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    FAQ by terramagra

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    Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) / Guide
    All Star Baseball 2003 for Playstation 2
    ver 0.6
    March 12, 2002
    1. Introduction
    2. Version Info
    3. Controls
          a. menu naviagtion
          b. base control basics
          c. post-pitch & mid-windup
          d. fielding
          e. batting & base running
          f. pitch / location guess
    4. Getting Started (Main Menu)
          a. game modes
          b. pausing the game
    5. Expansion Mode / Franchise Mode
          a. expansion strategy
          b. off season
    6. Special Features
          a. create a player
          b. complete player card list
    7. Hints And Tips
    8. Offensive Strategy
          a. base running
    9. Defensive Strategy
          a. fielding
    10. Extra Features
          a. hanging K's
    11. Review
    12. Codes and Secrets
    13. F.A.Q.
    14. The Secret To "GMing" (Kind Of)
    15. Credits/Contact/Legal
    16. Last Word
    17. Sites This FAQ Is On
    *** SECTION 1: Introduction ***
    Well, it's finally out... All Star Baseball 2003.  A lot of us played 2002 and
    loved it, others steered clear of it because they heard about the glitches,
    errors, and other horrible AI things.  Well, all that and more has been fixed,
    and it looks like Acclaim has hit the nail on the head and delivered a game
    that baseball fans of any seriousness will enjoy.  Here is the intro from the
    Baseball fans, welcome to All-Star Baseball 2003.  This year we've got a
    terrific line up of features that make this our best game ever.  There's a
    great Trivia game, where you can test your baseball knowledge, and the new
    Player Cards recreates the fun and excitement of trading baseball cards.  What
    else is new?  You can create an expansion club, complete with logo and choose
    what city, stadium and league they'll play in.  And there's a fun new Franchise
    feature that lets you select a favorite team and play with them over several
    seasons, seeing their fortunes and players change over time.  Of course, we
    still have plenty of the great on-field action you've come to expect, like the
    Home Run Derby, Season and Playoff modes, and tons of off the field management
    input, too, including creating your own players.  You've got all the tools it
    takes to make a run at the World Series and have a great time doing it! See you
    in the post season!
    -Derek Jeter
    As you can read from that, Acclaim has a lot in store for All-Star 2003.
    *** Section 2: Version Info ***
    -Version 0.1 Started on March 4, 2002.  This is my first FAQ, so any suggetions
    email me at mcnabb_05@hotmail.com.
    -Version 0.2- Added complete player card checklist.
    -Version 0.3- Added some more features, put a link to Inks71 pitching guide
    (under pitching section) Added some more info to create a player, added tip to
    expansion mode.
    -Version 0.4- Minor updates, plus filled in Create-A-Player stants.
    -Version 0.5- Various new info, and expanded where this faq can be found.
    -Version 0.6- Started the extra section about finding the K's
    *** Section 3: Controls ***
    If you are familar with All-Star Baseball 2002, the controls in this game are
    the same as last year, and are pretty easy to navigate.
    Menu Navigation
    X..........Confirm / Next Screen
    O..........Cancel / Previous Screen
    Triangle...Show Help Menu
    Square.....Not Used
    Select.....Not Used
    Start......Start / Pause Game
    D-PAD......Highlight Option (Up/Down) / Toggle Option (Left/Right)
    R1, R2, L1, L2... Not Used
    R3.........Highlight / Toggle Options
    L3.........Not Used
    Base Control Basics
    -=At Bat=-
    When base running, each base matches a direction on the DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS. 
    To move a base runner to or from a base, you press the proper control and the
    direction of the base the runner currently OCCUPIES.
    Right......1st Base
    Up.........2nd Base
    Left.......3rd Base
    -=In The Field=-
    When fielding, each action (symbol) button matches a current or future throw to
    a base.  These are the base equivalents when fielding:
    O..........1st Base
    Triangle...2nd Base
    Square.....3rd Base
    -=Pitch Select=-
    Each hurler's pitch type types appear on-screen next to a control graphics. 
    Pitch types vary with each pitcher, as do controls.  For example, the Triangle
    Button might be a slider for on pitcher, or a knuckleball for a different
    player who doesn't throw a slider.
    Locating pitches:       Press the LEFT ANALOG STIC or the DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS
    to move the pitch                         target to the desired location.
    Positioning Fielders:   Pressing the L1 BUTTON will cycle through INFIELD
    positioning options:
    1. Normal
    2. In - all infielders play on the edge of the infield grass.
    3. Deep - all infielders back up to the edge of the outfield grass.
    4. Corners - 3B & 1B play in to anticipate a bunt.
    5. Lines - 3B & 1B play closer to the foul lines to prevent extra base hits.
    6. DP Depth - SS & 2B play a few steps deeper and closer to second base,
                  them in better positions for turning double plays.
    7. Shade L - all IF move slightly to the third base side.
    8. Shade R - all IF move slightly to the first base side.
    9. Shift L - more dramatic shift toward third base.
    10. Shift R - more dramatic shift toward first base.
    Positioning Fielders:   Pressing the L2 BUTTON will cycle through OUTFIELD
    positioning options:
    1. Normal
    2. Normal Left - Outfielders shade toward left field.
    3. Normal Right - Outfielders shade toward right field.
    4. Deep - Outfielders play a few steps back toward the fences.
    5. Deep Left - Outfielders play a few steps back toward the fences and move
                   a few steps toward the LF line.
    6. Deep Right - Outfielders play a few steps back toward the fences and move
                   a few steps toward the RF line.
    7. Shallow - Outfielders play a few steps in.
    8. Shallow Left - Shift is more extreme.  All OF's move.  RF moves toward RCF
                      up his line, CF moves 4-5 steps into LCF, LF moves 3-4 steps
    toward the line
    9. Shallow Right - Outfielders play a few steps in and move a few steps toward
    the RF line.
