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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jackyccm

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 05/21/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Galerians: ASH
    Written By Edward Chong
    Copyright 2003 Edward Chong
    Version 1.0.0 (Final)
    Platform: PS2
    Genre: Action Adventure/Survival Horror
    Warning: This walkthrough contains excessive use of  drugs and many violent
    Disclaimer: The author retains full copyright of this walkthrough. You may
    distribute this walkthrough freely as long as it is not modified and not done
    for commercial purposes. This walkthrough is unofficial and  has nothing to do
    with the developers of Galerians: ASH. This is my first walkthrough effort so
    please excuse any mistakes I might have made. For comments or  questions, I can
    be reached at edwardchong21@yahoo.com.
    1.0 Cast
    2.0 Story
    3.0 Controls
    4.0 Drugs and PPECs
    5.0 Walkthrough
    6.0 Others
    7.0 Credits
    1.0 Cast
    	You should know that Galerians: ASH is a second installment of the series. The
    first game, Galerians, was released for the PlayStation system in a few years
    ago. I have included all the characters from the first game and the second game
    in this section. You should be properly introduced to the characters concerned
    in the beginning of the game, but I will give you a more thorough introduction
    to each character, especially those from the first game. This might help
    players who have not played the first game.
    1.1 Rion Steiner
    	Protagonist of both games. In the first game, Rion started out searching for
    his own identity. Realizing he has special psychic powers and a constant voice
    in his head begging for help, he sets out on an adventure to find the truth
    about himself, and the world he lives in. The answer that he found blew his
    mind away, literally. In the second episode, Rion, brought back from the dead,
    is again asked to help defend mankind from being exterminated by the Galerians,
    since he possess the only power that can stop them, for he himself, is also a
    1.2 Lilia Pascalle
    	Daughter of a famous professor who created the supercomputer Dorothy. She has
    in her mind a program that can destroy Dorothy. In the first game, she was
    hunted and was desperately seeking Rionís help by using her telepathic powers.
    In the end, with Rionís help, she was able to defeat Dorothy, but had to watch
    Rion die, and the world changed. She survived the extermination brought on by
    The Last Galerians and finally succeeded in resurrecting Rion, after six years.
    Being a brilliant scientist like her father, she helps Rion as Rion helps her
    to protect humanity.
    1.3 Dorothy/Mother
    	A supercomputer created by Dr. Steiner and Dr. Pascalle. She was made to be a
    computer that runs Michelangelo City. A hindsight of the professors, they gave
    Dorothy a sentient mind, and as she began to question her own destiny, Dr.
    Steiner taught her about the concept of God. She learnt that she must serve her
    creator. As time goes by, she realized her power is greater than that of her
    creator, and she herself can become God. She began the Family Program and used
    chemical therapy (drugs) and genetic engineering to create artificial life
    forms, known as Galerians. Since she is the creator of the Galerians, she has
    become God, and in order to stay that way, she has to kill her creators. A
    classic example of artificial intelligence gone mad. Power without a heart is
    always evil.
    1.4 Spider
    	One of the four Last Galerians. He is mild-mannered and have spiders as his
    pet. In the game, he will crosses path with Rion more than once, and his impact
    on Rion is quite profound. In battle, he is slow and uses his spider minions to
    attack most of the time.
    1.5 Parano
    	One of the four Last Galerians. Twisted, creepy, crazy, ugly, and fast are the
    five words that can be used to associate with Parano. He likes killing
    tremendously and he uses his blades to prove his points. He is very limber and
    he sets Rion as his target from day one. An all around annoying guy, you will
    be happy to kick his butt over and over again. Before a battle, he always sends
    his robot minions to weaken Rion first. Not sportsman-like at all, his
    intention is just to kill Rion and even considers himself more powerful than
    the rest of the Last Galerians.
    1.6 Nitro
    	One of the four Last Galerians. She is obsessed with pain and despair. She
    denies the existence of a real world and she will do anything to stop Rion from
    believing in one. A master of pyrokinesis, she is a formidable foe, although
    not nearly as deadly as Parano.
    1.7 ASH
    	One of the four Last Galerians and Motherís most precious creation. He was
    created by Mother and activated on her death so that he can exterminate mankind
    and bring her back to life. ASH seldom appears and in certain ways, he is very
    similar to Rion.
    1.8 Cain
    	One of the four Galerians from the first game. A clone of the real Rion
    Steiner, just like Rion the protagonist. However, unlike Rion, Cain is evil and
    heartless. He holds a grudge towards Rion because Mother didnít pick him for
    the job. His appearance was brief in the first game and the only important
    point he made was Rionís secret identity. The battle with Cain in the first
    game was memorable, since it was a sick idea for one to be battling oneself, in
    physical reality, not philosophically.
    1.9 Birdman
    	One of the four Galerians from the first game. Birdman possess the power of
    teleportation. He was a creepy guy who tried to kill Rion in the first game,
    when Rion was trying to find out his identity in his own house. A brief
    appearance but has a life of sad stories. His death was saddening.
    1.10 RainHeart
    	One of the four Galerians from the first game. RainHeart has pyrokinesis as
    his weapon, but he often prefers to use his bare hands. A little overweight by
    creation, RainHeart seems very solemn, mostly because of his upbringing in the
    hospital that Mother had put him in, which happened to be the same hospital
    that Rion woke up in during the beginning of the game. His death offers a sad
    and sickening reflection his life thus far, and how Mother treats her
    Ďchildrení. Also, RainHeart was the murderer of Dr. Steiner and Dr. Pascalle.
    1.11 Rita
    	One of the four Galerians from the first game. She possesses very strong
    tactile-telekinesis and was bent on killing Rion and Lilia when she found her.
    The battle was long and tiring, but her death was a beautiful requiem, as she
    asks Rion to put her out of her misery.
    1.12 Dr. Steiner
    	Father of Rion Steiner and co-creator of Dorothy. He taught Dorothy the
    concept of God and was killed by RainHeart in his own home, crushed to death by
    the boxes in a small storeroom without windows. However, before his untimely
    death, he had created a virus program that can kill Dorothy, and had embedded
    into his sonís brain. However, in order for the virus program to work, it needs
    another activation program. Dr. Steinerís wife, Rion mother, was also killed in
    the same house, in the washroom, strangled by RainHeart.
    1.13 Dr. Pascalle
    	Father of Lilia Pascalle and co-creator of Dorothy. Killed by RainHeart in the
    Steinerís mansion, he was drowned in his own car in the swimming pool when he
    was trying to make his getaway. Knowing Dorothyís madness, he had created an
    activation program that will download the virus program from Rionís brain into
    Dorothyís system. In order to hide this activation program from Dorothy and her
    Galerians, he had embedded it into his daughter Liliaís brain and sent her away
    to hide from the Galerians.
    2.0 Story
    2.1 Galerians
    	In the future, Michelangelo City was run by a supercomputer known as Dorothy,
    created by professors Dr. Steiner and Dr. Pascalle. In a hospital within the
    city, a teenager is undergoing some experiments involving drugs, when a girlís
    voice began to seep into the mind of this teenager known as Rion. This voice
    pleaded for help from Rion, who at the moment was strapped to an operation
    table. Somehow, the screws to the metal straps holding him down began to loosen
    and Rion freed himself without knowing how. In fact, he didnít even know who he
    was, just that his name is Rion, according to the voice inside his head.
    	Rionís release was not authorized, in fact, it was considered an escape. In
    the room he woke up in, he found out that he can open doors with only the power
    of his mind, and as soon as he exited the room, guards began to approach him
    with weapons in hand. Somehow, by concentrating his consciousness, Rion
    realized that he could use his psychic projections as attacks. As he begins his
    escape from the hospital (influenced by the voice in his head), he also
    realized that his psychic powers are based on the drugs that he takes. Except
    for his telepathic ability, any other psychic abilities that is used as weapons
    depends on the various drugs that he found in the hospital. He could use
    telekinesis and pyrokinesis to some extend. However, as he fights his way out
    of the hospital, more and more guards (as well as some other Ďexperimentsí)
    made it clear that his escape is not permitted. After using his abilities too
    much, Rion could go into shock, a condition known as Short, which can only be
    treated by using the drug Delmetor. Left untreated, Short will kill the victim
    and all surrounding life forms.
    	In his escape from the hospital, Rion found out that his full name is Rion
    Steiner. He is the son of the co-creator of Dorothy, Dr. Steiner. In a
    newspaper he found in a restroom, Rion learns that his father is dead, and he
    has been missing for some time. He also learned that he is not the only person
    who is being treated with drugs and other weird experiments in this hospital.
    All test subjects are known as Rabbits, hence he is one himself. The director
    of the hospital kept appearing on TV screens, telling Rion to go back and not
    try to escape. As Rion learns more of what is going on, the truth behind the
    hospitalís function begins to sink in.
    	It seems that Dorothy has betrayed her creator and began to play god. She
    created an army of Ďhumansí with psychic abilities, called the Galerians.
    However, these humans are genetically engineered, and in order for a normal
    human to gain these psychic abilities, they must use the drugs known as PPECs
    (Psychic Power Enhancement Chemicals) just like Rion does. In his attempt to
    escape the hospital, Rion also learnt about the Family Program, Dorothyís plan
    in creating the few most powerful Galerians to help her conquer the world and
    wipe out humanity. Before Rion could exit the hospital, he came face to face
    with the director, and had to defeat him twice, because after burning out his
    skin, Rion saw that the director is really an android underneath.
    	In an attempt to search for more clues of his past and what is going on, Rion
    traveled back to the house where he grew up in. It was no doubt infested with
    Dorothyís minions but Rion dispatched them without a problem. In this house,
    Rionís psychic ability enabled him to see actually happened. Dorothy was
    created to be a supercomputer solely used to run the city. However, a module
    that gave Dorothy a sentient mind enabled her to think and began to ask of her
    purpose in existence. Dr. Steiner taught Dorothy the concept of God, where the
    creation only has to do what their creator asks of them, and nothing else. For
    a moment, Dorothy seemed to be satisfy with the answer, but soon, she began to
    ask the reason as to why she has to serve those who are inferior to her, since
    she has the power to run an entire city and her creators were merely humans.
    She hatched a plan to kill her creators and became a God herself, hence the
    Galerians and the Family Program.
    Rion also learnt that his father and Dr. Pascalle knew about Dorothyís betrayal
    and have created a virus program to kill Dorothy. However, in order to hide the
    program from Dorothy, they embedded the program into the brain of Dr. Steinerís
    son, Rion. Further, for the virus program to launch, an activation program must
    be executed beforehand. This activation program was embedded into the brain of
    Dr. Pascalleís daughter, Lilia. She is the one Rion hears in his mind. She is
    the one in danger. In the same house, Rion saw how his father died in a
    storeroom, crushed to death by junk. He also saw his motherís death, strangled
    from behind in a washroom. Dr. Pascalle also died within the vicinity of the
    house, drowned in the pool inside his car when he was trying to make his
    In order to find Lilia, Rion had to go to a hotel in the city, but his progress
    was halted by the appearance of the first Galerian from the Family Program.
    Birdman. Possessing the power of teleportation, Rion had a hard time defeating
    him. In the end, Birdman was left to die at the playground of Rionís house.
    	Arriving in the city, Rion found the hotel but it looked like someone beat him
    to the chase. The blood on the front desk told him that. As Rion searched
    through the hotel, he met some pretty unusual tenants and some very disturbed
    people. He also met with RainHeart, the second Galerian from the Family
    Program, and the assassin of his parents as well as Dr. Pascalle. RainHeart was
    a fire user and they had a heated brawl in one of the rooms in the hotel.
    Defeating RainHeart, Rion was Ďrewardedí with the vision of RainHeartís past,
    how he was treated in the hospital with all the experiments and drugs. The poor
    soul was merely a scared and reluctant slave to Dorothyís scheme.
    	Liliaís voice was getting louder but at the same time more desperate. Finding
    an underway, Rion made it pass the generator room and into an abandon and
    hidden room, where Lilia has been hiding for so long. Before they could be
    properly introduced, the third Galerian from the Family Program barged in. Rita
    is a telekinesis specialist, and she made Rionís head spin with all the tables
    and chairs flying around. Rion beat her time and again, which made her mad. She
    injected more and more drugs into her body in order to defeat Rion, but she
    only defeated herself as the drugs overdosed her system. Before her death, Rion
    got a glimpse into her life filled with Dorothyís forced commands and dirty
    works. She wanted to perish just like the white snow in her dreams, and begged
    Rion to kill her. Despite Liliaís pleading, Rion fulfilled Ritaís wish.
    	Too many have suffered and more have died in Dorothyís insane rise to power.
    It is up to Rion and Lilia to stop her. They infiltrated the Mushroom Tower
    where Dorothy resides, killing all those who stands in their way. However, a
    surprise came when they arrived at the Family Program Room. A person who looks
    exactly like Rion appeared. He declared himself as Cain, the fourth but not the
    last Galerian in Dorothyís Family Program. He is a clone of Rion, just like
    Rion himself. The shocking news brought by Cain was that Rion is one of the
    Galerians in Dorothyís Family Program, just a clone of the real Rion Steiner
    who had died years ago when he was kidnapped and admitted to the hospital. Both
    he and Cain was created to masquerade as the real Rion and brings Lilia to
    Dorothy. Rion realized he was a puppet in Dorothyís scheme, and Cain is furious
    at their motherís decision of not choosing him to masquerade the real Rion.
    Unable to accept the truth that he is a clone and that he is a Galerian
    himself, Rion killed Cain who didnít seem to have any remorse of who or what he
    was. Regardless of the truth, Rion and Lilia went on to face Dorothy.
