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    Online Play FAQ by Data Drain

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    Resident Evil Outbreak
    ( Insert nifty looking ASCII art here =P )
    Resident Evil Outbreak: Online FAQ
    Author: Data Drain
    Email: datadrain@hotmail.com
    ver. 1.10
    Tuesday, April 6, 2004
    This FAQ is dedicated to helping out the newbies and not-so-newbies of Resident
    Evil Outbreak to get online and ready to play with friends and complete
    strangers. Doesn't sound much fun? Don't worry, I'm not good at embellishing
    things...it's actually really fun. Hopefully, I'm going to address subjects
    such as the DNAS errors and basic connection stuff, on top of breaking down the
    rather confusing interface of the lobbies and such. I am by no means an expert
    at computers or networking; I just created this in order to familiarize people
    with the online aspect.
    ===1) Table of Contents===
    1) Table of Contents
    2) Updates
    3) Getting Started
    4) Scenario Mode
    5) Free Mode
    5a) Lobbies
    5b) Game Rooms
    6) Database
    7) Soft Keyboard
    8) DNAS Errors
    9) Frequently Asked Questions
    10) Q&A Time!
    11) Contact Info
    12) Legal Junk
    =======2) Updates========
    6 April 2004 - FAQ created. Next update will include step-by-step instructions
    on how to connect for the first time, as well as more DNAS error problems and
    solutions, so please don't e-mail me with things like "omg i got dnas error 611
    wtf help!!11". Don't worry guys, it'll be up soon. =D
    7 April 2004 - Added the Soft Keyboard section, updated the Game Rooms, Lobbies,
    Thanks to..., Q&A Time, and Free Mode sections, and made a few little tweaks here
    and there. Still working on the Getting Started section, as well as making other
    tweaks, so stay tuned!
    ===3) Getting Started====
    What you'll need is:
    1 Playstation 2 (duh!)
    1 Network Adapter
    1 Resident Evil Outbreak
    I'm not going to go into any real detail on how to get your network adapter set
    up, but check out Brutal E's "Online Gaming" FAQ in the Playstation 2 Hardware
    section, it's a great help on how to get online with your PS2 in a variety of
    different methods.
    From here, I'm assuming that you already have the game and it's all loaded up
    and such. If not, give yourself a few seconds to go do that. Once that's done,
    go to the option "Network", in which the creepy "NETWORK" voice will come on,
    in a very Resident Evil-esque fashion.
    In the next update, I will post the connection and login process step-by-step
    for those of you that are having trouble.
    ====4) Scenario Mode=====
    Scenario Mode is described as the following:
    "Your fellow players and play scenario will be automatically selected in this
    mode. You can enjoy online play instantly." So far that I've seen, not many
    people have been playing Scenario Mode, quite possibly because there's no real
    sense of "organization" before the game. I hope Scenario Mode gets more popular
    soon, if anything for wider variety of players.
    When you start Scenario Mode, you're presented with three options:
    New Game- Select this option to start a new Scenario Mode game.
    Load Game- Select a save game data file to continue play from the point where
    the game was last played. If you played Scenario Mode and then saved after a
    scenario, you can pick up from that point. I don't think that the offline saves
    work with this, but if I'm wrong, feel free to correct me.
    Database- Check information from Capcom and the nationwide rankings. This is
    where you can see how insane people are with getting a bunch of Scenario Points
    and clear times are recognized. Check the section below for a more in-depth
    description on this. I will be on this list some day! =/
    From New Game, you'll be prompted to select a character to play as. Once you
    choose your character, you'll be taken into a "waiting room" of sorts, which is
    really just your character in J's Bar at a fixed camera angle. As more
    characters join, they'll also show up in the waiting room. I'm not exactly
    sure, but I think that you wait in the waiting room for a set number of minutes
    before the game automatically starts up, whether there are three other people
    connected with you or not; hell, I was by myself at one point!
