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"The game about a game..."

The world of online gaming has finally stepped from the shadows of ''what if'' and become a reality. In it's short time it has seen many shapes, sizes and forms and now, it has a game about it.

Welcome to ''The World''.

-:Game Play 7:-

The game begins with an overly explained tutorial, that you unfortunately cannot skip. But fear not, once that brief piece of the game is complete you dive head first into a wonderful world of role playing delight.

Sadly, the only part of the game play that I felt was poor is one of the most important, the controls. The camera angles often make unneeded complications and take away from the smoothness of the game. Luckily though, that's one of the only poor parts.

-:Story 9:-

The game about a game; that's what this title brings to thought within the first five minutes of the game. Luckily it does not turn out to be as poorly thought out as other similar titles.

The characters each have their own parts to play and each does so in a lively and colorful manner. There are even characters in the original cartoon that make appearances in the game. Overall, the game story is amazing in not only it's unique qualities, but in it's ability to pull them off.

-:Graphics 8 / Sound 9:-

Though I was not impressed by the general in game graphics, the amount of color and detail put into the settings and background is amazing. Add in the fact that the music, which is wonderfully done, seems to work with the scenes, situations and environment wonderfully and you have a playable art piece that pulls you deep into itself.

-:Play Time 8 / Replay Value 3:-

Though there are plenty of places to go and explore with the next zone generation system the game itself suffers from the usual role playing game handicap. Once you've beaten it, that's basically it. After uncovering all the secrets, exploring the ins and outs of the various zones and completing the plot there really isn't anything else to do.

The biggest redeeming value is that there is a lot to do in the game itself and by time your done you'll be that much closer to the release of Part 2.

-:Final Recommendation:-

Overall this game is really well done. There are few role playing games out at the moment and even less worth buying, this is not one of them. Though it is a different system and a large step away from the dragon slaying adventures of yore, dotHack is definitely worth the plastic it's printed on.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/14/03, Updated 02/14/03

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