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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Matty 101

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                                  XIII Walkthrough - PS2
                         ______                 _______
                        |_    _|               |_     _|
                          \   \        __________|   |
                           \   \      |_  _     _|   |________
                            \   \      / / |   | |   |__     _|
                             \   \    / /  |   | |   |  |   |
                              \   \  / /   |   | |   |  |   |
                               \   \/ /    |   | |   |  |   |
                                \    /     |   | |   |  |   |
                                 \   \     |   | |   |  |   |
                                 /    \    |   | |   |  |   |
                                / /\   \   |   | |   |  |   |
                               / /  \   \  |   | |   |  |   |
                              / /    \   \_|   |_|   |  |   |
                             / /      \    ______|   |  |   |
                           _/ /_       \   \     |   |  |   |
                          |_____|      _\   \_   |   |__|   |_
                                      |_______|  |   |________|
                                                _|   |_
    WARNING: THIS WALKTHROUGH CONTAINS SPOILERS! Major spoilers are coded though
             before they are reached in the game.
    Section A    - My Introduction
           AA1   - Acknowledgements
           AA2   - Version Number plus overview of updates
           AA3   - Copywrite Information
    Section B    - Getting Started (and other information)
           BB1   - Controls
           BB2   - Main Menu
           BB3   - Game Introduction
           BB4   - Main Characters
           BB5   - In-Game Menu
           BB6   - Weapons
           BB7   - Inventory Objects
    Section C    - Hints, Tips, and Cheats
    Section D    - Skills
           DD1   - Breathing Skill
           DD2   - Dual Weapon Skill
           DD3   - Medical Care Skill
           DD4   - Lockpicking Skill
           DD5   - Stealth Skill
           DD6   - Sixth Sense Skill
           DD7   - Sniper Skill
           DD8   - Stunning Skill
    Section E    - Walkthrough
           EA1   - Brighton Beach
           EB1   - Escape From First Aid Post
           EC1   - Escape The Beach Using The Killer's Pick-Up Truck
           EA2   - Winslow Bank
           EB2   - Access The Strongroom
           EC2   - Escape From The Bank
           EA3   - FBI Headquarters
           EB3   - Rejoin The Soldier On The Rooftops
           EA4   - Rooftops
           EB4   - Follow Jones
                              Section A - Introduction
    Hey all. This is my first walkthrough, so I hope you all like it.
    If anyone has any queries, notice something is missing, would like to post
    this walkthrough, etc. please e-mail me at marv-101@lycos.co.uk.
    AA1 - Acknowledgements
    Thankyou to all these people:
    Gamefaqs for hosting this walkthrough!
    DarkTim for giving me his XIII title artwork
    AA2 - Version Number
    Version Number 0.2
    Completed up to end of level 3 on Section E.
    AA3 - Copywrite
    This walkthrough is copywrited 2004. Any unauthorised used of this walkthrough
    is strictly prohibited, and in violation of the copywrite law.
    If this walkthrough is found on any site without my persmission, I will take
    immediate action, depending on the situation.
    If anyone would like to submit this walkthrough or any part of it to another
    website, personal or otherwise, MUST ask me first. In the case I say yes,
    FULL credit MUST go to me (marv-101)
                             Section B - Getting Started
    This section of the walkthrough aims to help you to get started before playing
    the game.
    BB1 - Controls
    X                    - Action Button / Reload
    O                    - Next Weapon
    Square               - Previous Weapon
    Triagle              - Quick Heal
    R1                   - Primary Fire
    R2                   - Alternate Fire
    L1                   - Jump
    L2                   - Crouch
    Left/Right           - Scroll Inventory
    Up/Down              - Re-centre Aim
    Left Analogue Stick  - Move
    Right Analogue Stick - Look/Aim
    Note: These are the primary settings, and can be changed in the Main Menu.
    BB2 - Main Menu
    Profile Selection Screen - Choose "New Profile" if you have never played
                               before. If you have an existing profile, select it
    -Main Screen-
    Continue     - Press X to continue the latest game in progress
    New Game     - Press X to start a new game
    Load a game  - Press X to load a saved game from your 8mb PS2 Memory Card
    Multi-player - Select this option to start playing multi-player
    Options      - Select to view or change the game options
    -Continue Screen-
    Play   - Press X to start playing your last saved game. Note that it will NOT
             load where the game was actually saved, but rather where you last got
             a checkpoint and saved.
