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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mind Ape

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/13/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            MAD MAESTRO! FAQ/WALKTHROUGH Ver. 1.5
    This document is Copyright 2002-2003 By Jason Abdelhadi (Mind Ape)
    Email me at:  Mind_Ape @hotmail.com
    -March 12, 2003, added slight corrections, Ranking System
    -March 24th, added Bonus Games 9-10, 
    -March 23rd, 2002, Started Concert Play section, finished Bonus Games  
    -March 22nd, 2002, minor editing, started Bonus Games section
    -March 21st, 2002, Added Stages 9-11, started Concert Mode section,
     finished complete song list
    -March 20th, 2002, started FAQ, added introduction and gameplay 
    sections, finished stages 1-8
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Gameplay
    3. Walkthrough
    4. Bonuses and secrets 
    5. Concert Mode details 
    6. Complete song list
    7. Acknowledgements 
    1. Introduction
    Mad Maestro is the first Conductor simulator to come out in North 
    America and is definitely one of the stranger games out there. You are 
    Takt, a young conductor who is out to save the town music hall from 
    being destroyed by putting on a big recital. To do this you need more 
    members in your orchestra, so you must travel around town recruiting 
    members and helping people out on the side. This FAQ will hopefully give 
    you enough information to help you complete the game and unlock many of 
    the bonuses.
    2. Gameplay
    The gameplay in this game is fairly simple when you look at it, but it 
    can get quite complicated after a while. I've tried my best to divide 
    this section into parts so that you'll find it easier to read.
    I.  Main Menu
    When you  first start up your game, you'll see a menu that looks like 
    New game
    Load Game
    Child mode
    You shouldn't have to much trouble figuring out what to do. I recommend 
    the tutorial as it is short and shows you the basics of play. Child mode 
    is super easy and you shouldn't need any further information to beat it, 
    really. (I'll go into a little more detail just for completeness )
    Child Mode
    Child mode is only for very young kids or people who just wanna hear the 
    music and bang through the game (shame! SHAME!) All you have to worry 
    about is the tempo, there is no pressure or anything else fun in child 
    mode. All the levels are already laid out before you and everything. The 
    only good thing about child mode is that crazy dancing bear! Yeah!
    II. In game menus
    When you start your new game, you'll be asked to select your difficulty, 
    Easy or Normal (There isn't too much of a diffrence, buttons are more 
    sensitive in normal and the speed is a little more precise). You will 
    then be brought to your main in game menu.
    i. Story
    This option will take you to the story part of the game, and will take 
    you to the first level. Once you beat the game this option is renamed 
    ii. Extra Fun
    This section has all the main options and bonus games in it. It has four 
    Free Play:
    Allows you to play songs that you've obtained through story mode over 
    again. All songs in this section are played in the concert hall.
    Music Room:
    Allows you to listen to songs you've heard or obtained through story 
    Allows you to watch replays that you have saved on your memory card.
    Bonus Games:
    Allows you to play the bonus games you get through story mode.
    Concert Play (must beat game):
    Allows you to play concert programmes of songs that you have (Depends on 
    how many songs you have). When you complete all of the concerts in 
    concert mode you can move on to the Final Concert (See Concert Mode 
    section for more details.)
    iii Game Settings
    This section will let you adjust the Evaluation Voice Volume (THANK 
    GOODNESS!), Stereo or Mono and the baton button settings. The baton 
    settings can adjust the sensitivity of your baton buttons.
    iv.  Save
     This will allow you to save your progress to your memory card.
    III. Playing a song
    When you start to actually play a song, you will notice several things. 
    The first will be those four big circles with a little ball bouncing 
    through them
    i. Cue Points
    Those big circles with the little ball bouncing through them all called 
    Cue Points. This is what you will be focusing on most of the game. The 
    main point of the game is to hit a baton button (Triangle, Circle, 
    Square or X) each time that little ball hits a circle. You'll notice the 
    circles will expand, causing you to press the buttons slower, or it may 
    contract, causing you to press the buttons faster. The first thing 
    you'll want to do is get a feel for this speed variation (Tempo). It may 
    take a while but you should get it eventually.
    ii. Pressure Meter
    To your right of the circles is a small bottle shaped meter. This is the 
    pressure meter. It tells you how hard you are hitting the buttons. Red 
    means you've hit the button hard, green means normal and blue means 
    soft.  The point of this is so that you'll know how hard to hit each 
    button when that colour shows up on the cue points. Cue points will 
    regularly change colour as the volume of the song gets louder and softer 
    and you will need to control the pressure that you apply to the buttons. 
