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"Great game, but not flawless."

While I think the game is great, there are many other reviews that talk about its positive aspects so I'm going to talk about some of its faults. Don't take this as me saying the game is bad, I've been playing it since it came out and I still play it almost daily. The franchise mode keeps the game interesting.

Now on to the faults. One of my biggest gripes is that fact that the game has basically been made one player or ''coin-up'' like. This meaning that unless you play a vs game (exhibition match style), you'll be playing the game alone. Since the last game they took away the option for two or more people to play a season much less a franchise together. This was a major dissapointment since my friends and I always enjoyed dueling it out to the superbowl for bragging rights. There are ways around it, but the game doesn't support it and makes it far from enjoyable.

Another issue is defense, and it's a pretty big one. Passrushing is very difficult to impossible. It almost ALWAYS takes two defensive men to bring down an opposing quarterback (If you're playing the computer that is). I've had the ''pleasure'' of seeing a non-mobile quarterback like Tim Couch shrug off an amazing linebacker like Ray Lewis. So if you don't have another rushing defender to finish the job off, the opposing quarterback will simply dust himself off and complete the pass.

The game also seems to have trouble keeping with stats. For example in a game it said that Shockey had been thrown to 8 times (6 of which were caught) but then it also said he'd dropped 13 passes. I don't understand the math behind that in the slightest.

An improvement I'd like to see is making the announcers more dynamic. Rather than just being straight A to B, it would be great if they brought up things from games past. Like if players are on hot streaks over the last several games, or if a sub goes in for a downed starter, etc.

All this being said, I still like the game and I will buy 2k4 the week it comes out. The graphics of this game are great and as I said, the franchise mode is amazing at keeping you interested. The running game is the most improved part of the game in my eyes. (Though I have yet to figure out how to use a power runner since its next to impossible to run over anybody.) I'd reccomennd this game to any video game fan, and I'm not going to compare it to Madden because I haven't played the new Madden. I'm plenty satisfied with NFL 2k3

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/06/03, Updated 02/06/03

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