    Story  - Summarises the story so far, depending on how far you have got.
    Skills - Press X to view the skills you have obtained. To obtain these skills
             you have to collect certain documents scattered throughout the game
             or pass certain aspects of the game within missions.
    Documents  - Press X to view the various documents you have obtained.
    Conspiracy - Select this option to view the various members of the conspiracy
                 you have unmasked
    -Load a game -
    Select the saved game you wish to play from.
    -Options Menu-
    Parental Lock - Activate this to remove the violent graphics in the game.
                    Once it is activated, you can deactivate it by pressing X
                    again. (Not sure why this is built in though, it's not as if
                    parents are going to put this option on if they know nothing
                    about it!)
    Audio Menu - Select to adjust the audio settings.
         * MusicMenu: Activate or deactivate the music.
         * Mode: Activate or deactivate stereo mode.
    Video Menu - Select to adjust the screen.
         * Horizontal: Use the cursors to move the screen left or right.
         * Vertical: Use the cursors to move the screen up or down.
    Controls - Press X to change the control configorations.
    Advanced Options - Access advanced options.
         * Vibration: Change vibration on or off.
         * Auto-aim: Activate or deactivate the auto-aim feature.
         * View Speed: How sensitive the controls are when looking.
    Difficulty Menu - Changes the difficulty.
         * Arcade: Easy mode (although it is still hard!)
         * Normal: Normal mode.
         * Realistic: Hard mode.
    BB3 - Game Introduction
    Note: This is taken from the PS2 XIII game manual:
    The United States.
    The country's still in a state of shock after President Sheridan's
    You wake up, amnesiac and wounded, on a deserted East Coast beach. Your only
    clues to your identity are the number XIII tattooed near your collarbone and
    the key to a safety-deposit box.
    Though your memory has let you down, you find you have the reflexes of a
    highly-trained professional combatant.
    You set off in search of your past, discovering the part you played in the
    killing of the President of the United States and tracing the biggest
    conspiracy ever known in the history of the country to its source.
    BB4 - Main Characters
    XIII - This is who you play, or so you are led to believe. You later find out
           you have taken over Steve Rowland's (the real XIII) identity. Your real
           name is Jason Fly.
    The other characters are again taken from the PS2 XIII manual:
    General Carrington - He seems to know a lot about your past. He's convinced
                         your innocent, and he'll do anything he can to help
                         you find the truth.
    Jones - Carrington's aide-de-camp. Above all, she's a highly trained soldier
            watches over you when the going gets really tough (believe me, she
            will help you out, and you'll thank her for it later on during the
    Amos - A high-ranking FBI man. Amos is in charge of investigating the plot
           behind President Sheridan's assassination.
    The Mongoose - A ruthless killer, he hunts down XIII for the Conspiracy. Until
                   his contract is fulfilled, nothing will stand in his way (which
                   can be very annoying!!!)
    Number 1 - He conducts the Conspiracy that assassinated President Sheridan
               from the shadowns. Will you be able to foil his evil plans?
               (If you wanna know who he is, either play the game, or uncrack
               this code - SZ.HDF XNFGKCZY!!!! (To uncrack it, look on any
               standard keyboard, and the proper letter will be below diagonally
               down and to the right of the coded letter. If the coded letter is
               at the bottom of the keyboard, the proper letter will be diagonally
               up and to the left TWICE (as if starting again)). I have put this
               in code as it is a major spoiler, which you should wait until the
               end to discover! Everything SHOULD make sense once you have
               discovered the identity of Number 1, even if you work it out now!
    BB5 - In-Game Menu
    Save Game - Select to save the game. Note: if you load a saved game, it will
                load you back to the beginning of the level, or just after a
                checkpoint, so there really is no need to save unless you complete
                a level, or reach a checkpoint - it just wastes valuable playing
    Return To Game - Does exactly what it says on the tin! (Just gets rid of the
    Controls - Various control options.
    Skills - View the skills you have obtained.
