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    Cindy Walkthrough by Sanctuary Remix

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    Resident Evil: Outbreak
    Cindy Walkthrough/FAQ
    By: Alex "Joker" Hall
    Started on - 5/03/04
    Completed on - 5/03/04
    E-Mail at SanctuaryRemix@AOL.com
    - Oh yeah, I finally get to tap into the world of Resident Evil with
      this guide. Granted it's not a walkthrough guide of the entire game
      and just a character guide, but even so. This guide is on one of my
      two favorite characters in the game, Cindy. My other favorite being
      Alyssa. Cindy seems to get downplayed alot by the gamers of Resident
      Evil in my point of view. Mainly she seems like the helpless girl
      that you have to save all the time, but this isn't true. I'm gonna do
      what I can to point that out to you in this guide. Nothing in this
      guide was ripped from anyone else's guides, or from any walkthrough
      books such as the Brady Games guide for this game. This is all on
      personal exprience and info gathered from her from various sources.
    - For those inquiring minds, yes I do play online. I guess if you do
      want to play with me online you need to know my screen name online.
      My RE: Outbreak sn is:
      So if you ever see that name, then it's me. I am of course a well
      exprienced and reliable partner online, with having a ton points in
      a small amount of time compared to those that have been playing twice
      as many hours than me. I am ranked at this point in time under
      Scenario Mode in Outbreak and Below Freezing Point, and I'm shooting
      for the rest of them sometime soon. About the only reason I do die
      online is because of those asshole players that think it's funny to
      screw over everyone else and try and take all the glory for themselves
      .....bastards.....I'm not saying I'm perfect and that's the only
      reason I die, it's just the biggest at this point. I do make mistakes
      which cost me my butt. But in anycase look for me online if you want
      a reliable partner on all stages and any difficulty.
    - Of course you site owners know I'm gonna put this in here. Please ask
      my permission to use this guide on your site. A few minutes and
      a little typing never hurt anybody. Just e-mail me for permission and
      I'll be glad to let you use it. The main reason why I want you people
      to ask, is because of the e-mails I get from people from other sites.
      This walkthrough is made solely for GameFAQs, but I want to help as
      many people as I can. So I'd like to know which sites get this guide
      put on them, hence the whole e-mail for permission. So lets just make
      things simple on both ends ok?
    1) Character Introduction
    2) Combat Abilities
    3) Personal Item
    4) Special Action
    5) Offline Mode Info
    6) Online Mode Info
    7) Costume SP Items
    8) Character SP Items
    9) Collection Info
    10) Cutscenes
    11) Endings
    12) Credits
    1) Character Introduction
    Name:         Cindy Lennox
    Occupation:   Waitress
    Age:          24
    Height:       5'9
    Weight:       142 lbs
    - She can heal her friends -
    - Cindy is the most popular waitress at J's Bar due to her irresistibly
      bright smile. She's a helpful, service-oriented person who always
      thinks of other people first. Even in extreme situations, she quickly
      rallies her courage and adapts to the reality of a harsh society.
    - Pros to being Cindy -
    * Her Herb Case comes in extremely handy for helping you store lots of
      life saving herbs
    * Her Virus Meter is one of the slowest to rise, beaten only by Yoko I'd
    * She can heal her allies with the herbs in her Herb Case
    * When she Ducks an enemy they momentarily stop, giving her time to get
      a head start run from them
    * She's really cute and sexy!
    * In Online Mode, In the hands of a pro she can be an extremely useful
      source of help
    * Her Handgun draw is relatively quick compared to others.
    * When hanging from a ledge or pipe, she is fast to getting to the other
      side than most characters, especially over all the male characters.
    - Cons to being Cindy -
    * Strength isn't a factor with her, so expect her shoulder thrust to be
      less than powerful
    * She's not a weapons expert so her gun shooting ability isn't up there
      with Kevin or Alyssa
    * Again, her strength isn't something to talk about so even her Melee
      Weapon attacks seem to have a little less oomph behind them as well
    * Her speed isn't too great either. It's not bad either, but if you're
      playing a game with say Kevin, Alyssa, and David, expect to be left
      behind alot
    * She doesn't take hits too well. She can be put into DANGER pretty
    - Overall Stats -
    Ratings: 1 Poor to 5 Great
    Strength:          2
    Speed:             3
    Endurance:         2
    Melee:             2
    Guns:              3
    Special Action:    5
    Personal Item:     5
    Virus Meter:       4
    Overall:           3
    - Alright, this is my personal thoughts on Cindy. Basically from what
      I've stated above, it's clear that you need to have put some time into
      the game before you should use her. I use her alot both in Offline and
      Online Mode, and though at first it was a difficult thing to get the
      hang of, I eventually became a Cindy Pro. There hasn't been moments
      that with me in Online Mode I haven't had to help out my partners.
      With her I can easily stay back and let the others do the grunt work
      for me, while I keep them healed and moving since I usually go after
      the much needed keys and other special items needed to get from one
      room to the next. Mainly in my eyes, Cindy is my character of choice
      next to Alyssa. I use Alyssa in games so I can be the gunner for once,
      but when I need to play a serious game (mainly VERY HARD games) you
      can almost be certain that I'll be Cindy.
    2) Combat Abilities
    - Here's where I explain how she uses each and every weapon in the game,
      and her regular attacks.
