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    FAQ/Move List by ShaoKahn

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    Shao Kahn's Unofficial Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Full Guide for PS2
                            FAQ/Move List Version 2.9
    Important Info:
    Last Update: 12/14/2002, Version 2.9
    Author: Shao Kahn
    E-Mail: The_howy@hotmail.com, hellman2k2@yahoo.com
    MSN Passport (Messenger):  The_Howy
    Yahoo ID:  Hellman2k2
    Phone#, Fax#, Cell phone#, Home Address: None of your business!
    Game's Release Date: November 22nd(Fatality Friday), 2002
                    This Guide is Copyright of Howard Wood Jr. 2002
    |                   |
    | Table of Contents |
    1.  Update Information
    2.  Legal Stuff
    3.  Introduction
    4.  "... Let Mortal Kombat Begin..." -(History)
    5.  Character's Data and Bios
        5a. Shang Tsung
        5b. Bo' Rai Cho
        5c. Quan Chi
        5d. Li Mei
        5e. Scorpion
        5f. Sonya Blade
        5g. Kenshi
        5h. Mavado
        5i. Johnny Cage
        5j. Sub-Zero
        5k. Kano
        5l. Kung Lao
        5m. Nitara**
        5n. Drahmin**
        5o. Hsu Hao**
        5p. Frost**
        5q. Jax Briggs**
        5r. Kitana**
        5s. Raiden**
        5t. Reptile**
        5u. Cyrax**
        5v. Blaze (S)
        5w. Mokap (S)
        5v. Moloch (SB)
    6.  Basic Stuff You Should Know
        6a. Kontrol Layout
        6b. Game Modes
        6c. Fighting Bases
        6d. Usage of Weapons and Fighting Styles
        6e. Finishing your opponent off
    7.  Move Lists
        7a. Shang Tsung
        7b. Bo' Rai Cho
        7c. Quan Chi
        7d. Li Mei
        7e. Scorpion
        7f. Sonya Blade
        7g. Kenshi
        7h. Mavado
        7i. Johnny Cage
        7j. Sub-Zero
        7k. Kano
        7l. Kung Lao
        7m. Nitara**
        7n. Drahmin**
        7o. Hsu Hao**
        7p. Frost**
        7q. Jax Briggs**
        7r. Kitana**
        7s. Raiden**
        7t. Reptile**
        7u. Cyrax**
        7v. Blaze(S)
        7w. Mokap(S)
    8.  The Krypt and other secrets
    9.  Konquest Mode and Mini-Games
    10. Appendix: Mortal Kombat's Story Background
    11. Credits and Outro
         This is a brief index of what you'll find on this guide, to find
    something quicker just use the find command (Control+F) and type your search 
    the field; enjoy the guide.
    **NOTE: Characters with this mark (**) are secret characters and must be
    unlocked on the Krypt. Characters marked with a (S) are secret characters
    that must be unlocked by a certain process. The Sub-Boss(SB) is to date, a
    non-playable character.
    |                       |
    | 1. Update Information |
    -- Version 0.1 -05/08/2002-: Up for an early start up with this work as
    always, since I've already pre ordered the game I'll start writing. This time 
    just set up the format and basic stuff, like this part and everything above 
    also filled the Legal Stuff and Intro parts.
    -- Version 0.2 -05/16/2002-: Nothing good really, just started working on the
    fighter's lists and stuff like that.
    -- Version 0.3 -05/23/2002-: After the second day of announces at E3 I've got
    the official list of characters and I'm about to post it.
    -- Version 0.4 -05/26/2002-: Added a tiny bit of things, nothing that big.
    -- Version 0.5 -06/01/2002-: Fixed some stuff on the format and added a few
    -- Version 1.0 -09/05/2002-: After 3 months of absence because of college
    issues, I decided to sit back on my PC once again to continue with this
    stuff. Lot of stuff have changed now: my website was killed by Angelfire
    servers, Scorpion lost at gamefaqs.com's character battle, and lots of other
    sad stuff... Anyways, I'm back. In this new version I'm almost starting from
    zero, reformatting everything, that's why I choose 1.0(a new beginning).
    -- Version 1.5 -09/17/2002-: Finished a base version of my guide, with all of
    it's non-specific content up.
    -- Version 1.6 -09/21/2002-: Added a couple of bios of the fighters.
    -- Version 1.7 -09/24/2002-: Got a few scans(thanks Agilo) of the PSM mag
    with some pics and there I saw some info for the Bios, info which can be
    found under the Bios section now!
    -- Version 1.8 -09/28/2002-: With just(or still...) 55 days left until the
    launching of this great game, I started working on the Martial Arts Appendix,
    I also learned about a new feature: Power-Up. How does it work? We still
    don't know, but I'll write down what I know.
    -- Version 1.9 -10/19/02-: It's been a long trail since I first started this
    work on an empty Word Document about 4 months or more ago. I actually started
    as soon as I got some hard core news about this game. But now everything's
    getting to the point it always gets: "the end". The game will be out in less
    than 40 days(34 days to be precise) and now a lot more is getting clear...
    So(as expected) I had to(once again) slice and dice a lot of stuff on this
    guide, if u have read the former version you'll notice the changes. Most of
    them consist on me taking out some parts.
    -- Version 2.0 -11/04/02-: The most important update on my FAQ. Thanks to the
    guys at Mortal Kombat Intensive(link at credits section) I got a hand at the
    move list for the first 12 selectable characters on the game! The move list
    there was taken from the version shown at Game Cube's Cube Club. This version
    is almost completed, so there shouldn't be much(if any) changes on the final
    version to be launched November 22nd, "Fatality Friday"
    -- Version 2.1 -11/05/02-: Guess what? I trashed some parts, a couple of
    appendixes... thus moving the descriptions about martial arts styles and
    weapons to the move lists, we don't need the real theory about the martial
    arts, we need to know how do they work on the game itself, further details
    are explained on the move list sections.
    -- Version 2.2 -11/09/02-: God I'm done! Thanks to that Game Cube version
    shown on the Cube Club I got most of the info I needed to fix this... 13 more
    days before the game's out... after so many months... ok... call me crazy I
    deserve it... any ways, I finished all the formats, added all the moves that
    have been found to the date, and much more. Right now it's only a matter of
    getting my PS2 version so that I can add some tiny details, going to start
    mailing this so that you can read it!
    -- Version 2.3 -11/19/02-: I GOT THE GAME!!!!!! Finally after months of
    waiting for it, it's finally on my PS2... It's almost unbelievable... so, now
    that I've played it for a good while I've found out all of the moves for the
    normal characters. As soon as I unlock someone I'll post his moves. Hope to
    get this baby launched today.
    -- Version 2.4 -11/24/02-: I'm right now working on the movelists, kript and
    secrets guide and more. Hopefully now I'll get it online.
    -- Version 2.5 -11/26/02-: Trying to finish the movelists, damn this takes
    -- Version 2.6 -11/27/02-: Still working on those movelists, I'm working on
    the moves for the hidden characters, and will also add some stuff on the
    secrets section.
    -- Version 2.7 -11/29/02-: I'm almost done with the movelists, hopefully I'll
    finish them today together with all the secrets and maybe this guide itself.
    -- Version 2.8 -12/02/02-: Fixed some mistakes, added a few things, not much.
    -- Version 2.9 –12/14/02-: Aware of some spelling erros, I asked a friend to 
    fix them. This is the corrected versión. Oh, one more thing, last night it 
    was Fight Night at the MK5.org mIRC channel and they gave us some new info, 
    which I'm posting here: "There are no other Fatalities, Blaze and MoKap have 
    no Fatality and there's only one secret left to be found"
    |                |
    | 2. Legal Stuff |
         Ok, this part is just to keep you and me out of trouble, there's nothing
    really important here about the game itself, but you should read this anyway.
    It's the instructions of how and where to use my guide:
    1. You may use my guide without my permission just for download and home use,
    you can print it and have it next to your console as a reference for
    mastering this great game or for whatever you want it.
    2. You may NOT use my guide without my permission if you are going to post it
    on a site, sell it, or post it on a magazine or something. Why? Because it's
    not fair! I'm the one loosing brain cells here on my PC writing this work,
    it's not for me, it's for you! I already know this. Personally I don't care
    if I see it somewhere else besides gamefaqs.com, on the contrary I'll be
    happy to know that my work is being viewed and that all this hours were not
    completely wasted, just ask me first and give me the credit I deserve.
    3. Any question, doubt, commentary, suggestion, request for use of this
    guide? Just send me an E-Mail to my address above, you can also add me into
    your MSN Messenger(or Windows Messenger) or Yahoo Messenger, since I have
    both of them and I also gave you my info up there, thanks for your interest
    and support.
          Now having this stuff stated, I'll start with some game-related issues
    that you might find interesting.
    |                 |
    | 3. Introduction |
         Finally after all the legal and protocol introductions and crap, the
    real info will start flowing in front of your eyes. Lots of you may ask: "Why
    another MK game?" or some of you might even ask "What's this MK stuff?" well
    all of your doubts shall be answered hereafter.
         First of all, if you don't know what's Mortal Kombat, then you are
    either a first time video game player or you have been living under a bridge
    or at the Amazon... Mortal Kombat, as we all should know, was the first 
    series of fighting game to have a consistent (and non-static) story line. 
    It's also the video game that defines the word violence and the one 
    responsible for the creation of the ESRB (the Rating Board for
    every single video game after MK1). Do you have an idea of what's coming? I
    bet you don't... I'll put it like this, if you are an old timer MK fan (like
    myself) you will absolutely love this game, and if you are a rookie, but you
    love violence, dark themes and the idea of killing your opponent after you
    beat them down is somehow appealing to you, then buy it, play it and try to
    turn off the game after those 48 hours of continuous play every good gamer
    gives to his new games...
          If you want some more details, well just read along, but I'm going to
    warn you about one thing: you are going to love this game! This section is
    just an introduction to my FAQ, for some real info, just check out the next
    |                                                |
    | 4.  "...Let Mortal Kombat Begin..." -(History) |
         Ok, this is what happends. The events of Mortal Kombat 4, the fight
    against Shinnok and his army of Darkness, ended when Quan Shi stole
    Shinnok's amulet and used against him to destroy him. Short after this he was
    trying to use the amulet to send Scorpion into the 5th plane of the
    Netherealm, but Scorpion took Quan Chi with him and he lost the amulet. Some
    time after that he managed to escape Netherealm and discovered the long lost
    Dragon King's Army's Runestone. Then, he allied himself with Shang Tsung
    planning to revive the Dragon King's undefeatable army and use it to conquer
    both Earthrealm and Netherealm. First they betrayed and defeated Shao Kahn,
    leaving him pretty hurt. Then they came into Earth and killed it's champion
    Liu Kang, Shang Tsung then stealed his soul and absorbed his powers. Soon
    after that they started feeding souls to the mummies of the Dragon King's
    army bringing them back to life! After those events Raiden relinquised his
    status as Elder God to come back to Earth and lead a group of selected
    mortals on this battle agianst the Deadly Alliance's forces...
    |                               |
    | 5.  Character's Data and Bios |
         This is the official list of characters. This 22 characters are
    confirmed by Midway to be a part of the game. The first 12 characters are
    available from the start of the game, the following 9 characters can be
    unlocked on the Krypt. The remaining character is the Sub-Boss, I'm still to
    see if he can be unlocked. The characters are arranged according to the 3X7
    character select screen (except for the last one), row by row, from left to
    right. There are 2 more confirmed hidden characters... who are they? I really
    don't know.
        ***NOTE: All of this bios are from the game itslef.
    5a. Shang Tsung: : The sorcerer Shang Tsung was imprisoned in the depths of
    Shao Kahn's fortress, punished for failing to win the Mortal Kombat
    tournament in Earthrealm. Periodically he was released to perform tasks for
    the emperor, until he eventually regained Shao Kahn's favor and was given his
    freedom. He remained in Outworld risking his life to drain the souls of
    kombatants in order to sustain his youth. All this changed the day the
    sorcerer Quan Chi returned from the Netherrealm.
         Status: Sorcerer
         Alignment: Evil
         Weight: 210 lbs.
         Height: 5'11
         Styles: Snake
         Weapon: Straight Sword
    5b. Bo' Rai Cho: During the years that Shang Tsung sponsored the Mortal
    Kombat tournaments on Earth, the Outworld master Bo' Rai Cho was secretly
    training warriors for competition. It was even speculated that it was he who
    brought the fighting style of Drunken Boxing to Earthrealm. After many years,
    he finally discovered the Shaolin monk Liu Kang and taught him the martial
    arts moves he needed to defeat Shang Tsung. Later, with the tournament
    securely in the hands of the Shaolin, his teachings were no longer needed and
    he returned to Outworld.
         Status: Trainer
         Alignment: Good
         Styles: Drunken Fist
                 Mi Zong
         Weapon: Jojutsu
    5c. Quan Chi: Stranded in the Netherrealm, Quan Chi was persistently
    tormented by the ninja spectre Scorpion. But with assistance from Moloch and
    Drahmin, Quan Chi discovered the truth about the amulet he had stolen from
    the fallen Elder God Shinnok. An ancient Rune Stone bearing the likeness of
    his amulet revealed new information that would enable Quan Chi to traverse
    the realms through a network of ancient gateways. Narrowly evading Scorpion's
    wrath, he escaped the netherrealm through one of these gateways and emerged
    in an ancient tomb in Outworld.
         Status: Sorcerer
         Alignment: Evil
         Styles: Tang Soo Do
         Weapon: Broadswords
    5d. Li Mei: The Deadly Alliance commanded Kano and his troops to force a
    small population of people to construct a palace fortress. Once of those
    enslaved was Li Mei, who rebelled against the invaders and attacked Kano
    himself. Recognzing the warrior spirit she possessed, the sorcerer Quan Chi
    offered to free her people if she could win the Deadly Alliance Tournament.
    If she did not win, however, she would be forced to serve the Alliance and
    her people would remain slaves forever. Li Mei had no choice but to accept
    the offer.
         Status: Student
         Alignment: Good
         Styles: Baji Quan
                 Lui He Ba Fa
         Weapon: Sais
    5e. Scorpion: The ninja Scorpion had assumed for many years that Sub-Zero
    killed his family and clan, only to later discover that the true murderer was
    the sorceror Quan Chi. After revealing his treachery, Quan Chi then attempted
    to send Scorpion to the 5th plane of the Netherrealm. Thinking quickly,
    Scorpion grappled with the sorceror at the last moment and they were both
    transported to that forbidden realm. This turn of events boded well for
    Scorpion as his strength increased the longer he remained there. Quan Chi's
    powers, however, proved to be useless against him.