    	Dorothy greeted Rion as her son, therefore Cain was telling the truth. She
    ordered Rion to kill Lilia, but he refused. Dorothy was left with no choice but
    to kill them both herself. She ended up begging Rion not to kill her, his own
    mother. Rion put it into perspective for her. She killed her creator, now she
    is going to be killed by her own creation. Using Liliaís activation program,
    Rion downloaded the virus program in his brain right into Dorothyís mainframe,
    thus killing her. However, in doing so, the download caused Rion to go into
    Short condition, only this time it cannot be cured even by using a Delmetor.
    Lilia held the dying Rion in her arms as the Mushroom Tower exploded.
    A clichť
    	The virus program was embedded into Rionís brain. The real Rion died shortly
    after being admitted into the hospital. Dorothy recreated Rion by making a
    clone of him, thus replicating the virus program in Rionís brain as well. If
    Dorothy hadnít cloned Rion, the virus program would have disappeared together
    with the real Rion Steiner. It seems that fate has a cruel sense of irony.
    2.2 Galerians: ASH
    	Six years into the future, Lilia survived the explosion in the Mushroom Tower.
    However, contrary to their believes, Michelangelo City did not prosper after
    Dorothyís destruction. Instead, it perished with her. At the moment of her
    death, Dorothy launched one last program: The Last Galerians. Aside from the
    Family Program, Dorothy actually have another batch of Galerians created and
    ready to strike out at humanity at the moment of her death. The Last Galerians
    were to annihilate all human and revive Dorothy. Lilia has been working on
    bringing Rion back to life after that fateful encounter with Dorothy at the
    Mushroom Tower. Rionís consciousness is lost in the vast space of Dorothyís
    backup data storage. Lilia must find a way to bring Rionís consciousness back
    into his cryogenically frozen body.
    3.0 Controls
    	The controls differ depending on which button configurations you choose in the
    Option screen. However, the usage of the controls (not the buttons) are as
    3.1 Check/Confirm
    	Used to sense for psychic residues and look for items as well as opening
    doors. In the menu screen, it is used to navigate and select options.
    3.2 Cancel
    	Used to cancel actions.
    3.3 Movement
    	Used to move Rion around.
    3.4 Lock-On
    	Used to lock onto an enemy so that the enemy is always in sight. Limited
    movement is still permitted while locked onto an enemy.
    3.5 Shield
    	Used to invoke Rionís ability to generate a psychic around himself. The shield
    is impenetrable, protecting Rion from enemy attacks.
    3.6 Personal View
    	Enable Rion to look around in first-person mode. Movement is not allowed when
    in Personal View.
    3.7 Others
    	There are other controls like tilting of the camera angle and activating the
    4.0 Drugs and PPECs
    	Drugs are used primarily for recovery or some status change in Rionís body.
    PPECs (Psychic Power Enhancement Chemicals) are used to endow Rion with psychic
    abilities that can be used to attack enemies.
    4.1 Drugs
    4.1.1 Recovery Capsule
    	Used to recover Rionís HP gauge by about 50%. Rion will die when his HP (Hit
    Point/Strength) gauge is empty.
    4.1.2 Recovery Plus
    	Used to fully recover Rionís HP gauge.
    4.1.3 Delmetor
    	Used to empty Rionís AP gauge. If his AP (Addiction Point) gauge is filled, he
    will go into a condition known as Short.
    4.1.4 Appolinar
    	Used to max out Rionís AP gauge on purpose so that he go into Short condition.
    Do not use without Delmetor at hand.
    4.1.5 Skip
    	Used to raise the level of Rionís psychic ability by 1. All of Rionís ability
    can go to a maximum level of 3, but all psychic abilities has to be at the same
    level before any of them can go to the next level.
    4.2 (PPECs)
    4.2.1 Nalcon
    	Green in colour, Nalcon endows Rion with the power of telekinesis. Rion can
    concentrate shockwaves of psychic blasts and lets them loose on an enemy.
    4.2.2 Red
    	Red in colour, Red endows Rion with the power of pyrokinesis. Rion can project
    a wall of fire from his mind that burns anything caught within the blast
    4.2.3 D-Felon
    	Blue in colour, D-Felon endows Rion with the power of anti-gravity. He will be
    able to lift reasonably sized objects off the floor and then slams them down
    again where it hurts the most.
    4.2.4 Melantropin
    	A drug that is abundant within Rionís body. Endows Rion with the psychic
    abilities of telepathy (communication with the mind)	and Shield.
    4.2.5 Bustanor
    	Yellow in colour, Bustanor is a new drug created by the scientists working for
    Dr. Lilia. It enables Rion to throw out a number of projectile shockwaves that
    will home-in on the nearest enemy. Concentration time is very brief for
    4.2.6 Breakaron
    	Purple in colour, Breakaron is a new drug created by the scientists working
    for Dr. Lilia. It enables Rion to discharge the static trapped in the air,
    creating thunders all around him. Very powerful but the ingredients used to
    make Breakaron are very rare.
    5.0 Walkthrough
    5.1 The End of the Beginning
    	You begin at the final level of the previous  game. Take some time to get used
    to the controls, since  they are evidently very different from the last game 
    (for those who played it).
    	Run around the room and you will notice that  clouds with different colours
    appear now and then.  These clouds are items. Unlike other games in this  genre
    where you have to search for items, hidden or  otherwise, Galerians: ASH makes
    it easy for you. As  long as you are in the vicinity, a cloud will appear  and
    all you have to do is run into the cloud to get the  item. These items will
    normally be drugs (PPECs,  Recovery Capsule, etc). For important items (like
    keys,  files, etc), they don't appear in this way, therefore  you will still
    have to search for them. Collect all  five items from this room and Check the
    big tanks if  you wish (you will have to Check each tank twice to see  first
    the name of the clone, then the face of that  clone, which turned out to be
    Birdman, RainHeart, Rita,  Cain, and of course, Rion), but the only requirement
    to  continue is to check the body lying on the floor.  That's Cain, another
    clone of Rion who actually knows  he is a Galerian, which was defeated in the
    first game.  You get some Rion/Cain Type files which are actually  instructions
    that tells you how to play the game. I  suggest you read them even if you have
    played the first  game before. There are some distinct changes in this 
    installment. I noted them down in the previous section  in this walkthrough.
    	Once the door is open (unlocked when you Check  Cain's body), go to the door
    and press Check to open  and enter. Go up a flight of stairs and you will come 
    to a big dome. After a cut scene, you are back in  control. Start running
    because there are Rabbits all  over the place trying to slice you into tiny
    pieces.  Run around for items. You can kill the Rabbits, but  they will keep
    coming and coming. Notice that when an  enemy is near, a target appears around
    it. If you press  the Check button, a number appears on top of the enemy.  This
    number is the amount of HP that enemy has.  Whenever you have an enemy in
    target, you can charge up  your psychic power and blast it to oblivion. Each
    blast  will generate a number on top of the enemy. This is the  amount of
    damage that the enemy has received from your  attack. Some of your psychic
    powers, like Red, is  capable of damaging more than one enemy at a time, if 
    the enemies are closed together. That will save you  some PPECs. Alternatively,
    you can Lock On to an enemy.  Once you do that, the target will change from
    green to  red and Rion will not let the enemy out of his side.  You can still
    move around, but only by walking. This is  not recommended when you are faced
    with many enemies  around you. If you are surrounded, try to use the  Shield
    button. This will generate a psychic shield that  absorbs damages. However,
    since this shield is enabled  by the Melantropin in Rion's blood, your AP gauge
    will  fill up as you are using the shield. It is always  better to lure the
    enemies so that they are following  you. When you have some distance, turn
    around, charge  up, and let your psychic power loose. Once you kill an  enemy,
    it will turn into an item cloud. The items could  be PPECs, drugs, or a status
    boost (HP + 7, AP + 23,  Nalcon + 10, etc). A status boost will make your gauge
     longer (although you cannot see it) so that your HP,  AP, and PPECs can lasts
    	In this huge dome room, your objective is to  find an open door. Just run
    around and find that door.  Once you found it, go in. In the next area, there
    is a  Save Terminal to the left. There are also a few items  to grab so run
    around a little. Go into the middle  hallway last, because once you are in
    there, a cut scene  will take place and once that is over, two robots will 
    appear. Use Nalcon on these robots because Red don't do  a thing to them. Run
    around, wait for them to start  shooting, quickly dodge out of the line of
    fire, face  one of them, and then let loose a blast of Nalcon. If  you hit them
    while they are not shooting, there is a  possibility that your blast will be
    blocked by the  metal shield that they are carrying. Take them out, go  back
    into the middle hallway for another cut scene. When  the cut scene is over, go
    into the elevator straight  ahead.
    	Again you find yourself inside a dome. To your  left is a big terminal while
    to your right is a giant  face. Directly in front of you is a door and at least
     three Rabbits charging at you. You will have to take  them out even though
    they will appear again. Keep  killing the Rabbits until they don't appear
    anymore. If  you don't, it won't be easy to solve this next puzzle.  See the
    pink cloud in the middle of the room? If you  walk into the cloud, it will
    disappear and reappear  somewhere else. If you leave it for too long, it goes 
    back to the center of the room. The idea is to follow  the pink cloud. Move
    into it to make it disappear and  reappear somewhere else, follow it and make
    it  disappear again. The pink cloud reappears almost always  behind you,
    further and further every time. It gets  harder and harder to catch up with it
    in time. If you  don't get to it in time, the pink cloud will go back to  the
    center of the room and you will have to do it all  over again. To help you run
    faster, press the Forward  Roll button. This will make Rion roll forward,
    gaining  a little more distance than just running alone. This  move is also
    critical while fighting with enemies. If  you are surrounded or targeted, use
    this move to  quickly get out of the situation you are in.
    	Once you are done chasing the pink cloud, the  terminal will be powered up. Go
    there, just Check it,  and a cut scene will follow. After the cut scene, go to 
    the door opposite the one where you came in. Forget  about the giant face.
    There's nothing there. Exiting  the door will land you in the Bridge with some
    really  tall and red monsters that spits yellow gas. If you are  in another
    survival horror game, you would most  probably get poisoned, but in Galerians:
    ASH, Rion  doesn't get poisoned, so it is relatively safe to fight  these lanky
    creatures. However, don't get too  comfortable because they still pack a punch.
    Take them  out if you want, otherwise just run to the other end of  the bridge
    and press Check at the darkened door. There  is also a Save Terminal here. I
    have to say that this  game is very generous in providing Save Terminals, 
    unlike the first game.
    Boss Fight : Dorothy
    	In this next room, you face Dorothy a.k.a  Mother. After some cut scene, the
    battle begin. Unlike  the battle with Dorothy in the first game, this time 
    around, she is much tougher. She has three long-range  attacks. If you are in
    the circular platform, she will  either use an electrical attack that shoots
    all over  the place, or the dual laser beams from her eyes, or a  flamethrower.
    If you retreat back to the door, she will  only use the flamethrower, which is
    almost impossible  to avoid. In the circular platform, you should check  the
    panel where you can upload your virus into Dorothy,  but don't stay too long,
    because she will also  occasionally hit you with her hands.
    	Your best bet against her is Nalcon, unlike the  first game (which was Red
    where it burns all of her  three eyeballs), since her eyeballs only come out
    after  a while. You should have enough Recovery Capsules to  spare, so just
    stand in front of her and keep on  letting loose some Nalcon, blast after
    blast. You will  not see any numbers on her head, but as long as she  shows
    some flicker, you will know that your blasts  connect. Keep doing this until
    she falls.
    	A long cut scene follows. This is actually the  ending to the first game. When
    the cut scene is done,  you will be saying the same thing as Rion. Dťjŗ vu. You
     are back where you began. It's the same room where you  first found Cain. You
    must be saying 'no' by now. Yes,  you have to go through everything all over
    again. This  time around, be sure to grab all the items in this  room. You will
    need it. Check Cain's body to open the  door and go up the steps to the
    gigantic dome.
    	Similarly as the first time, run around to find  the open door that leads you
    into the room with a Save  Terminal. Search the area for items and go into the 
    middle hallway for another cut scene. Take the elevator  up to enter the room
    with the gigantic face and the  moving pink cloud, only this time around, the
    pink  cloud is gone and is replaced by a Galerian by the name  of Spider.
    Boss Fight : Spider
    	As the story has it, Rion is currently nothing  but data inside the backup
    storage of the Mushroom  Tower. Lilia is trying to revive Rion by bringing his 
    consciousness out of this mass of backup data. It seems  that when Rion and
    Lilia killed Dorothy, she was able  to execute one final program: The Last
    Galerians (this  was actually the working title for this game, before it  was
    changed to Galerians: ASH). This program creates  the four Galerians you will
    be facing in this game.  Parano, Spider, Nitro, and ASH. They are the last 
    Galerians that will wipe out mankind and bring Dorothy  back to life.
    	Your first meeting with the Last Galerians  happen to be Spider. He talked
    about how he would be  better off without Rion interfering into their work and 
    so now he must kill Rion. The fight begins with a  really techno music and
    green cobwebs all over the  place, with particles that looks like snow falling
    from  the ceiling.
    	Two things you should look out for: Spider, and  spiders. If you see Spider,
    just blast him with either  Nalcon or Red and he will retreat to the ceiling.
    Once  he does that, run around the place burning the cobwebs  down. Little
    spiders will try to crawl up Rion and suck  the life out of him. Use Red on
    them. Make Spider come  down form the ceiling and when he does, blast him with 
    Rion's psychic powers. Spider's attacks are nothing to  be concerned about.
    They are easy to dodge and doesn't  do heavy damage. This should be an easy
    fight, although  it could take some time, waiting for Spider to show up.  You
    can look for him using the Personal View right  analog stick, but know that
    once you go into Personal  View, you are standing still and sitting duck.
