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    Yoko FAQ by Master Luc

    Version: .50 | Updated: 12/22/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By: Master Luc
    REO Screename:Taciturnity
    1) Introduction
    2) Version Updates
    3) Yoko's Profile
    4) Yoko's Advantages/Disadvantages
    5)Yoko's Escape Technique 
     A.Escape Technique 1
     B.Escape Technique 2
     C.Effectiveness Rating
    6) Yoko's Knapsack  
    7) Yoko's Costume SP items 
    8) Yoko's Scenario SP items 
     B."Below Freezing Point"
     C."The Hive"
     E."Decisions, Decisions"
    9) Yoko's Collection Items
     A.Gallery Unlockables
     B.Costume Unlockables
     C.Movie Unlockables
     D.Sound Unlockables
    10)Yoko's Voice Track
    11)Yoko Theories
    13)Legal Issues
    This FAQ is created to help those who are interested in playing as the 
    quiet and mysterious Yoko as efficiently and strategically as possible, 
    whether you’re a newbie just getting into the game or a experienced 
    veteran. This is my first (And last time, it's a pain in the ass to 
    type up a faq) writing a FAQ so if you see any errors or have any advice
    feel free to email me.
    2)Version Updates
    V-1.0 Completed FAQ
    3)Yoko's Profile
    Name: Yoko Suzuki                                                           
    Occupation: University Student
    Weight:127 lbs
    Profile: As the result of her studies, Yoko is extremely knowledgeable 
    about computers. She has a quiet, reserved personality, but her strength 
    of her inquisitive mind emerges with a surprising toughness. Once she 
    gets focused on something, it's hard to distract her attention.
    4)Yoko's Advantages/Disadvantages
    PRO-Yoko has one of the most invaluable abilities in the game: the 
    escape technique, which will be explained in the next section. 
    PRO-Her knapsack is literally a life-saver to yourself and your other 
    team members. She plays the role as a walking arsenal to store weapons 
    and items or a part-time medic to store health items and to distribute 
    them as needed. 
    PRO-She has the slowest virus gauge out of all the characters. Its quite 
    frequent playing as Yoko to finish a level with at least 10-20% on her 
    virus gauge (slightly more percent on Decisions, Decisions).
    PRO-Yoko is probably the most developed character in terms of storyline 
    in the whole game .She plays a big role in the Below Freezing Point 
    Scenario and has an exclusive scene with Greg in the Decisions, Decisions
    CON-Bad Vitality. On Very Hard difficulty, one zombie bite sends her 
    status straight to CAUTION RED. 
    CON-Slow running speed.
    CON-Not very good at handling weapons. Yoko shooting animation recoils 
    the most from using a handgun and magnum compared to the other 
    characters. It seems though that she handles the shotgun and grenade 
    launcher in the same animation as any other character.
    OVERALL-Yoko is a character best used for players with defense in mind. 
    -It's best to run/shove/use escape technique on single enemies with 
    rather than engage in combat because of her low vitality. If there are 
    more than one enemy and you feel its impossible to dodge them, then by
    all means use brute force if necessary. 
    -You should take the supportive role when playing online and collect and 
    distribute items to your other team members when necessary but make sure 
    you have health items and a weapon for yourself just in case you take 
    -When playing online be sure to collect mainly health and key items. 
    When playing online, save the weapons for your more offensive partners 
    (such as Kevin or Mark). If they forget to pick up a weapon or no allies
    are around, be sure to collect the weapon then and hand it out to your 
    partners later.
    5)Yoko's escape technique
    -Press and hold (O) while pressing R1 (or R2, VERY important in 
    mastering her escape technique.)
    -When it looks like Yoko is going to be attacked, she can evade injury 
    and take several steps away. The distance Yoko runs depends on how long 
    you hold down (O).
    -Yoko's escape ability takes good timing and a lot of practice, but once 
    you get the hang of it her escape technique becomes invaluable. In 
    countless situations IT WILL determine wether you escape a zombie 
    unscathed or take several bites to the neck. 
    To master Yoko's escape technique one must first understand how it works:
    -When you hold R1, R1 auto-aims so she will be facing towards the 
    nearest enemy automatically. when you hold R2, Yoko will aim at whatever
    direction she is facing at that moment (she won't auto-aim at enemy). 