    - Handgun -
    With any form of Handgun she has a quick draw. Her stance isn't anything
    special, or tactical. She just points the gun at the enemy and fires.
    Don't expect to get any critical hits with her that often though, or
    take a Pot Shot. She can't take Pot Shots, and for her to get any type
    of critical, she has to either hit enemy in the back when it's just
    standing around or when it's falling to the ground about to hit it's
    - Shotgun -
    She takes aim and fires with this weapon. At times I've had to actually
    use more than one shot on an enemy with this gun to kill it. This was
    on easy mind you. She can kill or damage the enemy tremendously with the
    shotgun in one shot, but I'd say give this weapon up to Kevin or Mark
    since they can do more damage with it than she could.
    - Magnum -
    Same stance as the handgun and same draw as well. When she fires this
    weapon, she seems to get a much bigger kickback out of it than most.
    Meaning that she'll take a second to get her bearings straight before
    she can fire again.
    - Grenade Launcher -
    Same stance with the shotgun. She gets a little kickback from this
    weapon before going for a reload. If you have this weapon, then fire
    from afar and let your friends stay in front of you with their guns.
    This is a gun to give Cindy so that she can back you up.
    - Rocket Launcher -
    You can give this weapon to her to use since it's the same for everyone.
    She is no faster or slower than Kevin would be using this weapon. She
    takes a knee before aiming it at Thanatos-R.
    - Sub-Machine Gun -
    One of the best perks of being Cindy in The Hive scenario is that she
    can get the Sub-Machine Gun in Easy/Normal Modes. To get the Sub-Machine
    Gun, put in the code for the elevator access for the rooftop. The code
    is 0940. With the rooftop unlocked, head to the elevator and go up to
    the roof. On the roof you'll come across a policeman. Talk to him and
    he'll give up the Sub-Machine Gun for you to use. The Sub-Machine Gun
    uses 9MM rounds, meaning that it uses Handgun Bullets. Just drop the
    handgun you're using (if you're using one at this point in time) for the
    Sub-Machine Gun and keep your ammo box for reloading. This gun was meant
    for Cindy. The only other person that can get this gun is Kevin. The
    only way anyone else can get it is if Kevin or Cindy give it to them.
    She has a quick draw with this weapon and because of the auto fire, you
    can mow down zombies and even the Giant Leech boss of The Hive in no
    time. Just gain distance for reloading though since this gun takes some
    time to reload.
    - Ampoule Shooter -
    Just load in an ampoule and take real careful aim at Thanatos-R. She is
    equal to everyone else with this gun. No one is actually better than the
    other with this gun.
    - Nail Gun -
    Now I know you can use this for a weapon, but you're not suppose to. But
    there are those that decide to use it for a weapon. This thing has the
    characteristics of her with a handgun, except that it's a little less
    powerful. So in otherwords either use it to board up the Staff Room, or
    hand it over to another character.
    - Yellow/Black Chemicals -
    She does get some decent distance with this weapon when she throws it.
    I wouldn't call it Major League Baseball pitching quality, but she can
    get things done with this weapon. This is one weapon that you should use
    on Online Mode and allow your partners to fight over the guns and ammo.
    Stocking up on the Black Chemical is actually a better investment when
    it comes time to fight the G-Mutation and the Hunters.
    - Molotov Cocktails -
    This is the main weapon you want to start Cindy off with in the Outbreak
    Scenario in Online Mode. She can help out tremendously standing behind
    characters and taking out zombies or anything else with these things.
    - Concrete Piece -
    Much like the Yellow/Black Chemicals, except that it can be picked up
    again to be reused. Don't even think about using this as a reliable
    weapon. The only time you should use this with Cindy, is in desperate
    situations so you can escape. Just give this to David to make weapons
    - Spear -
    Giving this to Cindy is ok to do. She can fend off enemies with ease
    with this weapon, and can quickly stab at enemies attacking her partners
    getting them out of harms way.
    - Hammer -
    This is why you give the concrete piece to David. So he can make a
    weapon like this for you. Though it's slow to use she can deal out just
    as much pain with this just like the rest. You mainly want her to have
    this weapon if she's backing anyone up. Don't use this in offline mode
    unless for fun. In Online Mode though, use this while staying with
    someone to keep the zombies off their back.
    - Pesticide Spray -
    She is equal to everyone else with this weapon, so go nuts with it. Not
    like it's a really great weapon to begin with.
    - Stun Rod -
    A great weapon for her to use in both Offline and Online Modes. She
    takes a stabbing action in any direction with it to shock the living
    hell out of the enemy. In Online Mode, if playing with a David character
    on the stages that can have this weapon made on them, work it out for
    him to make this for Cindy. If Cindy has this, she doesn't need to be
    looked after by anyone, and can become some serious Offensive back-up
    while still being the much needed healer.
    - Stick -
    Granted she can use this to defend herself, you're better off giving
    this to David to make you something better. Of course though, when you
    need to get those bastard zombies off your back in a pinch, then use
    this knock them back or down and run off.
    - Iron Pipe -
    This weapon does give her the Melee distance she needs to keep enemies
    back, but she seems to take her time to swing it. Unlike Kevin, which
    he seems to swing the pipe quickly, she doesn't. She isn't like Mark
    either and can't charge up to do a full swing. If you get this on a
    stage where it can be made into a Stun Rod, then save it and find a
    battery to give her a much much much more powerful and better weapon.