    It may seem complicated and difficult but after a bit of practice you'll 
    get the hang of it.
    iii. Tension Meter
    The other meter left on the screen (With the little devil and angel 
    figures on it) is the Tension meter. This meter shows you how well you 
    are playing (without any mistakes). If you don't make any mistakes for a 
    complete 4 circles, the meter will go up and if you make mistakes it 
    will go down. There are different types of good and bad, however.
    If you get the note perfect, you'll get 2 swirly rings around the circle,
    if not, you may only get one or an X. If you play well enough the meter 
    will go into Angel mode, which means you haven't made any mistakes. 
    To pass a level you MUST end the song in Angel mode. But watch out, 
    once you are in Angel mode and you play badly, you will go into Devil mode 
    which requires you to play perfectly until your a freed back into normal mode. 
    iv. Extras
    Ocassionally a song will have arrows pointing within a Cue Point, in 
    which case you just press the arrow at the same time as the baton 
    button. There are alos stars that will occasonally pop up in a beat, in 
    which case you can hold them down with the baton button for a bit to 
    make that note longer (makes a really good effect if it's right at the 
    end of a piece).
    v. Medley Mode
    The way to get all the bonuses and secret songs in this game is through 
    either the concert modes or through Medley modes. What exactly is a 
    Medley mode? Well, when you play a Stage (Normal Mode) well enough and 
    keep it in Angel mode for a long time, the circles will turn black and 
    have triangles in them. If you manage to play all the triangles at the 
    right tempo, you will have reached Medley mode.If you end in Angel mode, 
    you will get to keep the song plus get a shot at that Stages Bonus Level! If 
    you beat the bonus level, you keep the song and the minigame (See Bonus 
    Stages and Secrets for more details aswell as descripitons)!
    * Special thanks to Wandering Cow for notifying me about my false 
    statements about the pressure not being important in Medley mode. The
    pressure is still important and vital to the final score of the piece*
    Tips on playing a song
    Playing these songs require you to be relaxed and to pay attention. The 
    main problem I have is that I'll be focusing so much on the pressure 
    that my tempo will go off and I'll screw up, or vice versa. Don't worry 
    if your having a lot of trouble with a particular song (Swan Lake and 
    Ride of the Valkyries nearly drove me nuts!) just keep at it and you'll 
    be suprised at how quickly you'll get the hang of it. Remember to doubly 
    careful once you hit Angel mode, and especially when you're near the end 
    of a piece, becuase it'll probably speed up and drive you into Devil 
    Mode ! Relaxation and focus are the keys!
    Tips on reaching Medley Mode
    Just make sure you are comfortable with the level and know the song well 
    enough! I recommend that you play the level through with the Triangle 
    baton button so that when the Medley mode comes up you won't have to 
    fiddle around trying to find triangle and such. Other than that, it's 
    pretty easy!
    vi) Ranking System
    Bokokun, a great contributor of info to this faq, suggests the following:
    To get an S rank in your performance, you need at least 
    80 bravos(perfect plays) . To get A rank, you need at least 60 bravos. 
    To get B rank, you need at least 40 bravos. Althoughit may be slightly off, 
    I beleive these numbers are correct and you should aim for them.
    3. Walkthrough
    This is my complete walkthrough for the 11 stages in this game. They 
    contain useful information but you'll still need practice with them, no 
    matter how much I talk. 
    Stage 1
    Title: Will the Couple do a "pas de deux?"
