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    Multiplayer FAQ by powerpac

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    Red Dead Revolver Mutiplayer FAQ
    Author           : Powerpac(Gene Wong)
    Platform         : Playstation2
    Last Updated     : 4th June, 2004
    Version          : 1.2
    E-Mail           : powerpac@magix.com.sg
    This FAQ is only hosted at the following websites.
    4th June, 2004 (v 1.2)
    - Resubmitted the FAQ again with no changes as I had updated the
      wrong FAQ
    2nd June, 2004 (v 1.2)
    - Started a new game with a fresh memory card. Played enough RDR
      even to quell my ardent l'll heart
    - Added details to the following characters : "The Blade" Slade,
      "Smiley" Fawley, General Diego, Colonel Darren, Chicken,
      "Bloody" Tom, Mr. Black, Shadow Wolf and Annie Stoakes 
    - Added some information about the Flaming special effect and the
      Mutiple Knife special
    - Corrected information in the Stages section
    - Made minor additions to the Game Controls, Setting Up and Game
      Modes sections
    - Resubmitted FAQ to GameFAQs X Box page after some previous
      problems resulted in it not being submitted
    May 28th, 2004 (v 1.1)
    - Modified Sam's special listing, posted on X Box FAQ page
    May 27th, 2004 (v 1.0)
    - Completed the FAQ as it stands now. All characters listed.
    Table of Contents
    [1] Guide Introduction
    [2] Game Controls
    [3] Setting up
    [4] Game Modes
        [4.1] Bounty Hunter
        [4.2] Sunsdown
        [4.3] High Noon
    [5] Stages
    [6] Specials
    [7] Character Listings
    [8] Manny, Oh Manny!
    [9] Contributions / Help Needed
    [10] Final Words
    [1] Guide Introduction             
    Welcome to my Red Dead Revolver Mutiplayer FAQ. Its intended to guide you
    through the multiplayer aspect of RDR, which for all its AI crapiness is still
    very fun; even more so with friends. I will not be listing how to unlock them
    since there is a good FAQ which does that(Except for one special character).
    Note that while this FAQ is for the PS2, it also works for the X Box, with the
    exception of the extra X Box mode and the controls. On with the show then!
    [2] Game Controls
    Here is a simple run-through of the controls for mutiplayer mode.
    Direction left / right - Select Weapon
    Left Analogue - Move Character
    Right Analogue - Move Camera(Which also moves the crosshairs)
    /_\ - Reload Weapon
    [ ] - Engage / Disengage from Gatling Gun(Where found in stages)
    O - Punch
    X - Roll(Weapon drawn) / Jump(No weapon drawn)
    L1 - Draw / Holster Weapon(Depending on mode)
    L2 - Change Active Weapon
    R1 - Fire / Use Weapon(If a weapon is drawn) / Kick(No weapon drawn)
         Reload Weapon(If weapon is empty)
    R2 - Use Special
    L3 - Crouch / Uncrouch
    R3 - Zoom In / Out(Rifles only)
    Start - Pause Game and Access Menu
    Select - Look at Hole Cards(Bounty Hunter mode with Hold Em rules only)
    Note: Press towards plus O / R1 to intiate a grab or throw depending on
    your character. However its extremly difficult to pull this off with
    any sort of regularity.
    For Dueling the controls are easier
    Right Analogue - Draw weapon / Move targeting reticule(After drawing)
    R1 - Shoot
    Note: There is no R2 to end the slow motion early like in single player.
    [3] Setting Up
    Heres a simple step by step guide to setting up the game.
    [1]Select your character using X. Cancel a selection using /_\. While your
       cursor is over a character press [ ] to change teams. There are 4 possible
       teams to choose from, all colour coded. There of course must be at least two
       teams before a game can be started. Note that outfit colours are determined
       by which player you are(So if you're using the first controller you will
       always get the same sorry outfit).
    [2]Important: Press O to access a couple of menu options including the ability
       to assign your profile to your character(Under Player). This is ESSENTIAL if
       you want to unlock characters by playing mutiplayer.
    [3]Press Start when you have finished choosing characters.
    [4]Now choose your battle location. The various stages are listed in a later
    [5]Important: Press O on the stage select screen to choose the type of mode you
       want to play and also the rules(See below).
    [6]Press Start to begin the game.
    [4] Game Modes
    [4.1] Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter mode is a good old fashioned shoot-up. The objective is simply to
    kill everybody else while staying alive. Everytime you kill someone you obtain
    $500 plus he drops a random power up card.