    - Normal Tackle -
    Though everyone has the same tackle motion, because of her small frame
    she falls a little bit short than say Kevin or Mark would when they
    tackle. So in other words you have to get relatively close to the enemy
    or door to knock them back. it isn't recommended that you do this as an
    offensive strategy since you don't want her to stay in harms way, but
    what can you do when you have to save a partner or get a zombie off your
    - Ground Kick -
    Stand over the fallen enemy and start tapping away at their remaining
    amount of life. This sometimes may take awhile to do, but finishing off
    an enemy after a partner has laid it out is a great way for them to
    save bullets for later.
    - Mainly after reading the above you start to notice that Cindy
      shouldn't have her hands on too many weapons. This is basically for
      Online Mode. Offline Mode you better stock up on anything you can get
      your hands on to finish the stage off. You can't rely on the computer
      to help you out too much. Online Mode though, be generous with your
      weapons to the rest of the characters. Do make sure though to have
      something that you can defend yourself with though.
    3) Personal Item
    - Here's where I'll discuss her Personal Item and it's uses....
    - Personal Item: Herb Case
    - This a very useful item to have in the game. Granted you come across
      alot of First Aid Sprays at times, but you come across more herbs in
      the game than First Aid Sprays. She can store up to 3 of each type of
      herb in her case, and can even keep a mixed herb on stanby in her case
      for future emergencies for either herself or her partners. Also know
      that you can't take an herb that a player is giving to you and
      immedieately put it in your Herb Case. You have to put it in an empty
      slot, and then put it in your Herb Case by using the COMBINE option.
    - Mixing Herbs:
      What you need to keep in mind to do as the stage starts off is to go
      into her Herb Case and mix a Green and Red Herb and leave it in her
      case. Don't mix a Blue Herb with this. Since this mixture can bring a
      person's health from DANGER to FINE is something to have on
      immedieate stand-by. Your partners will thank you immensely later on
      when you save there butts doing this. Mixing these two herbs together
      in the beginning allows you to pick up more Red and Green Herbs as you
      pass them by. If you haven't had to use the Mixed Herbs that are on
      stand-by and you've maxed out all your herbs in the Case, then you're
      doing very well for yourself.
    - Aiding:
      Now aiding is where you heal your partners, not yourself. If you want
      to heal yourself then use the USE option when you pick an herb. The
      major thing to watch out for is that you're basically right beside or
      on top of the person you want to heal. When Cindy reaches out to heal
      a person, and they're not remotely close to where her hand reaches out
      to, then she'll pull away and you'll have to try again. In Offline
      Mode, it's simple to get the AI partners to stop. Just push in for
      them to wait, and they'll stand still for you to heal them. Now in
      Online Mode, it's a bit harder to do. Sometimes most of the more
      exprienced players will call out to Cindy if they're in DANGER for
      her to heal them. That means that if someone's calling out for you
      as Cindy and you see that they're limping around, I think it's safe to
      say what it is that they want you to do. Now getting a person to stop
      isn't the easist thing to do if you want to heal a person without them
      asking. I mainly try telling them to wait. Most of the time it works,
      but you have to be quick about it as most human players don't like to
      stand around too long. This is best when one of your human allies has
      been poisoned. Just AID with a Blue Herb and the poison will be gone
      from their system. Just do what you can to get a human player to stop
      when you want to heal them.
    - Taking Out: 
      Naturally you can take out herbs from your Case. This is best when you
      want to make multiple Mixed Herb sets. Select the herb or Mixed Herb
      that you want to TAKE OUT and then select TAKE OUT. You must have an
      empty slot for this to work.
    4) Special Action
    - Here's where I'll explain her Duck maneuver...
    - By going into the Action Stance by pressing R1 you can choose to
      either use your weapon or tackle by pressing X, or you can use your
      Duck by pressing O. Her Duck move is a very useful move when you know
      how to use it. Most people down play this move and think that it's a
      worthless thing to give her, but they're wrong. When you know an
      enemy is nearby and that they're charging you, you can ready yourself
      for their attack by holding down R1. It's best that you've played this
      game more than enough to know each enemy's attack patterns and
      behavior. When the enemy is just getting ready to attack, hit the O
      button to go into a Duck. When the enemy misses Cindy because of her
      Duck, they'll stand around for a moment giving her an opportunity to
      run away. You can use this move dodge an attack and then counter
      attack, or use it to dodge and then run away. It's up to you on how
      you use it.
    5) Offline Mode Info
    - Now you can learn what to do with Cindy as you go through each stage.
