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    FAQ/Walkthrough by pscion

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    Galerians: Ash 
    Spoiler-free FAQ
    by Ron "Pscion" Newcomb
    This is a bare-bones, spoiler-free FAQ, at least as the story is concerned. 
    Puzzles are solved within here, so if you prefer to find those yourself, beware. 
    Corrections welcome (pscion@yahoo.com).
    Sequel to the PS1 game Galerians, it pretty much picks up where the last left 
    off. For those who didn't play the game (or finish it, like me), the game begins 
    with a synopsis of the last game. 
    BACKGROUND NOTE: "Galerians: Ash" is slightly influenced by yaoi manga. Manga is 
    the graphic novel counterpart to anime, and yaoi is a special subdivision. 
    Specifically, yaoi manga is about boy-boy romantic relations, hallmarked by 
    pretty, androgynous, and sometimes fairly feminine males. Oddly enough, yaoi 
    manga is not written by, or for, gay men. It is written by, and for, women, whom 
    find such relationships fascinating.
    === CONTROLS ===
    X  interacts with the environment, like most RPGs / Survival-horror games.
    [] uses your selected attack power - hold it down til the circle fills up
    O  does a roll, for dodges. Very useful.
    ^  selects the attack power
    R1 projects a psychic shield, like the PS1 game Psychic Force; it blocks nearly 
    R2 locks-onto an enemy; walking controls change to typical pitchfork 
    START   calls up the subscreen
    SELECT	calls up the map portion of the subscreen
    L1 screws with the camera, as does the right analog stick
    L2 fixes the camera
    R3 toggles HUD, as well as displaying life guages & such in numeric form
    === GAMEPLAY ===
    The square button uses the currently selected power, which I'll just name via 
    their colors as its easier that way. With the exception of the option of tapping 
    it with Green, hold square til the circle meter at the top fills up, then 
    release. Using powers requires drugs (also color-coded), and the amount left is 
    listed on the third gauge. Using powers causes AP to accumulate, which is kinda 
    bad, as when its full it'll give you a migrane that drains your life. OTOH, said 
    migrane causes damn near anybody less than a boss to explode. 
    Puzzles are usually of the go-fetch variety, and are easier than the first game 
    to figure out. There's seems to be more emphasis on fighting this time around. 
    Two difficulty levels are included, normal & easy.
    Misc. gameplay additions:
    * Enemies take double-damage from attacks from behind (that may just be for 
    tapping Green)
    * If you charge up an attack, and then change your mind, cancel with R1
    * The shield ability only blocks what's in front of you at first. A Skip tablet 
    for level 2 shields will block behind you as well.
     --- ATTACK POWERS ---
    GREEN - physical force, pummels enemy like punches; works on just about anything 
    that moves; can tap the button for a quick punch; a quick punch to an enemy's 
    back does double damage
    RED - fire, fries a cone-shaped area in front of you; useless on robots
    BLUE - levitates enemies, then slams them down; affects small cone-shaped area 
    in front of you; has side-effect of acting as a shield against most attacks; 
    useless on heavier enemies, and most bosses
    PURPLE - an electrical attack that affects a circular area around you; handy on 
    robots, and probably the strongest single-use power; charges slowly
    YELLOW - multiple yellow projectiles home in on enemies; the number of 
    projectiles varies with the level of the power, 3 for level 1, 5 for level two, 
    7 for level three; this power charges up faster than any in the game
     --- OTHER ---
    Recovery Pills - regain health, half or full, depending on version
    DELMETER - Cures the migraine you get when the AP gauge maxes out
    APPOLIMAR - maxes out the AP gauge on purpose; fatal if you're out of Delmeter
    Skip Tablet - gives an attack power (you decide which) a level-up
    Talk to the dead guy to unlock the door. Run around the perimeter of the room 
    for free items. Through the door and up the stairs is a large room with your 
    first enemies in it. Practice if you'd like; all powers work on these guys. Walk 
    the perimeter of the room for more items, but the door of the building with red 
    lights on it is the one to use. Upstairs, a simple follow-the-light puzzle is 
    found, as well as some more enemies. You can destroy the enemies first; they'll 
    respawn several times, but not forever. Completing the puzzle powers on the 
    terminal, which unlocks the door to the bridge.
    On the bridge, there's a save point on the far side. Fry or levitate these 
    enemies if you wish to fight them.
    Use R2 to lock onto the boss. Use the Green drug. When boss uses lightning or 
    eye-lasers, run away to the skinny part of the floor. When the boss uses a 
    flame-tongue, hold R1 to block it. If the floating eyeballs attack, dodge with 
    the O button. 
    Repeat all actions above, twice. You'll understand at the time what I mean.