    X..........Select Pitch Type
    O..........Select Pitch Type (If Applicable)
    Triangle...Select Pitch Type (If Applicable)
    Square.....Select Pitch Type (If Applicable)
    DPAD.......Move Pitch Target
    R1.........Select Pitch Type (If Applicable)
    R2.........Not Used
    R3.........Pitch Options Menu (Intentional Walks, Hit Chart, Hot-Cold, Pitch
    L1.........Cycle Infield Defensive Positioning Menu
    L2.........Cycle Outfield Defensive Positioning Menu
    L3.........Move Pitch Target
    -=Post-Pitch Select=-
    After selecting your pitch type, you can still change the pitch location.  In
    addition, you can either throw the pitch or try a pick off throw to any base
    but home.
    X..........Throw Pitch
    O..........Pick Off To First
    Triangle...Pick Off To Second
    Square.....Pick Off To Third
    DPAD.......Move Pitch Target
    R1.........Activate Base Runner Windows (All-Star Mode)
    R2.........Brush Back Pitch
    R3.........Move Pitch Target
    L1.........Activate Base Runner Windows (All-Star Mode)
    L2.........Pitch Out
    L3.........Not Used
    Hold L3 BUTTON while pressing the X BUTTON to use the slide step delivery.
    X..........Not Used
    O..........Pick Off To 1st For Left-Handers (During Delivery)
    Triangle...Not Used
    Square.....Pick Off To 3rd For Right-Handers (During Delivery)
    DPAD.......Move Pitch Target
    R1.........Not Used
    R2.........Not Used
    R3.........Move Pitch Target
    L1.........Not Used
    L2.........Not Used
    L3.........Not Used
    Before Ball Is Fielded
    The Spot where a fly ball will land is indicated by a red circle highlight. 
    The currently controlled fielder is indicated by a blue circle highlight (if
    multiple players are controlling outfielders, there is a different highlight
    color for each player.)  If a fielder isn't on screen at any given time, a red
    arrow indicates the direction of the ball.
    To tell that fielder where to throw the ball before he fields it (so he'll
    immediately throw to that location once he fields the ball), press the
    associated control (see below).
    X..........Future Throw To Home
    O..........Future Throw To 1st
    Triangle...Future Throw To 2nd
    Square.....Future Throw To 3rd
    DPAD.......Move Highlighted Fielder
    R1.........Dive / Jump / Scale Wall
    R2.........Dive / Jump / Scale Wall
    R3.........Not Used
    L1.........Future Throw To Cut-Off or Relay Man
    L2.........Switch Control To Player Nearest Ball
    L3.........Move Highlighted Fielder
    After Ball Is Fielded
    X..........Throw To Home
    O..........Throw To 1st
    Triangle...Throw To 2nd
    Square.....Throw To 3rd
    DPAD.......Move Player
    R1.........Not Used
    R2.........Not Used
    R3.........Not Used
    L1.........Throw To Relay Man
    L2.........Switch Fielder
    L3.........Not Used
    -=Batting & Base Running=-
    Pre-Pitch Select
    Directional Buttons.......Move Batting Cursor/ While Triangle is held, press
    base                                          direction to steal.
    Left Analog Stick.........Move Batting Cursor
    Right Analog Stick........Tilt Batting Cursor
    Square Button.............Toggle Contact / Power Icon
    Triangle Button...........Steal Signal (+ DIRECTIONAL BUTTON in current base
    X Button..................Practice Swing
    O Button..................Show Sacrafice Bunt
    L1 Button.................Increase all runners' leads.
    L2 Button.................Initiate pitch / location guess
    R1 Button.................Decrease all runners' leads.
    Stealing Bases
    To steal a base, hold the TRIANGLE BUTTON then press the DIRECTIONAL BUTTON in
    the direction of the base the runner currently occupies.  For example, if a
    runner is on first base, hold the TRINALGE BUTTON then press RIGHT on the
    DIRECTIONAL BUTTON to steal second base.  On Rookie and Veteran difficulty
    settings, the runner will wait until the pitch is released before attempting to
    steal.  On All-Star difficulty level, the runner will break as as you press the
    DIRECTIONAL BUTTON.  You can hold the TRIANGLE BUTTON down, but the runner will
    not steal until the DIRECTIONAL BUTTON is pressed (the DIRECTIONAL BUTTON
    highlights the runner)
    Using The Batting Cursor
    The triangle-shaped batting cursor is there to help you get good wood the ball
    and to aim your hits.  The wide part of the cursor represents the sweet spot of
    your bat, so that's where you want to make contact.  Press either the
    DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS or the LEFT ANALOG STICK to position the cursor.  Press the
    RIGHT ANALOG STICK to tilt the cursur to alter the type of hit.  Tilting UP
    will tend to produce grounders, while tilting DOWN will tend to produce balls
    in the air.  Tilt the cursor LEFT to hit the ball to the left side and RIGHT to
    hit it to the right side.
    -=Pitch / Location Guess=-
    You can try to guess the pitch type and location before every pitch.  Correctly
    guessing the pitch type effects the size of the contact area; guessing the
    location effects the size of the power area.  There are eight possible location
    guesses.  Guessing a specific location will have more of an effect on the
    hitter's icon than guessing a general location.
    Directional Buttons......Select Location
    Square Button............Select Corresponding Pitch Type
    Triangle Button..........Select Corresponding Pitch Type
    X Button.................Select Corresponding Pitch Type
    O Button.................Select Corresponding Pitch Type
    L2 Button................When Released, pitch / location guess mode is
    R1 Button................Select Corresponding Pitch Type
    Up............Guess High
    Up + Right....Guess Up & Away
    Right.........Guess Outside
    Down + Right..Guess Low & Away
    Down..........Guess Low
    Down + Left...Guess Down & In
    Left..........Guess Inside
    Up + Left.....Guess Up & In
    (For Right Handed Batters)
    -=Post-Pitch Select / Mid-Windup=-
    Directional Buttons......Move Batting Cursor / Comine with TRIANGLE BUTTON to
    signal steal.
