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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JackSpade

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                         Version 1.1
                                        by Jack Spade
    *This FAQ is best viewed on a maximized window.
    Index:                                          Edit->Find
    I    .- Version History                          [VH1]
    II   .- Introduction                             [IN2]
    III  .- Speed Walkthrough(Spoiler Free)          [SW3]
    IV   .- "Bosses" Strategies                      [BS4]
    V    .- Walkthrough(With Some Spoilers)          [WT5]
    VI   .- Ryu Books                                [RBK]
    VII  .- Key Items                                [KI1]
    VIII .- Grunties                                 [GR2]
    IX   .- Cheat Codes                              [CDS]
    X    .- The Chaos Gate(All keywords)             [CGT]
    XI   .- Questions & Answers                      [Q&A]
    XII  .- Credits                                  [CRD]
    *General Tips                                    [GRAL]
                                       D I S C L A I M E R
    This document was made to share and gather the info I found
    while playing the game and surfing the web mainly to get some
    recognition within the gaming community.
    Feel free to post this document in your homepage as long
    as it is not edited in any way without my permission,
    and if you mail me about its usefulness it will make me feel
    a lot whole better about this work ^_^.
    >>>Jack Spade.
    My e-mail: ChaosGateTheory@hotmail.com
    [VH1]  Version History [ D/ M/ Y]
    [04/03/2003]*->V 0.3
    Started the FAQ, decided to make a normal walkthrough then start
    with the Chaos Gate Theory.
    [07/03/2003]*->V 0.5
    Started the Walkthrough, and added some items, filled some sections,
    the FAQ is coming along.Made a Spell&Skill List section, thanks to OsisNei idea.
    Submitted the FAQ, The Walkthroughs are half-way through, added a lot of items and
    spells and skills to the lists.
    Finished the Walkthroughs, added a lot of things to a lot of sections.
    Added some info that got mailed to me, Thanks everyone. I explored new areas, the more
    popular ones, and new weapons and armors I found and other that got mailed to me, especially
    from Fibrizo, Thanks Fib! ^_^
    Added more data to the monster list, I copied all my 100 monsters from my book into
    the FAQ, also, I did some research on the Myst Springs and created a section for it, I added
    about 5-9 more items, that I found while doing the research, and explored 4 or 5 new areas.
    Finished The Weapon Ladder,Started the Armor ladder, added info I got from mails,
    explored some new areas, fixed things, added new weapons, etc..its been a busy week.
    Finished half of the armor ladder, made some progress to the CGT, Added some new monsters
    (some info provided by Darkside), added info from mails I got, made some progress with the
    CGT and decided to make an .xls file about it instead of putting it here, however, the
    most important areas will be left here, fixed typos around the FAQ, added some new Q&A's.
    Finished the Armor Ladder, got "every" monster (according to some people at the board)
    Added some more info to the walkthrough.
    Started to play .Hack//Divergence (http://www.glasscharm.org/hack)
    Decided to split-up the document for easy reference.
    The document shall be split into 3 separate docs:
    1)Walkthrough FAQ
    2)Monsters, Weapons and Armor FAQ
    3)The Chaos Gate Theory homepage. (pending)
    The first document will contain Sections  [1,2,3,4,5,10,11,12,13,15,16 and 17]
    The second document will contain Sections [6,7,8,9,14,15,16 and 17]
    Deleted the request for volunteers for the theory, thanks for your support everyone!
    [IN2]                                   INTRODUCTION
    The Story takes place in the near future, On December 24th 2005, the entire internet stopped
    functioning. Simultaneously, all networked computers and communcation control systems crashed,
    causing great panic and confusion. The network was able to recover 77 minutes later.
    The automatic retaliatory system of the United States began to operate erroneously and was
    moving to a point of crisis. The virus creator was a mere 10-year-old elementary school student
    After the incident, the only Operating System not affected by the virus later called
    "Pluto's Kiss" was the Altimit OS, which was secure enough to withstand the damage done by
    the virus, it will later become the most popular used operating system in the globe.
    Additionally, there was a restriction on Networked Entertainment because of the incident.
    Two years later,CyberConnect Corporation began play testing "The Fragment", an online game
    that will later become "The World", "The Fragment" was sold to them by Harold Hewick,
    a German programmer, the network council of the world lifted the restriction on online
    gaming to boost the entertainment economy. By the end of the year, "The World" became
    available for download all around the globe, thousands of people begin downloading the game.
    The year is now 2010,you are invited by your schoolmate, Yasuhiko, to play the online game
    "The World" While playing the game both you and your friend are attacked by an unknown monster.
    As a result, Yasuhiko becomes comatose in the real world.
    Despite his friend condition, youn continue to play The World believing you'll find a
    way to help your friend out of the coma, and to determine why it happened.
    While playing, you accept the Book of Twilight from a mysterious girl in white.
    You are transformed into an outlaw player within the game wielding the very same power
    responsible for Orca's(Yasuhiko) condition.
    You take on the role of the player who controls the player character Kite in "The World",
    trying to find the explanation behind your friend's coma that is somehow linked to that
    little girl and the monster that is chasing her, you must find items, weapons and even
    friends to help you on your investigation and finally confront the truth behind the game.
    [SW3]                     SPOILER-FREE/FAST WALKTHROUGH
    The hardest thing about the game are the boss battles, these are covered on another section
    of the FAQ, here is a spoiler-free and fast walkthrough for those people who are stuck
    in-between events and dont know what to do next to progress the story.
    After the Orca Incident:
    01)Go to the Boards, and post a message about Orca.
    02)Check you mail.
    03)Log Into "The World".
    After meeting the new person.
    04)Use The Chaos Gate.
    05)Add the new member to your party using the Party command as Orca explained.
    06)Use The Chaos Gate again with the new address.
    07)Log Out, Check the message you wrote about Orca.
    08)Log In,Go the the alley and meet someone.
    After meeting the new person.
    09)Check the board, Read the Topics: [Is This and Event Character?] and [Protected Area].
    10)Go meet this event character using the keywords,make a party before you go.
    11)Find and enter the dungeon, get to the bottom.
    After meeting the new people.
    12)Go to the new area you got from him,make a party before you go.
    13)Find and enter the dungeon, get to the bottom,help him.
    14)Log Out,Check your mail.
    15)Log In,Get your stuff.
    16)Log Out,Check your mail.
    17)Log in,Go to the area you read about in your mail, alone.
    18)Get to the bottom.
    19)After the tutorial, add them both to your party.
    20)Hack the gate you got from the Board:Topic:[Protected Area].
    21)Go down the dungeon until you hit bottom.
    22)Log Out,Check the board, Topic:[Weapon Information].
    23)Make a party, go there, hit bottom,get statue's treasure.
    24)Log Out,Check the board, Topic: [Is This and Event Character?]
    25)Log In, stroll Around town without BlackRose until you get new mail.
    26)Log Out, Check BlackRose's mail to you. Head over there.
    27)Explore the new town, power up, get ready to go where BlackRose told you,call an ally.
    28)Get to the Bottom of the Dungeon.
    29)Go to Delta Server.
    30)Go where Elk tells you.
    31)Get to the bottom, kill boss.
    32)Log Out, Log In.
    33)Help Piros.
    34)Log Out, Read the Board, Two Topics: [Weapon Information] and [Miss Gardenia fan Club!!]
    35)Go to both areas, get to the bottom, find the statues, get back.
    36)Log Out, Read the Board, Topic: [Test Version of "The World"]
    37)Log In, Call BlackRose, wait, Log Out, Check Mail.
    38)Try to go where BlackRose's mail told you.
    39)Log Out, Log Back In, go to Theta server.
    40)Go to the area Mistral told you, get into the dungeon, get to the bottom.
    41)Log Out, read BlackRose's mail, Log back in. Add her to your party and go where she tells you.
    42)Log Out, read the Board: Topic: [MISSING].
    43)Log In , wait, Log Out,check mail, check Board:Topic:[To Orca].
    44)Log In , go to the field you read in the board.
    45)Go to the field Bob told you.
    46)Go the the dungeon, and to the third floor, find Linda.
