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"Repetitivity is Thy Name! *Update*"

I was always curious about .hack games since I was thinking, "An online MMORPG in an offline game? Nice, I know I will like this," I said to myself. I started to search around for prices, and was baffled that owning all games in the series cost will cost close to $100! I still am wandering why this game still cost so much everywhere if you're planning on collecting them all, mainly the last game in the series! Its funny how people in many online outlets charge stupid prices for the last game of the series, but gamestop of all places shockingly the last time I check years ago charges under $50 last time they sold it. Now I wonder why? Its as if they you buy a movie, and the final part is twice as much as the last chapters. This applies to prices during the aftermarket days, but it must of been bad for those that had to pay $50 every time a new one came out for the same experience, over and over again.

Graphics 7/10

The visuals from first glance is pretty good. Everything looks all and well until, WAIT! There is something not right here. The fields, dungeons, they all look the same. Arugh, this is not good. What I mean is you get one layout in some dungeon, and some of the rooms repeat the room layout, and as you play the game more and more, they all become the same, but only with a different background, and wall painting. A bit cheap if you ask me. Its like a Fred Flintstone's car moment, were the background repeats as he drives.

Sound/Music 4/10

Nothing special. The music in the game is not too bad, but its mediocre at best. There is only like 2-4 dungeon themes in the game from what I remember, and most of them are forgettable. The music was pretty disappointing. I was expecting much better for a .hack game. Not too much here to say anymore.

Story 7/10

The story is about a kid name Kite. He is new to the World, an online MMORPG. So basically you are playing a game in a game. Anyway the story all starts after Kite's friend who was playing online with him has fallen into a coma in real life after getting killed by a odd creature within the game. Basically the story is to solve the mystery of why did this happen, and about this ghost woman that following you around and such, and is connected to the events that happen at the beginning. Don't expect to solve much since its only part 1 of 4 in this game. This game's story based on .hack//Legend of the Twilight which is pretty good, but the story is too short. In other words, its a parallel version of the anime.

The anime that came with the game ?/10.

I don't know! I blame this due to my lack of motivation to watch it at the time, and how I was sidetracked doing something on this computer while trying to watch that. Its based off the game itself, but it has different characters and same plot. I am not going to waste too much time with this since I really didn't care much about this 45 minute anime at the time, and I expected it to be good but my own lack of motivation had me think it meh at the time. Not much to say with it. Its called .hack//Liminality By the way. If I watched it again I might be able to get into it, we will see.

Gameplay 3/10

For goodness sake, if you want to complain about games being repetitive, meet the king of repetitively itself! Alright, you want to know why its repetitive? When you play the game, expect to be tapping the X button do death. Doing the same combo with such weapon, over and over and over and over and over and over and over again! Yes the same combo, and the occasional magic spell with effects that look pathetic, and from something I would see from freaking RPG Maker 2000 or something close to that! Not to insult RPG Maker 2000, I'm just comparing quality here. Not to mention, how the AI of your partners are as dumb as the stereotypical brute that likes to go all out like a fighter that thinks he is superman, but realizes that higher dungeons are his/her kryptonite.

Part 2

You get these Wavemaster type characters, but the stand there like they are spacing out on drugs, and they suppose to be mage type supporting character similar to the Force mages from Phantasy Star Online. You have to manually control them, at the same time press that *** X button over and over and over again! Its tedious, and makes them useless almost IMO. You have to keep them because you need them for healing and magic! Extremely annoying.

Part 3

What is wrong with the combat system? X X X X X X X all the damn time and the tedious menu surfing! This suppose to be a simulated MMORPG? Come on, its not that bad! What makes it even worse is that fighting the enemies that have high HP, and you have to spend minutes at a time fighting enemies in a dungeon, and you have to use this virus thing to kill them instantly that sometimes that can backfire on you. UGH! Its really no more about this gameplay to say, but there are only 2 measly towns in this game! Some cheap game "The World" is. I have seen cheaper MMORPG than this, and it has more things to offer.

Final Thoughts

I tried liking this game, but once I realize that everything was the same over, and over again in the dungeons, I quickly sold this game so fast that the night after I posted this for sale, it was bought by the time I woke up the next morning! My point is if you have games like this, don't think of buying, even if you are a fan of the series! What I even discovered is that parts 2 to 4 play the same way! That is not a good thing at all! That tells me that someone is playing a really cruel joke on gamers. Just avoid unless you like repetitive dungeon crawlers with an awkward magic system.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/08/07, Updated 03/04/14

Game Release: .hack//Infection Part 1 (US, 02/10/03)

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