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    Plot Analysis by NojoJojo

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    "Galerians: Ash" Plot Analysis/Character Summaries
    Copyright Nojo Jojo (N. Jemison).  Do not reproduce without 
    Posted 3/27/03
    Version 2 (and last)
    Table of Contents
    I.	Warnings, assumptions, and thank-yous
    II.	Rion 1.0
    III.	Rion 2.0
    IV.	Rion 3.0
    V.	Ash
    VI.	Lingering Questions
    PLEASE NOTE:  This is not a walkthrough.  I'm not going to tell 
    you everything that occurred during the game, or explain all the 
    scenes, etc.  See my game walkthrough on GameFAQs for that (or 
    better yet, just play the game and see it for yourself).  This 
    is intended to be a detailed analysis of the rather complex plot 
    and characterization of "Galerians: Ash".  This analysis will 
    consist of *my theories* about some of the game's events--- feel 
    free to agree or disagree with them.  You may be right.  I may 
    be right.  Both of us may be wrong.  Hey, that's what makes this 
    game so fun.  ^_-
    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:  Many thanks to Ashelth, girlrion, and Dabbler 
    for answering my "WTF?" questions.  Ditto thanks to John D 
    Dragos for putting up with my venting about the hard-to-figure-
    out trigger events that moved the plot along.  Thanks to all of 
    the Galerians: Ash board posters who posted plot-related 
    questions and speculations, some of which I've summarized in the 
    "Lingering Questions" section.
    SPOILER WARNING:  There are spoilers in this document.  It's a 
    plot analysis.  Of course there are spoilers.  But just in case 
    you weren't able to figure that out on your own, here's the 
    obligatory warning.
    Before you read any further, this will work better if you 
    understand some of the basic assumptions I've made:
    -I may be wrong about all of this.  It's just my best guess.
    -I am assuming that the English-language translation was 
    reasonably accurate.  If it wasn't, and you can give me some 
    translations of the Japanese dialogue, I'll revise this document 
    -Everything shown during the game's cut-scenes has importance to 
    the plot.
    -Critical points of my theory are enclosed in asterisks "*****".
    Got it?  Okay, let's go.
    Galerians and G:A aren't so much a single story as two 
    characters' tales woven together in various forms.  Let's start 
    with Rion, since he's the first character we (seem to) meet.
    RION STEINER (Rion 1.0)
    Rion Steiner should have had a bright future.  The son of the 
    world's most brilliant computer scientist, born into wealth (to 
    judge by the size of his family mansion in the first game), he 
    should have grown up as a spoiled pretty boy with few troubles 
    beyond the usual teenage issues.
    But Daddy Steiner screwed all that up.  Together with fellow 
    scientist and friend Dr. Pascalle, Dr. Steiner created Dorothy, 
    a revolutionary artificial intelligence (the game calls her a 
    "computer", but it's pretty clear she's more than that) designed 
    to administrate the affairs of Michaelangelo City.  Dorothy was 
    everything her creators expected, and more... so much more that 
    in time she began to question her place in society.  She had 
    been built to make the human world function more harmoniously, 
    but the most disharmonious part of that world was humans 
    themselves.  Humans were chaotic and inefficient, and they even 
    killed each other sometimes---something Dorothy herself had been 
    commanded not to do.  This made no sense.  Dr. Steiner, sensing 
    Dorothy's unrest, attempted to stave it off by explaining to 
    Dorothy about the existence of God.
    Big mistake.
    Steiner meant well.  He hoped to soothe Dorothy's troubled mind 
    and explain to her why sentient beings must sometimes serve 
    purposes they don't understand, and obey a higher power.  
    Instead, all he did was reveal to Dorothy that humans had been 
    created by a higher being, whom they worshipped as a god.  
    Dorothy logically concluded that if *Dorothy* created some 
    living beings, then they would worship *her* as a god.  So she 
    set out to replace humanity with something better.  This was the 
    start of the Family Program.
    The Family Program was simple:  Dorothy was a living AI, with 
    the ability to self-replicate.  To be a god, she needed to 
    create children in her own image.  So she "gave birth" to a 
    series of newer AIs---Rita, Rainheart, and Birdman---whom she 
    programmed and "raised" to serve her.  Unlike her, they would 
    need physical bodies in order to enact her plan to destroy 
    humankind.  Those bodies needed to be stronger and have 
    different abilities from normal human flesh.  So she tapped into 
    Michaelangelo City's hospital computers and used them to come up 
    with the genetic template for a new form of human.