         Status: Ninja Specter
         Alignment: Neutral
         Styles: Pi Gua
         Weapon: Ninja Sword
    5f. Lt. Sonya Blade: Agent Sonya Blade and her team had finished their
    mission of demolishing any known ancient inter-realm portals when she
    received word from Jax that he Agency's portal chamber had been destroyed.
    With no means for traversing the realms, Sonya realized that there were now
    two agents lost in Outworld. The first was the ninja Cyrax, whom the agency
    had lost contact with some time ago. And now Agent Kenshi, originally sent to
    find Cyrax, was lost as well. She would have to find a way to get to Outworld
    and bring them home.
         Status: Special Forces
         Alignment: Good
         Styles: Kenpo
                 Tae Kwan Do
         Weapon: Kali Sticks
    5g. Kenshi: Sensing the cries of his captured ancestors, Kenshi made a vow to
    slay Shang Tsung in order to free them from his grasp. When he learned of
    Shang Tsung's escape to Outworld, Kenshi agreed to help the Special Forces
    search for the missing agent Cyrax as a means of gaining access to that
    realm, which allowed him to act both as rescue party and spy. Shortly after
    discovering the sorcerer's wherabouts, the Agency was destroyed and with it
    his only means for a return to Earth. Kenshi now finds himself facing the
    Deadly Alliance on his own.
         Status: Swordsman
         Alignment: Unknown
         Styles: Tai Chi
                 San Shou
         Weapon: Katana
    5h. Mavado: The Red Dragon had existed for centuries as a secretive criminal
    organization. Members such as Mavado were highly skilled and disciplined
    warriors. But in the last century, many of the more reckless members became
    dissatisfied with the restraints the code of the Red Dragon placed on them
    and broke away to form their own gang. Since then, it has been the Red
    Dragon's number one priority to completely eradicate the infidels known
    collectively as the Black Dragon.
         Status: Red Dragon
         Alignment: Evil
         Styles: Longfist
                 Wing Chun
         Weapon: Hook swords
    5i. Johnny Cage: Johnny Cage had been fed up with the lame writing on his
    current movie "Mortal Kombat: The Death of Johnny Cage," in which his
    character repeatedly died and was resurrected. To him, his real-life
    adventures were much more sensational-he kicked butt! But his studio felt
    that the hero needed to take a fall for dramatic purposes, Johnny Cage
    reluctantly agreed to continue with the project until the Thunder God Raiden
    called him away to a new adventure in Outworld.
         Status: Movie Star
         Alignment: Good
         Styles: Jeet Kune Do
         Weapon: Nunchaku
    5j. Sub-Zero(the 6th): Raiden appeared before Sub-Zero and asked for his aid
    in defeating the Deadly Alliance in Outworld. Fighting alongside Raiden would
    prove to the world that the Lin Kuei had changed for the better, Sub-Zero
    accepted the challenge and brought with him all of his newest recruits. It
    was highly unusual for the Grand Master to embark on such a dangerous
    mission, but Sub-Zero felt it was necessary to earn the respect of his fellow
    Lin Kuei.
         Status: Grand master
         Alignment: Good
         Styles: Shotokan
         Weapon: Kori Blade
    5k. Kano: Kano had been defeated in a battle with Special Forces agent Sonya
    Blade during Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm. Shao Kahn incarcerated Kano
    for this failure, but later hastily promoted him to General when he prevented
    the Emperor's assassination at the hands of the Shokan warrior known as
    Sheeva. With the merging of Earthrealm and Outworld not yet complete, Shao
    Kahn ordered Kano to portal back to the last remnants of Outworld to gather
    more troops for the final push against the Earthrealm opposition.
         Status: Mercenary
         Alignment: Evil
         Styles: Xing Yi
         Weapon: Butterfly Swords
    5l. Kung Lao: Kung Lao was the first to find the body of his friend and
    fellow Shaolin monk Liu Kang. He later discovered that it was in fact Shang
    Tsung who had dealt the fatal blow. Enraged, Kung Lao abandoned his Shaolin
    beliefs and vowed revenge against the sorcerer. He knew that his fighting
    skill would not be sufficent to best Shang Tsung. He would need training from
    the same Outworld master who had taught Liu Kang one special attack he needed
    to win the Mortal Kombat tournament so many years ago.
         Status: Shaolin Monk
         Alignment: Good
         Styles: Mantis
                 Shaolin Fist
         Weapon: Broadsword
    5m. Nitara**: The vampire Nitara had at long last discovered the location of
    the Orb that bound her realm to Outworld. Unfortunately, it rested in a
    location she could never access. However, the ninja cyborg Cyrax of
    Earthrealm had the ability to retrieve it for her. Through careful
    manipulation, she convinced Reptile to engage Cyrax in combat and destroy his
    arm panel in the process. The damage to his transporter left him stranded in
    Outworld. Her plan was coming together beautifully.
         Status: Vampire
         Alignment: Neutral
         Styles: Leopard
                 Fu Jow Pai
         Weapon: Kama
    5n. Drahmin(the Oni-Tormentor)**: The Oni Torementor Drahmin resided in the
    5th plane of the Netherrealm for centuries. It was therefore no surprise to
    Moloch that Drahmin would so readily accept Quan Chi's offer of freedom from
    that realm in return for protection from the ninja spectre Scorpion. Drahmin
    and Moloch savagely brutalized Scorpion whenever he a made a move for Quan
    Chi. It would not be long before they would be released upon the world of the
    living and taste mortal flesh once more.
         Status: Oni Demon
         Alignment: Evil
         Styles: Netherrealm
         Weapon: Iron Club
    5o. Hsu Hao**: A member of the Red Dragon, Hsu Hao's duty was to infilitrate
    the Special Forces and covertly guide them to the members of the Black ragon.
    Once the Black Dragon was seemingly destroyed, Hsu Hao was ordered to remain
    among the Special Forces ranks as an informant until further notice. That
    notice came when his superior Mavado, ordered him to destroy the Outerworld
    Investigation Agency's ability to travel to the Outworld. Hsu Hao would not
    dishonor his Red Dragon clan; he would complete his task at any cost.
         Status: Red Dragon
         Alignment: Evil
         Styles: Shuai Chiao
         Weapon: Sun-Moon
    5p. Frost**: Sub-Zero had reformed the Lin Kuei clan and held a tournament to
    recruit the best of the best. The winner was a mysterious female named Frost
    who seemed to have freezing abilities similar to thos eof Sub-Zero. Breaking
    with Lin Kuei tradition, the new Grand Master, Sub-Zero, took it upon himself
    to train this new recruit. With his help, Frost was able to better harness
    her Kori Powers. Sub-Zero was not able to teach her humility, however, and
    her arrogance grew along with her superior fighting abilities.
         Status: Lin Kuei
         Alignment: Unknown
         Styles: Tong Bei
                 Yuan Yang
         Weapon: Daggers
    5q. Major Jackson Briggs(A.k.a.: Jax)**: Jax spent most of his time in the
    heavily fortified underground facilities of the Outerworld Investigation
    Agency. From an enormous underground chamber, Jax would send his agents to
    the other realms by way of man-made inter-realm portals. Two of his agents,
    the cyborg ninja Cyrax and the rouge swordsman Kenshi, had been assigned to
    the realm of Outworld - a domain of strange creatures and maniacal sorcerers.
    Jax would soon be reminded of just how dangerous a threat to Earth that realm
    could be.
         Status: Special Forces
         Alignment: Good
         Styles: Muay Thai
         Weapon: Tonfa
    5r. Kitana**: Having freed her home world of Edenia from Shao Kahn's grasp,
    Kitana led her people to battle against the weakened Emperor in a pre-emptive
    strike. She allied with the Shokan armies of Outworld, led by Prince Goro,
    and together their two nations were on the brink of victory. Tragedy struck
    when Goro was killed in battle and the Shokan army spiralled into leaderless
    chaos. But in a strange turn of events, Shao Kahn was slain by unknown
    assailants and Kano's troops began a hasty retreat. Kitana had won, but at a
    terrible cost to the Shokan people.
         Status: Princess
         Alignment: Good
         Styles: Eagle Claw
                 Ba Gua
         Weapon: Steel Fans
    5s. Rayden**: The Elder Gods were fully aware of the potential damage the
    alliance between Quan Chi and Shang Tsung posed to the stability of the
    realms. Yet even with this foresight, they all stood firm on their decision
    not to intefere. All, that is, exept for one - Raiden. The former God of
    Thunder pleaded with his fellow Elder Gods to take action, but they refused.
    Disgusted, Raiden relinquished his Elder God status and returned to
    Earthrealm to gather support against the coming storm.
         Status: Thunder God
         Alignment: Good
         Styles: Nan Chuan
         Weapon: Staff
    5t. Reptile**: Reptile's detour to Kitana's base camp had delayed him just
    long enough for Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to spring their attack on Shao Kahn.
    Reptile was devasted that he had failed his master and wandared the Outworld
    wastelands aimlessly until he once again crossed paths with Nitara.
    Desperately in need of a master, he offered his loyalty to her. Her first
    command was to attack the invader from the Earthrealm, Cyrax. She explained
    that he must first destroy his arm panel in order to weaken the outsider.
         Status: Warrior
         Alignment: Evil
         Styles: Hung Gar
         Weapon: Kirehashi
    5u. Cyrax(Unit LK-4D4)**: The cyborg ninja Cyrax regained his soul with the
    aid of Special Forces agents Sonya Blade and Jackson Briggs. In return for
    their help, he joined the Special Forces Outerworld Investigation Agency and
    become a scout in the realm of Outworld. On his last transport to that realm,
    a reptilian creature ambushed Cyrax. His arm console was damaged in the
    struggle and with it his Inter-realm portal technology. He defeated the
    creature, but will have to find some other means to return to Outworld.
         Status: Special Forces
         Alignment: Good
         Styles: Ninjitsu
         Weapon: Pulse Blade
    5v. Blaze(S): The mysterious Outworld elemental known only as Blaze had long
    been on a quest throughout the realm. During his quest, an ancient sect of
    holy men still serving the long dead Dragon King ambushed him on a bridge.
    The holy men enslaved him through mystic incantations and forced him to
    protect the last known Great Dragon Egg. For many years he has remained
    submerged beneath the molten rock of the incubation chamber as 'Guardian of
    the Egg'.
         Status: Guardian
         Alignment: Unknown
         Styles: Hapkido
                 Jeet Kune Do
                 Xing Yi
    5w. MoKap(S): A former martial arts teacher on the North side of Chicago, the
    man commonly referred to as Mokap was called upon by Johnny Cage to do some
    motion capture work for his new movie "Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance." Mokap
    was flown to Hollywood to begin his first session, which consisted mainly of
    the Crane and Snake styles. Although many other martial artists were used,
    Mokap was brought in repeatedly for his vast knowledge of fighting
         Status: Motion Capture Specialist
         Alignment: Unknown
         Styles: Karate
                 Tai Chi
                 Tea Kwon Do
    5v. Moloch(the Oni-Destroyer)(SB): The Oni Destroyer Moloch inhabited the 5th
    plane of the Netherrealm with Drahmin, upon Quan Chi's arrival he was also
    freed from this realm. And now serves as the guardian of the Deadly Alliance.
         Status: Oni Demon
         Alignment: Evil
         Styles: Brute Strenght?
         Weapon: Ball and Chain
    |                                |
    | 6. Basic Stuff you Should Know |
         This is a list of the basic stuff you will need to know to play this
    game. Most of this can be learned by just playing and touching buttons, but
    there's a couple of stuff you might want to check out.
    6a. Kontrol Layout.
         I'll start saying once again that this guide is for the PS2 version of
    MK:DA, so I don't care what the controls are on the Cube or the X-Box! I will
    assume that you have all seen a PS2 controller and that you know where is
    each button located. I will first give you the Key that I will be using
    during this whole work:
    U: Up on the D-Pad
    D: Down on the D-Pad
    L: Left on the D-Pad
    R: Right on the D-Pad
    UL: Up/Left diagonal on the D-Pad
    UR: Up/Right diagonal on the D-Pad
    DL: Down/Left diagonal on the D-Pad
    DR: Down/Right diagonal on the D-Pad
    T: Triangle Button
    S: Square Button
    O: Circle Button
    X: Cross Button
    L#: Shoulder "L" Buttons(with a number next to it meaning which one)
    R#: Shoulder "R" Buttons(same as L's)
    A "+" between 2 buttons means "at the same time" that is: T+O means Triangle
    and Circle button at the same time.
    6b. Game Modes.
         Before you learn how to fight, you must know where to fight. This is a
    list of all the available modes where you can play, most of them can be
    easily understood, and if you actually own the game then you don't really
    need this part. But if you're reading this before buying it, well here you
    - Arcade: Typical arcade mode of game play where the single player battles
    through a tier of opponents. At the end of the row of opponents you face
    Moloch and then the boss character. After you beat him you get a cool
    ending, unique to your character... you'll have to finish the game to see
    them... You can earn Kurrency to be spent at the Krypt.
    - Versus: Typical 1 on 1 kombat for two players. You can load profiles and
    Kurrency from your memory cards(one per rival) and bet some Kurrency on it.
    - Konquest: This is the main mode of MKDA, it's a mix of a Story Mode with a
    training mode. It will take you through a series of missions on which you
    will learn to use a character's moves and combos while you discover more
    about his/her story line. Each Konquest is unique for every character(some
    missions might be similar, but the fact of having a story told make them
    different for everybody). You can earn Kurrency on every mission.
    - The Krypt: This is the area of the game where you can unlock hidden items
    and areas of the Kontent and Extras area of the game. There are 676 koffins;
    these koffins are coded from AA to ZZ on a 26X26 board. Each koffin is worth 
    a set amount of Kurrency and you'll need to obtain that amount in order to 
    "buy it" and unlock it. What is inside every of them? Just buy and see or of 
    course check up the Krypt FAQ...
