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    Soundtrack Guide by SweetNectarine

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     '||'''|,                       ||`                   ||    
      ||   ||               ''      ||                    ||    
      ||...|' .|''|, (''''  ||  .|''||  .|''|, `||''|,  ''||''  
      || \\   ||..||  `'')  ||  ||  ||  ||..||  ||  ||    ||    
     .||  \\. `|...  `...' .||. `|..||. `|...  .||  ||.   `|..' 
                     '||''''|             '||` 
                      ||   .          ''   ||  
                      ||'''|  \\  //  ||   ||  
                      ||       \\//   ||   ||  
                     .||....|   \/   .||. .||. 
    .|''''|,            ||    '||                           '||      
    ||    ||            ||     ||                            ||      
    ||    || '||  ||` ''||''   ||''|, '||''| .|''|,  '''|.   || //`  
    ||    ||  ||  ||    ||     ||  ||  ||    ||..|| .|''||   ||<<    
    `|....|'  `|..'|.   `|..' .||..|' .||.   `|...  `|..||. .|| \\.  
    ~~~~~~"Resident Evil: Outbreak" Soundtrack Guide~~~~~~~
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    Author's Note:
    This FAQ is all about the soundtrack to the 2004 CAPCOM game 
    "Resident Evil: Outbreak". I will go in to detail about 
    the tracks, the names, and any other information people
    may have about the background music used in this game. All 
    opinions stated are my own and are only meant to give the 
    reader an idea about the piece.
    With that explained, let's move on, shall we?
    -------- Table of Contents! --------
    -[1] Introduction
    -[2] Soundtrack Information
    -[3] Track Listing
    -[4] Track by Track Commentary
    -[5] FAQs
    -[6] Credits
    [1] ======== Introduction ========
    Resident Evil: Outbreak was CAPCOM's first foray into an online 
    Resident Evil. When it was released in 2003, critics had mixed 
    opinions, making it one of the most underrated
    Resident Evil games to be released. The features of the game 
    made most people turn away. Instead of headset and keyboard 
    support in game, an ad-libbing system was used, making some people
    confused and disappointed. The first game was eventually 
    re-released in a bonus pack along with Resident Evil: Code 
    Veronica and Resident Evil 4 for the PlayStation 2. 
    A sequel was eventually released and it was taken poorly 
    causing CAPCOM to ultimately and eventually shut down the 
    online servers in 2007 (Outbreak File #2 USA) and 2008 (Outbreak USA).
    Instead of the game featuring the main characters we all know and 
    love, it introduced us to eight new survivors and took place 
    in the familiar setting of Raccoon City. Offline, the game fell short
    of the main games and their stories, but online it could become fun 
    and unpredictable.
    The soundtrack is probably one of the strong points of the game, in 
    my opinion. The main theme was composed by Akihiko Matsumoto and was 
    the most beautiful "made-for-game" theme I had ever heard in a 
    good long time. I also found other tracks in the game to be 
    memorable and fun, and so, without further ado, I will proceed 
    on to the actual guide.
    [2] ======== Soundtrack Information ========
    ~Biohazard: Outbreak (Original Soundtrack)~
    Soundtrack by Akihiko Matsumoto, Tetsuya Shibata, 
    Etsuko Yoneda, Mitsuhiko Takano, Kento Hasegawa, Masato Koda
    Released: February 25, 2004
    Genre: Soundtrack
    Length: 59:11
    Label: King Records
    Track Number: 31 Tracks
    * Track 8, "Into the Unknown", is an arrangement of 
    "The Underground Laboratory" from the 
    Biohazard 2 Soundtrack composed by Masami Ueda, 
    Shusaku Uchiyama, and Shun Nishigaki.
    * Tracks 1, 7, 11, 15, 25~27, and 29 were composed by Akihiko Matsumoto
    * Tracks 2, 3, 16, 21, 24, 28, and 30 were composed by Tetsuya Shibata
    * Tracks 4, 5, 9, 12, 13, 17, 24, and 31 were composed by Etsuko Yoneda
    * Tracks 6, 8, and 10 were composed by Mitsuhiko Takano
    * Tracks 14, 18, 22, and 23 were composed by Kento Hasegawa
    * Tracks 19 and 20 were composed by Masato Koda
    [3] ======== Track Listing ========
    There are 31 tracks on the RE: Outbreak Original Soundtrack.