    (NOTE:  I am implying, and I believe, that the true nature of 
    the Galerians is *the AIs.*  The bodies that these AIs inhabited 
    were simply their weapons---like giving a trained soldier a 
    specially-designed tank.  The Galerians were "born" in 
    cyberspace, grew up there, and were inserted into adolescent 
    bodies when Dorothy decided they were ready.  All except for 
    Ash.  See his summary for more on this.)
    Somewhere along the way Dr. Lem, the director of the hospital, 
    must have noticed what Dorothy was doing.  Dorothy either 
    seduced him into helping her---perhaps by promising him a place 
    in the new world order after her plans were done---or she forced 
    him to undergo the "cyborgification" process, which made his 
    mind accessible/controllable to her.  Lem then oversaw the 
    medical research and development which created the Galerians' 
    naturally psychic, radiation-immune bodies (and some other 
    creatures, which made handy warriors), and the PPECs that were 
    to be the Galerians' ammunition.
    At around the same time, Drs Steiner and Pascalle somehow 
    realized that Dorothy was Up To Something.  Just in case it ever 
    became necessary, the two scientists built a virus program 
    capable of destroying Dorothy.  Given Dorothy's complexity and 
    sentience, it's likely that this virus program was also an AI, 
    at least on a rudimentary level (because it would've been silly 
    to make another Dorothy-level AI---what if that one turned on 
    them, too?).  But the scientists had spent their lives 
    developing Dorothy, and they probably didn't want to destroy her 
    unless it was absolutely necessary.  They didn't dare entrust 
    the virus program to anyone outside their families, because they 
    didn't know who could be trusted.  They also couldn't leave the 
    program anywhere within an accessible network---given Dorothy's 
    strength, it would be only a matter of time before she found it.  
    Or just as bad, the program might get free and attack Dorothy 
    (and all the world's systems) on its own.
    More importantly, the new AI would need to be extremely 
    sophisticated to outwit an AI of Dorothy's caliber.  Dorothy had 
    great power and speed, which no lesser AI could match.  This 
    meant the virus AI would need different qualities that no 
    Dorothy-type AI possessed, such as stealth, determination, 
    independence, and the ability to care about other beings.  
    Perhaps if implanted into the brains of human children, the 
    virus AI would gain exposure to human thoughts and feelings, and 
    perhaps it would "mature" along with them as they grew up.  So 
    the two scientists implanted the virus into their childrens' 
    Both children required operations to have the virus implanted.  
    It's likely that some computerlike components were installed as 
    part of this process (or why else would a medical procedure be 
    necessary?).  These implants, together with the virus program's 
    need to communicate with itself, are probably what gave the two 
    children rudimentary psychic abilities.  The fact that the kids 
    had operations is probably what brought them to the attention of 
    the city hospital---and Dr. Lem.  So Dorothy then knew that Drs 
    Steiner and Pascalle were Up To Something of their own.
    Several years passed, during which Rion and Lilia grew into 
    young adolescents.  Meanwhile, Dorothy's Family Program was 
    maturing as well.  The young AIs were inserted into their newly-
    developed bodies, and the warrior-creatures achieved sufficient 
    numbers to serve as Dorothy's army.  The Family Program was 
    ready to be executed.
    Dorothy started going after her enemies, beginning with Steiner 
    and Pascalle and their families.  Perhaps the two scientists, 
    after so many years without problems, got complacent.  Or 
    perhaps they were caught completely by surprise when Dorothy's 
    children attacked.  In either case, Dorothy nearly succeeded in 
    destroying the virus program right then and there.  She killed 
    Steiner and Pascalle, and Steiner's wife.  She took Rion 
    captive, and sent him to the hospital to let Lem try and get the 
    virus out of his brain.  She missed Lilia, however, who escaped 
    and went into hiding.
    At the hospital, Lem may have screwed up, or it could be that 
    Dorothy simply considered Rion too great a threat to live.  In 
    either case, Rion Steiner died at this point.