    47)Go to the field Linda told you.
    48)Log Out, Check your mail. Go to the field BlackRose talks about.
    49)Log Out, Check the board topic: [MISSING] Log back in.
    50)Recieve e-mail, Log Out, read it, Log In.
    51)Recieve e-mail, Log Out, read it, Log In.
    52)Go to Theta server, Hack the Gate to the keywords the mail told you.
    53)Kill the last boss. You win the game, congratz!
    If you feel like I skipped an important "step" to complete the game, please mail me at:
     ChaosGateTheory@hotmail.com with SFW as Subject. Thanks
    [WT5]                                   WALKTHROUGH
    ||                                                                                           ||
    ||                                                                                           ||
    ||                            Yet to return, the shadowed one                                ||
    ||                           who quests for the Twilight Dragon.                             ||
    ||                                                                                           ||
    ||                                Rumbles the Dark Hearth,                                   ||
    ||              and Helba, The Queen of the Dark, has raised finally her army.               ||
    ||                                                                                           ||
    ||                         Apeiron,King of the Light,beckons...                              ||
    ||                        At the base of the rainbow, they meet.                             ||
    ||                                                                                           ||
    ||                    Against the abominable "Wave", together, they fight.                   ||
    ||                                                                                           ||
    ||                                   Alba's lake boils.                                      ||
    ||                            Light's great tree doth fall.                                  ||
    ||                                                                                           ||
    ||                Power--all now to droplets turned in the temple of Arche Koeln             ||
    ||                    Returns to nothing, this world the shadowless ones.                    ||
    ||                                                                                           ||
    ||                             Never to return, the shadowed one                             ||
    ||                             who quests of the Twilight Dragon.                            ||
    ||                                      --Epitaph of the Twilight : Emma Weland              ||
    ||                                                                                           ||
    ||                                                                                           ||
      >>>>>Registering on "The World"
      After this enigmatic poem spoken in German, you must now register in "The World", first
      you must fill out the User Name, I filled my User Name as Celdric, because I use that
      nickname when I use my e-mail, you can fill it with any name you want. After that, you
      must fill the Character Name, this name will be the one that other characters will use
      to call you on "The World", to choose a letter, move the feather to highlight a letter,
      and press the 'X' button, press End, to Accept the name. I used the default Character
      name Kite. After this, just select Yes and press 'X'.
      >>>>>Meet your Desktop
      Now, you will be shown your desktop, on the left-side menu, you have 6 options:
      The World: Use this to acess the player's board and the game itself.
      Mailer   : This is your mail, you will get important e-mails here, check this whenever
                 the word "New" appears besides it, on the Menu.
      News     : News from the real world, although it doesnt play a role on the game, it is
                 quite nice to read it and get a "feel" of the story, and the .Hack universe.
      Accessory: Use this to change the image on the background(Desktop Image), intially you
                 get three images, but you aquire more via the Ryu Books, see its section.
      Audio    : You can change the tedious background music with this option, also see some
                 movies from the game, after you finish it. See Ryu Books for more details.
      Data     : Use this to save the progress you have made on the game.
      >>>>>Logging into "The World"
      Now, lets get the "Real" game going! Use the menu to select "The World" and press on it.
      It will take you to main menu of the "The World", if you are new, I suggest reading the
      board, you should read the board often, since it will have an important role on the
      story of the game. After reading the board, select and press on "Log In", to access the
      Delta server, for your first time.
      >>>>>Meeting Orca
      Meet Orca aka Yasuhiko, he is a very close friend to you, he will teach you somethings
      about he game, so go ahead and heed his advise, and do as he says, afterwards you will
      be transported to "Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field", follow Orca's instructions, then
      you will finally, be able to get control over your character.
      Move around and clear all the gate's you see around you, use a Speed Charm on yourself
      to move faster, to do this, press triangle->Items->Press Right->Choose Speed Charm then
      press 'X'. After you kill all 4 goblins, enter the Dungeon.
      >>>>>"Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field"[Dungeon]
      Do as Orca says, when you finally get the control of Kite back, I suggest you go and
      explore the dungeon, remember, blue chests are trapped and you should use a Fortune Wire
      on it first,go down to B2 and find a room with a wierd floating statue. After getting
      loot, go back upstairs the way you came and get outside.
      >>>>>Meeting BlackRose
      Well, its as good time as any to save your game now, do so. Then check out the board in
      "The World", after doing it,quit the game and check your mail, you will get a wierd mail.
      Try to go into "The World" now, you will meet BlackRose. After talking to her, try to
      use the Chaos Gate to return to the field Orca took you, you will be interrupted by her.
      Allow yourself to escort her to the new field she speks of, first, ass her to your party
      the same way you did Orca before, then use the Chaos gate, use the World List option and
      gate to "Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground", just follow the story...
      >>>>>Back on Mac Anu
      Log Out of "The World", by pressing the Triangle button and choosing Log Out, then check
      the board to see if anyone has replied to your post, afterwards, go check your mail.
      Read Helba's mail(havent you read this name before?), then Log Into "The World".
      >>>>>Meeting Mia and Elk
      After logging in, you will see Sieg(Liminality) and some other guy talking about Mia,
      the game will show you the alley they are talking about, go see Mia and Elk.
      After they leave, Log out and read the board, specially the following Topics:
      1)Is this an Event Character?
      2)Protected Area
      After doing so, log into the game, and call BlackRose, so she can help you investigate.
      >>>>>Powering Up
      Remember the treasures you got from the statue with Orca? You will use them to trade and
      get a better equipment for you and BlackRose. Find Hayate or Macky, and trade her 5
      Health Drinks and the Steel Blades to get the Slayer for BlackRose, Hayate also has the
      Snow Panther, the item will be a "must get" later, if you can get it now, do so, I got
      them for a Yellow Candy (which I got from the statue) and 5 antidotes, Now you must
      concentrate on getting a new weapon for Kite at least above level 5.
      If you can, try to get the Raitei from Koji. I traded 5 Mage's Souls for it,
      some Mountain Boots will come in Handy too. Give the Slayer to BlackRose.
      How? Talk to her and choose gift, press left once to go to the equipment menu,
      choose Slayer and press 'X'. BlackRose will equip the Slayer and thank you.
      Get any body armor above level 8 for Kite, if you can, this will help you out some, but
      its entirely optional. Remember, you dont have to be level 8 to wear level 8 equipment.
      If you cant find Hayate,Macky or Koji, I suggest you log out, then Log back In, and try
      to find them again, the people running around differ each time you log in,the person you
      are looking for will show up eventually, or you can try to play a low-level area in the
      >>>>>General Tips[GRAL]
      About Skills:Always have Ap Corv and Ap Vorv handy, At Torv is useful too.
      If you dont have eq that gives you these skills, I suggest buying some "Bloods" from the
      item shop, they will come in handy, specially if the area's monsters are 4 or more levels
      above yours.  Ap Do is a must, you can either use the Speed Charms to get faster, or you
      can do the Zeit Statue Mini Quest and get the Time equipment which allows you to abotain
      this skill...I recommend the Speed Charms, it easier.
      Always have someone in the party that is able to cast, at least 1 spell, some monsters
      can only be Data Drained after getting hit by a Magic Spell, others (like Halloween)
      are inmune to physical attacks, thus you can only vanquish them with magic. If you
      dont want to use equipment that gives you magic spells, try buying and having magic scrolls.
      About the Fields: If you get lost, press select, this will switch you to the Overall map,
      this map is a Zoom Out of the area, it will help you locate the Dungeon faster.
      Pressing Select, again, will turn off the map, pressing it a third time, will reveal the
      Default Map again.
      Never, (unless you know what you're doing) go to a field 5 or more levels above yours,
      you will get wiped out, specially if you go alone.
      About Items: I suggest you have at least 5 resurrects,20 health drinks, 10 antidotes,
      10 restoratives, 5 Mage's Soul, 25 fortune wires, 3 Fairy Orbs and 1 Sprite Ocarina
      all the time.