    The colours of the power ups and their abilities are as listed below.
    Blue - Random weapon plus a little bit of health restore
    Green - Full health restore
    Yellow - Full special gauge
    Red - Random powered up weapon(This may as a special effect weapon like the
    ones the various characters have or something unqiue like the faster bullets,
    vampiric / pickpocket knife). Like all special effects they wear off after some
    Orange - Random power up
    You can also select the bounty limit(How money is needed to win) and the power
    up rules. The power up rules are
    [A] No Rules
    As the name suggests. All bounty money goes to whoever does the killing. In
    menu this is written as "Off".
    [B] Stud
    Bounties still go to whoever did the killing. Each power up card has a random
    suit and value(As per regular poker cards). You will not know what each card's
    suit and value are until you obtain it. Whoever picks up a card gains the power
    up but the cards themselves go into a common pool. When the fifth card is
    picked up all the cards go to whoever originally picked them up and the player
    with the best hand gets a special power-up. Better winning hands get better
    effects. For example getting a straight reverses everybody elses controls for
    a while!
    [C] Hold Em
    This is where it gets interesting. All bounty money earned goes to a common
    pool(Combo money still goes to whoever earned it). Everybody starts with two
    hole cards(Hold Select to see yours). Each power up card has a suit and value;
    they can be seen as the cards rotate. Whoever picks up a card gains the power
    up but the cards themselves go into a common pool. When the fifth card is
    picked up all the cards go to whoever originally picked them up and the player
    with the best hand gets a special power-up and all the money in the pool(Your
    hole cards also go towards building this hand). Better winning hands get better
    Note: You can destroy a card by shooting it once. However it takes a little
    while for the card to actually be destroyed and it can be picked up during this
    [4.2] Sunsdown
    This mode is exactly like Bounty Hunter mode except that instead of playing
    until a pre-set amount of money is collected by someone, you play until a
    pre-set amount of time has passed; with the person with the highest amount of
    money winning. Note that ties are possible in this mode.
    [4.3] High Noon
    Hmmm, good ole dueling with a twist. All duels are still 1 v 1. Duelers are
    paired up randomly. Note that when there are 3 characters one lucky dude will
    get to shoot at one person as per a duel, except that he cannot NOT be shot at
    by that person. Each pair-up lasts until somebody is killed then survivors are
    random paired up again. Note that duels are every man, women and midget for
    themselves, so putting someone on the same team as you means zippo.
    [5] Stages
    Here are the stages listed in order.
    Twin Rocks, Ancient Monliths
    Desert Fortress, Giant Fortress*
    Widows Patch, Terrified Town#*
    The Bridge, Contested Structure
    Fairground, Ruined Homestead*
    Sunset Canyon, Desert Badlands
    Broken Creek, Boyhood Home
    The Ranch, Fertile Land
    The Mine, Lost Inheritance
    Ghost Town, Abandoned Settlement*
    Fallen Creek, Snow-Topped Mountain
    Mansion Grounds, Tended Gardens
    The Mansion, Opulent Palace
    # This is the only stage that occurs at night
    * This stage has a Gatling Gun with 500 bullets available
    [5] Specials 
    Specials come in many types. While the unique specials are detailed in the
    individual characters listings there are two common special types: Mutiple type
    and special effect specials.
    Mutiple type specials are just like Jack Swift's special in single player. Many
    red circles will appear on your target's body(Depending on number of available
    target areas or number of bullets in gun, whichever is less) and when you press
    fire(R1) you will fire at all the spots very quickly doing a lot of damage.
    Mutiple type specials can be done with any gun. A few characters have a slower
    version of this type of special. They fire each shot individually; but still
    faster than normal. Other than that there is no differrence. These will be
    indicated by a (Slow). Lastly some characters can only do a mutiple knife
    throw. The knives take a little while to hit because they are thrown in an arc,
    not straight at the target.A very very important thing to note is that using
    this special to kill somebody means that you DO NOT get the bounty for the
    kill. Note that mutiple specials can be "pre-used" by simply hitting the
    button; the next target that comes into view will be hit with the special.
    Don't holster your gun though or the effect will be lost.
