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"The 2K series is back and better than ever."

The Madden series has always reined supreme over football simulators, but when it comes right down to it NFL 2K3 still has more to offer in almost every respect.

NFL 2K3's (2K3) graphics are second to none offering some of the most fluid animations to date. Players can almost always be identified by their faces and not the numbers on their uniforms. Stadiums are accurately modeled with an amazing amount of detail, not to mention great lighting effects and superb camera angles during instant replays. SEGA has partnered with ESPN to bring home an almost lifelike broadcasting feel. To the untrained eye you might think you were watching an actual game.

To further punctuate the feel of watching a football game are professional announcers that have a seemingly endless amount of different things to say during a game. Players can be herd trash talking each other before a play and quarterbacks spout out the generic comments such as ''tow 22 hut hut hike.'' More over, players yell out the usual cries of pain when being tackled, and the crowds react according to what's happening in the game.

If the fantastic visuals and outstanding audio don't impress you than 2K3's gamplay sure will. You can do just about anything in 2K3 including: create your own team, create a player, play with all teams including the Houston Texans, tweak everything about the game, create a game with a specific scenario, cut players from your team, trade players, sign on players, become a coach in a game, and did I mention you can do anything in this game. Well, as you can see the evidence is overwhelming and you'll undoubtedly spend hours doing experiencing everything there is to play around with in 2K3. These are all reasons why I think 2K3 is a deeper game than Madden 2003. Sure Madden may have better fan support, but NFL 2K3 is, without a doubt, simply a better game.

So if your a hungry football fan waiting for a decent football game that's worth buying than you should defiantly pick up NFL 2K3. And even if your just vaguely interested in the sport than you owe it to yourself to rent 2K3, if not for its incredibly addictive gameplay, than at least get it to support SEGA, who's been cranking out awesome games buy the barrel, but has not been getting the recognition it deserves.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/29/02, Updated 08/29/02

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