    ---Biohazard Outbreak Original Soundtrack----
    1. "Biohazard Outbreak Main Title Theme" 
    2. "Character Select" 
    3. "Happy Hour Jam Session" 
    4. "The Plague Cometh" 
    5. "Split Seconds" 
    6. "Boom! You're Dead!" 
    7. "Distant Future" 
    8. "Into the Unknown" 
    9. "Freezer Burn"
    10. "One Big Mutha"
    11. "The Unpleasant Train"
    12. "No Rest for the Wicked"
    13. "Here, There, Everywhere"
    14. "Despair"
    15. "The Waterway of Darkness"
    16. "Result Screen"
    17. "The Fire Within"
    18. "Hell on Earth"
    19. "Laying it on the Line"
    20. "Of Wisdoms, Truths, and Tyrants"
    21. "The Torment of Time"
    22. "Thanatos is Born"
    23. "Thanatos Revisited"
    24. "3rd Time's the Charm"
    25. "Biohazard Outbreak (Reprise)"
    26. "The Extermination"
    27. "The Resident Evil Outbreak~Staff Roll"
    28. "The Big Picture"
    29. "Umbrella" 
    30. "So Many Options" 
    31. "Gallery Screen"
    [4] ======== Track by Track Commentary ========
    Here I will explain what I think of each song and in what level/scene/instance
    it was used.
    (1) "Resident Evil: Outbreak Main Title Theme"
    As heard in: The opening movie clip before you start the first level.
    Length: 3:28
    Composer: Akihiko Matsumoto
    Thoughts: Well, let's see. This is the track that inspired me 
    to write this guide. When I first picked up the game back in 
    2004, I had rented it after hearing about the short offline play. After
    picking my character and bracing myself for what I had heard was 
    catastrophe, I was greeted by one of the most beautiful and 
    haunting songs accompanied by a movie clip worthy of any Resident Evil name.
    This track starts off almost mysteriously as 
    you hear what seems to be thunder or quiet explosions in
    the background. It then picks up to a violin 
    which stays throughout the piece to make the flutes and
    many other strings seem so sad and emotional.
    My favorite track out of the whole soundtrack. 
    Best parts: 0:55-1:34, I especially like when it starts to
    pick up and take an even stronger pace at 1:48. The 
    ending reminds me of a spiral that can either lead
    to hope or despair.
    (2) "Character Select"
    As heard in: The Character Select, Level 
    Select, and Difficulty Select screens.
    Length: 1:34
    Composer: Tetsuya Shibata
    Thoughts: This track is very creepy. It reminds me of 
    Silent Hill in a way. An echoing melody places 
    over a piano that tunes in every so often. After a 
    while, a low violin starts to give in to make 
    it sound as if this is the survivor's chance to 
    escape and to live on.
    I think it fits with the selections 
    screen and tends to remind me of tunnels 
    underneath the undead city.
    (3) "Happy Hour Jam Session"
    As heard in: Heard briefly in the opening scene 
    to "Outbreak". It is cut off when your selected
    character hears the reporter on the television set.
    Length: 2:03
    Composer: Tetsuya Shibata
    Thoughts: This song is just goofy and pretty much supposed 
    to sound like butt-rock in an average
    sleezy bar. It is only used from 0:35 to 0:53 in the 
    movie clip. The track combines a guitar with
    some rock organ and drums. It's not exactly something 
    you'd want to hear the whole thing of...
    unless you're into that kind of thing.
    (4) "The Plague Cometh"
    As heard in: This is the music you hear as you 
    explore the upstairs of J's Bar and also the streets 
    and alleyways before and after riding in the van 
    near the end of "Outbreak".
    Length: 1:53
    Composer: Etsuko Yoneda
    Thoughts: This track has very little to it but also
     sounds like it's saying "you're safe... for now".