    - Player Profile: This is used to set up multiple player profiles where it'll
    store all the stats for a given player. Stats like number of battles won and
    lost, number of fatalities performed, and what extras (like hidden
    characters) have been unlocked. Player profiles can be changed from the
    character select screen by using one of the trigger buttons on the controller
    to bring up a personal pin entering screen that will load the player profile
    associated with that pin.
    - Options: This will be the place to change game options like timer on/off,
    controller configuration, and various other game settings. There is a
    possibility that they will include an option to allow back on the Directional
    Pad to block instead of using the block button.
    - Kontent: Here you'll access all those secret stuff "bought" at the Kript.
    Everything from secret FMV's, pics, and many other secrets.
    6c. Fighting Bases.
         First starting off with the basic controllers. You will have 5 attack
    buttons, one Change Stance button and a block button layed out this way:
    S: Attack 1
    T: Attack 2
    X: Attack 3
    O: Attack 4
    L1: Change Stance
    R1: Special Attack
    L2: Unused
    R2: Block Button
         The 4 attack buttons and the Special attack button's function vary
    between styles. For example: pressing the S button while on Johnny's Jeet
    Kune Do style ends up as a normal punch, but if you press it while on Jax's
    Judo style, you do a Suplex; pressing the R1 button while on Scorpion's
    Hapkido style will only make a taunt, but if you press it with while he's
    using his ninja sword he pulls out the Sidestep Swing for a great damage.
    Single hits won't actually do the trick here, so I won't go to deeply into
    this. What you really need to do is learn how to combo your opponent, I'll
    talk about this later. The actual use for each button on each style will be
    detailed on the movelist section.
         As mentioned above, each style has it's own use for its buttons. But
    the most important button here is the Special Attack Button(R1). Pressing
    this button will pull out one of this moves: Retreats, Taunts, Throws, Power-
    Up, Counters, Shoves, Impales and Sidestep Swing
     - Retreats: this move takes a huge backstep great for evading hits, the
    typical "getting out of the way" move. For example: Sub-Zero's Icy Retreat,
    he freezes an area of the ground and dashes backwards while on Shotokan.
     - Taunts: kind of a small pose, famous on SF games. The only difference it's
    that now it's actually useful! When you taunt you regain a bit of energy (a
    good amount of it if I might say...), if you can actually find an opening for
    it and you could need the energy, use it.
     - Throws: must be done by pressing towards the opponent together with the R1
    button. Every un-armed style is capable of throwing. Each character has one
    specific throw. Throws can be blocked by pressing R2 as any normal attack
    and can take quite a bit of energy away.
     - Power-Up: a move that boosts your strength and attack speed for a few
    seconds. It's a little slow to start up (you do a "charging up" pose and your
    character grows for a split second, the whole animation takes about a second
    to be performed), but if you can use it right before a kombo, it can prove
    - Counters: will get into this on th defensive techniques section. Basically
    you grab your opponent's attack and counter it with whatever you want.
    - Shove: the shove is a quick move that pushes your opponent away making them
    loose their stand. This move can get a blocking opponent off guard and leave
    them open for an attack or combo.
    - Impales: most of the swords have this move. Basically you stab your 
    with your weapon and leave it there. More info on the weapon section.
    - Sidestep Swing: used by the rest of the weapons on the game. What you do is
    take a quick sidestep and then swing the opponent with a hit that will
    usually send him flying. It's a great way to counter when you are using your
    weapon. It's not as damaging as the Impale, but if done correctly it cannot
    be escaped.
         Your comands for moving arround the arena are quite different on MK:DA
    when compared to other similar games (like Tekken and Virtua Fighter). While
    the L and R arrows still moves your character on those directions, the restof
    he movements have been altered so that the game can fit as a real 3D game.
         Jumping and ducking are not the same as before, since pressing the U and
    arrows will make you walk sideways instead of jumping or ducking. If you
    haveplayed Virtua Fighter 4 you will be familiar with this (All-Range
    Movement), now you will be able to actually walk into or away from the screen
    instead of just sidestepping.
         Now, if you need to jump you will have to press the U arrow with another
    direction, this is UL or UR. The direction you press indicates where will you
    jump, taking out the vertical jumping. Of course, UL makes you jump to the
    left side of the screen and UR makes you jump to the right side. Ducking will
    need a similar comand, DR or DL, but the direction won't affect the result at
        Another usefull movement is the Back Step. This movement is executed by
    double tapping the direction away from your opponent. When you do this your
    character jumps a step back away from the opponent giving you some space to
    re-think your attack. If done at the right time it can even let some opponent
    locked if he misses a slow attack and then you can comeback with some hits.
         Every character has at least 2 unique special attacks, each one of them
    with it's own properties. There are several kinds of specials: hitting
    specials, stunning specials, fireballs and traps.
     - Hitting Specials: moves that involve your opponent using his/her own body
    to attack. This move are usually used in close range(some of them like
    Sonya's flying kick can travel quite a distance though) and work great as a
    way to finish most of the kombos. The only problem with this specials is that
    they leave you open for counter attacks if you miss, and you can even get
    caught in the action(Moloch likes to hit you with his Chain and Ball when you
    try something like this...). Some examples are: Kung Lao's Spinning Kicks,
    Sub-Zero's Cold Shoulder, Scorpion's Flame Kick Flip, etc.
     - Stunning Specials: moves that, after executed, leaves your opponent open
    for attacks. This moves have a great range and are really useful for
    starting kombos. Some examples are: Scorpion's Spear, Bo Rai Cho's Puke,
    Sonya's Kiss of Death, etc.
    - Fireballs: clasic fighting game move. A quick projectile that works great
    on keeping opponents away. Most of this moves won't make too much damage when
    connected, but they can be useful when needing to stop someone(like a jumper
    opponent). Examples: Shang Tsung's Fireballs, Quan Chi's skull, Raiden's
    Bolt, etc.
    - Traps: this moves usually have a huge range, take a lot of damage and can
    connect on multiple situations. The catch? They are pretty slow to start up
    and can be easily dodged by just moving a bit. The only way it can connect is
    if the opponent is standing still or completely stunned or off guard (and of
    course you can use them to juggle an opponent).
         Since MK:DA is a 3D fighter, this game's attacking techniques are based
    on your ability to perform kombos with your character. This is as easy as it
    gets, if you think that you can win just by special moves (like the old SF's
    "Hadouken till death" technique or that good old "Freeze/Spear/stun-opponent
    +Uppercut" combo of MK, then you are doomed. There are two
    things that shouldn't be mixed up- Strings and Kombos,
         ** Strings: chain of flowing pre-edited hits that can cause a kombo
         ** Kombo: combination of attacks that when chained right, cannot be
         Every character in the game is capable of pulling out kombos, but not
    every character has a string on his/her fighting style. Strings can be
    chained to create a huge kombo and even adding some special moves on the way
    for a great damage.
         Basically the best way to kombo your opponent is to juggle him, this is
    catch him with some hits or special move while he's on the air recovering
    from another one. To do so you will need to connect a launcher(a move that
    will either send your opponent flying defenseless into the air, or make him
    bounce off the ground), and then quickly input another command to keep
    punishing him. Some of the strings end up on launchers. The ideal concept of
    a kombo is to first connect a chain of attacks (will it be a string ending up
    on a launcher or just a simple launcher), then repeat this launcher(or
    another one) and then ending it up with another string or special move.
         Some of the special moves(as Sub-Zero's freeze) can stun your opponent
    leaving him open for attacks.
         The strings, special and normal attacks available for each player are
    listed on the move list section. The kombos that can be pulled out by each
    character depend on your own skill and timing, practice which moves work
    better as starters, which ones work better as launchers and which ones can be
    used to close the kombo and you can actually create some unique punishment
         Remember you can also change between stances at any time, so if you
    know a move that would work great on a certain ocation (for example, if the
    guy is on the air and you are on an unarmed style, but you know that your
    weapon has a great damaging attack that can catch him falling) go quickly to
    that stance and finish the job. Some strings even require you to change
    stance between them to work (like Scorpion's Infernal). Kombos are really up
    to you, but none can live forever with just basic strings, so learn how to
    take chances with these babies...
         Being this a real 3D fighter, it's necesary to have good defensive
    techniques. There are 6 basic defensive techniques: Ground Recover, Attack
    Blocking, Evading Attacks, Retreat Moves and Counters:
     ***Ground Recover: famous between fighting games nowadays. What you do is
    start pressing buttons just before you hit the ground and you will quickly
    roll away from danger. Weird enough I've been able to pull this out by
    tapping the L2 button (suposedly unused). The only usefullness of this
    is to get up quicker and get out of some OTG(On The Ground) attacks.
     ***Blocking: as on many 3D fighters (Soul Calibur, Virtua Figher 4, Bloody
    Roar 3) MKDA has a block button,R2. Pressing this button will cause your
    character to stand still and block almost anything you throw at them. 
    Blocking is a
    quick way to stop most of the game's attacks, but it takes away a small
    portion of your energy bar (not much, but consecutive hits can cause
    some damage), specially weapons... Besides there are some moves (like
    Bo Rai Cho's ground stomp) that cannot be blocked! So watch out for them.
    Blocking takes place on two positions, standing and ducking. Just hold the
    block button while on those positions. What's the difference? Easy, low 
    break the standing block and jumping attacks break the ducking block. Keep 
    in mind for both attack and defense.
     ***Evading Attacks: as hard as this can be it's probably the most useful
    technique on defense. What you must do is take a side step (just press U or 
    before an  attack hits you. It must be timed well (not too late, yet not too
    early) That can be achieved with a bit of practice. The downfall for dodging
    is that it can be very tricky to pull off, and that some moves (like Shang's
    3D flames) can catch you even if you try this. Some moves can actually be
    used for this: like the Sidestep Swing.
     ***Retreat Moves: some styles can pull out this moves with the special
    button as explained above. This move is pretty usefull when trying to escape
    back to a safe distance. If you can time it right before a slow move you can
    counter it pretty well. Also if you need to run away from your opponent for a
    while (let's say you impaled him and you just want to avoid him until he 
    it can also work great there.
     ***Counters: some styles (Nan Chuan for example) have the counter as it's
    special. To pull out the counter you must press the R1 button just before an
    attack hits you, note that fireballs and specials cannot be countered. If
    done correctly, you will catch your opponent limb and the word Counter will
    flash on the screen and you will have a few seconds to hit back with anything
    you like, you can even return with a kombo! It's possibly the most usefull
    defensive technique, the only problem is that it can be kinda hard to pull it
    right because of the timing and the fact that only a few characters have
    this move.
         Regarding to weapons, they can be your biggest tool at offense. 
    Learn how to use them well. Each character has a specific weapon,
    each one of them has different moves and properties: Johnny's Nunchakus are
    incredibly fast, while Scorpion's sword can fail on it's speed; Kenshi's
    Katana has a great range compared to Li Mei's Sais and so on...
         Weapons also have their own special move and like those on Hand-to-Hand
    styles it will vary from weapon to weapon. Those fighters with sharp
    weapons,like swords, daggers, and Kitana's Steel Fans, have a special move
    that will stab your opponents body (For Example: Sub-Zero impales you with
    his Kori Blade) and it will remain on them for the rest of the round, making
    them loose blood and slowly draining their energy bar away until one of the
    two are KO-ed. The catch? If you use this move, you will loose your weapon
    for the rest of the round and I think you know what this means... one style
    less for the round.
    6d. Finishing your opponent off
         As created by MK1, and then used on many other games after it and the
    other installments of MK, after you win the match (usually 2 out of 3 rounds)
    you get the chance to perform a Fatality.  We all should know what Fatalities
    are, but in case you have been on a prison for the past decade or
    something, fatalities are moves that can only be performed at the end of the
    match and are used to kill your opponent. Fatalities are usually pretty
    impresive at sight, and shows a lot of blood and gore, just see one of them
    and you'll get what I mean.
        To perform them, all you need to do is imput the right button combination
    (must be done quickly) after you get the Finish Him/Her sign, before you run
    out of time. The distance to the target is no longer important on MKDA, as
    long as you don't hit your opponent with an attack before the animation
         If you press the L1 button you enter the "Fatality" style, this stance
    will lock you in your position, so that you wont move when imputing the code.
    Just a little help, yet not a "must do" for the move.
          All the codes for the fatalities are listed on the character's move
    lists, there's only one known fatality per character, if we ever find out
    more, I'll write them down.
    |               |
    | 7. Move Lists |
         This is the complete movelist for each character. The special moves can
    be performed on any stance, but the moves listed under a stance only work
    there. All these commands are assuming your character is facing right, in 
    other cases just flip the commands so that L becomes R and R becomes L.