    After you complete a scenario, you'll get the chance to save your game and
    exit, or continue onto the next scenario. If you save and exit, you'll be able
    to load where you left off on the Load Game in the Scenario Mode Main Menu.
    ======5) Free Mode=======
    Free Mode is described as the following: You can choose your favorite fellow players
    and favorite scenario in this mode. Recruit your fellow players and play the game.
    The basic lure of Free Mode is that, essentially, you can join online with your
    friends and be able to play different scenarios (although with Capcom recently
    splitting the servers, connecting with your friends is a pain in the rear
    end...hopefully they'll resolve this soon). What you do is make a room, choose
    the difficulty, scenario, and password (if you want it to be a private game),
    and then you're ready to go. Once you log into free mode, you'll be entered
    right into the main lobby. Read below to see where to go from there.
    ======5a) Lobbies========
    Ah, the lobbies; what you can use to coordinate creating a game, and then what
    you're going to do in that game. There are two lobbies; the main lobby in the
    main menu when you first log into the game in Free Mode, and then the lobby
    that you talk in whenever you enter a game.
    Main Lobby:
    |UP TOWN(1)                     (2)|56P|
    |                                      |
    | (3)JOE> Hello!(4)                    |
    | KEN> Hi!                             |
    |                                      |
    |                                      |
    |                                      |
    |                                      |
    |                                      |
    |______________           _____________|
    | ROOM LIST(5) |         | DATABASE(6) |
    |                                      |
    (1) The name of the lobby
    (2) Number of people in the lobby
    (3) Player speaking
    (4) Player's message
    (5) Room List- Displays the Room List Screen
    (6) Database- Displays the Database Screen
    To chat in the main lobby, you can do one of two things: either use a USB
    keyboard, or the "Soft Keyboard" by pressing Triangle. This soft keyboard has
    you type in everything manually with the controller.
    Pressing Start on the Main Menu will bring up the subscreen:
    LIST OF PARTICIPANTS: You'll see a list of people who have spoken in the chat room,
    not a list of people that are in the lobby at the moment. From here, you can add
    people to your "buddy list" of sorts by toggling to "On" next to their name below
    "Switch Account. From what I understand, you can store up to 50 names.
    SEARCH FOR USER: This allows you to search for users that are in your Friends List
    or type a name in the top box to locate a member. You can then display your login
    name list and choose from people you've already added (from this next screen, you
    can also see how many times you've played with the person) or enter a login name
    manually. Click on "Search" to do just that.
    CONTROL HELP- List the controls for the chat.
    KEYBOARD HELP- List the controls for the keyboard.
    TO SERVER SELECT SCREEN- Pretty self explanatory.
    END CONNECTION- See above.
    BACK- Go back to the previous screen.
    ======5b) Game Rooms=====
    To find a game room to join, or to host a game room, you first need to click on
    the Room List in the Main Lobby. From there, there will be 40 areas to choose
    from, and to the right of the screen, there will be the number of players in
    that area. Whether that's people scanning the area or in games that are in that
    area, I'm not sure. If anyone could help me out on this, it would be greatly
    Once you choose an area, you'll probably see this:
    |                                  |
    |vacant                            | Example 1
    |                                  |
    |                                  |
    |room name here    DVD-ROM    1/4P | Example 2
    |OUTBREAK                          |
    |                                  |
    |room name here    HDD        2/3P | Example 3
    |=o HELLFIRE                       |
    Example 1:
            This is what is known as a "vacant" room, and here is where you're free
            to make your own room. Once you click on the vacant room, you're allowed
            the following options:
            ROOM TITLE- This is where you make the name for your room.
            PASSWORD- If you want to make a password for your room for only friends
            to join, you can do so here.
            NO. OF PLAYERS- You can set the number of maximum players to 2, 3, or 4
            (including you).
            WAITING TIME- The amount of time you'll allow people to join before the
            game automatically starts. You can choose between 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes.
            DIFFICULTY- Choose the difficulty of the level, between Easy, Normal, Hard,
            and Very Hard.