    	Once the battle with Spider is over, he will  disappear. You get a Skip and a
    chance to upgrade your  psychic powers. Skip is a drug that will boost your 
    psychic powers one level. Currently there are four  psychic powers that you can
    choose to upgrade: Shield,  Nalcon, Red, and D-Felon. You may choose to use the
     Skip later, but it doesn't really matter anyway. I  suggest you use it on
    Shield, because a level 2 Shield  is going to be a saviour in the next stage.
    	When you are done deciding, go to the terminal  to get the bridge set, get out
    of the room. Go pass the  bridge (killing the monsters if you wish). Again, you
     arrive at Dorothy's chamber.
    Boss Fight : Dorothy - Dťjŗ vu
    	This fight is exactly the same as the previous  fight. Just blast her with
    Nalcon and try to avoid as  many of her attacks as possible. You should kill
    her  within three minutes.
    	After taking out Dorothy, instead of uploading  the virus program into Dorothy
    (which was already done  because Dorothy is already dead, Rion is a data in the
     backup storage, remember?), Rion used the panel to  transport himself out of
    the backup storage, and back  into his body.
    5.2 Six Years into the Future
    	In a very long cut scene, Rion wakes up from his  cryogenic sleep inside the
    Hyper-Sleep Room. Lilia  brings him up to date (that's six years into the 
    future) and gave him some new clothes. As the cut scene  ends, you are suppose
    to go out the door to the Control  Room, but why not take a look around first?
    There is a  cloud of circling particles in the room. This is what I  call a
    Healing Cloud. You step into it, press Check,  and your HP gauge will be
    instantly refilled to the  max, while your AP gauge is instantly emptied. Other
     things in the room includes the cryogenic chamber where  Rion slept, a control
    panel, and a large cylindrical  thing in the middle of the room. Nothing
    important  except the Healing Cloud. In this stage, you may want  to return
    here to get yourself healed instead of using  Recover Capsules. Those things
    are hard to come by.
    My Two Cents
    	A little note I would like to make about Rion's  new look. Since six years has
    passed, he does seems to  be taller and more matured, especially with the tight
     leather pants and T-shirt. His collar is different from  the original game. It
    looks more 'hip', while the  original looked like a dog collar. His hair sticks
    to  his head with a really spiky look. He hunches when he  is standing and his
    two shoulders looks like they are  out of place. All in all, I still prefer the
    original  look. As far as cryogenic technology goes, a subject  don't grow or
    decompose when they are frozen in  sub-zero temperature. That's the idea of
    cryogenic  freezing!
    	On the other hand, Lilia looks even more  matured, with a strong scientist
    feel to her. Her  outfit is tight and almost sexy. Ultimately, she fairs  much
    better than Rion in the outlook department.
    	In the Control Room (there is only one exit  from the Hyper-Sleep Room), go to
    the place where  everybody gathers to meet Major Romero. You may not  like him
    at first, but you will definitely hate him  later. Listen to them talk about
    how the humans can  handle the Last Galerians when an intrusion was  detected
    and everybody was put on alert. It seems that  one of the Last Galerians,
    Parano, has invaded Hangar  No. 3. Major Romero dispatches his soldiers to the 
    scene, while leaving you pretty much free to do  anything you want. Run around
    the Control Room for some  items and then take the stairs to the 3rd floor.
    There  are a total of 5 floors in this area. The Hyper-Sleep  Room, the Control
    Room, 3rd floor, 2nd floor, and  Entrance Lobby. This does not include the
    hangars and  sewer which you will have to roam later.
    	On the 3rd floor, the first thing you should do  is find Lab No. 1 where Lilia
    has been taken to.  Getting off the staircase, it should be the last room  in
    the hallway to Rion's right. Talk to Lilia and she  will give you a Map Device.
    This enables the Map option  in the Menu, and adds a map to the top left corner
    of  your screen. I don't suppose I need to tell you how  important the map is.
    Yellows are unlocked doors, red  are locked doors, red triangles are enemies.
    Rion is  the big blue arrow, the only thing on the map that  moves. Lilia will
    also give you a communicator that is  only used in cut scenes. Check around the
    lab for some  items. Try to meet the main computer that controls this  shelter,
    Elaine. You may be thinking 'they dare to rely  on a computer again, after what
    happened to Dorothy?'.  Well, one of the scientists will tell you that Elaine 
    is not installed with an artificial intelligence  module, therefore, she cannot
    operate without human  controls. Now that's a load of my mind. Also, talk to a 
    scientist on the raised platform to learn about their  research of a new PPEC.
    	Next up, there is only one thing to do.  Explore. You have three floors to
    explore. The 3rd  floor is a little small, consisting only of the  Tactical
    Operation Room (there's a Save Terminal here),  Lab No. 1, and a Sick Bay. Note
    however there are two  stairwells to the 2nd floor, one guarded while the 
    other locked. You can reached the 2nd floor via the  guarded stairwell.
    	The 2nd floor is much bigger. There is an  Armory, a Emergency Generator Room,
    Warehouse No. 2, a  Save Terminal, and Lab No. 2 (inaccessible). All you  can
    do here for now is run around, visit all rooms so  that you know your way
    around, and note key items that  you cannot pick up just yet (power cable in
    Warehouse  No. 2). Then, go down one more floor to reach the  Entrance Lobby.
    	This place is huge, but there are nothing much  to be seen or to get here. The
    three main areas that  you have to visit is the Flight Control Room to your 
    left (you can see the door from where you stand), the  General Office to your
    right (also visible), and the  R&D Room way back behind Rion. There is also a
    locked  door behind Rion. Visit all rooms to get some items.
    	Go to Flight Control Room first. There are two  doors here, both leads back to
    the Entrance Lobby. The  lock door I mentioned is on the same block as the 
    Flight Control Room.
    	Next, look for the R&D Room, but before you go  in, take a walk around the
    bend. You will see a long  hallway with a dead end. Search the boxes to find a
    key  that you cannot get just yet. Note the location and  then go into the R&D
    Room. There's nothing interesting  in the R&D Room but there is another door at
    the back,  that leads to the General Office. Walk around to find  two doors
    facing each other. One to the Armory (locked)  while another leads to Hangar
    No. 3, which is where you  need to go right now. Open and enter the door. You
    will  appear on a stairway. Just find the door that opens  into West-Side
    	A cut scene quickly ensues, depicting how the  humans are losing against the
    Galerians. Rion showed up  and save the day. After meeting Cas, a tough female 
    soldier, you get control of Rion. Follow the  straightforward sewer to the
    other side, taking some  time to first save at the Save Terminal (there are two
     items next to it) and getting another item from the  dead end platform before
    heading towards the door.
    	A cut scene is triggered as you near the door.  Some of the dead soldier begin
    to rise, and Rion's  Sense shows how Parano turn them into zombie soldiers 
    after he killed them. They say that of all the Last  Galerians, Parano is the
    most cruel. He took out one  eye from the corpses and replaces them with a
    control  device, making the dead rise to serve his cause. Sick,  huh? Rion
    	As soon as you come back from the cut scene, use  Red to immediately fry the
    three zombie soldiers. If  you hesitate, they will throw a bomb at you. You 
    absolutely don't want to get wounded now because Parano  is just behind the
    door. Kill the zombie soldiers, grab  the items they turn into, enter the door
    and walk a  little for another cut scene.
    Boss Fight : Parano
    	During the cut scene, you will notice that Rion  was attacked by four robot
    (also made from human,  yuck!) and one of the metal rings that they shot at 
    Rion connected on his left arm. This device helps the  enemies track Rion with
    their electrical attacks. Once  the battle starts, take out the four robots by
    using  Nalcon as quickly as possible. Four of them combined,  with Parano, you
    don't have a chance.
    	You have to dodge their electricity by  constantly moving. Once you see the
    purple lines  getting close, move! Do not use Lock On because that  will limit
    your mobility. Once you take out all four  robots, turn your attention to
    Parano. Quickly switch  to Red because Parano can block most of your Nalcon 
    	Parano can perform four attacks. One  long-range, two medium-range, and one
    short-range. He  will normally opt for the medium range thunder strike.  You
    can avoid this attack by using Forward Roll as soon  as the lights shines on
    you. However, this attack has a  weakness. When he does the thunder strike, he
    needs  some time to concentrate. Use your Red to blast him now  and he will
    suffer quite an amount of damage. However,  if you try to repeat this, he will
    back flip and your  pyrokinesis will miss. Then he will follow with his  second
    medium range attack, jump-slash. Run sideways to  avoid this attack. Do not
    Lock On to him. If you do,  you can only walk. Although you will be able to
    avoid  his jump-slash, he will immediately follow up with his  short-range
    slash attack.
    	When fighting Parano, always keep a distance  because this guy is fast. Also,
    keep your feet moving.
    Do not stand stationary at one place. When you have  damaged him to a certain
    level, he will unleash his  devastating long-range attack, the familiar
    spinning  slash. His entire body will be covered in electricity  as he spins
    (flies) horizontally towards Rion. Any  psychic powers unleashed at this moment
    will be  deflected. If you let Rion stand there and take this  attack, he will
    suffer as much as 75% decrease in his  HP gauge. Even the Shield isn't going to
    help much. The  best way is to get out of the way and walk with tiny  steps in
    the same place, as Parano will circle Rion for  a while before stopping. Once
    he stops, this is you  best chance to burn him. Repeat this process a few more 
    times and Parano will retreat. This battle can be as  easy as five minutes, or
    it can cost Rion his life. Just  remember that speed is not your advantage, so
    try to  calm down and be precise.
    	Once the fight is over, you get a Skip. Again,  you have the option to use it
    right there and then or  save it for later. You may want to boost the same 
    psychic power to level 3, but will realise that you  cannot do this. You can
    only go to level 3 when you  have all abilities at level 2. I suggest either
    Nalcon  or Red. One thing you have to understand about boosting  the level of
    your psychic ability is that although they  are more powerful, they also
    consume a little more of  your PPEC gauge. More noticeable is that when using 
    level 2 psychic abilities, your AP gauge fills up  faster than you can say
    	A cut scene ensues and you are called back to  the Control Room. Make your way
    back there and let the  cut scene takes place. A triple invasion has been 
    detected by Elaine and the entire army has been  dispatched to counter the
    invasion, including Major  Romero himself. When you are back in control, check
    the  giant monitor to find out that the invasions take place  at the General
    Office, R&D Room, and Flight Control  Room. When you leave the platform, an
    item will appear.  Grab that and take this opportunity to go up the 
    Hyper-Sleep Room to heal Rion.
    	Go down to Lab No. 1 on the 3rd floor and talk  to the scientist who is
    developing a new PPEC. He will  tell you that the development is near
    completion. Go  down to the 2nd floor, and ask the soldier guarding the  door
    to open the stairs for you. He will tell you that  the door will be closed once
    you reach the Entrance  Lobby, therefore if you have not save your game yet 
    after fighting Parano, I suggest you do so before  stepping through that door.
    	The Entrance Lobby is now infested with  Galerians. At least five robots are
    roaming the place.  As soon as you get control of Rion, run! Don't attempt  to
    fight them. You will get seriously injured or even  killed if you are
    surrounded by them. Dodge into the  Flight Control Room to find Major Romero
    there, sending  his men to their deaths. At the first sign of imminent  danger,
    he splits, leaving Rion and his men behind. Use  Red to kill all the zombie
    soldiers and find the door  (where the zombie soldiers came in) locked. Your
    only  choice is to go back into the Lobby, but then the  stairs are closed. How
    are you going to get back to the  2nd floor?
    	Once you get into the Lobby, dodge the fires  from the robots and head into
    the General Office. Don't  bother going into the R&D Room because the five
    Rabbits  waiting for you there is even more deadly then risking  these robots.
    Inside the General Office, a few zombie  soldiers are walking around and
    throwing what looks  like Molotov cocktails at you. Kill them for items if  you
    want. The door that connects the General Office to  the R&D Room is now locked.
    Leave it and look for  another way out. The door to the West-Side Underpass is 
    damaged but the door leading to the Armory is open! Run  up to the Armory and
    you are safe for now.
    	With nothing you can do right now, head back to  the Control Room to watch
    Major Romero still acting  brave. When he is done, bring Rion to Lab No. 1 and
    talk  to Lilia. A cut scene will take place where Cas (the  female soldier)
    comes in to offer assistance to get  Rion to the Uranium Plant where ASH
    resides. Lilia will  unlock the doors to Lab No. 2 and Warehouse 1. From 
    there, Rion can get to Hangar 2 where an airship (the  Air Beagle) is waiting.
    Cas will assign a pilot to  bring Rion to the Uranium Plant. When the cut scene
    is  done, talk to the scientist developing the new PPEC to  learn that he has
    finally succeeded in creating a new  PPEC. He gives you a sample to try.
    	Called Bustanor, this new PPEC give Rion the  ability to unleash three homing
    shockwaves that does  moderate damage to a single enemy. If you haven't 
    realised it yet, the main advantage to this new psychic  ability is the homing
    factor. You need not face the  enemy directly and yet the three shockwaves will
    hit  the enemy. Another good point to this ability is the  decrement in
    concentration time. You just have to  charge for a while and it will be at full
    bar ready for  you to unleash. However, Bustanor is very hard to come  by so
    used them sparingly.
    	From 3rd floor, find a staircase which was  previously closed and go down to
    reach Lab No. 2, which  will connect you to Warehouse 1. Upon checking the door
     to the hangar, you realise that the power is down and  therefore it won't
    open. In order to get the power back  on, you need to activate the backup
    generator you saw  on the 2nd floor. You can backtrack to the 2nd floor  and
    check the backup generator now, or you can search  Warehouse 1 for another
    	There is another door on the opposite so check  it. To open this door, check
    the control panel next to  the door and the shutter will be released. Exit this
     door to find yourself back at the Lobby.
    	The robots are still abundant in the lobby so  try to avoid them as much as
    possible. Head for the R&D  Room but don't go in unless you want to be attacked
    by  a bunch of Rabbits for no reasons at all. Instead, go  pass the robot
    guarding the hallway and then head for  the dead end where you first found the
    key, which is  now guarded by two robots. Kill them to retrieve the  Backup
    Generator Key. Make your way back to Warehouse  1.