    7a. Shang Tsung:
    Special Moves:
    - Straight Fireball: D,L+S
    - 3D Fireballs:      L,R+S(near)
    - Soul Steal:        D,L+X
    Moves by styles:
    - Snake: Bai She Tu Xin:    S
             Cross Fang:        L+S
             Low Palm:          D+S
             Viper Strike:      T
             Gut Buster:        L+T
             Twin Fang:         D+T
             Qing She Chu Dong: U+T
             High Snap Kick:    X
             Twin Cobra:        D+X
             Mid Kick:          O
             Quick Bite:        D+O
             Eagle Pecking:     L+O
             Back Flip:         R1
             Throw:             R+R1
             Spiritual Snake Trail: T X
             Blinding Strike:       T L+S
             Soul Catcher:          T L+O
             Serpent Touch:         O L+T
             Thrusting Fang:        S S S
             Rattle Snake:          S S X
             Hissing Strikes:       S S T X
             Cold Blooded:          S S T R1
             Poisonous Snake:       S S T T
             Lethal Venom:          S S T L+O
             Snake Eyes:            S S T L+S
             Cobra Revenge:         S S O L+T
    - Crane: Chin Punch:          S
             Crane Neck:          D+S
             Crane Wing:          T
             Strong Knee:         L+T
             Back Fist:           D+T
             Flapping Wing:       X
             Hop Sidekick:        L+X
             Low Peck:            D+X
             Spinning Sidekick:   O
             Spinning Crane Kick: U+O
             Sweeping Crane:      D+O
             Reversal:            R1
             Throw:               R+R1
             Crazy Wings:       X X T
             3-Hit Wings:       X X X
             Sidewinder:        X X O
             Triple Chin Punch: S S S
             Death Bed:         S S S L1
             Raging Beak:       S S S U+O
             Final Withdrawl:   X X X S S S L1
             Hunt Down:         X X X S S S U+O
    - Straight Sword: Front Swipe:     S
                      Lifting Swing:   U+S
                      Shin Slash:      D+S
                      Rising Slice:    T
                      Lunge:           R+T
                      Low 2-Hit Swipe: D+T
                      Back Hand Lunge: U+T
                      Foot Sword:      X
                      Cross Strike:    L+X
                      Chest Slice:     D+X
                      Spinning Slice:  O
                      Low Stab:        L+O
                      Sweeping Stike:  D+O
                      Impale:          R1
                      Deadly Blade:   S S
                      Ancient Strike: O T
                      Soul Sucker:    R+T S
                      Pain:           X L+X
                      Master's Edge:  O T X L+X
    - Soul Consume: U,D,U,D,T
    7b. Bo' Rai Cho:
    Special Moves:
    - Flip Flop:    D,L+S
    - Belly Bash:   R,R+O
    - Puke Puddle:  L,R+T
    - Ground Stomp: R,L+X
    Moves by styles:
    - Drunken Fist: Spinning Backfist: S
                    Cross Strike:      L+S
                    Serving Fist:      D+S
                    Drinking Punch:    T
                    Twisting Flash:    D+T
                    Battle Punches:    U+T
                    Lazy Leg:          X
                    Sweep Kick:        L+X
                    Drinking Whine:    D+X
                    Drunken Leg:       O
                    Spinning Kick:     L+O
                    Money Kick:        D+O
                    Taunt:             R1
                    Throw:             R+R1
                    Kreepy and Jugs:   X T
                    Twist of Lime:     S S S
                    Chrushing Grapes:  X X X
                    Staggering Steps:  T X T T
                    Zero Tolerance:    X X T T
                    On the Rocks:      T T S S S
                    Bottoms Up:        T T S S L1 T L1
                    Last Call:         T T S S L1 T L+O
                    Drunken Fury:      T T S S L1 T U+O
    - Mi Zong: Hook Fist:      S
               Low Strike:     D+S
               Straight Punch: T
               Low Knife Hand: D+T
               Roundhouse:     X
               Sweep Kick:     L+X
               Tripping Sweep: D+X
               Side Kick:      O
               Step Kick:      D+O
               Lift Kick:      L+O
               Smashing Kick:  U+O
               Shove:          R1
               Throw:          R+R1
               Critical Strike: T T L1
               Lost Track:      T T U+O
               Iron Broom:      T T L+O
    - Jojustsu: Overhead Strike:        S
                Strong Overhead Strike: L+S
                Reverse Low Strike:     D+S
                Two-Handed Thrust:      T
                Vertical Smash:         L+T
                Leg Sweep:              D+T
                Homerun Swing:          X
                2-hit Strike:           R+X
                Low Foot Poke:          D+X
                Straight Thrust:        U+3
                Mid Reverse Strike:     O
                Leg Poke:               L+O
                High Reverse Strike:    D+O
                Sidestep Swing:         R1
                Homerun Swing:    T X
                Dancing Stick:    T O S
                Splitting Bamboo: T O L+S
                Rolling Wind:     T O O U+X
    - Belly Flop: L,L,L,D,O
    7c. Quan Chi:
    Special Moves:
    - Skull:       D,L+S
    - Rising Star: L,D+O
    Moves by styles:
    - Tang Soo Do: Open Palm:              S
                   Knee Chop:              D+S
                   Downward Elbow:         L+S
                   Forward Open Palm:      T
                   Low Spearhand:          D+T
                   Front Ball Kick:        X
                   Low Parallel Punch:     D+X
                   Inside Crescent Kick:   R+X
                   Spinning Sidekick:      L+X
                   Sweeping Knife Hook:    O
                   Low Foot Strike:        D+O
                   One Knuckle Fist Punch: L+4
                   Reversal:               R1
                   Throw:                  R+R1
                   Face Breaker:   T T
                   Path Maker:     X X
                   Nightfall:      L+S O
                   Rushing Palm:   S S S
                   Running Stream: T X O
                   Walking Dead:   L+S X X
                   Strong Wind:    S S T T
                   Internal Power: S S X X
                   Green Mountain: S S T X O
                   Pain Killer:    S S T X L1 O L1
    - Escriba: Pinasaka:           S
               Pintok:             D+S
               Lightning Strike:   L+S
               Backhand Strike:    T
               Planchada:          D+T
               Chest Strike:       X
               Piercing Elbow:     D+X
               Deadly Palm:        L+X
               Rising Knee Strike: O
               Straight Fist:      R+O
               Cutting Elbow:      D+O
               Neijin:             R1
               Throw:              R+R1
               Double Pinasaka: S S
               Hit and Run:     X S S
               Rushing Knee:    O O L1
               Slitting Hand:   X S R+O
               Ice Pick:        S O O L1
               De Cadena:       X S L+S
    - Broadswords: Piercing Thrust:   S
                   Double Edged Blow: D+S
                   Dual Blade Swing:  T
                   Decieving Strike:  L+T
                   Winged Strike:     D+T
                   2-hit Strike:      X
                   Half Moon Slice:   D+X
                   Dual Side Slash:   O
                   Circular Slash:    D+O
                   Strong Slice:      R1
                   Doom Blade:        X O
    - Neck Stretcher: L,L,R,L,X
    7d. Li Mei:
    Special Moves:
    - Flying Fists: R,R+T
    - Kartwheel:    D,L+O
    - Klock Kick:   R,D+X
    - Light Spark:  D,L+S
    Moves by styles:
    - Baji Quan: Wing Arm:             S
                 Low Scooping Arm:     D+S
                 Upward Palm Strike:   R+S
                 Thrusting Fingers:    T
                 Scooping Arm:         D+T
                 Circling Hand Strike: L+T
                 Scraping Kick:        X
                 Low Kick:             D+X
                 Lifting Kick:         O
                 Rising Elbow:         D+O
                 Nailing Kick:         L+O
                 Taunt:                R1
                 Throw:                R+R1
                 Setting Sun:     O O O
                 All Natural:     O O L1 O
                 Rising Sun:      O O L1 L+S
                 Linked Strength: O O L1 L+S L1
    - Lui He Ba Fa: Sideward Palm:    S
                    Hammer Palm:      L+S
                    Halting Palm:     D+S
                    Heel Palm Strike: U+S
                    Open Fist Strike: T
                    Low Jab Fist:     D+T
                    Back Kick:        X
                    Sweeping Kick:    L+X
                    Back Sweep:       D+X
                    Spinning Elbow:   O
                    Lifting Knee:     L+O
                    Low Sidward Palm: D+O
                    Shove:            R1
                    Throw:            R+R1
                    Lost Rose:          T O
                    Pink Dragon:        X X
                    Extreme Fists:      S S S
                    Unleashed:          T L+S
                    Explosive Strength: S S L+O
                    Rejuvenation:       S S T O
                    Coiled Dragon:      S S X X
                    Golden Path:        S S T L+S
                    Flower Blossom:     S S T L+S L1
    - Sai: Forward Thrust: S
           Overhead Smash: L+S
           Low Swipe:      D+S
           Gut Stab:       T
           Rising Sai:     U+T
           Low Thrust:     D+T
           Foot Spike:     X
           Knee Poke:      D+X
           Side Swipe:     O
           Sweeping Sai:   L+O
           Hooking Stab:   D+O
           Impale:         R1
    - Super Crush Kick: R,R,D,R,O
    7e. Scorpion
    Special Moves:
    - Spear:           L,R+S
    - Raise Hellfire:  D,L+T
    - Flame Kick Flip: R,L+X
    Moves by styles:
    - Hapkido: Back Hand Strike:  S
               Face Strike:       L+S
               Twisting Fist:     D+S
               Neck Chop:         T
               Open Palm:         D+T
               Axe Kick:          X
               Knee Knockdown:    R+X
               Hop Sweep:         L+X
               Back Sweep:        D+X
               Snap Kick:         O
               Front Sweep:       D+O
               Backside Kick:     L+O
               Front Thrust Kick: U+O
               Taunt:             R1
               Throw:             R+R1
               Sinking Leaf:  R+X L+X
               Flowing Water: T T S
               Inner Power:   T T O
               Spectre Blast: X L+S
               Lethal Legs:   O L+O
               Liftoff:       O U+O
               Burning Soul:  S X U+O
               Doombringer:   T X L+S
               Painless:      T T L1 T X
               Undead Rush:   T T L1 T S
               Knightmare:    T T L1 T L1 O
               Darkness:      T T L1 T L1 X
               Infernal:      T T L1 T L1 S S X
    - Pi Gua: Ridge Hand:             S
              Knife Hand Chop:        L+S
              Low Knife Hand Chop:    D+S
              Spear Hand Strike:      T
              Wing Chop:              R+T
              Spear Hand Sweep:       L+T
              Chest Strike:           D+T
              Stepping Heel Kick:     X
              Open Palm Strike:       D+X
              Low Heel Kick:          O
              Low Knife Hand Strike:  D+O
              Double Knife Hand Chop: L+O
              Shove:                  R1
              Throw:                  R+R1
              Stone Breaker:      L+S X
              Falling Tree:       T T X
              Rushing Ridge Hand: T T S
              Nuisance:           T T L1 O
              Deranged:           T T L1 X
              Hell Bound:         T T L1 S S X
    - Ninja Sword: Spinning Slash:        S
                   Upward Slash:          D+S
                   Reverse Stab:          T
                   Edge Slash:            D+T
                   Rising Slash:          X
                   Charging Slash:        R+X
                   Piercing Blade:        D+X
                   Crescent Blade Strike: O
                   Sweeping Blade:        D+O
                   Sidestep Swing:        R1
                   Turning Dragon: S T
                   Rising Dragon:  S X
                   Demon Slice:    O X
                   Moon Strike:    O O
                   Edge of Pain:   O S S X
    - Spear Head: L,L,D,L,O
    7f. Sonya Blade
    Special Moves:
    - Flying Kick:   R,R+X
    - Kiss of Death: D,L+O
    Moves by styles:
    - Kenpo: Knife-Hand Strike:     S
             Double Hammer Fist:    D+S
             Spinning Elbow Strike: L+S
             Eye-Gouger:            T
             Knife-Hand Chop:       L+T
             Low Punch:             D+T
             Standing Upercut:      U+T
             Back Kick:             X
             Leg Sweep:             L+X
             Low Heel Kick:         D+X
             Rising Axe Kick:       O
             Shovel Kick:           L+O
             Low Step Punch:        D+O
             Neijin:                R1
             Throw:                 R+R1
             Conscious Mind: X X
             Cutting Edge:   S X X
             Big Guns:       S S O
             Warefare:       S S L1 O L1
    - Tae Kwon Do: Side Kick:          S
                   Hook Kick:          L+S
                   Double Hammer Fist: D+S
                   Downward Axe Kick:  T
                   Twin Fist Punch:    D+T
                   Sninning Heel Kick: X
                   Rolling Strike:     D+X
                   Ankle Smash:        L+X
                   2-Hit Axe Kick:     O
                   Nitro Kicks:        L+O
                   Spinning Back Kick: D+O
                   Reversal:           R1
                   Throw:              R+R1
                   Clearness of Mind:   O O
                   Take Out:            L+X X
                   Blitzkrieg:          L+O L1
                   Peaceful World:      S S D+X
                   Special Forces:      O L+X X
    - Kali Sticks: Straight Snap Strike:  S
                   Low Snap Strike:       D+S
                   Overhead Strike:       R+S
                   Circular Strike:       T
                   Low Scissors Swipe:    D+T
                   Low Swinging Strike:   X
                   Spinning Strike:       L+X
                   Low Strike:            D+X
                   Wrist Snap Strike:     O
                   Chin Jab:              D+O
                   Circular Power Strike: L+O
                   Stick Smash:           R1
                   Multi-Level Strike: T O X
                   Show-Off:           T O L+X
                   Furious Blows:      O T O
                   Live Hand:          O T L+X
    - Kiss of Death: L,R,R,D,T
    7g. Kenshi
    Special Moves:
    - Telekinetic Toss: D,L+O
    - Telekinetic Push: R,R+T
    - Telekinetic Slam: R,D,R+O
    Moves by styles:
    - Tai Chi: Palm Strike:         S
               Rising Spade Hand:   L+S
               Pushing Hands:       R+S
               Dual Fist Strike:    D+S
               Chopping Strike:     T
               Quick Uppercut:      L+T
               Rising Uppercut:     D+T
               Straight Kick:       X
               Low Lean Kick:       D+X
               Spinning Roundhouse: O
               Low Spin Kick:       D+O
               Standing Sweep:      L+O
               Taunt:               R1
               Throw:               R+R1
               Empty and Full: S S
               Blind Justice:  L+T X
               Play by Ear:    T T T X
               Dark Fists:     T T T S S
               Fading Light:   T T T L+S
               Nightfall:      T T T L1 S X
               Out of Sight:   T T T L1 S L1
               See No Evil:    T T T L1 S L+X
    - San Shao: Hook Punch:           S
                Long Range Fist:      L+S
                Low Jab:              D+S
                Face Strike:          T