    -When you use Yoko's escape ability she will crawl IN THE OPPOSITE 
    DIRECTION from where she is facing. Because of  this, it is not a good 
    idea to hold R1 because then she will crawl away from the enemy and when 
    she gets back up the zombie may bite at her back or scratch her up. 
    Yoko's vitality is worse as it is so it is essential to receive as little 
    damage as possible. But now that you (the reader) is aware fo this, please 
    read on.
    The trick is to face AWAY from the zombie by holding R2 and crawl TOWARDS 
    the enemy. If you use R1 she'll just face back towards the nearest enemy, 
    which again is not a good idea.
    Important note:Yoko takes at least one second to fall on her knees when 
    doing the escape animation so be sure to have the enemy close, but not too
    close (again, at least 5 feet away from Yoko)so the animation can trigger. 
    If an enemy is too close and attacks, the enemy can actually "cancel" Yoko's 
    escape animation and she will take damage.
    Here's the step-by-step process:
    <-, -> direction of Yoko's escape
    <,>= direction zombie/yoko is facing
    A.Escape Technique 1
    1:You are aware of a zombie coming in your direction. In this situation he
    is coming towards you.
     Y>        <Z 
    Yoko: Oh no, a zombie! AH!OK, must maintain composure...
    Zombie: Guuaaaaggghhh....
    2:Quickly do a 180 turn (press (O) and the down button at the same 
    time).You will now be facing away from the zombie.
    <Y       <Z
    3:Immediatly hold R2 (very important!) and press AND HOLD (O).As long as 
    the zombie is at most 5 feet away from Yoko, she should crawl past the 
    4:After the escape animation is over get back up and run away.
          Z     Y>
    Yoko:Ha!Ha! Stupid zombie!
    -If there zombies coming towards you from both directions, you can 
    actually use Yoko's ability identically like Cindy's duck ability. When 
    you feel the time is right, hold R2 and tap the (O) button. If timed 
    correctly, Yoko will trip and immedietly get back up. The zombies should 
    miss during their attack animation and become temporarily stunned, which 
    is your chance to run away. This is definetly more tricky and risker than 
    technique 1.
    -Also, there is no problem with holding the (O) button if the zombies 
    haven't completed their attack animation. Just be sure to let go of (O) 
    sooner after the zombies have missed your grasp and run away.
    Here's a step-by-step process:
    B.Escape Technique 2
    1: Zombies are pursuing you from both sides.
    Z>     Y>     <Z 
    Yoko: Oh no! Two zombies! Crap! Ok, must maintain composure...
    2: In this situation Yoko needs to head on the left side to continue on so
    maintain ready position by holding R2 and when the timing is right...
      Z>   Y>  <Z
    3:...Tap or press (0) for as long as you need to so the zombies complete 
    their attack animation but miss your grasp. 
     <-Z?--Y  Z?
    4: Let go of (0) button and run away.
    <Y Z   Z
    Yoko:Dumb Zombies!
    C.Effectiveness Rating
    Rating(Effective of Escape Technique on monster):4/5
    Dodging a single zombie is a cinch once you master the escape technique. 
    It is possible to dodge multiple zombies as long as they are all coming 
    towards you in the same directon. It is more difficult to dodge 
    multiple zombies if they are all coming from different directons because
    if you dodge one zombie another zombie can attack you while you get back
    When a Crow momentarily pauses in the air, this means the Crow is going
    dive in for an attack. The best time to use Yoko's escape is when the 
    Crow pauses in the air. Because there are always multiple Crows 
    around, if you dodge one crow another crow can easily peck you while you 
    get back up. Running is more effective to avoid attack from the Crows
    Scissor Worm 	
    The Scissor Worm's leap attack can be dodged with good timing, but
    running is more effective to avoid attack from the Scissor Worms.
    Giant Moth
    Running is more effective to avoid attack from the Giant Moth. Yoko 
    can dodge the poison mist but if the mist does not disappear by the time
    Yoko gets back up she could take damage and become poisoned.
    Baby Moth 	
    These monsters are a joke, just easily run past them. 
    Yoko's escape technique is great for avoiding the Hunter's slash attack.
    The Hunter's jump attack requires split second timing, but can be 
    avoid as well. When a hunter pauses,slowly raises its arm and lets out a
    screech, the Hunter is about to perform its instant death attack. DO NOT
    try to avoid the attack with the escape technique, just run far away 
    from the attack. There's just not enough room bewteen Yoko and the 
    Hunter if you try to avoid the instant death attack with the escape
    technique. If Yoko is in the middle of her escape animation while
    a Hunter is preparing its instant death attack, immediatly let go of 
    (O), get up, and run away before the Hunter finishes the attack.