    	As you enter Warehouse 1 you will notice that  it has been infested by those
    zombie soldiers. Get pass  them to go back to Lab No. 2 and subsequently back
    to  3rd floor.
    	From 3rd floor, you should go down to the 2nd  floor and enter the Emergency
    Generator Room. Upon  investigating the room, you will notice that the key 
    alone will not be enough to operate the backup  generator. You need to fix the
    power cable that  channels electricity to Warehouse 1. If you remember,  we saw
    some power cable back at Warehouse 2. Since you  are on the same floor, just
    find that room, get the  Power Cable and bring it back to the Backup Generator 
    Room. Fix the cable (stand next to the cable panel and  enter Menu, then select
    Item, then choose to use the  Power Cable), and then use the Backup Generator
    Key on  the console next to the cable panel. The backup  generator will come to
    life and you can finally open  the door to the hangar.
    	You would assume to use the same road as you  took to Warehouse 1,
    backtracking to the 3rd floor to  reach Lab No. 2. However, Major Romero is
    waiting for  you at the staircase that leads to Lab No. 2. He won't  let you
    pass. So what do you do? The only alternate  route you can take in order to
    reach Warehouse 1 would  be through the robot infested Lobby. Make your way 
    there, asking the soldier guarding the staircase from  the 1st floor to the
    Entrance Lobby to open the door  for you. Once you are in the Lobby, run for
    your life!  Head for the door that connects you to Warehouse 1,  which is again
    infested with zombie soldiers. Take them  out, open the door to the hangar
    (using the control  panel next to the door), but instead of stepping into 
    Hangar No. 2, you will find yourself in East-Side  Underpass. There are three
    zombie soldiers here. Take  them out if you wish, but you will have to get to
    the  other side of the underpass. Don't even bother checking  the first door on
    your right that you come to. It's  lock. There's also a save point here. Exit
    East-Side  Underpass to get into Hangar No. 2.
    	There is nothing much to do in the Hangar No.  2. You can run around to find a
    Delmetor at one of the  upper platforms (I suggest you do because you are 
    definitely going to need it in the next stage). When  you are done sightseeing,
    head to the back of the  airship you see standing in the middle of the hangar, 
    and enter the airship. Here you will meet Pat, the  pilot Cas talked about, who
    will bring you to the  Uranium plant. Pat turns out to be a kid that talks a 
    lot. After a brief conversation, you will watch the Air  Beagle take off and
    you will find yourself touching  down at the Uranium Plant.
    5.3 ASH of the Uranium Refinery
    	You begin this stage inside the Air Beagle.  Notice the healing cloud in the
    ship similar to the one  you saw in the Hyper-Sleep Room. This is where you 
    should base your operation upon, since the Uranium  Plant has a very high
    radioactive level that will cause  your AP gauge to fill up really fast. Be
    sure you have  a lot of Delmetor on hand when exploring this place,  otherwise,
    you will have to backtrack to the Air Beagle  constantly.
    	Stepping out of the Air Beagle you will find  yourself on a huge
    flight/landing platform, with two  very gigantic monster charging at you from
    your left.  Start running! These monsters are tough. They have a  long range
    sonic attack, and up-close, they are deadly  with their double-barreled punch.
    You can either run  straight for the plant entrance on your right, or you  can
    choose to defeat the two monsters to get yourself  an Appolinar. It's found at
    the place they were  guarding (and you thought that was where the entrance  was
    located). To defeat these two giants, try to make  sure that only one of them
    is following you. Run until  it launches its sonic attack. Dodge it, turn
    around,  and use your pyrokinesis (Red) on it. Three blasts and  it should go
    down. You should not go back into the Air  Beagle to heal yourself after
    defeating them, because  they will appear again the next time you exit the Air 
    Beagle. What a nuisance!
    	Once you made your way to the entrance of the  plant, you will see a Save
    Terminal. Better save your  game because the plant is not going to be a walk in
    the  park. Entering the plant, you will get onto an  elevator, bringing you to
    the Security Floor. This  floor is circular, with four doors, and five 
    flamethrowers guarding the doors. Initially, two of the  doors are closed while
    another two are opened. You have  to find one that is open.
    	It is advisable that the first door you enter  should lead you to the Control
    Office. Once you step  into this area, you should be pummeled by some strange 
    blue bubbles. Two plant-like monsters are shooting  bubbles at you. Although
    they look poisonous, Rion will  not get a poison status (unlike *that* other
    survival  horror game). Kill them with Red and then go up the  platform on your
    right to get the Solar System Memo.  Read the memo carefully and notice that
    there are more  than one page in this memo. On the other side of the  platform,
    you will see a Save Terminal and if you run  around a bit, you should find
    yourself a Delmetor. One  end of the room is a lock door with a map of the
    solar  system, with the word Jupiter written in Latin. On the  other end of the
    room is another door that will open  into the Control Computer Room.
    	Directly in front of you should be a Card  Terminal. Upon checking it, you
    will realise that you  need a card key to open the locked doors and you will 
    have to use the card key here (remember the card key  from the first
    installment?). On the other end of the  room there is another locked door with
    the picture of  the solar system painted on it, this time with the word  Earth
    written in Latin. When you are done exploring,  check the big security monitor
    (do this last) to  trigger a cut scene. This is where you first meet ASH. 
    After a somewhat warm greeting, three red robots will  appear out of nowhere. I
    advise you get the hell out of  there as soon as possible, because these
    suckers are  tough as steel and fast as a bullet. If you get  cornered by them,
    you are in hot soup. Get out of the  room and go back to the Security Floor.
    Find the other  open door.
    	General Sick Bay is your next destination. You  will notice in this area there
    are an abundant of  Rabbits scouring the place. Try to dodge them all while 
    noticing a lock door with the picture of the solar  system, with the word
    Saturn written in Latin. There is  also another door leading to the Enriched
    Uranium  Storage area, which is locked. Around here you should  get a Delmetor
    and a Bustanor. Don't miss them. On one  of the examination tables (near the
    darkened inner  wall) is an Unassigned Card Key. Make sure you grab  that. Head
    back to the Control Office once you have  that card key.
    	You have to go back into the Control Computer  Room. You need to use the
    Unassigned Card Key on the  Card Terminal inside the Control Computer Room. If
    you  wish to get in and out unharmed, you should be ready to  do some pretty
    quick maneuvers. Enter the Control  Computer Room, run to the Card Terminal
    (which is  directly in front of you) and go into the Menu screen.  Choose Item
    and choose to use the Unassigned Card Key.  The next screen you go into is sort
    of like a puzzle.  You will be presented with a series of randomly placed 
    letters. Under each letter is a double arrow sign that  if pressed (select and
    press Check) will swap the  positions of the two neighboring letters. Your goal
    is  to rearranged the letters to form the password that  will be assigned into
    the card that will in turn open  the corresponding door. If you want to figure
    it out by  yourself, the hint given to you is inside the Solar  System Memo.
    You just have to read it. If you wish to  save yourself some time (and
    thinking), the password is  'Saturnus'. Once the password is verified, you will
    get  the Saturnus Card Key. Once you are back in control of  Rion, run!
    	From here on in, it is a wild goose chase that  doesn't even contribute to the
    story. You'll see what I  mean. With the Saturnus Card Key in hand, you should 
    find the Saturn door, which is in the General Sick Bay  if you recall. Go there
    and dodging the Rabbits, use  the card key on the slot next to the door.
    Entering the  door you will find yourself in the Reprocessing  Facility.
    	The Reprocessing Facility has only two  interesting things. The Card Key
    Terminal and the  little enemies. Kill them if you want but they will  keep
    coming back for more. Run to the other side of the  room to find the Card Key
    Terminal and use your card  key. You will notice that you will be given the
    same  puzzle as before, with the only difference being the  password. Again,
    the clue is inside the Solar System  Memo, and again, if you are too lazy to
    figure it out,  the password is Jupiter. Grab the Jupiter Card Key, and  get
    out of the Reprocessing Facility. Now to find the  Jupiter door, which is in
    the (surprise!) Control  Office.
    	Make your way back to the Control Office, go to  the door, use the Jupiter
    Card Key on the panel next to  the door, and once the door is open, enter into 
    Refining Line Area. Explore the left side first,  because on the upper
    platforms there are two drugs that  you may need. On the platform to the right
    of the  entrance, there is another drug to get. when you step  in between all
    the red tanks, a cut scene will take  place. Spider greets you with some
    arachnid  infestation! This mini-boss fight is easy. Just use Red  to get rid
    of the spiders before they jump on you and  you should be ok. Take out the big
    spider web and the  battle should be over before it even began. Don't  attempt
    to use the Save Terminal because it can only be  used when the boss fight is
    over. A short cut scene will  take place and the next thing you should do is to
    find  the Card Key Terminal hidden on the darker side behind  the red tanks.
    Here, the password should be easy to  guess, Mars.
    	Now, where is the Mars door? If you have  explored the Security Floor, then
    you should know that  one of the two locked doors is the Mars door. Make your 
    way there and use the card key on the panel next to the  door. Enter into the
    System Control Room. Two  plant-like monsters you encountered in the Control 
    Office is determined to stop you here. Kill them for  some status boost if you
    wish. They reappear again but  after you kill them for the second time, they
    won't  appear again. Check the big door with the big painting  of the solar
    system. The word Venus is written in  Latin. We are more interested in the door
    to the left  right now.
    	This door leads to the Enriched Uranium Storage  area. The red robots are
    back! However, there are only  three of them and once you kill them, there
    won't be  anymore. My advice is that you lure them into the big  circular
    platform, and take them out one by one using  Bustanor. Once you get them out
    of the way, you can  choose to unlock the door to the General Sick Bay, but 
    what we are looking for is the Card Key Terminal. Use  your card key here to
    get the password to the next  door. Only two doors left - Earth and Venus. But
    the  letters given to you in this puzzle resembles neither  of the two. Upon
    inspection of the Solar System Memo,  you will find that the correct password
    is 'Tellus',  which I guess must be Latin for 'Earth'.
    	Now that we have the Tellus Card Key, and  knowing that 'Tellus' most probably
    means 'Earth', we  should know where we are heading. Yes, The Control  Computer
    Room. Make your way there and use your card  key on the panel next to the door,
    while being very  aware of the red robots.
    	Once you get the door open, you will go into  the Management Office. There are
    about three Rabbits  that will appear again, once, after you have killed  them,
    which means there are six of them in total. I  suggest you kill them all just
    for the boosts to your  stats. Run around the room to find a Red and a Card Key
     Terminal. Use it like the previous ones to change the  password to Venus. When
    you are done, you will have to   head to the Venus door.
    	However, you don't have to backtrack. Running  to the other end of the room
    (after a particularly long  hallway), you will notice the door that leads up to
    the  Security Floor, which was previously locked from this  side. Unlock it and
    go up to the Security Floor, dodge  the flamethrowers to the Mars door. Go in
    and kill the  two plant creatures. The one nearer to where you came  in will
    appear again, but the one guarding the Venus  door will reappear twice. The
    third plant creature you  kill will turn into a Recovery Capsule, which is 
    something that you will definitely need. Open the Venus  door with the card
    	You will find yourself in the Storage Area  Elevator, which houses a Nalcon
    and a D-Felon. Grab  them before going to the center of the room. A blinking 
    red light on the elevator panel attracts your attention  so flick the switch to
    make the elevator starts moving.  During the ride down, a giant monster appear.
    This is  the same monster you encountered at the airstrip when  you landed. Run
    around it, burn it, and once dead, the  elevator ride stops, and it turns into
    a Skip.
    	Use the Skip you just got to boost up your  Bustanor psychic ability. Trust me
    on this. Bustanor is  the only logical weapon you have against your upcoming 
    enemy. In this room where the elevator stopped, run  around to get a Delmetor,
    a Recovery Capsule, and a  Recovery Plus. Note the Save Terminal, then make use
    of  it. When you are done preparing yourself, enter the big  door.
    	This is the Waste Uranium Storage, therefore  the radioactivity is almost off
    the chart. Try not to  linger too long and start moving. A cut scene will take 
    place but it seems meaningless. Open the other door and  enter into the dome
    size Waste Uranium Storage You can  run around as much as you want but the
    items are  located on the top platform, so make your way up there.
    	You will see three things that look like a  statue or something, and near each
    of them is an item.  Grab the Nalcon, Red, Recovery Plus. There is also one 
    Bustanor on this platform so find it. Whenever you are  at one of these
    statues, Check to activate it. Once all  three are activated, a cut scene takes
    place. Go down to  the center of the Dome to meet ASH.
    Boss Fight : ASH
    	During the cut scene, you will see that ASH  feeds on Uranium for his powers.
    The cut scene isn't  particularly long, so be prepare for the fight.
    	To fight ASH, I recommend that you use  Bustanor. Red is out because you have
    to be very near  the target. D-Felon, well, D-Felon hasn't been exactly  useful
    in the entire game, so it won't be useful now  either. Nalcon has good range,
    but you still have to  aim. With Bustanor at level 2, you will have about five 
    homing shockwaves, with minimal concentration time.  Definitely the only
    choice. Once the battle begins,  give ASH a couple of Bustanor hits. You can at
    least  lay two or three shots at him before he starts to act.
    	You absolutely need to stay AWAY from ASH in  this battle. Get as far away
    from him as you can and  use Bustanor. In the long range, ASH can perform two 
    attacks. First, he will shoot a lot of lasers that will  cover the entire room.
    However, these lasers are spread  out so if you are far enough, you should be
    able to  dodge them in time. However, if you get one shot, you  will probably
    get a couple more before you can get back  on your feet. Each laser deals light
    damage to Rion.