                Knee Knocker:         R+T
                Rising Elbow:         D+T
                Side Kick:            X
                Low Sweep:            D+X
                Propelling Hook Kick: L+X
                Rising Toe Kick:      R+X
                Snapping Roundhouse:  O
                Spinning Roundhouse:  L+O
                Shin Kick:            D+O
                Neijin:               R1
                Throw:                R+R1
                Don't Blink:          O O
                Natural Way:          T S X
                Near Sight:           T S L1
                All Ears:             T S L+X
    - Katana: Spinning Slash:        S
              Upward Slash:          D+S
              Reverse Stab:          T
              Edge Slash:            D+T
              Rising Slash:          X
              Charging Slash:        R+X
              Piercing Blade:        D+X
              Crescent Blade Strike: O
              Sweeping Blade:        D+O
              Sidestep Swing:        R1
              Day Break:     S T
              Rising Dragon: S X
              Blind Slice:   O X
              Moon Strike:   O O
              Edge of Pain:  O S S X
    - Telekinetic Crush: R,L,R,D,X
    7h. Mavado
    Special Moves:
    - Grapple Hook Strike: R,R+X
    - Change Sides Hook:   D,U+T
    Moves by styles:
    - Long Fist: Flat Punch:         S
                 Knee Strike:        L+S
                 Ducking Claw:       D+S
                 Long Straight Fist: T
                 Crane Strike:       L+T
                 Low Strike:         D+T
                 Heel Kick:          X
                 Ducking Fist:       D+X
                 Cutkick:            O
                 Floor Kick:         D+O
                 Spinning Crane:     L+O
                 Shove:              R1
                 Throw:              R+R1
                 Longfist Blast: S S T
                 Forklift:       S S L+T
    - Wing Chung: Outside Whip Punch:   S
                  Low Punch:            D+S
                  Hammerfist:           T
                  Low Whip jab:         D+T
                  Sidekick:             X
                  Shin Kick:            D+X
                  Front Heel Kick:      O
                  Sweep Kick:           D+O
                  Dragon Tongue:        R1
                  Throw:                R+R1
                  Mavado Surprise:  O X
                  Lin Wan Kuen:     S S S
                  Determination:    T O X
                  Storm Kicks:      O O X
                  Rolling Hands:    S T O X
                  Red Dragon:       S O O X
                  Empty Shadow:     S S U+S
                  Control of Power: S T O O X
                  Chain Saw:        S T O L1 O T
                  Sacred Band:      S T O L1 O L+X
                  Downfall:         S T O L1 O L+T
    - Hook Swords: Chest Strike:          S
                   Low Reverse Blow:      D+S
                   Downward Hook Strike:  T
                   Twin Overhead Strike:  L+T
                   One Hook Sweep:        D+T
                   Low High 2-hit:        X
                   Twin Overhead Slam:    L+X
                   Scissors Swipe:        D+X
                   Stepping Chest Strike: O
                   Upward Cross Strike:   D+O
                   Dual Hook Strike:      R+O
                   Sidestep Swing:        R1
                   Kabal's Torment:       O O T
                   Strength and Balance:  O O L+X
                   Hook N Bash:           O O L+T
                   Blazing Fury:          T O O T
                   Brutal Revenge:        T O O L+X
                   Kabal's Return:        T O O L+T
    - Kick Thrust: L,L,U,U,S
    7i. Johnny Cage
    Special Moves:
    - Forceball:       D,L+S
    - Shadow Kick:     L,R+X
    - Johnny Uppercut: L+R1
    Moves by styles:
    - Karate: Lunge Punch:         S
              Low Hook Punch:      D+S
              Side Elbow Punch:    L+S
              Knife Hand Chop:     T
              Knife Hammer Strike: R+T
              Low Palm Strike:     D+T
              Front Thrust Kick:   X
              Low Jabbing Punch:   D+X
              Cutting Kick:        U+X
              Side Thrust Kick:    O
              Low Kick:            D+O
              Shin Thrust:         L+O
              Flip Kick:           U+O
              Double Flip Kick:    U+O U+O
              Shove:               R1
              Throw:               R+R1
              Smash TV:           T O
              Bone Breaker:       X O
              Big Blast:          S S O
              Out Take:           S S L1
              The Foot Sword:     X X X
              Cutting Hands:      S X O
              Closing Credits:    S S L+S
              Chopping Hands:     S T R+T
              Cameo:              S T X O
              Prequel:            T X X X
              Box Office Smash:   S T X X X
              Theatrical Release: S S U+O
              Directors Cut:      S S U+O U+O
    - Jeet Kune Do: Leading Straight Punch: S
                    Hook Fist:              D+S
                    Knuckle Fist:           L+S
                    Duck 'n Jab:            T
                    Low Knuckle Fist:       D+T
                    Stepping Snap Kick:     X
                    Low Punch:              D+X
                    Side Kick to Knee:      L+X
                    Side Kick to Face:      O
                    Sweeping Kick:          L+O
                    Low Kick:               D+O
                    High Hookin Kick:       U+O
                    Taunt:                  R1
                    Throw:                  R+R1
                   Straight Blast: S S
                   Spotlight:      T T O
                   Runner Up:      T T X X L1
                   Sticky Legs:    T T X X O
                   Outer Gate:     T T X X L+O
    - Nunchaku: Reverse Shoulder Swing: S
                Overhand Strike:        L+S
                Bottom Swing:           D+S
                Stepping Cross Swing:   T
                Cross Bike Strike:      L+T
                Low Knee Strike:        D+T
                Underhand Strike:       X
                Low Circular Swing:     L+X
                Double Thrust Strike:   R+X
                Rising Swing:           D+X
                Side Kick:              O
                Roundhouse Kick:        L+O
                Low Foot Strike:        D+O
                Side Step Swing:        L1
                Gentle Spirit:   S S X X
                Flowing Strikes: S S S S
                Living Legend:   S S T L+T
    - Brain Ripper: L,R,R,D,T
    7j. Sub-Zero
    Special Moves:
    - Freeze:        D,R,S
    - Cold Shoulder: L,R,O
    - Ice Shaker:    L,D,T
    Moves by styles:
    - Shotokan: Spear Hand Strike:      S
                Forward Elbow Strike:   L+S
                Lower Knee Strike:      D+S
                Sword Hand Strike:      T
                Lower Dual Punch:       D+T
                Mountain Punch:         L+T
                Rising Thrust Kick:     X
                Side Snap Kick:         R+X
                Low Sweep Kick:         D+X
                Thrust Kick:            O
                Low Double Side Strike: D+O
                Low Shin Kick:          L+O
                Icy Retreat:            R1
                Throw:                  R+R1
                2-Hit Trick:    X X
                King's Crown:   X R+X
                Peaceful Mind:  X L+T
                Icy Pain:       S T O
                Cloud Hands:    S T L+S
                Iron Horse:     S T L+T
                Rock Solid:     S T O L1 X
                Lin Keiu Storm: S T O L1 T X
                Zero Below:     S T O L1 T O
                Frozen Frenzy:  S T O L1 L+S
                Frosty:         S T O L1 T L1
                Thin Ice:       S T O L1 T L+T
                Unthawed:       S T O L1 T U+O
    - Dragon: Back Knuckle Strike: S
              Ducking Dual Claws:  D+S
              Upper Lunge Punch:   L+S
              Sun Fist:            T
              Dragon Attack:       L+T
              Uppercut:            D+T
              Roundhouse Kick:     X
              Low Claw Strike:     D+X
              Front Stomp Kick:    O
              Wheel Turning Kick:  U+O
              Mid Claw Swipe:      D+O
              Neijin:              L1
              Throw:               R+L1
              Tiger in Cave:           O L+T
              Yielding Fire:           T X
              Ice Pop:                 S S T
              Dragon Dance:            S L+S
              Silent Dragon:           S T X
              Dragon Plays w/ 7 Stars: S T O
              Ice Maker:               S T L1
              3-Hit Claws:             S T L+T
              Twist of the Tiger:      S T U+O
    - Kori Blade: Overhead Swing: S
                  Ducking Moon:   D+S
                  Spinning Slash: L+S
                  Overhead Smash: U+S
                  Blade Lunge:    T
                  Straight Stab:  D+T
                  Close Swipe:    L+T
                  Stomp Kick:     X
                  Downwards Stab: D+X
                  Back Kick:      O
                  Sweep Kick:     L+O
                  Twisting Blade: D+O
                  Impale:         L1
                  Cut Up:       O O
                  Bitter Blade: S L+S
    - Skeleton Rip: L,R,R,D,X
    7k. Kano
    Special Moves:
    - Eye Laser:  R,R+T
    - Cannonball: L,R+S
    Moves by styles:
    - Xing Yi: Straight Punch:    S
               Power Fist:        L+S
               Low Palm Strike:   D+S
               Axe Strike:        T
               Eagle Strike:      D+T
               Tiger Strike:      R+T
               Front Snap Kick:   X
               Low Elbow Strike:  D+X
               Rising Knee:       O
               Hopping Back Kick: L+O
               Toe Strike:        D+O
               Lifting High Kick: U+O
               Reversal:          R1
               Throw:             R+R1
               Sure Fire:           O T
               Casualty:            O X
               Seek and Destroy:    S S O X
               Dead Zone:           S S U+O
               Backlash:            S S L+O
               Minimum Damage:      S S T
               Maximum Damage:      S S T L1
               Honor and Disgrace:  T L+S
               Three Powers:        S S T L+S
               Assualt and Battery: S S O T
    - Aikido: Heaven and Earth Throw: S
              Low Frontal Punch:      D+S
              Breath-Power Throw:     T
              Low Toe Kick:           D+T
              Side Kick:              X
              Crescent Kick:          L+X
              Low Side Kick:          D+X
              Frontal Kick:           O
              Knee Kick:              L+O
              Low Step Kick:          D+O
              Neijin:                 R1
              Throw:                  R+R1
              2-hit Doom:    O L+X
              Underdog:      O O X
              Total Karnage: O O L+X
              Destroyer:     O X L1 L+T
              Killing Time:  O O X L1 L+T
    - Butterfly: Jut Do:                  S
                 Piercing Low Strike:     D+S
                 Downward Circling Sword: L+S
                 Biu Do:                  T
                 Push Strike:             D+T
                 Cutting Sword:           L+T
                 Pek Do:                  X
                 Rising Chop:             R+X
      **Strings: Cutthroat:   S R+X
                 Ear to Ear:  L+S L+T
                 Lost Dragon: O R+X
    - Open Heart Sugery: R,U,U,D,S
    7l. Kung Lao
    Special Moves:
    - Hat Throw:       L,R+S
    - Whirlwind Kicks: D,L+O
    Moves by styles:
    - Mantis: Drilling Punch:          S
              Low Thrusting Palm       D+S
              Power Forcing Fist:      T
              Double Mantis Strike:    L+T
              Sweeping Punch:          D+T
              Leg Sprouting Kick:      X
              Ward Off Punch:          D+X
              Toppling Kick:           L+X
              Chest Piercing Kick:     O
              Seven Star Hit:          D+O
              Leg Squatting Kick:      L+O
              Single Leg Soaring Kick: U+O
              Taunt:                   R1
              Throw:                   R+R1
              Lotus Petals:   X X
              18 Elders:      S S S
              Natural Death:  S S T O
              Cave Mantis:    S S X X
              Five Blessings: S S T L+T
              Deadly Insect:  S S S L1 O X
              White Lotus:    S S S L1 T O X
              Peaceful Life:  S S S L1 O O L1
              Teachers Pet:   S S S L1 O O R+T
    - Shaolin Fist: Buddha Fist:         S
                    Low Axe Palm:        D+S
                    Attack the Heart:    L+S
                    Curved Hook Punch:   T
                    Palm Heel Strike:    D+T
                    Backfist Strike:     L+T
                    Fore Knuckle Fist:   R+T
                    Roundhouse Strike:   X
                    Low Back Fist:       D+X
                    Front Kick:          O
                    Low Knuckle Punch:   D+O
                    Sweeping Blade Kick: L+O
                    Neijin:              R1
                    Throw:               R+R1
      **Strings: Double Kicks:      O X
                 Shaolin Faith:     O R+T
                 Shout of Spirit:   S O X
                 Rushing Buddha:    T O X
                 Enlightenment:     S O O X
                 Shaolin Beat Down: S T O X
                 Pins and Needles:  S O O L1
                 Hurricane:         S O O R+T
    - Broadsword: Crosscutting Slash:  S
                  Twisting Body Stike: R+S
                  Piercing Low Lunge:  D+S
                  Crushing Side Slash: T
                  Overhead Strike:     D+T
                  Gut Ripping Stab:    X
                  Rising Slash:        L+X
                  Low Stab:            D+X
                  Half Moom Slash:     O
                  Full Moon Strike:    R+O
                  Spinning Low Slash:  D+O
                  Sharpen the Mind:     T S
                  Clouds Over Head:     T T
                  Tiger Leaps Suddenly: T R+S
                  Onslaught:            O D+O
                  Rise and Shine:       O R+S
                  Dao Strikes:          T O D+O
                  Phoenix Trail:        T O R+S
    - Splitting Headache: D,U,L,X
    7m. Nitara**
    Special Moves
    - Unicorn Kick: L,D+O
    - Blood Spit:   R,L+T
    Moves by styles:
    - Leopard: Paw Strike:       S
               Dual Claw Push:   U+S
               Lifting Strike:   L+S
               Front Rising Paw: D+S
               Switching Paw:    T
               Soaring Paw:      L+T
               Low Jab:          D+T
               Spin Kick:        X
               Step Kick:        D+X
               Front Kick:       O
               Low Kick:         D+O
               Wing Flap:        R1
               Throw:            R+R1
               Leopard at Dawn: S S U+S
               Leopard at Rest: S S L+S
               Snow Leopard:    S S S T O
               Golden Leopard:  S S S L1 S T
               Tree Leopard:    S S S T U+S
               Dry Blood:       S S S L1 S S X L1
               Blood Thirsty:   S S S L1 S S X X
    - Fu Jow Pai: Straight Claw:     S
                  Knee Strike:       L+S
                  Rising Claw:       D+S
                  Upward Paw:        T
                  Tiger Strike:      L+T
                  Tiger Scratch:     D+T
                  Back Kick:         X
                  Spinning Low Kick: D+X
                  Roundhouse:        O
                  Lifting Kick:      U+O
                  Shin Kick:         L+O
                  Low Toe Kick:      D+O
                  Neijin:            R1
                  Throw:             R+R1
                  Bloodshed:       X X
                  Vampire Bash:    S S S
                  Wandering Claws: S S T
                  Black Tiger:     S S S X X
                  Bloodshot:       S S S X X L1
    - Kama: Dual Overhead Strike: S
            Scissor Swipe:        R+S
            Upward Swing:         D+S
            Rising Swing:         T