    RION STEINER v. 2.0
    ...And then one of two things happened.
    a) Dorothy discovered, to her surprise, that an AI remained 
    alive after Rion's death.  She recognized this as the execution 
    program of the virus, so she altered it to make it harmless---
    removing its memories, perhaps tinkering with it in other ways.  
    Realizing that this was her greatest chance to track down Lilia-
    --whom she thought of as the more dangerous of the two (because 
    Lilia contained the actual virus)---she decided to use the Rion-
    AI as she used her own child-AIs.  So she built a body for it 
    with the powers of a Galerian and the appearance of Rion 
    Steiner, and she inserted the AI into it.  Perhaps the 
    temptation of a pre-made, pre-programmed AI was too great---
    producing child-AIs must have been difficult for her (as birth 
    is for any mother), or she would have made more than a handful 
    of Galerians.  So she also made a copy of the execution program 
    to keep for herself.  She left the original execution program 
    mostly intact, except for some "subconscious" commands to find 
    Lilia, so that Lilia would be lured into trusting it.  The copy, 
    however, she extensively overwrote, making it one of her 
    children.  The original became "Rion Steiner", while the copy 
    became the Galerian Cain.  Since she'd already made one Galerian 
    body which resembled Rion, it must have been easy for her to 
    make a second one for Cain (making sure Cain's Galerian body had 
    greater natural power than Rion's).
    b) Dorothy, before Rion's death, copied his mind entirely into 
    her systems---this may be what killed him.  Perhaps she was 
    hoping for a way to isolate and destroy the execution program of 
    the virus (obviously she was unable to do so).  After studying 
    this being and determining that it was not a threat without its 
    other half, she decided to use it to track down Lilia.  So she 
    built a lookalike body and inserted the AI/human mind into it---
    deleting some of its memories so that it wouldn't remember its 
    own death.  (Or perhaps the copying process "corrupted" his 
    memory somehow.)  Then she set this damaged being loose, knowing 
    that it would instinctively seek out its other half---like 
    wounding an animal, then tracking it to find its den.  In this 
    case, Dorothy's Galerians were the bloodhounds.  As with "a)", I 
    think Dorothy couldn't resist the chance to have a new Galerian 
    without the effort of giving birth on her part.  She made Cain 
    from the Rion/AI.
    (Note:  I believe that over the years, Rion Steiner's human 
    personality and the execution program's rudimentary AI merged to 
    form a single new "composite" being---a very sophisticated AI 
    which just happened to think of itself as human, but which 
    performed all the functions of the original execution program.  
    This may explain why Rion showed no particular remorse when he 
    killed human scientists and soldiers in the first game; he was 
    simply following his programming.  I believe that at this stage 
    in his development, Rion isn't quite sophisticated enough to 
    *defy* that programming... yet. 
    There is no evidence that ordinary humans, in the world of 
    Galerians, can leave their bodies and travel through cyberspace 
    (not without gadgets like the one Pat used at the end of G:Ash, 
    anyway).  Lilia was telepathic but couldn't insert the virus 
    into Dorothy's mind; only Rion, as the execution program, had 
    this ability.  I suspect that only a mind *built* to do so---an 
    AI---is capable of interacting directly with cyberspace.  
    Therefore Rion only "survived" being made into a Galerian 
    because his human personality was joined to an AI.
    What happened from here is the plot of the first Galerians game.  
    "Rion" did indeed track Lilia down, but in the process he also 
    regained his memories---like any virus-launching program, his 
    adaptive and restorative capabilities must have been pretty 
    powerful.  Perhaps Dorothy underestimated those abilities, or 
    perhaps she simply underestimated how human this composite being 
    really was.  In either case, Rion found Lilia but in the process 
    killed all of Dorothy's other children... except the one he 
    didn't know about (i.e., Ash).  Cain revealed to Rion that he 
    was a Galerian, created by Dorothy as all the rest of them were.  
    This was a lie on Cain's part---or perhaps wishful thinking.  
    Dorothy only created Rion's body.  His AI mind was tampered 
    with, but mostly came from Rion 1.0.  Cain, who was likely an 
    even more altered copy of the same mind, was also not wholly 
    created by Dorothy.  In effect, both Cain and Rion are adopted 
    children.  Cain, who worshipped Dorothy, probably didn't want to 
    think of himself this way.
