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    Gameplay FAQ by Rhyste

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                                   .hack//Gameplay FAQ
                              author of steel:
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                                                     update/version info:
                                    last updated 18.02.03      version 1.1
     + Updates/Upcoming
     + Gameplay
       - Altimit Desktop
       - The World
          * The Servers & Root Towns
          * Interactivity in Root Towns
          * Member Address List
          * Travelling
          * Field Exploration
          * Dungeon Exploration
          * Menu
          * Battling
          * Special Attacks
          * Elements
          * Status Effects
          * Effect Animations
          * Data Draining
          * Gate Hacking
          * Spring of Illusion
          * Character Classes
          * Puchiguso's
          * Omake <---- Updated
          * Transferring
     + Legalities
     + End
     + Updates/Upcoming
    Version 1.1 - 18/02/03
    Updates - Omakes updated; stuff removed.
    Version 1.0 - 18/02/03
    Updates - An entire one thing was changed. XD
    Version 0.9 - 17/02/03
    Updates - Tweaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak.
    Version 0.8 - 02/02/03
    Updates - Tweaking-ness, put back IN the timeline because it was too small by
         itself to be an FAQ, and the voice actor stuffs got updated with roles
         because, well, uhm, even thought my VA FAQ was 7kb, it STILL didn't get
         admitted to GameFAQ's. x_x; Oh, and a small section about the Menu. :P
         Just for you, DeJay. :P
         ... and a day later I added a section 'bout the Omakes. So... yeah...
    Version 0.7 - 01/02/03
    Updates - Took out the timeline, and made an FAQ JUST for it, because a lot of
         folks seem to ask about the order of events.
    Version 0.6 - 01/02/03
    Updates - Tweaking, two new sections, added a bit to the field exploration.
    Version 0.5 - 29/01/03
    Updates - Most tweaking done, and a small section on Puchiguso's added... and
         a little thing 'bout the English Version, I added a section about things
         changed in the English Version. ^_^; Oh, yeah, and I added a section 'bout
         the magic elements, status effects, etc etc.
    Upcoming - The Omakes... well, how to get them. :D
    Version 0.4 - 25/01/03
    Updates - Had a saga with burners and such, but the guide is now updated and up
         and I have posted a little Disclaimer and such. :P
    Version 0.3 - 23/01/03
    Updates - Ok, Mom's cable isn't working, GameFAQ's still hasn't posted it, and
         I added a few more things. :O Hawque re-submitted hers a couple times now.
         She sent it in on the same day I did. Hrm. ~_~
    Version 0.2 - 22/01/03
    Updates - Some updates... GameFaq's still hasn't posted it so I linked it on
         the .hack message board.
    Version 0.1 - ??/01/03
    Updates - Uh, sat down and wrote this all. :P Quick draft, nothing more.
     + Gameplay
    A very frequently asked question is, "What is Gameplay of .hack like?" I found
    no better way than a step-by-step method of explaining. :P
    ================================================================ALTIMIT DESKTOP
    When you press "Data Load" on the main menu and load your save file, it brings
    up the Altimit OS Desktop. You then have a little left-side task bar; "The
    World," "E-mail," "Webnews," "Accessory," "Audio Player," and "Data."
    The World - Go into the game. I'll explain this in a moment.
    E-mail - Self-explanatory. All your buddies you meet from The World as well
    as the CC Corp send you e-mails. Some of them you can reply to and get a chain
    of events going, but most of them are requests to go to specific dungeons.
    Webnews - A bunch of fake news articles. Notably, the .hack developers also
    put a shameless plug of one of their other projects, Tail Concerto 2, on the
    fake news page.
    Accessory - Desktop papers. You can gain new ones by opening certain things up
    in the game. So far, my favorite is a blue Balmung wallpaper - #14. >:D
    Audio Player - Audio Player has a music player, which changes the BGM of your
    Altimit Desktop. Like the wallpapers you can get more BGM's by opening up
    certain things in game. The other part to the audio player is the movie
    section, which has all the cutscenes from all the games. You gain them like
    you gain the wallpapers and BGM.