    Zombie Dog
    Running is more effective to avoid attack from the Zombie Dogs.
    Small Leech
    Running is more effective to avoid attack from the Small Leeches.
    Leech Man 	
    The Leech Man can be avoided like a regular zombie, but be cautious when
    the Leech Man performs his extended arm attack.
    Running is more effective to avoid attack from the Lickers.
    Giant Spider 	
    Because you only encounters the spiders in the B4 underground passage
    during the whole game, the best way to avoid to spider at the bottom of
    the stairs is to actually hug into the left wall near the stairs and
    slowly inch downward. The Spider should pounce in front of you (missing
    its attack) and then you just run past it. Then to avoid the Spider at
    the second stairwell just use the same tactic during the previous 
    stairwell. This method is effective for any character you play as.
    Giant Wasp 	
    Similar to the Crow, when a Wasp momentarily pauses in the air, this 
    means the Wasp is going dive in for an attack. The best time to use 
    Yoko's escape is when the Wasp pauses in the air. Because there are 
    always multiple Wasps around, if you dodge one Wasp another crow can 
    easily sting you while you get back up.
    Running is more effective to avoid attack from the Wasps.
    The escape technique is great in avoiding the Hunter-Y's slash attack.
    But be careful during aquatic confrontations. Since Yoko's escape 
    technique cannot even be used in the water, press R1 when a Hunter-Y is
    about to grab you. Yoko should descend into the water and avoid the
    Hunter-Y's grasp. The method is effective for any character you play as.
    Neptune Sharks	
    Running is more effective to avoid attack from the Neptune Sharks. 
    Mutated G 	
    Mutated G's multiple swipe attack can actually be dodged more 
    effectively if the monster performs the attack in front of you, so no 
    need to have Yoko's back turned to this monster. Otherwise keep your
    distance when dealing with this monster.
    Queen Leech	
    The acid the Queen Leech spews out can be avoided by crawling underneath
    it, but otherwise running is more effective in avoiding attack from the
    Queen Leech.
    Regis Licker	
    Keep your distance to avoid attack from her multiple tougue swipes. 
    Yoko's escape technique does not cover enough distance to crawl
    past the Regis Licker and you can easily get strangled or tougue swiped
    when Yoko gets back up. Running past the Regis Licker while it is 
    stunned from an attack from another teammate is more effective if you 
    wish to get past the Regis Licker
    Thanatos-R's attack can be easily dodged, but be sure to have plenty of
    room bewteen Yoko and Thanatos-R when performing her escape technique.
    If done correctly, Thanatos-R should stop dead in his tracks. When 
    Thanatos-R is growling at a standstill, he is about perform his Wide
    Swing attack. It is when Thanatos-R growls you immediatly use Yoko's 
    escape technique and easily dodge the attack.
    Online Lag
    Internet Lag is the worst enemy of all. One second the a zombie is ten
    feet away from you, next second its biting your neck. Be cautious when
    multiple enemies are around or when fighting Thanatos-R, the game tends
    to lag dramatically during these situations.
    6)Yoko's Knapsack
    Along with the four usual items, Yoko can hold an additional four items 
    in her knapsack for a total of eight in all.
    -To move items into and out of the knapsack, select an item in the 
    knapsack and choose the "switch" command. Then select an item from the 
    item menu and press (X) to make the trade.
    -Yoko's main inventory should consist of either one weapon, ammo 
    corresponding to the weapon and at least one healing item.
    -Store any extra healing items or other items in her knapsack while 
    keeping any used up or useless items (empty assault rifle clips, no 
    longer needed keys, etc.) in your main inventory so whenever you pick up
    a new item you can quickly replace the old item. 
    7)Yoko's Costume SP items 
    Yoko B-Spring Fashion
    Description of Costume: Ankle-length green dress with a white collar as 
    well as white socks and sneakers.
    Item Name: Cute Sneakers
    Scenario: Below Freezing Point
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: HARD/VERY HARD
    Room Name: B8F PLATFORM
    Location : On the corner against the wall and the head of the train 
    (don't climb onto the platform ledge)
    Description: I wonder if these aren't... a little childish for me.