    Song: Hungarian Dance No. 6 in D major , Johannes Brahms
    Time: 4/4 (four circles)
    Medley Song (Bonus): Hunagrian Dance No. 5 in G minor, Johannes Brahms
    Story: Darlin has a date with Hannie and spends so much time preparing 
    that he shows up late! It seems the only way to save this day is for a 
    dance(Played well, that is), so play away Maestro! Remember that there 
    is a relationship at stake!
    Tips: I've always found this level to be a bit difficult, especially for 
    stage 1! Anyways, this song has a bit of everything and should show you 
    the basics. Keeping in tempo may be a bit tough at first, though. The 
    background can also get a little annoying at times. If this is your 
    first time, it should probably take you at least a few tries before you 
    beat it. If you've just beaten it by a hair then you might want to 
    consider practicing for a while in Free Play until you have it mastered 
    (trust me, you won't regret it!).
    Stage 2
    Title: The Savior of the Run Down Circus
    Song: Slavic Dance No. 7, Antonin Dvorak
    Time: 4/4
    Medley Song: Thunder and lightning, Johannes Strauss II
     Story: Lunar the Circus Clown and her circus troupe are about to 
    perform................To an empty house! It seems that you and your 
    musical powers are needed again! Put on a great show and fill the room 
    for Lunar, hit a bad note and it's failureville!(Ugh, I know, shut up.)
    Tips: Ah yes, I think this one is much easier than the last, so if you 
    took my advice and mastered Stage 1 this should be a breeze. The tempo 
    stays pretty much the same, the background graphics, while bright and 
    shiny, aren't terribly bothersome. All in all, this stage shouldn't make 
    you pull your hair out or anything (If it does, just keep at it!).
    Stage 3
    Title: Troubled Fashion Show
    Song: Finale from the Carnival of Animals, Camille Saint-Saens
    Time: 4/4
    Medley Song: The Marriage of Figaro, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Stroy: A fashion show is being put on under the worst conditions! Lights 
    falling, guard rails busting, electricity pipes flailing about! Can you 
    save this show from disaster and recruit Neostyle? I certainly hope so!
    Tips: It may start off easy, but this un' ain't no pushover! First of 
    all, it's pretty damn long (so far), which isn't good for anyones 
    nerves. Losing your mind in this sort of game can screw up a whole 3 
    minutes work, so try and keep your head! The tempo and pressure in this 
    level gets harder so be prepared for Fast Red, Slow Red, Fast Red-Fast 
    Green type stuff. This one will most likely take you a few tries (If 
    not, yahoo!).
    Stage 4
    Title:  The Swan and the Boy
    Song: Scene from Swan Lake, Piotr Tchaikovsky
    Time: 4/4
    Medley Song: Toreador Song from Carmen, Georges Bizet
    Story: Adonis, a young elf-like boy has taken a fancy to playing his 
    flute by the lake, and he calls a group of swans! All seems 
    good.............But, oh no! A storm is brewing! looks like we'll need 
    your musical powers to save the swans (Stupid swans wastin my 
    time...grumble grumble..)!
    Tips: Alright, if you found the last Stage difficult, you might wanna 
    practice for a bit. This stage can be a real kick in the knickers. The 
    tempo won't go super fast on you or anything but it changes drastically 
    at certain points and near the end. The pressure is seriously tough on 
    this one, so be on your guard and watch out for sudden changes in 
    colour! On the bright side (literally) the scenery is really great in 
    this one, and if you make it to Angel mode it gets so 
    peaceful........Ah, nirvana........Anyways, this level is one of the 
    tougher ones in my opinion.
    Stage 5
    Title: UFO night
    Song: Ride of the Valkyries from The Valkyrie, Richard Wagner
    Time: 3/4 (Aaah!)
    Medley Song: Night on bare Mountain, Modeste Mussorgsky
    Story: Wallopin' Websnappers! It seems that rambling reporter Antonio 
    has made contact with Aliens! We'd better get there to sooth the aliens 
    mood and give them a welcome, or this could get UGLY!
