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    FAQ by NxDxROCKS

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    ========================================DANCE BEAT==========================================
    x------GAME INFORMATION-------
    xGENRE: Music Action(Action)
    x------FAQ INFORMATION--------
    xAuthor: John Lyons
    xNickname(on gamefaqs): NxDxROCKS
    xE-mail: NxDxROCKS@aol.com
    xCreated: June 04, 2002
    xSystem: Sony Playstion 2
    xVersion: 2.0
    xCreated: June 6th 2002
    Hey Everyone, this is my first FAQ, so bare with me. Since you can't really make a walkthrough
    for this game, it's full of useful tips and instructions on how to play the game. If you 
    have questions feel free to e-mail me, but please read the FAQ first, most or all of your 
    questions are answered here! 
    DISCLAIMOR: This FAQ is in no way related or connected to Britney Spears, 
    Jive, Zomba, THQ or Sony.
    6/10/02 - Fixed some spelling errors, added rumors page and
    updated tips section. Updated a few of the sections, and
    fixed some content errors. (Version 2.0)
    6/8/02 - Added attacks (version 1.5)
    ***********************TABLE OF CONTENTS*********************
    1.Story Plot
    2.Game Modes
    4.Basic Game Information
       A:)Character Information
    ### STORY PLOT ###
    Britney needs some new dancers for her next tour. Your can
    choose to be 1 of 6 differant dancers(3 guys, 3 girls) each
    dancer is also a differant nationality. You can also choose 
    the "?" to get a random player.  Once you choose your 
    player, you go against the other players, and try to 
    successfully become one of Britney's dancers.
    ### Game Modes ###
    This Mode is the actual game. You dance against a computer
    controlled dancer to become one of Britney's dancers. There
    are 10 auditions you must pass to successfully beat the game.
    Each audition is a differant song, stage, and difficulty.
    You can choose which audition you want to do, but eventually
    they all must be completed to beat the game. You can choose
    from 'Baby one more time' which is kind of an aqua type setting
    'Oops I did it again' which is a blue sunk in floor with a raised
    platform, and a catwalk along the sides. 'Stronger' which is set
    in an asian boardwalk. 'Overprotected' is set in a pink techno
    room. Then last but not least 'I'm a slave 4 u' which is set in
    a circle area with flashing lights. In each level Britney's 
    actual video is playing in the background.
    You choose one of 6 dancers, and practice in a room with a 
    large mirror and graffiti all over. You choose from 5 songs
    and each is a differant difficulty. Your goal is to make
    the least amount of misses, and the largest amounts of 
    'combos'(moves in a row without messing up). Then your 
    progress bar at the bottom will grow, and Britney will
    decide if you did good or not. At the end, you will
    get statistics about how you played. "Perfect" "Good" "Miss"
    and "Max Combo" During the game play messages like that will 
    pop-up above your dance meter. The statistics show you how many
    you got.
    ---- 2 PLAYER ----
    Here is where you and a friend can go head to head to see who
    has more skill. The gameplay is the same as the rest. You get 
    to choose from 5 stages, and each are a harder difficulty. At
    the end, you will see statistics that show "Wins" "Lose" and
    "draw" they tell you how many times you have one, lost, and 
    tied. Your performance is measured by a joint scale with a line
    in the middle. As you dance the line will move in the direction
    of the better dance and his/her half will fill with a yellow
    line. The yellow line will deplete as your dancing skills fail,
    so try your best to stay on beat.
    --- VIDEO VAULT ---
    Probably one of the things fans will like the most, in this
    section you get to see behind the scenes footage of. If you 
    choose "Behind the Scenes" you will see cool videos of britney
    shopping and things like that. If you choose "Immersive" you
    will se LIVE concert footage that you can even move the camera 
    around and view in your own angle...VERY COOL! However to get 
    to see ALL the videos, you will have to reach a certain amount 
    of points to get the backstage passes, the points will grow, 
    you will have to reach the next amount of points to get another.
    --- PREVIEW ---
    In this section you choose a dancer and stage, and sit back
    and relax as the dancer dances. This gives you a chance to
    take in and learn a few things.
    ### CONTROLS ###
    The game doesn't really have set controls. However you can
    choose what method you'd like to play in the "options" section.
    You can use the D-pad, X-O-TRIANGLE-SQUARE, or a dance pad. I
    have never used the dance pad, so I don't know anything about 
    I personally find it easier if you choose the mode with the
    arrows. For the reason is, the arrow buttons are closer to 
    gether, and you can reach them faster. Also, not everyone has
    the X, O, triangle, and square buttons memorized, and easily
    gets confused. You will still have to deal with the 
    X, O, triangle, and square buttons on the arrow mode, they will
    be put into the beats at the harder levels, but still you don't
    see them all that often. Even if you play on the X, O, triangle,
    and square buttons mode, they will sneak arrows in on the harder
    levels also.
    Start will pause the game, but once you pause the game, you can
    NOT go back to your current game, you can only quit, restart or
    change music. I think they did this so you can't pause it, memorize
    the step, do it, pause it memorize it etc.