    Data - For saving your game. :P
    ======================================================================THE WORLD
    Back to The World option - when you choose this option, you're brought into a
    game start up screen. You're given three more options; Login, BBS, and Quit.
    Quitting takes you back to your Altimit Desktop, the BBS aides you in finding
    new party members, and Login takes you to the server you were last one when
    you saved.
    __________________________________The Servers & Root Towns_____________________
    The World has five main servers, and it seems they only become accessible as
    Kite, the hero, gains more levels. The main town area in the server is called
    the "Root Town."
    Server 1: Delta
    Root Town: Mac Anu
    Highest lvl. Dungeon: 20
    Availability: Vol. 1-4
    Server 2: Theta
    Root Town: Dona Roriak
    Highest lvl. Dungeon: 30
    Availability: Vol. 1-4
    Server 3: Lamda
    Root Town: Calmina Gaderica
    Highest lvl. Dungeon: 50
    Availability: Vol. 2-4
    Server 4: Sigma
    Root Town: Fort Auf
    Highest lvl. Dungeon: 70
    Availability: Vol. 3-4
    Server 5: Omega
    Root Town: Lia Fail
    Highest lvl. Dungeon: 90 (?)
    Availability: Vol. 4
    __________________________________Interactivity in Root Towns__________________
    In Root Towns, you can press select to put up your map. On your map you have a
    bunch of icons indictating certain shops, and an arrow marking where you are.
    You can also meet other players in town, and Trade items with them. Some will
    have very high levelled rares, and you'll need something equally as Rare to
    make a trade with them.
    Locations on the Map are:
    Item Shop: Represented by a little green Potion bottle. The inventory changes
    based on the server your on. Like the HP restoring items; on the "rookie"
    servers, only 150HP restoring items are available to buy, but on Sigma, you can
    buy ones that restore 800HP.
    Weapons/Armor Shop: Represented by a little Shield icon. I've never really
    used these before, as the better equip is found via Data Draining monsters, or
    just in dungeons. But if you need to quickly upgrade a character with bad
    equipment and cheaply, the shop comes in handy. ^_^
    Storage: A little persons' head icon. The storage man will store items you
    don't want to carry around.
    Magic Shop: Place to buy Magic Scrolls. Like the item shop, inventory changes
    based on the server. Dona Roriak has lvl. 1 spells, Sigma has lvl. 3 spells.
    Puchiguso Ranch: Not on the map, but it's still within the Root Town. Every
    town but Mac Anu has one. You can raise a little Baby Puchiguso here. After
    being raised into a big form, it moves to a place in town usually across from
    the ranch. Each server has two special 'guso's you can raise.
    ... personally I suck at Puchi raising - Raistlin Majere could help you a lot
    more with this. :P
    ALSO: Puchiguso's were quite unfortunately changed to "Grunty's" in the English
    version of .hack. ;-;
    __________________________________Member Address List__________________________
    Your list of online friends is in the form of the Member Address List. You can
    call them into your party any time unless the current place in the story
    doesn't allow you to.
    In example: At the beginning of volume two, you're supposed to go to a dungeon
    with BlackRose and BlackRose only. The game purposelly makes it so that no one
    else on your member address list can't be called.
    Some of the characters are optional to the story, and you can get them if
    you'd like. They'll later mail you asking you to take them to dungeons.
    Below are the full lists of Member Addresses you can get separated by Volume.
    Characters with a * are optional. After reading their post on the BBS, you
    can choose to go into the dungeon they listed in their posts and get them or
    not. Characters with a - are required characters.
    Volume One:
    - Orca
    - BlackRose
    - Elk
    - Mia
    * Natsume
    - Mistral
    * Gardenia
    * Sanjuro
    - Piroshi
    Volume Two:
    * Rachael
    * Getchoseki
    * Nukeusagimaru
    * Maro
    - Wiseman
    Volume Three:
    - Balmung
    * Terashima Ryoko
    When you appear in a Root Town, you're by a large blue glowing gateway, called
    the Chaos Gate. Using it, you can can travel to other servers available to you,
    or go to dungeons. When you press the O button at the gate, you get the
    following options... these aren't exact translations, but they're damn good
    Random: Creates a Random field for you to go to.