    Tips: Yeah, Nibelungs in da house! For all you non-Wagnerians, you'll 
    probably recognize this tune from many Ren and Stimpy episodes, or from 
    that movie Apocalypse Now or something. Anyways, this song kicks royal 
    buttocks. Did I mention that this will probably be the toughest level in 
    the game for you? Well, it will. This song is completely nuts, first of 
    all it's in 3/4 time. If that doesn't confuse the hell outta ya, then 
    maybe all those crazy ass arrows will! This song has rapid pressure 
    changes and arrows everywhere, but at least the tempo is constant. All 
    that crazy crap in the background won't help either, so good luck and 
    don't feel bad if you're stuck here for a while.
    Stage 6
    Title: You too, Lionel?
    Song: Marche Militaire, Franz Schubert
    Medley Song: Entry of the Gladiators, Julius Fucik
    Time 4/4
    Story: Hmm, lesse, Pretty boy, Clown, Fashion Designer, Elf-Boy, News 
    Anchor, what else does an orchestra need? A man in a Lion costume, of 
    course! Help Lionel fill the house on his dangerous motocycle act and 
    win him over!
      Tips: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You call this a level!? Ahem......After what 
    you've just done with Wagner and his aliens, this level is a 
    breeze.....No, wait, softer than a breeze...........A mild fart maybe? 
    Yeah, anyhoo, this level is the easiest! Constant tempo, pressure 
    changes you can see a mile away and some simple arrow tricks. The song 
    isn't even that long! You shouldn't have ANY trouble with this sucker if 
    you beat the last stage.
    Stage 7
    Title: Hannie's feeling down
    Song: March from the Nutcracker, Piotr Tchaikovsky
    Time: 4/4 
    Medley Song: Trepak from the Nutcracker, Piotr Tchaikovsky
    Story: Darlin recommends Hannie, a beginner Cellist as the next addition 
    to your orchestra! Can you woo her over with your musical charm and wit? 
    Remeber to play well, because Hannie is a tough nut to crack!(pun 
    intended, see song title you dolt!)
    Tips: Again, a very simple round. The arrows are a little bit harder to 
    do in this level but the Tempo is just as easy as the last. Pressure is 
    no problem in this one. Just be over with it quick already.
    Stage 8
    Title: How proud is a Top Model?
    Song: 40th Symphony K550-1st movement, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Time: 4/4
    Medley Song: Orpheus in the Underworld Overture, Jacques Offenbach
    Story: That fashion designer Neostyle and Hannie recommend you pick up 
    that top model (was her name Nikki?)  for your orchestra, but you'll 
    have to play well, because like Hannie she won't go down without a 
    Tips: Aha, we're back in bidness agin! This one is really quite tough, 
    it starts out simple enough, but soon you will see the horrors of the 
    craziest tempo change in the game! The circles are packed really tight 
    together and you have to move really fast, switching from red, blue and 
    green as you go along. This song is also plenty long, the longest so 
    far. Don't try to get this one all in one go or you'll quickly get sick 
    of it. Try and take a break after each time you play it cause it's LONG!
    Stage 9
    Title: Greetings From Mars
    Song: "Baba Yaga's Hut" From Pictures at an Exhibition, Modeste 
    Time: 4/4
    Medley Song: 4th Movement from 9th symphony, Ludwig Van Beethoven
    Story: Antonio The News Anchor pipes in and sayas he's found the perfect 
    addition to the orchestra, Aliens! You'd better play well or else you 
    might get zapped! Hay look on the bright side, at least the orchestra's 
    almost full :)
    Tips:  I love this song, I really do. it's just so loud and stuff. This 
    song has a pretty fast tempo most of the time, but nothing you haven't 
    done before. It's got a few arrows scattered around, but they shouldn't 
    cause you any serious trouble. I really expected it to be difficult, but 
    it's not so bad and you should find it quite easy.
    Stage 10
    Title: The Secret of the  lake
    Song: Dance of the Four Swans from Swan Lake, Piotr Tchaikovsky
    Time: 4/4
    Medley Song: Morning from Peer Gynt Suite, Edvard Grieg
    Story: There's an old man by the lake fishing, maybe if we help him 
    catch something, he'll help us!
    Tips: Short but tricky. The arrows in this level are a constant. Once 
    you get used to them, it's simply a matter of picking through the tempo. 
