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Reviewed: 09/12/02 | Updated: 09/12/02

NFL 2K3, possibly the game.........EVER!</comic book guy>

NFL 2K3 is a great game. In my opinion, the 2K series' engine is a whole lot better than Madden's or Gameday's, it's more realistic, but still has an arcade feel to it.
Graphics~9/10-Most of the players' faces are recognizable through the masks, and the overall player model is a lot more realistic than the other popular NFL games, so by looking at say, Tom Brady, and you don't know who it is(because you're too damn lazy to look at the name on the back of his jersey), you know that it's him from the face. The stadiums also look true to life, unlike past games where you'd only know the difference between stadiums because of what colors everything was, in this game you can see the exact model of the stadium, it seems like they took a lot of time on this...
Sound~8/10-The commentary is great, aside from when the one announcer shouts out ''You can't Coach that!'' as in the previous 2K games. You can choose the menu music from a list of over 30 songs, most of which are real ESPN or Sportscenter songs, as Sega now has the ESPN license, meaning the game has ESPN things all over it...but I'll get to those later. Other menu music choices are some of the old menu songs from the other games in the series. Unlike EA, Sega didn't get the rights to any real songs to play in-game, but during gameplay in the stadium, you can hear cheap knock-offs of real songs that you'd hear at a real game, like Gary Glitter's Rock n' Roll Pt. 2(you know, the duh-duh-duuuuh...duh-duh...duh-duhhh...duh-duhhhhh..HEY!...duh-duh-duh song) and Aerosmith's Walk this Way
Gameplay~9/10-Fun, but on different level modes different things easier and harder. Hail Mary passes are completed most of the time, but it's very hard to spring a 20+ yard run play, yet on defense, it's impossible to stop the run, but easy to tip and deflect passes. This might be because I use the Patriots, who are stronger in some areas than others. Franchise mode is pretty good, with a good rookie draft system and new schedules each year with the right amount of division games and everything(I hate sports games where they make you play the same schedule over and over again).
Replay~7/10-For most sports games, when next's year's version comes out, this one just gets thrown out the window. It's a good game, and you can make roster adjustments to update the game, and it's kind of addictive, so you could still play this by the time NFL 2K8 comes out if you want to...
Buy/Rent~Rent, then Buy later-It's a good game, but it seems to be Hit-or-Miss, some like this better, some like Madden, so rent them both and decide what you like better, then if you really like it, buy
Others~8/10-There are some other great options in the game too, but most are flawed. Create a Player is good, but you can't do much with it, the computer just randomly picks the college your CAP went to, and you can't choose how many year's he's played, and it's really annoying when you create John Elway and they go ''nice pass from the rookie out of Kent State'' or something along those lines. There is a create a team mode, but as with most games, the CAT mode is pretty bad, generic logos you have to choose from, you can't choose the city, and it'll be a few years before any sports game gets the system down. the opening movie with Dan Patrick is a good touch, but in it his lips and the video aren't in sync, it's maybe a .5 second delay, but people are hating it for some reason. There is a nice reward for any big ESPN fans after completing a season of franchise, but I'm not going to tell you and spoil it, so you'll have to wait and see.
Overall~9/10-I pretty much said it all, I'm probably forgetting things, but this is enough to get by, so until next year's version, this is the game....EVER

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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