    - Outbreak -
    - Partners: Kevin Ryman
                Mark Wilkins
    - Scenarios that can be completed with Cindy:
    1) Built Barracade out of Barrels
    2) Used the Staff Room Key
    3) Used the Key with the Blue Tag
    4) Solved Painting Puzzle
    6) Moved Cargo with Forklift
    7) Destroyed Liquor Room Shutter
    8) Destroyed Wire Fence on Rooftop
    9) Read all the Graffiti with the Lighter
    10) Built Patrol Car Barracade
    11) Opened Gasoline Tanker Valve
    12) Used lighter to ignite gas
    13) Activated Detonator
    14) Killed zombies and survived
    15) Escaped zombies and survived
    16) Collected every map
    17) Died in Gas Tanker Explosion
    18) Obtained "Newspaper"
    19) Obtained "Jack's Memo"
    20) Obtained "Staffer's Diary"
    21) Obtained "Raccoon Today"
    22) Heard a scream in the Owner's Room
    23) Saw crow fly into Drawing Room
    24) Saw bottle break in Wine Room
    25) Saw bottle break in Liquor Room
    26) Heard a scream In Front of J's Bar
    28) Watched "Bob Gets Worse"
    29) Watched "Bob's Suicide"
    30) Watched "Bob Becomes a Zombie"
    31) Watched "Block Staff Door"
    - Below Freezing Point -
    - Partners: George Hamilton
                Jim Chapman
    - Scenarios that can be completed by Cindy:
    2) Thawed frozen wrench
    3) Used wrench to open panel
    4) Used Valve handle to open door
    5) Watched "Used V-Jolt in B7F"
    6) Watched "Used V-Jolt in B6F"
    7) Watched "Monica Runs Off"
    8) Watched "Giant Moth Attacks"
    9) Watched "Comp. Room Desertion"
    10) Unlocked Comp Room with cardkey
    11) Unlocked Shutter 17 with cardkey
    12) Watched "Used Blowtorch"
    13) Used key to activate turntable
    14) Watched "Missed Turntable"
    15) Watched "Turn Table Goes Up"
    16) Moved locomotive
    17) Watched "Defeated Mutated G"
    18) Received item from Researcher 1
    20) Obtained map
    21) Obtained "Top Secret Memo"
    22) Obtained "Researchers Will"
    23) Obtained "Staff Memo"
    24) Obtained "Interoffice Memo"
    25) Obtained "Laboratory Memo"
    26) Obtained "Monthly Passcode"
    27) Obtained "Custodian's Diary"
    - The Hive -
    * Cindy can obtain the Sub-Machine Gun on this stage on the rooftop.
      Put in 0930 in the password console for the elevator to gain access to
      the rooftop *
    - Partners: Jim Chapman
                George Hamilton
    - Scenarios that can be completed by Cindy:
    1) Used Blood Pack
    2) Used Nurse Call Button
    3) Turned on power to shutter
    4) Opened 1F Shutter
    5) Opened waiting room shutter
    6) Had the elevator get to B2F
    7) Elevator reached the roof
    8) Bled at the Nurse Station
    9) Unlocked door with B1F card key
    10) Unlocked door with B2F card key
    11) Defeated Leech Man
    12) Got item from Policeman on roof
    13) Used Chain Key
    14) Obtained map
    15) Obtained "Male Nurse's Diary"
    16) Obtained "Setting Manual"
    17) Obtained "Repair Work Manual"
    18) Obtained "Piece of Memo"
    19) Got "Chemical Code Message"
    20) Obtained "Researcher's Diary"
    21) Obtained "Investigation Request"
    22) Got "Card Memo"
    - Hellfire -
    - Partners: Alyssa Ashcroft
                Yoko Suzuki
    - Scenarios that can be completed by Cindy:
    1) Unlocked safe in Room 101
    2) Provided emergency power
    3) Solved Europe maps puzzle
    4) Dropped the crate in the owner's room
    5) Destroyed 304/305 wall
    6) Cleared with Len's Tag
    7) Cleared with Charlie's Tag
    8) Cleared w/ Len and Charlie's Tags
    9) Obtained Apple Inn Map
    10) Obtained "Guest Memo 1"
    11) Obtaiend "Guest Memo 2"
    12) Obtained "Guest Memo 3"
    13) Obtained "Janitor's Repair Memo"
    14) Obtained "Janitor's Daily Report"
    15) Obtained "Guard's Notebook"
    16) Obtained "Emergency Manual"
    17) Obtained "Guest List Copy"
    18) Obtained "Hotel Charge Breakdown"
    19) Defeated Regis Licker
    20) Opened secret security room door
    21) Used motorized ladder
    22) Used card key to unlock door
    23) Used passcode to unlock door
    24) Used Gold Relief Key
    25) Used Silver Relief Key
    26) Rang Front Lobby Bell
    28) Watched "Call Over Radio"
    29) Watched "Regis Licker Appears"
    - Decisions, Decisions -
    * Cindy has a special mission on this stage that only she can accomplish
      Read on to find out what it is *
    - Partners: David King
                Kevin Ryman
    - Scenarios that can be completed by Cindy:
    1) Set Red Jewel in stuffed moose
    2) Set Blue Jewel in stuffed moose
    3) Solved Cuckoo Clock puzzle
    4) Play Piano on 2F (Cindy)
    5) Pulled string, moved statue arm
    6) Pulled string, zombies came out
    7) Used V-Poison in incubator
    8) Used P-Base in incubator
    9) Used T-Blood in incubator
    10) Used Daylight
    11) Killed Thanatos-R with Daylight
    12) Defeated Thanatos-R
    13) Routed power to emmision tower
    14) Unlocked door with Red Tag key
    15) Unlocked water tank area door
    16) Electrocuted Thanatos-R
    17) Thanatos came through window
    18) Collected every map
    19) Used glasses on statue
    20) Used card key
    21) Input elevator code
    22) Unlocked University doors
    23) Restarted incubator
    24) Obtained "Geneology Facts"
    25) Obtained "Blood Stained Memo"
    26) Obtained "Reageant Generation Memo"
    27) Obtained "Section of a Diary"
    28) Obtained "Cable Repair Request"
    29) Obtained "Torn Memo"
    30) Obtained "Part of Torn Memo"
    31) Obtained "Orders"
    32) Obtained "Peter's Diary"
    33) Obtained "Numbers Memo"
    34) Watched "Peter Discovered"
    35) Watched "UBCS vs Thanatos"
    36) Watched "Hunter Gamma Appears"
    38) Watched "ED: Chopper Zombie"
    43) Watched "ED: Regretful Ending"
    44) Watched "ED: Remain Hopeful"
    6) Online Mode Info
    - Here's where to learn various tactics to do with Cindy on Online Mode.
