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"Good Concept. But boring after afew hours."

Most of the other reviews have already talked about what the story is and whatnot, so I'll just get right to it. The concept of playing in a ''virtual MMORPG'' is quite new, and the fact that this all revolves inside a game is original (at least I haven't seen any game that did this before).

Graphics 8/10
The graphics in this are up to par with other RPGs on the PS2, I would say they are in between Suikoden 3 and FF-X, where it is better then Suikoden 3, but not as good as FFX. All the models were really well done, especially Balmung, enemy models were also very well done, and environment textures were also very good. But when looking at cetain times the models just look so unrealistic, and you can sometimes notice that their feet are not on the ground, or atleast thats what it looks like. Not too many complaints about graphics though.

Gameplay 5/10
Controls were ok until you were in battle, it would have been nicer if they made the battle system more like zelda, where it locks onto targets and the camera would follow them around, but instead you had to manually rotate the camera around to fight. The battles get very boring after a while, it was just hack & slash type battles with no strategy, think of it as Diablo without the mouse. And running around 100 dungeons that pretty much all look the same isn't my idea of fun.

Sound/Music 8/10
Great music, the tunes were pleasant and not annoying at all. What I liked about this game was there was alot of voice acting and a lot of the dialogs between the more important characters almost always had voice acting. Although the English voice acting wasn't too great, its nice to see a lot of voice acting, hopefully future games will do follow suit and have lots of good voice acting, as it adds a lot to the story.

Overall 6/10
Good refreshing story, new concept to RPG, but is really boring after a while. Very boring battles which only require button smashing to win. The DVD anime that was included with the game was great. This is definitely a rental, unless you like running around the same dungeons all the time and have really lame battles then this is for you. As for me, I'm returning my copy and waiting to get Breath of Fire and Xenosaga.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/16/03, Updated 02/16/03

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