    Destroy/avoid the spiders. He'll hop down every so often and tease you; fry him. 
    If he jumps on you and bashes you over the head, fry him as soon as you're able; 
    he's slow. 
    Use the floating blue symbols in the first room to refill health and empty AP. 
    Cinema with the head soldier. Explore & converse. Save point on the 2nd floor, 
    west side, at the end of an otherwise blank hallway, and on the 3rd floor, in 
    the Tactical Ops room. Talk to Lilia in her 3rd floor lab for a map and stuff. 
    More cinema with the head soldier: intruder alert. Go down stairs (a lot), 
    cinema of soldiers getting whipped. Destroy enemies, meet woman soldier. 
    Continue (save point is down there), fry the soldier-cyborg enemies with a 
    single use of your power. Enter warehouse. 
    Use Green drug to kill all robots, and a boss will appear. (Finish off the 
    robots first, else they'll annoy you during the boss fight.)
    Use the Red drug, and use R2 to lock onto him at all times (else you'll be 
    fighting the game's camera, as well). When the boss raises his weapons, like 
    he's stretching his back, you've enough time to fry him if you're already in 
    range. Else, you'll see two small lightning bolts (harmless), followed by a big 
    3rd one (dodge-roll sidewards, else you'll have to re-position yourself within 
    range).  If your attack hit soon enough, the bolt won't finish. When the boss 
    glows with electricity, roll sidewards, as it's either a dashing slash (fry him, 
    maybe), or a flying drill. For the drill attack, roll sidewards, and then keep 
    walking sidewards. His homing ability and your lock-on will cause the two of you 
    to circle each other several times. When the drill finishes, fry him (timing's a 
    bit tight).  When the boss jumps at you, dodge sidewards. When the boss walks 
    calmly toward you, wait, and he'll usually stretch his back (fry him).  Fry him 
    about ten times or so and he'll fall.
    Cinema with the head soldier. Cinema with Lilia. Around the corner from Lilia's 
    lab (top-right of map) is a door she unlocks for you. Down, down, to a door(1) 
    that lacks power, and a door(2) with a manual crank. Crank door(2) open, and 
    straight thru it, veering right toward a long-ass hall, destroying or dodging 
    robots. Round the corner, all the way down to a dead-end, where there's a key on 
    top of a box. You may have seen this key before in the exploratory phase of the 
    game. Grab it and return the way you came to Lilia's lab's floor. 
    Down to the 2nd floor via the bottom-left staircase everyone uses (the guard 
    there is bored). The Emergency Power Room is right there; use the key on the 
    corner computer. Notice the wall panel next to it, sparking. (Press X for 
    message about the panel.) Needs cable. Go to Warehouse on this same floor for 
    the cable. Turn off power to insert cable, turn power back on. 
    Return to door(1), NOT by the way you went earlier (dipstick is blocking the 
    way), but via the main route through the SW stairs, and the two "tubes" leading 
    to the lobby. Destroy/dodge the robots and go in through door(2) you unlocked 
    earlier, to get to door(1). Flip its switch and off you go.
    Walk into the anus of the ship parked there. 
    Avoid Mr. Ugly and his friend (Green drug works on them, but they're strong). 
    Run the other way toward the save point & door. Inside, turn left, dodging 
    flame-throwers by walking in their direction of motion, rolling through for the 
    moment they quit. Through the door into General Sick Bay, avoid annoying 
    enemies, get the Blank Card from off of the lit-up exam table. Return to 
    flamethrowers, continue around the circle. "Control Office" room has water-
    bubble spitting enemies. Fry at least one. Save point, and a book from off a 
    shelf. Through the other open door. 
    In here, activate the console. (Not that console, the other one.) Avoid enemies, 
    activate the first console. Use Blank Card, X button to swap two letters, 
    password = saturnus.
    It's pretty straightforward from here. When you get a password put on your card, 
    it unlocks a door with the corresponding planet on it. Behind that door 
    somewhere is a computer terminal that puts the next password onto your card. 
    Just spell the planet's name in latin, which is pretty close to english (except 
    for Earth = Tellus). The location of the doors is:
    Floor 1B = Mars 
    Floor 2B, Control Office = Jupiter
    Floor 2B, General Sick Bay = Saturn
    Floor 3B, Control Computer Room = Earth
    Floor 2B, System Control Room = Venus
    Destroy spiders with either Red, for a group of them, or Green, just tap the 
    button. The Tellus computer is in the same room as a short-cut to back to Sick 
    Bay. The Venus computer is in the same room as a shortcut to Floor 1B. 
    After the planetary nonsense, kill Mr. Ugly on the elevator and grab the Skip 
    tablet he leaves behind. There's a save point afterward. 
