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Reviewed: 04/29/03 | Updated: 04/29/03

The Best Game You Hate To Love

.: The Best Game You Hate To Love :.

The above statement could never be truer than when compared to .Hack. A stunning game that you may unknowingly walk right into. Be forewarned...before you even push power you must note that this game has 4 parts. All parts are to be released in 3 month intervals. I'm sure you'd agree that this alone is many game sequels have you waited for to be released until seemingly the end of time? In this case, you can acquire
all the parts with minimal and not too painful waiting. The game will grip you with its captivating and original storyline. Without further ado, on to the review....

.: Gameplay: 8/10 :.

A real plus here is the battle mode. You will focus on: controlling your character, moving the cameras to put the enemies within your range, and giving commands to those in your party. The skills you are able to perform vary as you change your equipment throughout the game. You will have a good time battling the enemies and making them take notice with your Staccatto and Thunder Coil Skills, along with many others. If that isn't enough you are also given Data Drain enabling you to re-write the data of your enemies. Perform the skill to defeat tougher enemies with ease, or maybe just to see the nice graphics clip that goes along with the skill. The only hiccup involved in battle is on occasion the need to constantly move the camera can get a bit pesky. But this won't be the first or last time a great game has camera difficulty. If you can make it through the battling and the many dungeons you will be rewarded with the encountering of many colorful characters to add to your party. Mistral's laugh and voice alone are worth 1,000 words. The characters are individual and highly entertaining as you forge through the rest of the
game together.

.: Storyline: 10/10 :.

The crazy concept of an offline online game??? Yet somehow, .Hack makes this storyline one of the best you will ever encounter. .Hack is a game within a game. Your roll is that of a newbie boy who is determined to discover why gamers are slipping into comas while playing 'The World'. In the beginning of your travels you will receive a bracelet that will enable you to cast the skill 'Data Drain'. This skill will prove to be invaluable against Data Bugs who would be undefeatable otherwise. The character and clues you will encounter along the way will keep you guessing and never losing interest in the storyline. Upon finishing, you will want to rush to the store to purchase the next part:
.Hack: Mutation.

.: Graphics: 8/10 :.

The graphics in the game are gorgeous and very refreshing. However, the one problem is the repetitiousness of the dungeon graphics. You will forget all about this problem
though, when you see all that .Hack has in store for you. Whether it be the data drain or gate hacking clips, the flipping of the screen and the endless cycling of data in space, or the corrupted data found on the walls and floor of the restricted areas, this game goes to every length that it's suppose to. You will find the graphics to be creative and a wonderful addition to the storyline of this game.

.: Replayability: 9/10 :.

Although the game can be beaten in 20 - 25 hours of gameplay, the replay value is very tempting. The best feature is the ability to transfer your saved games from one part to the next. So while your waiting for the next part to come out there is plenty to do with leveling up your characters, endless trading to receive better armor and weapons, selling treasures to make some money, raising grunties, and satisfying the requirements in the Ryu Books. You will find plenty in this game to keep your occupied.

.: The Truth Is Out There :.

.Hack: Infection will entrance you from the moment you turn it on and armed with it's original storyline and endless possibilities it will keep you in its grip for hours at a time. Just when it will seem like you are completely done a new .Hack will be released and you will be back in the midst of things searching for the truth behind 'The World'. If you've got hours to spare and enough money to begin this incredible journey nothing else is more worth playing more than this game.

.: Overall: 9/10 :.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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