    - No matter what scenarion you do as Cindy, she'll prove to be well
      worth having. Cindy can back up the entire team and stay out of harms
      way allowing the team to take care of the enemies while she takes care
      of the team.
    - Weapons:
      In the early going of each stage, equip Cindy with whatever weapon you
      can find. When you see the team starting to come together, you can
      then start to give up your guns and ammo. Hopefully people will take
      this as a sign that you're a very big team player and will be there
      to make sure you stay alive throughout the entire stage. Cindy can
      always pick up a gun later in the stage to help out the team.
    - First Aid Sprays:
      Cindy really should get one First Aid Spray as soon as possible. Since
      she is giving up her weapons to the other players, she needs to have
      at least one spray to get to immedieatly should she get hurt. You can
      carry multiple sprays, but really you should carry two max so that she
      can pick up key items and other items later on. Share the First Aid
      Sprays with her sparingly, meaning give them up when you see that a
      teammate really needs it.
    - Herbs:
      Now here's where you need to aggressive with Cindy. Other players
      really don't herbs as long as Cindy is around. She can only heal other
      players with herbs, and make that point blank clear to everyone should
      they forget. Annoy other players to giving up their herb if you need
      that herb to max out a part of your Herb Case. They may get annoyed
      now, but just think of much in debt they'll be to you when you save
      their life by making a Mixed Herb of Red and Green to pull them out of
    - Key Items:
      Key Items such the Detonator on the Outbreak Scenarion and keys on all
      the scenarios should be Cindy's main concern. With the other players
      armed and taking out the enemies, Cindy should sneak off and keep the
      flow of things moving nicely by doing most, if not all of the
      unlocking in each stage.
    - There you have it. Cindy is basically the team healer and the one to
      keep the stage progressing smoothly. Since most online games go with
      people splitting into two groups of two, the person that gets a Cindy
      character as back up will benefit greatly if that Cindy player isn't
      an asshole about things.
    7) Costume SP Items
    - Time to learn where to find Cindy's costumes and how they look like...
    - Now know this, in Resident Evil: Outbreak, each scenario has to types
      to it, A and B. I will list when a certain item is an A or B game only
      item. This means that you may have to try multiple times to get a
      certain one item. It's a hassle I know, and there's no way to knowing
      if it is an A or B game until you reach the item location to search
      for it. All you can do is hope for the best, and keep trying til you
      get it. Also quiting out is highly recommended to save time. If the
      item wasn't there then by all means quit out and try again. If you did
      get the item you were looking for, then you can quit still. The game
      does give you your item even if you quit or die. Just remember to save
      the game when it asks you to.
    NORMAL: Cindy wears a waitress's outfit made of a knee skirt, heels, and
            a dark blue/light blue shirt underneath a dark blue vest. She
            has her hair up in a ponytail.
    TYPE B: Cindy wears a normal outfit made of khaki colored capri pants,
            a light blue long sleeved shirt with sunglasses hanging from
            the top of her shirt. She wears heels with this, and her hair is
            in a ponytail, but her hair is longer than it is in her NORMAL
    TYPE C: Cindy wears a Playboy Bunny type of outfit. The main piece is
            black exposing her breasts somewhat, her legs are covered in
            black silk stockings, she wears high heels, she has a bow tie
            around her neck, white gloves with cuffs on them, and a pair of
            black bunny ears on her head. Her hair is in a bun.
    TYPE B Costume:
    Item: Light Blue Shirt
    Scenario: Below Freezing Point
    Difficulty: Easy or Normal
    Room: B4F Culture Room
    Location: Check the table beside the door
    Item: Cool Sunglasses
    Scenario: Below Freezing Point
    Difficulty: Easy or Normal
    Room: B7F Laboratory
    Location: The corner opposite of the right door/giant glass panel
    Item: Sandals
    Scenario: The Hive
    Difficulty: Easy or Normal
    Room: 3F Room 302
    Location: The chair beside where the MALE NURSES DIARY is. You may need
              to take the diary before you can obtain it.