            Upward Swing:         D+T
            Low Cross Strike:     X
            Low Sweeping Slice:   D+X
            Overhead Strike:      U+X
            Hook Swipe Knockdown: O
            Backhand Swipe:       D+O
            Charging Overhead:    L+O
            Sidestep Swing:       R1
      **Strings: Bloodbath:        S O
                 Treacherous Edge: X O
                 Kama Fury:        L+O L+O
                 Crucified:        L+O L+T
                 Bloodlust:        S X O
    - Blood Thirst U,U,R,S
    7n. Drahmin**
    Special Moves:
    - Ball-O-Flies:    L,R+T
    - Propeller Clock: R,R+T
    - Supper Uppercut: D,L+S
    - Ground Smash:    L,D+O
    Moves by styles:
    - Netherrealm: Big Whack:     S
                   Low Swipe:     D+S
                   Gut Smash:     T
                   Low Strike:    D+T
                   Straight Kick: X
                   Back Kick:     L+X
                   Rising Blast:  D+X
                   Hooking Kick:  O
                   Low Kick:      D+O
                   Taunt:         R1
                   Throw:         R+R1
    - Oni: Iron Lunge:    S
           Low Swipe:     D+S
           Smashing Iron: L+S
           Crushing Chop: T
           Low Strike:    D+T
           Frontal Kick:  X
           Sweep:         L+X
           Rising Blast:  D+X
           Side Kick:     O
           Low Kick:      D+O
           Shove:         R1
           Throw:         R+R1
    - Iron Club: Head Smash:    S
                 Leaping Smash: U+S
                 Mid Swipe:     D+S
                 Uppercut:      T
                 Doom Chop:     L+T
                 Low Strike:    D+T
                 Iron Strike:   X
                 Iron Sweep:    L+X
                 Rising Blast:  D+X
                 Neck jab:      O
                 Power Swipe:   L+O
                 Low Kick:      D+O
                 Neijin:        R1
                 Throw:         R+R1
    - Iron Bash: L,R,R,D,X
    7o. Hsu Hao**
    Special Moves:
    - Cyrus Stomp: L,R+X
    - Kahn Klap:   L,D+S
    Moves by styles:
    - Shuai Chiao: Single Hand Strike: S
                   Lunging Palm:       L+S
                   Low Wing Strike:    D+S
                   Uppercut:           T
                   Shoulder Lunge:     R+T
                   Crouching Chop:     D+T
                   Front Snap Kick:    X
                   Crouching Sweep:    D+X
                   Rising Knee:        O
                   Sweep:              L+O
                   Low Kick:           D+O
                   Back Flip:          R1
                   Throw:              R+R1
                   Bottle Opener: T T
                   Asylum:        S S X
     - Wrestling: Back Breaker:       S
                  Shoulder Toss:      L+S
                  Rising Neck Strike: D+S
                  Strong Hook Punch:  T
                  Spinning Backfist:  L+T
                  Low Jab:            D+T
                  Straight Kick:      X
                  Low Kick:           D+X
                  Front Kick:         O
                  Low Shin Kick:      D+O
                  Reversal:           R1
                  Throw:              R+R1
                  Insanity: L+T L+T
    - Sun Moon: Quick Chop:               S
                Piercing Low Strike:      D+S
                Downward Circling Strike: L+S
                Twisting Sword:           T
                Rising Strike:            D+T
                Upward Circling Sword:    L+T
                Gut Strike:               X
                Push Strike:              R+X
                Cutting Sword:            D+X
                Edge Stab:                O
                Rising Chop:              D+O
                Piercing Strike:          R1
                The Kahn:    S R+X
                Lost Dragon: O R+X
                Setting Sun: L+S L+T
    - Laser Slicer: R,L,D,D,T
    7p. Frost**
    Special Moves:
    - Slide:      D,R+O
    - Ground Ice: D,L+X
    Moves by styles:
    - Tong Bei: Cold Strike:        S
                Falling Strike:     D+S
                Corkscrew Strike:   L+S
                Ice Crusher:        U+S
                Slapping Palm:      T
                Low Rising Strike:  D+T
                Icy Maul:           L+T
                Northern Lights:    U+T
                Cutting Gut Kick:   X
                Low Roundhouse:     L+X
                Power Kick:         U+X
                Low Poke:           D+X
                Frosty Kick:        O
                Winter Winds:       U+O
                Thrusting Low Kick: L+O
                Frozen Elbow:       D+O
                Back Flip:          R1
                Throw:              R+R1
                Shiver:            S T
                Spring and Autumn: S X
                Chills:            S S L+T
                Harmony:           T T U+T
                Crazy Monkey:      S S T U+O
                Tong Bei Fury:     S S T T U+T
                Freezer Burn:      S S T T L1 O X
                Blizzard:          S S T T L1 O S T
                Iceberg:           S S T T L1 O U+X
                Ice Fall:          S S T T L1 O R+S
                Snowball:          S S T T L1 O S S U+X
                Frostbitten:       S S T T L1 O S S L1 S S S
    - Yuan Yang: Open Hand Strike:     S
                 Strong Fist:          R+S
                 Upward Strike:        D+S
                 Dual Duck Strike:     T
                 Low Winged Strike:    D+T
                 Thrusting Roundhouse: X
                 Grounded Duck:        D+X
                 Lifting Head Duck:    U+X
                 Duck Leg Strike:      O
                 Tripping Strike:      L+O
                 Sweep Kick:           D+O
                 Neijin:               R1
                 Throw:                R+R1
                 Mandarin Duck Fists: S T
                 Deadly Decoy:        O O X
                 Ice Cold:            O O S T
                 Mandaring Duck Legs: O O U+X
                 Waterfall:           O O R+S
                 Deceptive Step:      S S U+X
                 Ugly Duckling:       O O S S U+X
                 Frigid Frenzy:       S S L1 S S S
                 Snowflake:           O O S S L1 S S S
    - Daggers: Gut Stab:        S
               Stamping Blade:  U+S
               Low Stagger:     L+S
               Low Strike:      D+S
               Dual Lunge:      T
               Lifting Dagger:  L+T
               Low Stab:        D+T
               Side Kick:       X
               Low Chop:        D+X
               Pop Kick:        O
               Low Moon Strike: D+O
               Impale:          R1
               Frozen Storm: S S S S
               Cold Feet:    X X X
    -Freeze Shatter: R,L,U,D,S
    7q. Jax Briggs**
    Special Moves:
    - Ground Pound: R,R,D+X
    - Machine Gun:  L,R+O
    - Piston Punch: D,R+S
    Moves by styles:
    - Muay Thai: Swing Punch:       S
                 Spinning Strike:   L+S
                 Cutting up Elbow:  D+S
                 Straight Punch:    T
                 Hooking Punch:     L+T
                 Low Swing Punch:   D+T
                 Farewell Knee:     X
                 Roundhouse:        U+X
                 Lower Knee:        D+X
                 Forward Foot Push: O
                 Pecking Kick:      D+O
                 Taunt:             R1
                 Throw:             R+R1
      **Strings: Get Some Sucka:  L+S T
                 What You Get:    T T O
                 Rush N Hook:     T T S
                 Boot Kamp:       X X O
                 Im Gonna Get Ya: T T U+X
                 Jax Special:     T T L+S T
                 Ballistic Wind:  T T X X O
                 In Your Face:    T T L1 O X
                 Insertion:       T T L1 O L+T
                 Damage Control:  T T L1 O L1 O
    - Judo: Suplex:             S
            Thrusting Palms:    L+S
            Rising Double Fist: D+S
            Leg Trip Throw:     T
            Standing Uppercut:  L+T
            Gut Punch:          D+T
            Back Kick:          X
            Backward Spin Kick: L+X
            Low Sweep:          D+X
            Side Snap Kick:     O
            Wheel Kick:         L+O
            Low Kick:           D+O
            Reversal:           R1
            Throw:              R+R1
            Groundwork:   O O X
            Metal Fury:   O O L+T
            No-Mans Land: O O L1 O
    - Tonfa: Spear Hand:              S
             Low Double Strike:       D+S
             Downward Strike:         R+S
             Scissor Sweep:           T
             Scissor Strike:          D+T
             Uppercut Strike:         X
             Dashing Strike:          D+X
             Roundhouse Elbow Strike: R+X
             Low Back Hand:           O
             Tonfa Sweep:             D+O
             Sidestep Swing:          R1
             Stand-Down: O O
    - Head Stomp: D,R,R,D,T
    7r. Kitana**
    Special Moves:
    - Pretty Kick: U+X
    - Fan Lift:    L,R+S
    Moves by styles:
    - Eagle Claw: Mid Eagle Claw:          S
                  Low Eagle Claw:          D+S
                  High Eagle Claw:         L+S
                  Side Finger Jab:         T
                  Sidestep Claw:           U+T
                  Low Claw Swipe:          D+T
                  Double Eagle Claw:       R+T
                  Side Heel Kick:          X
                  Chyun Teui:              L+X
                  Claw Scratch:            D+X
                  Solar Plexux Kick:       O
                  Lifting Kick:            U+O
                  Crouching Upward Strike: D+O
                  Front Toe Kick:          L+O
                  Shove:                   R1
                  Throw:                   R+R1
                  Shooting Star:  O X
                  Walking Fists:  T S
                  Grounded:       O L+O
                  Lipstick:       O L+S
                  Pucker Up:      O U+O
                  Broken Talon:   S O X
                  Tiny Bubbles:   O O X
                  Splitting Bone: O X L+X
                  Up and Away:    S O U+O
                  Down Boy:       S O L+O
                  Faceplant:      S O L+S
                  Back Off:       O O R+T
                  III Eagle:      S O O R+T
                  Lost Love:      O O L1 X R+X L1
                  Baguash:        S O O L1 X R+X L1
    - Ba Gua: Ox Tongue Palm Strike: S
              Dragon Palm Strike:    D+S
              Snake's Trail:         L+S
              Hooking Strike:        T
              Spear Hand Thrust:     L+T
              Low Snapping Palm:     D+T
              Spinning Force Palm:   X
              Hammer Palm Strike:    R+X
              Low Lifting Palm:      D+X
              Stepping Side Kick:    O
              Swinging Sweep:        L+O
              Horse Kick:            U+O
              Low Upward Palm:       D+O
              Back Flip:             R1
              Throw:                 R+R1
              Art of Overkill: S X R+X
              Four Dragons:    S X R+X L1
    - Steel Fan: Hooking fan:     S
                 Chest Strike:    R+S
                 Low Swipe:       D+S
                 Fan Swipe:       T
                 Sky Strike:      L+T
                 Fan Smash:       R+T
                 Low Stab:        D+T
                 Piercing Kick:   X
                 Downward Strike: D+X
                 Neck Thrust:     O
                 Low Poke:        L+O
                 Upward Strike:   D+O
                 Impale:          L+R1
                 Sidestep Swing:  R1
                 Princess Blast: X X
                 Kirin Smash:    X R+S
                 Bootlicker:     T T T
                 Forgotten:      S S L+T
                 Royal Pain:     T T R+S
                 Forever:        T T T R+T
                 Edenian Rush:   T T T L+O
    - Kiss of Doom: D,U,R,R,T
    7s. Raiden**
    Special Moves:
    - Shocker:        R,R+S
    - Lightning Dash: R R+O
    - Lightning Bolt: D,L+S
    Moves by styles:
    - Nan Chuan: Lightning Jab:          S
                 Low Double Palm Strike: D+S
                 Uppercut:               L+S
                 Backfist Chop:          T
                 Low Elbow Strike:       D+T
                 Thunder Chop:           L+T
                 Dual Thunder Palms:     R+T
                 Stepping Snap Kick:     X
                 Shin Strike:            D+X
                 Hook Leg Knockdown:     L+X
                 Hop Side Kick:          O
                 Low Chin Strike:        D+O
                 Reversal:               R1
                 Throw:                  R+R1
                 Thunder Clap:        T X
                 Electric Strike:     T L+S
                 The Middle Way:      T L+T
                 Knowledge and Skill: S S X
                 Butterfly Palms:     S S L+T
                 Finishing Touch:     S S T X
                 Natural Way:         S S T L+T
                 Wake the Dead:       S S T L+S
                 Power Bolts:         S S T L1 S L+S
                 Out of Order:        S S T L1 S X O
                 Black Thunder:       S S T L1 S X L1 O O
                 Sparky:              S S T L1 S X L1 O L+T
    - Jujustsu: Open Hand Strike:     S
                Bearhand Chop:        L+S
                Low Palm Strike:      D+S
                Bent Wrist Strike:    T
                Thunder God Palm:     R+T
                Diagonal Fist:        D+T
                Front Snap Kick:      X
                Sweep:                L+X
                Back Sweep:           D+X
                Front Thrusting Kick: O
                Front Sweep:          D+O
                Shove:                R1
                Throw:                R+R1
                Heavenly Strikes:    X O
                Essence of Strength: S S X O
                Thunder God Fists:   S S L+S
                Fireworks:           S S X L1 O O
                Chain Lightning:     S S X L1 O L+T
    - Staff: Overhead Strike:     S
             Reverse Side Strike: L+S
             Low One Handed Poke: D+S
             Upward Strike:       T
             Low Strike:          D+T
             Leaping Strike:      X
             Sweeping Strike:     D+X
             One Handed Poke:     L+X
             Reverse Thrust:      O
             Staff Blast:         U+O
             Sweeping Swing:      D+O
             2-Hit Swing:         R1
             Catching A Butterfly: O O O
             Dragon Wid:           O O L+T
    - Electroduction: L,R,R,R,X
    7t. Reptile**
    Special Moves:
    - Lizard Ball R D + 4
    - Acid Spit L R + 1
    Moves by styles:
    - Hung Gar: Scraching Claw:           S
                Low Paw Attack:           D+S
                Double Claw Strike:       L+S
                Chameleon Palm:           T
                Low Claw Strike:          D+T
                Dual Claw Strike:         X
                Forward Strike:           D+X
                Lizard Smash:             L+X
                Low Snap Kick:            O
                Mid Roundhouse Kick:      D+O
                Spinning Roundhouse Kick: L+O
                Hook Sweep Kick:          R+O
                Shove:                    R1
                Throw:                    R+R1
      **String Combos
                Lazy Lizard:      S T
                Internal Strikes: X T
                Wise Tiger:       S X T
                Iron Thread:      S X O L+S
                Matriach:         S X O L1 S X
                Evolution:        S X O L1 S S
                Zaterrorize:      S X O L1 S L+T L1
    - Crab: Upward Elbow Strike:   S
            Spinning Elbow Strike: L+S
            Low Punch:             D+S
            Ridge hand Swipe:      T
            Dual Uppercut:         L+T
            Low Dual Uppercut:     D+T
            Spinning Back Kick:    X
            Hooking Sweep:         L+X
            Low Snap Punch:        D+X
            Mid Hook Kick:         O
            Low Hook Kick:         D+O
            Reversal:              R1
            Throw:                 R+R1
            Boiling Water:       L+S X
            Crab Crawls on Sand: S S X
            Claws of Fury:       S S S