    I've always had trouble slowing down with this piece, maybe because I 
    get to caught up in the song. Pay attention to your tempo, it's really 
    Stage 11
    Title: Shake it, Bravoes!
    Song: 3 songs (2 if in easy) + William Tell Overture (1st time)
    Time: Depends on songs
    Story: Yes, it turns out that man by the lake was the famous composer 
    Etoile! But what instrument can he play? A triangle of course. Hooray! 
    You now have enough members to attempt the Recital! Let's go out and 
    give the best performance of your life! (The best performance of your 
    life? The best performance of your life!) And save us a concert hall!
    Tips: First of all, you'll notice there is no Tension meter, so you'll 
    have to wait until the end of the piece to hear how well you did (the 
    amount of applause). Just remember to know all your songs as well as 
    possible, because you have to get applause for all of your songs to win. 
    William Tell Overture isn't too tough so if this is your first go, don't 
    get all freaked out. The encore piece is a piece of cake, and you won't 
    even need to finish it, so don't worry yourselves over that. Remember 
    that you can't pause during the concert so be prepared and good luck!
    Congrats, ol' chum. You've beaten the game, gained some new pieces and 
    best of all, gotten rid of that fairy! But there is still plenty more to 
    unlock and do, so keep reading for the secrets and bonuses!
    4. Bonuses and Secrets
    I. Bonus Games
    Each stage has a bonus game after you clear the Medley Mode (in 
    Normal)which you get to keep if you clear them, including the song they 
    go with. These games often have quirks besides just playing a song. This 
    section will give you a complete list and description of these stages as 
    well as some tips.
    Stage 1
    Title: Love Bucket Relay
    Song: Csikos Post, Hermann Necke
    Time: 4/4
    Story: Oh no! The town is on fire! We'll need Darlin and Hannie's help 
    as well as the townspeople to quench these flames! Play well and save 
    the town from extra crisipiness!
    Tips: This one is kinda annoying, and again I found it a bit difficult 
    for a Stage 1. The tempo will remain the same for the whole song, but 
    that's not the problem. The real trick is to keep your wits about you 
    and make sure you don't mess up on the pressure! Only a few mistakes and 
    your gone! 
    Stage 2
    Title: Lunar Magic 
    Song: Toy Symphony, Leopold Mozart
    Time: 4/4
    Story: Lunar will put on a magic show for the circus finale! Each time 
    you play a perfect bar of music, one of Lunar's friends will appear on 
    stage! Play any wrong notes and starnge things will start to appear!
    Tips: This one is pretty easy, since you can mess up quite a few times 
    and still recover. There isn't any reason why you should be messing up 
    anyways, since the music is so easy to play in this level. You should 
    have this one done pretty quick.
    Stage 3
    Title: Dress up!
    Song: Eine Keline Nacht Musik, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Time: 4/4
    Story: Three models are having some sort of dress-up contest! For every 
    beat of music, something will fall on the model (clotheswise, of course) 
    and every bad beat something bad will fall on them! The game will end if 
    you allow all three to become badly dressed!
    Tips: This one isn't too hard either, though sometimes you can lose 
    yourself watching clothes fall (so don't!). This song is pretty long but 
    it shouldn't cause you much trouble.
    Stage 4
    Title: Concert with the little Birds
    Song: Dance of the Reed Flutes from the Nutcracker, Piotr Tchaikovsky
    Time: 4/4
    Story: Adonis is going to summon up some birds with his flute so they 
    can have a wonderful concert! Play every bar correctly and summon the 
    forest friends, make a mistake and a strange creature will appear!
    Tips: You may find this one a bit difficult. The tempo changes can get a 
    little tiresome because of this songs length and that could cause some 
    major screw ups! Every time you blow a bad note most of the birds fly 
    away so it's really easy to mess up near the end! Just make sure you pay 
    attention and this one can be over with quickly.
    Stage 5
    Title: Launch of the Fireworks 
    Song: Algerian Suite from French Military March Music, Camille Saint-
    Time: 4/4
    Story: We need to welcome the Aliens, and what do Aliens love more than 
    fireworks? Nothing! Press the designated button and keep in tempo or you 
    will hit the Aliens ship! Too many hits and they are done for!