    Strange noises and some echo chime in from time to 
    time. A low violin or bass plays, making the whole
    track seem foreboding. It kind of reminds me of the 
    theme that played in RE3 when you were running from
    Nemesis and you knew he was around... but couldn't see him.
    (5) "Split Seconds"
    As heard in: This is the music that plays when someone triggers 
    the roof timer in "Outbreak".
    Length: 2:22
    Composer: Etsuko Yoneda
    Thoughts: This song does a very good idea of making 
    the whole escape off the roof and into the
    streets urgent while still keeping the sad and 
    mysterious tone of the game. It does a good job of
    being soft, yet it compels you to run. I like when 
    the piano starts to tap in, making it seem 
    hopeless if you're taking too long.
    (6) "Boom! You're dead!"
    As heard in: This is heard when you are on Main Street at 
    the end of the "Outbreak" level.
    Length: 0:56
    Composer: Mitsuhiko Takano
    Thoughts: For being as short as this track is, it 
    brings the point across that it's one of those
    "hurry-and-do-it" melodies. Being that the objective 
    in this part of the game is to gather parts
    of a detonator and to blow up a horde of zombies 
    swarming the streets, I think it does a good job.
    Although, I do think it could be stronger and less 
    repetitive if the scene was longer, the 
    amount of time it takes to gather the parts and actually blow up 
    the street makes this work just fine.
    (7) "Distant Future"
    As heard in: This is the song that plays when 
    you finish "Outbreak".
    Length: 2:14
    Composer: Akihiko Matsumoto
    Thoughts: This piece starts off with a distant 
    police siren in the beginning and a piano, playing
    an altered version of the main theme. As the 
    track goes on, it gets stronger and eviler sounding
    with some guitar even backing up at the very end. 
    It helps with the whole scene of the character
    knowing they survived but that they still have a 
    long way to go. I like this piece a lot. In fact,
    this is probably in my top five favorite songs from 
    this soundtrack. I think it could fit in a
    movie because it's just that good. I'll stop 
    brown nosing Akihiko Matsumoto now.
    (8) "Into the Unknown"
    As heard in: The 6th and 7th floor of the 
    laboratory in "Below Freezing Point". 
    Oh and Resident Evil 2, too. ;)
    Length: 1:47
    Composer: Mitsuhiko Takano (Originally composed 
    by Masami Ueda, Shusaku Uchiyama, and Shun Nishigaki.)
    Thoughts: This was a real piece of nostalgia for 
    me. This is actually a remix (if you can really call
    it that) of the original lab song from Resident Evil 2. 
    Although you can only hear this song on two
    floors of the level, it was really a treat for me, 
    considering that "Below Freezing Point" was a
    nod to the layout of RE2's laboratory. This song is 
    haunting and yet it also gives you that sense
    that what they were doing in the labs was wrong and 
    that machines are still on, even with everyone dead.
    (9) "Freezer Burn"
    As heard in: This plays after you activate the 
    BF4 Lift in the laboratory in "Below Freezing Point".
    Length: 1:51
    Composer: Etsuko Yoneda
    Thoughts: This is probably the best song out of 
    those "hurry-and-do-it" songs. It has a strong piano and
    synth melody that tells you that if you don't 
    run, you'll be in deep and grave danger.
    (10) "One Big Mutha'"
    As heard in: This plays as you face off with the 
    boss in "Below Freezing POint".
    Length: 1:17
    Composer: Mitsuhiko Takano
    Thoughts: Eh, this is another "hurry-and-do-it" 
    songs. Out of all of these kinds of songs on this 
    soundtrack, this song really isn't all that memorable. 
    It repeats the same violin and synth rhythm 
    and over again. It sounds a bit creepy but it's kind 
    of weak when compared to "Freezer Burn".
    (11) "The Unpleasant Train"
    As heard in: The ending video of "Below Freezing Point".
    Length: 2:46
    Composer: Akihiko Matsumoto
    Thoughts: This track starts off a little bit too 
    strong, making the track seem angry and cheap.
