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"To love or to hate.."

Now, I know how good some people claim this game to be.. And it even has that potential.. But, I'm not one of those people. Now for the reasons why..

Game play: 4/10

Why score some may ask? The reason is simple.. A large part of the game revolves around fighting, and there is a rather large problem with that. When you fight, your required to actually control and move the camera on your own.. Zooming in, zooming out, turning it this way and that. Something which can be rather annoying since its hard to keep all the enemies on the screen and at the same time be able to see yourself well enough during the battle. Not only is that bad, but, also when you fight, text comes up which usually covers the enemies's position.. Thus leaving you blind as to where they are.. And to top it off, its difficult to even notice where you are in the chaos and if you are indeed targeting anything. I don't know how many times I've gotten into a fight and didn't even notice I wasn't attacking till one of my people were dead..

But, on the other hand, some of the things in the game are very innovative.. The meter which you use for magic and or skills regenerates over time.. And rather quickly, usually allowing you to get out of those tough scrapes.. And, you will need it.. If you don't level up around in other dungeons, you will most likely be killed the moment you try to further the plot..

Story: 10/10

One thing I have to like about this game is its story.. Its fairly fresh and new, for a game at least.. And the concept is rather brilliant.. It definitely deserves its score.

Audio: 5/10

The tunes are fairly good.. But, for the most part forgettable. Some of it is laughable at best... The voice acting makes the game a bit more fun then it would have been without it.. Mainly since the voices usually just don't seem to fit the characters.. Some people who are big and strong in game, have geeky voices... Which can only bring a chuckle.. Not only that, but some items which are food for a creature called a grunty, voice out their names in rather funny ways ala Oh no melon..

Graphics: 6/10

Although they are done very well [ The character models seem rather flawless. ] There are some problems.. Most dungeons look.. Plain at best.. And the fields aren't much better besides the occasional landmark or object.. Usually you can't even get a good look at an enemy in fear that you might get attacked by something else..

Replay ability: 1:10

I am one to do something once and never do it again.. And this game is no different. The only things I can possibly think of doing again in this game would simply be leveling up and getting special items.. Besides that, there is no other point in doing so.

Hardness: Varies

I say varies because.. Well, this game can be extraordinarily easy or extremely difficult depending on what you do. In the game, you need to level up a lot by going into random dungeons or else you'll never further the plot along. If you go from each provided dungeon to the next, you will find the enemies inside incredibly difficult.. And some are even near impossible to beat without Data Drain. [ Enemies that resurrect others come to mind. ] It all just comes down to how much time you want to waste beating up on enemies rather then furthering the plot..

Overall: 5/10

I simply can't say that the game is that good.. I am one who likes to further the plot rather then just sitting around killing enemies.. And this game seems to take away that ability..

Rent or Buy

Rent first.. If you like it, buy it.. If you don't.. Take it back right away.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/17/03, Updated 02/17/03

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