    Tips: AAAAAAARGGH! This one is EVIL! You have to use all 4 baton buttons 
    in very odd patterns, and it's so easy to get lost and screw up! I had 
    to sit right up to the tv without blinking to beat this one. The key is 
    to watch 2 beats ahead of you ALL the time, and be prepared for a tempo 
    change near the end. Don't mess up cause it takes forever to replay 
    through Ride of the Valkyries and the Medley song in this stage!
    Stage 6
    Title: Lionel's Flaming Hoops
    Song: Flight of the Bumblebee, Nikolai-Rimsky Koraskov
    Time: 4/4
    Story: Lionel is going to do his famous flaming hoop tricks! Play 
    through each bar perfectly to have Lionel go through the hoops 
    unscathed. If you play a bad note, you burn Lionel and take away some of 
    his life!
    Tips: Bloody frickin frogwallopin' heck! This is the fastest, craziest 
    song in the game! In other words, really quick tempo and many unexpected 
    pressure changes + Very limited life bar = PAIN! The only way you'll get 
    through this one is by knowing well how to change pressure in really 
    quick tempo, so make sure you do!!! I spent many many tries on this one 
    but finally managed to get it (with only a tiny bit of life left!)
    Stage 7
    Title: Quack Quack Racing
    Song: Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks from Pictures at an Exhibition, 
    Modeste Mussorgsky
    Time: 4/4
    Story: You are the White Duck (YES!). You are racing against other, 
    browner, inferior ducks. You must play well and the White Duck will 
    eventually get a dash and hopefully win 1st! If you do not play well, 
    the White Duck will start to sink and eventually drown. Do you like 
    drowning little white ducks? I thought so, so play well!
    Tips: HAHAHAHAHAHA! This is a really easy one, and really cool too! Just 
    don't mess up often and you'll be fine! The song is a little quick 
    (tempo), but if you've even made it this far it should seem like 
    nothing.  Ha, you don't even need to come in first!
    Stage 8
    Title: The Feast
    Song: Divertimento No. 1 in E flat major K113, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Time: 4/4
    Story: The fashion show was a success and now it's time for a little 
    tucker! Help Neostyle and Nikki pig out by playing well, but don't mess 
    up or you'll spill the food (haha)! Spill enough and the manager will 
    ask you to leave!
    Tips: Arrows, arrows, arrows everywhere! Almost every beat in this one 
    has an arrow in it, so the key to winning this one is to know arrows 
    well! Make sure you can handle arrow changes with pressure changes and 
    be prepared for a long ride! Even though this song is long, the manager 
    anger life bar type thingie is pretty long aswell, giving you plenty of 
    room for mistakes!
    Stage 9 (Special thanks to bokokun from the message board for helping me 
    out with this one!)
    Title: Alien Abduction
    Song: L'Arlesienne Suite No. 2 from Farandole, Georges Bizet
    Time: 4/4
    Story: Oh no! The evil Ikasumi Aliens have kidnapped Antonio's camera 
    men! It seems Antonio will have to rescue them with his trustee laser 
    gun! Press the same baton buttons as indicated and save up enough energy 
    to destroy the Ikasumi space ship!
    Tips: Well, I was stuck on this one for a while (as you may be able to 
    infer) until it was pointed out to me that you actually have to destroy 
    the Alien ship (in other words, take note of the star)!!! The gameplay 
    is similar to the last UFO one (stage 5)and if you're having trouble 
    with the baton buttons make sure to look two beats ahead all the time. 
    As for the end, when the star appears on the beat, make sure you HOLD 
    the baton button (Any, I think) and wait until it is charged at the 
    highest colour in the bar that will appear (I think it's yellow) then 
    hit the next beat and FIRE!!! Don't hold the charge for too long or else 
    you'll run out of time! Other than that last part, the level is about as 
    hard as the last one.  
