heart piece #2 in a crate in a dead end of the tunnel.
    When you get to the next cavern, a Mother glow worm will ask you to
    save her babies. There are 20 babies to save.
    The babies are scattered acrossed the Pit Puzzle, again...
    Heart pieces #3 & #4 are in this cavern as well.
    As you head twards "Bone Henge", there is a pillar pit you have to get by.
    in the pit there are 3 floor switches, step on the 3rd one first,
    the 2nd one next, and the 1st one last.
    Make sure to hop on the pillar after you step on that switch before it
    gets too high for you to jump to.
    Then hurry over the pillars before they go back down.
    The 5th heart piece for this area will be on the 3rd
    pillar right before you get acrossed.
    The Worm dude is waiting for you on the other side.
    He is supposed to call for help,
    but he gets his spell wrong and calls the next boss.
    2nd Boss: FireFly Queen
    She will drop a barrage of bombs on you.
    Dodge them by running to one side.
    After a while, she will do a ground pound and
    toss some bombs in font of her.
    If you have trouble dodging her, try out your new "SPEED MAGIC".
    When she gets a ring around her,
    use your "BOOST MAGIC" and get in the ring so you can get a hit on her.
    It shouldn't take long to win.
    Collect the Logic Key.
    Return to the Machine dude and put the key in one of the open key holes
    behind him.
    2.e. Trip four: Clockwork Malice
    Items: 5 heart pieces.
    Rewards: Clockwork Hammer
    Use the hand crank to release a bot.
    Use the Magnetic rods to draw the bot to the floor switch.
    Don't forget the heart piece before you leave this room.
    In the next room, jump into the pit and get the 2nd heart piece from the
    Swipe the switch by pressing [] (square), that will lower the bridge.
    Release the next bot, and then cross the bridge.
    The 3rd heart piece is on the other side of the bridge.
    Use the magnetic rod to get the bot to the next floor switch.
    This next room has a conveyor belt... Jump over it!
    In a back room is another hand crank, it will open a couple doors for you.
    The first door is in plain sight, and it contains the 4th heart piece.
    Remember the conveyor belt I told you to ignore earlier?
    You may take it now.
    A new enemy waiting for you in this next room.
    He shoots at you, so be careful.
    Before you move on, get the 5th heart piece that is
    floating in mid air. (use "GLIDE MAGIC" if needed.)
    In order to continue, you will have to go the wrong way on
    the conveyor belt.
    Piston Place:
    Items: 5 more heart pieces
    This area gets a little harder than the last place.
    Before doing anything, you will find your first heart
    piece on a ledge above a locker.
    Use the hand crank to open the door. BE CAREFUL,
    there is a shooting crow waiting for you on the other side of this door.
    In the 1st main room you will start out on a big rolling gear.
    (careful not to fall)
    Take the Elevator up.
    At the top you'll find another bot dispencer. Release it.
    This one is tricky because you will have to turn off the
    Magnetic rod at the right time so you line it up with the
    next path the bot needs to take.
    The 2nd rod will have to be turned off if it looks like the
    bot won't make it past the piston safely.
    Time it right and hopefuly you won't have to retry.
    Once the Bot makes it SAFELY to it's floor switch,
    you may take the elevator up to the door.
    BUT WAIT! There is now a crow shooting at you.
    Go take him out and collect your 2st heart piece for this area.
    Okay, NOW you may continue.
    This next area is MUCH harder.
    There are many turns you will have to make your bot do.
    Time it right, and good luck.
    Once the bot gets SAFELY to it's floor switch,
    there will be more crows shooting at you.
    Take the floating platforms to the cliff on the other side,
    you can get your 3nd heart piece there.
    BE CAREFUL, they drop thier floors for a second...
    Jump to the one on the far side after that one has
    already dropped and reset itself.
    Then look below you and see the platform with your 4rd heart piece?
    Get that, but just like the ones above,
    these drop thier floors too. So be careful!