    Item: White Pants
    Scenario: Decisions, Decisions
    Difficulty: Hard or Very Hard
    Room: B4F Underground Management Room
    Location: The right side of the upright locker
    TYPE C Costume:
    Item: Bunny Cuffs
    Scenario: Outbreak
    Difficulty: Hard or Very Hard
    Room: 2F Locker Room
    Location: Cindy's Locker
    Item: Bunny Bow Tie
    Scenario: Below Freezing Point
    Difficulty: Hard or Very Hard B
    Room: B4F Turntable
    Location: The corner of the railing in front of the locomotive door
    Item: Sexy Lipstick
    Scenario: The Hive
    Difficulty: Easy or Normal B
    Room: 3F Nurse Center
    Location: Search under the FIRST AID SPRAY (take away the FIRST AID
               SPRAY first)
    Item: Fishnet Tights
    Scenario: The Hive
    Difficulty: Hard or Very Hard B
    Room: 1F Locker Room
    Location: The paper cardboard piles at the corner between the two
               lockers at the end of the area
    Item: Bunny Ears
    Scenario: Hellfire
    Difficulty: Easy or Normal A
    Room: 2F Room 204
    Location: The two suitcases in front of the door
    Item: High Heels
    Scenario: Hellfire
    Difficulty: Hard B
    Room: 3F Room 301
    Location: The bed near the door
    Item Name: Bunny Suit
    Scenario: Decisions, Decisions
    Difficulty: Easy or Normal A
    Room: 2F Drawing Room
    Location: The plant pot behind the statue
    8) Character SP Items
    - Here's where to learn about where you can find Cindy's character only
      SP Items in the game....
    - Now know this, in Resident Evil: Outbreak, each scenario has to types
      to it, A and B. I will list when a certain item is an A or B game only
      item. This means that you may have to try multiple times to get a
      certain one item. It's a hassle I know, and there's no way to knowing
      if it is an A or B game until you reach the item location to search
      for it. All you can do is hope for the best, and keep trying til you
      get it. Also quiting out is highly recommended to save time. If the
      item wasn't there then by all means quit out and try again. If you did
      get the item you were looking for, then you can quit still. The game
      does give you your item even if you quit or die. Just remember to save
      the game when it asks you to.
    Item: Will's Receipt
    Scenario: Outbreak
    Difficulty: Easy or Normal
    Room: 1F J'S Bar
    Location: Check Will's body after he gets killed by the zombies
    Item: Hiding Place Memo
    Scenario: Outbreak
    Difficulty: Easy or Normal
    Room: 3F Liqour Room
    Location: The red box behind the forklift
    Item: Title Certificate
    Scenario: Outbreak
    Difficulty: Hard or Very Hard A
    Room: 2F Owner's Room
    Location: Search over the papers on the floor in front of the desk
    Item: Mr. Raccoon Badge
    Scenario: Below Freezing Point
    Difficulty: Hard or Very Hard
    Room: B4F Culture Room
    Location: The space between the equipment and the bed (right side of
              the FIRST AID SPRAY that's on the bed)
    Item: Bracelet
    Scenario: The Hive
    Difficulty: Hard or Very Hard B
    Room: 1F Examination Room
    Location: Check the cart that's between the zombie in the chair and the
              one that crashes through the window
    Item Name: Hand Cream
    Scenario: Hellfire
    Difficulty: Easy or Normal
    Room: 2F Owner's Room
    Location: Stand in front of the shelf in the middle of it and face
              towards the typewriter
    Item: Mr. Raccoon Doll
    Scenario: Hellfire
    Difficulty: Hard or Very Hard
    Room: 1F Apple Inn Front Lobby
    Location: In front of the fireplace
    Item: Coffee Maker
    Scenario: Decisions, Decisions
    Difficulty: Easy or Normal
    Room: 1F Student Affairs Office
    Location: Just to the right of the "Peter's Diary"
    Item Name: Lovely Brooch
    Scenario: Decisions, Decisions
    Difficulty: Easy or Normal B
    Room: B3F Restroom
    Location: Search on the left side of the basin
    9) Collection Info
    - Here's where to learn about Cindy's items that are featured in the 
      Collection Menu....
    - Gallery -
    - CG Picture of Character: 500 (Already in the Collection when you first
                                    turn on the game)
    - Character Collage: 500 (Beat three Scenarios to unlock this)
    - CG Picture of Character: 1000 (Find all 20 of Cindy's SP Items, both
                                     Costume and Character combined)
    - Costume -
    - "On Vacation": 10000 (Find all of Cindy's Character SP Items for
                            TYPE B)
    - "Funny Bunny": 30000 (Find all of Cindy's Character SP Items for
                            TYPE C)
    - Movie -
    - Outbreak, Cindy Opening and Ending: 500 (Defeat Outbreak Scenario on
                                               any difficulty)
    - Below Freezing Point, Cindy Ending: 500 (Defeat Below Freezing Point
                                               on any difficulty)
    - The Hive, Cindy Ending: 500 (Defeat The Hive on any difficulty)
    - Hellfire, Cindy Ending: 500 (Defeat Hellfire on any difficulty)
    - Decisions, Decisions, Cindy Ending: 500 (Defeat Thanatos-R after using
                                               the Daylight on Cindy and
                                               then ending the game with a
                                               Daylight in your inventory)
    *Tip for Decisions, Decisions Ending*
    - The best way to get out of this quickly is that you are going to 
      essentially get three Daylights. Use the very first one on yourself
      and then wait out for a second and third Daylight. When you have to
      fight Thanatos-R you can use the Ampoule Shooter to kill Thanatos-R
      with one shot by loading one Daylight into the Ampoule Shooter. If you
      miss then you have to kill Thanatos-R the old fashioned way if you
      want to get Cindy's Ending. Just make sure that after the second time
      you kill Thanatos-R, no matter what way it is, that you have a
      Daylight in your inventory.