    Stage 10
    Title: The Mysterious Dungeon
    Song: In the Hall of the Mountain King from Pier Gynt Suite, Edvard 
    Time: 4/4
    Stroy: The castles old dungeon is filled with treasures and Adonis wants 
    some! Play him through the dungeon but don't hit a bad note or else some 
    ghosts will appear and scare him! Once his heart rate gets to high it'll 
    be game over! Play well enough and some of his cute friends will appear 
    to help him!
    Tips: This one really all depends on skill. You'll need tempo and 
    pressure, and you'll need to make a minimal amount of mistakes. His 
    heart rate WILL go down if you play well after a scare, but make sure 
    you don't screw up on the last part or it's game over! I didn't have too 
    much problems with this one, except for a few quick tempo/pressure 
    changes near the end, and I messed up on the last part (Don't let 
    yourself get rushed just beacuse you see the final beat!!!!!)
    5. Concert Mode Details
    In Concert Mode (Story/Memory), you can get three extra songs, each for 
    every time you beat it. They are (in order):
    I. William Tell Overture, Gioachino Rossini
    II. Rackozki March, Hector Berlioz
    III. 1st Movement-5th symphony, Ludwig Van Beethoven
    Plus you get an encore song: 
    Radestky March, Johann Strauss I
    i. Concert Play
    After you have beaten the game, you will notice a new section in Free 
    Play called Concert Play. Depending on how many songs you have unlocked, 
    a number of "programmes" with 4 songs each will be unlocked for you to 
    play in concert style. If you have unlocked all 34 songs then you will 
    have 15 concert programmes to beat. If you manage to beat all of them, 
    you get access to the Final Concert!
    ii. Final Concert
    The Final Concert puts the MAD in MAD MAESTRO! This concert has every 
    single piece of music in the game! It gives them to you in random order 
    and you keep going until you play one badly, afterwhich it tells you how 
    many you played successfully. I haven't made it all the way through yet, 
    and I'll add if anything special happens once I do! 
    6. Complete Song List
    1. Hungarian Dance No. 6 in D major, Johannes Brahms
    2. Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G major, Johannes Brahms
    3. Slavic Dance No 7, Antonin Dvorak,
    4. Thunder and Lightning, Joahnnes Strauss II 
    5. Finale from Carnival of the Animals, Camille Saint-Saens
    6. The Marriage of Figaro, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    7. Scene from Swan Lake, Piotr Tchaikovsky
    8. Toreador song from Carmen, Georges Bizet
    9. Baba Yaga's Hut from Pictures at an Exhibition, Modeste Mussorgsky
    10. 9th Symphony-4th Movement, Ludwig Van Beethoven
    11. Entry of the Gladiators, Julius Fucik
    12. Marche Militaire, Franz Schubert
    13. March from the Nutcracker, Piotr Tchaikovsky
    14. Trepak from the Nutcracker, Piotr Tchaikovsky
    15. 40th Symphony K550-1st movement, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    16. Orpheus in the Underworld Overture, Jacques Offenbach
    17. Flight of the Valkyries from The Valkyrie, Richard Wagner
    18. Night on Bald Mountain, Modeste Mussorgsky
    19. Dance of the Four Swans from Swan Lake, Piotr Tchaikovsky
    20. Morning from Pier Gynt Suite, Edvard Grieg
    21. William Tell Overture, Gioachino Rossini
    22. Racoczki March, Hector berlioz
    23. 5th Symphony-1st Movement, Ludwig Van Beethoven
    24. Radetsky March, Johannes Strauss I
    25. Csikos Post, Hermann Necke
    26. Toy Symphony, Leopold Mozart 
    27. Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    28. Dance of the Reed Flutes from the Nutcracker, Piotr Tchaikovsky
    29. Algerian Suite from French Military March Music, Camille Saint-Saens
    30. Flight of the Bumblebee, Nikolai-Rimsky Koraskov
    31. Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks from Pictures at an Exhibition, 
    Modeste Mussorgsky
    32. Divertimento No. 1 in E flat major K113, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    33. L'Arlesienne Suite No. 2 from Farandole, Georges Bizet
    34. In the Hall of the Mountain King from Pier Gynt Suite, Edvard Grieg
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