    Walk up and fry him. Quickly. If he tosses shooting stars, block. Just because 
    he's a pretty boy doesn't mean he's strong.
    Return to the surface, hitting the save point outide, and fly away.
    Destroy all enemies to proceed out of the hangar. Go thru the door(1), and then 
    thru the door(2) that you manually cranked earlier to open. Up the double tubes, 
    then up the main stairway near the emergency backup generator; the stairway 
    looks closed but it will open. See Lilia in her lab, then go upstairs all the 
    way to the hyper-sleep room. Fill your life and empty the AP gauge, then talk to 
    NEW AREA, sort of
    Use the terminal beside the one you're in front of to unlock the door. Thru the 
    door, use the save point, and then into a room with a pair of Mr. Uglies. Kill 
    'em, use the side door. Thru the corridor to a room with walls of energy. 
    Proceed forward, navigating the little maze as it appears and use the terminal 
    the cinema showed you. Then use the terminal in the very back of the room to 
    rotate pieces of the building once, (so that III is lined up with the same-
    colored block). Return to Mr. Ugly's room, use the other door. In the center of 
    the new room..
    Remember your block button here! Use Green to pummel her. Little will o' wisps 
    orbit her; your pummeling will kill them leaving items behind. She flies around, 
    dropping fire, just block it til she sets back down. From the ground, she'll 
    send a wall of fire advancing toward you; roll sideways and shoot her, 
    repeatedly. She'll also use a homing-snake o' fire; either block it, or ignore 
    it and just keep shooting. Moving around, you're just as likely to jump into it 
    as out of it.
    Go downstairs, and examine Cain's sarcophagus. You'll be zapped, and your eyes 
    will glow. (If you wish, then look into the other sarcophagi for pictures of the 
    previous generation of Galerians, from the first game.) Go into the 'N' security 
    pod - the one you used at the beginning of the game. Walk toward the elevator 
    and a familiar animation will play, IDing you as Cain. Use the terminal to line 
    up the 'N' building with the same-colored 'I' block. Then the elevator is 
    activated and you can return to Lilia via Dorothy's terminal.
    OLD AREA (again)
    Use the restorative thingy, then go downstairs and around the corner into 
    Lilia's lab. Talk to the guy on the raised dias for the Breakaron PPEC (the 
    Purple power). Then down the SW stairs (by the guard-who-is-no-longer-bored), 
    then zig-zag left into the Armory (use the map), and thru the far door via its 
    manual-override into the computer log room. Read the terminal, then return the 
    way you came. Once back in civilization, go to the sick bay and chat with the 
    pilot for the Key to Hangar 1. 
    Go to Hangar 1, thru door(1), and unlock the locked door in the sewer. Once 
    inside, a console switch by the pair of bubble-enemies swaps out the ship with 
    another. Crawl up the ship's anus for the Backup Computer Key. (The other ship 
    doesn't have anything up its butt.) Return via the lobby.
    You can use your new power on the robot if you wish. It has a circular area of 
    effect, centered on you, and it does nice damage, especially on robots. Then an 
    old friend hops out, the only real difference here is that when you circle each 
    other while he's doing the drill, he'll occasionally do a right-angle turn right 
    at you. Just tap roll (sideways, of course), and keep circling. He'll usually 
    try the right-turn twice per drill. 
    Return to the computer log room, located on this floor, and in the back of the 
    room amidst the bubble-boys is the main computer. Use the new key to activate 
    it, then return to Lilia in the Hyper-Sleep chamber. Use the restorative thingy 
    in here before walking toward her. 
    This is just like the last time you came here, except you don't have to go *all* 
    the way down to the family room where the sarcophagies are at, just as far down 
    as the moving buildings (1F Dome Area). Of the moving buildings (where you found 
    the female boss of fire), a new one unlocked its doors (Security Area W). You'll 
    have to enter it and use the room-rotation terminals. One snafu: the new one 
    only rotates rooms an even number, but its an odd-number of slots off -- you 
    can't line up the W with the II. Use one of the other rooms' terminals (like 
    Security Area S) to rotate an odd number of slots first. Then, return to W, use 
    the room rotation terminal if needed, and take the elevator upstairs.
    I actually think he's weaker this time around. Well, he seems to have a laser, 
    now. But only for very far range.
    Grab the item off the glowing white shelf, use the terminal to open the door to 
    the bridge, and use said door. (The item won't work where you think it should.) 
    I suppose you could go see Lilia if you wish, but, back in Dorothy's room, use 
    the side terminal to escape back to the bridge. You're led to the pair of Mr. 