    - Sound -
    - Cindy's Voice: 2000 (Find all 20 of Cindy's SP Items)
    * This is what she says *
    Cindy 1: "Hey there!"
    Cindy 2: "What are you doing?"
    Cindy 3: "Somebody hear me!"
    cindy 4: "Hey...Are you alright?"
    Cindy 5: "I need your help"
    Cindy 6: "Go now!"
    Cindy 7: "Come on"
    Cindy 8: "Wait for a minute"
    Cindy 9: "Good"
    Cindy 10: "No way..."
    Cindy 11: "I'll be right there!"
    Cindy 12: "I'm trying really hard you know..."
    Cindy 13: "Sorry!"
    Cindy 14: "What do you want?"
    Cindy 15: "Thank you...You saved me"
    Cindy 16: "No...I'm not feeling very well"
    Cindy 17: "I can't hold on much longer..."
    Cindy 18: "No...no...this can't be..."
    Cindy 19: "Those poor people..."
    Cindy 20: "Thank God"
    Cindy 21: "I trusted you!"
    Cindy 22: "WHY NOW?"
    Cindy 23: "You shouldn't drop your guard!"
    Cindy 24: "Kevin"
    Cindy 25: "Mark"
    Cindy 26: "Jim"
    Cindy 27: "George"
    Cindy 28: "David"
    Cindy 29: "Alyssa"
    Cindy 30: "Yoko"
    11) Cutscenes
    - This where I'll describe the cutscenes that have Cindy in them. This
      is sort of a spoiler section, but not really since there's absolutely
      no skill involved in getting to see these cutscenes.
    - Outbreak -
    - Beginning:
      The camera pans on the outside of the bar as rock music can be heard
      inside the bar. Soon Cindy is seen holding a tray walking by Yoko.
      It then shows the TV with a news report on describing a riot that
      happened earlier. Cindy is then shown picking up dirty dishes and
      placing them on her tray as she turns to the TV but then disregards
      the report going back to her business. Then it shows her walking with
      a glass on the tray behind Mark as a rat crosses her path and scares
      her causing her to drop the glass. Mark looks back at her to see what
      the matter was as Cindy watches the rat scurry off. She just smiles
      shyly as she sees Mark looking at her. Then a strange man comes
      through the door of the bar. Will looks at the man noticing that he's
      pretty strange. He walks over to him looking him over wondering what
      he wanted as the strange man turned out to be a zombie. The zombie
      lunged forward at Will biting his neck causing Will to have a gaping
      wound that's bleeding really badly. Will manages to throw the zombie
      outside and lock the door before collasping on to the ground. Cindy
      looks up confused and then looks to the window in shock as a zombie
      presses up against the window.
    - Ending:
      After Cindy triggered the detonation of the street it shows her
      standing in the street before smiling and clenching her fists in
      victory. "We did it!" is all she says as the next scene shows police
      officers running around trying to get things straigtened out. Cindy is
      then placed in the back of an armored car left to think to herself.
      She thinks about how this incident is affecting everyone, and she
      doubts herself alittle. But soon she gains confidence in herself and
      knows that she has to survive this.
    - Below Freezing Point -
    - Ending:
      The Mutated G falls to its knees clinging to life, but soon falls over
      dead bleeding unstoppably. Soon after, the train lights up and starts
      to move forward with Cindy inside it making her escape from the area.
      She says to herself how she's now seen the hidden face that Raccoon
      City has, and how she'll now be spending the rest of her life trying
      to forget it.
    - The Hive -
    - Ending:
      Cindy trudges through the sewer water slowly but surely. She is bound
      and determined to make it out of this nightmare alive. She says to
      herself that if this is a sewer, then she should be able to follow it
      to the city limits. Her spirit is unbreakable at this point in time.
      She has only one thing on her mind, and that's escaping. She knows
      that if she loses sight of her goal, then she'll lose everything. She
      decides to take everything one step at a time as she makes her way
      out of the sewers, and hopefully to the end of this hell.
    - Hellfire -
    - Ending:
      She escapes the burning building by the skin of her teeth. A fireman
      tells her this outside in safety. Cindy is more than thankful for his
      help. Soon Cindy thinks to herself if she can even go on anymore. She
      feels burdened by pain of loss and despair that's been brought on her.
      She even wonders how long she can hold on to her goal of escaping
      Raccoon City. She is determined to make it, but how long can she hold
      on to not only her life, but her sanity as well?
    11) Endings
    - Here's where there are some major spoilers. This is where you can read
      on all of the endings that Cindy is involved in in Decisions,
      Decisions. The method to getting each ending will be listed, but read
      the ending itself if you don't want to actually earn it.
    - Chopper Zombie Ending -
    - Method:
      Do not use Daylight on yourself, and don't end the game with a
      Daylight in your inventory. This means that yes you can carry one
      Daylight on you to use on Thanatos-R in the end, but make sure it's
      only one that you're carrying since it only takes one shot to kill
      Thanatos-R with.
    - Ending:
      The helicopter picks up and leaves the area as the missles head for
      Raccoon City to wipe it off the face of the planet. The missles soon
      hit and Raccoon City is gone in a blaze of fire.
      Cindy sits calmly in the back seat of the helicopter, but the
      expression on her face and the suttle gestures she's making is more
      than enough to tell that something's wrong with her. After a moment
      she sits up, but her eyes are white now, the infection has taken over
      her. She attacks both helicopter pilots and the helicopter heads for
      the ground. Cindy knew that she almost made it, and that she almost
      beat this thing, but now her life would take a tragic end so short.