    Item Name: Green Dress
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL
    Room Name: 1F ROOM 103
    Location : The cabinet besides the door
    Description: A cute green dress.
    Yoko C-Gym Class
    Descripton of Costume: White short-sleeved T-shirt with two dark-blue 
    stripes around the neck and on each side of the sleeve, as well as 
    dark-blue short shorts with two white stripes running down it, and white
    socks and gym shoes.
    Item Name: Exercise Uniform
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL/HARD/VERY HARD B
    Room Name: 2F BREAK ROOM
    Location : The closet with the 2 worker attires
    Description: My mom's mentioned this kind of uniform before. I guess 
    they wear them in Japanese schools.
    Item Name: Exercise Shoes
    Scenario:The Hive
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: HARD/VERY HARD B
    Room Name: 2F ROOM 202
    Location : Search in the corner opposite of the cabinet of the inner bed
    Description: The soles are too thin to be of any real use.
    Item Name: Gym Shorts
    Scenario: Decisions, Decisions
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: HARD/VERY HARD A
    Room Name: B4F CONTROL ROOM
    Location : The drawer on the right of the locker.
    Description: My mom has shorts like these. I guess a lot of old men back 
    home in Japan have a thing for them.
    8)Yoko's Scenario SP items
    Item Name: Manly Handkerchief
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL B, HARD/VERY HARD A
    Room Name: 1F WOMEN'S BATHROOM
    Location : The right corner of the basin. Face the direction of the door
    Description: Kevin gave me this handkerchief. He may not look it, but 
    he's a really nice guy...
    Item Name: Cute Strap
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL A
    Room Name: 2F STAFF ROOM
    Location : Between the refrigerator and the cabinet drawer
    Description: This is the kind of strap people in Japan use on their cell
    phones. It has a cute little dog on it.
    Item Name: "Unlock the Brain"
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL A, HARD/VERY HARD B
    Room Name: 2F OWNER's ROOM
    Location : The right side of the book shelf facing the door
    Description: "Unlock the hidden potential of the human mind." What are 
    human beings really capable of?
    B."Below Freezing Point"
    Item Name: "Evolution"
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL, HARD/VERY HARD A
    Location : Search the left wall of the computer (you might need to enter 
    the passcode first)
    Description: "Mysteries of Darwinian evolution explained." I can't put 
    this book down once I started reading it.
    Item Name: "Seize Tomorrow!"
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL
    Room Name: B6F BREAK ROOM
    Location : The blue document file
    Description: This must be what mom calls "manga." Ths subtitle is 
    "Fierce-blooded Heart Story." I don't get it...
    Item Name: "From Sea to Land"
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: HARD/VERY HARD B
    Location : The laptop with the map
    Description: "The amazing journey of early sea creatures to the strange 
    new world of dry land."
    C."The Hive"
    Item Name: Awful Strap
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL A, HARD/VERY HARD B
    Room Name: 3F ROOM 301
    Location : The small table for the bed near the door
    Description: This is the kind of strap people in Japan use on their cell
    phones. It has a creepy skull on it.
    Item Name: Advanced Glasses
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL, HARD/VERY HARD A
    Room Name: 2F NURSES' STATION
    Location : Directly across the door. (at the left edge of the aspirin and
    flu medicine cabinet).
    Description: Why would you want zoom lenses and a bottle opener on your
    Item Name: "DNA Diagrams"
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL B, HARD/VERY HARD A
    Room Name: 1F DOCTORS' STATION
    Location : The cabinet besides the elevator
    Description: This is an illustrated book of DNA diagrams done by 
    Item Name: "Love Yourself"
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL A
    Room Name: 3F ROOM 301
    Location : The bin on the right side of the study table
    (Note that this appear in the same location as the Tasty Cookie.
    If you pick up the Tasty Cookie, that means you are in the "B" game, so
    quit and restart again).
    Description: Chapters include: "Self-love without the mess" and "I am 
    Item Name: "Knowledge Book"
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL/HARD/VERY HARD B
    Room Name: 2F ROOM 204
    Location : The luggages in front of the door
    Description: A book on world trivia. It's awfully heavy.
    Item Name: "Take Control!"
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: HARD/VERY HARD A
    Room Name: ROOM 101
    Location : The pillow area between the beds
    Description: "A book for the indecisive." I'm afraid to read this...
