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Reviewed: 09/29/02 | Updated: 09/29/02

This game won't have trouble getting a first down with fans.

NFL 2k3 had me from the very beginning. It offers great sound, great graphics, easy controls, and spectacular gameplay. I recommend it fully, and even though the Madden series is a bit more popular, I don't see why more people buy into this.

Gameplay 10/10
The gameplay in 2k3 was nothing short of great. The controls were easy to pick up on, unless of course you are used to playing Madden games like I was, then it might take you a few exhibition games to master. Plays were easy to pick, and Sega even decided to throw in something called an Automatic Play Caller, which let's the computer pick a play for you if your not quite sure what will get you some yards. It is very easy to pass to the receiver that you want to get the ball, and it is also a breeze to learn how to use your defense to its potential. If you find that playing on Rookie mode is a little too easy for you, don't fear, there are four total difficulty settings. I think that the gameplay in 2k3 is possibly the best of any football game of all time.

Game Modes 10/10
There are eight total different game modes. Quick Game, or Exhibition if you will, Franchise, where you can play a total of 20 seasons, and if twenty seasons is too many for you, you can always just play one in Season Mode. If you want to cut right to the chase for your chance to win a Super Bowl, there is Playoff Mode, there is Tournament Mode were you can have four, eight, or sixteen teams compete, Practice Mode where you can get the hang of a new team's offense, Situation Mode where you can improve on numerous amounts of skills, and the brand new Online Mode, where you can play other football fans online, but you will need to have a Network Adapter hooked on to your Playstation 2. You also have the ability to create many different players and teams. There is the perfect amount of modes in 2k3, any more and you would feel overwhelmed, and any less and you would feel like there isn't enough to do.

Graphics 10/10
NFL 2k3 has amazing graphics and uses the PS2 to its fullest extent. When it is raining on the field it actually looks like you are looking out the window on a dreary day. When it is snowing it looks like December outside. The cheerleaders and fans all look like they are as lively as the players out on the grid iron, and the player's faces make it so you can tell who you are playing as without even looking at their name. Overall, I give Visual Concepts my greatest compliments.

Sound 10/10
Dan Stevens and Peter O'Keefe give great play-by-play. I have had the game for about two weeks now and I have only heard a few things repeated. As you play different games and are in different situations, they always have something new to say. When you are tackling someone, it sounds as though you are at a football game right up close to the action - pads clashing and bones crunching are always a recognizable sound to the sports fanatic. Player's taunts are also heard throughout the game, whether it is the coin toss or a 4th and 1, the cocky millionaires always have something to slam their opponents with. The music in the main menus will sound quite familiar to you. ESPN's and NFL's theme songs are playing, as well as a bunch of others.

Replayability? Definitely
I know that I will be playing this game for quite sometime, maybe until 2k4 comes out or maybe just until the highly anticipated NBA 2k3 comes out, but I know I will have a blast playing this game for a very long time.

To buy or rent? BUY! BUY! BUY!
This game is definitely worth the fifty dollars. If you are really doubting whether or not you will like this game, go ahead and rent it, or maybe you will spend a lot of time researching the game. That's fine by me. Who knows, maybe you won't even buy or rent it, but if you don't, you'll be missing out on one heck of a football game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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