    Special effect specials come in a few flavours as indicated below. Special
    effects are added to either bullets or throwable objects. Adding special
    effects always adds bullets / throwables of the type it uses. The amount added
    depends on how many of the bullet / throwable you already have(The more you
    have the less it'll add) Special effect bullets can only be used with the
    weapon they are indicated for. For example Explosive Arrows means the special
    only ever works for arrows. Finally the effect only lasts for a while though
    the extra bullets / throwables remain. Here is a list of the common special
    effects(Sheriff O'Grady has a unique one; see his listing for details).
    Explosive - Gives mega damage(A direct hit is almost certainly instant death)
    and also a small explosive effect causing you to fall to the ground. Note that
    throwables with this special effect lose their orginal effects(For example
    Snake Oil no longer poisons) and they are known as Nitroglycerine.
    Flaming - Causes the target to catch on fire. This will render him helpless for
    a while and make him take fire damage. Furthermore anyone touching him will
    also catch on fire. Truly nasty stuff. However note that if a person dies by
    fire damage, the kill bounty goes to whoever set him / her on fire, NOT the
    original shooter. For example, Katie shoots Red, setting him on fire. Red
    stumbles into Buffalo, setting him alight. Both Red and Buffalo subsequently
    die by fire damage. Katie gets Red's bounty, Red gets Bufallo's bounty.
    Freezing - Freezes you for a short time. Shaking your analogue stick seems to
    help hasten the process.
    Poisonous - Poisons you doing damage over time. Also causes your controller to
    shake making it diffcult to control(Though not if you switch off vibration;)).
    Finally while under its effects your character cannot run. The effects wear off
    after a while.
    Piercing - Not too sure if it adds any damage; if so not too much. Its main
    effect is to toss your opponent in the air towards you. They will land face
    down on the ground giving you precious time to blast them. This special effect
    only applies to guns.
    Note that Annie Stoakes and Bufallo's specials do no fall into this category so
    the preceding paragraph does not apply to them(See their listings for more
    [6] Character Listings
    Here is the main meat of this FAQ - all 38 Mutiplayer characters in all their
    glory. Each is listed with his / her starting weapons and specials. All pistols
    start with 156 shots, shotguns 22, knives 21 and all other throwables 11.
    Starting rifle bullets vary and are listed individually. Each character starts
    off with one special bar(out of a maximum of three). The characters are listed
    in the order they appear in the selection picture(Left to right, top row down).
    "Pig" Josh
    Pacificador / Dynamite 
    Special: Blow Em Up(Uses up 1 Dynamite)
    Pig Josh blows himself up with dynamite, doing damage to a small radius around
    him. He is of course immune to this damage. Its similar to his single player
    move except that he doesn't have a charge to go along with it.
    Note: While he has a weapon drawn, press X for Pig Josh to guard with the two
    steel plates on his arms. This makes him invulnerable against all direct
    attacks from the front on his upper body, though shots in the lower area of his
    body still do damage. This has on effect on attacks from the back, area and
    special effects of course.
    Holstein Hal
    Six Shooter / Escoptea
    Special: Rope Em Cowboy(Press R2 to start twirling the rope, once more to
    release). Hal twirls his rope and snares your opponent(Aim as if using a
    weapon). When snared your opponent is helpless for a short period of time(He
    can wiggle his joystick to escape faster). Unfortunately being shot means you
    lose your lasso if you haven't thrown it yet.
    Professor Perry
    Inquisitor / Snake Oil
    Special: 360 Spew
    Perry takes a swig from his bottles and spews Snake Oil in a 360 arc. Its
    rather slow to use because of the drinking animation.
    "The Blade" Slade
    Inquisitor / Knife
    Special: Mutiple Knives(Uses up 8 Knives per special)
    Using this special to kill someone does NOT net you the bounty.
    "Hedgehog" Thornton
    Six Shooter
    Special: Snake Oil Pistol
    "Sissy" Fess
    Six Shooter
    Special: Throw Rock(Aim and throw as per a weapon)
    He throws a rock at your opponent. This knocks him down.
    "Whiskey" Treadwell
    Six Shooter / Knife
    Special: Random Nitoglycerine
    Comes in 3 flavours: Bottle, Fire Bottle or Snake Oil. There is however no
    difference between them.
    "Smiley" Fawler
    Inquisitor / Knife
    Special: Mutiple Knives(Uses up 8 Knives per special)
    Using this special to kill someone does not net you the bounty.