    Left Analog Stick........Move Batting cursor.
    Right Analog Stick.......Tilt Batting Cursor.
    Square Button............Toggle Contact / Power Icon.
    Triangle Button..........Steal Signal (+ base direction)
    X Button.................Swing
    O Button.................Drag Button
    L1 Button................Increase all runners' leads.
    R1 Button................Decrease all runners' leads.
    -=Ball In Play=-
    Directional Buttons.....Indicate base for individual runner select.
    Triangle Button.........Advance single runner when combined with DIRECTIONAL
    BUTTON direction.
    O Button................Return single runner when combined with DIRECTIONAL
    BUTTON direction.
    L1 Button...............Advance all runners.
    L2 Button...............Stop all runners.
    R1 Button...............Return all runners.
    *** Section 4: Getting Started ***
    These are the options that you will see at the All-Star Baseball 2003 main
    Quick Play: Get right onto the diamond for a single game with computer selected
    MLB Play: Choose Exhibition play, an All-Star Game, start a New Season or New
              and Manage Saved Games.
    Expansion: Create your own expansion club in the city and league of your
    choice, then
               draft players and bring the club into season play.
    Franchise: Follow one ball club over the course of up to 20 seasons as they win
    and lose,
               as older players move on and exciting new prospects join the club. 
    This is
               tops for a long term loyalist as you guide your beloved franchise
    Player Cards: Forget card shows! Now you can collect player cards right inside
    the game by               earning points for certain exploits.
    Home Run Derby: Try your swatting skills with and against the best sluggers.
    Special Features: Access batting practice, the new trivia game, team managment
                      statistics, options, and game credits.
    -=Pausing The Game=-
    Pressing start pauses the game and brings up the pause menu where you can tune
    some options depending on the mode.  Press start and any time during play to
    pause the game and bring up this menu.
    Play Ball: Resumes the game.
    Box Score: Views games box score.
    Manage Bullpen: Put pitchers in the bullpen, and other pitching adjustments.
    Change Lineup: Pinch runners, pinch hitters, changing positions, defensive
    replacements and                     double switches.
    Game Control: Change which human player controls which baseball player on
    offense or defense.
    Controller Select: Change the team you want to control.
    Game Options: Adjust some in game options-
                  Easy Batting: On- No Cursor, Off- Cursor.
                  Pitcher Aid: On- White Pitching Icon Is On, Off- Icon Is Off
                  Strike Zone Aid: On- Rectangle Strike Box On, Off- Box Is Off
                  Fielder Control: Manual- You completly control fielders
                                   Assist- Partial control
                                   Auto- CPU has full control
                  Defensive Position: Choose Manual or Auto defensive positioning.
                  Leadoff Control: Auto mode CPU does the base leading.
                  Vibration Setings: Off/On
                  Generate Coung (Manage Only Mode)- On- computer auto generates
    pitch counts
                  Game Speed- Normal or Fast (cut / speed up animations)
    *** Section 5: Expansion Mode / Franchise Mode ***
    Here is some more information on these two new modes in All-Star Baseball 2003.
    -=Expansion Mode=-
    Select a city, team name, team ballpark for your franchise club, and which
    league it will belong to.  Once that is done your team goes to a draft of
    un-protected players from each club, you can then save your team and play up to
    20 seasons with it.
    The biggest strategy here is the draft, which is simple.  When you enter the
    expansion team into the game, the computer adds a team to balance out the
    schedules.  So you are competing with them to get the best possible players.  I
    will list some of the top players in the draft, these are my opinions, and age
    IS a factor (Name, Position, Ranking):
    Nick Johnson, 1B, B-
    John Vander Wal, 1B, C+
    Travis Lee, 1B, C+
    Adam Kennedy, 2B, C+
    Marlon Anderson, 2B, C+
    Randy Velarde, 2B, C+
    Robin Ventura, 3B, B-
    Edgar Rentaria, SS, C+
    Tsuyoshi Shinjo, OF, C+
    Rick Ankiel, SP, C+
    James Baldwin, SP, C+
    Sterling Hitchcock, SP, C+
    Jeff D'Amico, SP, C+
    Shigtoshi Hasagawa, RP, B-
    Turk Wendell, RP, B-
    Brandon Inge, C, C+
    Ryan Kohmeier, Closer, C+
    This group of players is a good start to get your Expansion team rolling.
    (Tip from Inks71:)
    After drafting, use free agent to swap some of your lousy players with higher
    grade free agent. for example, swap a D player of yours for David Cone. You
    might not want him because of his age, but you'll use his B- grade in trading.
    Go to trade with CPU. Use 2 to 2 or 3 to 3 trade. For example, I get Mike
    Piazza and 2 other C- or D players I really don't want from the Mets and give
    up David Cone and some C Players or C+ player I have to the Mets. Then I swap
    the lousy D or C Players I got from the trade with better player from the free
    agent pool. Then go trade for Nomar, etc, etc.
    -=Off Season Menu=-
    After each year in Franchise/Expansion you get to join in the offseason, and
    try to build up your team for next year, these are your options:
    Record Holders: View top career and single season records.
    Franchise History: View your teams history, team leaders and records, plus
    Retirement Announcments: See which players are calling it quits.
    Hall Of Fame Inductees: After a few years, see what players go into the 'hall'.
    View Roster: View current major and minor league players.
    Player Development: View rankings and see if your players ratings go up or
    down, and see point                     value and length of contract.  You can
    also cut players at this screen.
    Free Agents: Sign some new players for your team!
    -=Franchise Mode=-
    Expansion and Franchise share the same concepts.  When selecting a franchise
    team, you can choose to start with a draft, or use the original rosters.
    *** Section 6: Special Features ***
    Here is a brief explanation on the new features (external modes) for All-Star
    -=Player Cards=-
    Use your points you earn during game play to "buy" a pack of cards.  Each pack
    comes with 6 cards including stadiums, jerseys, producers, and players.