    Retry - Select this to restart at the beginning of a level, or after a
    Main Menu - Takes you back to the main menu. Note: unsaved progress will be
    BB6 - Weapons
    Fists - Hold R1 to keep thumping. Good when sneaking from behind as neutrilises
            enemies (will NEED to thump or karate chop (from behind) when asked
            to neutrilise enemies). Stealth.
    Various Objects - Pick up various objects with X when a differnt curser comes
                      on screen. Hit people with R1 ti knock them out instantly 
                      (neutrilises them). Stealth.
    Knife - Press R2 to use as dagger, or R1 to throw it (aim for the head!)
            Effective if thrown in the head. Stealth weapon.
    9mm Pistol - Basic handgun. Stealth weapon.
    Grenade - Powerful weapon. Has a delay 'til the explosion, and be careful
              not to blow yourself up! If it explodes near you, everything will
              be slow and shakey for a while.
    .44 Special - Powerful gun (but not my favourite).
    Shotgun and Pump-Action Shotgun - Powerful weapons which take time to reload.
    Harpoon Launcher - Mainly for use under water but can be used on ground.
    Crossbow - Press R2 to zoom in, and again to zoom in further. Aim at heads
               for instant kills. Holds one arrow at a time to begin with, which
               is annoying if you miss someone, but gets updated to three at a
               time later on! :) Stealth weapon.
    Mini-Gun - Powerful handheld submachine gun! Watch out for recoil (curser moves
               when shooting), so don't hold fire for too long.
    Kalash - Good automatic gun. Watch out for recoil.
    Assault Rifle (AR) - Basically the same as a Kalash, but press R2 to lauch
                         AR grenades with no delay!
    SMG (Sub-Machine Gun) - Heavy weapon which slows you down, but very powerful.
    RPG (Bazooka) - Most powerful weapon. Slows XIII down, and watch out not
                    to blow yourself up.
    Sniper Rifle - Press R2 to zoom in, and again to zoom in further. Aim for heads
                   for one hit kills. Brilliant for long range. Stealth Weapon.
    BB7 - Inventory Objects
    Scroll through the inventory with the left and right buttons. Press X to use
    these objects:
    Medkit - Recovers 25 hit points (or 50 with "medical care" skill)
    Full Medkit - Recovers 50 hit points (or 100 with "medical care" skill)
    Key - Use to unlock various doors. Pick these up from some guards.
    Lockpick - Use to pick locks on doors. Can be time consuming, but not usually.
    Magnetic Pass - Swipe this (with X) in machines next to locked doors to open
    Grapnel (Hook) - Aim and press X to hook on to various hooks to swing or climb
                     to various places. Press R1 to go, R2 to go down, X to release
                     and up, down, left or right to swing.
                           Section D - Hints, Tips, and Cheats
    What follows are some general tips that I have picked up whilst playing XIII
    and they should make playing it a lot easier.
    1. Reload whenever you get the chance. Some weapons take a long time to reload
       whilst others have a short ammo supply at once (before you have to reload
       again). When you are in the clear, reload. Trust me, it helps a lot. The
       last thing you want is to jump out on an enemy, fire one shot, only for them
       to literally kill you whilst you try to reload. Before you know it, you have
       to restart the mission/level. RELOAD FREQUENTLY!
    2. Try to be stealthy no matter what. If you fire a loud weapon, others will
       hear, and you will have god knows how many people shooting at you at once.
       I'm not saying to do everything in stealth, but if you can, just hit them
       with a broom or something for a one-hit stealthy kill. But obviously if
       there a loads of people in one area who you must kill, just get an automatic
       weapon out.
    3. Watch out for recoil. Because automatic weapons are powerful, your gun
       naturally moves up. Due to this, you may not be hitting your target, giving
       them the advantage to shoot you. If you are using one of these weapons,
       use short bursts. When the cross-hairs moves off your target, stop shooting
       re-aim, and shoot again. You will know when they are dead as you will hear
       them shout "Argh!", and blood will come out of them (if parental lock is
    4. Take cover. If there is a locker you can use to hide from an enemy, use it!
       Hide behind it, wait until they turn their back, sneak up on them, then
       karate chop them, shoot them, or whatever you want! If you are doing a
       stealth mission, karate chop them if you can.
    5. When doing stealth missions, only use the stealth weapons (they are listed
       in the weapons section (BB6). If you use any of the other weapons, others
       will hear and raise the alarm. Only use the other weapons if you KNOW
       there is no one else about for a while.
