"Truly the best game based on an anime!"

Thesis Statement
This game is awesome. Bandai in the past has give lousy games like the digimon games and the okay but nothing special Gundam games. After watching the anime I found this game to sound very interesting. Then in the store I noticed who made it. So I figured it would be a normal average game. I then played it and now I am obsessed!

Story 10
Very good given the way the game is set up. There is no objective when you are playing ''the world''. It isn't save the world/planet/universe/galaxy/everything from the evil man/woman/monster/god/devil. The story starts you are a kid named Kite (you can change the name). His friend wants him to get on and he does. He teaches you the basics and later goes into a coma. I know it doesn't sound interesting but to say much more would be spoilers.

Game Play 10
To get from point A to point Z takes about 20 hours. To explore every possible stage could take awhile. See you get these things called Key Words. Put three together to create a area. Due to the fact there are so many Key Words there are probably 100's of areas easy!

Sound 10
The sound is great. The music totally rocks. There is no annoying music that I have came across. Sounds are on tack perfectly. As for the voices they rock. They are well done and efficient.

Graphics/Character looks 10
The graphics really look nice. They don't interrupt the game play at all. Most of the time it feels like the anime instead of a game. The character designs rock! They look just like they came from the anime. I love how they look.

Controls 10
The controls are real easy to remember and not awkward. The controls are mainly easy to remember because for like 20 minutes you take the time to learn them.

Battle engine 9.5
The battle engine is kind of awkward. It feels like it should be more like Kingdom Hearts but it isn't. While you move around the time it takes for to swing your other twin blade should be faster. Also when you cast a skill you are frozen and pretty much an open target. Another thing that feels a little awkward at that you can miss when you are attacking.

Anime 10
It is definitely not for those looking for a lot of action. It is about a girl who falls into a coma. Then she tries to figure things out. There is no going into ''The World'' in it and no fighting. It is interesting and isn't boring for those who like .hack//sign. It isn't for everyone and really isn't something you will sit and watch again and again.

Final 10 (Rounded from 9.916)
This is really a great game and shouldn't be passed up. I really like it and I am happy to have paid my $43.20 for it and I would have paid 50 dollars for this game with out another thought.
BUY it is worth every penny. If you rent it you will probably end up buying it because it is so cool! All I can say now is I can't wait for part 2!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/16/03, Updated 02/16/03

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