    Create: You can make your own field using three phrases/words. "Hidden"
    dungeons with bonus items and the like can be found here. The 2nd and 3rd
    phrases set the type of terrain that the area will be made of.
    History: 1st History option gives you Fields you got from e-mails and party
    members, and the BBS, and wherever.
    History: 2nd History option gives you a list of Fields that you've created or
    some of the random fields you've gone to.
    Other Servers: Quite simply, the other servers you can access. Whenever there's
    something new on one of the servers a little red checkmark will show up next to
    Some fields you can't just access immediately. Some of them need to be Gate
    Hacked, and some need a password. More on this later.
    __________________________________Field Exploration____________________________
    After selecting the field you want to go to, you materialize in it with your
    party, or if it's a one person field, you appear by yourself.
    Each field has a level. EXP is given out based on the fields level in
    comparison with your parties level. In example, if you're on a lvl. 50 field,
    and Kite is lvl. 52, but Elk is lvl. 48, Elk will gain more EXP because he is
    under the level of the field, and Kite will gain less EXP because he is above
    the level of the field.
    If you're ten levels or more higher field, you'll gain all of 1 EXP, and if
    you're ten levels or more lower than the field, you'll gain 520 EXP.
    Each level takes 1000 EXP points to get to, so you could easily go kill 1000
    enemies very quickly in a low levelled field for 1 EXP each, or take a low
    levelled character some where and get them levelled up very quickly... namely,
    However, getting 1000 EXP isn't as easy as you think. :P So, egoist people who
    think they can beat Skeith with only Kite, hahahah - your ego's need to popped.
    Good luck getting Kite from lvl. 35 to 90-something. :P
    It would take about... uhm, 20 hours per level? Give or take a few? Each enemy
    gives you 1 EXP, and enemies spawn in small groups, usually no larger than 4 or
    5. Then you have to factor in loading times, treasure rooms, etc etc...
    In each field are monsters, a Spring of Illusion where Weapons and Armor can
    be upgraded, and a Dungeon. Fields you get from the BBS, Emails, etc are
    usually "story" places, so going to these places will further advance the
    story. But in randomly generated fields, the dungeon will usually just have
    some nice bonus items for you.
    For defeating all the monsters in a field, you'll get an "ALL OPEN," which is
    used to open up movies, BGM's, and wallpapers for your Altimit OS.
    If you find that the monsters on a field are too hard for you, run away until
    the game pops out of Battle Mode, open up your menu and choose the last option
    to run back to town. When you return to the root town, your party will be
    totally healed.
    __________________________________Dungeon Exploration__________________________
    After fighting your way across the field, you come to the Dungeon. The dungeon
    starts at ground level, and goes down, like a Basement. Most dungeons have a
    minimum of three floors, but some of the later ones go anywhere from five to
    When you enter rooms in dungeons, an enemy spawns out of a yellow spinning
    spawn... point... thing. The doors in the dungeon are shut, and it's either
    you beat the enemy, or you die trying. :P
    The last floors of a dungeon have two certain rooms needed to finish off the
    dungeon, one is a treasure room, the other is a boss or "story" room. In the
    treasure room, you find a statue with a chest in front of it. Opening it up
    will give you three items, but that's usually not the way to end dungeons.
    In the "boss/story" room mentioned above, there'll either be a boss-like enemy,
    or your party members will start talking. After, you'll all return to the Root
    Town. In a dungeon you go to by Random, you'll need to use an item to warp out
    back to the field, and then choose to go back to the Root Town from there.
    Like on fields, if you defeat all the enemies within the dungeon, you get an
    All Open.