    "Ugly" Chris
    Six Shooter / Sawn Off Shotgun
    Special: Flaming Shotgun
    "Gigolo" Hancock
    Six Shooter
    Special: Flaming Pistol
    Gabriel Navarro
    Special: Multiple Shot(Slow)
    "Dig" Fowler
    Six Shooter / Escopeta
    Special: Explosive Shotgun
    Special: Barrel Thow(R2) / Bull Rush(Towards + R1 with no weapon drawn)
    Yes good ole Sam has two specials. The barrel throw is a knock down move as
    per the others. In the bull rush he rushes at your opponent. Its the same
    as his move in the single player game except he can take damage during the
    Special: Throw Barrel(Aim and throw as per a weapon)
    He throws a barrel at your opponent. This knocks him down.
    Manny Quinn
    Special: Flame On
    He sets himself on fire. Yes siree he does. He doesn't take any damage but
    anybody he touches will set themselves on fire, taking fire damage.
    Pacificador / Knife
    Special: Weapon X(Can also be activated by using O)
    Grizzy does a 3-hit physical attack(Left claw swipe - Right claw swipe - Double
    claws to the gut) with claws that have a Poisonous effect on them.
    Note: Grizzy is the only one in the game with a 2-hit physical attack(Press O
    twice in sucession)
    Mr. Kelly
    Widowmaker / Knife
    Special: Multiple Shot
    Special: Throw Barrel(Aim and throw as per a weapon)
    He throws a barrel at your opponent. This knocks him down.
    Note: His barrel protects him from shots around his body(He takes no damage).
    The armour itself can be destroyed by shooting it though.
    Colonel Daren
    Special: Random Explosive Shotgun
    You get to keep the shotgun even after the special has worn off. It comes with
    22 bullets.
    Note: This is the version with two arms. There is no way to play with the
    version with the hand cannon.
    Udo Kang
    Six Shooter
    Special: Random Freezing Throwable
    Comes in 3 flavours: Bottle, Fire Bottle and Snake Oil. There is however no
    difference between them.
    Widowmaker / Bayonet Rifle(80 shots)
    Special: Explosive Rifle Shot(Uses one bullet of which ever gun you have drawn)
    This special effect can be used with any gun. However this special only fires
    one bullet.
    Nate Harlow
    Special: Blend In
    Nate becomes semi translucent, thus becomeing harder to see. The crosshairs
    will not turn red when placed over Nate when the special is active(Mutiple-type
    specials will still work though). The special wears off after a while or
    immediately when Nate is shot. Shooting will also hasten the wearing off
    Falling Star
    Scorpion / Sacred Bow
    Special: Explosive Arrows
    "Twiggy" Phelps
    Six Shooter / Sawn Off Shotgun
    Special: Random Nitroglycerine
    Comes in 3 flavours: Bottle, Fire Bottle or Snake Oil. There is however no
    difference between them.
    Shadow Wolf
    Widowmaker / Sacred Bow
    Special: Invisibility
    Shadow Wolf becomes invisible(Note that this is better than Nate's special.
    The crosshairs will not turn red when placed over SW when the special is
    active (Mutiple-type specials will still work though). The special wears off
    after a while or immediately when Shadow Wolf is shot. Shooting will also
    hasten the wearing off effect.
    Jack Swift
    Twin Showstoppers(Pistol - 512 shots)
    Special: Mutiple Shot
    Six Shooter / Sawn Off Shotgun
    Special: Dynamite Fakes
    This is rather a unique special. When he throws the Dynamite it will randomly
    become a power up card. When somebody(Even you) touches it it will explode
    doing some damage. Not a very efficient special but it is rather annoying. Note
    that it is a special effect type special so it will wear off after a while
    (Though the Dynamite and any fake cards not picked up will remain).
    Governor Griffon
    Special: Pratfall(Uses one shot from the gun drawn)
    A real joke of a special. He sort of falls down to the right and shoots once.
    He doesn't aim at the orginal target with the shot.
    Rico Pedrosa
    Pacificador / Halcon Rifle(107 shots)
    Special: Piercing Rifle
    "Curly" Shaw
    Revolver / Knife
    Special: Freezing Knife
    Mr. Black
    Special: Coffin Gatling Gun
    He whips out an automatic Gatling Gun from the coffin he carries on his back.
    It has unlimited bullets but only lasts for a while(But if you don't fire soon
    after he sets up the gun the special will be wasted). Aim it as you would any
    gun except you can't move while firing it. Its has about a 150 degree firing
    arc in front of him.
    Note: His coffin has two purposes. One it gives him a heck of a range on his
    physical attacks and two, when on his back it serves as a shield making him
    invincible to direct shots from that area. In addition, unlike Copper's barrel
    it can't be destroyed. Area and special effects still do damage as always.