    6. Have you noticed when using a weapon where you can zoom in, that when you
       zoom in the furthest you can, that your aim keeps moving? Well to stop it
       moving, you either have to get the sniping skill, or if you stay perfectly
       still whilst you are zoomed in the maximum for a few seconds, your aim will
       be perfect. But you will have to do this everytime. Only do this when the
       person you are going to shoot cannot see you, otherwise you are just
       wasting time, and will be shot. Once you obtain the sniping skill, you don't
       have to worry about doing this :)
    7. Pick up as much armour as you can. There are four types. These are:
       *Light Vest: Basic body armour, but you do not get an awful lot of it.
       *Heavy Vest: Same as light vest, but you get more of it (100 hit points
       *Light Helmet: Basic helmet which reduces impact of shots to head. Don't get
                      too much of it.
       *Heavy Helmet: Same as light helmet, but again you get 100 hit points worth.
       To get the more hit points for the vests, do not aim at the enemy's chest.
       This will reduce the amount of hit points it will give you. Aim for their
       heads instead. Note that these armour can be find lying around.
    8. Medikits. Do not waste time scrolling through the inventory as you may get
       shot whilst doing so. Instead just press triangle. The game will recognise
       which medikit to use. If you only have a little health to recover, the game
       will automatically use a small medikit if it can find one. Or if you have
       a lot of health to recover, it will use a full medikit. This comes in handy
       when fighting bosses! Also, be on the look out for as many medikits as
       possible. Usually they are lying around, but sometimes you can find them
       from people you have just killed.
    If you have anymore tips, e-mail them to me at marv-101@lycos.co.uk
                                  Section D - Skills
    These skills will help you on your way, and you obtain them from finding
    certain documents, or completing a certain aspect in the game. By the way, I
    am not sure if these are the EXACT names, or if they are in order, but it
    doesn't matter as this tells you what they do, and you do not collect them in
    order (or at least I didn't anyway):
    DD1 - Breathing Skill
    Without this skill, XIII can hold his breath for around 24 seconds. When you
    have got this skill, he can hold it for around 43 seconds. This may come in
    handy if you ever find yourself stuck underwater!
    DD2 - Dual Weapon Skill
    When you have got this skill, XIII can sometimes hold two of the same gun
    (depending on what gun it is, and if you have two of them). Press R2 to switch
    between one or two guns.
    DD3 - Medical Care Skill
    This skill makes the medikits twice as effective. Normal medikits will now give
    you 50 health, and full medikits will give you 100 health!
    DD4 - Lockpicking Skill
    XIII will now lockpick doors twice as fast, which is handy if there are enemies
    DD5 - Stealth Skill
    You can now walk without making as much noise, so you can sneak up on enemies!
    DD6 - Sixth Sense Skill
    XIII can now sense where enemies are. This works by hearing the "Tap"s that
    they make whilst walking. Thus if they are stationary, you cannot sense them.
    This majorly helps as you can determine where they are, and when to ambush them
    (when they are turned the other way).
    DD7 - Sniper Skill
    You will now be able to have perfect aim when sniping. No longer will you have
    to wait a few seconds for perfect sniping.
    DD8 - Stunning Skill
    XIII can now "stun" people by creeping up behind them and pressing X to
    instantly knock them out. Perfect for being stealthy.
                             Section E - Walkthrough
                              EA1 - Brighton Beach
    Watch the sequence, and it will explain the story so far about the
    assassination of the president, and how is brother shall continue his work.
    You then wake up on a beach and there is a woman. You are wounded and have
    amnesia. She tries to help you walk back to the First Aid Post. Walk to the
    woman. You will have a flashback on how you were washed up on the shore, then
    you pass out. 
    EB1 - Escape from the First Aid Post
    When you wake up, you are at the first aid post with the lifeguard who found
    you. She will give you a key to Winslow Bank. Unfortunately for her, she gets
    shot. You must now escape from the First Aid Post. Using the throwing knife,
    kill the man at the door. Aim for the head for a one-hit kill. Now go to the
    back room. Collect the medikit by pressing X on that box thingy. Use it by
    pressing triangle. If you go out onto the porch, there is an enemy. Throw a
    knife at his head. If you aim anywhere else, he will not die instantly,
    costing you health and ammo. Walk over him to get his gun, and select it by
    scrolling through the weapons by pressing O or square. More ammo is on the
    bench. Now go back inside.