    But then the song really picks up and does a great 
    rendition of the credits music that is backed up
    by a strong chorus and a heavy bass line. The end 
    has an epic violin and heroic sounding drum
    and synth beat in the background.
    Too bad they only used the very first couple 
    of seconds of the song in the whole game. It's the
    worst part of the song in my opinion. :(
    (12) "No Rest for the Wicked"
    As heard in: All throughout the upper floors 
    of the hospital in "The Hive".
    Length: 2:12
    Composer: Etsuko Yoneda
    Thoughts: This song is almost kind of bittersweet. 
    In some cases, it sounds a little too weak 
    to match up with the ambience of the earlier levels. 
    The piano is a nice touch but when you're
    getting attacked by something, the track just 
    doesn't fit.
    (13) "Here, There, Everywhere"
    As heard in: The part in "The Hive" when the 
    Leechman is first introduced.
    Length: 0:40
    Composer: Etsuko Yoneda
    Thoughts: The first thing I thought of when I 
    heard this was "holy crap.... leeches" because
    of course, this tune is an obvious nod to Resident 
    Evil Zero's leech theme. The creepy noise 
    can actually be pretty creepy if you're playing at 
    night and don't expect the leechman coming.
    Sadly, this song is only played once and it kind 
    of repeats itself over and over.
    (14) "Despair"
    As heard in: The very end of "The Hive" when you 
    face off against the boss. It was also later used
    in Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 as the Showdown theme.
    Length: 1:24
    Composer: Kento Hasegawa
    Thoughts: This song matches with the likes 
    of "Boom! You're Dead!" and "Freezer Burn" but can get
    kind of annoying after a while. It works for 
    the Leech Queen's fight mainly because you have to 
    run down a long tunnel and it will keep chasing you 
    until it's defeated.
    I personally don't find this song to be one of 
    the better ones on here. It doesn't quite have the
    same fear factor as the other songs.
    (15) "The Waterway of Darkness"
    As heard in: This is the song that plays in the 
    final cutscene of "The Hive" where your character
    walks through the sewers.
    Length: 1:48
    Composer: Akihiko Matsumoto
    Thoughts: This song is sad and is pretty similar 
    to "Distant Future" in terms of melody and message.
    Unfortunately, where this song picks up doesn't even 
    make it to the game. Only about 30 seconds of the
    beginning of the song are used in the game. My 
    favorite part is around 1:15 when it starts to get
    kind of epic and doomed sounding.
    (16) "Results Screen"
    As heard in: This is the song that plays after 
    you finish a level (this includes dying) and are on the
    score and results screen to view your points.
    Length: 0:49
    Composer: Tetsuya Shibata
    Thoughts: A very sinister song that reminds me of 
    dying in video games and finding out that you failed.
    Although this song is on a screen you get regardess 
    whether you live or not, it leans more to the
    feeling of failure.
    (17) "The Fire Within"
    As heard in: Parts of "Hellfire" while you explore 
    the inside of the Apple Inn.
    Length: 3:22
    Composer: Etsuko Yoneda
    Thoughts: This track is one of the creepier tunes 
    but it's not exactly easy to hear and the level
    tends to be on the noisy side since you're always 
    going in and out of rooms and running into fire
    crackling. Gives the feeling of something lurking but 
    it doesn't really fit with the level.
    Not very memorable.
    (18) "Hell on Earth"
    As heard in: The main lobby of the Apple Inn in "Hellfire".
    Length: 1:00
    Composer: Kento Hasegawa
    Thoughts: This song really helps the feeling of 
    a building that used to be a happy place to
    kick back and rest but has become something else. 
    Can sounds quite sinister but also enigmatic.
    For some reason, this track reminds me of Code 
    Veronica's soundtrack. Go figure.
    (19) "Laying it on the Line"
    As heard in: The boss fight against the Regis Licker 
    in "Hellfire". Also makes an appearance in
    Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 as the "timer warning" 
    song for the Elimination modes.
