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"The beginning of a long journey"

Your best friend asks you to join in him the first Online RPG since the deadly virus that killed many online gamers. You join him and journey through a dungeon where you run into a mysterious girl who is being chased and she gives your friend a book but he is attacked by the creature and gets Data Drained. You log off and try calling him but you can't get ahold of him. The next day at school you find out he is now in a coma. You go back into the game and search for answers why your friend is now in a coma and try to find a way to cure him. The story is original and it's really interesting but the down side is that this is just the first part of a four part game. Each part will be released 3 months after the other. Mutation is the title of the second volume and will be release in May 2003. I give story a 9/10

The control is easy to get the hang of and the best thing is the game pauses when you go through menus which makes the game more user friendly. I give control a 10/10

Voice Acting, Sound Effects and Music
You can choose from English and Japanese voice acting. I listened to the English cast and they do a really good job and if you're a fan of anime you'll recognize voices from different shows like 'Digimon'. The sound effects are okay and they sound right. The music is really good and I wouldn't mind to own the sound track. What's cool is you can set certain songs to your main menu by doing certain things in the game. I give voice acting, sound effects and music a 10/10

Game play
This is NOT an online game. The game simulates an online game and it does this really well. There are a total of two towns in the game and and endless supply of levels. You can trade with everyone in town for new weapons. In the levels you run into magical portals where monsters appear and you battle them for EXP. The AI is rather good and some monsters tag team you and when that happens there is a good chance that you will die. The levels are huge and they all contain one dungeon. Dungeons are small and look pretty much the same but it doesn't get old and never feels like a dungeon crawler. You can raise creatures later in the game that you ca trade with. As you play the game you meet characters that will join you and whenever you log into the game you can invite them to play in an area with you. What's cool is that they level up even if they aren't in your party, as if it was a real online game. You also get emails and you can read messages on a message board and it all adds up to bring the game world to life as if it was all real. I give game play a 10/10

Replay Value
This is where the game fails a little. The game is short and took me 9 hours to beat which is really short for a RPG but I didn't find all of the stuff in the game so I'm not even going to transfer my save to Mutation until I have everything from Infection and let me just say there is a ton of stuff to find before transferring your save to the next volume. I give replay value a 6/10

Final Score
I give .Hack//Infection a 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/10/07

Game Release: .hack//Infection Part 1 (US, 02/10/03)

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