            Reptilian Rage:      S S L+T
    - Kirehashi: Downward Slash: S
                 Circular Swing: L+S
                 The Cutter:     U+S
                 Low Lunge:      D+S
                 Side Slash:     T
                 Spinning Slash: L+T
                 Blade Chop:     D+T
                 Upward Slash:   X
                 Low Swipe:      L+X
                 Low Poke:       D+X
                 Mid Lunge:      4
                 Blade Smash:    L+O
                 Spinning Blade: D+O
                 Impale:         R1
                 Dead End:        T T
                 Reptilian Slice: X X
                 Shredder:        L+T L+T
                 Rip Tore:        S L+T L+T
    - Acidic Shower: U,U,U,R,X
    7u. Cyrax**
    Special Moves:
    - Detonator(far):   L,R+S
               (close): R,L+S
    - Spinkicks:        D,L+X
    - Slice and Dice:   L,R+O
    Moves by styles:
    - Ninjitsu: Straight Strike:    S
                Ninja Strike:       L+S
                Low Punch:          D+S
                Strong Elbow:       T
                Double Fist Strike: U+T
                Low Palm Strike:    D+T
                Spinning Back Kick: X
                Shin Kick:          L+X
                Low Kick:           D+X
                Front Kick:         O
                Ducking Mid Kick:   D+O
                Back Flip:          R1
                Throw:              R+R1
                Ninja Strikes:  S S S
                Stealth Blast:  S S T
                Cyborg Strikes: S S L+S
                Yellow Doom:    S S X
                Full Gore:      S S U+T
                Pain Killer:    S S L+S L1
    - Sambo: Quck Jab:          S
             Hammerfist Strike: L+S
             Low Hook Punch:    D+S
             Shoulder Toss:     T
             Straight Chop:     U+T
             Rising Fist:       D+T
             Backward Elbow:    L+T
             Roundhouse:        X
             Low Fist Strike:   D+X
             Big Leg:           O
             Low Shin Kick:     D+O
             Taunt:             R1
             Throw:             R+R1
             3 Step Rush:   S S S
             Quicksand:     S S O
             Ketchup:       S S L+S
             Mustard:       S S L+T
             LK9T9:         L+T R+T L1
             Oil Leak:      L+T R+T U+T
             LK4D4:         S S L+T R+T L1
             Self Destruct: S S L+T R+T U+T
    - Pulse Blade: Cutting Blade:     S
                   Sweeping Edge:     L+S
                   Stomping Blade:    U+S
                   Downward Blade:    D+S
                   Circling Swipe:    T
                   Lifting Blade:     L+T
                   Low 2-hit Srtrike: D+T
                   Back Kick:         X
                   Sweep Kick:        L+X
                   Twisting Edge:     D+X
                   Knee Strike:       O
                   Thrusting Sword:   D+O
                   Impale:            R1
    - Claw Smasher: R,R,U,T
    7v. Blaze(S)
    Special Moves:
    - Flame Ball:     L,L+S
    - Flame Uppercut: L,D,L+T
    - Flame Charge:   D,R+X
    Moves by styles:
    - Hapkido: Back Hand Strike:  S
               Face Strike:       L+S
               Twisting Fist:     D+S
               Neck Chop:         T
               Open Palm:         D+T
               Axe Kick:          X
               Knee Knockdown:    R+X
               Hop Sweep:         L+X
               Back Sweep:        D+X
               Snap Kick:         O
               Front Sweep:       D+O
               Backside Kick:     L+O
               Front Thrust Kick: U+O
               Taunt:             R1
               Throw:             R+R1
               Flowing Water: T T S
               Inner Power:   T T O
               Spectre Blast: X L+S
               Lethal Legs:   O L+O
               Liftoff:       O U+O
               Burning Soul:  T X U+O
               Sinking Leaf:  R+X L+X
               Doombringer:   T X L+S
               Firefly:       T X L1 T O
               Fever:         T X L1 T X X O
               Heat Stroke:   T X L1 T X X L+O
               Wildfire:      T X L1 T X X L1
    - Jeet Kune Do: Leading Straight Punch: S
                    Hook Fist:              D+S
                    Knuckle Fist:           L+S
                    Duck 'n Jab:            T
                    Low Knuckle Fist:       D+T
                    Stepping Snap Kick:     X
                    Low Punch:              D+X
                    Side Kick to Knee:      L+X
                    Side Kick to Face:      O
                    Sweeping Kick:          L+O
                    Low Kick:               D+O
                    High Hookin Kick:       U+O
                    Taunt:                  R1
                    Throw:                  R+R1
                    Straight Blast: S S
                    Spotlight:      T T O
                    Sticky Legs:    T T X X O
                    Outer Gate:     T T X X L+O
                    Arson:          T T X X L+X
                    Burnout:        T T X X L1
    - Xing Yi: Straight Punch:    S
               Power Fist:        L+S
               Low Palm Strike:   D+S
               Axe Strike:        T
               Eagle Strike:      D+T
               Tiger Strike:      R+T
               Front Snap Kick:   X
               Low Elbow Strike:  D+X
               Rising Knee:       O
               Hopping Back Kick: L+O
               Toe Strike:        D+O
               Lifting High Kick: U+O
               Reversal:          R1
               Throw:             R+R1
               Sure Fire:           O T
               Casualty:            O X
               Seek and Destroy:    S S O X
               Dead Zone:           S S U+O
               Backlash:            S S L+O
               Honor and Disgrace:  T L+S
               Three Powers:        S S T L+S
               Assualt and Battery: S S O T
    No fatality.
    7w. Mokap(S)
    Special Moves
    - Fireball:     L,R+S
    - Flip Kick:    D,L+O
    - Charge Punch: D,R+X
    Moves by styles:
    - Karate: Lunge Punch:         S
              Low Hook Punch:      D+S
              Side Elbow Punch:    L+S
              Knife Hand Chop:     T
              Knife Hammer Strike: R+T
              Low Palm Strike:     D+T
              Front Thrust Kick:   X
              Low Jabbing Punch:   D+X
              Cutting Kick:        U+X
              Side Thrust Kick:    O
              Low Kick:            D+O
              Shin Thrust:         L+O
              Flip Kick:           U+O
              Double Flip Kick:    U+O U+O
              Shove:               R1
              Throw:               R+R1
              Smash TV:           T O
              Bone Breaker:       X O
              Big Blast:          S S O
              The Foot Sword:     X X X
              Cutting Hands:      T X O
              Closing Credits:    S S L+S
              Chopping Hands:     S T R+T
              Cameo:              S T X O
              Prequel:            T X X X
              Box Office Smash:   S T X X X
              Theatrical Release: S S U+O
              Directors Cut:      S S U+O U+O
              Acoustic:           S T L1 T L1 O
              Mechanical:         S T L1 T L1 X
              Optical:            S T L1 T T L+S
              Magnetc:            S T L1 T L1 S S
    - Tai Chi: Palm Strike:         S
               Rising Spade Hand:   L+S
               Pushing Hands:       R+S
               Dual Fist Strike:    D+S
               Chopping Strike:     T
               Quick Uppercut:      L+T
               Rising Uppercut:     D+T
               Straight Kick:       X
               Low Lean Kick:       D+X
               Spinning Roundhouse: O
               Low Spin Kick:       D+O
               Standing Sweep:      L+O
               Taunt:               R1
               Throw:               R+R1
               Empty and Full:    S S
               Blind Justice:     L+T X
               Play by Ear:       T T T X
               Dark Fists:        T T T S S
               Fading Light:      T T T L+S
               Temple of Heaven:  T T X
               Cutting the Roots: T T L1 O
               5 Poison Hands:    T T L1 S S
    - Tae Kwon Do: Side Kick:          S
                   Hook Kick:          L+S
                   Double Hammer Fist: D+S
                   Downward Axe Kick:  T
                   Twin Fist Punch:    D+T
                   Sninning Heel Kick: X
                   Rolling Strike:     D+X
                   Ankle Smash:        L+X
                   2-Hit Axe Kick:     O
                   Nitro Kicks:        L+O
                   Spinning Back Kick: D+O
                   Reversal:           R1
                   Throw:              R+R1
                   Clearness of Mind: O O
                   Take Out:          L+X X
                   Peaceful Wind:     S S D+X
                   Special Forces:    O L+X X
    No fatality
    |                                |
    | 8. The Krypt and other secrets |
         The Krypt is the place where you go to unlock all the secrets on the
    game. This secrets include everything from Secret Characters to Character
    Designs and Renders and even Adema's Music Video of MKDA's song "Immortal".
         The Krypt is a huge room with a 26X26 grid containing 676 Koffins, each
    one of them with a special content. This Koffins have kind of a "price tag",
    a label with a colored dragon logo and a number, this means how many Kurrency
    is needed to "buy" this Koffin.
         What is Kurrency? Kurrency is like money, you are awarded a
    several amount of it after you complete certain things: missions in Konquest,
    the mini-games (test your might and test your sight), when you win bouts on
    Arcade mode, and even by betting it between two profiles loaded on a Vs.
    Match explained later.
         There are different kinds of kurrency defined by the color of the koin,
    each one of them are awarded on a different way: Ruby, Sapphire, Jade and
    Gold koins are earned on Konquest and sometimes on Arcade. Onyx and Platinum
    can only be awarded by completing Test Your Sight or Test Your Might mini-
    games. All of this koins can be put into bet on Vs mode.
         Once you have the set amount of koins of the right material, you just go
    to the Kript and select the koffin of your choice. Although I can't promise a 
    Krypt FAQ, for the simple reason one already exists, I will list the most 
    important koffins, the ones with hidden characters and important stuff like 
    that.  meanwhile just test your luck, unlock them, they all have something 
    inside, some of them have nothing but a clue to another koffin with a real 
    secret and some of them even have secret characters and stages, good luck! 
    (You can always cheat and have a peek at the Krypt FAQ if you want though)
         Instead of adding a list of all the 676 koffins, I will list here the
    most important ones, this is where the secret characters are and their
    costumes. I'll also list a few secrets that have been found on the game so
    far (Thanks to all those people who unlocked the koffins for the first time
    and posted them on the net, specially on MK5.org's and Gamefaqs boards)
       Character       Koffin Code        Price
      **Nitara**           TI           4,200 Gold
      **Drahmin**          UR           6,500 Sapphire
      **Hsu Hao**          MW           3,317 Jade
       **Frost**           IV             208 Ruby
     **Jax Briggs**        SA           3,780 Ruby
       **Kitana**          KI           2,931 Sapphire
       **Raiden**          XG           3,116 Jade
       **Reptile**         LL           3,822 Gold
        **Cyrax**          CN           3,003 Platinum
       Character       Koffin Code        Price
      Shang Tsung          ML           1,170 Gold
      Bo' Rai Cho          PH           1,200 Onyx
       Quan Chi            AA           1,556 Gold
        Li Mei             KX           1,406 Sapphire
       Scorpion            UH           1,660 Jade
      Sonya Blade          SH           1,834 Ruby
        Kenshi             YM           1,435 Platimum
        Mavado             RD           1,455 Jade
      Johnny Cage          DK           1,460 Ruby
       Sub-Zero            YA           1,999 Sapphire
         Kano              BD           1,520 Sapphire
       Kung Lao            YJ           1,208 Ruby
        Nitara             AR           2,206 Jade
       Drahmin             SW           1,152 Jade
       Hsu Hao             QX           1,518 Jade
        Frost              UB           1,261 Gold
      Jax Briggs           ZM           1,410 Ruby
        Kitana             BQ           1,327 Gold
        Raiden             JR           1,688 Ruby
        Reptile            XO           1,736 Sapphire
         Cyrax             ZW           1,485 Sapphire
         After unlocking the costume, press the Start Button while selecting the
    character to use it.
        Blaze: After you have finished all the 218 missions on konquest mode,
    highlight Raiden, hold down and press Start to select him.
        MoKap: After you have finished all the 218 missions on konquest
    mode, buy the YP Koffin and then, highlight Cyrax, hold down and press Start 
    to select him.
    INFINITE KOINS MASTER CODE (Thanks to Nosaj Samoht and the MK5.org crew)
    1. Choose a Vs. Game and load a profile for each fighter,
    2. Wager one round normally with R2
    3. After first fight have ONLY P1 open the wager tag,
    4. Have P1 press R, you will hear a koin sound,
    5. Then press U, now you will hear koins being bet,
    6. The sound will stop so then press R2 again to exit the wager,
    7. Now both players choose a character,
    8. Have P1 beat P2, P1 will win the koins, but P2 will NOT lost anything.
    Depending on you press R and its suffice, that's the koin type you will 
    Right once and up  = Onyx
    Right twice and up = Jade
    Right three and up = Ruby
    Right four and up  = Gold
    Right five and up  = Platinum
    Right six and up   = Sapphire
    Press R1 on the character select screen.
    Press L2 on character select screen.
      Stage          Koffin Code   Price
    Dragonfly            WT       1400 Jade 
    House of Pekara      HP       2093 Onyx
    Lava Shrine          II       1843 Gold 
    Moloch's Lair        ZD         98 Ruby 
    Nethership           DS       1472 Ruby
    Palace Grounds       KR       4222 Sapphire
    Sarna Ruins          PW       2006 Sapphire
    |                            |
    | 9. Konquest and Mini-Games |
         Ok, kind of a lot to talk about here... anyways, first onto the
    A.	Konquest Mode.
         Konquest is a kind of Story Mode for this game. First  of   all, you
    must choose a player to start with. If it's the first time you play this I
    strongly suggest that you pick up a character you would like to master,
    because once you are through with this mode you will know how to use that
    character almost to perfection. This mode consists on 218 missions that will
    help you learn the basic tactics of the player you choose in order to master
    him, meanwhile you will be running through his/her entire story line for this
    game! For example, if you choose Shang Tsung as your player, you will start
    on the same instance he joins forces with Quan Chi and you will take him all
    the way to whatever awaits at the end (can't give you the ending... it would
    be a MAJOR spoiler...)
         Each time you beat a mission you are awarded a set amount of kurrency
    for you to spend it on the Krypt. Each time you enter this mode with a
    different character, a new adventure and a new set of missions will wait for
    you (since everyone's got a different story and a different purpose on the
         Konquest mode can take you lot of your time, a good couple of hours per
    character, and since you have 21 playable characters (hidden ones don't count
    here) you have a lot to go through, besides you are going to need the
    kurrency if you want to buy all of the koffins, and why not finding out
    everyone's story line while you become the ultimate kombatant?
