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"This is the fourth game in the Spyro series. Both my sister and I have played and beat all three of the previous games and we have enjoyed them all."

Overall 8/10

Gameplay 9/10

Spyro was exciting. You never would know what was going to happen next. Enemies would just pop up from anywhere. It was kind of like you were being ambushed. Now that Spyro has more than just flame breath (he gets bubble, ice and electricity) it makes the game more interesting. Enter the Dragonfly was easy yet it was hard. I know that what I just said probably makes no sense but let me try to explain. Controlling Spyro is easy. Also some of the dragonflies you need to get are easy to find while others are hard and challenging to get (you might need a certain breath). Using bubble breath to catch the dragonflies was a cool idea. There are also challenges you need to complete, which can get very challenging. Many of the characters from the previous Spyro games also have appearances in Enter the Dragonfly (Bianca, Moneybags, Hunter, and others)

Story 6/10

If you have played Spyro 2 then you know who Ripto is. Well guess what, he is back and meaner than ever. Ripto steals the dragonflies that are supposed to be given to the dragons at a big ceremony. So guess what. Spyro has to go on another adventure to save the dragonflies. Basically the same exact plot as the other Spyro games except that you have to get dragonflies instead of eggs, dragons, talismans, or orbs.

Graphics/Sound 8/10

Graphics 9/10
The graphics are the best of any Spyro game I have yet to see. All of the characters you know already look so much better. Everything is more descriptive and in depth. The creators of Enter the Dragonfly did a great job making the game’s graphics look very good.

Sound 6/10
The music is pretty good until you run around a level trying to collect everything for a couple of hours the music gets really annoying. Also the background sound (voices and people talking during conversations) gets annoying to listen to for a long time. The people’s voices during conversations and the dragonflies’ voices are really like a scratchy noise that gets on your nerves.

Play Time/ Replayability 5/10

Play Time 4/10
Compared to the other Spyro games Enter the Dragonfly is really short. There is only one home world and only nine levels. Compare that to the multiple home worlds and levels of the other Spyro games. The only good thing is that the levels are a lot bigger and not as straightforward as those of the previous Spyro games are. The levels are more of go in a direction and hope you find something. Kind of like the real world. There are also more things to accomplish per level.

Replayability 5/10
As with most Spyro games if you replay the game most of the enemies are in the same places as are the gems and dragonflies. It is fun to accomplish 100% but really the replay value isn’t the best.


If you are a real die-hard Spyro fan then by all means buy the game. If you played the other Spyro games but you’re not die-hard about the games rent it on a three day weekend when you have nothing to do. If you get the game as a gift definitely keep it. Overall I think it is a fun game but as with all games it has its problems.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/19/03, Updated 01/19/03

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