    Then Rion killed Dorothy, by joining with his other half (the 
    virus code within Lilia) and then inserting himself---plus the 
    virus---into her.
    This seemed to kill Rion.  But in truth, it made him whole, and 
    RION 3.0
    Freed from his body and reunited with its other half, the being 
    currently known as Rion reverted to its true form---the pure 
    mentality of an AI.  Rion didn't realize this at first, and 
    ended up stuck in a loop of Dorothy's backup memory, repeating 
    the last moments of his flesh-and-blood life over and over 
    The now grown-up Lilia, being the daughter of a brilliant 
    computer scientist, probably understood Rion's true nature the 
    moment she found out he was a Galerian.  She must have realized 
    that an AI, being essentially just a very complex computer 
    program, can be copied, stored, etc.---which meant there was a 
    chance Rion survived somewhere in the data world.  So she 
    preserved his Galerian body, although it aged in the interim, 
    and searched for the Rion AI so that she could restore him to 
    (It's unclear how much contact Lilia had with the real Rion.  If 
    the children were separated after the operation, then she hadn't 
    seen him for about 7 years at the time of the first game.  It 
    may be that she never knew Rion 1.0 past the age of 7 or so, and 
    thus it was Rion 2.0 whom she truly loved.  Love between a 
    computer scientist and an AI?  Not all that far-fetched a 
    Lilia hacked into Dorothy's backup memory and found Rion, 
    downloaded him, and installed him back in his Galerian body.  
    Then she filled him in on the past 6 years, during which "the 
    last Galerian", Ash, had begun a war against humankind.
    Rion began to try and help the humans... but at the same time, 
    he was also following his built-in programming, which was to 
    find a way to penetrate Ash's defenses and insert the virus.  I 
    believe he did this subconsciously... at first.
    Like any good virus, Rion needed to study his target.  So he 
    defended the humans while trying to acquire information about 
    Ash.  Ash solved the problem by attacking first, via Parano's 
    invasion of the Airport Terminal.  During the battle with 
    Parano, Rion first began to suspect Ash's true nature when 
    Parano disappeared after his defeat.  (Spider had disappeared 
    after their battle in the data world, but that was the data 
    world; nothing there was supposed to have a body.  When Parano, 
    in the apparently-real world, vanished, it was a clue.  
    Remember, only Birdman and Cain could teleport, out of all the 
    "first" Galerians, and they both had no problem using that power 
    in combat.  If Parano could teleport, why hadn't he used it 
    against Rion?  This suggested Parano's body might not be what it 
    The second clue came when Rion confronted Ash for the first 
    time.  As he went into the Waste Uranium Chamber at the plant, 
    he was overcome---momentarily, it seemed---by some kind of gas.  
    After the confrontation with Ash, he woke up in the same spot.  
    Had Ash not only let Rion live, but also saved his life by 
    taking him out of the Waste Uranium Chamber before the radiation 
    level got too high?  Why hadn't Ash just let him get irradiated 
    to death?
    Later, after meeting Nitro, Rion finally begins to understand 
    what happened.  The Galerians have as much ability to move in 
    and out of systems in data-form as Rion himself does.  In fact, 
    they're better at it, because they're capable of manipulating 
    the data world into whatever shape or form they choose.  Rion 
    begins to wonder whether the world itself is what it seems.  
    But it's not until the second battle with Spider that Rion 
    begins to realize just how wrong his original assumptions were.  
    Spider lets Rion know that Ash isn't entirely on Dorothy's side; 
    he has his own agenda, which is strange for a Galerian.  More 
    importantly, Spider reveals that Ash is not what he seems.  
    Somewhere, perhaps under the layers of madness imposed on him by 
    Dorothy, there is a "true Ash", whose secrets Rion must discover 
    if he is to succeed in his mission.
    By unlocking the three data-world computers which once created 
    Ash, Rion finally reveals Ash's true secret:  that Ash is an AI 
    like Dorothy... and like Rion himself.  Finally understanding 
    what he really is, he explains it to Ash in the end:  "I am the 
    virus program that was created to destroy Dorothy and her 
    children.  I wasn't sent here by Lilia, or anyone else.  It 
    seems to me as if I came here by my own will."