            SCENARIO- Pick one of the five scenarios to play.
            CHARACTER- Choose your character, of course!
            Once you've created the room, hit finish. You can chat until you're ready
            to start the scenario, in which you can do so by simply going to "Start
            Scenario" and pressing X.
    Example 2:
            If someone has already created a room, the room name will be above the
            scenario that the game is currently being played in. In example 2, you see
            that there is "DVD-ROM" in the middle; this is for the users that don't have
            the HDD (Playstation 2 Hard Drive Adapter; for more info on the reason for this,
            check the Q&A section). The 1/4P is basically how many players are in the room (1)
            and the maximum number of players (4). After entering a room, you'll be able to
            choose your character. Afterwards, you can chat and check the stats of the other
            users until the room creator decides to start the scenario. You'll see the
            following options:
    STANDBY- Wait for the game to start.
    EXIT- Exit the room.
    MEMBER DATA- You can see the username of the members already in the room, as well as
                 the character they've chosen. You can toggle the different users with L1
                 and R1, and then go to the previous/next page with R2 and L2. The pages
                 you can view are:
    GENERAL DATA- You'll be able to check total play time, total score, character usage,
                  total distance travelled, survival rate, health condition, and game
                  clear average infection rate.
    SPECIAL DATA- You can check no weapon clears, no damage taken clears, and shortest
                  clear times for all of the scenarios.
    SCENARIO PLAY DATA- Clear rate for the scenario. The first number is the times they've
                        cleared, and the second is the times they've played the scenario.
    BATTLE COOPERATION DATA- Recover items used, percentage of total number of hits, saved
                             dying player, saved from dying, item exchange, saved grabbed player.
    Hit start, and the options you'll get are the same as when you press start in the lobby,
    with a few new additions:
    RULES- See the options that are set for the room; these are the options that are chosen
           when the creator makes the game.
    PLAYER LIST- List of players in the room.
    Example 3:
            Basically the same setup here, except for a few slight changes; the little =o is
            supposed to be my rendition of a pathetic little key. This key means that the room
            is locked, and accessible only by a password. The 2/3P is basically an example of how
            you can adjust the maximum number of players. The (2) is, again, the number of people
            in the room, and the (3) is the maximum number of people in the room.
    ======6) Database========
    The database consists of the top rankings of everyone that has the US version
    of Outbreak that have played online. These rankings cover each scenario. They
    Scenario Clear Time
    Scenario Result Point Ranking
    Free Mode Clear Time
    Free Mode Result Point Ranking
    In order to meet or beat these rankings, you have to clear the scenarios in a
    rather insane amount of time, or collect an insane amount of result points in a
    scenario. If you do, you'll be one of the elite that make the rankings and will
    have bragging rights. =D
    ====7) Soft Keyboard=====
    Ahh, the dreaded soft keyboard. If you don't have a USB keyboard for your PS2, prepare to
    become accustomed to the clunky method of having to type to type to people one...character...
    at...a...time. Also, you're only allowed to have 32 characters per line. This section was
    made hopefully to take the guesswork out of everything, and will clear up a few things.
    Now, push Triangle to bring up the soft keyboard. The first thing you'll notice is that
    it has all of the characters of a normal keyboard, except that everything's in
    alphabetical order. Fairly standard, and it's a lot easier, right? The alphabet is in the
    center, the numbers at the top, and more towards the left are the symbols and stuff...kinda
    small, huh? Anyway, you'll also notice that on the very bottom are more options. FP,
    ABC, SPACE, BS, and <-.
    FP- These are prechosen commands that will make your life easier, although some of
    them are abbreviated when you select them.
    Hiya- Hiya!
    NiceMeetU- Nice to meet ya!
    Be Friends- Hope we can be friends!
    Thank you!- Thank you!
    Make Room- I'll make a room.
    Password- What's the Password?
    Lt'sKckBut- Let's kick some butt!
    Ready?- I'm starting the game now.
    Whew! Go...- Whew! Good game!