      *(The Sprite Ocarina is optional if you travel with "friends", as they can use their own
             to teleport out of a dungeon when you order them to use the ocarina)
      About equipment: Always be on the lookout for new eq from the people that trade for you.
      Weapons with Critical Hit are excellent to combine with skills that hit a lot of times.
      You should always carry or store weapons with Elemental Skills, specially Thunder Coil
      (for Shining Eyes) Gale of Swords (Mu Guardians and some Bosses) and Swirling Dark
      (for Menhirs...God! I hate those @"&$#5!!).
      Now..on with the game...
      >>>>>"Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand"
      Well, I hope you feel ready for the next dungeon, with BlackRose in your party, and with
      Slayer being wielded by her, it should not be that much of a problem. Head for the ChaosGate
      and choose "Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand" from the word list. The second you get there,
      use a Speed Chant on yourself and, if you got the Snow Panther and the Mountain Boots,
      press the square button and choose Strengthen!, that will order BlackRose to use either
      the Snow Panther or the Mountain Boots you gave her, do it twice so both of you have
      boosted Attack and/or Defense parameters, remember to use a Strengthing skill yourself.
      Well, enough preparing, go out there and find the Dungeon, the more you fight, the
      better you will be off later. Once you enter the dungeon, go to the bottom of it to
      encounter the first boss of the game. If you want help defeating this boss, read the
      boss strategy section, find this in this document using the Find or Search feature on
      navigator or text editor: [YA2]<-This will take you to a strategy to kill the boss.
      >>>>>Meeting Mistral & Piros
      What was she doing there in the first place, I dont know, but she is such a cute kid!
      She will come in handy later, good thing she gives you her member address, for now,
      you should be back in town, and meeting this wierd guy named Piros,he will tell you some
      new keyword and a combination to use it. So, we must get ready first, you should try to
      get the things I mentioned in "Powering Up" a page above for you and BlackRose and some
      new thingies for Mistral, as she will be your next party member, so, call Mistral and
      go shopping,restock on Speed Charms,Health Drinks and Fortune Wires. If you can, find
      and get a Newt Necklace for Mistral, and some decent eq. A weapon above level 5 will do
      her some good too. If you are short on funds, do some random chaos gating, but be careful
      not to go to an area 3 or more levels above your own. After you are ready, and have
      equipped yourself, you should have each party member (Except Mistral) have a skill thats
      raises a Physical  parameter,
      Ap Vorv: From Snow Panther
      Ap Corv: From Mountain Boots
      >>>>>Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage[Dungeon]
      Pretty straightforward, go into the field, go down the levels, kill the boss.
      Boss ID:[EA2] If you have the equipment I mentioned, and level 6 or 7, you should be ok.
      Oh yeah, in B3, when you get into a crossroad. Go left first, get the statue's treasure,
      then get ready for the "boss" to the north.[See the boss section below]
      >>>>>The Book of Law
      After returning to town, sell your extra scrolls and armor/weapons you got from the trip
      that you dont need, then say bye to your girls and Log Out to check your mail.
      Yer a wiener! Go pick up your prize at any shop. Seconds later, you should hear a sound,
      that means you have new mail. Go read it.
      >>>>>Mia's Quest[Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls]
      Mia wants you to go there alone, if you are below level 8, you should get some party
      members and level for a while. You should get yourself decent equipment as well. Since
      youre going Solo, its wise to bring some power-up scrolls from the item shop:
      Warrior's Blood: To increase Physical Attack.       [100GP]
      Knight    Blood: To increase Physical Defense.      [100GP]
      Hunter    Blood: To increase Physical Accuracy.     [100GP]
      Beast     Blood: To increase Magical Defense.       [100GP]
      and at least, have 10 Health Drinks..make it 30...go to the magic shop, and stock on
      speed charms get a Hermit's Bane and a Knight's Bane. Go to the Chaos Gate,
      and get ready for a small trip into..HELL! Nah, if you have good equipment and at least
      level 8, this should be as easy as pie..Wyrm pie. Well, get into the dungeon and go all
      the way to the bottom, the boss ID is [RW2]. If you have trouble killing it, use the boss
      guide below. Remember, when you see a purple/pink fog before an exit, it means the boss
      is there,use all the scrolls you bought and get ready to fight. After you kill it, you will be
      sent back to town.
      >>>>>Hacker[Closed Oblivious Twin Hills]
      After Mia's speech, go to the board and read the Topic: Protected area, if you havent
      done so, when I told you a few pages ago. Add both Elk and Mia to your party and access
      Closed Oblivious Twin Hills,Mia should teach you how to Hack Gates now. Battle a while
      on the field, if you feel Mia and/or Elk are completely useless and that they need to
      be upgraded, Gate Out and buy some equipment for Mia and Elk. I recommend the Dogman's
      Sword from Mutsuki and some Snow Panther for Mia, and a Newt Necklace and a good wand above
      5th level for Elk. Do what you can, and then go back to the area and descend.
      Bring some scrolls for you and Mia if you like. Head Down, kill boss.
      Boss ID: [WA2] You might have trouble with the Mimics around here, just be sure to give
      Mia and Elk at least 5 restorative potions as a gift, so they can restore you or each
      other if they get confused. As always, give them 2 or 3 resurrects in case you die.
      >>>>>Getting the Spiral Edge[Raging Passionate Melody]
      Log Out, get into the Board, read the Topic:Weapon Information.
      Log Back In, form a party with your favorite characters and go to Raging Passionate
      Melody. Power up first, get some scrolls, then go to the bottom of the dungeon, you are
      looking for the Gantt Statue, there wont be any bosses here, but some pesky enemies
      instead, the dreaded Fiend Mehirs...these guys are so annoying because they can resurrect
      monsters you already killed. If you see one of this jumpin things of..data..go kill them
      ASAP, if there are more than 1, use area skills to get them all at the same time or
      tell a party member to use skills on one of them, while you work the other.
      Another strategy against Menhirs, is to Data Drain them, if other Menhir resurrects
      the Data Drained Menhir, that Menhir will resurrect in its Data Drained form.
      >>>>>On Aura's Trail [Quiet Eternal White Devil]
      After you meet Natsume and getting back to town, log out and read the Board, Topic:
      Is This An Event Character?,Log out, check mail, Log In, walk around until you get more
      mail, Log Out, read it, it should be from BlackRose telling you to go to the other Theta
      server and telling you some keywords,Log In, use the Chaos Gate and choose Other Servers
      select Theta server, you will meet up with BlackRose there,form a party but you have to
      include BlackRose in it,take some time to explore the town and upgrade your weapons.
      You will see a pig-like creature somewhere around the southwest, thats a Grunty, check
      the grunty section for more info on those, or check some detailed faqs about them, they
      are not that critical to your sucess on the game, but may yield some interesting armor
      and equipment, not to mention a fast way to travel the fields.
      Anyway,Go to the field, to the Dungeon, and to the bottom. Watch out for Grass, they can
      put you to sleep, bring restoratives.
      >>>>>Elk  [Plenteous Smiling Hypha]
      Go to Delta server and talk to Elk, go where he tells you to, but first get some earth
      equipment, and some earth attack spells and skills, the boss will be of earth element and
      you can take advantage of this, since only you and Elk will be going, equip Elk well and
      go to the area, and to the bottom.The Air Wand is a good choice. BOSS ID:[KS2]
      >>>>>Naive Piros[Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold]
      After you return to town, Call Piros and equip him with some good weapons, Log Out,
      see some posts, Log Back In. You should see Mia and Piros talking, Piros will have
      a problem and Mia tells him where he can get the solution. Power up and help him find it.
      Make your party, Piros must be in it. Go to the area, and down to the dungeon,
      you must open ALL treasure boxes in the dungeon, so be sure to explore ALL of it.
      You cant give him any weapons after the quest started. Thats why I told you to equip him
      before he met Mia. :)
      >>>>>Meeting Gardenia[Soft Solitary Tri Pansy]
      After you finish helping Piros, Log Out and check the board, you can do any of the two
      mini-quests, meeting Sanjuro, or meeting Gardenia, we will do Gardenia first.