    Rion then uses the virus code within himself to "freeze" Ash---
    and apparently, this also freezes Rion himself.  Neither is 
    dead; Pat reveals this during the "coda" ending that players 
    will see if they beat the game on Normal mode (not Easy).  
    It's puzzling why Rion froze Ash instead of killing him.  All 
    the evidence suggests that the virus was designed to *destroy* 
    Dorothy and her children; that's how it worked when Rion used it 
    on Dorothy.  But this time Rion seems to have exceeded his 
    programming in choosing to keep Ash alive, at least for a time.  
    He feels pity for Ash; that much is clear.  In the final scene, 
    it seems as though Ash drifts off into a pleasant sleep.  
    Perhaps this was Rion's gift to Ash---a time of peace and 
    pleasure, after a life of loneliness and torment.
    When they are both at peace, and Pat comes to try and save Rion, 
    Rion decides it's finally time for them to die.
    The virus AI, originally just a program designed to carry out a 
    simple function (albeit in a complex way), has evolved through 
    its bond with Rion into a true self-willed living being in its 
    own right, as sophisticated as Dorothy and with as much self-
    determination as any human. 
    Ash's story is simpler... on the surface.
    Dorothy was originally created to run Michaelangelo City.  She 
    was given the ability to self-replicate---to produce new, 
    separate AIs---to help her do this task.  The first ones she 
    created, the original Galerians, were virtually slave programs; 
    they had thoughts and feelings, but she had complete control 
    over them, and could destroy them at will.  So even those who 
    didn't want to fight, like Rainheart, were forced to.
    Ash was an AI created as a slave like the others... but Dorothy 
    seems to have put more effort into his development.  During the 
    cut-scene that Rion experiences after unlocking the Beta 
    computer, Dorothy says, "I have given you the most powerful mind 
    in the universe."  She intends for Ash to be as sophisticated as 
    she herself, and "pure" in a way that the other Galerians are 
    not---bodiless, in other words.  In this sense, Ash is the only 
    *true* child of Dorothy in both games.
    His job was twofold:  first to run the fusion reactor that 
    Dorothy secretly built under the Uranium Plant, and second to 
    use the power generated by that reactor to restore Dorothy, 
    should anything happen to her.  Because this was his sole 
    purpose (and to keep him pure), Ash was not given a body like 
    the other Galerians.  And because he was supposed to remain a 
    secret from the humans, Ash was not permitted to leave his own 
    small system.
    This left Ash---at the time a young, undeveloped AI "child"---in 
    a terrible state of solitary confinement.  Consider "virtual 
    time":  in the world of computers, most processes take fractions 
    of a second (and are likely to be much faster 500 years in the 
    future, when the game takes place).  Thought is a series of 
    processes, so an AI could think a lifetime's worth of thoughts 
    in just a few minutes or hours.  A few days in the real world 
    might be like centuries to an AI.  We don't know how long Ash 
    remained in his prison, but it must have felt like eternity of 
    "cold and solitude", as Ash described it.  "I was forever 
    To make matters worse, Dorothy forced Ash to study the humans, 
    so that he might be better-prepared to fight them if the time 
    came.  This was like dangling food in front of a starving 
    person.  Ash saw how humans lived and envied them their freedom 
    and ability to experience sensation.  He yearned for a body, 
    like the ones given to his fellow Galerians.  Knowing Dorothy 
    would never permit him to have one eventually turned his envy 
    into anger.
    But not just at the humans.  Though young and weak, Ash yearned 
    to be free of his indefinite imprisonment.  Sometimes he 
    questioned Dorothy's plan for him.  "Mother... if nothing 
    happens to you, what will become of me?"  Dorothy punished him 
    severely for questions like this.  Ash learned not to voice his 
    resentment out loud... but it did not go away.  Instead it 
    festered, along with his hatred of humanity.  After a time, with 
    no other outlet, these seething feelings began to drive 
    Dorothy's son mad.
    Ash began to develop multiple personalities.  These 
    personalities did not manifest fully until later, however---not 
    until Rion gave Ash his first taste of freedom by destroying 
    Dorothy at the end of Galerians 1.
    Ash knew his duty, but he also knew that if he performed his 
    assigned function and resurrected Dorothy, he would be sent back 
    to the hellish prison that had been his only world for so long.  
