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"Be prepared to be infected"

Hows this for an oxymoron? Its an massive multi-player online role playing game the isn't massive, it isn't multi-player and it isn't online. Confused? You should be. It is a simulated games of a game. .hack takes place in this online ga,e called the world. The time is around 2007. A dangerous virus called plutos kiss destroyed the internet in 2005 except for one ISP, altimit. This Internet service provider was know for its reliability and was heavly used. When the internet was back online altimit released a game called the world. The world was a MMORPG. It quickly became the top selling game of the world. You are Kite, a player whoose friend was killed in the game (right in front of you)and went into a coma at the same time in real life. The only problem was that Kite was given a strange bracelet from his dead friend. A bracelet that can rewrite the monsters data. He was also given the book of the twilight, a book that could bring aalvation or destruction at tyhe whim of the user. WHat is his bracelet powers? Why does everyone want it? Is the world only a game or something more? All these questions will be answered in the four volumes of this game.
Playong time: 7/10
Well a good gasme with and excellent story line, it only take about 20 hours to beat. But then again, you can generate an infinite amount of dungeons using three keywords so no one really knows yet how long.

Replayability: 10/10
This game has an extra feature. During the game you rearn the right to get FMV sequences. When you beat the game you can finally play them. There is even an extras boss after beating the game and a parody mode. The parody more make all the dialouge funny. Talk about a game + feature.

Overall fun: 9/10
Even though this game is an RPG it can also be classified as an hack and slasher or a dungeon crawler. Even if you don't like these genres the story is so enthralling that is make up for it. Then, every character (even non-playable ones or NPC's) have there own thing to talk about and there own personalities. Some even tell you about crushes they have on characters in the game.

Classical scores with a touch of contemporary. Just kidding. It has the usual flutes and woodwinds. The music is also conductive to the mood. I can't tell you how many times I have muted the music to keep from getting scared.

Mini-games: 7/10
The ability to collect food for and raise a grunty (a type of flying pig) is very fun. Not to mention the ability to trade with any NPC and the goblin tasg mini-games.

Story: 10/10
What can I say? Its addicting.

Graphics: 9/10
Fresh, non-cel-shaded graphics are about as crisp as FFX's.
So get ready to be infected with the .hack virus. Watch for the next .hack titled .hack mutation. Remember, there are four volumes to the .hack game and one will come out every three months.
Recomondation: Buy if you like RPG's at all. Otherwise, rent and then buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/14/03, Updated 02/14/03

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