    You may now continue through the hallway right next to you.
    Your 5th heart piece is in this hall.
    Memory Maze:
    Items: 5 more heart pieces, 4 yellow cogs, 4 red cogs.
    Like any typical game, the 1st heart piece here is right behind you.
    Fick the switch to the left of where you started.
    Watch the patterns of the platforms and step across them in that order.
    Collect the yellow cog.
    Get the 2nd heart piece to the left of where you found the 1st yellow cog.
    Place the yellow cog in the slot on the big tower.
    A step will come down from the big tower,
    to the right of that is another switch.
    Flick the new switch.
    Since this time the platforms are a little harder,
    I'll tell you the order.
    Step on the first one, then up left up right right then..
    onto the one with the 2nd yellow cog.
    Retrace your steps back to place the new cog in the slot on the
    2nd step of the big tower.
    After the next step comes down...
    Flick that same switch you flicked the last time.
    Platform pattern is: Jump to the 1st one then up up right down left left up
    ..then onto the one with the 3rd yellow cog.
    Retrace your steps back to place the new cog in the slot on the
    3rd step of the big tower.
    The last step will lower and drop the last cog.
    Collect the last yellow cog from behind the big tower.
    Place the last cog in the last slot on the big tower.
    You now get your next Magic skill.
    "BULLET SHIELD MAGIC" Protects you from projectile attacks.
    Use your new skill to get to the switch behind the shooting crow.
    (You could just dodge if you think you're good enough)
    The switch will start up the gears.
    Head back to where you got your skill, and turn left.
    Collect 4 red cogs.
    2 red cogs will be on the edges of some gears you have to cross.
    There will be a thing swinging, jump onto it when it gets in range.
    1 red cog will be at the top of it. DON"T JUMP OFF YET!
    At the top, double jump twards the 3rd heart piece that is
    hanging in mid air...
    Use your "GLIDE MAGIC" to get to it.
    The last red cog is sitting on the pipe near the exit.
    Before you leave, get the 4th heart piece on the spinning gear to the right.
    You may have to take the platfrom back to the big tower if you
    can't reach the pipe from the gear.
    After opening the exit, take out the double gunned crow.
    The 5th heart piece for this area is floating above some slime,
    do a double jump to get it.
    3rd Boss: Machine Lizard
    This boss is harder than the others were.
    When you first start out, RUN!
    He will breathe flames, when he is done, HIT HIM!
    Then RUN!
    When he gets around to sending you a wave of spikes...
    Jump over the wave and HIT HIM!
    Then RUN!
    He will sometimes do a wave AND flames.. So make sure he is done.
    He will turn a blueish-green.
    Collect the Logic Key.
    Return to the Machine dude and put the key in one of the
    open key holes behind him.
    The Machine Dude will give you your next weapon...
    The Clockwork Hammer!
    2.f. Trip five: Follow that Stench
    Items: 5 heart pieces, and 4 red cogs.
    This is the same place you came to on trip 2.
    Collect the 4 red cogs, 2 of which are on the tree.
    Collect the 5 heart pieces... 4 from taking down the 4 two-gunned crows,
    and 1 on top of a bunker.
    Use the cogs to open the pipe to the next area.
    Pipe 'n Drums
    Items: 5 more heart pieces, 5 golden cogs, 4 red cogs, and 5 coins.
    When you start out in the big pipe, go out and up to the right.
    There is the 1st golden cog on top of the pipe where you started.
    On the floor next to where you place the Golden cogs,
    you will see a little slime river...
    Follow that rive to the outer wall, and
    the next golden cog is right in the crack in the wall.
    On each side of the tub you will find crates...
    Jump on them to reach your 1st heart piece &
    your 2nd heart piece is also on the other side of the tub over those crates.
    In those same crates I just told you to jump on you will find
    your 3rd golden cog, & your 4th golden cog is in a crate on
    the other side of the tub as well.