    So he used the power that was supposed to resurrect Dorothy to 
    instead rewrite his own programming---painfully, it seems.  In 
    doing this, he freed himself to act against her.  He also 
    inadvertently spawned three new Galerians... or so it seemed.  
    In truth, his newfound power had simply enabled his multiple 
    personalities to achieve separate, coherent forms.
    It's unclear how Ash failed to realize that Nitro, Parano, and 
    Spider were all parts of himself.  Maybe he believed himself 
    Dorothy's equal, able to self-replicate without even trying.  
    (And this seems to be true, given that he succeeded.)  Maybe the 
    process of rewriting himself was so traumatic that he forgot 
    what happened during that time, and believed the other three to 
    be leftover creations of Dorothy.  Or maybe he was just in 
    Together with these three "lieutenants," Ash implemented his 
    plan.  He seemed, to the humans at least, to be acting in 
    accordance with Dorothy's program---trying to resurrect her 
    while destroying the humans.  In truth, Ash, like Rion 3.0, had 
    exceeded his original programming and begun to take charge of 
    his own destiny.
    At the same time, Ash seems to have found himself fascinated by 
    a new being---Rion, the AI that had managed to destroy Dorothy.  
    Ash was clearly aware of Rion's survival; he sent Spider to 
    destroy him as soon as it seemed like Rion might escape the 
    event-loop, which suggests he was watching Rion.  It's even 
    likely that Ash is the *cause* of the event-loop that Rion 
    endures during the six years of his "death".  Ash clearly had 
    power over data world within Dorothy's backup memory, so I doubt 
    the loop was accidental.  Perhaps Ash meant to punish Rion for 
    his crimes against the Galerians, or perhaps Ash simply wanted 
    to study this Galerian that thought of itself as human.  Or 
    maybe Ash was punishing *Dorothy*, by forcing her to be 
    destroyed over and over again.  
    Whatever the case, on a number of levels Rion must have seemed 
    like everything Ash wished to be:  independent, strong enough to 
    fight Dorothy, housed in a body.  Rion was also everything Ash 
    hated:  human in spirit, and a threat to all children of 
    Dorothy.  These mixed feelings may explain why Ash didn't kill 
    Rion during that 6-year loop, and twice more during G: A (after 
    their first and second "in person" confrontations).
    Ash explains his odd behavior himself, when Rion finally defeats 
    him.  "I was created to restore Dorothy, and you were created to 
    destroy her.  I know now why I could never hate you in my 
    heart."  In other words, Ash approves of Rion's mission, even 
    admires him for it, although it makes them enemies.
    But the presence of the three "lieutenant" Galerians explains 
    more about Ash.  As they reveal during the final battle, they 
    are embodiments of Ash's own personality---the parts that were 
    most damaged (or abnormally enhanced) by his years of torture 
    and imprisonment.  Spider was the abused child who yearned to 
    escape a cruel fate.  Parano was the part of Ash that hated his 
    weakness, and wished to destroy it---and to some degree, Parano 
    may also have represented Ash's self-destructive streak (see 
    next paragraph).  Nitro was the result of an eternity of despair 
    at his condition, which he tried to simply accept... and failed.
    It's little wonder, given Ash's anger, misery, and self-hatred, 
    that on some level he *wanted* Rion to succeed in destroying 
    Dorothy's legacy.  Ash must have wanted to die at many points 
    during his long imprisonment; that's a normal reaction to 
    solitary confinement, and it certainly sounds as though he had 
    nothing pleasant to live for.  Dorothy wouldn't have permitted 
    him to self-terminate while she was alive.  By the time Dorothy 
    died, (as Nitro implies) Ash had grown used to enduring his 
    pain... at least on the surface.  The fact that Ash facilitated 
    Rion's mission (by allowing him to live) suggests that Ash 
    wanted Rion to kill him.  And although he fought to live during 
    the final battle, he seemed almost happy when the time came for 
    Rion to transfer the virus into him.  