    On the desk just inside is a key. It is easily visible as there is a white
    square. Whenever you see a white square like that, there is something important
    you must collect or hit, etc. Anyways, collect the key and use it to unlock
    the front door. To do this, walk up to the door and your curser should change.
    Press the action button (X) and you should hear a click. Now your curser should
    be a hand. Press X again and the door will open.
    Pick up the Kalash dropped by the man who was outside the door before you
    killed him, and equip it by scrolling through the weapons with O. In front of
    you should be some crates with ammo for the Kalash on. Once you have got this
    ammo, there should be two men to your right. Kill them with your Kalash and
    grab their weapons. Always try and grab your enemy's weapons as this will be
    the way you mainly get your ammo, weapons, and sometimes armour. Further along
    this area should be another First Aid Box. Open like last time and get the
    Full Medikit. Whenever you see an item that you cannot pick up, but should
    be able to, aim your curser at it, and you should get it.
    Now go back to the deck and follow it. Shoot anyone who pops out. Watch out for
    people on the cliff, they will start shooting at you. If you think you don't
    need to worry about them, carry on. If otherwise, kill 'em. To do this, aim at
    them (naturally) at wait until your curses changes to cross-hairs. When this
    happens, you know you are aiming at them. If you are using the Kalash, watch
    out for recoil.
    Once you get to the docks, go in the yellow boat for a medikit (watch out for
    the helicopter which will drop off some enemies for you to kill), then go back
    to the main deck, and continue until the end.
    EC1 - Leave The Beach With The Killer's Pick-Up Truck
    Shoot the man that comes out from behind and pick up the key. Use this to
    unlock the truck. To do this, walk up to the driver's door, and press X.
    ----Level Complete----
                                   EA2 - Winslow Bank
    EB2 - Access The Strongroom
    First of all, do NOT shoot anyone. Walk up to the main desk where someone is
    calling "Mr. Rowland". Speak with him, and then follow him to the left through
    the security door. A large safe will now be opened for you to find the
    safety deposit box. Walk in. Run to the end of the Vault, and turn left. A
    white square shows you where your box is (remember, white squares are
    important!). Open the box and pick up what is inside. The timer will start
    ticking (it's a bomb!) and you will have a flashback (he has great timing
    doesn't he?).
    EC2 - Escape From The Bank
    Once the flashback is over, go through the whole that the bomb creates in the
    wall. Move straight and the right into a narrow corridor. Climb the ladder,
    crawl through the vent whilst crouching (L2) until you get to a grate or wire
    mesh (depending on what you wanna call it - i'll call it a grate from now on).
    Punch it and drop down into the room. -Checkpoint-
    Go right and there will be a security guard. Creep up behind him and knock him
    out with the action button (X) when the curses changes. If he spots you,
    hold R1 to repeatedly thump him. Remember, do NOT kill any bank staff!
    Punches, karate chops, and using object are ok, but NOTHING else! However,
    still pick his gun up. Go up the stairs and pick up the chair with the action
    button. Keep going until you reach the top and knock the guard out by pressing
    fire (R1).
    Go along the balcony and knock out the second guard with another chair. Keep
    going round the balcony. Once you get to the third guard, use the ashtray on
    the desk to knock him out. Go into the the director's room (it is labelled)
    and watch/listen to what happens. Once the conversation is over, a guard will
    exit the room by the door on the right. A guard will now be coming from the
    other side (look at the "Tap"s). Knock him out when he opens the door with a
    chair. Go through and pick up the medikit on the shelf. Now go the library.