    While running around in The World, you have a little game menu. Basically, you
    press Triangle, and it brings up your list of option stuffs. When opened during
    a battle, it'll pause the game until you've selected what you've wanted.
    Abilities: All the weapon skills and magic you have. The last page for Kite's
    ability menu is his Data Draining skills.
    Inventory: Your items. You have your healing items, magic scrolls, there's
    a list for your power ups (like Golden/Silver Puchi's), and a list of equipment
    you have. The only way to make money is to sell items. ^_^;
    Key Items: Like it says. :P Stuff like the Puchi Flute and the Omake Books go
    Throw Away: Don't want an item? Use this menu to throw it out.
    Status: Status of Kite, and the rest of the party. Displays their equipment,
    EXP, resistances and magic/skills.
    Equipment: Change Kite's equipment here.
    Party: Call people on your member address list to your party, kick someone
    out, or disband the entire party are the three sub-options. During certain
    times in the game, you'll have to use a certain character.
    Area Info: When you're in a field, this will replace the Party option. It just
    tells you where you are.
    Gate Out: When in Town, use this to return to your Altimit Desktop. When in a
    field, and you're not in a battle, it can be used to return to the Root Town.
    Monsters spawn from yellow orb-shaped things, and you go into a Battle Mode.
    You see Monsters as they spawn on the map. Then, you can control your one
    character to move and kill and open up the menu and such.
    Because a lot of people ask, "what game is this game's battle system like?",
    I'd say Kingdom Hearts is about the closest thing, ONLY WITHOUT OBNOXIOUS
    Kite runs around and targets enemies. Pressing O will do a basic physical
    attack, but while they are targeted, you can pull up your menu and use a
    weapon ability or a magic spell.
    Your weapon comes with skills that're listed on page one. On the next page is
    any Magic spells that you have, then Healing magic, Support Magic, and on
    Kite's menu, he'll also have the Data Draining menu.
    When you have a party, they basically go and attack the monsters. If you press
    the Square button, you're given AI options for your party. Or, you can go in
    and give your buddy a specific command, specific spell or ability or item to
    When you die in a party, the dead party members walk around as blue/green
    colored ghosts until they're revived. If Kite's in a party alone, and he dies,
    he'll get a Game Over.
    After battles, sometimes enemies will leave a chest. If it's a golden one,
    it's a regular chest. If it's blue, it means it'll either take off some of
    your HP or give you a status effect when you open it.
    __________________________________Special Attacks______________________________
    There are different type of attacks/hits aside from normal ones you can make in
    Critical: Exactly what it says; an attack much more powerful than a regular
    Elemental Critical: Implemented in volume two, it's an elemental version of a
    critical attack.
    Dying: Takes off about 3/4 of the enemies current HP.
    The Elements:
    Earth - Weak to Wood
    Water - Weak to Fire
    Fire - Weak to Water
    Wood - Weak to Earth
    Thunder - Weak to Darkness
    Darkness - Weak to Thunder
    Character's elemental resistances can be risen using power ups or with their
    equipment. Resistances can also go into the negatives... like Balmung comes
    into your party with a sword that gives him -12 in Fire Resistance. O_o;
    __________________________________Status Effects_______________________________
    Status effects come in two types - Physical and Magical. Typically, the Wave
    Masters have high resistance to Magical Status Effects, and the other classes
    have high resistance to Physical Status Effects.
    Physical Status Effects:
    Speed Lowering
    Physical Status Resistance Lowering
    Magical Status Effects:
    Magical Status Resistance Lowering
    You can also get lowered Elemental Resistances, making you more suspectible
    to certain magic attacks. These effects can casted on your by enemy monster, or
    can be given to you by a Trap Chest.
    There's also positive statuses:
    Fast HP Recovery
    Fast SP Recovery
    Physical Attack Boost
    Magical Attack Boost
    Physical Defense Boost
    Magical Defense Boost
    Physical Accuracy Boost
    Magical Accuracy Boost
    Earth Resistance Boost
    Water Resistance Boost
    Fire Resistance Boost
    Wood Resistance Boost
    Thunder Resistance Boost
    Darkness Resistance Boost
    __________________________________Effect Animations____________________________
    These positive effects come from spells you party casts on you, or from the
    flaming points sometimes found around Dungeons and Fields.