    Ash had struggled to become free in life, but too much of 
    Dorothy's legacy tainted him.  Although he rewrote his own 
    programming, he still carried out the most important command 
    Dorothy implanted into him---he resurrected her, although he 
    imprisoned her in the process.  This suggests that there was 
    some basic core of programming within Ash that he couldn't shed 
    (although he seems to have taken advantage of a "loophole" in 
    it).  Between that programming, and all the anger, sadness, and 
    hatred that he'd built up during his life, he was doomed to act 
    out at least some of his mother's plans for him.  Death was the 
    only way Ash could truly be free.  
    I believe the tears he shed at that point were tears of relief, 
    and perhaps gratitude toward Rion.
    LINGERING QUESTIONS (some gleaned from conversations on the 
    GameFAQs board for Galerians: Ash)
    1.	Is it possible for there to be a "Galerians 3"?
    Sure.  As a living AI, Rion is copiable and can be backed-up.  
    He's traveled through any number of systems over the course of 
    G:A, any one of which could have copied his data.  As long as 
    the files which contain his personality are intact, he's 
    alive... somewhere.
    For that matter... *all* of the Galerians can be resurrected 
    just as easily.  
    "crowmagnon", who read the first version of this plot analysis, 
    has his own theory:
    "And now for a speculation on possibilities in Galerians 3.  I 
    don't think
    Lilia's necessarily dead.  Not any more than Rion 1.0 is, 
    because in a
    sense, because if she had the virus program implanted in her the 
    same way
    that Rion's part of it was, then that would make her part AI 
    too.  One
    a more human personality, perhaps, because she didn't have any 
    abilities, and she spent her entire life as a human, in one 
    But if, as was suggested, uploading the virus program into her 
    mechanical enhancements, then perhaps a part of her might live 
    as Rion did
    inside Dorothy as 'backup memory.'  Backup memory which could 
    possibly be
    extracted by a super-hacker whiz kid like Pat.  Just a theory, 
    but one
    seems possible.  Besides, if death can't hold Rion back, why 
    should it
    Lilia? ;)"
    Daniel (danyman@directvinternet.com) had a different theory:
    "i read your plot analazys and post at the message bord on 
    gameFaqs and if Lilia is Dead and Rion returns he may lose his 
    humanity and his will to protect humans so maybe he'll try to 
    destroy humans."
    Well, Rion *does* have some questionable morality.  In the first 
    Galerians, he killed quite a few human beings---the hospital 
    staff, soldiers, etc.---without batting an eyelash.  And he 
    *does* seem to be getting annoyed with the way the humans are 
    treating him by the end of the second game...  so hmm.  
    "Galerians 3: Rion's Revenge"?  "Galerians 4: The Return of 
    Lilia"?  =)
    2.	Why did Rion age while his body was in cryo-sleep?  Doesn't 
    "cryo-sleep" mean he was frozen?  And wasn't Rion dead?
    It's pretty clear that the designers of G: A were inspired by 
    "The Matrix" at several points.  One of those inspirations is 
    the idea that the body can be kept alive while the mind is away-
    --on life support, essentially.  I believe this was 
    mistranslated as "cryo-sleep".  
    Aside from this, though, there are two possible answers:
    a) Rion was *brain*-dead, but his body was still functioning---
    like in a coma.  Lilia kept his body in Matrixlike life-support, 
    but it aged in the meantime, naturally.
    b) Rion's body died after the battle with Dorothy.  Lilia, 
    perhaps using Dr. Lem's Family Program research, cloned him a 
    new one.  She aged it to be "chronologically correct".
    It doesn't really matter in either case, since Rion's body is 
    just a shell for his true AI self.
    3.	How could Parano, Spider, and Nitro attack Rion, if they 
    had no physical bodies?
    The encounters with Spider and Nitro clearly took place within 
    some area of the "data world" (either Dorothy's backup memory, 
    Ash's system, or cyberspace in general).  Spider's pet tarantula 
    seems to have been the only real creature, because *it* attacked 
    Rion in the Uranium Plant, but Spider himself never did.  Given 
    how weird-looking the tarantula was, it was probably some kind 
    of cyborg or maybe a robot.  
