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"Winner of the Super Bowl this year!"

Visual Concepts, you've done it again. You've come and gone for the season and you've left a wake of masterpieces in your wake. You've been doing this baddle with Madden fo four years now, and you are the victor this round.

Graphics: 10
Well, what can I say. Oh, I know; WOW! I mean, you can't help but put a smile on when you take a gander at this beauty. Well, anyway, let's move on. What makes these graphics so much better than say, the Madden models? Well, I'll tell you: Not only do the player bodies, the fields, and the lighting look great, but the faces are simply amazing. It seems VC spent at least a few weeks coding the faces alone. They are crafted with such detail that if it weren't for the play menus and the pass icons, you would swear that all the game is is stock ESPN Sunday Night Football games. But no, these are in-game moving models, eyes, teeth, mouths, every last bit.

Gameplay: 9.8
OK, OK, OK, I know what you're saying: ''9.8?! But his score says it's perfect!'' OK, granted this, but you must realize that we cannot add decimals. And the marigin is so small it would not be relevent. OK, onto the score: why not ten? Well, because the gameplay strikes a long-time Madden Fan as different. Very refreshing, but different. The controls for defene (especially boost) seem misplaced, but boost is the same for both sides, so that's fine and dandy. What gets me is the radial calling. All of the customization on defense is excellent, but something to get used to. The kicking game is a bit odd, too. The aiming arrow moves when you're lining up. When a kicker is calculating power, does his mind stray to where the kick should go? Anyway, the Gameplay is very good, just, well, a bit odd for an old Madden chum.

Sound: Immesurable
The sounds for this game are phenomenal. Before a play is snapped, you'll hear the QB calling play names or posistions if you want a player to go in motion, or the defense chattering trash talk to the offense (get this, after a tackle on my signed-to-the-almighty-Dolphins QB Elvis Grbac, I heard a d-man saying ''You're name may be Elvis, but you ain't the king!'' How, how, detailed!) Also, the crowd is great. Once a ref calls a penalty, or the other team intercepts, tthey'll react accordingly. The commentary is fine, if a bit inactive, though.

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Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/27/02, Updated 10/27/02

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