    Your 5th golden cog is IN THE TUB!
    Careful not to fall in the slime.
    Place the Golden cogs in theswitch at the base of the tub,
    then flick the switch.
    Go to the top of the tub and take the bridge to your new MAGIC SKILL
    "HEALTH REGEN MAGIC" Refills your hearts. (takes lots of mana!)
    Press and hold R2 and press X TWICE!
    Now you must find 5 coins to open a gate that will lead to
    one of the red cogs.
    2 coins are on ledges, the rest are on the ground,
    but they are ALL in that area after the bridge.
    Your 3rd heart piece is on top of some metal blocks in this area,
    so don't break the crate next to it untill you get it.
    Your 4th heart piece is in a crate on the other side of the tub.
    (Note: For some reason there was a bug that makes it invisible.
    I'm not sure if it is like that all the time or just that once.)
    Use your red cogs to open the exit.
    Your 5th heart piece is inside the pipe that leads out.
    Gloop River Caves
    Items: 5 more heart pieces
    This place makes it hard not to fall in the slime.
    When you start out, cross the river and enter the giant pipe on
    the other side.
    Your 1st heart piece is on top of a metal block at the other end of
    this giant pipe.
    Go back to where you entered the pipe and there will be a
    ledge to the left with a switch on it.
    Flick the switch to start the drums heading down river.
    Take the drums down the river and there will be an
    island with some crates on them,
    one of the crates has your 2nd heart piece.
    This island is at the edge of the falls, so if you miss it you.. well FALL!
    Across from the island there is another switch on a ledge,
    flick it to start the next set of drums.
    This set of drums free up the way out.
    Don't go back the way you came.
    You need to follow the ledges around the side to get your 3rd heart piece.
    Be carefull, you need your GLIDE to get across some of them.
    Once you have your 4th heart piece you will need to
    take the drums UP river to the exit.
    I suggest taking the Giant pipe once you get there
    (I find it's the easy way)
    The 5th Heart piece is in the exit's doorway.
    4th Boss: The Juju Man (more like PRE-Boss)
    Items: 5 more heart pieces, 3 keys, and one MAGIC Orb.
    All you need to do is get 3 keys that his rats hold.
    Watch out for his "Big Head Ray" It could make you fall.
    The hearts are mostly easy to find, but one is hiding on a LOW ledge.
    Once you get into the door at the end you will get
    the 5th Heart piece &..
    "DAMAGE SHIELD MAGIC" No one can hurt you!
    Hold R2 and Press Triangle TWICE
    REAL 4th Boss: Machine Dog
    When he starts his light show in the middle you step on one of the buttons.
    You may need the SPEED MAGIC at times.
    After about 4 or 5 hits you should win.
    2.g. Trip Six: Fire Fortress
    Items: 5 heart pieces, 3 card keys
    As you start this trip you need to get the card key from the Rebel Birds.
    After entering the door there will be a heart piece on top of a pyramid.
    (before the large hallway)
    In the large hallway there will be many crows firing at you.
    This is where you'll find Heart Pieces 2 & 3
    Heart Pieces 2 & 3 are on ledges in the large hallway.
    Afterwards you will reach a room with many big boxes, SAVE THEM FOR NOW.
    Make your way through the Crows and around the corner to flick the switch.
    The metal box next to you will open and you have to get the 2-gunned
    crow in there then get the card key.
    Your 4th heart piece will also be in there.
    Remember those big boxes? they have mecha crows in them,
    beat them to get your 5th heart Piece.
    Take your new card key back to the 1st big hallway where you'll
    find another door.
    Beat the crows in there to get your 3rd card key.
    Enter the doors along the side wall, you need to free all 4 prisoners.
    The last door is the way out
    Watch out for them talkin about a blue hedgehog in the cut scene.
    Bomb Hanger
    Items: 5 more heart pieces, 6 packs of TNT, and 1 card key.