    	The next attack ASH performs can kill you in  one shot if you are not careful.
    From his body, he  generates an explosion that will grow to the size of  the
    dorm room you are in. The damage is time-based,  meaning as long as you stay in
    the explosion, your HP  gauge will continue to drop. If you stay next to ASH 
    when the explosion starts, you would probably be dead  before the explosion is
    over, or have at least 75 - 90  percent of your HP gauge emptied, even with
    Shield! The  trick is to get as far away from ASH as possible and as  near the
    edge of the battle ground as possible. Once  the explosion comes, Shield
    yourself. If you do that,  you should only suffer about 10 - 20 percent of
    damage  to Rion, which is manageable.
    	Keep shooting Bustanor at ASH and keep running  around him, keeping as much
    distance as possible. If  you are good enough, you can end the battle without 
    using a single Recovery Capsule. Of course, keep an eye  on your AP gauge and
    use Delmetor as soon as you need  it. Once the battle is over, a cut scene
    takes place.
    	This cut scene contains a little gay scene where  ASH actually kissed Rion!
    Why he did that, I have no  idea.
    	When the cut scene is over, you will find Rion  lying on the first compartment
    of the Waste Uranium  Storage. Get the Skip you find and use them on  whichever
    ability that you like and go all the way back  to the Air Beagle. A cut scene
    will follow revealing the  plots to revive Dorothy at the Mushroom Tower.
    5.4 Back to Airport Terminal
    	The cut scene will bring you back to the Airport  Terminal, which is now
    infested with monsters. As you  get off the Air Beagle onto Hangar No. 2, about
    five  Rabbits will come slashing at you. I hope you healed  yourself after your
    battle with ASH because Pat locked  the Air Beagle door and there is no way to
    get back  inside to use the Healing Cloud! You will have to use  the hit and
    run technique with these Rabbits. Kill them  all and try to exit the hangar.
    This will trigger a  cut scene that unlocked the door to the hangar. Your 
    objective is to head to the 3rd floor so go through the  East-Side Underpass
    (killing the red creatures if you  wish) and go into Warehouse 1. There are
    about three  Rabbits here that will appear for a couple of times.  Kill them to
    get many goodies. Warehouse 1 itself has a  few items to grab, including the
    much needed Recovery  Capsule.
    	If you are thinking about using the door to Lab  No. 2 then directly to the
    3rd floor, then you are out  of luck. The door is locked. Try the door to the
    lobby.  It's locked too, but a quick Check to the panel will  trigger a cut
    scene where Lilia will open the doors for  Rion. Going into the Entrance Lobby
    you can try to kill  all these red creatures, since they are less tough than 
    the robots that used to dominate this place. However,  we are talking about
    being surrounded by about five to  six of these things, so the better strategy
    is still to  run your way to the stairwell.
    	Get your fingers ready because the robots has  invaded the 2nd floor and they
    are waiting for you!  Once you step into the 2nd floor, a robot is standing 
    right next to you waiting to unload a barrage of  bullets into Rion. You can
    run around here if you want.  Some new items has been added since the last time
    you  were here. Otherwise, just run up to the 3rd floor,  which is still save
    for now, and talk to Cas. Then head  to Lab No. 1 and look for Lilia. Save at
    the Tactical  Operation Room beforehand and grab the Recovery Capsule  and
    Delmetor in there while you are at it. After a  brief conversation with Lilia,
    run around the room to  get a Red and a Bustanor. Talk to the scientist nearest
     to the door to learn of another new PPEC is currently  under development. If
    you read the files, you would  have guessed that the PPEC is Breakaron.
    	Anyway, head to the Hyper-Sleep Room. Of  course, you will have to first
    through the Control  Room, where Major Romero is waiting for you. Just  ignore
    his taunts and go to the Hyper-Sleep Room. Use  the Heal Cloud, talk to Lilia,
    and then step into the  transporter (that thing in the middle of the room). A 
    brief cut scene will tell you that you are going back  into the data world. Now
    where have I seen this before?  Traveling between the data world and the real
    world,  and if you die in the data world, you die in the real  world. Hmm,
    maybe later in the year I will be reminded,  twice.
    5.5 Re-entering the Dream World
    	Rion is back in the data world. He sees Dorothy  being ripped apart, a sign
    that says her data is being  transferred out of the backup storage. Now he has
    to  find ASH to stop him from continuing his plan. In  Dorothy's Room, there
    are two panels. One is in front  of Rion, where you came in from (and will go
    out at).  The other is to his left. Activate the Bridge unlocking  mechanism
    here before going out the door. The Bridge is  inhabited by three Rabbits. They
    shouldn't post a  problem for you. Save at the Save Terminal next to the  door
    before you run over to the other side of the  Bridge.
    	Opening the door you will enter Galerians R&D  Area III. There are two giant
    purple monsters (the same  ones you encountered back at the Uranium Refinery). 
    Kill them if you wish to. There is only one door that  you can enter from here,
    and it leads to the Corridor  Block 3. A few Rabbits are on the prowl. The
    other side  of the corridor will bring you into the General System  Area Alpha.
    DO NOT RUN INTO THE ROOM! As you take your  first few steps, you will notice a
    blue wall of light  begins to emanate from the ground and it follows you.  If
    you touch the wall, your HP gauge will deplete  faster than you can say 'Holy
    mother of Galerians!'. Be  careful that you do not run into the blue walls.
    	Notice that the blue walls, although follows  you wherever you go, is only
    there to annoy you.  Running along the blue walls you will find that there  is
    a path that will get you to the two important places  in the room. First, you
    will arrive at the Floor  Rotation Terminal. Activate that and see a cut scene
    of  the floors changing. Once you have done that, go run  along the blue walls
    to arrive at the main structure in  the middle of the room, the Main Terminal.
    Check it and  it will trigger a cut scene where Rion will send the  data back
    to Lilia in the real world. Once you have  done that, you have to backtrack out
    of the room.  However, you may want to carefully run around parts of  the room
    that seems to lead to nowhere, because an  Appolinar and a Nalcon are hidden
    somewhere in the  room. Just be careful not to run into the blue walls.
    	After you have exited the General System Area  Alpha, run out the corridor,
    back into the Galerians  R&D Area III, you will notice that the door to the 
    Bridge that brings you to Dorothy's Room is locked,  while the other one is
    opened. Go into that and the  elevator will bring you down to Security Floor S.
    This  room is illuminated by a purple light. There is a Floor  Rotation
    Terminal and a Save Terminal. I suggest you  save before heading out that door
    that leads you to the  Dome Area. Why? Because that is where you will have 
    your maiden encounter with Nitro, that's why!
    Boss Fight : Nitro
    	A long cut scene introduces Nitro to Rion and  the players. She is a fire
    specialty Galerian, just  like RainHeart was (for those who played the first 
    game). She has three types of attacks. She may turn  into a blaze of fire and
    charges at you (light damage  per each contact) or she may throw a wall of fire
     rolling towards you (medium damage per contact,  continues as long as you stay
    in the wall of fire).  However, it is her third attack that you should worry 
    about. She will levitate herself to the ceiling and  then throws balls of fire
    down at Rion. These fireballs  are very difficult to avoid because you don't
    know  where they are coming from. Just run around as much as  you can.
    	The strategy to beat Nitro is simple. You  should have guessed that since she
    plays with fire, you  cannot go near her. And Red is out. Fighting fire with 
    fire doesn't always work. And since you have to run  around a lot, the obvious
    choice is Bustanor. Run,  concentrate, hit her with Bustanor (should be at
    level  2 now), run, concentrate, hit her with Bustanor. She  has a considerably
    higher HP than all the bosses you  have faced so far, so this may take a while,
    especially  when she is in midair. But the best thing about  Bustanor is that
    it can hit the target even when she is  in midair!
    	Once you have defeated Nitro, a cut scene will  ensue and you will get a Skip.
    Use it on whatever you  have left, and then look around the Dome Area for 
    another door that is not locked. There are four doors  in the Dome Area, each
    illuminated by a different  light. Two of the are opened (one leads to Security
     Floor S while another leads to Security Floor N).  Another two are locked, for
    now. Your destination is  Security Floor N. Find the door, go in, and save at
    the  Save Terminal. Get the Recovery Capsule lying around  somewhere. There is
    a Floor Rotation Terminal that you  should activate, but as you try to reach
    the elevator,  a security mechanism will be activated. It seems that  Rion's
    security access privilege has been revoked.  Now, how can you get through the
    security mechanism?
    	You can run around all you want, even try to  hack into the system but it just
    won't do. You can try  to figure it out yourself, but if you run around 
    enough, you will eventually find the answer, which is  in the Family Program
    Room. Anyway, here's the  solution: exit Security Floor N into the Dome Area
    (now  filled with Rabbits and a few items), and look for the  stairwell that
    leads down to the Family Program Room.  Remember this is where you began the
    game? Dťjŗ vu.  There are no items here this time, and just by looking  around
    you will never find the answer to this puzzle.  Let's try to think about it.
    Rion cannot use his  identity to get through the security mechanism. Could  he
    use someone else's identity? Someone who looks  exactly like him but is not
    around? For those who did  not play the first game and for those who didn't pay
     attention at the opening movie, you should be thrilled  to know that Cain is a
    clone just like Rion, who are  clones of the original Rion Steiner who died
    even  before the first game. Cain died in the opening movie  of this game. So,
    the idea is to look for Cain's  breeding capsule in the Family Program Room,
    and Check  it. A cut scene will show Rion scanning Cain's breeding  capsule to
    get his Retina ID. Once that is done, you  will notice that Rion's eyes are
    flashing with faint  blue lights and there is a heartbeat sound to the 
    background music. Leave the Family Program Room, get  through the Dome Area to
    go back to Security Floor N.  Walk to the security device that blocked Rion's
    passage  and it will scan Rion's ID as Cain. By doing this, Rion  will gain
    access to the elevator. Nifty, huh?
    	Go through the next few area to arrive back at  Dorothy's Room. Use the panel
    directly in front of  Dorothy to bring Rion back into the real world.
    5.6 Elaine and the Password
    	Back in the Hyper-Sleep Room, Lilia mentioned  that the data sent back by Rion
    is some kind of  password that can only be decrypted in time if they  have the
    Reserve Computer online. Rion must now go to  the Lobby to power the Reserve
    Computer. However, one  of the Last Galerian is also there to destroy the 
    Reserve Computer. Seems like they know what you know.  It's a matter of who
    gets there first. Heal yourself  and head down to the 3rd floor. Go to Lab No.
    1 to talk  to the scientist on the PPEC development platform. He  will give you
    the last PPEC/psychic ability in the  game, Breakaron. This powerful psychic
    ability will  cause the release of lightning from above the enemies,  and they
    strike more than one enemies at a time, if  they are close together. However,
    since the ingredients  to make Breakaron are rare, you won't find this PPEC as 
    much as D-Felon or Bustanor. Also, your AP gauge will  rise like no tomorrow
    every time you use Breakaron.
    	Going to the Lobby is not as simple as it  sounds because of the monsters
    running around and all  the doors locked. Save often, and do not use the route 
    that leads you to the Lobby. The door to the System R&D  Center is locked so
    you cannot get in from there.  Instead, you should go to the 2nd floor, and
    look for  the Armory. Remember the Armory has a door that leads  to the General
    Office, which connects to the System R&D  Center? So your first destination is
    the Armory. Be  careful when you are in the Armory because there are  about
    five Rabbits eager to slash you into tiny pieces  to be served to ASH. D-Felon
    works great here, if not  for the rapid rise in your AP gauge. The door that 
    leads down to the General Office seems broken. Checking  on it will cause Rion
    to use his Scan ability to open  up the door so you can get down to the General
    	A few red monsters inhabit the General Office.  You can kill them if you want
    to, but unlock the door  to the Lobby before you attempt to go into the System 
    R&D Center. This will come in handy later. Inside the  System R&D Center, there
    are three plant monsters but  you only have to take out the one nearest to the
    door  you came in from. To your right is a terminal that  shows the log of
    personnel who used the Reserve  Computer Key last. You see, in order to power
    up the  Reserve Computer, you need a key and in order to get  the key, you have
    to get it from the guy who used it  last, which according to the log, is an Air
    Beagle  pilot. Now, you can leave the room now or go on to kill  the two other
    plant monsters and get a couple of items  (Recovery Plus and Nalcon). I suggest
    you get the items  now.
    	Your next task is then to find that Air Beagle  pilot. How many Air Beagle
    pilot do you know? Pat is  probably the only one you knew. However, if you have
     been paying attention and talking to people, you will  remember that there is
    also an Air Beagle pilot in the  3rd floor Sick Bay that always brag about how
    he had to  escape from Hangar No. 1. He is the guy we are looking  for, not
    Pat. Go to the 3rd floor (use the Armory route  because the Rabbits are no
    longer there, if you killed  them all in the first place). In the Sick Bay,
    talk to  the Air Beagle pilot and he will tell you that he left  the key inside
    the cockpit of his Air Beagle (No. 39).  Rion will want to go and get it, but
    the door to Hangar  No. 1 is locked. In order to get in, the Air Beagle  pilot
    will give Rion the key to Hangar No. 1.
    	Head down to the Entrance Lobby again, and go  into Warehouse No. 1. Dodge all
    the three Rabbits if  you don't want to kill them and open the door to 
    East-Side Underpass by using the panel next to the  door. Three red monsters
    inhabit the East-Side  Underpass now. You only have to kill one to get to the 
    locked door of Hangar No. 1. Use the key the Air Beagle  pilot gave you, and
    enter Hangar No. 1. There are three  plant monsters inside Hangar No. 1 and
    there is one  Nalcon on the top platform to the right of the door.  Unless you
    want to kill all the plant monsters, you can  go through the hangar unharmed by
    using the top  platforms. The entrance to the cockpit is on the other  side of
    the hangar. Getting into the cockpit should be  no problem, but you will notice
    that the cockpit  belongs to an Air Beagle numbered 67, not 39. There is  no
    key in the cockpit. What do you do?