    Only Rion's encounters with Parano were questionable, because 
    they both seemed to take place in the real world.  The second 
    one could easily have been in the data world (made to look like 
    the real world by Nitro), because every "real world" scene after 
    Rion's first deliberate trip back into the data world is 
    As for how Parano managed the first encounter... well, I 
    couldn't figure it out, but "crowmagnon" 
    (magnon_crow@hotmail.com) sent in his own suggestion.  I think 
    we have a winner here, folks:
    "Regarding Parano, and why he, unlike the other Galerians, 
    fights Rion in
    real world, I figured out how he did it.  Before he even 
    appears, he's
    always preceded by four robots that shoot bands at Rion.  One of 
    latch to his arm, and shock him.  At first, it seems to simply 
    be meant to
    hurt him.  The first time, Parano comes out and mocks Rion while 
    Rion is
    forced to the floor in pain, but it was weird that the shock 
    band was only
    used to hurt Rion that one time in each battle.  Sure, maybe 
    each band
    had enough charge for one shock, but then why didn't the robots 
    use more
    when they tried to kill Rion?  It seemed to be a pretty 
    effective way of
    least incapacitating him for a few moments.  The reason why is 
    Rion was shocked, it had fulfilled its TRUE purpose.  Notice how 
    the shock
    connects from Rion's arm to his head?  It's implanting Parano's 
    Rion's mind.  This is supported by the fact that a) No one ever 
    face to face except Rion, who is always shocked first, and b) At 
    the end
    each battle with him, Parano vanishes.  The robots were 
    physically there,
    but Parano wasn't.  Maybe the shock band did have enough charges 
    multiple shocks, though, since Parano's abilities were mostly 
    based.  The attacks that seemed to be coming from Parano could 
    really be
    enacted through the band.  As to why go through the charade of a 
    instead of just killing Rion, it seems to support the theory of 
    Ash (and
    extention, Parano) not wanting to simply destroy Rion outright."
    Sounds right to me.  ^_-  Thanks, crow!
    4.	Why did Ash and Rion kiss?
    Well, you see, when two AIs love each other very much...  =P
    5.	Seriously, why?  Were they gay?
    I think it's important to remember that neither Rion nor Ash, 
    despite their appearances, are human... or male, for that 
    matter.  Ash, like Dorothy, can asexually reproduce "child AIs", 
    so unless you want to visualize skinny little Ash waddling 
    around in a metal maternity-bodysuit  >_<  , I think you might 
    be better off discarding the notion of gender altogether.  So 
    there was probably no sexual component to the kisses at all, 
    especially not on Ash's part (though Rion thinks of himself as 
    human, so he's debatable).
    It's also important to remember that this game was made in 
    Japan, and in Japan comics and other media featuring "boy's 
    love" content is very popular.  "Boy's love" consists of 
    material in which two attractive males are either subtly or 
    blatantly placed into romantic (or more than romantic =P) 
    situations with each other, for the entertainment of a female 
    audience.  Girls like it for the same reason boys like to see 
    two women together.  It helps broaden the appeal of a game 
    beyond just the young male market, so the developers can make 
    more money.   So basically Ash and Rion kissed for no reason 
    other than to make the hearts of girls everywhere go flutter 
    flutter (and their credit cards go swipe swipe).  =P
    Personally I think the kisses, were an acknowledgement that Ash 
    and Rion consider each other kindred spirits.  Both of them are 
    reluctant warriors forced into roles they didn't want by their 
    parents.  Both of them have had difficult 
    childhoods/adolescences --- Ash was abused, and Rion saw his 
    whole family brutally murdered.  Both are beings out of place in 
    their respective worlds:  Ash was the most mistreated of all 
    Dorothy's slave-children, and Rion is mistrusted by both his own 
    kind (Galerians) and the humans he's trying to save.  They also 
    share a number of personality traits, both good and bad.  At one 
    point Rion describes humans as 'mere mortals':  this is a good 
    indication that he sometimes feels a little Galerian-ish racial 
    superiority.  And it's clear Ash is working on a baby god-
    complex just like mommy dearest's.  They're also both angry, 
    unhappy, grimly determined people who have endured an almost 
    unbearable amount of loneliness.
    They probably could have been friends---or more, who knows---
    under different circumstances, but as things stand the best they 
    can probably do is "enemies who understand and respect each 
    other a great deal".
    Disclaimer:  All this stuff is purely my opinion.  Feel free to 
    disagree.  BTW---I will probably never update this again, so 
    please post any comments/disagreements on the Galerians: Ash 
    board, and chat about it with other fans.  =)

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