    Length: 0:31
    Composer: Masato Koda
    Thoughts: This track is the worst of all the 
    "hurry-and-do-it" songs. It's not all that creepy 
    and it can get annoying quite fast. I suppose 
    you'll be too busy keeping lickers off your back to care
    about getting a headache but this track could be a 
    bit better and more epic.
    (20) "Of Wisdoms, Truths, and Tyrants"
    As heard in: The main university building in "Decisions, Decisions".
    Length: 1:44
    Composer: Masato Koda
    Thoughts: This track is great. It's mysterious 
    and really fits the whole feeling of being in an 
    empty building and feeling that something's not 
    right. I'm pretty sure the beginning "question roll" is
    my favorite part, along with the piano with the 
    chorus in the background. Very haunting.
    (21) "The Torment of Time"
    As heard in: Plays when the timer is counting 
    down to the explosion of the university 
    in "Decisions, Decisions".
    Length: 1:03
    Composer: Kento Hasegawa
    Thoughts: This is my favorite out of the "hurry-and-do-it" 
    songs. It has a violin urging you to keep
    moving and a strong melody in the background that makes it 
    seem epic and final. It also still manages
    to keep that creepy, fostered-hope kind of feeling. A piano 
    comes in once in a while to remind 
    us of the tune that was playing when we first entered the level.
    (22) "Thanatos is Born"
    As heard in: Everytime Thanatos appears in the same 
    room as you in "Decisions, Decisions".
    Length: 1:33
    Composer: Kento Hasegawa
    Thoughts: Though this isn't a very strong boss theme, 
    in my opinion, it is a very memorable song.
    It is the theme that warns you that Thanatos has entered 
    the same location as you and gives 
    you the feeling of being found and exposed. It has a 
    strong and evil sounding melody that plays over 
    drums and symbols while still being refined at the same time.
    (23) "Thanatos Revisited"
    As heard in: The first real boss battle with 
    Thanatos in "Decisions, Decisions".
    Length: 2:11
    Composer: Kento Hasegawa
    Thoughts: This is a faster and more epic version 
    of "Thanatos is Born". It borrows many of the same 
    techniques but it also adds a feeling of agony and 
    annoyment that the characters must be feeling 
    by that point in the game. The chorus that comes in 
    every once in a while makes the tune 
    feel as if you know this may be the end of your character.
    (24) "Third Time's the Charm"
    As heard in: The last boss fight against Thanatos 
    in "Decisions, Decisions".
    Length: 2:13
    Composer: Akihiko Matsumoto
    Thoughts: Once again, Matsumoto pulls off a pretty epic 
    track. A catchy dance beat and an angelic 
    chorus play while you finally take out all your anger and 
    hardwork on Thanatos one last time. It
    also has a very creepy feeling that comes in once and a while 
    and sends shivers down my spine.
    This is my second favorite song on the soundtrack, being one 
    of the best boss themes I've heard 
    in a video game. I couldn't wait to unlock this on the 
    collection screen in Outbreak.
    (25) "Resident Evil Outbreak (reprise)"
    As heard in: This song plays in the Regretful ending, 
    George + Cindy's paired ending, and 
    Alyssa + Yoko's paired ending.
    Length: 1:55
    Composer: Akihiko Matsumoto
    Thoughts: This is a reprise of the main theme I love so 
    much, bringing this song to number 3 on 
    my favorite tracks from this game. This version of the 
    song sounds very similar to the one 
    we first hear at the beginning of the game but it somehow 
    sounds happier and is filled with 
    more hope. The very end of the song is quite enchanting and 
    lovely to listen to if you've 
    just finished the game. I think this song goes with the 
    George + Cindy ending the best.
    (26) "The Extermination"
    As heard in: This song plays in the Chopper Zombie 
    ending, Regretful ending, Hopeful ending, 
    Kevin + Jim's paired ending, and Mark + David's paired ending.
    Length: 3:55
    Composer: Akihiko Matsumoto
    Thoughts: This is my 4th favorite song out of the 
    entire soundtrack. The beginning definitely 
    goes with the final destruction of the city and feels 
    epic and powerful. The beginning half 
    also works well with Mark + David's ending as they ride 
    the tank into the crowd of zombies.
