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Reviewed: 04/06/03 | Updated: 04/06/03

Impressive sometimes, but has many flaws

NFL2k3 has many excellent qualities and, in some ways, is one of the better football games that I have played. On the other hand, some of the gameplay is so frustrating that it makes me want to stop playing. On the all-pro level, the computer is so ridiculously superior to you in every way that it makes the game not fun. I will get to this later, but first the good parts.
The franchise mode is the shineing accomplishment of this game. Much deeper than any other football simulation's franchise, NFL 2K3 gives you alot of control over your team, both on and off the field. This is totally the most addicting part of the game. As far as gameplay, some of it is really impressive. I am used to my computer teamates being stupid, and not performing like they would in the real nfl. However, their AI in this game is actually really good. Your fullbacks will throw crushing blocks, and your db's will make athletic and intelligent plays to get the pick. This makes the game worth playing, and also tells you that it is a step up from previous versions.
Now, onto the problems of the game. The main problem is that on the all-pro level, the computer is ridiculously good, that the game loses all realism. First,we will talk about the running game. Whatever rb they are using is always going to be able to break all your tackles and rush for 200+ yards. The dumb part is, their rb's will just run into you and knock your lb's on the ground, and then they will break six more tackles and run all the way down the field. Can Alstott and Bettis just truck their way through a defense? yes, but Dillon and Tomlinson can't, and they still will knock Ray Lewis to the ground. The passing game is even harder to defend. On my franchise, I have an awesome secondary, yet the opposing qb will still have over an 80% completion rate and no picks. This is not Manning or Warner doing this, but Kerry Collins and Tim COuch. And the pass rush, forget about it. If you are lucky enought to break throught their impenetrable wall of offensive line, then their qb will brush warren sapp off like nothing. Very frustrating and unrealistic. On your offensive side, this game is very realistic. You won't get the benefits and superhuman powers that the CPU does, but you will perfrom very close to the ability of the nfl player that you are. The running game is very realistic, and although you can't buck everyone on the d-line, you can still gain good solid yards on each play. The passing is very realistic and well done, except for one thing, the receivers butter fingers. If they are even touched after catching the ball, they will drop it. I even had a good receiving crew, made up fo Moss, Shockey, and ed Mccafferey. Yet, I would still drop a ridiculous amount of balls. One game, I had 19 drops. 19! Most games in the NFL have a little lower than 5. Thats ridiculous to have so many, and the computer will have maybe 1 or 2. Other than the drops, the passing game is very realistic and better than most other NFL games.
Now, I will move onto graphics and sound. I don't really pay attention to graphics that much, I feel that they are not really an important part of the game. Never the less, the graphics on this game are awesome. The movements of the players are very realistic and it really adds to the game. The sound is also quite good. Trash talking is really good and funny, and makes the game entertaing. Even though the announcers are fake people, they are pretty good. They even joke around sometime, which is rare on a video game. All in all, graphics and sound are good.
Overall, the game is pretty good. Sometimes, it will really imprress me and I will love it. Other times, the computer will cheat so bad that I hate the game with a passion. It is really your choice, but I would recommend renting it before you decide to spend alot of money on it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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