    Lt'sDoAgn- Let's do this again sometime.
    Good nite!- Good Night.
    See ya!- See ya!
    ABC- Fairly standard...change the keyboard from uppercase to lowercase and back again.
         However, you can make your life easier simply by pressing the R2 button to do this.
    SPACE- The space key, naturally. =D
    BS- Backspace. Although, you can again make your life easier by just pushing circle.
        Careful though...if you push circle while nothing's on the text box, you'll exit out of it.
    <-- The Return key, also known as "enter". You can also do this by pushing Start or Triangle.
    One more thing to note: if you want to exit the soft keyboard without typing again, you'll
    need to push Triangle, but first make sure nothing is in the text box; otherwise, whatever
    is there will send.
    =====8) DNAS Errors======
    DNAS Error -611:
            I first received this one when I was initially trying to setup my
    network adapter. I would get the connection verified, and then it would go to
    authenticate my DNAS and then give me this error. Other reports of receiving
    this error are during the DNAS authentication screen on the game itself; it
    goes up to 40%, holds, and then gives the error. What I had to do was make sure
    that all of my settings were input correctly. How do you figure out these
    settings? Well, go onto your computer, and if you have Windows 98, go to Start
    -> Run -> type in "winipcfg", and then take your settings from there. If you're
    using Windows XP, go to Start -> Run -> CMD -> "ip config /all", and then take
    your settings from there. As far as I know, your DNS address that you enter
    during the network adapter setup is the same as your IP address. I did that,
    and it worked just fine. If that still doesn't work, though, then call your
    local cable provider and ask for their DNS server address.
    DNAS Error -612, -613
            People have apparently received this error due to having a firewall set
    up behind a router; if this happens, you're most likely connected to a wireless
    connection. The first thing you should do is to check the SCPH number: it's
    located on the back of your PS2. If that number is a 3000, then I have bad news
    for you...you're going to have to give Sony a call to get your system
    exchanged. The number to call Sony is 1-800-345-7669.
    DNAS Error 840
            From what I've seen, this is usually an error occurring on the server's
    side, due to clogging and whatnot; most likely the servers are down or are
    under maintenance; try connecting again later to see what happens. Capcom
    Administrators have also posted the following solution to this error, and for
    others in general: "Be sure that ports 1027-65535 (UDP) and 10127 (TCP) are
    open and all data on these ports are forwarded to the PS2 console if you are
    behind a router with NAT. To do this, call your internet service provider and
    router/firewall manufacturer to have them open up these ports. Please refer to
    page 22 of the instruction manual under firewalls for more information."
    The actual Capcom troubleshooting thread is here:
    DNAS Error -402
            This error has been received by those of you that have a mod chip. See the
    Q&A Time section before for more information.
    [ More errors coming soon! ]
    ======9) Q&A Time!=======
    Q) Is it free to play online?
    A) Yes, yes, YES! Aside from any ISP charges you might have to pay, playing
    Outbreak online is free!
    Q) How do I pick other scenarios for Free Mode?
    A) This one gets asked a lot on the boards. In order to pick other scenarios
    for Free Mode, you'll first have to beat that scenario offline or in Scenario
    mode online (submitted by SteelGearX).
    Q) I keep getting DNAS Error (Insert Number Here!)
    A) This seems to be one of the most frequent problems on the board, and I'm
    hoping to address each and every one in this FAQ.
    Q) I have a modchip/cheat device in my PS2, can I still play online with
    A) Offline, you're fine, but when you're online, the DNAS detects your chip
    or cheat device and doesn't let you get online.
    Q) But my modchip is completely legal, and only used to play imports!
    A) According to David Shope, you can put a mod chip to sleep by holding down
    the power button until the PS2 logo loads up.
    Q) There are rooms that I don't have access to because I have/don't have the
    HDD. What the crap is that?
