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AM2 - Sega Unit - DirectorMakoto Osaki
AM2 - Sega Unit - Sound ProducerTatsutoshi Narita
General ProducerHisashi Suzuki
ProducerYu Suzuki
Tose Unit - Assistant DirectorGouki Kitamura
Tose Unit - Assistant DirectorTeruyuki Okumura
Tose Unit - DesignerKeiju Go
Tose Unit - DesignerKouji Nakajima
Tose Unit - DesignerTetsuo Nishikawa
Tose Unit - DesignerRyuji Shimatani
Tose Unit - DesignerKoukichi Yamamoto
Tose Unit - DesignerYusuke Yamazaki
Tose Unit - DirectorHiroyoshi Inoue
Tose Unit - Game DesignerTeruyuki Okumura
Tose Unit - Main DesignerNoboru Shirahase
Tose Unit - Main ProgrammerTakashi Higashijima
Tose Unit - ProgrammerRyuzo Konda
Tose Unit - ProgrammerKen Morimoto
Tose Unit - ProgrammerKiyotaka Omura
Tose Unit - ProgrammerHisashi Sugimoto
Tose Unit - SoundTakeshi Sato


Data and credits for this game contributed by Mookiethebold, LordAndrew, oliist, and hydao.

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