    -=Home Run Derby / Batting Practice=-
    Self explanatory =)
    -=Trivia Game=-
    Trivia is a fun option with friends.  You pick a team and try to answer some
    pretty tough questions, and depending on who is "up" you can get a hit.  If
    your power hitters are up, you can even get a home run by answering the
    questions right.
    -=Create A Player=-
    Create a player is in 2003 and it lets you build your own player.  Created
    players enter the free agency once completed.  Here are the options for
    creating a player:
    Name, Jersey Number, Height and Weight, Bats and Throws Hand, Position
    (positions determine attribute catagorys), Pitching Delivery, Batting Stance,
    Skin Color, and Accessories.
    Setting attributes is a customizable thing you can do.  You can create a power
    hitter, great fielder, or contact player.  For pitching you can make the next
    knuckleballer, or another fast change pitchers.  To change the pitches press X,
    then up and down.
    -=Create A Player Stances=-
    Some batting stances are only letters (example: TC), this section will be
    trying to find out who exactly they are, if anyone knows email me.  I'm not
    positivie if any of these are right, merely a guess from the initals:
    TC: Ty Cobb
    PR: Pete Rose
    SO: Sadaharu Oh (Japenese HR Hitter)
    MM: Mark McGwire
    JL: Jim Lyritz
    GB: George Brett
    DS: Darryl Strawberry
    BR: Babe Ruth
    AB: Albert Belle
    FV: Fernando Valenzuela
    LT: Luis Tiant
    SK: Sandy Koufax
    WJ: Walter Johnson
    -=Complete Player Card Checklist=-
    Here is a complete list of the 312 Player Cards that there are to collect in
    All-Star Baseball 2003:
    1. Bobby Abreu
    2. Edgardo Alfonzo
    3. Roberto Alomar
    4. Moises Alou
    5. Brady Anderson
    6. Garrett Anderson
    7. Rick Ankiel
    8. Tony Armas Jr.
    9. Jeff Bagwell
    10. Harold Baines
    11. Tony Batista
    12. Albert Belle
    13. Carlos Beltran
    14. Adrian Beltre
    15. Kris Benson
    16. Lance Berkman
    17. Craig Biggio
    18. Barry Bonds
    19. Kevin Brown
    20. Jay Buhner
    21. Jeromy Burnitz
    22. Pat Burrell
    23. Ken Caminiti
    24. Jose Canseco
    25. Sean Casey
    26. Luis Castillo
    27. Eric Chavez
    28. Jeff Cirillo
    29. Jermaine Clark
    30. Roger Clemens
    31. Bartolo Colon
    32. David Cone
    33. Jose Cruz, Jr.
    34. Johnny Damon
    35. Eric Davis
    36. Carlos Delgado
    37. JD Drew
    38. Ray Durham
    39. Jermaine Dye
    40. Jim Edmonds
    41. Juan Encarnacion
    42. Darin Erstad
    43. Carl Everett
    44. Steve Finley
    45. Cliff Floyd
    46. Brad Fullmer
    47. Andres Galarraga
    48. Freddy Garcia
    49. Nomar Garciaparra
    50. Jason Giambi
    51. Brian Giles
    52. Troy Glaus
    53. Tom Glavine
    54. Juan Gonzalez
    55. Luis Gonzalez
    56. Mark Grace
    57. Shawn Green
    58. Rusty Greer
    59. Ken Griffey
    60. Vladimir Guerrero
    61. Tony Gwynn
    62. Jeffrey Hammonds
    63. Mike Hampton
    64. Todd Helton
    65. Rickey Henderson
    66. Orlando Hernandez
    67. Richard Hidalgo
    68. Tim Hudson
    69. Geoff Jenkins
    70. Derek Jeter
    71. Randy Johnson
    72. Andruw Jones
    73. Chipper Jones
    74. Jacque Jones
    75. Brian Jordan
    76. David Justice
    77. Gabe Kapler
    78. Eric Karros
    79. Jason Kendall
    80. Adam Kennedy
    81. Jeff Kent
    82. Byung Hyun Kim
    83. Ryan Klesko
    84. Chuck Knoblauch
    85. Paul Konerko
    86. Barry Larkin
    87. Carlos Lee
    88. Kenny Lofton
    89. Terrance Long
    90. Javy Lopez
    91. Greg Maddux
    92. Edgar Martinez
    93. Pedro Martinez
    94. Tino Martinez
    95. Ruben Mateo
    96. Fred McGriff
    97. Mark McGwire
    98. Kevin Millwood
    99. Ben Molina
    100. Raul Mondesi
    101. Mark Mulder
    102. Mike Mussina
    103. Trot Nixon
    104. Hideo Nomo
    105. John Olerud
    106. Paul Oneill
    107. Magglio Ordonez
    108. Rafael Palmeiro
    109. Chan Ho Park
    110. Jay Payton
    111. Andy Pettitte
    112. Adam Piatt
    113. Mike Piazza
    114. Jorge Posada
    115. Mark Quinn
    116. Aramis Ramirez
    117. Manny Ramirez
    118. Pokey Reese
    119. Cal Ripken
    120. Mariano Rivera
    121. Alex Rodriguez
    122. Ivan Rodriguez
    123. Scott Rolen
    124. Tim Salmon
    125. Curt Schilling
    126. Richie Sexson
    127. Gary Sheffield
    128. John Smoltz
    129. JT Snow
    130. Sammy Sosa
    131. Shannon Stewart
    132. BJ Surhoff
    133. Mike Sweeney
    134. Fernando Tatis
    135. Miguel Tejada
    136. Frank Thomas
    137. Jim Thome
    138. Jason Varitek
    139. Greg Vaughn
    140. Mo Vaughn
    141. Robin Ventura
    142. Jose Vidro
    143. Omar Vizquel
    144. Larry Walker
    145. David Wells
    146. Rondell White
    147. Bernie Williams
    148. Matt Williams
    149. Preston Wilson
    150. Kerry Wood
    151. Brent Abernathy - Rated Rookie
    152. Cory Aldridge - Rated Rookie
    153. Gene Altman - Rated Rookie
    154. Josh Beckett - Rated Rookie
    155. Wilson Betemit - Rated Rookie
    156. Joe Crede - Rated Rookie
    157. Jack Cust - Rated Rookie
    158. Alex Escobar - Rated Rookie
    159. Pedro Feliz - Rated Rookie
    160. Nate Frese - Rated Rookie
    161. Carlos Garcia - Rated Rookie
    162. Marcus Giles - Rated Rookie
    163. Alexis Gomez - Rated Rookie
    164. Jason Hart - Rated Rookie
    165. Adrian Hernandez - Rated Rookie