      To meet Gardenia, check the topic:Miss Gardenia Fan Club!!, read all the posts until you
      read one with the keywords you need to find her, afterwards, get back to the World and
      make a party with your favorite characters, and get to "Soft Solitary Tri Pansy".
      Make your way down, to the bottom of the dungeon, at B4, Gardenia will be waiting for
      you North of the crossroads, to the west, the Statue will be waiting for you,
      get it before going to Gardenia.
      >>>>>Meeting Sanjuro[Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder]
      After you meet Gardenia, Sell unwanted stuff, trade for better eq, re-stock, and then
      Log Out, check the Board, the topic: Weapon Information, read every post until you get
      the keywords, form a party, go there, get to the bottom, same drill.
      >>>>>Going After Aura[Cursed Despaired Paradise]
      After youre done, Log Out and check the topic on the board called: Test version of
      "The World", read all of it, Log back In, then try to add BlackRose in your party, she
      will not be available, 3 seconds later you will recieve an e-mail, from BlackRose, telling
      you the True location of Aura, go over to Theta server and meet BlackRose, add her to
      your party and call one of your favorite characters to join you as well, equip them with
      the best eq you can trade for, and re-stock items. You will be unable to enter the area
      because its protected and you lack a Virus Core Q...
      >>>>>Getting a Virus Core Q[Collapsed Momentary Spiral]
      Wait a minute or so, and you will recieve another mail, so go read it, even if you didnt
      get one, Log out, and Log back in. In Theta server, you will see Mistral talking with
      Apeiron...havent you read that name before?...anyway follow the scene, and Mistral will
      tell you some keywords, so, go there..you need to add Mistral to your party, you can
      bring someone else along too! Go down to the bottom of the dungeon, kill the boss, and
      get Virus Core Q..bring Anti-Wood Eq..Earth Eq..[TR2]
      >>>>>Going After Aura...again[Cursed Despaired Paradise]
      After you get back, Log Out and check mail. Go back to Theta server and add BlackRose
      to your party, and someone else. Equip them with good eq, go sell unwanted stuff, power
      up, etc.. I got a pretty cool staff called StarStorm Staff, it summons two elementals..
      maybe you can get it before going into the gate..anyway, Hack the gate and go to the
      area, if you lack more Virus Cores, then go to other areas, and start Data Draining.
      Ok. Find the Dungeon using the Overall map(select), then go into it. Go to the
      bottom and....
      >>>>>Meeting Bob[Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field]
      After you get back, Log Out and read the Board: Topic: MISSING, Log back In and
      run around until you recieve an e-mail from BlackRose, then go check the board again.
      A new post will be around named To Orca, Kite will recognize what Bob is talking about
      and conclude to go to Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field, so go there and meet him.
      He will tell you about Linda, and give you the keywords to meet her, so go ahead and do
      >>>>>Meeting Linda[Buried Pagan Fiery Sands]
      Now form a party and head to the field where Linda should be, locate the dungeon and
      get to the second floor and look for Linda, she will give you more keywords..
      >>>>>Gouged Room[Lonely Silent Great Seal]
      Go the the field she speaks of, and get to the bottom of the Dungeon. To get into
      the field you need to Hack the gate, do so with your virus cores, if you lack of
      the necessary virus cores, go to other fields to aquire them.
      >>>>>Meeting Meg[Great Distant Fertile Land]
      After getting out, Log out and check your mail. Read BlackRose's mail and go to
      Theta server, there, you will meet up with BlackRose, add her to your party and
      add someone else for backup. Go to the field and go to the deepest level of the
      >>>>>Helba's Help
      Log Out and check the board, the topic: MISSING. Log In, wait a while, then Log Out.
      Read BlackRose's mail, Log In, wait a while, then Log Out. Read Helba's mail.
      This is the final area...so we better start to get equipped.
      >>>>>Powering up for the Final Battle[Chosen Hopeless Nothingness]
      Well, you need to take BlackRose, so I guess we should equip her with the best
      items we got. I recommend you level up, until you are level 28-30. Use the last
      two fields you went to, to level or, or even the final area. This will yield exp
      and money to buy lots, and lots of Resurrects, Mage's Souls, Health Drinks and
      Blood..plenty of blood!! Im not kidding, get 15 of every blood, well, if you are
      not going to bring along a Magic User like Mistral or Elk, just bring Warrior,
      Knight and Hunter Blood. Equip BlackRose with the Spider Blade, as it has a
      Critical Hit effect and has good stats, or use the Claymore. Your best weapon,
      you will get it at the field, so bring the best weapon you have found so far
      along..also, bring eq that boosts your Water Element. Remember to give your party
      members resurrects as a gift, in case you die instead of them. Just order them
      to First Aid! and they will resurrect you...if they have resurrects left.
      >>>>>What now?
      Well, there are two sub-quests I havent mentioned yet, because its not part
      of the main story: The Mummy Ship quest and the Goblin quest.
      After you see the ending and save, you will be back at your "desktop", read
      the new mail, you will gain a new keyword and an objective.
      Also, if you are a super-uber fan like me, you can start playing .Hack//Divergence
      this is a free online RPG game. (http://www.glasscharm.org/hack)
      >>>>>Goblin Equipment
      If you havent been curious, in the board, there is a topic named: Let's play Tag
      There, you will see Someone challenging you to a game of tag, and will give you
      new keywords, if you access the field(and you must do it alone), you will encounter
      a goblin who will challenge you to "Catch" him, what really needs to be done is to
      kill it. There will be 5 of this games, each harder and faster than the last.
      You get goblin equipment as a reward for "killing" them.
      >>>>>The Mummy Ship[Hideous Someone's Giant]
      Well, after Skeith, you could bet no other monster could give you a beating...think
      again. After reading an e-mail from Roy@bandai, you will be granted this keyword:
      Giant, combining it with Hideous Someone's, you will be able to travel to an airship
      where, after 3 levels, you will meet the Parasite Dragon, it has 9999 hp, and some
      devastating attacks that could kill in 1 blow. Bring plenty of resurrects and drinks!
      A rare Twin Blade weapon will be your reward after beating him up, or will it be the
      other way around?
    [BS4]                             BOSSES STRATEGIES
      [YA2]->Buggy HeadHunter[Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand]
      Boss Level: 5
      Boss Weakness: Thunder Attacks
      Boss Attacks : Ani Zot(Darkness Spell)
      Recommended Skills: Thunder Dance, Staccatto, Ap Corv.
      Recommended Items: Lighting Bolt Scroll [200GP] or any Thunder Offensive spell scroll.
      Recommended Weapons:
      Kite     : Fuse Blades or Raitei
      BlackRose: Slayer
      [EA2]->Rock Head[Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage]
      Boss Level: 9
      Boss Weakness: Wood Attacks
      Boss Attacks : None
      Recommended Skills: Orchid Dance, Staccatto, Ap Corv.
      Recommended Items: Gale Breath Scroll [200GP] or any Wood Offensive spell scroll.
                         10 health drinks, 3 Resurrects.
      Recommended Weapons:
      Kite     : Lath Blades or Raitei
      BlackRose: Slayer
      Orchid Dance it. If you get hit hard, heal with health drinks.
      [EA2]->Bugged Red Wyrm[Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls]
      Boss Level: 8
      Boss Weakness: Water Attacks
      Boss Attacks : Vak Kruz(Fire Attack)
      Recommended Skills: Staccatto, Ap Corv, Ap Vorv
      Recommended Items: <Water> Scroll [200GP]
      Recommended Weapons:
      Kite     : Raitei
      Comments: Use the general strategy, but if your hp falls below 80, heal yourself.
      Have a Mage Soul handy if your SP is low when its Data Drain protection goes off.
      Its is of vital importance to use all scrolls that boost your defense, if your level is
      below 10.
      [WA2]->Bugged Stone Turtle[Closed Oblivious Twin Hills]
      Boss Level: 13
      Boss Weakness: Wood Attacks
      Boss Attacks : GiGan Don(Earth Spell)
      Recommended Skills: Staccatto,Orchid Dance,Ap Corv, Ap Vorv
      Recommended Items: Gale Breath Scroll [200GP] or any Wood Offensive spell scroll.