    	Get out of the Air Beagle, use the upper  platform to get to the other side of
    the Air Beagle  (where there are two plant monsters) and look for a  control
    panel situated on the vacant space next to the  two plant monsters. Don't
    worry. They cannot harm you  from where they are standing and plant monsters
    don't  move, so you can work on the control panel without the  need to kill the
    plant monsters first. A cut scene will  show that the Air Beagle No. 67 being
    moved to another  hangar while the Air Beagle No. 39 is moved into Hangar  No.
    1. Use the upper platforms to get back into the  cockpit of Air Beagle No. 39
    and you will find the  Reserve Computer Key on one of the seats. Exit Hangar 
    No. 1 when you are done.
    	Before you go back to Warehouse 1, you may want  to visit Hangar No. 2 to find
    Pat still hiding and a  Breakaron (woo hoo!). Of course, you would have to kill
     all the red monsters prowling around the East-Side  Underpass, but some of
    them do give good items. Save at  the Save Terminal of East-Side Underpass
    before you go  up to Warehouse 1. Trust me. You may not see anything  but
    Rabbits in Warehouse 1, but as soon as you exit the  place, a cut scene will
    take place and a boss fight will  be imminent. If you didn't save, good luck.
    Mini Boss Fight : Red Robots
    	Remember these robots? They may have changed in  colours, but they were the
    robots that attacked you  during your first fight with Parano. Rion got another
     circlet on the arm again this time, but once the battle  begins, you will
    notice that the robots are not using  electricity anymore, but fire. They will
    launch a  fireball at Rion every once in a while. You can tell  because before
    they launch, they have to kneel down on  one leg first. Also, the blue lines
    that surrounds the  battle area will deal a little damage to Rion if he 
    touches them. Red, D-Felon, and Bustanor is practically  useless against the
    robots. You can try Nalcon, but you  will be standing still for them to hit you
    when you are  unleashing you torrents of Nalcon shockwave. Yes, it is  time to
    try Breakaron.
    	Run around the four corners of the battle area  to get the four items, dodging
    the fireballs as you do  so. Once the four robots has unleashed their
    fireballs,  stand next to one of them and concentrate, then unleash  your
    Breakaron. If you are lucky, one blast will take  out one red robot, otherwise,
    two blasts will surely  kill it. Try to kill them one by one because you would 
    want to grab the items they leave behind before the  cut scene kicks in. When
    you have killed them all, get  the item(s) as soon as possible before the cut
    scene  initiates. Well, well, looks who's back. It's Parano!
    Boss Fight : Parano (Round Two)
    	Parano is still as ugly and as annoying as  ever. Rion taunted him about the
    robots he sent over  before he himself makes an appearance, and that seems  to
    agitate Parano. However, this time he is more  dangerous than the last time you
    met him. His attacks  are the same, lightning shockwave, jumping slash, close 
    proximity slash, and that spinning slash. The only  different that you will
    notice this time is the  spinning slash. He used to spin around Rion until he 
    stops. This time around, he will occasionally change  direction to hit Rion
    while he spins around him, making  his moves almost impossible to anticipate
    and avoid. As  with last time, Nalcon and D-Felon is useless against  him.
    Bustanor is also useless as he will block it. Since  he is using electric
    attacks, Breakaron isn't really  the best idea either. His weakness is the same
    as last  time: Red.
    	To fight Parano, make sure you have lots of  Delmetors and Recovery Capsules.
    Run around and wait  for Parano to use his lightning attacks. Once the light 
    falls on Rion, do a forward roll and face Parano,  concentrate, and unleashes a
    torrent of fire towards  him. Do this right and he will burn. Do this too near 
    too slow and Rion will be hit by Parano's slashes  before he can unleash his
    Red. Therefore, keep a  distance between Rion and Parano and only try to attack
     him when you have the distance and time. Parano's  slashes comes in succession
    and they can be very  devastating (heavy damage every time). Also, do not try 
    to use Red on Parano twice, as he will back flip to  avoid the second attack,
    just like the first time you  met him. Once you have burnt him, run around and
    wait  for another lightning attack from him.
    	Once you have damaged him enough, he will start  to use the spinning attack.
    This is where you have to  be careful. After being introduced with this attack 
    once, you will notice that it is extremely dangerous  and it can cut your HP
    gauge empty. The worst thing is  you cannot anticipate where he will strike
    next. If you  have your Lock On activated, it will limit Rion's  ability to
    run, which will be even worse. Immediately  release the Lock On once it is
    activated. The trick to  beat Parano in his spinning game is to use your
    Shield.  Once he starts to spin, Shield Rion and wait for Parano  to stop
    spinning. Anticipate this and quickly face him,  concentrate, and burn him.
    Remember that Parano is very  fast so if you fail to face him when he stops
    spinning,  or you are a little slow in concentrating, immediately  Shield Rion
    again before Parano slashes him. Your AP  gauge will fill up at least twice
    during the battle  (without the use of Appolinar) if you follow my  strategy.
    Shielding Rion eats up a lot of the AP gauge  but it is the only thing that can
    save you from  Parano's spinning attack. After a degree of burning to  Parano,
    he should fall and disappears.
    	Get the Skip and boost your Breakaron to level  2. The next time you get a
    Skip, you will be able to  boost your ability to level 3. After the battle, you
     will have to go to the System R&D Center. The door from  the Lobby is still
    locked and going in from the Armory is far. Remember I asked you to unlock the
    door that  connects the Lobby to the General Office? This is the  reason why.
    After the battle with Parano you should be  standing very near to this door.
    Get in before the red  monsters get Rion. Go pass the General Office into the 
    System R&D Center and kill the plant monsters. Look for  the terminal (at the
    other end from where you came in)  where you can slot your Reserve Computer Key
    in. A  cut scene will ensue showing Lilia flooding the System  R&D Center to
    avoid future invasions to the room.
    	Rion finds himself at the General Office  needing to get his way back to the
    Hyper-Sleep Room. Save (preferably in the Tactical Operation Room, which now
    houses a few new items). In the Hyper-Sleep Room,  Rion will be transported
    back to the Data World via the  transporter. A cut scene will show us how
    Parano is capped by ASH. I am so glad that guy is dead, although  I suspect he
    will still come back, since the cut scene really didn't say that he died.
    5.7 The Dream World Again
    	In the Data World, Rion begins in Dorothy's  Room again. Unlock the Bridge
    like last time. Kill the  4 Rabbits if you wish, then go into the Last
    Galerians  R&D Area III to find the two purple giant monsters  waiting for you.
    Optional kill, go into the door that  leads to Corridor III Block and many
    Rabbits. This time  around they don't seem to stop coming. Just avoid them  if
    possible, because your goal is the other side of the  corridor. In General
    System Area Alpha, go to the main terminal just like the last time you were
    here. Just be careful with the blue walls. Arriving at the main terminal in the
    room, all you have to do is Check it to initiate a cut scene. Here' Rion learns
    something about ASH. During the cut scene, you will also notice that the door
    with the green lights at the Dome Area is now open. When you are back in
    control, you can run around the room as much as you wish, because the annoying
    blue walls are gone! Go to the Floor Rotation Terminal and activate it, then go
    back to Corridor III Block, Last Galerians R&D Area III, and down the elevator
    to Security Area S.
    	You can take out the 3 plant monsters in Security Area S if you wish, but you
    only have to absolutely take out two of them. The one guarding the Floor
    Rotation Terminal has to go. You need to activate this terminal to get Security
    Area W lined up with Area II (the green box). If you have trouble getting that,
    choose to rotate to the right. Do it here instead of at Security Area W, trust
    me. The Floor Rotation Terminal there is a mess to use and there are 3 red
    monsters that seems to keep regenerating until you have killed them for the
    tenth time. Why waste ammo and HP? Save here in Security Area S if you wish,
    then take out the plant monster blocking the door to get out. Actually, you can
    run by the plant monster without harm because it will be busy covering itself
    up when Rion is near.
    	When you are at the Dome Area, look for the door with blinking green lights.
    That door is now opened and you can go into Security Area W. The three red
    monsters like to hang around the Floor Rotation Terminal, which makes the Save
    Terminal free to use. If you have not saved so far, you might really want to do
    it now or regret it later. There is also a Recovery Capsule around here that
    you should grab before going into the elevator. Arriving at Last Galerians R&D
    Area II, a cut scene will ensue before you can walk more than ten steps.
    Boss Fight: Spider (Round Two)
    	At the beginning of the battle, there will be a Red for you to grab, which
    should give you a pretty good idea on what to use in this battle. Although
    Bustanor can probably seek and destroy, Spider, it is too precious to be wasted
    on him. Breakaron is even rarer, so donít bother. As usual, D-Felon is useless.
    You best bet is Red, although Nalcon is still useful. Spider will have three
    attacks. In close-range, he will jump on Rion and literally suck the blood out
    of him. He will also asks his spider minions to attack Rion. Finally, Spider
    can haul himself up to the ceiling and drop flaming spiders on you.
    	Start the battle by running around and burning some of the cobwebs away. If
    Spiderís spider minions come at you, just burn them like in the Uranium
    Refinery. Once you have Spider on your side, burn him. He likes to do side
    rolls so you may have to take some time to aim but Red should cover a good deal
    of range horizontally. If you get bitten by Spider, Rion will be stunned for a
    few seconds. Do not be afraid though, because during this recovery time, Spider
    will be too busy laughing at Rion than attacking him. Once Rion recovers and
    Spider is still laughing, burn him. However, do not try to burn him twice in a
    row or you will be wasting Red. Like Parano, Spider will back flip and your
    second Red assault will definitely miss. Instead, run and burn.
    	If Spider escapes up to the ceiling, keep running or the flaming spiders will
    drop on Rion. Burn out the cobweb because Spider relies on them to be on the
    ceiling. This battle should not be too difficult if you keep running and
    burning. It has no difference than the first time you fight him.
    	When the battle is over, a touching cut scene will show Spider dying and
    telling Rion the secret to defeating ASH. He did this to repay Rion who spared
    the life of his pet spider (the red one) back in the Uranium Refinery. When
    Spider finally dies, the red spider will leave his side. Damn, it was almost
    sad to see him go. In actual fact, Spider was never really a bad guy anyway.
    From all those cut scenes that you see you should know that Spider is very mild
    mannered and doesnít hurt people, and definitely not as screw loose as Parano
    or as emotionally unstable as Nitro. I was beginning to like him.
    	Get the Skip floating around in front of Rion and I suggest that you use it on
    Rionís Shield ability. The next thing that you should do is turn around and
    Check the device next to Rion thatís blowing out white smoke (the one shown in
    the cut scene after Spider died). Rion will receive a Crested Key. Now you have
    the chance to explore the area, which only has two interesting things really.
    There is a Floor Rotation Terminal at one end and a giant green door at the
    other. Forget about the Floor Rotation Terminal for the moment and go to the
    door. There is a Delmetor that you can get a little distance to the left from
    the door. Checking on the big yellow door knob will tell you that the key to
    open the door is something with a geometrical shape. Does the Crested Key sound
    like the perfect item? Try it and you will notice that the answer is Ďnoí. The
    Crested Key is similar in shape as the key needed to open the door, but it is
    inverted, like a mirror image. How are you suppose to change the shape of the
    key so that it inverts to the shape required by the door?
    	You can think about all the solutions that you want, like turning the Dome
    Area around so that the door faces the other way, look for another door, use
    Rionís power and everything but the answer again lies within the Family Program
    Room. You can get there by using the elevator that leads you to Security Area
    W, or you can use the Floor Rotation Terminal to bring you to the Bridge (which
    houses a Recovery Capsule), then to Dorothyís Room, then to Last Galerians R&D
    Area III, then to General System Area Alpha, then to Security Area S before you
    can reach the Dome Area. Anyway, the idea is to get to the Family Program Room.
    Remember that thing in the middle of the room that lets out steam and doesnít
    seem to do anything else? Check it and you will notice that it looks like a
    mirror and is probably connected to another place. If you use the Crested Key
    here, Rion will throw the key into the steam and a new key will emerged. This
    is the Inverted Key that Rion will need to open the big green door in Last
    Galerian R&D Area II. Bring it there.
    My Two Cents
    	I have to say that this puzzle is absolutely ridiculous. I couldnít figure it
    out by myself so thanks to Ron "Pscion" Newcomb for his guide. I mean, think
    about it logically. If you have a key item, would you throw it (!) into an
    unknown place? And how is it exactly possible for the key to be inverted and
    then thrown back to Rion? I donít get it at all. But then again, this is only a
    game and it is not like Galerians really exists or something like that so I
    should probably not go too deep into a silly puzzle like that but throwing a
    key into smoke?! Do you have any idea how many hours I spent running around the
    Data World?
    	Back in Last Galerians R&D Area II, use the Mirror/Inverted Key on the knob on
    the giant green door and it will open. Enter and Rion will find himself in
    General System Area Beta. This place is dangerous. There are no monsters, but
    the blue walls are back, and this time they move! The blue walls are no longer
    just walls. This time, they emerge from one end of the room and moves rapidly
    towards the entrance, where Rion is standing. You will notice a lot of crates
    scattered around the room so the trick is to hide behind a crate when the blue
    walls passes you by. Move from one crate to another and you should get to the
    main terminal of the room unharmed, right? Wrong! This room is equipped with
    infrared motion sensor and guided laser beams. As Rion moves through the room,
    the infrared motion sensors will pick up his movement and begin to target him.