    A) The HDD is the Playstation 2 Hard Drive, which, when used in conjunction
    with Outbreak, speeds up loading times considerably (or so I've heard). I've
    been told that those with the HDD can only play in rooms with other HDD owners,
    and that users without the HDD (also known as DVD-ROM users) can't play with
    HDD users. This is so that HDD users can play with each other without having to
    worry about waiting for DVD-ROM teammates' lag time, or DVD-ROM users don't
    have to worry about HDD users leaving them in the dust because of their
    increased speed.
    Q) I've seen these stupid movies a million times! Why can't I just skip them?
    A) It's proper etiquette not to, just in case you have someone that wants to
    view the movies. If you really, really want to skip the movies when you're the
    host of the game in Free Mode, make sure that everyone else is okay with it
    Q) Can I still get Scenario Points in Free Mode or Scenario Mode?
    A) Most definitely.
    Q) What's the deal with me getting kicked off? And why can't I connect with my
    friends on the same server?
    A) These are both because of Capcom having the servers as a work in progress,
    mainly because they didn't expect such an overwhelming amount of users (judging
    by such things as the preorders though, I don't see why not...). So if you get
    kicked off or you can't get on with your friends, it's because of server-side
    problems. My advice is to just log off and back on. Also, SteelGearX on the board
    has also made a suggestion for connecting with friends:
    "Here's a tip for finding friends in scenario mode. First go to the chat room in the
    uptown server and look for each other there. If you can see each other typing stuff
    then you're on the same server. Now, decide which characters you'll be. This helps to
    know who you should be looking for. Go to Scenario Mode, select character and go in.
    If you all do this at the same time there's a really good chance you'll be placed in
    the same room. You should know if you see the characters your friends agreed on. If
    you're trying to get to The Hive (example) and you get Hellfire, quickly hit start,
    and go back to select server. You should have enough time to exit and try again. I've
    used this method with my friends in scenario mode and it works. As long as you're
    on the same server with different characters and all do it at the same time there's a
    high probability of finding each other." Thanks for the tip!
    Q) I'm using a router, any suggestions?
    A) Well, my D-link DI-604 seems to work just fine, but I've also had people
    report that Linksys routers work the best; I've yet to meet a person who's had
    any trouble with Linksys products thus far, so if I can recommend any router,
    Linksys would be it.
    Q) I have one of those USB network adapters...will that work with Outbreak?
    A) Nope, and it won't work with other newer games either. You're just gonna
    have to drop the $40 for the official Sony Network Adapter.
    Q) Is offline as good as online?
    A) That's really up to you to decide; I personally enjoy both, but some people
    absolutely refuse to play offline. Granted offline is a little more difficult
    because of the slightly crummy AI, but you'll be the most envied person on the
    block when you can make a room for Decisions, Decisions while everyone else is
    stuck making rooms for Outbreak. =D
    ====10) Thanks to...======
    CJayC, for making this extremely awesome site!
    My grandmother, for getting me this game as a "sorrow gift" for not getting
    into the college I wanted to.
    My friend Matt, for pulling an all-nighter with me in order to get my
    connection set up, and for also letting me be "the man behind the scenes".
    "Only fire when you're *absolutely* sure you're going to hit him!"
    Glenn The Frog, for providing numerous tips on all of the DNAS errors. You
    SteelGearX, for the tip on how to find friends online!
    Any others that helped with the FAQ along the way: names will come soon!
    Capcom, for making a cool, but slightly confusing online experience.
    Teh DG-Clan, for being the best Outbreak clan liek evar!!1
    The many, many n00bs that posted enough of the same questions on the board to
    get me to write this FAQ.
    Viewers like you!
    ====11) Contact Info=====
    AOL Instant Messenger: Dareka Kotaete
    Outbreak: DataDrain
    E-mail: datadrain@hotmail.com
    =====12) Legal Junk======
    Capcom and Resident Evil are registered trademarks of Capcom Co., LTD. Resident
    Evil is a registered trademark of Capcom Co.LTD. "Playstation", "Playstation 2"
    and "PS2" are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Any other products
    mentioned in this FAQ belong to their respectable companies.

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