      Recommended Weapons:
      Kite     : Raitei,Lath Blades
      Elk      : Air Wand
      Mia      : Any blademaster weapon above level 8, Dogman's Sword
      Comments: Use the general strategy, but if your hp falls below 80, heal yourself or
      get Elk to First Aid,Get Elk to use Juk Rom on it with his Air Wand.
      Have a Mage Soul handy if your SP is low when its Data Drain protection goes off.
      Its is of vital importance to use all scrolls that boost your defense, if your level is
      below 10.
      [WA2]->Bugged Killer Snaker[Pleterous Smiling Hypha]
      Boss Level: 16
      Boss Weakness: Wood Attacks
      Boss Attacks : Megan Rom( Earth Attack)
      Recommended Skills: Staccatto,Orchid Dance,Gale of Swords
      Recommended Items: Gale Breath Scroll [200GP] or any Wood Offensive spell scroll.
      Recommended Weapons:
      Kite     : Raitei,Lath Blades,Ronin Blades
      Elk      : Air Wand
      Comments: Use the general strategy, but if your hp falls below 80, heal yourself or
      get Elk to First Aid,Get Elk to use Juk Rom on it with his Air Wand.
      Have a Mage Soul handy if your SP is low when its Data Drain protection goes off.
      Its is of vital importance to use all scrolls that boost your defense, if your level is
      below 10. Elk should be far away from the snake, because he could die in a single blow.
      **Avi Vegh mailed me, and he recommends using the skill Gale Of Swords from the
        Ronin Blades, you can Data Drain this weapon from the Heavy Metal monsters roaming
        outside Pleterous Smiling Hypha.
      [TR2]->Bugged Thousand Trees[Collapsed Momentary Spiral]
      Boss Level: 18
      Boss Weakness: Earth Attacks
      Boss Attacks : RaJuk Rom(Wood Spell)
      Recommended Skills: Gan Rom, Staccatto
      Recommended Items: Raging Earth Scroll [200GP] or any Earth Offensive spell scroll.
      Recommended Weapons:
      Kite     : Raitei,Any weapon above lvl 10.
      Mistral  : Fossil Bracer(Gan Rom), Adian's Rod.
      Comments: Use the general strategy, Tell Mistral to keep casting Gan Rom until the
      tree protect breaks, Data Drain it. Protect Mistral from the Tree,Repeat.
      ********************************Avi Vegh Strategy****************************************
      *For the Bugged Thousand Trees equip kite with armor like the wyrm hide or miners gloves*
      *both at LV 11 to cast Gan Don along with Minstral. Also by the time you fight the      *
      *Thousand Trees boss all if not most characters should/must be level 14 - 20+           *
      [SKEITH2]->The Terror of Death: Skeith[Chosen Hopelesness Nothingness]
      Boss Level : 35
      Boss Weakness: None found so far.
      Recommended Skills: Thunder Coil or Staccatto, any Single Level 2 Skill.
                          SP Cost 30 or less.
      Recommended Items: 99 Health Drinks, 40 Resurrects, 20 Antidotes, 20 Restoratives,
      30 Mage Souls, 10 of every Blood.
      Recommended Weapons:
      Kite          :Master Blades
      BlackRose     :Master Sword or Spider Blade.
      Piros         :Master Axe
      *I suggest you go find the Ceramic Helm, its an excellent piece of eq, it can
      be found in the statue's treasure of Theta Dog Dancing Passionate Tri Pansy.
      The Master weapons will give you an Edge, the Critical Hits will help you bring
      Skeith down faster, try to use a skill that hits plenty of times, like Staccatto
      because each hit gets a chance of being critical. I used Piros and BlackRose and
      stayed in the back, because he can hit very hard, and both Piros and BR can withstand
      a swing of its giant red Q. Before entering battle, be sure to use all bloods on
      the three of you, and Ap Ruem to lower the damage taken by his Judgement.
      He will try, and most likely Data Drain one of your party members, the effect:
      He will take half of its HP, heal himself a bit and put ALL bad status effects
      on the victim, thats the reason you brought Antidotes and Restoratives with you.
      I concentrated on healing and resurreciting both of my party members, ordering
      them to use skills, and using Mage's Souls to restore their SP. Trying to stay away
      from Skeith. 60 health drinks, 10 resurrects and 15 Mage Soul's later, his Protect Break
      will appear, so Data Drain him..you could assume he will get weaker, but he wont. He will
      add an attack that can sweep everyone around here for 200-300 damage. Thats the reason you
      must stay away from him, or at least one of your party members must stay away, It has been
      more than 1 time that he killed all of us in two consecutive sweeps..he often likes to do
      that combo and take us all out in under a sec. Be careful, watch their and your HP at
      all times,use skills on Skeith and be patient, he will eventually collapse and die?
      Now, if you really want to take action, and dont want the healer job, as I suggested
      above, you can always bring Mistral with you instead of a Heavy Hitter and order her
      to First Aid from afar. You can bring down Skeith much faster, but at a greater risk.
     *****Avi Vegh Strategy*********************************************************************
     * Its easier to let BlackRose/Piros use their attack skills while Kite uses attack scrolls*
     * and healing potions/drinks on characters and revive restore status when necessary after *
     * DD him use speed charms on character to kill him quickly. Also having the Thunder Armor *
     * set LV 33 on all characters helps. Also this strategy could also work for the Parasite  *
     * Dragon 9999 HP hidden boss.                                                             *
    [RBK]                                  RYU BOOKS
    Ryu Books are Key Items that let you unlock extra Background Images and Background
    Music for you AltLimit Desktop on the game, it also unlocks the "movies" of the game.
    In order to gain a Ryu Book, you need to Data Drain a certain number of times.
    Here is a list of the times I had to Data Drain before Unlocking a Ryu Book.
    10 Data Drains:  Ryu Book I    :Unlocks with:[10/20/30/40/50 Areas]   [5/10/15  Hours   ]
    20 Data Drains:  Ryu Book II   :Unlocks with:[50/100/150/200/300/400 TP]5/10 FP[10/15 DP]
    30 Data Drains:  Ryu Book III  :Unlocks with:        [20 Names][5/10 Trades]
    40 Data Drains:  Ryu Book IV   :Unlocks with:           [40/80 Monsters]
    50 Data Drains:  Ryu Book V    :Unlocks with:       [20000/50000 GP in Gifts]
    60 Data Drains:  Ryu Book VI   :Unlocks with:[50/150/300 Chest][50/100/200 Box][5/15Gott]
    70 Data Drains:  Ryu Book VII  :Unlocks with:[5/10 Mon][5/10 Grandpa][5/10/20/30 Symbols]
    80 Data Drains:  Ryu Book VIII :Unlocks with:[50 Grunty Food Obtained][All types listed ]
    [KI1]                                   KEY ITEMS
     The key items are items you get from certain people and places on the game, that play an
     important role on the story or give you a special skill, unlike normal items, these items
     are either rare and hard to get or play a crucial part on the story. This list concerns
     those few items involved in .Hack//Infection.
     Book of Law: Prize you get from the Cyber Connect Corp. Unfortunely, ever since you got
                  the power to Data Drain, your character became "Illegal" to the game, so
                  this book cant be used by you, at least not in .Hack//Infection.
     Book of Iron:Present from Apeiron, it will supposedly negate enemy attacks. Since the
                  book has to rewrite your character data, and you an illegal character, you
                  cant use this. I always wanted to give this to Mistral, she wanted it so bad.
     Epitaph 00  :A complete mystery, some people think there is a very special keyword in the
                  poem leading to the castle in the sky, its jut speculation tho.
                  "Shunning the field broken by Wave,
                  The shadowed girl whispers, "Surely, I will return."
                  Alas, the truth unbeknownst, Awaiting her at the journey's end;
                  Eternal mourning for her land."
                  We know that "Wave" is some kind of enemy or monsters, because the epitaph
                  of twilight(see Intro) talks how Helba and Apeiron fought against it.