    B. Mini-Games:
         As any good game, MK has a couple of mini-games that can be a lot of fun
    and a great challenge sometimes. There are three things known that can be
    count as mini-games: Test Your Might, Test Your Sight and Betting your
      * Test Your Might: you (and your opponent if you are on a Vs. Match) are
    faced against an object of a defined material (it starts as a bamboo stick 
    and then it changes to a harder object every time you break it), which you 
    must break with your fists (well I've seen Bo Rai Cho trying to break it with 
    his head, but that's not the point here) To do so you must start 
    concentrating as much energy as possible, there is a red energy bar next to 
    your character that will show you how much energy is focused. This bar also 
    shows an indicator, this will mark the minimum amount of energy needed to 
    break the material. All this most be done under a certain amount of time. 
    This is the difficult part... to focus the energy you must press the buttons 
    at the controller as fast as you can (all of them work: T, S, X and O), if 
    you stop mashing them the energy will quickly drop, so you must do it quickly 
    and never stop until the timer is over (or until you've got enough strength 
    and you choose to break it, press the shoulder buttons for that), think you 
    can manage to get to the last object and break it? This mini-game is an 
    improvement from the MK 1 instalment, on which you even had to break a Ruby 
    and a Diamond... so, good luck and one more thing, when you get this 
    challenges on Arcade Mode and on Vs, you are awarded Kurrency if you can 
    manage to break what's in front of you.
      * Test Your Sight: do you remember that old game, on which someone hid a
    marbel inside of a glass, then he put two other glasses, started moving them
    for a while and then you had to guess where the marbel was? You do? Good,
    guess what this is then? Exactly! You and your opponent (if on two players)
    will be standing in front of a huge table with an amount of glasses, you will
    be shown where the "good" glass is by an MK Dragon Logo, the other ones will
    have a skull or something. Try to follow it and then press the right
    button (buttons will be shown on top of each glass) to pick which one you
    think that is the winning glass. Easy? Yeah, the first couple of rounds. It
    will start with 3 of them moving very slowly, but after some rounds you will
    have 5+ glasses moving at a great speed, so don't blink! Just as Test Your 
    Might, you are awarded Kurrency if you manage to find it during a challenge 
    on Arcade mode.
      * Wager: not really a mini-game, it's just to give it a touch of higher
    competition when on a Vs. match against a friend. This game has a mode called
    Character Profile, it will record all of your stats, including how many
    Kurrency you have available. This profiles can be loaded on the Vs.
    Screen and then you can (if you want of course) bet some kurrency on the
    fight, the winner takes all. Think you are THAT good? Find out for yourself.
    |                                                   |
    | 10.  Appendix B: Mortal Kombat's Story Background |
        In contrast with most of the fighting games, Mortal Kombat has a deep
    story line. For those of you interested on the story here it is a background
    of the it, I'll include everything from the beginning of this game:
         Even when the first game begins centuries after the creation of
    Earth realm Mortal Kombat's story begins before that. It begins the day the
    Earth realm was created. When this new realm was created one of the Elder
    Gods, Shinnok decided that he wanted the realm for himself and came down of
    the heavens to claim it. What he didn't knew is that Raiden, the Thunder God,
    had already been assigned as Earth realm's guardian and protector and when
    Shinnok arrived they engaged on an epic battle that almost destroyed the
    Earth realm and ended with Raiden vanishing Shinnok to the Netherealm where
    he was dominated by Lucifer, the ruler of Netherealm and put into torture for
    hundreds of years.
         The Earth realm slowly recovered from the war and regained it's beauty
    and life, Shinnok's medallion (one he created with his powers and allowed him
    to travel unnoticed over dimensions and gave him more powers than those he
    already possessed) was hidden by Raiden on the Temple of the Elements deep
    in the mountains guarded by the element gods (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water)
    and it's location was only revealed to a order of Shaolin Monks that
    possessed the Map of the Elements, the White Lotus Society.
         Centuries after that, Shao Kahn conquered the realm of Edenia, killing
    its King and taking the Queen Sindel as his wife as a trophy. He also took
    the princess Kitana as his daughter and trained her to be his personal
    killer. Edenia slowly became the base of the Outworld.
         On Earth as life progressed, on the West, several ninja clans were being
    created, most of them with believe of the medallion and the desire to obtain
    it. One of these clans was the Lin Kuei, this clan believed on magic and
    raised "gifted" children to be their best members, this gifted members had
    magic powers and one of them was the first Sub-Zero ever. Eventually a member
    of this clan, Takeda, escaped and when to Japan where he started his own clan
    and Ninjitsu, a fighting style that was not about magic, but about weapons.
         Suddenly the worst happened. Shao Kahn placed his evil sight on
    Earth realm and he wanted to conquer it. The only way earth found his way to
    defend himself from this was with a tournament, the same tournament held on
    Edenia before it's conquer. On which each of the realms would send chosen
    warriors and at the end the first realm on achieve 10 wins on a raw (not 10
    fights but 10 tournaments) would be the winner, if Earth won, Shao Kahn would
    have to retreat, but if Outworld won Earth would be theirs. This tournament
    would be held every generation on the Shaolin temples and the champion would
    get immortality for one generation, so he would be still young on the next
         The tournament began, Shang Tsung an earthborn sorcerer at Kahn's
    service won the first tournament, when Outworld though that Earth was theirs
    Tsung lost at the hands of an Earth warrior called Kung Lao, a member of the
    White Lotus Society. Lao won 9 tournaments in a raw. And as soon as Earth
    though that they were safe Shang Tsung returned. He killed one of the Shaolin
    masters that ruled the tournament and manage to take it to the Outworld.
    Tsung brought with him the Shokan prince Goro, a beast with four arms half
    dragon half human, who took the title from Kung Lao and killed him, then
    Shang Tsung took his soul and caught Lao's memories. Goro was unbeatable. He
    won Kombat after Kombat killing each and every one of his opponents.
         Meanwhile Quan Chi, a free roaming sorcerer traveled to Netherrealm and
    made a pact with Shinnok, that he would help him defeat Lucifer and take
    control of Netherealm if he gave him more power. Shinnok agreed and both
    defeated Lucifer and ruled over the Netherealm, Quan Chi was named Arch-
    Sorcerer of Shinnok's realms. But since the Netherealm has always been a
    dead realm it was filled with demons and other beasts and Shinnok wanted a
    real realm and the only way to do that was through regaining his medallion,
    so Quan Chi made a deal with Shang Tsung in exchange for the location of the
    Map of the Elements(Kung Lao knew were it was, and know Shang Tsung knows it)
    but he didn't warned him about 4 Guardian Gods.
         One of the members of the Lin Kuei clan was sent to the USA to live as a
    normal man, his code name was Sub-Zero, the 4th on his lineage. He had two
    sons and a daughter, his wife kept them hidden as good as she could, but when
    he found out about them he took his 2 sons and went back to China to train
    them. Some time after that he died and his older son became the 5th Sub-Zero.
         Quan Chi heard about this ninja and about his power to control the ice
    element; so he tricked him into getting the map and the medallion, since he
    knew that Zero could beat the 4 Gods. On the way to the temple Zero fought
    Scorpion a member of Takeda's clan, at the end of the fight Zero murdered
    Scorpion. Zero managed to beat the 4 Gods and to gain position of the amulet,
    he then gave the medallion to Quan Chi. Raiden heard about this and told Zero
    the truth making him go to the Netherealm where he beat Quan Chi and Shinnok,
    regained the amulet and returning it to Raiden's hands.
        Few years after that a new Mortal Kombat tournament took place. This
    Mortal Kombat would be Goro's 10th victory in a raw and the end of
    Earth realm, so Earth needed to win at all costs. Liu Kang a Shaolin Monk
    descendant of Kung Lao was chosen. Johnny Cage, a Martial arts Hollywood
    actor received and invitation from Tsung himself and went to the tournament
    to prove that he was not a fraud. Raiden himself took a human form to fight
    on the tournament. Kano a member of the Black Dragon hid on the boat as he
    fled from a Special Forces unit that was chasing him. Lieutenant Sonya Blade, 
    commander of the Special Forces Unit followed Kano into the boat. Scorpion
    was turned into a specter to chase and kill Sub-Zero, and he succeeds on it.
        The tournament began and Liu Kang was the winner of the tournament,
    giving Earth a new hope. But it wasn't over yet. When Liu Kang returned to
    his temple, he found his whole family including his brother murdered by a 
    legion of nomads headed by Baraka. Shao Kahn himself claimed that the 
    tournament wasn't over yet and forced another tournament in which he was 
    going to be the last challenger. He took Kano and Sonya as his prisoners 
    tying them up on posts next to his throne. Major Jackson Briggs, a member of 
    Sonya's team entered the tournament to help his partner. Kung Lao, another 
    descendant of the legendary warrior of the same name joined forces with Liu 
    Kang to stop the dark emperor. Sub-Zero the 6th (the younger brother of the 
    other Zero) was chosen by Raiden who also returned. Scorpion followed Zero 
    into the Outworld thinking he was his brother (the one he killed). Shang 
    Tsung also returned and brought with him another Shokan, Kintaro. The battles 
    were even harder, and Earth was once again winning, but Shao Kahn had a 
    backup plan. Shinnok and Quan Chi were going to bring Queen Sindel back to 
    live yet on Earth, so that Kahn could enter the realm to claim his Queen and 
    conquer it even if he lost the tournament.
         Earth warriors were about to win the tournament once again when Shao
    Kahn's plan entered in action, he entered Earth with his soldiers and a huge
    army to try to conquer it. The Elder Gods couldn't do a thing except for
    protecting the souls of a few chosen warriors, those whose soul weren't
    protected would get trapped on the change of dimensions since Outworld and
    Earth realm were mixing to become one. New warriors were chosen along with
    old ones. Johnny Cage died on the invasion, Sonya and Jax tried to warn the
    US government and when they refused to hear them Jax reinforced his arms with
    cybernetic implants. At the end Earth forces won once again, this time
    leaving Shao Kahn without powers. Shang Tsung was never found again and both
    Earth and Edenia returned to normal. Sindel and Kitana returned to their
    throne. The dimensions were in peace for a while.
    Mortal Kombat was over...
         ...or so they thought! Shinnok and Quan Chi were making a new plan on
    Netherealm. With the help of Tanya, the traitor daughter of Edenia's
    ambassador, they entered Edenia as a group of refugees. Shinnok managed to
    conquer Edenia, Liu Kang tried to help his friend Kitana but it was useless.
    Liu returned to Earth knowing that this was going to be Shinnok's next
    target. Somehow Shinnok recovered his amulet and traveled to Earth were
    Raiden and his mortals were ready to fight him. Quan Chi brought Goro back to
    live to serve him as his guardian, they also promised Reptile that they were
    going to bring his kind back to live if he served on their army. A mysterious
    general called Reiko also joined their army, along with Scorpion under the
    promise of getting his life back. Tanya also joined forces with Shinnok. A
    former Black Dragon, Jarek, also joined forces with Earth offering Sonya a
    truce. Kai, a brother from Liu's temple also joined the battle. This was the
    battle that once destroyed Earth on it's beginning, what would happen now...
         The battle broke loose, while Shinnok was distracted with the war, Quan 
    Chi had another plan. He had fooled Shinnok and given him a fake amulet, 
    keeping the real one for himself, thus leaving Shinnok vulnerable for an 
    attack. Then he resurrected Baraka and sent him to destroy Shinnok. After he 
    was successful on his mission, he retunred to see Quan Chi. Quan Chi refused 
    to grant Baraka's requests and, after a Baraka missed his attack on him, Quan 
    Chi destroyed him.
         The Army of Darkness was actually winning this time, but some twists of 
    events helped Earth warriors out. Reiko was killed during battle, Goro 
    betrayed Quan Chi and returned to Outworld were his army allied with Edenia's 
    forces. Then the worst happend, Scorpion encountered Quan Chi and as they 
    spoke, Quan Chi revealed him the truth: he's the one who killed Scorpion's 
    Clan and family. Quan Chi tried to send Scorpion to the 5th plane of the 
    Netherealm using Shinnok's amulet, but the specter held on to Quan Chi taking 
    him into that forbitten plane of the Netherealm, trapping him there on a 
    realm where Scorpion's strenght would increase on the time, giving him the 
    time for his revenge.
         Without a master Reptile disapeared and returned to Outworld to serve 
    Shao Kahn on his battle agains Edenia and now the Shokan Army. 
         Once again, Earthrealm had won and now the peace was forever... 
         ... or maybe not? ------EVENTS OF MORTAL KOMBAT DEADLY ALLIANCE BEGIN 
         This is the story until the beginning of this Mortal Kombat, how it
    ends will be told on the next game. This is just for you to have an idea of 
    who is everyone and where they come from and otherwise.
    |                        |
    | 11.  Credits and Outro |
         Well I want to dedicate this section to all those sites and people that
    have made it possible for me to write this work:
    - Thanks to Midway for creating the game itself, without game there's no
    reason to write this right? Thanks a lot guys! And by the way, great job with 
    the game although more effort would have made it even more top notch than it 
    - Thanks to Microsoft for making Office and Word. Hey without a word
    processor there's nowhere to write!
    - Gamespot.com, MK5.org, mkwarriors.net, trmk.org, and Midway's official site
    for all the information about Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.
    - Thanks to my parents for giving me a life!
    - Thanks to Compaq for my PC!
    - Thanks to Mortal Kombat Intensive (www.mkintensive.com), and their move 
    list of the Game Cube version for allowing me to get the FAQ this soon, 
    thanks a lot guys, hope you don't get mad at me :P
    - Thanks to Gamefaqs.com for hosting this guide.
    - Thanks to Agilo, Total-MK and the guys at the #mortalkombat room at the
    mIRC channel for all their help and info (You should know what I mean...)
    - Thanks to Rubber Ducky a.k.a Webflame for correcting majority of the 
    spelling and grammatical errors here.
    - And you for reading this, thank you very much, I do this for you not for
    me, Thank you!
         Now without talking any more trash, this is Howard "Shao Kahn" Wood
    saying good fight, good night!
    =====================IT WAS OVER A COUPLE OF SPACES ABOVE====================
    ====================WHY ARE YOU READING THIS? STOP!==========================
    ===================================THE END===================================

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