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"Yo Mirra? This is Fuzzy Hall, listen, I'm having trouble connecting to grinds and I try to stop spinning, but I can't, can you help me?"

Gravity Games: Street Dirt Vert is Midway's half assed attempt at a extreme sports game. VERY half assed. This lacks any redeeming qualities what so every, I say its more a fighter game than an extreme sports game. This just completely sucks in every aspect, graphics, sound gameplay, everything. Where to start?

The gameplay is extremely screwed up. Supposededly you are biking in this game, but I really doubt that was the original focus. I think this was orginally a brawler shelfed back in the late days of the SNES, and cancelled due to Nintendo's Quality Control. However, it may have sat on some programmers shelf for many years, until it was discovered by the team, and they slightly changed the game to appear at a glance to be a biking game. That's the only explanation other than illegal substances that explains the awful gameplay. First of all, the game seems to be a direct ripoff of Mat Hoffman, it shares similar menus, goals, visuals, even sounds. If I ran Midway, I um, wouldn't rip off Mat Hoffman. That game was pretty terrible. So right off the bat there is a lot to hate. The levels share near identicle goals, such as get a sick score (That was in the Mat Hoffman games) and ones that are basically Mat Hoffman goals worded diffrently, such as ''Grind the five switches'' and ''Collect the 10 Gravity games symbols''. It's so blatanly forged its outright pathetic. And although Mat Hoffman was really bad, at least it was consistant.

In GG, the controls are very loosely, poorly done. It's still X to jump and Triangle to grind, but they literally only work about HALF the time, if your lucky. You will get horribly fusterated every time you attempt to grind the lip of the halfpipe only to fall like a trash can in a thunderstorm. And should you attempt to do any form of air off the halfpipe, you will almost always fall over even after landing perfectly. On spins, IF you can get the controller to move your biker sideways, you will be stunned as you ift your hand off the button, only to keep SLOWLY spining! That was just crazy. I can tell you, as a rollerblader who can consistanly 540 on the half pipe, I have NEVER kept spinning after I stopped pushing myself. I will always stop when realease pressure off my shoulders.

Next we move onto the collision detection. It is flat out terrible, you will fall through stuff when you don't want to, and respawn either IN or halfway in the object, and will ''die'' and respawn many times before getting out. This is probably due to minimal playtesting effort. And you can seem to hit a rail PERFECTLY, only to press Triangle over five times, usually getting the biker to fall on his ass, or bust out a ''50-50'' grind. Yeah thats right, 50-50.

The courses are decently large ''meaning slightly larger than Mat Hoffman's levels'' but with AWFUL designs. The levels have almost no freedom, it's usally a halfway that leads to a room with a vert, to another halway with a rail, leading to a small room with a vert with a ROLL IN. They lack any sort of theme, it might as well have been created in Mat Hoffman's park editor.

As for graphics, these are basically slightly sharpened N64 graphics with fog. Fog is always around you everywhere, like a mosquito in the summer, biting you and sucking your blood for it's own benefit. The perspective is VERY similar to Mat Hoffman, and if your ever lucky enough to hit any trick, you'll see a Mat Hoffman animation. By the way, the button lay out is WIERD! I mean, Up up down for a manual?

Sound consists of a large amount of generic rap and rock songs. The beggining video features the awesome song ''Down with the Sickness'' by Disturbed, (which I was while playing the game) but for no reason other than to piss people off, Midway decided not to. This is puzzling. I mean, you'd need to pay a LOT of money to get a song like that on your game, and your too lazy to put it in anything besides the opening video? What the hell?

In closing Gravity Games is the Superman 64 of this generation, the cream of the crap, the worst of the worst. Avoid this if you can.

And interestingly enough, Midway never sent IGN a copy to review......wonder why? But gamespt got one because I don't think the companies send them one free, and it got a 1.7. That is BAD. The people who have Gamecubes should be glad this got cancelled, and hopefully the XBox version should be cancelled too. And they should recall this piece of trash, because I don't see anything at all good about it.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 08/30/02, Updated 08/30/02

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