                  Since Helba is a woman(the intro refers to her as Queen), she might be the
                  shadowed girl it talks about, after the fight she has returned, the epitaph
                  might be telling us she has suffering ahead, and her land will be destroyed.
                  Im certain Aura's not the girl, because they talk to her as
                  "the shinning girl".
     Herald's Note:Another mystery, probably a conversation or someone writing in a diary..
                  "And so, I shall name her Aura. Without you, she would not exist.
                  The shining girl Aura. We will entrust her with our will.
                  Our future is in her hands. She is our..."
     Epitaph ?   :Its is Illegible, at least in this volume.
     Grunty Flute:Use it to call a Grunty in the fields on Theta, when you ride him, the
                  enemies will not attack you and you wont activate Portals as you walk by
                  them. You can get straight to the dungeon without fighting with this.
    [GR2]                                   GRUNTIES
      Grunties are pig/cow-like creatures that talk, and that you can breed in Highland
      City, the Grunty Food key items you have collected through the game are to feed them.
      There are three known types of Grunties on .Hack//Infection, each grunty has a special
      feeding pattern and has its own personality and benefits. I will describe them later
      in this section.
      [Grunty Food List]
      Golden    Egg : Size[+2]
      Bloody    Egg : Size[+2] Odor[+1] Rebel[+3]               Int[-3] Purity[-1]
      Immature  Egg : Size[+2] Odor[-3] Rebel[-1] Brutality[+3] Int[+2] Purity[+1]
      Bear Cat  Egg : Size[+2] Odor[-1] Rebel[-3] Brutality[+1] Int[+2] Purity[+3]
      Invisible Egg : Size[+2] Odor[+3] Rebel[+1]               Int[-1] Purity[-3]
      Grunt   Mints : Size[+1]          Rebel[+4] Brutality[-4] Int[-2] Purity[-1]
      Twilight Onion: Size[+1] Odor[+4] Rebel[+3] Brutality[-3]         Purity[+1]
      Snaky   Cactus: Size[+1] Odor[+1] Rebel[+5] Brutality[-2] Int[-1] Purity[+2]
      Oh   No  Melon: Size[+1] Odor[+3] Rebel[+1] Brutality[-1] Int[+1]
      Cordyceps     : Size[+1] Odor[+2] Rebel[+2]               Int[+2] Purity[+4]
      White  Cherry : Size[+1] Odor[-1]           Brutality[+1] Int[+3] Purity[+5]
      Root Vegetable: Size[+1] Odor[-2] Rebel[-1] Brutality[+2]         Purity[+3]
      La   Pumpkin  : Size[+1] Odor[-3] Rebel[-2] Brutality[+3] Int[+5]
      Mushroom      : Size[+1] Odor[-4] Rebel[-3]               Int[-3] Purity[-3]
      Mandragora    : Size[+1] Odor[+5]           Brutality[+4] Int[-4] Purity[-4]
      Piney Apple   : Size[+1]          Rebel[-4] Brutality[+5] Int[+4] Purity[-2]
      >>>>The 3 Grunties
      There are 3 known Grunties in the game: The Noble Grunty, The Iron Grunty and
      The Poison Grunty. The first time you raise any of them, the Grunty will give
      you the Grunty flute, which you can use to call it on the field.
      To get an Iron Grunty, Feed it 5 Golden Eggs and then feed 1 food of the type of
      food the grunty asks you for. If you do it right, when its size reachs 30, he will
      become an Iron Grunty.
      I dont know how to get a Poison Grunty, I know the formula some people have posted
      on their FAQs but since I dont want to rip them off, I will not list it here until
      I find a "technique" to get it.
      To get a Noble grunty, just feed it anything you want until its size reaches 30,in
      other words, just mess him up.
    [CDS]                                 CHEAT CODES
    Currently, There are 82 Codes that I know of for Action replay, you can find them at:
    Here, I will list some codes, but because I dont want to ripoff the great guys at
    codejunkies, you should go to their site and check the rest to check them out..
    I do not own a GameShark, so please, if you have any questions go to codejunkies
    and ask them.
                                  (M) 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
                                      EE8C2ACA BCBB675A
       Level Up:            Infinite Cash:
    Kite:                 CE1A8866 BCA99E6A        DE1A8862 C19E7B82
    BlackRose:            CE1A7B42 BCA99E6A        DE1A7B4E C19E7B82
    Piros:                CE1A8146 BCA99E6A        DE1A8142 C19E7B82
    Mia:                  CE1A8FBA BCA99E6A        DE1A8F46 C19E7B82
    Elk:                  CE1A87FE BCA99E6A        DE1A87FA C19E7B82
    Gardenia:             CE1A850A BCA99E6A        DE1A8516 C19E7B82
    Sanjuro:              CE1A8DD6 BCA99E6A        DE1A8DD2 C19E7B82
    Natsume:              CE1A87D2 BCA99E6A        DE1A87DE C19E7B82
    Mistral:              UNKNOWN                  UNKNOWN
    On CodeJunkies you can also find codes for Infinite HP/SP, if you need em, check em there.
    Additionally, check this site for codes for other cheat devices thingies.
    [CGT]                           THE CHAOS GATE THEORY
    ** The theory states that a specific field on the chaos gate will always be the same as long **
    ** As the same keywords are used, treasures and monsters are random but everything else is   **
    ** the same. The map of the Dungeon, its number or regular non-portal, non-monster chests    **
    ** and portals will be the same. The Statue's Treasure will be similar, with some exceptions **
    ** described below, the food, Springs, etc...should all be there as well..                   **
    **                                                                                           **
    ** But, how to prove the theory? Easy, Multiple Testing. I finished the game once, and saved **
    ** it, and started a new game. Each time I go into a new field, I recored everything I see,  **
    ** I save, then load the finished saved game, go there and check. The accuracy of these tests**
    ** are 95% effective. In almost every case, the area are the same, with the exceptions of    **
    ** treasure contents and monsters that appear on the portals.                                **
    **                                                                                           **
    ** Now, Ive made some calculations, and it turns out there are 22,736 different keywords     **
    ** combinations, now, thats a lot. In the FAQ, I will list the most interesting ones and     **
    ** and the ones that you must go into to further the story. 					   **
    **                                                                                           **
    ** Well, without much further ado, below, is a list of the special areas in the game for     **
    ** your enjoyment and reference and all the different keywords and where to get them from.   **
    ###############################        Server Keywords        #################################
    Effect Acronym List:
    F->Field Type           S->Structures           M->Monsters
    D->Dungeon              A->Area Level           W->Weather
    P->Magic Portal         G->Ground Level         I->Items
    Part A Keywords:    Effects on Field:   How to get it:
    Bursting                [D,S,A]
    Hidden                  [D,S,A]         [Given by BlackRose when you meet her.   ]
    Expansive               [D,S,A]         [Board:Topic:Is this an Event Character? ]
    Boundless               [D,S,A]         [Given by Mia on an e-mail               ]
    Closed                  [D,S,A]         [Board:Topic:Protected Area              ]
    Quiet                   [D,S,A]         [Board:Topic:Is this an Event Character?:Re:Girl]
    Plenteous               [D,S,A]         [Elk's Favorite Area, give by him.       ]
    Collapsed               [D,S,A]         [Given by Mistral, after Book of Iron    ]
    Cursed                  [D,S,A]         [Given by BlackRose on an e-mail         ]
    Buried                  [D,S,A]         [Given by Bob                            ]
    Lonely                  [D,S,A]         [Given by Linda                          ]
    Great                   [D,S,A]         [Given by BlackRose:Meg's Location.      ]
    Chosen                  [D,S,A]         [Given by Helba                          ]
    Discovered              [D,W,G]
    Indiscreet              [D,W,G]
    Putrid                  [D,W,G]
    Hideous                 [D,W,G]
    Soft                    [D,W,G]
    Beautiful               [D,W,G]
    Raging                  [D,W,G]
    Noisy                   [D,W,G]
    Dog Dancing             [D,W,G]
    Rejecting               [D,W,G]
    Sleepy                  [D,W,G]
    Sinking                 [D,W,G]
    Greedy                  [D,W,G]
    Voluptuous              [D,W,G]
    Detestable              [D,W,G]         [Board:Topic:Lets Play Tag:Challenge Gob!]