    1st off, DON'T get the TNT just yet!
    Get the Heart pieces because the TNT is delicate.
    Use the TNT to blow up the planes.
    After doing this you lose all your stuff and get thrown in prison.
    Fortress Prison
    Items: 5 more heart pieces, 3 card keys, and 1 MAGIC orb.
    Your cell just so happens to have an open vent (how funny).
    The next cell over there is an old bird that will complain about
    stuff and then give you your 1st Heart Piece.
    In the next light colored vent you need to go
    right and get your 1st card key.
    Go back to the old bird's cell and use your card key there.
    In the next room you MUST stay out of the camera's way.
    There is a switch in that room that turns off a
    fan we will need to get by later.
    Use the camera switch on the wall to see when it's safe to move on.
    When the guard has is back to you, you may sneek to the
    next alcove in the hallway.
    Then use the camera switch there to see when the TWO crows have
    their backs to you.
    Then head JUST ACROSS THE HALL to a room with 2 cells.
    The 1st has a weird guy that will give you the next card key.
    There is a switch in that room that turns off the fan going to the left
    (back in that light vent I talked about)
    Enter the next cell from where you got the 2nd card key
    (this was your cell)
    Head back to where you got the 1st card key,
    but instead of going right, go left.
    You'll find your 2nd and 3rd heart Pieces there.
    Go back to the hallway with all the cameras.
    (Back to your cell is the best way)
    Use the Camera switch to see when it's clear then make your way to
    the next alcove.
    Do the same thing to the next alcove and there will be a door to
    the room where your stuff is in.
    Use the key on the wall, but be ready cause the alarm will go off.
    Go right to the dead end of the hallway,
    behind the door is your 4th Heart piece.
    Go back to the other end of the hallway and KO the 2 gunned crow.
    You then get your 3rd card key.
    There is a closet with the 5th Heart piece in it,
    then the last room has...
    "SLOW MAGIC" Makes everything seem slow so you can act fast.
    Hold R2 and press [] Square TWICE
    5th Boss: Zombie Plant Monster
    Use the SLOW MAGIC when he sends those vines after you.
    Keep stomping his toe.
    When you get back to the Machine dude he will give you a new weapon...
    The Quantom Tuning Fork
    2.h. Trip Seven: That Juju Voodoo
    Items: 5 heart pieces, 3 bomb parts, last MAGIC orb
    The first Heart piece will be on a floating platform.
    You will first get 2 bomb pieces and enter a tunnel to pass by the
    Bomb maker.
    Continue through the tunnel there is Heart piece #2 at the base of
    the mountain.
    Heart piece #3 is at the top of the hill with all the
    bolders falling down it.
    The last bomb piece is at the top of that mountain that
    Heart piece #2 was at.
    Heart piece #4 is on top of the house next to the mountain.
    Go back to the bomb maker and have him make the bomb.
    Use the bomb back near the house.
    Make your way to the deactivated force field.
    The 5th Heart piece is in that room.
    Then get your last MAGIC...
    "NUKE MAGIC" Nuke everything! Takes a lot of magic.
    Hold R3 and press O TWICE.
    Earth Forest
    Items: 5 more heart pieces, 2 card keys
    The 1st Heart piece is on a ledge above where you start.
    While heading on be carefull of the turrent tring to shoot you off of
    the platfroms.
    The 2nd Heart piece is on top of that turrent.
    There will be a place where you can go
    right of the mountain or left, go right for now.
    Your 3rd Heart Piece will show up on a crate after beating a few crows.
    After the 3rd Heart piece you need to finish off the crows behind you.
    You will get TWO card keys.
    Backtrack then take the high pasth with the falling platforms.
    Use one of the card keys up there, then go back and take the left path.
    Use your 2nd card key in the card slot inside the alcove.
    Then continue the path. Be carefull, if you fall, you get sent to start.