    166. Eric Hinske - Rated Rookie
    167. Cesar Izturis - Rated Rookie
    168. Nick Johnson - Rated Rookie
    169. Brian Lawrence - Rated Rookie
    170. Steve Lomasney - Rated Rookie
    171. Nick Maness - Rated Rookie
    172. Jackson Melian - Rated Rookie
    173. Jose Mieses - Rated Rookie
    174. Greg Miller - Rated Rookie
    175. Eric Munson - Rated Rookie
    176. Xavier Nady - Rated Rookie
    177. Blaine Neal - Rated Rookie
    178. Abraham Nunez - Rated Rookie
    179. Jose Ortiz - Rated Rookie
    180. Jeremy Owens - Rated Rookie
    181. Pablo Ozuna - Rated Rookie
    182. Corey Patterson - Rated Rookie
    183. Carlos Pena - Rated Rookie
    184. Wily Mo Pena - Rated Rookie
    185. Timo Perez - Rated Rookie
    186. Adam Pettyjohn - Rated Rookie
    187. Luis Rivas - Rated Rookie
    188. Wilkin Ruan - Rated Rookie
    189. Duaner Sanchez - Rated Rookie
    190. Alfonso Soriano - Rated Rookie
    191. Rafael Soriano - Rated Rookie
    192. Ichiro Suzuki - Rated Rookie
    193. Billy Sylvester - Rated Rookie
    194. Juan Uribe - Rated Rookie
    195. Carlos Valderrama - Rated Rookie
    196. Eric Valent - Rated Rookie
    197. Matt White - Rated Rookie
    198. Mike Young - Rated Rookie
    199. All Star Cheat
    200. All Star Plate
    201. Jeff Bagwell - Special Card
    202. Tony Batista - Special Card
    203. Barry Bonds - Special Card
    204. Roger Clemens - Special Card
    205. Carlos Delgado - Special Card
    206. Jim Edmonds - Special Card
    207. Jason Giambi - Special Card
    208. Troy Glaus - Special Card
    209. Ken Griffey Jr. - Special Card
    210. Vladimir Guerrero - Special Card
    211. Tony Gwynn - Special Card
    212. Todd Helton - Special Card
    213. Richard Hidalgo - Special Card
    214. Reggie Jackson - Special Card
    215. Dave Justice - Special Card
    216. Harmon Killebrew - Special Card
    217. Mark McGwire - Special Card
    218. Roy Oswalt - Special Card
    219. Rafael Palmeiro - Special Card
    220. Mike Piazza - Special Card
    221. Albert Pujols - Special Card
    222. Manny Ramirez - Special Card
    223. Alex Rodriguez - Special Card
    224. Nolan Ryan - Special Card
    225. CC Sabathia - Special Card
    226. Mike Schmidt - Special Card
    227. Gary Sheffield - Special Card
    228. Tsuyoshi Shinjo - Special Card
    229. Sammy Sosa - Special Card
    230. Ichiro Suzuki - Special Card
    231. Frank Thomas - Special Card
    232. Jim Thome - Special Card
    233. Robin Yount - Special Card
    234. Astrodome - Classic Stadium
    235. Classic Fenway - Classic Stadium
    236. Classic Wrigley - Classic Stadium
    237. Classic Yankee - Classic Stadium
    238. Acclaim Sports Park - Classic Stadium
    239. Enzo Field - Classic Stadium
    240. Fischbach Field - Classic Stadium
    241. Lockodome - Classic Stadium
    242. Old Snavely Stadium - Classic Stadium
    243. Whitaker Grounds - Classic Stadium
    244. Zentmeyer Dome - Classic Stadium
    245. Forbes Field - Classic Stadium
    246. Polo Ground - Classic Stadium
    247. Riverfront - Classic Stadium
    248. Tiger Stadium - Classic Stadium
    249. Brandon Adcock - Dingers (Developer Card)
    250. Kevin Brinson - Dingers (Developer Card)
    251. Randy Buck - Dingers (Developer Card)
    252. Nigel Cook - Dingers (Developer Card)
    253. Malc Crummack - Dingers (Developer Card)
    254. Peyton Duncan - Dingers (Developer Card)
    255. Nelson Everhart - Dingers (Developer Card)
    256. Tim Flier - Dingers (Developer Card)
    257. Tom Green - Dingers (Developer Card)
    258. Bill Kydd - Dingers (Developer Card)
    259. Matt Liverman - Dingers (Developer Card)
    260. Andrew Locko - Dingers (Developer Card)
    261. Wes Mailman - Dingers (Developer Card)
    262. Mike Mann - Dingers (Developer Card)
    263. Matt McEnerney - Dingers (Developer Card)
    264. Shawn Nicholson - Dingers (Developer Card)
    265. Dan Rubel - Dingers (Developer Card)
    266. Cooper Sellers - Dingers (Developer Card)
    267. Mike Skinner - Dingers (Developer Card)
    268. PJ Snavely - Dingers (Developer Card)
    269. Ryan Starr - Dingers (Developer Card)
    270. Sarma Vanguri - Dingers (Developer Card)
    271. Mario Ventrella - Dingers (Developer Card)
    272. Rob Whitaker - Dingers (Developer Card)
    273. Justin Withers - Dingers (Developer Card)
    274. Tom Zentmeyer - Dingers (Developer Card)
    275. Dingers - Teams
    276. Pixels - Teams
    277. Islanders - Teams
    278. Rated Rookies - Teams
    279. AL Legends - Teams
    280. NL Legends - Teams
    281. Wrinklies - Teams
    282. Angels - Alternate Throwbacks
    283. Astros - Alternate Throwbacks
    284. Athletics - Alternate Throwbacks
    285. Blue Jays - Alternate Throwbacks
    286. Braves - Alternate Throwbacks
    287. Brewers - Alternate Throwbacks
    288. Cardinals - Alternate Throwbacks
    289. Cubs - Alternate Throwbacks
    290. Devil Rays - Alternate Throwbacks
    291. Diamondbacks - Alternate Throwbacks
    292. Dingers - Alternate Throwbacks
    293. Dodgers - Alternate Throwbacks
    294. Expos - Alternate Throwbacks
    295. Giants - Alternate Throwbacks
    296. Indians - Alternate Throwbacks
    297. Mariners - Alternate Throwbacks
    298. Marlins - Alternate Throwbacks
    299. Mets - Alternate Throwbacks
    300. Orioles - Alternate Throwbacks
    301. Padres - Alternate Throwbacks
    302. Phillies - Alternate Throwbacks
    303. Pirates - Alternate Throwbacks