    Item Name: Thick Glasses
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL A, HARD/VERY HARD B
    Location : Search the pen holder besides the table lamp on the computer 
    table Description: Then lenses are so powerful... they make me dizzy.
    Item Name: "Programming Tips"
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL
    Room Name: 2F DRAWING ROOM
    Location : The table (with the table lamp and a computer) nearest the 
    Description: I already have so many books on programming... This one 
    looks interesting, though.
    Item Name: High-capacity HDD
    Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL B, HARD/VERY HARD
    Location : Right side of the P-base machine
    Description: Why would this be here of all places?
    9)Yoko's Collection Items
    A.Gallery Unlockables
    Yoko CG-Offical CG image of Yoko
    How to Obtain: Available from the start.
    Cost:500 RP
    Yoko Illustration-Concept illustration of Yoko
    How to Obtain: Complete three of the five scenarios with Yoko.
    Cost:500 RP
    Yoko CG(2)-Offical CG image of Yoko in her Spring Fashion and Gym Class
    How to Obtain: Collect all 20 of Yoko's SP items.
    Cost:1000 RP
    B.Costume Unlockables
    Yoko B-Spring Fashion
    How to Obtain: Collect the Cute Sneakers and the Green Dress SP items
    Cost:10000 RP
    Yoko C-Gym Class
    How to Obtain: Collect the Exercise Uniform, Exercise Shoes and Gym 
    Shorts SP items.
    Cost:30000 RP
    Yoko D-J's Bar Disguised
    How to Obtain: Complete Outbreak scenario on any difficulty as Yoko.
    Cost:8000 RP
    C.Movie Unlockables
    Yoko's "Outbreak" Ending Movie
    How to Obtain: Complete Outbreak scenario on any difficulty as Yoko.
    Cost:500 RP
    Yoko's "Below Freezing Point" Ending Movie
    How to Obtain: Complete Below Freezing Point scenario on any difficulty 
    as Yoko.
    Cost:500 RP
    Yoko's "The Hive" Ending Movie
    How to Obtain: Complete The Hive scenario on any difficulty as Yoko.
    Cost:500 RP
    Yoko's "Hellfire" Ending Movie
    How to Obtain: Complete Hellfire scenario on any difficulty as Yoko.
    Cost:500 RP
    Yoko's "Decisions, Decisions" Ending Movie
    How to Obtain: Obtain the Daylight item and use it on yourself and
    havie an additional Daylight in your inventory. Then Complete Decisions,
    Decisions scenario on any difficulty as Yoko.
    Cost:500 RP
    D. Sound Unlockables
    Yoko's Voice
    How to Obtain: Collect all 20 of Yoko's SP items
    Cost:2000 RP
    10)Yoko's Voice Track
    -Here is the list of phrases spoken by Yoko when you unlock the voice 
    track in the collection.
    1. "Hey there."
    2. "What can we do?"
    3. "Somebody hear me!"
    4. "Hey, are you alright?"
    5. "I need you're help."
    6. "We have to go."
    7. "Come on!"
    8. "Here!"
    9. "I refuse."
    10."Wait for a minute."
    12."Sorry, but..."
    13."No way."
    14."I'll be right there!"
    15."I couldn't go any faster."
    16."Good, you're alive."
    18."Thank you, you saved me."
    19."I might not make it..."
    20."I'm not so good."
    21."Please, open the door!"
    22."Becareful, anything could happen."
    23."I have to use it wisely."
    -There are many more phrases spoken in the game that are not listed on 
    the voice track. Here's a list of Yoko's additional ad-libs and how to 
    get Yoko to say them .
    If you know of any more phrases spoken by Yoko not listed here feel free
    to E-mail me and I'll add more to the list. 
    "I mustin' give up..." (Pushing an object)
    "H-Hey..." (Pushing an object)
    "Is there no way to open this?"
    "Oh my god..." 
    "Brace yourself." (Near the tanker after the gas has been ignited)
    "I guess..."
    "Hi..." (Encounter an ally)
    "Oh, um..."
    "I should be more afraid."
    "This must be it."
    "Uh, yeah..."
    "Hey, Hey..."
    "I agree."
    "Who knows..."
    "I was thinking..."
    "What's wrong?"
    "Excuse me..." (Encounter an ally)
    "What are you doing?"