    Your 4th Heart piece is between to platforms.
    The 5th Heart piece will be on one of the falling platforms that
    are coming up.
    Your camera is changed, so it may be hard to controll.
    At the top of the mountain is...
    6th Boss: The NEW Juju Man
    Not much too him, He is FAST though, so you may want to use SPEED, or SLOW.
    2.i. Trip eight: Full Metal Catsuit
    Items: 5 heart pieces, 10 gold cogs
    Back to Pipe'n'Drums this time to get a suit of mecha armour.
    As you start there will be 2 big pipes to the side.
    The 1st Heart piece is between them.
    Look around on the ground in the big room,
    you will find 6 gold cogs and your 2nd Heart piece
    On your way up the tub you will find gold cogs 7 and 8
    Heart piece 3 is on a ledge on the side of the tub.
    The 9th Gold cog id across here on a pipe.
    Head to the far side of the room near the Mecha suit.
    Head up the ledges on that wall. There you will find the 4th Heart Piece.
    Keep going up to find the 10th gold cog.
    Afterwards jump around the corner and use GLIDE to get to the
    5th Heart piece.
    Put the gold cogs in the thing on the wall, then pick up your Armor.
    Piston Hell
    Items: 5 more heart pieces, 1 chip
    Use your SLOW MAGIC in this first room.
    The 1st Heart piece is right out in the open.
    Get the 2nd Heart piece from the 2 gunned crow behind the wall.
    Open the door using your fork. then go in the next room.
    Make your way down to turn the crank and get your 3rd Heart piece.
    Back to the top and across to get Heart pieces 4 and 5.
    Jump over to get the chip
    Fire Fortress
    Items: 5 more heart pieces, 4 card keys, power source
    We're getting close aren't we?
    There are lazer walls that blink in your way.
    DON'T use SLOW because it doesn't work on the gates.
    After the lazer gates,
    The 1st Heart piece is in the room with the gray foot pad.
    Step on the gray foot pad to make the FIRST red foot pad gray.
    Then step on the NEW gray foot pad to make the 3rd red one gray.
    Carefull, the floors shoot fire.
    There is a big room, the 2nd Heart Piece is on the first ledge.
    The 2 gunned crow has the card key. Head out the door.
    The next room has MANY crows, so act fast.
    The 3rd Heart Piece is on the vent above you.
    After you clear this room get the card key and move on.
    Take out the guys in this room, get your card key,
    then take the elevator up to get...
    Heart Pieces 4 and 5. Then get in the next room.
    Nock out all the Cloan doors and get the next card key.
    Then head back and go through the OTHER door.
    Take out the crows in this room, then flick all the switches.
    Get the power source.
    7th Boss: The King of the Crows
    I think this is the hardest boss in the game. (not the last though)
    Start off by using your O (circle) attack.
    This sheds him of his fire buddies.
    The hard part is dodging the firey tongues.
    If you are good at jump rope you should be fine.
    when he is walking around the ring hit him with the O attack again.
    Get your key and head back.
    The Machine dude then gives you your mecha suit to use against...
    The Final Boss: The Dog god
    At first I had no Idea what to do.
    That is when I went to GameFAQs.com but there was nothing about Malice.
    So I thought, I'll make one! It wasn't long before I figured it out...
    This may take a while, but keep at it.
    He will run at you with fireballs flying around him.
    RUN! and wait till he throws them.
    When he heads back to his lava pool, hit him with a O attack.
    As the match goes on he has more and more fireballs to throw at you.
    This may take about 12 hits or so.
    Yeah! you WON!
    The world goes back to normal and you say...
    "Don't call me Mother, just call me Malice!"
    3. Final words
    I sure had a fun time making this guide,
    as I'm sure you had a fun time playing this game.
    I hope I was very helpfull, this was my first Players Guide.
    Please stop by my forums at http://vanadielportal.proboards29.com or...
    djaikou.com/forums for short.

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