    When these effects are you, they have little special animations that show
    on the character.
    Poison: Character turns purple, and bubbles raise out of head.
    Paralysis: Shock/Thunder Bolt looking icons surround character.
    Speed Lowering: Clocks appear above their head, and movement is lowered.
    Charming: Hearts start flying out of their head..
    Sleeping: Z's come out of character. They don't move, like Paralysis.
    Confusing: ?'s start to come out of character.
    HP Recov: Glowing Green color.
    SP Recov: Glowing Blue color.
    Phys. Atk./Def./Acc.: A Sword icon to represent Physical is above their head,
    and a smaller Rod, Shield, or Red&White Archer's Target will be rotating around
    the Sword.
    Mag. Atk./Def./Acc.: A Rod icon to represent Magical is above their head, and
    a smaller Rod, Shield, or Red&White Archer's Target will be rotating around
    the Rod.
    __________________________________Data Draining________________________________
    Some specific monsters you're going to need to Data Drain. During battle, the
    words, "Protect Break" will appear. You now know it's safe to Data Drain.
    The Data Draining skill is the last page of Kite's skill menu. It costs 10sp
    per use. Using it repeatedly will result in Kite's Infection gague turning Red.
    when he goes Red, DON'T DATA DRAIN! You could loose a level or get a game over.
    Although it has a very low risk of happening, you can get a status effect or
    EXP Loss even when the gague is lowered. Quite random though.
    As you continue to Data Drain more and more, you can open up a more powerful
    version of the drain. There's a 20sp version that targets all Protect Broken
    enemies, and a 30sp version that hits one target, but with a higher rate of the
    enemy giving you a nice Rare. :D Of course it also makes your Infection go
    up higher, much quicker. x_o;
    When you Data Drain, you can get a rare item from an enemy, and the enemy will
    turn into a lesser enemy. Killing it will minimal EXP. Instead of a Rare Item,
    you might get a Virus Core, which goes into Gate Hacking...
    __________________________________Gate Hacking_________________________________
    Some fields you'll need to Gate Hack. This requires Virus Cores. There's 26
    different types of them, 12 of which can be drained out of various enemies
    regularly, the other ones you're given during parts of the story, or from Data
    Draining a previous boss. The nine different cores are available based on the
    server you're on, and the size of the enemy.
       Delta & Theta
    Size    Type
    Small   A
    Medium  B
    Large   C
    Size    Type
    Small   D
    Medium  E
    Large   F
    Size    Type
    Small   G
    Medium  H
    Large   I
    Size    Type
    Small   J
    Medium  K
    Large   L
    Volume four isn't out yet, but based on various patterns, it's safe to assume
    that J, K, and L will be available on the Omega server.
    __________________________________Spring of Illusion___________________________
    In most of the fields, there'll be a little icon of a face. When you approach
    said location, you'll be given the option to drop an equipment in there. The
    spirit of the pond will appear, and it'll either upgrade or downgrade your
    weapons and equipment.
    In a Daytime field, Weapons will be upgraded 2, and Armor will be downgraded 2.
    In a Night Time field, Weapons will be downgraded 2, and Armor will upgraded 2.
    In a Weather field, ie: Rain, Weapons and Armor will both get +1 upgrades.
    Sometimes, the level of the Weapons/Armor will not actually go up +2... I've
    seen lvl. 68 Armor go to lvl. 71... so I guess there's exceptions. ^_^;
    After using a Spring, the spirit flies out, and you can't use the same Spring
    again. ^_^;
    __________________________________Character Classes____________________________
    Like in an MMORPG, there's different character classes you can play as. The
    classes in .hack are divided by what kinds of weapons you can use. And no, you
    cannot change Kite's class. :P
    Blade User - Typical fighter class with a one-handed sword.