    Chronicling             [D]
    Part B Keywords:
    Passed Over             [D,M,I]
    Forbidden               [D,M,I]         [Given by BlackRose when you meet her.   ]
    Haunted                 [D,M,I]         [Board:Topic:Is this an Event Character? ]
    Corrupted               [D,M,I]         [Given by Mia on an e-mail               ]
    Oblivious               [D,M,I]         [Board:Topic:Protected Area              ]
    Eternal                 [D]             [Board:Topic:Is this an Event Character?:Re:Girl]
    Smiling                 [D,M,I]         [Elk's Favorite Area, give by him.       ]
    Momentary               [D,M,I]         [Given by Mistral, after Book of Iron    ]
    Despaired               [D,M,I]         [Given by BlackRose on an e-mail         ]
    Pagan                   [D,M,I]         [Given by Bob                            ]
    Silent                  [D,M,I]         [Given by Linda                          ]
    Distant                 [D,M,I]         [Given by BlackRose:Meg's Location.      ]
    Hopeless                [D,M,I]         [Given by Helba                          ]
    Primitive               [F,D,P]
    Gluttonous              [F,D,P]
    Hot-Blooded             [F,D,P]
    Destroyer's             [F,D,P]
    Solitary                [F,D,P]
    Someone's               [F,D,P]
    Her                     [F,D,P]
    Law's                   [F,D,P]
    Talisman                [F,D,P]
    Orange                  [F,D,P]
    Organ Market            [F,D,P]
    Agonizing               [F,D,P]
    Geothermal              [F,D,P]
    Golden                  [F,D,P]         [Board:Topic:Lets Play Tag:Challenge Gob!]
    Passionate              [F,D,P]         [Board:Topic:Weapon Information          ]
    Part C Keywords:
    Aqua Field              [F,D,W]
    Holy Ground             [F,D,W]         [Given by BlackRose when you meet her.   ]
    Sea of Sand             [F,D,W]         [Board:Topic:Is this an Event Character? ]
    Fort Walls              [F,D,W]         [Given by Mia on an e-mail               ]
    Twin Hills              [F,D,W]         [Board:Topic:Protected Area              ]
    White Devil             [F,D,W]         [Board:Topic:Is this an Event Character?:Re:Girl]
    Hypha                   [F,D,W]         [Elk's Favorite Area, give by him.       ]
    Spiral                  [F,D,W]         [Given by Mistral, after Book of Iron    ]
    Paradise                [F,D,W]         [Given by BlackRose on an e-mail         ]
    Fiery Sands             [F,D,W]         [Given by Bob                            ]
    Great Seal              [F,D,W]         [Given by Linda                          ]
    Fertile Land            [F,D,W]         [Given by BlackRose:Meg's Location.      ]
    Nothingness             [F,D,W]         [Given by Helba                          ]
    Melody                  [D]
    Remnant                 [D]
    March                   [D]
    Giant                   [D]             [Given by Roy@Bandai when you kill Skeith]
    Touchstone              [D]             [Board:Topic:Increasing Levels           ]
    Sunny Demon             [D]             [Board:Topic:Lets Play Tag:Challenge Gob!]
    Messenger               [D]             [Goblin#2]
    Scent                   [D]             [Goblin#3]
    New Truth               [D]             [Goblin#4]
    Gate                    [D]             [Goblin#5]
    Pilgrimage              [D]             [Given by Piros when you meet him.      ]
    Scaffold                [D]             [Given by Mia, to help Piros.           ]
    Far Thunder             [D]             [Board:Topic:Weapon Information.        ]
    Tri Pansy               [D]             [Board:Topic:Miss Gardenia Fan Club!!   ]
    Treasure Gem            [D]             [Given by Gardenia in an e-mail         ]
    Format Explanation:
                            Keyword A       Keyword B       Keyword C
    Field Level:??  Element:???????? Portals[Field:?? Dungeon:??]  Dungeon Levels:?? #Chests:??
    Foods:Field[            ]        Dungeon[             ]         Spring[ ] Weather:[        ]
    Gott Treasures  : Item 1 OR Item 2 OR Item 3 OR etc...
    KeyWord A  : The First  keyword.
    KeyWord B  : The Second keyword.
    KeyWord C  : The Third  keyword.
    Field Level: The level of the field.
    Element    : The element of the field.
    Field      : The number of portals on the field.
    Dungeon    : The number of portals in the dungeon.
    *Remember that when you open them all, it will display
    "All field portals open" or "All dungeon portals open".
    Dungeon Levels:The number of floors the dungeon has.
    #Chests       :The chests that are in the dungeon that are not spawned
                   by killing a monster.
    Field         :The type of food on the field.
    Dungeon       :The type of Egg you find in the dungeon(not Golden egg)
    Spring        :How close the spring is to the starting area:
                   [N]Near  - Right ahead
                   [C]Close - Some Walking is involved
                   [F]Far   - You need Grunty's or Speed Charm's help.
    Weather       :Day,Night,Sunset,Rain,Cloudy,Snowy.
    Gott treasures: The Treasure you MIGHT get from the Gott Statue.
    If the item is in [    ] it means the item is in the dungeon, but not in the Gott
    Statue treasure but in a regular one somewhere in the deepest level.
    ##############################         Delta Server          ################################
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>IMPORTANT AREAS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
                           Bursting        Passed Over     Aqua Field
    Field Level:01  Element:Wood     Portals[Field:04 Dungeon:03]  Dungeon Levels:02 #Chests:05
    Foods:Field[Mandragora  ]        Dungeon[    None     ]        Spring[ ] Weather[         ]
    Gott Treasures  :Steel Blades
                           Expansive       Haunted         Sea of Sand
    Field Level:03  Element:Fire     Portals[Field:15 Dungeon:02]  Dungeon Levels:03 #Chests:10
    Foods:Field[Oh No Melon ]        Dungeon[    None     ]        Spring[ ] Weather[         ]
    Gott Treasures  :Cougar Bandana
                           Indiscreet      Gluttonous      Pilgrimage
    Field Level:04  Element:Earth    Portals[Field:16 Dungeon:09]  Dungeon Levels:03 #Chests:03
    Foods:Field[Root Veggie ]        Dungeon[Inmmature Egg]        Spring[ ] Weather[         ]
    Gott Treasures  :Spark Blades,Hunter's Hood,
                           Boundless       Corrupted       Fort Walls
    Field Level:07  Element:Earth    Portals[Field:16 Dungeon:11]  Dungeon Levels:05 #Chests:25
    Foods:Field[Root Veggie ]        Dungeon[Inmmature Egg]        Spring[ ] Weather[         ]
    Gott Treasures  :Snow Panther
                           Closed          Oblivious       Twin Hills
    Field Level:10  Element:Wood     Portals[Field:16 Dungeon:06]  Dungeon Levels:03 #Chests:02
    Foods:Field[ Mandragora ]        Dungeon[Immature Egg ]        Spring[ ] Weather[         ]
    Gott Treasures  :Frost Armor
                           Raging          Passionate      Melody
    Field Level:07  Element:Fire     Portals[Field:16 Dungeon:12]  Dungeon Levels:03 #Chests:11
    Foods:Field[Grunt Mints ]        Dungeon[Invisible Egg]          Spring[ ] Weather[         ]
    Gott Treasures  :Spiral Edge
                           Hideous          Destroyer's     Far Thunder
    Field Level:12  Element:Fire     Portals[Field:17 Dungeon:05]  Dungeon Levels:03 #Chests:07
    Foods:Field[Twilight Onion]      Dungeon[Bear Cat Egg ]          Spring[ ] Weather[         ]
    Gott Treasures  :Kotetsu Sword
                           Dog Dancing     Passionate      Tri Pansy
    Field Level:12  Element:Fire     Portals[Field:04 Dungeon:40]  Dungeon Levels:05 #Chests:20
    Foods:Field[Oh No Melon   ]        Dungeon[Bloody Egg ]        Spring[ ] Weather[         ]
    Gott Treasures  :Fishing Gloves,Frost Anklet
                            Voluptuous     Her              Remnant
    Field Level:03  Element:Fire    Portals[Field:16 Dungeon:14]  Dungeon Levels:04 #Chests:19
    Foods:Field[Grunt Mints   ]      Dungeon[Invisible Egg]       Spring[ ] Weather[         ]
    Gott Treasures  :Kagayuzen,[Rusty Nails]
                            Hideous        Organ Market     Scaffold
    Field Level:14  Element:Wood    Portals[Field:16 Dungeon:15]  Dungeon Levels:03 #Chests:22
    Foods:Field[Mushroom    ]        Dungeon[Invisible Egg]       Spring[ ] Weather[         ]
    Gott Treasures  :Ice Bar
                            Chronicling    Pagan            Sunny Demon[BEST]
    Field Level:04  Element:Fire    Portals[Field:08 Dungeon:11]  Dungeon Levels:04 #Chests:08
    Foods:Field[Snaky Cactus]        Dungeon[Bloody Egg   ]       Spring[ ] Weather[         ]
    Zeit Route:S,E,S,W,D,S,S,D,S,!P!,W,D,S,!P!,W,GOAL.