    "I've been poisoned..." (Poisoned)
    "Did you find it?" (When an ally is around)
    "I have no idea what I should do."
    "Give me a break..."
    "Not bad..." (When Yoko exits the vent in Outbreak)
    "Ah Ha!" (Decisons Decisons Scenario)
    "Stop!" (Encounters enemy)
    "W-what's happening to me?" (As a zombie)
    "I-I have to make it", (As a zombie)
    "It won't open..." (Attempting to open a locked door)
    "Ah..." (Attempting to open a locked door)
    Interesting note: For those who may not know, Yoko Suzuki is voiced by 
    actress Alyson Court, who also voiced Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2 
    and Resident Evil Code: Veronica. 
    Yoko Theories
    Yoko is definetly a mystery. What happened to her two years ago? What is
    her connection to Greg and Monica? If you have any ideas or theories 
    about any of these characters, or have any comments to add on to a 
    theory, feel free to e-mail me.
    A.Monica Theory
    Cyram comments:
    "Ok, many of  you have been questioning yourself: What exactly happened
    to Monica? Who or what attacked her? And where did she go after she was 
    Well here is a theory on what happened to her: 
    When she was about to be attacked, and she saw what was about to attack 
    her, she was looking UP. And before the screen goes black, you hear 3 
    wing flaps. Concluding that it was most likely the moth. 
    So anyways, here's what I think happened to her during the time you try
    to go up the ladder. 
    Ok, when the screen goes black and she see's the moth, she quickly 
    throws down the train key and picks up her briefcase, and starts running
    .She runs all the way to the passage with the three hallways, and she 
    doesn’t see the moth so she thinks she is safe... 
    Then she hears a banging noise and saw the moth coming out of a vent, 
    it surprises her, and it gets up to her before she can run. 
    In defense she hits the moth with her briefcase, braking it open,
    but not braking the vile, while during this loud crashing noise, 
    the creature inside the vile wakes up, then the moth picks Monica up 
    and puts her in a cocoon somewhere high up within his hallway. 
    Then the creature inside the vile smashes out and goes inside her. 
    Later on when the walls start to melt, the ice that the cocoon is 
    attached to melts, and the cocoon brakes loose, and she falls, 
    waking her out of unconsciousness. She then starts to walk towards the
    train as the creature inside her eats her insides. 
    She makes it just befpre the train and either falls dead or unconscious. 
    And this concludes the Monica theory."
    The Evil Resident adds additional information:
    It WAS NOT Birkin. Here is why.
    Below Freezing Point is obviously the same area that our heroes, Claire,
    Leon, and Sherry were at in RE2. No one will deny this. Now let's look
    at some facts that ARE shown to support this:
    Everyone remember in RE2 when Claire put Sherry in that room across from
    the turntable? Well, that is an inaccessible room in BFP which is located
    across from the Turntable caboose. Other evidence that supports that
    this is indeed the same Laboratory as that in RE2 is that of the 
    computer room, the moth (a la moth babies in RE2 and the main shaft with
    the three passageways). Also, in RE2, there is no giant moth, and the 
    baby moth in the computer room comes out of the cocoon (which is still 
    full in BFP). Chronological order anyone? BFP --> RE 2
    Now that we have this in our minds, let's move on.
    Now this why Birkin CAN'T be placed at the labs. In Resident Evil 2, the
    lab is UNFROZEN! In BFP, it is still in a frozen state. This suggests 
    that the order is BFP -- > RE2. If we all remember well enough, Annette 
    from RE2 tells us that she sent Sherry (who has the pure g sample) to 
    the RPD to hide (which she did, because home wasn't safe.) Then Annette
    headed to the labs. Annette also tells us that Birkin's SOLE purpose is
    to follow any traces of a G-Virus Sample, and of course, to pro-create 
    with another specimen of the same blood type and DNA, otherwise the 
    G-Imago spawns that are used will reject the host and then mutate. The 
    only one that would be compatible with that criteria, is, of course, 
    SHERRY BIRKIN, his own daughter, who is AT the RPD! Not the LAB! This 
    places Birkin at the RPD. Now those of you who wish to say Birkin would
    chase Monica because of the sample she stole. Well, it is a specimen of
    the G-Virus, but NOT a G-Virus sample itself. NOT a G-Virus SAMPLE! 
    A specimen. Therefore, Birkin has NO REASON WHATSOEVER to trail Monica.
    Let's continue.