    304. Rangers - Alternate Throwbacks
    305. Reds - Alternate Throwbacks
    306. Red Sox - Alternate Throwbacks
    307. Rockies - Alternate Throwbacks
    308. Royals - Alternate Throwbacks
    309. Tigers - Alternate Throwbacks
    310. Twins - Alternate Throwbacks
    311. White Sox - Alternate Throwbacks
    312. Yankees - Alternate Throwbacks
    *** Section 7: Hints And Tips ***
    According to the Manual, here are some tips:
    -Make good use of the batting target.  Angle the target up to hit a ground
    ball, and tilt it down for a ball in the air.  Remember the wide part of the
    triangle represents the sweet spot of the bat.  Line them up right and you'll
    be crushing the ball.
    -On the controller select screen you can switch team uniforms by pressing L1 or
    R1+up or down on the directional buttons.
    -Use future throws to make quick, seamless plays.  The future throw buttons
    must be pressed before a batted ball is fielded.  Future throws can also be
    used to field bunts, turn double plays, make relay thwos, and play balls hit
    off of the outfield wall.
    -Defensive positioning can prevent runs if you use it wisely.  Even with the
    defensive position opition turned on, the user can still override the CPU
    -Guessing the pitch type will affect the size of the contact icon.  Guessing
    the pitch location will affect the size of the sweet spot.
    -A hitter's batting target will be affected by the opposing pitcher's
    handedness.  For some hitters, the differnce will be extreme, while other
    hitters will have no differance at all.
    -Drag bunts can be an effective way to get the runners on base.  Sacrafice
    bunts should be used to advance a runner to the next base.
    -Use easy batting if you prefer not to use a batting target.
    -When changing a team's pitching staff in the Set Pitching Staff Screen,
    starters may be used as relievers and vice versa and the results will vary.
    -Raising and lowering a Created Player's attributes will affect the stat lines
    that are generated.
    -Check Free Agent list in Seasons mode to see who has been dropped.
    Memory Card: 1701 kb.
    1-2 Players, 1-4 with multitap.
    *** Section 8: Offensive Strategy ***
    Obvisously, hitting is important.  I am fond of the cursors, so I will use them
    as my example.  First, for righties, tilt the bat so it is pointing to
    right-center field.  Try to land the ball in the "sweet spot" of the bat, and
    hope it doesn't get caught.  If you can get that to work, the ball might sail
    into the gap, and most of the time leading to a double.  A good suggestion for
    setting a batting order is this: #1 through #3 are contact, speed guys.  #4
    through #6 are your power hitters, and #7 and #8 are hopefully contact hitters.
     This is so you can get your first 3 guys on base, then hit them in, and
    repeat.  Using the power cursor is an advantage when your batter has the
    advantage.  What I mean by this is:  Bobby Abreu had a big cursor Vs. righties,
    but when he is vs. a lefty, the power cursor is basically gone.  Alright, now
    to something a lot of people are having trouble on... hitting!!  You don't get
    much time to decide what to swing at, which is pretty realistic.  You can try
    to watch the ball coming from the pitcher (something I haven't tried) or just
    hope you can guess right and get the cursor there.  It isn't easy, but practice
    and you will get it :).
    Again, base running is easy too.  When about to get to first, use L1 (send all)
    to make him go for two.  To send one runner, press triangle and the base he
    occupies, I'm sure this is not a hard concept for us baseball fans ;).
    *** Section 9: Defensive Strategy ***
    This section discuss's the two most important defensive strategies: Pitching
    and Fielding.
    Pitching is very important in All-Star Baseball 2003, probably more than a lot
    of other games I've played.  If you think your #3-#5 are going to be able to
    fly through the computer and rack up K's and if you think your lowly rated
    bullpen is going to be able to hold them down, you got another thing coming. 
    ASB2003 takes advantages of any missed opportunities you give them like if your
    pitchers stamina is decreasing, they will start swinging for the fenses.  Your
    pitchers best pitch is his X pitch (2nd is the pitch below it, third, fourth)
    for some it is a slider, but for most its the fast ball.  My big pitching
    strategy was to send two fastball/change ups inside, and then try to nail a
    slider or curve the other way.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 
    Paint the corners, throw some low and away, or high and inside, keep the
    batters head up, and randomize your pitches, and don't throw pitches in the
    same location.  I once gave up back to back to back home runs, all because I
    threw 3 pitches that were in the same spot, and the same, since then I've never
    done that again.  Use the hot-cold zone to see which areas the batter has
    trouble with (the blue) and which area the batters knock around a lot (the
    red), and avoid them.  Warm up relievers for 1.5-2 innings, the more the
    better.  The last thing you want is a relief pitcher coming in at a crucial
    point, and blowing the game.  Keep your head up, and never give up, I have
    gotten out of bases loaded with 0 outs using smart game play.