    Britney: One of the biggest pop stars in the world.
    Elisa: Chinese/Asian Dancer with her hair in pigtails
    Leana: Spanish Dance with long black hair
    Carla: Colored Dancer with short hair
    Enrique: Spanish Dancer with spiked hair
    Dan: Caucasion(white) Dancer with wavy hair
    Rob: Colored Dancer with short hair
    I have not noticed any strength or weaknesses. It seems they
    all have the same dance abilities, so it doesn't really
    matter who you choose. Although when in audition mode, they 
    all tend perform differant attacks on the other player, so you might
    want to take that into consideration.
    Baby one more time: there is a large fish tank with sharks and fish
    Oops I did it again: you come out of a dome, and your on a platform
    Stronger: Looks like a chinese boardwalk or town
    Overprotected: a pink room with lights and chairs
    I'm a slave for you: a flat floor with tons of lights
    Each level has Britney's actual video playing on a screen in the 
    Practice: a room with a large mirror, and wooden floor.
    ### ATTACKS ###
    Attacks are performed for every 10 combo moves you make (EX: 10,20,
    30,40, etc.) Attacks are symbolized as a surge of electricty from
    your or the other players dance circle.
    >>>Types of attacks:
    If your playing on d-pad mode, you will send or recieve X, O,
    square, and triangle attacks.
    If you are playing on X, O, triangle, square mode, you will 
    recieve arrow attacks.
    Another attack that happens on both modes is your dial(the thing
    that spins around the circle) will become very thin, which will
    decrease your chance of hitting the beat. It will only stay thin
    for about 5-10 seconds, and return to the average size.
    NOTE: if you rack up combos without missing it seems to come back faster.
    Another attack is with your arrows or symbols, they will change before you
    reach them, or move, so you will have to keep an eye on them so you don't miss
    Sometimes attacks will apear in the same row, and that means both
    buttons must be pushed at the same time.
    Sometimes you might have an atack on it's own row, and then you have
    to just hit the button like normal.
    There are two small circles below the average beat, those are attack 
    circles, that is where attack beat are placed when the other player 
    sends one to you.
    NOTE: there may be other attacks then i mentioned here, I am on 9 of 10
    auditions, and can't beat it lol, so I will update the FAQ if I find new 
    ### TIPS ###
    >>>Go to Options, and choose what "control" is best for you
    arrows, X-O-SQUARE-TRIANGLE buttons, OR the dance pad(if you have it)
    [I suggest arrows]
    >>>Keep your eye on your "Dance Meter" don't watch your dancer,
    or Britney, or the video, or anything else.
    >>>Learn the controller buttons.
    >>>Practice! Practice! Practice! I know you here that alot, but
    I am serious, EX: you might have troubel on audition 6, and it will 
    seem impossible, then you will finally beat it, and then eventually
    you make your way to audition 8, and when you go back and play 6,
    it will seem much easier, and that is a result of practicing
    >>>TAKE BREAKS!!!!!
    ### SECRETS ###
    CREDIT FOR SECRETS: www.gamefaqs.com
    --Dance along with Britney-- 
    To dance along with Britney, complete 
    auditions with any character. Then in audition mode, choose
    that same character and choose to continue the game. You can 
    dance along with Britney to any of the 5 full version songs! 
    --Unlock "Baby One More Time" Immersive Video-- 
    Get 9999 points in the Audition mode to unlock the 
    Immersive Video for ''Baby One More Time''
    --Unlock Britney in Preview mode-- 
    To unlock Britney in Preview mode, complete
    auditions with any dancer. Now you can watch 
    Cyber-Britney perform her moves!
    -----GAMESHARK CODES-----
    (M) Must Be On  0E3C7DF21853E59E
    Have Best Pass Unlocks the "special" movies. CEA99016BCA99B89
    Tons Of Points  CEA9900EBCA99E6A  
    No One has asked any questions yet....
    ### RUMORS ###
    None of the below can/has been proven, and may or may not be true!
    >>>Contrary to the game, baby one more time & stronger seem to 
    be harder then im a slave 4 u and the other songs.
    >>>Dan is rumored to be one of the harder players to beat
    >>>You can unlock extra songs...and even use britney has a player.....
    ### COPYRIGHT ###
    This Guide is  2002 John Lyons All rights reserved.
    Unauthorized reproduction, sale, or use of this guide may 
    result in legal actions.
    If you would like to place this guide on your site, please
    ask NxDxROCKS@aol.com as long as you give me credit,
    and ask, I will say yes!(unless your site involves anti-brit)
    material, porn or warez, then I am going to say NO lol.
    ### ENDING ###
    Thanks to www.gamefaqs.com for posting this on there site, thanks
    to THQ for making this game, thanks to Britney for rocking!
    If you have contributions, I'd be more then glad to add them 
    in the next version. You will receive credit for any contributions
    you submit! NxDxROCKS@aol.com

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