    Blade Users in .hack: Balmung, Rachael, Orca, Mia
    Blade Users in .hack//SIGN: Bear, Ginkan
    Twin Sword - Can wield two daggers/katars/etc. They're identical to a class
    like a Thief, or a Rogue.
    Twin Swords in .hack: Kite, Natsume, Getchoseki/Moonstone
    Twin Swords in .hack//SIGN: Sora, A-20
    Twin Swords in .hack//DUSK: Shugo, Ouka (?)
    Heavy Blade - Uses large, two-handed swords, that're, as the name implies,
    heavy. :P The little Heavy Blade icon, I found out the hard way, is hard to
    tell apart from the regular Blade icon. x_x; Yay for giving a level 50 Heavy
    Blade to Balmung after coming out of a dungeon I did not want to re-do. ;-;
    Heavy Blades in .hack: BlackRose, Sanjuro
    Heavy Blades in .hack//SIGN: Mimiru
    Heavy Blades in .hack//DUSK: Rena
    Long Arm - Use long-ranged weapons, like spears and javelins. Supposedly they
    can also use Bows and Arrows, because in .hack//SIGN, episode 22 in specific,
    there were two characters shown; one using a bow + arrow, the over using some
    kind of throwing Javelins. *shrugs*
    Long Arms in .hack: Gardenia, Nukeusagimaru
    Long Arms in .hack//SIGN: Crim
    Long Arms in .hack//AI Buster: Albireo
    Long Arms in .hack//DUSK: Kamui
    Heavy Axe - Like the Heavy Blades, they use large, heavy weapons; Axes in
    specific. Sometimes they come off looking more like spears. ^^;
    Heavy Axes in .hack: Terashima Ryoko, Piroshi
    Heavy Axes in .hack//SIGN: Subaru, Kaho
    Wave Master - The typical Mage class, low physical strength and high magical
    power, and a staff. Wave Masters have no physical attacks like the others do,
    but their staves usually come with many a different spell.
    Wave Masters in .hack: Elk, Mistral, Wiseman
    Wave Masters in .hack//SIGN: Tsukasa, BT
    Wave Masters in .hack//AI Buster: Hokuto
    Wave Masters in .hack//DUSK: Mireille, Hotaru, Reki, Magi
    Wave Master isn't the exact translation, it's something more like... "Crest
    User." But, ehhh... :P
    On each server except Delta, there's a Puchiguso Ranch. You get a Baby Puchi,
    and you feed it different foods to raise it's stats. It'll grow up, and become
    a Nobleguso... which is scary as hell. It yells, "AMORE~! AMORE~! OH! ANDRE!"
    and it made me throw down my controller and run out of my room screaming...
    Yeah, it's THAT scary. O_O;
    If you don't want to see the horror that is... The Nobleguso, then you can be
    smart and feed it certain foods to make it turn into a certain 'guso. Much
    unlike me. ^_^;
    There's two different types along with the Nobleguso on each server, and they
    can be raised by feeding them different foods.
    On Theta: Ironguso, Poisonguso
    On Lamda: Guso the Bone, Snaguso
    On Sigma: Milkyguso, Aqua the Guso
    After fully raising a Puchi, leave the server, and come back: there'll be a
    brand new Puchi-baby for you. ^_^;
    Once you've raised both types, you can participate in an in-town Puchi race
    by talking to the man at the barn. The #1 time is always Balmung's, unless you
    kick him off of it, of which will make me come and do cruel things to you...
    like tickle you with feathers and make you watch the Teletubbies on endless
    loop. >_>
    Omake is an often overused and overrated Japanese term for Extra. In .hack,
    you can find eight Books. You can open the Ryu Books, which're in your Key
    Items, and open them up. They'll give you various Altimit Desktops, Altimit
    Desktop BGM's, and Movies from the game for your audio player (but you can't
    watch the movies until you've beaten the respective volume they're from) based
    on various things you do in the games.
    Ryu Book #1____________________________________________________________________
    Tracks your playing time and numbers of time logged onto The World.