    Once the target is locked (the faint infrared light becomes solid red), itís
    time for Rion to move. A beam of laser (glowing red light) will be shot to the
    position where the infrared light has locked on. Therefore, Rion has to move
    from one crate to another quickly, avoiding the blue walls, and at the same
    time not staying in one place long enough for the infrared sensors to lock on
    to him. The lasers isnít as terrifying as it sound though. Rion can probably
    just avoid it by side stepping a little. As long as you are out of the lasersí
    line of fire, you should be fine. But if Rion is locked on by more than one
    laser, then itís dangerous.
    	Once you have succeeded in getting Rion to the main terminal of the room,
    Check on it and watch the cut scene. It seems that the Airport Terminal is
    under dire attacks and Rion has to return as soon as possible. Run out of the
    room following the blue walls (forget about going from crate to crate),
    activate the Floor Rotation Terminal at the other end of Last Galerians R&D
    Area II (if you hadnít already done it earlier), take the Bridge to Dorothyís
    room, and use the panel there to being Rion back to the Real World.
    5.8 Triumph or Lies?
    	A cut scene ensues as soon as Rion arrives in the Real World. It seems that
    Cas was able to defeat the enemies and drove them back. The 3rd floor is safe.
    Lilia says that she needs some time to break the password and suggests Rion to
    rest for a while. Heal Rion using the Heal Cloud in the Hyper-Sleep Room and
    run around talking to people. Morale seemed to have sky-rocketed and talking to
    Major Romero in the Tactical Operation Room, he admitted his mistakes and
    requested for Rionís help. Now thatís a strange thing, but every man deserves a
    second chance. There is also a Recovery Capsule in here, next to the Save
    Terminal. You will want to go congratulate Cas in the Sick Bay (perhaps she was
    injured?) and she will tell Rion that although they have succeeded in driving
    the enemies back, they have used up almost all of their ammunitions. Rion
    offered to help get them from the Armory so that is where you should go. One
    other strange thing is that the stairwell leading to Lab No. 2 is opened.
    Guarded, of course.
    	2nd floor remains much the same and the Armory is still infested by Rabbits.
    Take them out using D-Felon and you will notice that they do not appear again.
    Strange. On the right near the entrance of the Armory is the ammo that Cas is
    talking about, but you should notice that it looks like one magazine of
    bullets, which will hardly be enough to wage a battle. There is also a Delmetor
    in the room. Get back to 3rd floor Sick Bay and give the ammo to Cas, who will
    agree with you that the ammo is hardly enough. There are more ammunitions in
    Hangar No. 3, but the last time we checked the door to the West-Side Underpass
    had been horribly damaged and there is no way to go down there. Oh well, this
    is not the first strange thing that you encountered since your arrival back in
    the Real World.
    	Take to the Armory and use the back door to get down to the General Office.
    The three red monsters are still there, so you may want to kill them before you
    attempt to pry open the damaged shutter to WestÖ wait a minute. The shutter is
    gone! You can get down to West-Side Underpass without any problems. Rion agrees
    with you that this is strange, even smells like a trap, but like all heroes,
    you will still have to bravely step into it. The West-Side Underpass has a
    Recovery Capsule. Save and then enter Hangar No. 3. The door locks behind Rion
    and the cut scene of four mechanically enhanced Rabbits staring at Rion proves
    everybody right. This IS a trap.
    Mini Boss Fight: Rabbits (4)
    	Run around the room. Blasts them with Nalcon. Run, hit run, hit, run, hit. If
    you are brave, run towards them with D-Felon on hand, quickly charge up and
    unleashes your D-Felon. Do it again and that should end the battle. They are
    not that much different from your average Rabbits.
    	When the battle is over, Lilia intercoms Rion and asked him to go boot-up the
    Reserve Computer (huh?) and the key is at Lab No. 2. Grab the ammo Cas asked
    you to get from Hangar No. 3 and pass West-Side Underpass right up to General
    Office. Take the stairs to the Armory and then go to Lab No. 2 from the 2nd
    floor corridor. The door to Lab No. 2 is now opened. Or you can go back up to
    the 3rd floor and use the other stairwell, or get there to Lab No. 2 from
    Warehouse 1 in the Lobby. Itís all your choice. In Lab No. 2, there are three
    robots patrolling the place where the Reserve Computer Key is located. You can
    take them out but it would probably be better to just run pass them, grab the
    key, and get out. However, there are two other items in Lab No. 2 that you want
    to get. A Bustanor and a Nalcon is placed in Lab No. 2. Grab them and then go
    to the System R&D Center at the Lobby. You can take the path via Warehouse 1,
    since that is the quickest.
    	Entering System R&D Center, Rion will ask the same question as you. Isnít this
    place flooded? You booted-up the Reserve Computer and Lilia flooded the place
    to prevent further intrusion. Who took out the key? A check at the Reserve Key
    User Log will reveal ĎTraitorí. So, we have a traitor among us. We have to
    hurry before this traitor does any more damage. Activate the Reserve Computer
    using the key and leave the System R&D Center. The first thing that you will
    notice is that the red dots on your map are all gone. This is getting stranger
    and stranger. All enemies are gone and if you take tour around, you will notice
    that all your allies have disappeared as well. Something is very wrong.
    	If you want to, you can take this chance to run around and pick up any items
    that you might have missed. If you are following this guide, then you would
    want to get the Recovery Capsule at the Save Terminal on the 2nd floor. There
    is also another Recovery Capsule at the East-Side Underpass (incidentally, the
    monsters here are still around), next to the Save Terminal. The plant monsters
    in Hangar No. 1 is still there, but there are now two instead of three and they
    donít regenerate that much. The place that you absolutely have to visit,
    however, is the Armory. A few steps into the Armory, Rion will get a dream
    about Cas. This cut scene shows Casí heroic sacrifice.
    If you go to Lilia before you get to the Armory, then Lilia will tell Rion that
    she still needs some time to break the password, and Rion will ask her to send
    him back to the Data World. In the Data World, you can return at any time.
    	However, if you go into the Armory and get the dream about Cas before you see
    Lilia, when you arrive at the Hyper-Sleep Room, Lilia will be standing there
    waiting for you, instead of standing behind the terminal and working on the
    computer. This is where you should anticipate that all Ďsomethingís wrongí
    answers will be revealed, so heal Rion before you go talk to Lilia, and I hoped
    you saved beforehand. A long cut scene will ensue and you will be thrilled to
    know that Lilia is not Lilia at all, but Nitro! What the hell is going on?! It
    seems that Rion is still in the Data World! Casí dream was sent to Rion by
    Lilia from the Real World. When talking didnít register anything to Rion and
    Nitro, they decided to move on to a more aggressive type of conversation, using
    psychic powers!
    Boss Fight: Nitro (Round Two)
    	Nitro is the same as the first, only this time she has a lot more HP. Bustanor
    is the way to go, but emptying a bar of Bustanor wonít even kill her. Red,
    D-Felon, and Breakaron is useless cause if you get too close, sheíll teleport
    herself. And she has another attack when Rion is closed to her. She will spin
    around and throws fireballs all around the room. Her three standard attacks are
    still the same. A trail of fire that does more damage and seems to have a
    better ĎRion homing deviceí than the first time around, the firewall, and the
    fireballs from the sky. Do not stay put and do not get too close to Nitro.
    	When you have emptied your full bar of Bustanor (at level 2), you should have
    another Bustanor left. Now you have to decide whether to save it for ASH later,
    or use it on her. For me, I switched to Nalcon and get in range before I blasts
    her to oblivion. When she teleports, she often leave behind an item and one of
    it will restore your PPEC gauge to maximum. Keep hitting her and running
    around. Use Rionís Shield if necessary and keep hitting her with Bustanor or
    Nalcon as much as you can. Nitro will go down eventually.
    	Once Nitro is defeated, a cut scene will show that it is Lilia that Rion has
    hurt. Nitro emerged from behind Rion and talked, but Rion, pissed off as he is,
    flung Nitro to the wall and strangled her to death. Before Nitro died, she
    talked about the Real World and changed into Lilia. The cut scene ended with
    Rion still strangling Lilia and everything go to white, then got sucked into
    nothingness. Rion woke up in Dorothyís Room. So it seems that just when Rion
    was trying to go back to the Real World, Nitro has Ďmind-jackedí him. Anyway,
    you have to return to the Real World. Get the Skip and use it on Nalcon. I
    would want to use it on Bustanor, but since it is running out I would rather
    bet on my most well-supplied psychic ability.
    	Take the panel in front of Dorothy and return to the Real World. As soon as
    you arrive in the Hyper-Sleep Room, Lilia will announce to you Casí death. It
    seems that just when Rion was trying to come back to the Real World, ASH was
    able to hacked into Elaine and that was how Nitro was able to Ďmind-jackedí
    Rion. They lost contact with Rion, the Airport Terminal has almost completely
    been invaded, and there is a traitor among them, since Elaine cannot be
    accessed without a DNA match. Listening to this, Rion is more pissed off than
    ever and asked Lilia to inject the password into him, and sent him back to the
    Data World to kill ASH.
    5.9 The Truth About ASH
    	Your first destination back in the Data World is General System Area Beta, the
    one with the advancing blue walls and infrared guided lasers. In Dorothyís
    Room, connect the Bridge, skip past the two giant purple Rion eater in Last
    Galerians R&D Area III, run through Corridor III Block, activate the Floor
    Rotation Terminal in General System Area Alpha, go all the way back to Last
    Galerians R&D Area III and take the elevator down to Security Area S. Kill the
    plant monsters and use the Floor Rotation Terminal to aligned Security Floor W
    with Last Galerians R&D Area II. Exit Security Area S and go through the Dome
    Area to reach the door with blinking green lights, thatís Security Area W. Save
    and go up the elevator and then go through the empty room to the opened door
    and enter General System Area Beta. You will have to go through the traps
    again. Check on the main terminal in the room and you will see a cut scene of
    ASHís past. The door to Security Area E will be opened. He traps in the room
    will also be deactivated. Now is a good time to pick up those items in this
    room that were too dangerous to get before. Thereís a Bustanor and Appolinar
    near the main terminal and one of the crates.
    	Now go back to Security Area W. I donít know about the last few times that you
    were here but this time, you have to kill the red monsters in order to get to
    the Floor Rotation Terminal. You have to align Security Area E with Last
    Galerians R&D Area I. When you have that done, save and head out to the Dome
    Area. The door to Security Area E is directly opposite, the one with the
    blinking white lights. Once you enter the door, you should be prepare to fight,
    or be prepare to run. There will be about five Rabbits charging at you. You can
    kill them all with D-Felon for drugs and status boosts, but you should know
    that they will not stop coming. Yes, they will keep spawning and appearing.
    Therefore, the best way is to kill them once, grab the items they left behind,
    and run. There are three items in the room near the corridor to the elevator,
    thatís an Appolinar, Red, and Delmetor. A Floor Rotation Terminal is placed
    here but itís practically useless. You will also noticed that there is no Save
    Terminal so now you know why I asked you to save in Security Area W.
    	When you are done with the items and Rabbits (a great way to kill and grab
    their items is to use Short. Use an Appolinar or just Shield until Rionís AP
    gauge maxes out and then just stand there and let the Rabbits come, but do not
    do this if you do not have Delmetor and Recovery Capsules to spare), go up the
    elevator to Last Galerians R&D Area I. Once you enter the room a cut scene will
    take place. A main terminal (like those you have seen in General System Area
    Alpha and Beta) will rise form the floor. Check on it and a cut scene will
    ensue with Rion transferring the data back to Lilia for analysis and almost
    immediately Lilia will send back the password. I didnít get the last two
    passwords (letís face it, the dubbing is not top-notch) during the cut scenes
    of the Alpha and Beta main terminals, but this one is pretty clearly said.
    	Cut scene will show the door with the giant face parts. Once the cut scene is
    over, be ready to run. Why? Once you regain control, you will notice a lot (and
    I mean a lot) of red dots on the map. A look around you will notice a lot of
    little creepy robots running around and towards Rion shooting laser pulses.
    Creepy aside, their double laser pulses is deadly. If you get hit, youíll get
    hit by both the pulses, and the damage is thus doubled. It depletes about 20%
    of Rionís HP gauge. If you remember, you saw these little critters before. They
    appeared in the Refining Line Area back in the Uranium Refinery. Quickly dodge
    your way into the opened face.
    	You arrive at Corridor I Block that is guarded by three plant monsters. Be
    very careful if you plan to kill them, because they will re-spawn. If you kill
    one and then move on to the next, you may find yourself surrounded when the one
    you killed re-spawn behind you. Cross this corridor and you will arrive at LG
    Programming Room. Thereís no enemies here and thereís no boss fight. Sorry to
    disappoint you. However, as you run up the platform, there will be a lot of
    items to get. D-Felon, Breakaron, Appolinar, Recovery Plus are up for grabs,
    literally. At the end of the platform, Check the machine and a long cut scene
    will ensue, breaking the secrets about the whole game.
    	There is one very interesting twist here. The game started out by telling you
    that The Last Galerians were created by Dorothy a.k.a. Mother to resurrect her
    and wipe out humanity. After seeing ASHís past, we should anticipate some
    betrayal, and truly so. ASH turns out to have reprogrammed himself and have
    broke free of Dorothyís control. In addition, he can freely control Dorothyís
    system, but in order to do that, he will still have to resurrect Dorothy. ASH
    plan was to use the system and still be in control, therefore he created a
    container and resurrected Dorothy in that container, trapping her as she had
    trapped him.
    	If we compare this to the original game, the twist is almost the same. Dr.
    Steiner and Dr. Pascalle (Rionís and Liliaís fathers) created Dorothy, and
    Dorothy betrayed and killed them. Dorothy created Rion as a clone of the
    original Rion who had died in the hospital, which in turn Dorothy was killed by
    Rion. Now Dorothy creates ASH and again ASH betrays her. Only this time, ASH
    didnít kill her, but trapped her inside a container. Cruel. Dorothy must have
    done something very bad to deserve this. Oh right, she killed her creators. The
    moral of the story is, what goes around, comes around.