    In the library are two guards. Find some objects to hit them with and knock
    them out. Watch out for their "Tap"s to know where they are (this is important
    throughout the game!). When they turn away, come out from behind the book case
    and hit them. Once they have both been knocked out, go to the opposite end
    of the library from when you came in, and jump onto the table. Crouch, punch
    the grate, and follow the vent to the hallway. -Checkpoint-
    Down the hall, a woman will want you to take her hostage. Go behind her, wait
    for the curser to change (this particular curser means you can take that
    person hostage for future reference). Now do NOT press the action button unless
    the curser changes for you to do something (such as pushing a button) as you
    will kill/knock out (dunno which, lol) the hostage. Grab the magnectic card
    from the table and swipe it to open the door on the left (only press X once
    the curser changes to that when you usually swipe cards). Once you open the
    door, there will be police. KEEP THE HOSTAGE FACING THEM! If not, they will
    shoot you. A friend told me that you can actually shoot them whilst you have
    the hostage, and they will not shoot you back! So select a weapon, and shoot
    'em! If it doesn't work, sorry, but it was just a tip from a friend. Anyways,
    back to the right corner and follow round until you can press an elevator
    button. Go in the elevator and press the button. Hopefully the police will not
    have shot you. If you drop the hostage, just shoot the police normally and
    run into the elevator so you don't die. If you have her still, drop her once
    the elevator doors close.
    Once on the next floor, some enemies have ambushed the bank and have started
    shooting the bank staff. Now you have the ability to shoot THEM but NOT the
    staff. Whenever you are not supposed to shoot someone, if you have a gun out,
    the curser will be a circle with a line through it. This means you CANNOT
    shoot them! Kill the enemies. In one of the doors on the left will be a Full
    Medikit so go get it. Anyways, work your way to the back of the balcony,
    killing and collecting ammo along the way. Get to the stairs, and turn right
    into the emergency exit.
    On the otherside there will be a man shooting you from a higher catwalk. Shoot
    him, and work your way down the emergency exit stairs/ladders until you are on
    the ground. Here you will be placed under arrest.
    ---Level Complete---
                                 EA3 - FBI Headquarters
    EB3 - Rejoin The Soldier On The Rooftop
    At the beginning of this level on the projection in front of you is proof that
    you are the assassin. An exlposion makes everyone in the room leave. Once they
    have left, you will hear a "Pssst". Look right and Jones is behind a grate.
    She will shoot your cuffs and you are free to complete the level.
    One thing you need to know - DO NOT SHOOT THE FBI AGENTS! If you get confused
    to who is an FBI agent, remember the curser that your gun will display (a
    circle with a line through). Instead, you are going to have to knock them out.
    Go through the door on the left of the room. There should be two guards to your
    left. Other walkthroughs may tell you to go through a vent here, but there is
    no need to. Just go up to the first one and hold R1 to repeatedly punch him.
    Hopefully he will not be able to shoot back, allowing you to knock him out, and
    to proceed onto the other guy, who has probably gone round the corner to the
    left. Once they have both been knocked out, you can go to the room you just
    walked past (near where you knocked the first guard out) and collect some
    ammo and a medikit from the locker/cabinet thingies.
    Go through the doors on the opposite side and get the Full Medikit from
    behind the power board. Grab a chair and knock out the guard. Punch the boxes
    and the grate, and crawl through the vent. When you emerge, you'll be in a
    hallway with FBI agents and enemies who will be shooting them/you. You CAN
    shoot the enemies, but be careful not to shoot the FBI agents. Knock them out
    instead. Make your way to the end of the hallway and enter the door to your
    left. Kill the enemy in this room, and the one who should now enter. Leave this
    room by the other door and turn right at the hallway.
    Kill the enemy and make your way to the penultimate opened door and enter it.
    On the left should be a door so go through it. Kill the enemy holding the FBI
    Agent hostage. Go back to the office you just came from and collect the
    medikit in the locker/cabinet thing. Exit this office back into the hallway
    and go through the blasted door, climb the stairs, and go through the brown
    doors. - Checkpoint-
    Go into the next room and kill the three enemies (one will come in after you
    shoot the other two). After that, go into the third room. Kill the people on
    the left. Now go right and there should be a hole in the floor. Shoot the men
    down there, and make your way to the next room by walking alone the small
    ledge right next to the wall, and be sure to kill the guys shooting you.
    Go left into a small room, and then go right. Walk into a big room and kill
    everyone inside it. Be careful as some guys may hide behind the crates. Find
    another small room on the right, and then turn left into a narrow corridor.
    Crouch into the hole in the wall and climb the ladder.
    ---Level Complete---
                                  EA4 - Rooftops
    EB4 - Follow Jones

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