      The helicopter exploded on contact killing Cindy's walking corpse.
    - George and Cindy -
    - Method:
      You have to be playing Decisions, Decisions as George
      The method for getting this ending is the same as the Chopper Zombie
      Ending, you can't end the game with a Daylight in your inventory, nor
      can you of used a Daylight on yourself. You can kill Thanatos-R with
      a Daylight, but it of better have been the only Daylight you had.
    - Ending:
      The helicopter picks up and leaves the area as the missles head for
      Raccoon City to wipe it off the face of the planet. The missles soon
      hit and Raccoon City is gone in a blaze of fire.
      George and Cindy stand in the parking lot watching the helicopter fly
      away. The both knew that they were still infected with the virus and
      that they couldn't risk endangering the lives of others with the virus
      to have a repeat of Raccoon City. So they decide to stay behind and
      die with the city. George looks over at Cindy for a moment and then
      to the sky. He says to Cindy that he wishes things could of been
      different and that they could of met on better terms. Cindy smiles
      gently and takes George's hand as the both of them look up at the 
      incoming missles and await their fate. The city soon becomes ground
      zero without a trace of life or the virus and it's creations left.
    - Regretful Ending -
    - Method:
      You have to either use a Daylight on yourself, or end the game with a
      Daylight in your inventory. The best method to doing this is to first
      use Daylight on yourself, and then wait for another Daylight to be
      made. Now you can get the Regretful Ending, and kill Thanatos-R with
      one hit in the end. So long as you've used the Daylight on yourself
      and you don't have a Daylight in your inventory you're pretty much
      set to sit back and watch this ending.
    - Ending:
      The helicopter picks up and leaves the area as the missles head for
      Raccoon City to wipe it off the face of the planet. The missles soon
      hit and Raccoon City is gone in a blaze of fire.
      The helicopter slowly moves away from the horror that it came from as
      Cindy thinks to herself about all that has happened. She can't believe
      that something like this had happened in the first place. She also
      knows that it's going to be hard to get over all that she's just
      survived in Raccoon City. The one thing though that's running around
      in her head is that she somehow, someway knows that this incident
      isn't the end of the nightmare, and she dreads the day when the
      T-Virus will show itself again.
    - Remain Hopeful Ending -
    - Method:
      You have to use the Daylight on yourself and you must have a Daylight
      in your inventory when you end the game. This means that very first
      Daylight that you get your hands on, use it to eradicate the virus
      from Cindy. Then wait for another Daylight to made. This is the
      Daylight that you will guard with your life since you want to get
      Cindy's Ending for this game. Wait a little bit longer and take one
      more Daylight. This is your ticket out of Raccoon City since you need
      only Daylight to kill Thanatos-R in the true final battle. So
      basically you will wait on three Daylights before you even think about
      heading to the exit of the University. If you miss with that Ampoule
      Shooter in the final battler, do not even think about using that last
      Daylight on Thanatos-R unless you want to get the Regretful Ending.
    - Ending:
      The helicopter picks up and leaves the area as the missles head for
      Raccoon City to wipe it off the face of the planet. The missles soon
      hit and Raccoon City is gone in a blaze of fire.
      Cindy looks at the city as it disappears from the world in a sea of
      fire, and she's smiling softly. She says out loud "Looks like I'm out
      of a job...." she sits back in her seat relaxing for a moment from
      the hell that she's just been through, but her good nature can't be
      stopped for even a moment as she sees on of the firemen with a cut
      on his leg. The fireman insists that it's nothing major, but Cindy
      wraps his leg up to stop the bleeding with a piece of her skirt.
      She's filled with renewed hope as she says to herself that she can now
      do anything that she wants, there aren't any limits for her. The
      helicopter can then be seen flying into the rising dawn sun of a new
    12) Credits
    - Well there you have it, one more walkthrough to my name. It was a
      real joy to actually make a walkthrough for favorite series of video
      games Resident Evil, and for my girl in Outbreak. You just gotta love
      it when things work out for yourself! But yep, the first creds I give
      are to myself for making this guide.
    - Secondly I want to give major major creds to Capcom and the team that
      made this game, and more so the very first Resident Evil on the
      Playstation. I was hooked the very moment that game was made back in
      the days of the Playstation. Capcom is truely on the right track with
      game titles like these. Can't wait to get my hands on Resident Evil 4,
      when my all time favorite Resident Evil character makes his triumphant
      return to a great Resident Evil title, Leon Kennedy.
    - I want to give creds to Outbreak for his Walkthrough as well. I did
      manage to find some of Cindy's SP Items on my own without any help by
      sheer dumb luck. Just random or accidental X button pushing and then
      all of a sudden I've found an item that you can't see. But I did use
      Outbreak's walkthrough to find the rest of the items, so all of the
      SP Items in this guide have been doubly confirmed that they are where
      they are. Thank you Outbreak for an outstanding guide that you've made
      and I bow with much respect to you.
    - If I've made any mistakes, or you feel that there's something that you
      want to add, then e-mail me at SanctuaryRemix@AOL.com with the info and
      you'll get the creds you want plus the info put on this guide.
      Sees Yas
      Alex "Joker" Hall

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