    The second half is lighter and happier, signifying that 
    the whole event is over and that 
    there is still hope waiting for the eight survivors as 
    they ride off into the horizon.
    (27) "The Resident Evil Outbreak Staff Roll"
    As heard in: This song plays during the credits of 
    the game. 
    Length: 3:44
    Composer: Akihiko Matsumoto
    Thoughts: It's a pretty neat song with an exotic 
    feeling that still makes 
    you feel as if the whole game isn't quite over. It 
    almost sounds like a "negative" 
    version of the main theme, staying true to the formula.
    The very end starts to pick up and has a violin 
    playing furiously and wonderfully. This 
    song reminds me more of an introduction to a movie 
    in some parts. Over all, a good song.
    (28) "The Big picture"
    As heard in: This song played in the network connection 
    screens when you would go online.
    Length: 1:39
    Composer: Tetsuya Shibata
    Thoughts: This is a harp version of the main theme. 
    Simple and yet, beautiful. It stays 
    true to the feelings of the original.
    (29) "Umbrella"
    As heard in: This song plays in the video after the 
    credits that shows a tower in the 
    ruins of Raccoon City.
    Length: 2:28
    Composer: Akihiko Matsumoto
    Thoughts: This song starts off weary and softly, bringing 
    you into some feeling of something 
    not being right. The song then ends up getting sad and 
    strong, bringing back some of that 
    exotic feeling from the credit roll with a chorus.
    (30) "So Many Options"
    As heard in: This song plays on the options menu of the 
    game and briefly in "Decisions, Decisions" 
    if you use the piano as Cindy.
    Length: 1:34
    Composer: Tetsuya Shibata
    Thoughts: A piano version of the main theme. This one 
    definitely has more power than the harp 
    version, making this a strong and yet familiar tune 
    that fits the options screen and reminds 
    you of the actual game.
    (31) "Gallery Screen"
    As heard in: This song plays on the collection screen 
    of the game when you are viewing artwork, 
    costumes, and other extras you have unlocked.
    Length: 1:30
    Composer: Etsuko Yoneda
    Thoughts: This song is actually quite good for being a 
    song in one of the menus of the game. It 
    has a dark and yet very simple feel to it. The pianos 
    remind me of Resident Evil 2's police station 
    and the loss of any real protection to the city. It 
    almost sounds like a song that might be 
    used for a save room.
    [5] ======== Frequently Asked Questions ========
    Q. Where can I find this soundtrack?
    A. You can buy this soundtrack off of the internet 
    or you can download it from 
    various sites. But only if you own it... ;)
    Q. Why are most of your favorite songs composed by 
    Akihito Matsumoto?
    A. Well, I suppose it's only natural for me to 
    like the songs by him because I'm a 
    big fan of movie soundtracks and he's an academy 
    award winning composer that does movie 
    scores. I really don't know anything else about him 
    aside from that.
    Q. What is your Resident Evil: Outbreak screen name?
    A. I had a lot but I was best known (or unknown) as Nectarine.
    Q. omg ken u help bring file 2 bak by siginin my petishuns?
    A. no lol
    Q. How long did it take you to compile this?
    A. Uh... about four hours. Yeah, I know. I have a lot of 
    random time to spare.
    Q. What's your favorite Resident Evil game/character/location?
    A. Tied between Outbreak and RE2/George Hamilton/Raccoon City.
    Q. Can I use this on my site?
    A. Only if you email me asking for permission first and 
    give me CREDIT. I don't want people getting credit for my 
    hard work.
    [6] ======== Credits ========
    Written, Compiled, Tested and Mother (j/k) Approved by 
    Uma Costa-Mangina aka Nectarine.
    Some CD information obtained from Wikipedia.
    Biohazard/Resident Evil: Outbreak (c) 2003-2004 by CAPCOM
    Thanks to my friends who played this darn game with me for 
    countless hours. Zombiehugger, Reeves, Daily/Lott/FrozenFag ;)
    And thanks most of all to YOU for reading this.
    2008 (c) Uma B. C-M

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