    As far as fielding goes, it isn't too hard.  The future throw is VERY helpful
    in stopping runnings, and double plays.  Simply press the base you want the
    ball to go BEFORE you pick it up... by learning this early, you will save a lot
    of headaches and runs.  As soon as you get the ball press L1 to throw it to the
    relay man if you are unsure what to do.  Get that ball to the infield as quick
    as you can.
    Here is a awesome guide dedicated just to pitching:
    It's from Inks71, I suggest you guys that still need help in pitching check it
    *** Section 10: Extra Features ***
    Some extra neat features some take for granted:
    -Broken Bats... I love watching Lieberthal smacking broken bat HR's :)
    -Weather.  The weather effects the ball, and nothing beats playing a game in
    the snow.
    -Chicago Cubs fans throw visitor HR's back on to field.
    -Over 70 Injury types.
    -Computers steal bases. (Overall upgraded AI)
    -Pitcher and batter ejections.
    -Going....Going...Gone!  Press L1 at the end of the day of games to see who hit
    home runs that day and their current total!
    -See box scores for any game!
    -Wrinklies: Parody of Triple Play
    -Pixels: Parody of High Heat
    (credit due to Inks71 for these:)
    -Broken Up Double Plays
    -Comebackers off of the pitchers gloves
    -Special stadium effects
    -Slide step, pick off move out of windup
    -Variety of 1st baseman catching animations
    -Pitching history (I love this feature :)
    -Bare handed toss's.
    -Intentional Walks, Dropped 3rd strikes
    -Commentary (during replays, etc.)
    Email me to add to the list (see contact below).  I will add more later.
    This is a list where you can find the "K"'s hanging in each stadium after a
    strike out:
    (Thanks to the people from the ASB GameFaqs board for helping me fill these in)
    Anaheim- Left field, above bullpens
    Boston- Center field wall, can be seen if ball is hit that way.
    Chicago C- Left field
    Chicago W- Left field wall
    Cincinnati- Right field, upper deck
    Cleveland- Right center field
    Kansas City-
    Los Angelse D-
    NY Mets- Left-Center, Picnic area
    NY Yanks- Left field, upper-deck
    St Louis- Left field line, close to pole
    San Diego-
    San Fran-
    Tampa Bay-
    *** Section 11: Review ***
    Here is the review that I submitted to GameFaqs:
    After hyping the game since the beginning of Feburary, I was excited when I
    finally got the chance to sit down and play All Star 2003. The game made me and
    my friend say ''wow'' after every new animation, and marvel at the gameplay.
    Grahpics: 9. 2002 didn't have bad graphics, so 2003 follows that tradition. You
    can now recognize your favorite star by looking at their face, instead of
    trying to the look for the number. The fans look pretty good, and the stadiums
    are amazing! In the stadium, you can see planes taking off in Atlanta, clouds
    moving in during the day time, and neon K's when your ace pitcher strikes out
    Sound: 10. Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs - the fans let you know this game is
    close. My friend and I played such an intense game strikeout-catchup, the crowd
    didn't stop their cheering from the 7th to the 9th. You hear the crack of the
    bat, and can tell instantly how the ball was it. The occasional heckler in the
    crowd is there too. The sound is just perfect.
    Gameplay. 9. Most importantly, to clear anything up, on All-Star difficulty,
    this years All Star baseball is not a home run contest. In my franchise I have
    3 in 2 games, and I feel very lucky to have them, and the only reason I have
    two is due to the fact of them leaving their pitcher in too long. Which brings
    me to gameplay. Everything wrong with 2002 was fixed. So yes, no more backwards
    throwing, the players catch the ball on the red star spot, and no more crappy
    AI base running. The stamina bar is true to life in this years version, when it
    starts to blink after their time, hitting is a little easier, and if they are
    still in, you'll crank the homers off of them. I have also given up a couple
    triples because of their agressive base running! The game also comes with a
    speed option, to make the games quicker. I personally don't like this option,
    but some find it very useful.
    Modes: 10. Franchise, Expansion, trivia contest (very fun for two big baseball
    fans), drafts, this game has it all. After a lot of exhibition, I played around
    with the Expansion and Franchise modes, to observe the options, and alls I can
    say, again, was wow. Records of every sort and kept, trades, farm team, the dl,
    computer offered trades. It was very addicting to to be the GM and sim, seeing
    if I could make it to the world series. You sign big free agents with points,
    and after a few years, you will have to release some big players, because you
    can't sign them anymore. It's very tough to keep A) the young up and comers, or
    B) veteran power houses. The trivia contest is a external mode, where you and a
    friend pick a team, and see who can answer the most hard questions. You score
    runs depending on who is highlighted when you get a correct answer. Example is,
    my friend got one right while Ichiro was highlighted for a double, I got one
    right while Bonds was highlighted for a ''run'' or point. The trading card
    touch is nice. I like after each game opening the packs, seeing if I can get
    any extra cheats, or something for next time my friends show up
    Rent/Buy: BUY!!. This game has so many new features, that it would take a long
    time to be bored with them all. After playing a few games, try your luck at the
    trivia mode, or become a GM and lead your team to the World Series. This game
    has very accurate rosters (Feb 01) and is just an amazing experience, which
    reminds me, why am I here, when ASB is in the other room!! Pick this game up
    Yeah, I was a little excited when I bought it =)
    (You can read all my reviews on my Contributer Page, which can be found here:
    *** Section 12: Cheats And Secrets ***
    To use your cheat cards, at the controller select screen press one of the top
    buttons to bring up a options menu where you can change the stadiums, and at
    the bottom is an option for cheats.
    I'm sure there will be more to come.
    *** Section 13: F.A.Q. ***
    Q: Has the pitcher stamina been fixed?