    Remember in Resident Evil 2 how Ben Bertolucci and Brian Irons both died
    by G-Imago spawns bursting from their chests? Well, do you remember how
    in numerous battles with Birkin how the G-Imago spawns fell from his body
    and CRAWLED to you and tried to implant themselves (even in the battle 
    with G-mutant from BFP!!!)? Well Birkin did NOT have to implant the 
    Imago into them at all. Remember how Ben was in the cell, and never left
    . Birkin didn't go into the cell and plant one in him, as the roof is 
    still intact and the cell is still closed. He dropped it and it HAD to 
    have made its way in and implanted to further mutate and grow. Hell, 
    the one that implanted itself in Brian Irons EVEN mutates and you must 
    fight it. Then you also fight one in the power control room (which also 
    drops spawns who try to implant).
    This shows that Birkin DOES NOT have to implant them directly, the
    G-Imago Spawns will implant themselves. Now knowing this, we can so 
    obviously say that the G-Virus Monster Monica stole was indeed a 
    G-Virus specimen similar to that of the G-Imago's given off by Birkin 
    (as indicated through files and by looks.) This shows that they too have
    the ability to implant themselves into a host via the throat, or just 
    plain digging in (The throat in Monica's case.)
    Deserted in the Computer Room FMV shows us that the moth can indeed 
    travel throughout the facility shafts via air ducts placed around. 
    Now, let's go onto the next big piece of evidence. Remember how that 
    file in BFP said that if the specimen's container fluid was not changed 
    after the transfer from the case, it would become unstable and break 
    free? I KNOW you do. Well, here's the scenario. Monica enters the card 
    key into the slot after sitting down the briefcase, and hears MOTH WINGS
    FLAPPING behind her. She turns and looks UP at a FLYING MOTH! The moth 
    of course abducts her and takes her to a place, and thus poisons her. 
    Now from here, or from the confrontation before, the G-Imago Embryo 
    escapes (hence the broken glass of the case later on) and implants its
    way down her throat. The reason we see no body from Monica when we enter
    the shaft is because the moth carried her somewhere. Also, take note 
    you CANNOT kill the moth before seeing this FMV, so the moth is still 
    alive. After you reactivate and unfreeze the turntable, Monica staggers 
    in, with a BROKEN case, with the consciousness that she still has. 
    The broken case shows an escaped G-Imago Spawn that implanted itself. 
    She is blue either from moth poison, blocked air passages (it pushed its 
    way down her throat, duh), or just the plain COLDness of the facility. 
    We hear no growls or roars from William when the abductor comes, 
    we don't see ANY marks on Monica's body (which Birkin always made a 
    mark, and a bloody mess) and Birkin NEVER carried his victims off. 
    So who did carry Monica off? She didn't just walk off, right PAST YOU!
    No! She was carried off by the moth, and the G-Imago escaped and 
    implanted itself.
    Now the G-Imago uses her as a host, spawns out, climbs up and mutates! 
    The same way the G-Imago Spawns from RE2 mutate. By CRAWLING to a host 
    and climbing into their body. In which case, Birkin never had to implant 
    them, they had a mind of their own, and implanted themselves to further 
    mutate (hence Ben and Brian.)
    Some last facts:
    Sherry was at the RPD, and had the Pure G sample in her locket. This 
    places Birkin at, or around the RPD (which the Lab isn't even close 
    The turntable that the group uses to escape is the same one Leon and 
    Claire use to come in. In BFP, you go up, taking the tram to the 
    location that Claire and Leon used it to GET to the BFP labs. In RE2, 
    Leon, Claire and Sherry take it DOWN.
    The tram and the turntable plays a major role.
    Also, The BFP characters arrived on subway tracks. Claire and Leon, with
    Sherry, escaped via a Subway.
    This means:
    BFP characters arrived on subway tracks, took turntable tram up to where
    Leon and Claire later took the tram back down, and then used the same 
    subway tracks, and the SUBWAY/ Train, to escape.
    Thanks to Outbreak for letting me use his SP list for Yoko. Keep up the 
    good work Outbreak!
    Thanks to Cyram and The Evil Resident for their Monica Theories.
    Thanks to Claptonvaugh and Maehara Shinobu for discovering more ad-libs 
    for Yoko.
    And of course, thanks to Capcom for making, yet again, another great hit 
    with Resident Evil Outbreak.
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