    Uglies again, and use the side exit to the room with the glowing maze. Use the 
    center terminal again, and the glowing maze will no longer appear. Use the other 
    terminal to unlock the elevator door so you can continue downstairs. In the Dome 
    Area again, go *all* the way down to the sarcophagi, again. (Geez! The 
    developers really really want to get maximum use out of this area, don't they?) 
    Walk to the fountain in the middle and use the new item for an even newer item. 
    Now return from where you got said item (via the elevator in Security Room W, by 
    first using the room rotation terminal in Security Room S, as before), and use 
    your new key in the wall.
    Through the corridor, to the room, where the terminal you need is protected by 
    targeting lasers and an advancing wall of light energy. Hide behind the blocks 
    from the wall, and the lasers will announce their target before they fire. Use 
    the terminal, dodge your way back thru the connecting corridor, and then, once 
    again, use the terminal to unlock the bridge, over to Dorothy's room (save 
    point), and her terminal teleports you to Lilia.
    Down & around to the R&D lab for your second new power, Bustanor, the Yellow 
    one. It's on the raised dias against the far wall. Then, to the Tactical Ops 
    Room, where there is a book on the table. (The camera highlights it.) And talk 
    to the chief soldier.
    Next destination is Hangar 3, which you'll be trapped in as a little cinema 
    tells you. Kill everything in there to get back out. Then, Lab 2, where you can 
    blow away all the robots with a single use of Purple. Grab the key in the back, 
    and head toward the System R&D Center (with the backup computer on the 1F). 
    Check out the log screen in that room while you're at it. Then upstairs via the 
    Armory (and a cinema), to Lilia in the Hyper-Sleep chamber. You'll notice no 
    one's home on the third floor. As usual, use the recovery thingy before speaking 
    to her. 
    Again, same as before. Green works well, as your new powers are either at a low 
    level (read: weak), or do not have a long, straight range needed to reach her 
    when she stops flying. You'll frequently find yourself trading attacks with her, 
    so blocking is your friend. 
    Teleport to the hyper-sleep chamber. Return to Dorothy's room in the Mushroom 
    Tower. Same rigmarole: go down to the Dome Room, then back up through Security 
    Room W, up, through the weird aztec-door to the room with the laser system and 
    advancing wall of light. Use the terminal, and unlock Security Room E. Go back 
    down the elevator (no need to use the Bridge to Dorothy's), and into E.
    Inside Security Room E is a great place to gain experience and items. A half-
    dozen enemies always respawn very close to one another. Although its fun to 
    levitate them with blue, then squash the lot of them simutaneously, it works 
    better to trigger a migrane with some Appolimar, and just walk around collecting 
    the spoils. Some Delemeter and health pills are a must for this strategy to 
    Use various room-rotation terminals to line up the white E block with the red I 
    block at the top. This opens the elevator in E, which takes you to the room with 
    the face in it. Walk to the center of the room and use the terminal. Then thru 
    the face, down the hall, to the very end, and press X for a cinema. Return to 
    Now, go to the Flight Control Office. It's that unused room on the first floor. 
    A quick cinema plays, then Hanger 2 is the next stop. Into the ship. 
    Down the elevator, and straight ahead thru the Mars door. Down the hall to the 
    former Venus door for a cinema. Backtrack to follow the characters, down to 
    where you fought spiders, back and across to the Management Office, upstairs and 
    left again to General Sick Bay, through the far door to the Enriched Uranium 
    Storage, and then down thru the former Venus door again.
    Circle him using lock-on, and fry him between barrages. He'll dash or toss a 
    grenade every so often, but a roll sideways and keep at him.
    Then he changes form.  And gains two lasers.
    You can destroy the lasers if you wish, using Green. And green works probably 
    better than anything, especially if it's at level 3. His dashes will be faster, 
    but just roll sideways until he decides to walk casually toward you. Then nail 
    him. He'll go down after a barrage or two. 
    Fry or pummel him, usually, as your newer powers aren't at level 3. Block a lot. 
    Circle him a bit and some of his attacks will miss, as most of them affect a 
    cone-shaped area in front of him. In the second part of the fight, he'll start 
    levitating up & down, and in that case, your red power will miss if he's near 
    the top of his oscillation. If you have trouble aiming, try Green instead. He 
    has a bit of life, and goes through yours pretty quick, so keep an eye on 
    yourself and use those recovery pills.
    You'll be scored on your progress throughout the game, and win various still 
    shots as well, to be viewed in the Movie Gallery (the still shots are at the 
    bottom). Also, you may unlock Short Mode, which allows Rion better movement when 
    he's got a migrane attack. 
    NOTE: If you start a new game, be sure to save to a different slot. If you save 
    over the completed game, you will lose everything from the Movie Gallery, as 
    well as Short Mode. 

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