    A: This year ASB 2003 seems to have nailed this, so it all depends on who you
    are using and how good they are doing.  I have pitched a complete game with
    Brandon Duckworth, because I kept my hits and runs down, and when the stamina
    was red and flashing, I moved the pitches around.  Most starters can go 6-7
    innings, and the game requires a strong pen to finish off the game.
    Q: Is this game homer happy?
    A: Any game is homer happy when you become a pro at it.  On All-Star
    difficulty, it is NOT homer happy.  My team leader currently (15 games in) is
    tied with Bonds with 8 each.  This was corrected, and hitting is a lot tougher
    than 2002.  (I'm assuming you will all move to up the difficulty too ;)
    Q: Have you heard, you can't save your rosters for exhibition?
    A: Yes... I've tried to solve this, and haven't gotten it.  Fortunatly, this is
    something I don't really care too much about, but I know this is huge to some
    Q: Can you use created players in Franchise / Expansion teams in Franchise?
    A: Yes to both.
    Q: HELP!! Why is the computer subbing some of my players out?!
    A: (From Page 18 of the manual) During Season Play, the CPU may alter the
    pre-set lineups to give players rest days.  You can void that by pressing L1 at
    the controller select screen.
    Q: How do you drag bunt?
    A: First, make sure the cursor is on the ball, then press O when you would
    normall press X, it's tricky, but if it works, can be very useful.
    Q: How do I intentionally walk a batter?
    A: Press "R3" then press X for Int Walk.
    Q: Can more than one person control a team in Franchise?
    A: No sorry.
    AIM/MSN to start getting some questions up, I also check the ASB 2003 (ps2)
    board daily, and will respond there, and add a lot of questions here too.
    *** Section 14: The Secret To "GMing" ***
    The franchise mode was a great addition for the "GMers" that like to see if
    they can turn a losing team like Tampa Bay into a World Series winner.  For fun
    I will use my Philadelhpia Phillies.  When you first go in, check the free
    agents.  I usually sign Jeff Shaw, David Cone, and Jose Canseco and release 3
    lower guys.  Some awesome guys to get while GMing are: Aramis Ramirez, Adam
    Dunn, Albert Pujols, Ichiro, Rollins, and some others, back to the season. 
    This year I'm going after Ramirez in the beginning... the deal was Abreu,
    Person, and Shaw for Ramirez, Kendall, and Wilson.  Then I send Cone, Coggin,
    and Santiago to Florida for Beckett, Clement, and some scrub :)  After fixing
    my line up, I sim 10 games, and go 5-5.  I usually do a few weeks at a time. 
    Less than a week later, Canseco is out for 3-4 months with a broken knee cap,
    cool huh?  I press O so the CPU auto deals with it.  Then come the trade
    offers, the Blue Jays want Ramirez, and are trying to give up Jose Cruz, I
    laugh as I press Ignore.  The dodgers offer Shawn Green for Scott Rolen and I
    accept (Ramirez can start 3B now)  After a lot of injuries and offers, I check
    my standings.  82-73, 1 game back with 7 days left..... I win the last two, and
    get the wild card Vs. San Francisco.  Well, I lost, but in awesome news, the
    home run record was broke... someone hit 80... and it was none other than Barry
    Bonds, now the real fun begins, the offseason.  The free agency is tough, I
    usually release all the lesser knowns to save points for the pricy players.  I
    have 107 points to sign 14 free agents, that's not too good, and I will
    probably lose like 10 of them.  Well, I will rebuild and send them again, and
    hope I get farther, this is a very fun feature.  If anyone wants to add
    strategies here, email me, and I'll dedicate a little section here with your
    name and strategy and let others read it. :).
    So basically you try to get a lot of higher ranking people that you can trade,
    get YOUNG guys, and have points for the off season.
    In another franchise, that I actually worked on I went pretty far with people
    like Dunn , Pujols, and Jimmy Rollins.  I ended up winning the division for the
    17 years in a row.
    *** Section 15: Credits / Contacts / Legal ***
    I'd like to give credit when it is due.  GameFaqs is an awesome place to post
    and talk with other gamers, no where else I'd rather talk games then here;). 
    Acclaim, you guys did a wonderful job in making All-Star baseball this year...
    Congrats...  Also want to thank P.J. Snavely, for taking time out and keeping
    us informed on this years game, I know a lot of us appreciated that.  Also a
    thanks to Operation Sports (www.operationsports.com) for answering some
    questions before the game came out, and keeping me humored, and I think they
    are a fine site ;)  I want to give a shout-out to the people from the ASB2003
    board on GameFaqs, they've helped with a lot of this stuff.
    Here are the ways of contacting me:
    MSN Messenger: mcnabb_05@hotmail.com
    AIM Messenger: iverson mcnabb 1
    Email: Mcnabb_05@hotamil.com
    This FAQ was written by me, with some help from the manual, and it is illegal
    to post on any website without my permission.  Copyright 2002 by the author,
    me, and can not be reproduced without email me and asking.  If you would like
    this guide on your site, email me and ask politely, and I'll probably agree.  I
    will keep my version here at GameFaqs as up to date as i can. Thanks.
    *** Section 16: Last Word ***
    Well, it's finally done, my first F.A.Q. =)  I didn't ever think that it would
    be finished.  Anyway, when All-Star 2002 came out last year, it was a good
    game, but had a lot of flaws and glitches, and a lot of hardcore fans shunned
    this game.  Acclaim did a great job in fixing those, and adding all these new
    features in the short time that they had from releasing ASB2002 for the Game
    Cube to making ASB2003 for the Playstation 2 (and all next-gen consoles.)  This
    is the best console baseball game to date, and they really hit the nail on the
    head this time.  With minor flaws still there, and every mode conceivable, I
    wonder how ASB 2004 can be any greater.  If you guys have any questins, contact
    me (see above), and thanks again for reading.
    *** Section 17: Site This Can Be Found ***
    GameFaqs: http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Cheat Happens: http://www.cheathappens.com
    Neo Seekers: http://www.neoseeker.com
    Cheat CC: http://www.cheatcc.com

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