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"Great Game, and a Magnificent Challenge!"

Intro:This is most definitely the greatest Football game I have ever played to date, though I only own 7 for PS1 and PS2. There are some definite flaws though, on the challenge part of it, it is one of the most challenging games I have EVER played. But with the Practice, Certain Position in the game, Franchise, and Season modes, how could SEGA Sports go wrong?

Game play:9/10
The game play in this game is pretty good, only VERY few flaws I found here. The challenge is one of them that prevented it from being a 10. This game is EXTREMELY hard when you have it on Pro mode, I barely made the playoffs on Rookie mode, then lost in the first round. Also, there is way too many interceptions by the computer(mostly offensive), otherwise, the game play is great

The sound is also good, but it can also get annoying from point to point. Commentary is all well and good, everything sharp, crisp, and surprisingly, to me, rare. The linemen all grunt the same thing, and when your on defense, I find that the Offense does too much screaming to try and get you to jump offside, The sound would get a 10/10 if there was some more realistic, and longer, and clearer Arena themes. Sound is overall, good.

The graphics are phenomenal, in my point of view. The crowd is as realistic as ever, good ref graphics, although you can just run right through the referees, the player graphics are a force to be reckoned with, the greatest Sports graphics I have seen to date, in my opinion, YES even better than WWE Smackdown!:SYM. No flaws in the graphics, except the insane ability of dodging a lot of tackles by the computer, that's about it.

Game Options:10/10
The game options are what makes this game a 7/10 to an 8/10. You can pick anywhere in the game, the score, position, time left, in the Position mode, you can do a practice mode, where there is no Defense, a Franchise Mode, a Season mode and you can even have the NCAA2K3 Class in the Draft for Franchise mode! The options are fantastic

Replay Value:7/10
The Replay Value isn't as great as expected, it's decent though. Same old stuff, just drafts and trading... nothing big, and it would be cool if you could vote for your picks for the Pro Bowl, the Replay Value isn't that Bad, though.

From the Amazing graphics, to the Game Options, Sound, Replay Value, and more, this is one truly great game. I don't give out many 8's, 9's, and 10's for Video Games. I have only given out 1 10 to a video game(review never got posted) and this game is an honorable, respectful 8

Buy or Rent?:Buy
This is certainly a must have for any football fan with a PS2, It's the greatest to date, and is better than Madden, from what I have seen, and the atmosphere, that I have played with, NFL 2K3 is definitely a Thumbs UP for Sega Sports, and hopefully, NFL 2K4 gets rid of these small flaws, and becomes even better.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/31/03, Updated 01/31/03

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