    Unlocks Extras (Vol. 1):
    10 Areas Visited
    20 Areas Visited
    30 Areas Visited
    40 Areas Visited
    50 Areas Visited
    5hrs of Gameplay
    10hrs of Gameplay
    15hrs of Gameplay
    Ryu Book #2____________________________________________________________________
    Tracks the number of Monster portals you open, and how many All Opens you get,
    from both dungeons and fields.
    Unlocks Extras (Vol. 1):
    50 Monster Portals Open
    100 Monster Portals Open
    150 Monster Portals Open
    200 Monster Portals Open
    Unsure of the All Opens intervals.
    Ryu Book #3____________________________________________________________________
    Tracks your Member Address List, and how many times you've traded.
    Unlocks Extras (Vol. 1):
    20 Names Registered
    5 Trades made
    10 Trades ade
    Ryu Book #4____________________________________________________________________
    Tracks the different monsters you've fought.
    Unlocks Extras (Vol. 1):
    50 Monsters Encountered
    80 Monsters Encountered
    Ryu Book #5____________________________________________________________________
    Tracks the worth of the Gifts you give to your buddies.
    Unlocks Extras (Vol. 1):
    20k GP in gifts
    50k GP in gifts
    Ryu Book #6____________________________________________________________________
    Tracks the number of Chests opened, number of Crates/Eggs/Corpses searched, and
    how many Gott Statues you've gotten to.
    Unlocks Extras (Vol. 1):
    50 Chests Opened
    150 Chests Opened
    300 Chests Opened
    50 Boxes/Crates/Etc opened
    100 Boxes/Crates/Etc oepned
    5 Gott Statues opened
    Ryu Book #7____________________________________________________________________
    Tracks how many Spring of Illusion's you've been to, and how many Symbols (they
    give Power Ups in fields) you've been to.
    Unlocks Extras (Vol. 1):
    5 Symbols Activated
    10 Symbols Activated
    20 Symbols Activated
    30 Symbols Activated
    5 Visits to Monsieur
    10 Visits to Monsieur
    5 Visits to Grandpa
    10 Visits to Grandpa
    Ryu Book #8____________________________________________________________________
    Tracks the different kinds of Puchi Foods you've picked up, and Puchi's you've
    Unlocks Extras (Vol. 1):
    50 Grunty Foods Collected
    All Grunty Foods Collected
    Thanks to Raistlin for the translation of what the books do. XD
    Thanks to Josh for compiling the big list of what it unlocks. :DD
    After you've beaten the game, and watched the credits, a little "Save Game?"
    box will come up. Go ahead and save your game - overwrite your old file - you
    can still play even after you've saved, but, because you've beaten the final
    boss, you'll now have a yellow file. The yellow depicts you've finished the
    game, story-wise.
    But, like an in MMORPG; even after you've beaten the final boss, you're still
    able to walk around and do as you please. You can still save and the like, and
    when the next volume comes, everything that's in the save file (levels, equip,
    items, etc), will get carried over to the next volume.
    I don't believe that you can load English game data file onto the Japanese game
    and vice versa, nor can you load volume 4 data into volume three.
     + Legalities
    The .hack Gameplay FAQ copyright Rhyste January 2003. All content was typed up
    from personal experience with the game itself.
    aim: rhyste
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders, namely:
    Concerning legal stuff...
    I prohibit use of this guide on another website except GameFAQs, .hack for
    Dummies, and .hack//SIGN Defragmented. I also disallow reproduction of any part
    of this guide, as well as using parts of it or the entire thing and saying it
    was your own, and things that're basically the same as the previously mentioned
     + End
    Uhm, more later. ~_~; Hope this was a little helpful. :P
    People to thank: Niu, Raistlin, Jack Eccs, the people who modchipped my PS2,
    CyberConnect2, Hawque, Kojirou, Master LL, Landale, a lot of people who I know
    I'm forgetting... oh, and Yoshiyuki Sadomoto for... sketching Balmung. ^_^

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