    ##############################        Theta Server           ################################
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>IMPORTANT AREAS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
                           Quiet           Eternal         White Devil
    Field Level:13  Element:Water    Portals[Field:16 Dungeon:13]  Dungeon Levels:03 #Chests:18
    Foods:Field[Cordyceps   ]        Dungeon[Bear Car Egg ]        Spring[-] Weather[Snowing    ]
    Gott Treasures  :None
                           Soft             Solitary        Tri Pansy
    Field Level:14  Element:Wood     Portals[Field:03 Dungeon:10]  Dungeon Levels:04 #Chests:24
    Foods:Field[Piney Apple ]        Dungeon[Invisible Egg ]       Spring[-] Weather[Forest     ]
    Gott Treasures  :Bloody Blades
                           Cursed           Despaired       Paradise
    Field Level:20  Element:Darkness Portals[Field:16 Dungeon:06]  Dungeon Levels:03 #Chests:07
    Foods:Field[La Pumpkin  ]        Dungeon[Bloody Egg    ]       Spring[F] Weather[Night      ]
    Gott Treasures  :No treasure.
                           Collapsed        Momentary       Spiral
    Field Level:19  Element:Earth    Portals[Field:16 Dungeon:06]  Dungeon Levels:03 #Chests:07
    Foods:Field[Root Veggie ]        Dungeon[Immature Egg  ]       Spring[-] Weather[Night      ]
    Gott Treasures  :Sotetsu
                           Great            Distant         Fertile Land
    Field Level:23  Element:Darkness Portals[Field:?? Dungeon:11]  Dungeon Levels:03 #Chests:28
    Foods:Field[Root Veggie ]        Dungeon[Immature Egg  ]       Spring[C] Weather[Sunset     ]
    Gott Treasures  :
                           Dog Dancing     Passionate      Tri Pansy
    Field Level:19  Element:Earth    Portals[Field:16 Dungeon:11]  Dungeon Levels:03 #Chests:28
    Foods:Field[Root Veggie ]        Dungeon[Immature Egg  ]       Spring[ ] Weather[         ]
    Gott Treasures  :Ceramic Helm,[Soul Blades]
                           Voluptuous     Her              Remnant
    Field Level:20  Element:Water    Portals[Field:14 Dungeon:29]  Dungeon Levels:04 #Chests:22
    Foods:Field[White Cherry]*       Dungeon[Bear Cat Egg  ]       Spring[ ] Weather[         ]
    Gott Treasures  :Spirit Armor
                             Hideous        Organ Market     Scaffold
    Field Level:18  Element:Wood     Portals[Field:15 Dungeon:31]  Dungeon Levels:04 #Chests:22
    Foods:Field[Mandragora  ]        Dungeon[Immature Egg ]        Spring[ ] Weather[         ]
    Gott Treasures  :Fire Dance Hat
                            Hideous        Geothermal       Sea of Sand
    Field Level:30  Element:Fire     Portals[Field:10 Dungeon:07]  Dungeon Levels:02 #Chests:07
    Foods:Field[Oh No Melon ]        Dungeon[None         ]        Spring[C] Weather[Day        ]
    Gott Treasures  :Thunder Armor   Note:[This is where the Flying "Castle" is seen.]
    [Q&A]                               QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
    Q.-Is there an official homepage about .Hack//Infection in English?
    A.-Yes, www.dothack.com
    Q.-What does item X do?
    A.-If it isnt on Key Items, the weapon list or the armor list, just read the description.
       Most of the time, it will tell you that is has a <Insert skill name here> effect.
       Just check what the skill does.
    Q.-Am I going to need item X in the future?
    A.-Dont know, I havent played the rest of the games yet. ^_^
    Q.-Where can I level up?
    A.-Use the random keyword function of the Chaos Gate until you see an area 2 or 3 levels
       above yours, bring plenty of friends! If you cant, go to an area equal to your level.
    Q.-The monsters are too hard! How can I get myself more powerful?
    A.-Level Up, or get yourself higher level gear, go to a level 1 area, and kill everything,
       take every treasure and item, then trade for cool stuff, I once traded 20 Leather Coats
       (Lvl1 armor) for a FireDrake Mail(lvl 22 armor).
    Q.-The game states that it has Mature Sexual Content...where is it? >=)
    A.-Remember when you meet and help Natsume, the things that she tells you?
       That's the mature sexual content, and If you dont think BlackRose isnt enough Mature
       Sexual Content...well..you're a woman or have someone better.
    Q.-Ive heard of .Hack//SIGN, what is it?
    A.-The anime series that preludes .Hack//Infection, back when Aura was asleep and Skeith
       was not created, yet..
    Q.-Where can I download .Hack//SIGN episodes?
    A.-.Hack//SIGN is currently licensed by Bandai, thus you wont be able to find it around
       legally, .Hack//DUSK on the other hand isn't licensed yet, do a search for
       ".Hack bit torrent", Good luck.
    Q.-Where can I watch .Hack//SIGN?
    A.-Cartoon Network, Saturday, 12AM/11AM Central after Zoids.
    Q.-What is .Hack//DUSK?
    A.-This anime series shows the events that happen 5 years after .Hack//Quarantine.
       (The 4th .Hack game for PS2)
    Q.-What is .Hack//The Legend of the Twiligh Bracelet?
    Q.-What is .Hack//Udeden?
    A.-.Hack//DUSK, they are all the same but with different names.
    Q.-What is .Hack//Divergence?
    A.-Its a free online RPG about .Hack, I guess it happens between //Quarantine and //DUSK.
       I suggest you check it out, if you like role playing and love .Hack, this is a must.
    Q.-Do you suffer from insanity? This FAQ is huge, dont you have a life?
    A.-I dont suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. =D
    [CRD]                                      CREDITS
    I credit BANDAI for publishing the game.
    My girlfriend for putting up with me while I spent hours infront of my T.V.
    and buying me the game. ^_^
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Section Credits:
    Mark Moulton : Pointing out Kite and Orca are character names, not the real names of..
                   characters..? (I love this confusion)
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>General Tips for Walkthrough.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Boss Strategies:
    Avi Vegh     :Killer Snake(Bugged) strategy, Skeith,Thousand Trees(Bugged)
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Chaos Gate Theory:
    Blade_Runner for reminding me to beat the gobs and add the keywords.
    The people helping me with the Theory so far:
    Pikus,Kimorr,Dracoman3000,Avi Vegh,Kenouki,ZodiacNecromancer,DragoonThief
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Other Credits
    I thank that darn RyougaZell for addicting me to .Hack//
    Mia for telling me about .Hack//Divergence (http://www.glasscharm.org/hack/)
    All the people at the GameFaqs board, for info and comments, if any of you guys would like
    to be listed here, mail me!
    And all of you guys for reading this!
    That's it! Any questions, suggestions, comments, mail me at: ChaosGateTheory@hotmail.com

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