    Mr. Black however is slow as heck so be warned if you're using him.
    Standing Snake
    Pacificador / Sacred Bow
    Special: Poisonous Arrows
    Special: Poisonous Pistol
    Red Jr.
    Revolver / Sawn Off Shotgun
    Special: Mutiple Shot
    Six Shooter / Dynamite
    Special: Sticky Dynamite
    The Dynamite will now stick onto anything or anyone it hits. It cant be shook
    General Diego
    Pacificador / Martillo Del Dios(Rifle - 207 shots)
    Special: Canon Ball Special(Press R2 to light the flare, R1 to fire it)
    After a short while, cannon balls(Up to three of them) will fall from the sky
    to hit the target(Or person!) the flare has hit. The flare sticks onto the
    target so there is no way to shake it off. Note that if the cannon balls kill
    the target(As opposed to the initial shot) you DO NOT get the bounty for
    killing him.
    Sheriff O'Grady
    Revovler / Fire Bottle
    Special: Fiery Fire Bottle
    Not to be confused with the Flaming special effect. What this does is to cause
    your opponent to "dance" in place, effectively frezzing him.
    Katie O'Grady
    Revolver / Lion Shotgun
    Special: Flaming Shotgun
    Six Shooter / Sawn Off Shotgun
    Special: Powerful Dynamite
    Bascially the Dynamite version of the Nitroglycerine special.
    Bad Bessie
    Special: Whip Em Bad
    Bessie whips ahead of her. Thats it I'm afraid. The range of this special is
    rather short and it does moderate damage. The hit rate is a little low though.
    Special: Mutiple Shot
    Annie Stoakes
    Revolver / Faith(Rifle - 357 shots)
    Special: Explosive Rifle Shot(Uses one rifle bullet)
    This special effect can only be used with Faith. This special only fires one
    bullet. Its both slower and much less powerful than Buffalo's special. Oh
    well, at least it knocks down the target.
    Jason Cornet
    Inquisitor / Escopeta
    Special: Mutiple Shot(Slow)
    Sheriff Bartlett
    Special: Healing Leaves
    Some leaves swirl around him. They last for a while and while active will
    regenerate his health at a decent pace.
    "Bloody" Tom
    Special: Faster Pistol Bullets
    This special charges up his bullets, making them faster. It does help when
    your opponent is dodging to and fro.
    "Big Oaf" Whitney
    Six Shooter / Knife
    Special: Explosive Knife
    Revolver / Sawn Off Shotgun
    Special: Mutiple Shot
    "Kid" Cougar
    Special: Mutiple Shot
    [7] Manny, Oh Manny!
    Manny Quinn is special in that nobody has a definate idea how to unlock him
    even though some have done it. The general consensus is that it has something
    to do with playing multiplayer, though stats in single player mode may count
    as a secondary cause. I will list here my stats just after obtaining Manny in
    the hopes that it will help. Kindly E-mail me if you have any ideas towards
    unlocking him.
    99% Journal unlocked and secrets obtained(Probably not a factor)
    Most characters played as or against in mutiplayer mode
    Around 280K earned playing mutiplayer
    Finished normal and hard mode. Most but not all excellent rank obtained
    Finished all bounty hunter stages except Carnival Life
    Only played Showdown Mode with 20K limit, 3 bots, no rules every time
    Around 17 hours played
    [8] Contributions / Help Needed 
    Thanks to the following
    - Donny Hoang and Zarp Draken for telling me what Chicken and
      "Bloody" Tom's specials do
    - Tony Grittiths and Justine Reagan for pointing out that the Desert
      Fortress Stage has a Gatling Gun
    This guide can still use some information
    - A confirmed detailed way to unlock Manny Quinn
    - Any other mistakes or information not mentioned here
    - X Box controls and information about the new mode since I don't own an
      X Box
    Fell free to e-mail me at powerpac@magix.com.sg with information. If you do
    please mark your e-mails RDR. All credits will be given when due.
    [9] Final Words
    Well we've come to the end of this here document. If you have any 
    contributions, questions, etc feel free to e-mail me at powerpac@magix.com.sg.
    If you do so please mark your e-mails RDR or something.
    End of Red Dead Revolver Mutiplayer FAQ
    Copyright 2004 Gene Wong. All rights reserved.
    Ascii art made with Email Effects(www.sigsoftware.com)
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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