    	Also, it seems that ASH is nothing but data just like Rion was. Unlike Rion,
    ASH does not have a physical body, so he is not exactly a Galerian. He is just
    a program in the Data World. And he laughs at those who fear him without even
    seeing his real person. What a bummer, huh? In order to destroy ASH, Rion has
    to find the computer that houses ASH (his program). Since he cannot just
    destroy the computer (it is not ASHís physical body and ASH can travel through
    the network of computers anyway), Rion will have to go into ASHís world and
    destroy him there, by injecting the virus program directly into ASH.
    	Back in the LG Programming Room, you should know that you need to return to
    Lilia and tell her all about this. Get out of the LG Programming Room and
    unlock the Bridge from the terminal (thereís a Nalcon here) in the Last
    Galerians R&D Area I (you can use the Short trick here if you have a Delmetor
    to spare since killing the little robots will get you some valuable items like
    Bustanor and Breakaron, and you donít even have to use a Recovery Capsule
    because you will soon be going back to the Hyper-Sleep Room, though I have to
    warn you that the little robots wonít stop coming). Go through the empty
    Bridge, save, and enter Dorothyís Room to get back to Lilia via the control
    5.10 The Fall of Mankind
    	Back in the Real World, Lilia is missing and thereís radioactivity in the
    Hyper-Sleep Room. What kind of chaos has happened here? Run around to grab the
    Nalcon and Delmetor and heal Rion before going out the door. A cut scene will
    stop you from going out the door. Pat intercoms Rion to tell him that Lilia is
    missing (duh!). Rion will go out the door after the cut scene and arrives at
    the Control Room, or what used to be the Control Room. The place is burnt,
    wrecked, and dead soldiers zombies are everywhere with radioactivity abundant.
    What kind of horror has happened here? You can kill the zombies if you wish,
    but you donít have to. Going down to the 3rd floor you will get a cut scene
    with Major Romero, desperately seeking your help in the Flight Control Office.
    	Although you may want to look around everywhere, every room is filled with
    monsters so it is not advisable to do it. Very risky. The corridors of each
    floor instead does not have too many guards. A plant monster on the 3rd floor
    and a robot on the 2nd. You may want to save at the 2nd floor corridor Save
    Terminal and grab the Recovery Capsule there as well. Make your way to the
    Lobby and you will be chased by two giant purple monsters. How the hell did
    they get in? Go to the Flight Control Office and before you can get in Pat will
    radio Rion and tells him that Romero is the traitor (like we havenít figured
    that out yet) and is heading towards Hangar No. 2.
    	Take to Warehouse 1 outrunning the giant purple beasts. There is only one
    Rabbit in Warehouse 1 and it does not re-spawn. Go down to East-Side Underpass.
    Killing the two plant monsters there may get you a Recovery Capsule, and there
    is another Recovery Capsule near the Save Terminal. As you reach the door to
    Hangar No. 2, there is also a Delmetor for you to get. Thereís some Rabbits (2
    but they appear again) in Hangar No. 2. Kill them if you can for some status
    boosts, but you definitely have to go to the upper platform to the left of the
    entrance. There are seven items (yes, you heard right, SEVEN!) here. Recovery
    Capsule, Recovery Plus, D-Felon, Nalcon, Red, Bustanor, and Breakaron. Now you
    are stocked for the final part of the game.
    	Go into the Air Beagle and talk to Pat who will tell you about Romero
    kidnapping Lilia and took off in an Air Beagle. There is only one place he can
    go, that is straight to ASH. A cut scene will bring Rion and Pat to the Uranium
    Refinery once again.
    	Before going out to battle ASH, Rion had a few words with Pat that sounded
    like a personís last words. One way or another, Rion intends to end it here and
    5.11 The End Of Mankind
    	Rion steps out into the Uranium Refinery airport, but you may want to get him
    back into the ship for healing. Run towards the door, save, and go down to the
    Security Floor. Now if you remember, the Security Floor has four doors, so
    which one should you choose? Let me give you a hint: of all the four doors, one
    is a special door, the Mars door, and you step out right in front of it. Go
    down the Mars door and you will come to the System Control Room. As you
    approach the Venus door, a cut scene will reacquaint you with Romero and he is
    holding Lilia hostage! Like all losers, they run. They always run. Why do they
    always have to run?
    Chase Romero up to the Security Floor and you will see another cut scene.
    Follow him into the door to find yourself in the Control Office. Follow him
    into the Saturnus door and then to the Refining Line Area. Rion has to approach
    the dark corner where the Card Key Terminal is located (where you fought
    Spiderís pet Tarantula) for the cut scene where Romero throws a grenade at Rion
    and takes off. Go back up to the Control Office and then dodging the plant
    monsters go into the Control Computer Room. Remember the red robots here? Itís
    time for some payback. Blast them to hell with Breakaron. Trust me, you wonít
    be needing much of Breakaron from here on in. Enter the Tellus (Earth) door to
    the Management Office and get another grenade. Follow Romero back up to the
    Security Floor and enter the door that leads you to the General Sick Bay.
    Another grenade and dodge all the Rabbits to get to the door that leads you to
    the Enriched Uranium Storage. A cut scene shows Romero has already escaped the
    area on the other side, so follow him. Kick some red robot butts if you wish.
    You should have more than enough Breakaron left. You appear back in the System
    Control Room. Take the Venus door and go to the control panel on the elevator
    in the Storage Area Elevator. Once you are down there, save, and enter the
    Waste Uranium Storage. When you are in, walk towards the center of the dome to
    get a cut scene.
    	This is the part where Romero tells you why he switched side. After a
    butt-load of selfish reasons, you finally have the chance to rough him up. I
    have hated this guyís gut ever since I met him and this, this is a really
    welcomed invitation.
    Boss Fight: Romero
    	Romero holds a machine gun and he is not afraid to use it. Dodge the bullets
    (which will be in a straight line) and use Bustanor on him. Just keep your
    distance (if you are too close he will throw a grenade at you) and the battle
    should be over before it even began.
    Boss Fight: Romero (The Ugly Side Of Me)
    	Romeroís second form is the robot that he has been made into. He will also
    have two floating objects next to him that will shoot lasers at Rion. Bustanor
    is useable, but I suggest you save it for someone else. Instead, get near him
    and either use Red or Nalcon. Killing the floating objects will get you some
    items and one of them will boost your Red PPEC gauge to max so I suppose that
    is what you should use. However, I like my good old Nalcon blasts. It gives me
    more satisfaction as I blast Romero into oblivion. The battle lasted shorter
    than I expected. I mean, I know he is a loser, but I never thought he would be
    such a bad loser.
    	When Romero is nothing but a head, he will reveal (SPOILER!) all the plan of
    ASH preserving Liliaís DNA (thus the human DNA) and by foiling this plan Rion
    has indeed killed Lilia and mankind. After Rion crushed Romeroís head, a
    touching cut scene will show Liliaís affection towards Rion and how she would
    rather die than end up being a robot like Romero. And then she went out. No,
    not dead, just passed out. She had a lot of radioactivity but she is still
    breathing. Rion radioed Pat and asked him to come get them, as a hidden door on
    the ground appears, beckoning Rion to go meet his destiny, ASH.
    5.12 The Final Showdown
    	Grab the Skip that Romero left behind and use it on Bustanor, but make sure
    your Nalcon is at level 3, otherwise, use it on Nalcon. In the next battles,
    Nalcon, Bustanor, and Shield are your only friends. Go down the stairs and you
    will be asked whether or not you want to save. I suggest you do. A cut scene
    will introduce Rion and you to the DT-type Fusion Reactor. This is where ASH
    lives. The long way down contains nothing but you will notice that your AP
    gauge climbs fast (this area has a radioactivity level of maximum), and once
    you are at the bottom, Check on the reactor and Rion will use his psychic
    ability to transport himself into ASHís world, leaving his own physical body
    	A long cut scene will have ASH telling Rion how foolish he is. Since Rion did
    not put his physical body in any devices, there will be no way for Rion to go
    back into his body, which will eventually rot because of the radioactivity of
    the place. After a little more chat, itís time to brawl.
    Boss Fight: ASH (His Real Self)
    	This battle is not as tough as it sounds. ASH has a few attacks. A launch of
    many red spinning shuriken-like things that will slash Rion with minimum
    damage, a running firewall that will hurt Rion quite bad, and a white laser
    beam that will probably kill Rion (50% damage).
    	The trick is easy. Keep your distance from ASH, keep moving, and use Bustanor
    on him whenever you have the chance. If your Bustanor is at level 3, two gauges
    should bring ASH down. This battle will not be very long.
    	Another cut scene will ensue after you have defeated ASH. Rion will come to
    learn that the Last Galerians (Spider, Parano, Nitro, and ASH) are actually
    ASH. His insecurities has created multiple personalities in ASH. His fears for
    failure created the twisted Parano. His lost and despair created Nitro, and his
    suppressed good side created Spider. You will see ASH battle with his own
    demons and then he will try to commit suicide by using that gun on himself, but
    instead, he becomes even stronger than before, and he claims to be able to read
    Rionís every move. Now things are getting interesting.
    Boss Fight: ASH (The Death Of All)
    	ASH has turned ugly. There is a bright aura emanating from his body and he
    floats up and down. This adds another dimension to his movement and since Rion
    can only aim on his own level, you will only be able to hurt ASH when he is on
    floor level. Whenever he floats up or down, your attacks will miss. This makes
    Bustanor totally useless. You can home in on him, but it might not hit at the
    right time when ASH is on ground level. In addition to his earlier attack, ASH
    also has a lot more attacks. The red shuriken-like attacks are now supplemented
    by a barrage of almost invisible blue spheres that does light damage. Then ASH
    can shoot four white laser beams (light damage) at a time. Sometimes this beams
    will burn Rion once in contact. He can also shoot a large pulse of laser to
    Rion that will take off 50% of his HP gauge. His most feared attacks must be
    the angled blasts, and his physical attacks. The angled blasts comes randomly
    and there is no way to dodge them cause everywhere you go, there it comes
    (proves that ASH can really read Rionís move). Each contact with these blasts
    will take about 10% off the HP gauge and they come about five times
    consecutively. ASHís physical attack is the most threatening of all. He will
    come near Rion, and starts to punch and kick him. His final landing kick will
    cause Rionís HP gauge to deplete to about 5%. Sometimes, ASH will also cause
    the battle ground to turn into negative-like colours.
    	The only thing you can do to defeat ASH is to run around and never stop
    running. I know losers run, but you have to if you donít want to get Rion
    killed. Whenever ASH uses the physical attack or the angled blasts, Shield Rion
    until it is over. Do not be afraid to use your collection of Delmetor, Recovery
    Capsules, and Recovery Pluses. This is the final battle. Run and Shield and
    once your AP gauge fills up, use a Delmetor immediately. Always keep Rionís HP
    gauge above 60% and you should be fine.
    	As for attacks, Bustanor, Breakaron, and D-Felon are useless. Red is too risky
    cause you have to be near ASH and it might not hit at the time ASH is on floor
    level. Nalcon is your best bet. Back to basics. Your Nalcon must be at level 3
    because this will give Rion a chance to unleash about fifteen times of
    shockwaves in one concentration. If you time it correctly (unleash your Nalcon
    just when ASH is about to reach the floor level), you will get at least five
    shots in. Furthermore, while Rion is unleashing his Nalcon, any attacks from
    the front will be blocked. Keep on repeating this and avoid being too close to
    ASH. Also, ASH can sometimes teleport himself behind Rion, so be aware of that
    when you are unleashing Nalcon. You donít want to be still unleashing your
    Nalcon attacks when ASH teleports behind Rion and uses his physical attacks.
    Keep pummeling ASH with Nalcon and protecting Rion with Shield and you should
    eventually win the battle.
    	The ending will see Rion and ASH both near their ends. Rion brings ASH close
    and (gay alert!) kisses ASH to transfer the virus program into him. Albeit
    abrupt, we can deduce that Rion and ASH perished together inside that world.
    There is no telling of what happened to Lilia or Pat.
    6.0 Others
    6.1 Short Version
    	Finish the game once with good ranking to unlock the ĎShortí version of the
    game. This version gives Rion better movement while in the Short condition.
    6.2 Evaluation
    	Letís face it. The graphics for this game is nothing to shout about, given
    what we have seen the power of PS2 can offer.
    The dubbing is bad as well. Very often, you can see the characters talking or
    making some gestures but there will be no dialogue audible. It is definitely
    not a good translation from the Japanese version on the dubbing department.
    Gameplay wise is ok, but it would be better (in my humble opinion) if we can
    somehow unleash a less powerful attack if the concentration level did not reach
    to a maximum, just like in the first game. Waiting for the Psychic Power Gauge
    to fill can sometimes means life or death.
    The story seems unnecessary, but the clichť of ASH betraying Mother is almost
    as good as the first game when Rion killed her.
    Level design is quite good, but it seems like the player roams the same place
    over and over again, which can get quite tiring (and boring). The linearity of
    the venues as in the first game should have been preserved.
    Replay value is low, since there are really not much incentives given to
    players who have beaten the game.
    6.3 My Last Two Cents
    	Although I like the first game better, Galerians: ASH is still not a bad game
    by a long shot. I especially like the way Rion and ASH were pitted against each
    other, but at the same time, some chemistry are detected between them.
    Technically, they are brothers, and they have to kill one another. In the end,
    both of them perished together. I think it is cruel, as the two of them could
    have been, well, you know what I want to say, under different circumstances.
    The ending is abrupt, just like the first one. It almost seems like they are
    thinking about a third installment.
    7.0 Credits
    Thanks to Sammy, Enterbrain, and Polygon Magic for bringing us this game.
    Thanks to Ron "Pscion" Newcomb for his guide on this game.
    					  - System Shutdown -

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